The Best Erotic Stories.

Hollywood Nights: A Novella Ch. VII
by Che

For the second time that evening, Jeremy unlocked his office, both times knowing he was going to enjoy the next hour or more of work. A message at reception said Mr. Kelly had called, pleased to know everything was going smoothly. Candi was still tagging along like an affectionate puppy and although refueled by dinner, Jeremy's appetite for dessert hadn't diminished. Unable to take his eyes off her tight lusciously-curved little-girl ass and perfect tapered legs, he wondered why he hadn't paid more attention to the sexy little blonde beauty until now.

"If it's okay with you, can I call my mother again?" she asked, toying with a long tangled blonde lock. "I told her I'd call back later. She worries."

Sitting down at his deck, Jeremy pointed to the phone.

"No problem. Make yourself at home."

Eying him flirtatiously, Candi entered seven numbers.

"Mom; it's me again . . . sure . . . I'm fine, mom . . . sure . . . okay . . . are you okay, too? No, mom, I'm about to have something to eat . . . okay . . . un-huh . . . okay, mom, I'll call you in the morning. Bye, now."

Hanging up and blushing, she wondered if Jeremy picked-up on the double entendre.

"You know moms . . . "

Standing in front of him, seductively twisting to some internal rhythm, chin down, glancing up from under long dark eyelashes, she was heatedly interested in continuing their earlier conversation regarding her skimpy underwear.

"So . . . tell me about it, Jeremy. You said you could see my panties? Is my dress too short?"

Looking down coyly, the lustful little temptress raised the front of her skirt, revealing the smooth hot-pink satin crotch of her panties, a deep cleft centered between her smooth thighs. She only held her skirt up for a second as though to confirm the fact she was actually wearing any.

"Do you like looking at my panties, Jeremy, you naughty boy! You peek every chance you get! I bet you try looking up under all the girl's skirts! I bet you could see everything under that girl Marla's skirt while you were cuming in my mouth. She was bending over so far I could see the crotch of her panties . . . I could see everything right through them."

She smiled sweetly up at him before pulling the front of her skirt back down as though she suddenly felt modest, hiding what she'd just let him glimpse. Being a voyeur had always excited him. He smiled, leaned back in his chair and shrugged.

"I like lookin'. Ya got a great figure for someone so tiny. Ya work out or somethin'?"

"I do? I mean, yes," Candi blushed. "I go to the gym a lot. I love to exercise, like, going up an' down an' up an' down," she giggled, making him smile at her brazen inference to fellatio. "Want to see again?" she teased, wiggling her hips and playing with the hem of her short skirt, sensing her power in the game of sexual titillation. "That's why girls wear such tight bikini-bottoms at the beach; so boys can see everything right through them!"

Jeremy looked a little nervous, but grinned and nodded.

"Sure! Show me! Pull up your skirt and turn around."

"You only want to look?" teased Candi, a naughty smile playing at corners of petulant lips. "If I let you look, what else are you going to do," she giggled, extending her tongue and flicking it over hot-pink lips suggestively. "Are you going to play with yourself again like you did back of the counter when you were looking at that Marla?"

Jeremy shrugged.

"Geez, I don't know. Just let me look, okay? Show me."

"I knew it! You're going to play with yourself while watching me, aren't you?" she teased. "That was exciting, Jeremy; watching you make yourself shoot-off! You sure have a big one, Jeremy. Do you call your penis a cock? I guess most guys do. Do you like doing that; what do you guys call it? Jerking-off? I bet it feels super! Do you jerk-off a lot while looking at girls?"

This time, it was Jeremy who blushed. He didn't answer so she kept teasing.

"So, that's what you have in mind! Okay, I'll let you see if you'll let me watch you jerk off!"

"Great," he nodded, reddening, "but I wanta; you know; touch it. You could get down on your hands and knees again . . . " he hesitated, but having gone this far, decided he had nothing to lose, "like, I really like that, Candi; you know, behind you. Do you like getting that way; like, from behind?"

