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Hollywood Nights: A Novella Ch. V
by Che

After punching-in, Jeremy Sand put his time card back in the wall-box, checked his tie in the mirror above the hallway time-clock, then entered the lobby. He didn't mind wearing the semi-formal hotel costume. Actually, he thought it made him look a little older, an issue of importance to most younger guys. Jeremy hated getting carded when ordering a beer. The lobby was empty and Candi was on the phone so he walked on through to the pool. Standing in the shade of smaller palms and lush green foliage, his attention faced a serious problem. Where to focus: Marla or Leticia, his eyes going from one to the other, the sudden rush of hormonal energy in his groin signaling a rapidly rising hard-on. Fuck, he hissed to himself, noticing the man sandwiched between the two sexy women. Lucky bastard! Hand in pocket, he adjusted the angle of dangle so it wasn't lifting the front of his pants like some spring-loaded jack-in-the-box ready to pop when the top opened. Just feeling the long hard shaft felt so good he seriously considered jacking-off, perhaps slipping into the foliage where he could still see the girls but wouldn't be noticed as he made himself cum.


The sound of his name being called made him quickly abandon the idea and he hurried back through the doors. The manager was still calling his name when Jeremy walked briskly through the open office-door, still trying to lose the hard-on.

"Yes sir . . . " he smiled, hands in front of his crotch. "You called, sir?"

"Jeremy," said his manager, looking up, "there you are. I've hired a temporary desk-clerk to cover Candi and the other clerks when they take vacations. His name is Thomas. He's worked at a few smaller hotels so you'll need to brief him on our schedule, guest protocol, the time-clock, and phone system. You know what to do. Let's make sure Thomas is on the job by five. He'll be here at four. An hour should be enough time for orientation. We're slow right now so this is the best of all possible times for him to start. I want you to stay an extra hour, just in case. Understand?"

"Yes sir," Jeremy smiled. "Anything else, sir?"

"That's all, Jeremy. Keep me up to speed."

"Yes sir." Jeremy almost clicked heels but thought better of it.

"Oh, Jeremy," the manager added, "go talk with Candi and see if there's anything she needs before she checks out. Give her anything she wants."

"Yes sir!" said Jeremy, clicking his heels before he could stop himself, guessing she had a few needs she'd like filled.

When Jeremy leaned on the counter, Candi looked up from the phone and hung-up.

"My mother. . . " she explained. "I don't usually use the phone for personal calls, but my vacation . . . mom wants me to spend some time."

"Hey," Jeremy shrugged, "no big deal. Guess you're stoked to be gettin' a week off, right?" he grinned. "It's always great gettin'-off,"

Candi blushed, madly.

"Mr. Kelly asked me to see if you needed anything before you take off. Need anything?" he grinned

Giggling self-consciously, Cindi looked out through the glass doors of the Lanai.

"I saw you looking at those girls," she whispered. "They're both so pretty. Does she still make you horny?"

Jeremy just smiled and shrugged, glancing over his shoulder toward the pool. "Which one?" he asked innocently.

"Either one," Candi giggled. "You know, silly. The one who made you jack-off." she teased. "Remember? I watched the whole time. I saw you doing it, Jeremy." She watched his face as he watched the girls. "Jeremy, you don't have to masturbate," she whispered, licking plump lips suggestively. "Remember?"

He remembered all right, looking back, eyeing the tangle-haired blonde with that smile.

"Lookin' good, Candi. Like your dress. Bet Mr. Kelly likes it, too. You takin' care of Mr. Kelly as good as you take care of the other help?" he teased, placing obvious emphasis on the question.

"No, I don't take care of Mr. Kelly!" Candi hissed back. "He's . . . you know . . . gay?" Her remark made her blush.

"Oh," Jeremy shrugged again. "I didn't know. He's never offered to suck my dick."

Candi blushed so hotly, she had to turn away.

"Leavin' as soon as your shift's over?" he asked. "The new clerk's gunna be here at four. I gotta show him around, you know, so he knows what's up."

