The Best Erotic Stories.

Hollywood Nights: A Novella Ch. XII
by Che

"Who's Venessa?" asked Leticia, looking at one of two pair of shoes she'd just purchased.

"The waitress down at the pool yesterday. Remember?" Michael walked over to the dresser and went through the growing pile of brochures. "She asked specifically about you."

"She didn't ask about me?"

Abandoning the bathroom, Marla interred the room, brushing a magnificent cascade of golden hair.

"The one you were ogling in short skirt? I remember her. What did she wanta know about Leticia?"

"Let's see," Michael paused, picking up the TV guide, "she asked how old you were and if the two of you were 'together' . . . you know, like if Leticia was your 'girlfriend'. I think she's 'attracted' to you, Leticia."

"She wasn't attracted to me?" asked Marla, seemingly miffed. "Just Leticia?"

Sitting by the window while Leticia braided his hair, Michael browsed through the guide.

"No. She asked about Leticia, but . . . she said you were one of the prettiest, sexiest girls she'd ever seen. Maybe she was concerned about how you'd react to her having an interest in you. That's my guess. Anyway, I told her you where a couple of lezzie beer-guzzling biker-bar dykes who hung around me just to make me look good," he smirked, wincing when Leticia pulled his hair.

Marla's 'throw the hair brush' gesture made Leticia laugh.

"What did you really tell her?" she giggled as Marla gave her boyfriend a scalding look.

"I told her Marla was nineteen and you were twenty-two . . . that I'd give you the note," he said, shrugging innocently. "I didn't go into detail about our relationship. She didn't ask. What's the note say?"

"Leticia is invited over for drinks and dinner," pouted Marla, tossing the note on the bed. "It says I'm welcome if I wanta come. What kind of invite is that?"

Finishing the braid, Leticia resisted the urge to play on Marla's second to last comment.

"Don't be silly. What could be friendlier? Let's give her a call. Her number's on the note, right? I'm sure she's inviting us both."

"All right," Marla condescend, "maybe she's just being cautious about interfering in relationships. Go ahead . . . call her . . . "

Leticia picked up the phone and poked the numbers.

"Hi, Venessa? Hi, this is Leticia. Yes, I remember you. No, we don't have any plans. No . . . we'd love to . . . seven? . . . casual? Sounds like fun. Only a few blocks? No problem. We can find it. Thanks. Yes. Can we bring anything? Michael?" She held her hand over the phone. "She wants to know if you want to go, too?"

Pausing as though he was actually considering the invitation, Michael yawned and shook his head.

"Naw, I'm beat. Why don't you two go alone. I think I'll go for a good night's sleep."

Leticia removed her hand from the mouthpiece.

"He said perhaps another time. Okay? . . . see you then. Bye." She hung up and looked at Marla. "She wants both of us to come over. She was just worried that you wouldn't want to come over without Michael. I told her we'd be there at seven."

Marla frowned at Michael.

"You really don't wanta go? Yesterday you couldn't stop staring at her panties. I know she gave you a hard dick. It wasn't just me. Everyone noticed."

Michael shrugged and yawned again.

"That was because I was looking at you."

She feigned a limp-wristed swat in his direction.

"Are you sure you don't mind me going without you?"

Hand raised palm up, Michael shook his head.

"Baby, I don't mind. Really.

Returning to the bathroom, but leaving the door open, Marla removed her swimsuit and continued talking.

"Guess I'm gunna wear that new dress, Leticia. The light-blue one, and the new sandals. What are you wearing?"

Getting up, Leticia searched the pile of bags on the bed, going through each until she found what she was looking for.

"These . . . " she paused, holding up an emerald-green miniskirt and a lighter-green silk blouse. "My green heels will go perfectly with these."

Marla came out of the bathroom nude.

"You really don't wanta go?" she asked, looking Michael in the eye like a detective. "Come on . . . you two were flirting at the pool. She couldn't keep her eyes off your crotch an' I know you liked her." Michael continued browsing the TV Guide®,. "So, how old is she?"

"Hey . . . I don't know . . . " he yawned. "Sure, she's a cute chick, but I'm tired. You guys wore me out! What can I say. Give me the night off and enjoy yourselves. You'll have a great time without me. I need time to make more of what you two want."

After dressing, Marla took Michael out on the balcony.