Candi's delicious little nookie was getting so wet she wanted to play with it like she did almost every night in the privacy of her bedroom. Perhaps Jeremy wasn't much different when it came to pleasing himself, but just knowing he wanted to play with her made her face red and her heart beat so hard he should have been able to hear it from across the room. Why she hadn't gotten his interest earlier was a mystery, since he certainly seemed more than interested now. Still toying with a light-blonde lock she gave him her best 'cute little girl' look, sucking her thumb while twisting slim hips.

"Jeremy," she teased, more aroused each second, "you want to do it to me like a little doggie? From behind? You're a nasty boy, Jeremy! Tell me what you want to do to me. This is making my little panties get very wet!"

Jeremy blushed again. He'd never been so teased by girls, and now he wasn't quite sure how to handle this young flirt. Loosening his collar, he wiped perspiration from his face with the back of his hand.

"Geez, come on, Candi; cut me some slack . . . "

Doggie style, she thought, liking the idea. Maybe he'll get down on his hands and knees and lick me from behind!

Maybe she'll let me fuck her ass, he was thinking.

Adding spice to her recipe, Candi strolled around his office, pretending to check-out the pictures on the wall, something she hadn't done earlier because she'd been so hot to get another big warm load of cum. That experience had left her so aroused she couldn't make up her mind which she wanted most. I wish he'd just pull it out and let me see it again, she thought. Cum! I sure loved sucking those juicy wads from his beautiful cock! His cum tastes so sweet and he shoots just gobs! I wish he wanted to lick my pussy! Oooooo! Fuck or suck; suck or fuck! Golly, I wish he'd talk real nasty to me! Fucking hot nasty talk makes me so cock-sucking fucking excited! Suck! Fuck! Pussy! Cock! Cum!

She had to giggle at herself after that rush of mental remarks, and she was almost glad he couldn't guess what she'd been thinking. Standing directly across from him, she slowly hiked-up the hem of her short pink skirt, knowing he was staring at her legs and ass. Moving to the next picture, she raised the hem even higher, wiggling her hips like she was dancing. In front of the third picture, the short skirt was up around her waist. Pretending to drop a pen, she bent over from the waist to pick it up, the delectable curve of her small firm ass fully exposed to Jeremy's view, her small plump pussy-lips visible under the ultra-thin pink satin crotch of very damp skintight panties. Her little sex-drama was exciting her as much as it was him. Taking her sweet time, wiggling her hips as though someone was feeling her up, she spread her legs enough to look at him from between slim thighs. I know he can see my pussy as good as he could see that girl Marla's, she thought. Oooooo, my God! He's jerkin' off!

Not missing a second of the curtain going up, Jeremy's cock had become so engorged he'd unzipped so he could stroke its hardening length. He'd followed the hem's journey, the perfect curve of firm little ass-cheeks coming into view, the damp pink satin V of her crotch, skimpy panties barely covering her little asshole; alabaster flesh just above the pink elastic-lace top. He'd watched her perfectly-shaped legs as she spread them, separated at her crotch by a two inch wide key-hole shaped space where smooth thighs touched a few inches lower. He'd nearly cum when she wiggled what he considered a perfectly fuckable ass.

Jeez, he thought, I could get my whole hand between her legs with her holdin' 'em tight together! His cock jerked violently at that thought, imagining what it would be like to slide his well lubricated erection up her tight little asshole while she was bending over. The swollen tip was oozing again and manipulations were causing a frothy white lather to form where foreskin met rubbery pink crest. Jesus, fuck! Maybe I should shoot-off on her fuckin' ass! Stroking elastic foreskin, he remembered days on summer-beaches when he openly stared at young girls' crotches as they lay on colorful blankets and towels, firm little tushes arched for voyeur's gaze. He even remembered the young girl who let him get between her legs and masturbate over her bikini-covered crotch for five dollars because she didn't have enough money for bus-fare home. He'd tried to hide that act from prying eyes, a large towel draped around his shoulders to conceal what he was doing as he stroked himself off, large wads of semen sticking to the tight brightly-flowered bikini, most of it clinging to the deep cleft in the center of her crotch. He'd stuck the five dollar bill to her cum-covered crotch before giggling girlfriends sent him running to keep from getting busted.