Candi glanced up at Jeremy, wondering if he was making an intentional double entendre.

"What did you have in mind?" she smiled. "Guess I could stick around a little while."

Jeremy nodded. "Okay. See ya."

He watched her go out to the pool to remind Marla that it was time to turn over, and had to adjust his condition once more after watching the girls oiling each other's golden-bronze skin. Insistent hormones almost made him take Candi up on her offer, but instead he decided to wait. It was almost four and he didn't want to hurry.

Thomas showed-up promptly at four and it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out he was gay. Jeremy couldn't care less as he introduced Thomas to the late-shift routine . He was quick enough to convince Jeremy he was the guy for the job.

When Mr. Kelly left for the night, he gave Thomas a broad smile and a wave.

"Good luck, Thomas,"

"Yes sir," Thomas smiled back, silly grin on his face. "Yes sir."

Jeremy suspected there was more to the smile than work. But then, who cared. It was none of his business. At five, Thomas took his place at the front desk.

"Ring if you have any problems," said Jeremy. "That's my extension there. I have some stuff to catch-up on and then I'm going to dinner."

When he walked out to the pool, Marla, Leticia and Michael were nowhere in sight. Sighing, he wished he'd at least seen them leaving. Turning, he almost fell over Candi.

"Missed them, didn't you. Too bad. Want to get something to eat?" she asked, teasing curly blonde locks with her fingers. "Isn't this your break time?"

"Sure," he smiled. "What-a ya wanta eat?"

Glancing around the lobby, Candi couldn't stop the sudden blush. Thomas was playing busy with two new guests. She looked up at Jeremy.

"I'd love to eat you!" she whispered, licking enticing pink lips. "Let's stop by your office"

Strolling past the front desk Jeremy nodded to Thomas, then turned down the hall toward his office. Following a short distance behind, Candi was watching hard buns under tightly tailored pants. Unlocking the office door, he turned on the light. Small and institutionally uninteresting, the office featured an old desk, one frumpy antique overstuffed guest chair, a typical caster-wheel swivel desk chair, a wooden ladder-back chair, three green metal filing cabinets, three 1940's pictures of the South Seas, a hot rod poster and a pile of paperwork littering the desk.

"I gotta get this stuff filed," he shrugged, noncommittally. "Sometime soon. Work sure piles up."

Closing the door behind them, Candi pressed the privacy lock. Without windows, the only light source was two surface-mounted fluorescents centered in the ten by ten ceiling.

"You want to work at the desk?" she smiled. "I can help, like straighten things up . . . "

Double entendres weren't lost on Jeremy and his smile signaled agreement. Pulling out the relatively comfortable swivel chair, he plopped, bouncing his legs while flipping through stacks of paper on the desk, eyeing Candi between lines.

Tossing her purse on guest chair, she brushed back long tangled blonde hair, then used an elastic to hold it up in a cute tousled ponytail on top of her head.

"Reins," she giggled. Seeing the puzzled look on his face she tried again. "Ponytail . . .?"

Getting the joke, Jeremy laughed. Blushing again, her face bright-pink, his comment about her looks pleased Candi. In a light pink cotton dress short enough to show off excellent legs and snug enough to make any guy notice the tight firm cheeks of her ass, her next best physical feature was her smile. Wide, it was perfectly suited for the task when wrapping sweet lips around hard cocks. The idea wasn't new. Having been told many times, she made a point of enhancing the image by using shocking-pink never-smear lipstick. The two stared at each other, neither speaking. Candi rounded the desk.

"Want me to pick up that stuff on the floor?" she smiled, getting down on her hands and knees. "If you see anything you want, like tell me, okay?"