"So . . . " giving him a hug, "we finally wore you out. You okay? Are you gunna recover by tomorrow?"

He nodded, but was looking out over the late afternoon city. She put her arm through his.

"Remember what I said at the pool?" A smile played at the corner of a very succulent mouth.

Smiling, he nodded again, brushing a long strand of hair away from her face.

"I'm fine. You two have a good time. Wake me up when you get back, 'if' you decide to come back tonight. If you ask me, I think Venessa has her eye on both of you. Don't be surprised if I'm right. An' I don't know, but she's gotta be twenty-one to serve drinks." He gave her a pat on the ass when she turned to leave. "Don't hold-back on my account. I think she has designs on your ass. Have fun."

Marla turned.

"Would that bother you, Michael?"

"Not at all. I know you like girls."

At six-thirty, the girls left the room chattering. Yawning, Michael shut the door behind then.

"Guess I'll call-out for food," he said to no one.

* * *

The short walk, even in heels, didn't take the girls more than five minutes. It was a beautiful early evening. An apple-green sky. A golden-orange glow over the west where the sun was setting was being pressed into the sea by a rising darker-blue horizon over the mountains to the East.

"Golly, it's so clear tonight, like, no smog at all. It's wonderful when L.A. is free-a all that junk in the air," chattered Marla as they turned up the hill toward Venessa's. "What's her address?"

Leticia looked at the note again.

"It has to be in the block after next. We're still in the lower numbers. She must be on the left side."

Old Mexican pavers lead up to a terra-cotta entrance featuring a white-framed weather-worn wood-paneled door. Leticia pushed the bell. Inside, chimes sounded, followed by the sound of footsteps descending stairs. The old door opened and they were face to face with the female Marla had begrudgingly described as 'pretty'. In anyone's book, Venessa was knock-out gorgeous. In short white cotton shift and white ankle-strap sandals, subtle eye make-up and bright tangerine-pink lipstick made a picture for any slick publication. Two African beaded bracelets on her left wrist and matching beaded ear-rings were all the jewelry she wore.

"Come on in," she smiled graciously, hand out. "I'm so happy you both came. I hope you don't think me too forward, but you looked like you were loads of fun and I really wanted to meet you."

Following her into the living room, they got the cook's tour.

"The kitchen . . . the dining room. I guess it's more of a breakfast nook. I have so much junk. I hope you like the music. I have a bit of nearly everything. May I get you a drink?"

"I'd love a glass-a white wine," smiled Marla, embarrassed that she'd been so quick to judge the friendly beauty.

"Sounds good to me," added Leticia, standing close to Marla, their fingers touching.

"Come on in the kitchen and I'll give you a choice," smiled Venessa, noting the intimate contact. "I have three different whites on ice." Choosing a fresh California Chardonnay, she opened the bottle and poured three glasses. "Cheers," she smiled, handing the wine to the girls. "Thanks for joining me! I'm glad you have such an understanding boyfriend."

Clinking rims, they sipped chilled wine while continuing the tour of Venessa's digs. It didn't take long for Leticia to notice the artwork and she nudged Marla's elbow as they headed upstairs. Marla slowed to look at the pictures while Venessa gestured toward bath and bedroom, commenting on the weather and the clear view seaward.

"Most days, I can't see much further than Santa Monica Boulevard, but today, you can see tree-tops way over there toward the beaches. Isn't it pretty? I like seeing all the night lights, too."

Marla wasn't looking at the view. She was looking at a picture of two females in a classic 69, partially-wrapped in white sheets on a mussed-up bed. Venessa paused as though waiting for some comment.

"You enjoy art?"

Turning, Marla blushed.

"I like these," she smiled, trying to conceal overt sexual agitation.

"Erotica has always fascinated me. I've discovered three artists I really like. I began buying art when I was maybe fourteen . . . whenever I had enough allowance saved. Then I'd save and buy more. It's an addiction, but a healthy one, if you can give up eating for feasting eyes."

Moving for a closer look, Leticia studied the picture while Marla strolled through second-floor rooms, appreciating Venessa's stimulating taste in erotica. When she returned from the bathroom, she touched Leticia's arm.

"Check-out the photos in the bath," she whispered. "She's addicted to more than pictures."

When Leticia came downstairs a few minutes later, Venessa was pouring more wine.