Fuck, that was hot, he thought. Maybe she'll let me pull her fuckin' panties down so I can cum right in the crotch! Whoa! That would be totally fuckin' hot! She'd rather suck, but that's not so bad, either. The chick sure digs suckin' dick. I wonder if she likes getting' ass-fucked. Look at that ass! I'd love ta stick my cock right up her tight little asshole! Holy fuck, look at that!

He was jerking his fist up and down rapidly as he appraised the tiny girl's crotch, focused on the wet deep cleft in the center. Pale flesh confirming that she avoided sun completely, Candi straightened and glanced over her shoulder to verify what she thought she'd just seen. Jeremy was jerking off!

"Jeremy," she teased. "I thought you were going to tell me what you were doing? You said you were going to let me watch you jerk-off! Look how big you've made it! Are you going to make it squirt while I watch?"

Jeremy slowed his strokes.

"Jesus, ya can see what I'm doin'," he said, face red. "Come over here an' get down on yer hands and knees."

Blushing madly, but still holding her dress up around her slim waist, Candi quickly got down on all fours, hoping he wanted her to suck him off.

"I'm ready!" she giggled, opening kissable luscious pink lips and holding out her wide pink tongue.

"Jeez, ya got the longest tongue I've ever seen! How do you do that?"

"I got it clipped," she giggled, lifting her tongue over the tip of her nose and pointing underneath. "See? I got that thing clipped that keeps people's tongues in their mouths."

"Jeez, didn't that hurt?"

"Not really. The surgeon who did my tits did it with a laser. It was all healed-up in less than a week. I told him I'd give him head if he'd do it for me; that I wanted to be able to really use my tongue. Let me show you."

"No! I mean, turn around the other way. You know what I wanta see."

Though disappointed that he didn't ask her to start sucking, she knew exactly what he wanted to look at, what all boys wanted to see; a girl's panty-covered crotch.

"Okay, but tell me what you're going to do," she giggled, giving him a perfect view of her satin-covered crotch. "Know what, Jeremy? I love it when guys talk sexy. Treat me nasty, Jeremy! Do you want to see my pussy? Want me to take my panties off so you can see my pussy better?" she teased, playing with her swollen clit through the deep wet cleft of her shiny-pink wetness.

"No . . . no . . . I mean, I like it just like that," he said, remembering pictures of sexy girls in some of his favorite magazines.

Looking at pictures of girls wearing skimpy panties gave him such a hard-on he'd jacked-off for hours while browsing pages.

"I like the way you look," he said, stroking faster. "You look real sexy wearin' those sexy panties an' high heels. Jesus, you're hot! You're a hot little tease, an' I like that a lot! I wish more girls were like you."

He stood there staring at her ass, erection in hand. Candi wiggled her slim hips invitingly, peeking over shoulder at him as he knelt-down behind her. Just seeing a big hard cock actually made her mouth water.

"So; you like seeing my sexy little panties, do you? What are you going to do to me, Jeremy?" she giggled, teasingly, the growing need to suck him off making her clit tingle with urgency. "Are you going to make yourself squirt cum again? Are you? You know what I want, Jeremy! I want it all in my mouth! Golly, Jeremy, I really want to swallow a mouthful! Mmmmmmmm! Cum! Cum! Cum!"

Eyes riveted to the little pink strip of satin covering the girl's crotch, her fingers stroking the slippery wet fabric, hell, he wasn't even listening.

"Fuck! I dig jerkin' my fuckin' cock off! I'd like ta jack-off a big hot load of cum on the crack of your ass!" he whispered rawly, reaching out and touching the warm wet strip of satin. "I'd like ta pull your panties down so I could jack-off a big hot load-a cum right in the fuckin' crotch of your little pink panties! Then you'd have somethin' ta remember me by all day!"

His four-letter talk made Candi giggle, and pressing back against his fingers, she sighed and wiggled pleasurably as he rubbed the slippery material against her sensitive pussy lips and clit. The crotch of her panties turned white where he rubbed it, just like the froth around foreskin and the head of his cock.

"If you let me suck you again, I'd have something even BETTER to remind me of you. I'd feel your cum sticking to the back of my throat!" she giggled. "I can feel that all night long! I just adore the feeling of drinking loads of warm cum!"