She crawled around in a circle, her dress so short Jeremy could see the entire crotch of the young blonde's glossy pussy-pink panties. Stopping next to his chair she looked up. Jeremy had opened the front of his trousers, and his well-endowed shaft was standing up like a flag pole from the fly. Having been so eager to suck him off the first time, she hadn't taken time to really appreciate his manhood. Smiling appreciatively, she appraised its color and length, the almost rosy crest swollen and plump crowning a broad pale-blue-veined uncircumcised shaft. The slit on the tip held a clear crystal tear of pre-cum, a transparent pearl on the end of a magic staff. She almost salivated. Jeremy smiled.

"You're wearin' pink panties," he chuckled nervously.

Candi couldn't ignore the long, thick erection.

"Jeremy. What a perfect cock! You've got the prettiest cock in the world. But I guess you already know that."

Jeremy almost blushed.

"Geez. You sure sucked it good!"

Licking her lips, she crawled between his legs.

"Let me suck it again," she pleaded, pulling the foreskin back and taking the top half of his erection in a very warm mouth, swirling her tongue around crest in light butterfly strokes, a technique she'd learned that made dates praise her talents as she swallowed the tasty abundant evidence of male carnal pleasure.

Jeremy almost ejaculated on her first stroke. Increasing the suction and fluttering her tongue under rubbery crest like a serpent, she looked up at him like she wanted to eat every inch. Grabbing her ponytail, he held her still so he wouldn't explode in her mouth so fast. Understanding his mood she slowed her teasing tongue.

"Let's make a little deal, Jeremy . . . " she smiled. "No more jacking-off unless I want to watch! Let me suck you off whenever you're horny, okay? If you see girls that give you a hard-on, let me know. We can always sneak in here an' I'll suck you off while you fantasize about them."

When the intensity passed Jeremy looked at her face. The girl was actually serious. She was looking up at him, pouty-lipped mouth an open invitation to a pending ejaculation as she held that unbelievably long tongue out under the swollen head of his big cock.

Why not? he thought, pulling her head down, letting the voracious little cock-sucker take him further into her mouth, warm saliva coating his cock and glistening on her swollen pink lips. Jeremy smiled, flexing his hips upwards. Candi swallowed the shaft, relaxing until nine actual inches disappeared down her receptive throat. Not only does she give great head, the girl knows how ta deep-throat! Pulling up on her hair, he watched the length of his cock reappear, sheathed snugly in full-lipped pout until only the crest was held captive between shocking pink lips. Pressing down sent eight inches pursuing the first one back into the warmth of her elastic throat as Jeremy began using reins to ride her mouth to a bronc-busting orgasm.

"Want me ta just shoot it in your mouth?" he grinned, grabbing her long blonde ponytail, pumping the tiny girl's cock-filled mouth up and down on his erection.

"Ummmmm-Ummm!" she moaned, mouth so stuffed with cock she couldn't speak.

Stroking slippery foreskin with her small fist, she licked pre-cum glossed lips.

"Jeremy, I want your cum so badly. Cum in my mouth while I'm sucking. Shoot your big warm load of cum in my mouth. I can't wait to swallow it."

Up, down, up, down, faster and faster, no turning back, she was snorting through her nose like a runaway pony, saliva and pre-cum glossing the big pale shaft, obscenely stretching shocking-pink lips. He was stroking her throat as the climax burst from the throbbing cock-head, the massive first spurt on an up-stroke filling her mouth, the final six spurts so deep in the back of her throat she had little to do but swallow. Small pearls of cum and saliva seeped into the tight curls at the base of his cock as she pressed all the way down on the spurting organ, masturbating wildly while gulping down mouthfuls of her favorite sauce.

Jeremy hadn't spoken during the whole experience, but Candi had wished he had. She enjoyed sexy words; nasty words! Nasty talk excited her to better orgasms while masturbating. Sucking cock while masturbating was her highest high, especially while getting a nice big warm load of cum in her mouth. She had two audio tapes made for her, sex sounds and dialog created by a talented guy who did voice-overs for TV. She'd had sex with him for two years and he knew what turned her on. Wearing earphones at home, she masturbated to blinding orgasms while listening to his tapes, fantasizing about his thick cock cuming-off in her mouth. He didn't cum nearly as much as Jeremy, and his cock wasn't as long, but cum was like a drug to the young cock-sucker's psyche and she couldn't swallow enough of the warm tasty goo. When Jeremy let go of her hair she let the half-hard cock slip from her cum coated mouth.