"I hope you like Roughy. I made rice and salad. I don't eat large evening meals. Too much food late at night and I feel miserable."

"Fish is perfect," agreed Leticia. "Sounds wonderful!"

Settling into the living room, they curled-up casually on old overstuffed furniture, sipping wine and talking girl-talk. When a buzzer hummed in the kitchen, Venessa got up.

"Rice is done," she called. "I'll put the fish on now. Salad's in the frig. Would either of you like some bread?"

"Feed me, spank me, make me eat!" teased Leticia. "You can't go wrong. I'll eat anything you do."

Marla blushed at Leticia's forwardness but Venessa took the repartee in stride.

"That's nice to know," she laughed, a seductive throaty chuckle, putting fish on the fire, "especially knowing you've seen my 'menu'. My mother insisted I grow a taste for the finer things in life . . . just like you."

"You do have a taste for the 'better things' . . . " smirked Leticia. "I saw your pictures in your bathroom!"

"My girlfriends told me I'd be too bold if I hung those down here. Maybe they're right. I like having them in the bathroom. Something to consider while sitting there alone on the pot." grinned Venessa, turning fish over flames.

That got some nervous laughter.

"For some reason, they don't think my pictures of women are too explicit," She continued basting the fish as they cooked. "Personally, I don't see the difference myself, but then, my girlfriends are, well; I guess they're more inclined to pictures of women together than men . . . "

"You obviously enjoy both," smiled Leticia, taking a sip of wine, condensation on the sides making it look so appealing. "So do I. There seems to be a time and place for almost everything, isn't that what they say?"

Marla poured another glass of wine for herself.

"I like the large painting in your bedroom. The girls are so beautiful and I don't see anything wrong with an explicit picture, as long as it's done so beautifully. Gee, I even like the photo by your bed."

She covered her mouth and laughed, realizing she was gushing.

"You're beautiful, too, Venessa! You look like you were enjoying that!"

Venessa straightened the short-shift after tossing her apron on a tiled counter.

"I do," she smiled, broadly. "And so was he. Are you two ready for dinner? Let's not let it get too cold. Roughy's best served fresh and hot off the fire. Here's the bread. I'll get another bottle of wine. Go sit and I'll serve. Don't wait on formalities."

They talked all through dinner, and by the time Venessa got up to make coffee, they'd polished-off almost three bottles of wine.

"No more wine for me," giggled Leticia, cheeks flushed, dark eyes twinkling. "I'm so silly now, I'd make a fool out of myself. Coffee sounds perfect. Excuse me while I go use the potty."

Like some adolescent child, she bounced up the stairs, Venessa's eyes following her trim little cheeks. Marla leaned back in the chair.

"What a super supper." Yawning, she took a deep breath. "Sorry! I didn't mean to seem rude. I'm not tired. It must be the wine."

"Don't worry; it's the wine. You're right. Dinner came out good, didn't it? I'm always glad when fish turns out good. Roughy seldom disappoints me. Thanks for the compliment. I'm also glad mother insisted that I learn how to cook." Getting up, she returned with the coffee. "Cream?" she asked.

Marla was about to make a silly sexually-oriented response, but thought better of it.

"Thanks," she said, instead, blush on pretty face incriminating.

"So," smiled Venessa, "am I correct in assuming that Michael is your boyfriend? I mean, I got the picture that both of you girls were, you know; God, there I go asking too many questions . . . "

"That's okay," smiled Marla, "you're right; on both. He's my current squeeze, but it's fun squeezing between him and Leticia."

Leticia came bouncing back downstairs.

"Is that you in the big painting over the bed? It sure looks like you. Your girlfriend is really cute. Are you still seeing each other?"

"She ;moved to New York two years ago," Venessa offered Leticia a coffee cup. "She's an actor and dancer. She does Broadway."

"She looks like she was enjoying doing you," giggled Leticia. "And who wouldn't!"

"Leticia!" hissed Marla. "Be nice!"

"No;" Venessa laughed, "it's true! We absolutely adore each other! I'm glad you aren't offended by my lifestyle or interests. It's very refreshing to find young women like you." Pausing, she filled Leticia's cup. "Cream?"

"Whenever I can get it," grinned Leticia, the quick reply making Venessa smile.