Raising his fingers to his nose, he sniffed, the aroma of girlish pussy-juice filling his head. Candi looked back and smiled when he stopped playing with her pussy.


Lick it, Jeremy! Please? You'll like it! You'll like licking my pussy a lot!"

Tentatively touching his fingertips to tongue, the nearly tasteless juice reminded him of fresh celery. He liked celery, although he hated cauliflower. Jeez, I'm glad pussy doesn't taste like cauliflower, he thought. Maybe I should lick it. She sucked my cock. Magazines all say girls like getting' their pussies licked. Candi was still wiggling her ass.

"Come on, Jeremy, you got me so hot for you. Please?" she begged. "LICK me! Taste my pussy. You'll make me VERY hot. I'd rather suck you, but I'll let you fuck me if you'll lick me first down there where you were touching me."

Jeremy's cock was making big demands, hormones having taken his brain prisoner. Bending closer, he slipped a finger under wet elastic fabric and pulled the tight pink Spandex satin away from the moist crotch, revealing a perfect little open pussy and a tiny pink anal pucker, no more than a dimple between the cheeks of a unbelievably cute ass. Lightly framed by the most delicate blonde fuzz, it was as beautiful as any magazine picture he'd ever seen.

Fuck, he thought, it's so tiny! I wonder if I can even get it in her. Moving closer, pussy-perfume filling flared nostrils, Candi's ass in his face, Jeremy was caught in the tender trap. With a long resigned sigh, he pressed his mouth against her ass-crack, slipping his tongue down into the wetness of the young girl's juicy little twat, then up again against the almost imperceptible dimple, the sensation making her smooth anus pucker.

"Oh, Jeremy!"

It felt so delicious, Candi almost cried. It'd been over a year since anyone had licked her pussy, a sensation so pleasurable it drove her wild. She wanted to say nasty things, to urge him further, but prudence was the better part of passion at the moment.

"That feels so wonderful," she said, instead. " Keep licking it, Jeremy. Don't quit yet. You're making me so excited You're real good, Jeremy Golly, don't stop! You're so good. You'll make me have an orgasm. Really. Don't stop now!"

To her absolute delight, Jeremy spread her ass-cheeks wide with both hands. That excited her even more. The handsome young guy was going to seriously get into licking her juicy little sex petals. Coming to their rescue, she held the elasticized crotch of her little panties out of the way as he licked her crotch from hot little clit back up to her sensitive anus. Analingus, she thought, having dreamed about it, but no one ever having done it to her, moaning with heated pleasure as he teased the little pucker with the tip of his exploring tongue. Maybe he'll stick it in me! It's even better than I dreamed! Mmmmm, it feels so wonderful it's gunna make me cum!

So excited from anticipation, she orgasmed on the spot, uncontrollably wetting slim thighs with pussy-dew. He kept licking, swallowing now, nose and mouth smeared with warm pussy-foam. Had anyone seen him at that moment, they might have suspected he had rabies. Quivering with intense pleasure, she climaxed powerfully, delighted that Jeremy was actually reciprocating orally! Oral sex is just the best! she thought, sucking air through clenched teeth as his wiggling tongue worked deeper up her ass. Cuming on his tongue aroused her so, she was nearly overpowered by the need to reciprocate, to swallow a mouthful of thick, delicious cum. Almost turning to suck him off, she remembered she'd promised him a fuck.

"Are you just going to squirt your cum in my little panties," she giggled, playfully wiggling her stunning little ass.

Knowing he had to make her ready, Jeremy began working his tongue deeper into her little warm asshole, deeper and deeper, each thrust making her gasp with pleasure, each penetration making her orgasm. The girl was turning to rubber! She'd never been so sexually excited, and unable to keep her mouth shut, a flood of nasty words suddenly cracked the dam of propriety.

"Jeremy, I'm so fucking hot! You're licking me so good! Oh, I love it . . . you're so GOOD! That feels SUPER GOOD! Do that again; yes . . . like that! Right up my little hot asshole. You're making my little pussy just CUM so GOOD! Golly, that makes me just CRAZY when you lick my ass like that. You were right, Jeremy. I LOVE getting it from behind, but I'd just DIE for a big mouthful of HOT CUM! Give it to me, Jeremy. Let me suck you off. Please! Squirt your cum."