"Ummmmmm," she swallowed again. "Let me get this, too."

Opening his fly, she sucked up the cum pooling around the base of his cock, not stopping until she was convinced there wasn't another drop. Using her fingers to milk the urethra, she made another huge sphere of semen puddle on the tip and licked it up. Satisfied, and having cum so good the crotch of her little pink panties was soaking wet, Candi crawled out from under the desk.

"I think I got the solution to your problem licked," she giggled, thick semen glossing shocking-pink lips. "Like my non-smear lipstick?" she grinned, licking the glaze of cum from the plump pink lower lip with that tongue. "Jeremy, you shoot more cum than any guy I've ever done. God, I'm so glad you let me suck you off. Nothing makes me as excited as sucking cock, and you cum so many times! You're great! You're every cock-sucking girl's dream."

Zipping up fly, he shrugged his shoulders.

"Let's get out-a here," he said, standing. "Come on, I need ta eat."

"You could always eat me," she suggested, pout on cute little face. "How about it? Want me for dessert?"

He opened the door and she followed him down the hall, her comment leaving him feeling edgy. He didn't know how to tell her he'd never eaten pussy. It wasn't that he hadn't thought about it. He'd just never done it. He'd fantasized about it, like when he thought about kissing Marla's ass, but he'd never actually done it. Basically, he was embarrassed to admit it to the tiny blonde nymphomaniac. Candi chatted aimlessly as Jeremy ate, not speaking much as he pushed food around between bites.

"Did I do it good?" she asked again, knowing good and well she could suck the proverbial chrome off of a trailer-hitch.

Every high school date had praised her oral talents, especially after she'd had her tongue clipped, cutting the little piece of flesh underneath that kept it from extending as far as she wanted. He nodded, chewing a mouthful of fries and chicken sandwich before washing it down with a milk-shake.

"Sure," he mumbled. "Felt great."

Sipping ice tea, she tried to decide how to continue the one-sided conversation. Knowing Jeremy liked her, she was only unsure if perhaps she'd been too aggressive.

"Want anything else?" she smiled a stewardess smile.

Wiping his mouth with a napkin, Jeremy took a breath. His hunger for food was satisfied, but watching Candi's mouth had kept his cock stiff. A small crystal bead of semen had dried, and now clung tenaciously like a beauty mark just a few centimeters below her pretty lower lip. Stifling a belch, he smiled, wondering why she hadn't licked it off. He was sure she could have.

"So . . . how much time do ya have tonight?" he asked. "Wanta go back ta the hotel?"

She waited for him to continue, an eyebrow raised to signal interest. If anyone could have seen under the table, they would have had an arousing view of her fingers playing in the juicy crotch of her tight pink panties. Glancing around as though there were spies, Jeremy leaned over the table, lowering his voice.

"Gee, you sure have a nice lookin' ass, Candi. I could see it when you were crawlin' around on the floor. I almost got down there behind you!" he smiled his most wining smile, emphasizing the word, behind. "You like gettin' it like that?"

Almost painfully aware of her wet crotch, Candi was receptively eager to fuck or suck, having to press her hand between her legs, so excited she thought she might pee. For her, sex just got better the longer it lasted, always wishing that guys could match her passion instead of shooting-off so fast and then losing interest.

"Let's go back to your office," she whispered, on the edge of an orgasm, thinking Jeremy wanted to lick her little crotch from behind. "I'm hot as a stolen gun!"

Jeremy had to adjust his pants before standing.

Candi smiled to herself as he paid the bill. He's young and kind of dumb, she thought, but I bet his cock is hard all day! I bet he can cum five or six times without even stopping! Walking back to the hotel, she took his hand. Glancing down at her upturned face, Jeremy smiled.

To Be Continued...


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