Leaving the table, they went into the living room. Curling-up in a big chair, Leticia sipped the steaming brew.

"That's one of my favorite paintings." She pointed to a picture on the far wall. "My favorite painter. She's getting better with every picture. She did that a year ago for me. Those two are friends that I met in Mexico on my last vacation to Cabo."

The painting depicted a young woman in the act of undressing another from behind, one arm around her waist, one hand cupping an exposed breast, fingers tweaking a hard upturned nipple. Her other hand was down inside the front of her girlfriend's panties, fingers covering her crotch. The girl's luscious lips, lips like Venessa's, were caressing her girlfriend's neck. Both girls were strikingly lovely; long-haired and graceful, their pose most provocative.

Walking closer to look, Leticia stood entranced without speaking, music dominating an otherwise quiet room.

"I like it, too," she said, finally. "It's very erotic without being simply 'sexual' . . . not that I find sexual pictures distasteful unless they're violent or demeaning to the people pictured. I have an artist friend in Thailand who does erotic art. I should get you one of his catalogs. His work is extremely graphic . . . better than film . . . he likes to paint young girls and boys in all kinds of combinations." She looked at the painting again. "Those two look like they're very much enjoying the moment. So am I."

Venessa was obviously pleased with Leticia's remarks.

"Well said. I love erotic art. I'd love to see your friend's catalog. Sometimes I'm in the mood to read intentionally-sexual material and to view graphically-erotic movies, the lustier the better. I have some photos I've bound in a portfolio for 'private' viewing, pictures I thought best not to hang. You're welcome to see my collection, or if you're into reading, I have some exciting visual material you'd enjoy. Tell me what you'd like, and I'll play hostess."

"Let's see the portfolio," Marla sparkled. "I like sexy pictures! I like that one of the woman with the animal in your bedroom . . . "

"That's a painting I posed for," beamed Venessa. "The 'animal' as you described him, was the painter. We didn't actually do that. He used me as a model and painted his face on the Satyr. That was his idea. He did that other painting of me and my girlfriend on the bed. That was done directly as we posed."

"Well," laughed Leticia, "you got to pose like that for hours? How many days did it take him to do the picture?"

"Two," smiled Venessa. "He's very fast for the amount of detail in his paintings."

"Lucky you!" Leticia giggled. "I'd volunteer anytime to spend two days with you like that."

All three laughed. Venessa brushed a strand of hair away from Leticia's cheek.

"That could easily be arranged. We posed for three paintings, one of which is in the portfolio with a number of study-photos. I'll go get it."

Returning with a large black portfolio, a two foot by three foot binder almost a foot thick, she set it on the coffee-table. The three gathered around as she untied the binder and opened the treasure-chest. Inside? Page after page of absolutely unique and exciting erotica. Photos and drawings, etchings and poems, water-colors and oils, latex and inks, each so graphically sexual they aroused Leticia and Marla to the point that neither could sit still.

"I like this one," giggled Leticia, a picture depicting a young girl with her legs around another girl's neck, head thrown-back in ecstasy as her girlfriend performed cunnilingus on her obviously defined quite nude crotch! "Now thatís delicious!"

"So is this one."

Marla pointed to a latex watercolor so complete in detail it looked like a photo. It was a painting of Venessa going down on the same girl, now posed in supine position on her tummy, cute little ass-cheeks arched up off of a bed. Venessa was dressed in erotic attire and laying between the young nude's spread legs, face between the wide-spread cheeks of the stunning girl's lovely ass. The addition of erotic comment clearly expressed the recipient's emotions. Above her head, written in a feminine hand, was the following phrase: 'Your tongue is so long it's teasing my heart! Do me deeper! Make me cum again, you sweet analingist!' Marla's cheeks were bright pink.

"She's so sexy and pretty, and so are you! Your pictures are real exciting! It's hard to just sit here and look. How did you get into the art-thing?"

"My folks sent me to Fine Arts when I graduated from high school. I was sixteen. They skipped me twice in school. I got to travel a lot and met lots of interesting people. Anyway, another student, the one who did that painting of those two girls I like so much, got me even more interested in erotic art. Much of her work was extremely graphic and I was very turned-on by her. She was my first female sexual experience. Anyway, I graduated a year ago. Now, art is one of my passions; especially that kind."