Lucky for her nasty talk was having its desired effect on male hormones. Tongue-fucking her ass and pussy more desperately, lusting now in what he'd never done, he was making up for lost time, intoxicated by the taste of hot young pussy, his head spinning with the flavor, scent and texture of the young girl's juicy crotch. Unable to guard her words, Candi surrendered to lust, talking as nasty as she could.

"Jeremy, I WANTA swallow some CUM! I want you to shoot your cum in my mouth! Are you listening to me? Oh, all right . . . FUCK me, then! Go ahead, Jeremy, fuck me. I told you you could. Don't jerk-off. Please. I'm not going to get preg. My period starts in two days. It's okay. Fuck me fast. I want it like that. I LIKE a big hard cock filling my tight little puss! Fuck me like a little doggie, but please; when you're ready to squirt, shoot-off in my MOUTH. Please, Jeremy, oh yeah . . . PLEASE let me suck your beautiful cock. I'm so excited right now I'd kill for the chance to swallow a big hot load of cum."

So excited he was shaking, and kneeling behind her, Jeremy rubbed the head of his rampant cock up and down her bright-pink crack as she continued holding her little pink panties out of the way, touch of slick satin fabric against his leg like an electrical shock. Leaning into her, he grabbed her ponytail, the uncircumcised erection slipping smoothly into the wet heat of her incredibly tight vaginal-sheath, big balls slapping sensitive clit, tiny tight pussy-lips sucking the long slippery shaft. Absolute heaven!

Looking down at her crotch, he could see the pink inner pussy-lips grabbing his shaft every time he pulled back, the head captive just inside mouth of her young tight cunt, something he'd fantasized about as he masturbated over the school girl's crotch on the beach! Just above his cock-shaft a miniscule pucker was winking like a little eye and the memory of fucking a neighbor girl's asshole made his vision blur. Almost on the verge of blowing a massive wad up her fantastically tight cunt, Candi's next orgasm sent vaginal shock waves around his rock hard cock.

"Oh, Jeremy, fuck me HARDER!" she cried, firm little ass quivering wildly. "Golly, I'm cuming all over your big cock!"

Pulling out of her sweet hot grip, Jeremy got down and sucked her pussy again, replacing his erection with tongue in her pulsing sheath, laving the swollen clit, her pussy-sheath spasming around his tongue like a vibrating vice, his nose up her tight virgin anus.

She does taste good, he thought. Maybe she wants me to fuck her up the ass. A string of orgasms had made her delirious, and she was bucking like a wild pony. Encouraged by her passion, Jeremy began tonguing her tiny asshole so deeply the little girl nearly fainted. Catching her breath, Candi screamed!

"Oh, Jeremy, oh YES! But let me take it in my MOUTH, Jeremy! Let me suck you off," she pleaded. Please, I GOTTA swallow cum real soon or I'll just DIE, Jeremy. Please!

Kneeling, cock in hand, glad that he hadn't shot-off in a hot bottomless cunt, Jeremy was almost afraid he'd never get it in her ass. Working the slippery wet tip of his cunt-juice lathered crest against the girl's tiny anal pucker, he watched the resistant target reluctantly surrender, opening slowly, an unwilling mouth as he pressed against it, until suddenly, his cock-head slipped past the fantastically tight ring of her virgin sphincter. It looked like he was fucking some little girl's doll.

"FUCK!" she cried out, feeling the cock-head invading her baby anus. "OH, FUCK, oh, my GOD! That's making me PEE! What are you DOING, Jeremy? I'm so hot I'm fucking pissing! OH! Fuckkkkk! Go ahead! Fuck me up my ass!"

The sensation so intense, and Candi's nasty language inflaming overheated passions, Jeremy continued pushing, over nine plus inches of white cock-shaft slipping into virgin territory. Moaning like an unpaid whore, the tiny girl pissed down pale quivering legs.

"FUCK!" she panted, kneeling in a warm puddle of piss, "you're so fucking HUGE! What are you DOING to me? Oh, my GOD! You put your big cock all the way up my little hole. Oh, Jeremy! You're hurting my little ass so good. Fuck, suck, fuck, you nasty boy! Oh YESSSSSS! You're so fucking HUGE! Fuck me like that, Jeremy. FUCK me! Fuck my little asshole! Jesus fucking son-a-va-bitch FUCK my hot asshole you nasty fucking ass-sucking bastard! I've never HAD it up my little asshole before. Fuck it HARDER, Jeremy! You're hurting me so good!! I never KNEW it would feel this good! Oh, Jeremy! If you cum up my ass I'll love you forever."

Now, it was Jeremy who was delirious. The sensation of getting his long cock up the little blonde's tight anus made him shake like a car with a flat.

"Oh holy shit! I'm fuckin' it! My cock's all the way up your fuckin' tight little asshole, you hot little cock-sucker! I'm fuckin' you right up your sweet little tight ass! I was gunna shoot off on your bitchin' little ass-cheeks . . . " (panting like a long distance runner) "I almost shot this load in your cunt . . . but now . . . I'm gunna shoot so much cum up your ass . . . you're gunna fuckin' love it, you fuckin' little cum-suckin' whore slut! I'm fuckin' cumin' up your hot fuckin' cum-suckin' asshole!"

Candi nearly fainted, not so much from discomfort, but from the pitch of excitement, Jeremy's words making her face burn with pleasure, wiggling her little ass like she'd been plugged into a high-voltage line. Itís so good, she thought, but if he keeps fucking me like this he's going to cum in my ass, and I won't get a taste. Mouth watering, long swags of saliva were dribbling from her open pink lips.

Oh, Jeremy!" she cried, "I GOTTA taste it! Shoot your big hot load of sticky cum up my ass, you mother-fucking ass-fucker! I fucking love it! Shoot it in me, you fucking bastard! Oh, my God! Shoot it up my fucking ass and I'll squeeze it all out in my hand and drink it. Oh, Jeremy, YEAH . . . please! You know what I want. Let me have it in my mouth. Pull out an' squirt it all down my nasty cock-sucking throat. PLEASE!"

Pulling back, his huge cock left a perfectly round stretched hole, bright-pink inside, the girl's ass-mouth stretched wide open the size of his cock, a slick tube waiting for a load of warm cum. The tube looked so big compared to what the pucker promised it was unbelievable. That idea made him plug her ass like he was using a toilet-plunger, and holding his long cock with one hand and her ponytail with the other, he yanked her toward him as he slammed his rock-hard cock into that slippery anus, the entire shaft plunging into the tiny girl's rectum up to his nuts. Every time he pulled out, the girl's asshole spasmed, wide-open pink tube waiting for the next deep stroke, each invasion making her orgasm every time he hit bottom, pee spraying from her urethra every time his big balls slapped her sensitive clit, a hard cock almost more than her little ass could take.

"Jesus, Candi, I'm cumin', you hot little cock-sucker!" he panted. "Right up your hot little pink ass! Oh, holy fuck! This feels so fuckin' good! It's as good as your blow-jobs! I wanta do this with another chick, too . . . at the same time. I wanta see you lickin' pussy, you little cock-suckin' slut . . . I wanta see you suckin' my cum out of a girl's messy cum-filled asshole with that long tongue-a yours!"

Cock in fist, he squeezed out the first massive spurt of cum, blasting milky wads of pearlescent jizz into the open naked hole, watching the spasming open pink mouth of her anus swallow the giant wad of cum like a mouth.

The words 'cock-sucker', 'blow-jobs', and 'lickin' pussy', compounded by the feeling of hot cum hosing her colon made her so crazy with lust, that after the first two powerful spurts overfilled the well-fucked tube, she nearly fainted.

"I'll do anything for a taste of cum!" she cried. "Oh, yeah, Jeremy, SQUIRT it in my little asshole."

Pink mouth open, serpentine tongue hanging from the corner of her mouth, saliva dripped to the floor. She couldn't see it, but she certainly could envision her cum-drenched ass capturing each spurt of warm clingy ejaculate as the boy plunged his stiff meat back into her slippery colon with unconcealed pleasure, blowing a second orgasm up her well-stretched no longer virgin asshole.

To describe Jeremy's climax as large, or any adjective commonly used by sex-magazine writers wouldn't do it justice! So much semen shot up her ass, she felt like she'd just taken a quart-sized warm enema. When cum surges slowed, Jeremy pulled out.

Turning quicker than a Vegas card dealer's hands, Candi grabbed the cum-oozing ass-fucking monster and sucked it into her grateful mouth, milking every drop she could get from the half-hard cock like she was milking a cow's teat, sucking up the gooey slightly salty ejaculate with such pleasure she had to lay down when she finished swallowing the colossal mess.

"Oh, my God, I fucking love swallowing it! Oh my God," she kept whispering, blue eyes half-closed from pleasure, long pink tongue swabbing sticky lips. "I love eating fucking cum! Oh my God! I can't get enough fucking cum! I wish there were dozens of you shooting cum in my mouth! Fuck, Jeremy, you shot so MUCH cum up my ass I don't know if I can walk! That was so unexpected, and so hot. If I'd known how exciting that would feel, I would have let you do it lots sooner."

Of course Jeremy took that as a sign that she was pleased with his performance, so he didn't ask the stupid question: "Was that good for you?"

She was pleased, all right! That was putting it mildly. Having earned the nick-name 'turkey' from high school boys because every guy knew she loved to 'gobble', Candi had gone down on every kid she'd ever dated, devoted to the act as well as taste of warm cum. Even during school hours she'd taken advantage of every opportunity, following boys behind fences or maintenance buildings where she could give head. Down on her knees, she'd let them masturbate into her mouth while she masturbated, or sucked them off until they couldn't climax again, some days swallowing three or four loads of cum from each boy. In the first week of her freshman year she'd allowed two boys to do her at the same time, oral sex games getting better and better with practice. Letting one jack-off into the crotch of her panties while she fellated the second, she'd masturbate with the cum-soaked crotch of her tight satin panties while they watched. After cuming a few times, she'd stuff her semen-saturated panties in her mouth and suck them dry, letting the boys watch as she finger-fucked herself wildly. She may have been small, but oh how the boys loved watching her play, and she'd been in heaven all year. Though swallowing what she would have described as 'gallons' of youthful semen while going through high school, she'd just as many orgasms in a row, herself. Doing it 'doggie-style', she had a guy lick her from behind as she sucked another kid off.

Had anyone performed analingus, and had they asked, she thought, recovering from Jeremy's buggering, I'm sure I would have been fucked up my ass before now! Eyes closed, she thought about her plastic surgeon, about how pleased she'd been after breast implants, about how aroused she'd made him when she'd asked to have her tongue clipped.

"Clip it for me and I'll stop by and suck you off every week for a year!"

He'd taken her up on the offer. She'd let him cum on that now amazingly-long tongue nearly fifty times since, holding it out for him as he jacked-off into her open mouth, sweating like a man possessed. She'd continued to see him just to let him masturbate onto her tongue while she masturbated for their mutual pleasure. Laying back in his big leather office chair, she'd spread her legs and pulled up the front of her skirt so he could watch her fingers at play in her panties. Like most men, seeing a young girl putting on a sex-show made him cum like a teenage boy.

When she finally looked up at him, Jeremy's face registered serious concern. Sitting up, her anus tender from such an invasion, she glanced around completely disoriented, as though not quite sure where she was. Truth was, she didn't.

"You okay?" he asked, offering her a hand.

Slightly wobbly on sexy high heels, she leaned against his chest until she was sure she could walk without bumping into something.

"Geez," he continued, "I hope we didn't make too much noise. We could get ourselves in a bunch a trouble."

Misty-eyed and licking semen from her lower lip and trying to swallow the clinging sensation of cum still coating the back of her throat, she nodded. Cum was seeping from her asshole like hot maple syrup, leaving her so overpowered by the volume of ejaculate, she would have sucked off the whole football team had they been present.

"We wouldn't want to do that," she nodded, adjusting the sopping crotch of her little skintight panties to keep his cum from running down her beautiful legs, saving it for a desperate session of masturbation as soon as she could get to her bedroom. "Plus, it's probably getting late."

She tried, but she couldn't stop diddling herself as she tried regaining her composure.

"Golly, Jeremy, I'm so embarrassed. I didn't mean to talk so nasty and make so much noise. I guess I just got so carried away. I guess I should go and get some paper towels from the rest room and clean up the floor?"

"Yeah . . . sure," Jeremy agreed, forgetting to zip-up his fly. "You do that. I better go check on Thomas and see how he's doin' before I punch out."

"About my vacation . . . " Candi smiled, still trying to swallow. "I'm not going anywhere. I'm just taking my week off. Can we see each other while I'm on vacation?"

"Sure, if you'll do what I asked. I wanta watch ya havin' sex with a girl!"

Considering the request, she didn't immediately respond, remembering sex-capades with her best girlfriend the year before. That short episode had been wonderful, but the girl moved away just when they'd gotten really good in bed. To please her girlfriend, Candi had her tongue clipped so she could really get it deep in the girl's tiny pussy. Her penchant for getting pussy-licked had been honed to an equally fine edge by her girlfriend's eager clipped-tongue, the two having such an affair, she'd cried after their separation. Just thinking about the girl's long tongue in her pussy made her orgasm against active fingers. Still fingering a swollen clit, she glanced down at Jeremy's fly.

"You're still unzipped," she smiled. "Are you going to let Thomas suck your cock . . . or can I?" she teased, imploring look on her innocent face. "Please, Jeremy, try an' understand. I have this need to suck. What I want most is cum, and you cum gallons. I just adore swallowing your cum. Give me another mouthful, Jeremy. Let me swallow your cum again and I'll do anything you ask. I'll hold my tongue out real far so you can see it shooting all over it so you can watch it going in my mouth."

"Ahhhhh . . . don't think I can, at least, not right now," he blushed, tucking half-hard cock Smiling woefully, she wiggled her tight skirt back down over sexy slim hips and opened the office door.

"Look, meet me at the counter an' I'll walk ya to your car," he offered, remembering it was better to be polite. He didn't know what else to add.

Candi perked up. "Gee, thanks, that would be super."

While she went to the rest room for paper towels, Jeremy checked on Thomas, read messages, reminded him about emergency phone numbers, assured him the night desk-man would be there right on time, then waited for Candi so he could walk her to her car. Just a few minutes later she was back at the front desk.

She walked in silence until they got to the car. Turning and smiling she stood on tiptoes and gave him a kiss, rubbing her fingers over the still firm bulge in his pant leg.

"This felt so big when you stuck it up my little ass! You made me pee all over myself, you naughty boy. I've so embarrassed. I've never done that before. I had to make two trips to the girl's room for paper towels."

Giving the meat a firmer squeeze, she looked into gray eyes.

"Are you still horny? Don't you want me to go down on you again?" she giggled, getting into her car and patting the seat next to her. "If you let me, you know I'll do anything you ask, even with a girl, Jeremy . . . if you promise to let me swallow all of it this time," she smiled, licking here lips obscenely.

"Ga-night," he waived, shutting the door after making sure she was wearing her seat-belt. "Drive carefully."

"Okay," she nodded, pouting, "okay! I'll do it, Jeremy. I'll let you watch me having sex with a girl. I d do ANYTHING. I'll do it with any girl you want. I'll let you watch me stick my tongue all the way up her ass after you fuck it. Is that what you want? I'll suck it all out of her ass. You find her, but she's got to be at least as cute as that Marla, okay? Remember, you're passing up a good offer tonight," she teased. "Let me have what I want when we get together an' I'll do anything you want. You'll see!"

Watching the little Honda Civic disappear in evening traffic, he suddenly realized he didn't even know Candi's phone number. Oh well, I can always look it up in the hotel records, he grinned, and anyway, she's gunna be the one who calls me! Her response about having sex with a girl was ringing in his hormone-controlled brain like a bell. Grinning lustfully on the walk back to the hotel, images of having two beautiful asses to fuck danced in front of his eyes, not to mention images of two girls licking each other's crotches! Holy fuck, he thought, squeezing his cock in his pants, I can't wait ta see her lickin' a nice little cunt!

To Be Continued...


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