"They make me so excited my panties are wet," giggled Marla, looking at an acrylic of two girl's 69ing.

"They do that to me, too," Venessa confessed. "No matter how many times I've looked at them, they still arouse feelings of passion when I see them again. I think that's what art is meant to do . . . arouse strong feelings in the viewer. I go around all day with wet panties."

"Well, they arouse me," giggled Leticia, openly slipping one hand under her green dress, a move Venessa didn't miss.

It took almost an hour for the girls to go through the entire portfolio, and their hostess was sure both were close to having climaxes.

"I've done a few videos, too," she continued. "A friend has an editing lab and lets me use it at night. I'd be happy to play them for you if you'd like."

Holding Marla's hand, Leticia nodded eagerly.

"Those pictures were fantastic!" she reddened, realizing she'd reached out just to hold Marla's hand.

Marla didn't pull away and the smile on her face was a tip-off about what she was feeling.

"Let's see your videos," she smiled, remembering she still had the one of Leticia and Michael in her bag.

Going to the bookcase, Venessa opened a large pair of doors in the upper half, revealing a giant screen TV. Selecting a video from a stack, she put it in the VCR and returned to the couch. Pressing buttons on the remote brought the screen to life.

"I do my own graphics, too. I edited the sound track, did voice-overs and wrote the script. Other than help with lighting and reflectors, everything else is mine. The make-up, hair, costumes, location, you can blame me for almost everything. I hope it affects you the same way it does me."

The video opened with a perfectly-paced introduction. Girls in the painting were cast as lovers in a Mediterranean setting, in reality a huge house belonging to one of Venessa's girlfriends. In short, the girls meet at a resort, are served a meal and drinks by an attractive young waiter in a tux. They overhear sounds from the kitchen; peek in to discover the waiter and a lusty little kitchen-maid engaging in some highly exciting intercourse on a large wooden kitchen table. They watch the encounter's climax when the teenage maid drops to her knees and milks the youth to a generous orgasm, the entire load spilling into her very eager mouth. Aroused by the experience, the two beauties quickly retire to an upstairs room, throw themselves into an exquisitely-filmed sexual frenzy, editing, dialog and sound perfectly balanced for ever increasing excitement. Music background was never too-loud or overpowering for the erotic dialog, and the climax reduced Leticia and Marla to a state of sexual arousal even greater than their afternoon episode.

"Beautiful," sighed Leticia, the video over, both of her hands under her short skirt, now hiked-up above her hips so far, her companions could see exactly what she was doing.

Her active fingers were nearly dancing inside her skintight panties, fingers playing in each slippery sheath. The sight wasn't lost on Venessa.

"Want me to play the other one?"

Venessa was smiling at the effect her video was having on the girls.

"It's maybe better. I used the same cast a week later."

"You can play me!" giggled Leticia, quivering in orgasm. "I love your work! I can be VERY appreciative!"

"You'll have to wait your turn," snickered Marla. "She's sitting closer to me!"

Venessa laughed, a musical lilt filling the air.

"Enjoy the film, but take out your frustrations on the film-maker if you must."

After changing tapes, she went to the kitchen, returning with a small bottle of Chartreuse. She poured demitasse glasses for the girls. When all were ready, she started the tape, a slightly longer film done in the same location but in different parts of the home. The story revolved around the same young girls in more contemporary costume, much the same as Leticia and Marla had worn while shopping. They were introduced as students in an all-girl school, roommates isolated from old boyfriends in a convent-like setting. Dialog quickly lead convincingly from simple girlish chatter to sexual subjects, confessions about missing boyfriends and subsequent frustrations. Each admitted to masturbating, then, with little coercion, demonstrated techniques, finally enjoying mutual masturbation. They were soon joined by a new roommate, the kitchen-maid from the first video, who happily joined in the masturbatory game, eagerly performing cunnilingus on both. Then the camera discovered a young man, played by the waiter from the first film, now a houseboy and Peeping-Tom. Peeking through a crack in the door, he watched the young girls masturbating for each other's pleasure, spreading pretty legs for the hungry little teen. Excited, he begins masturbating too. Making a noise, he's discovered by one of the girls, opening the door to find the source of the sound. They pull him into the room and proceed to tease and strip him. Well endowed, they're obviously excited to see him. They encourage him to masturbate, then take turns giving him head until he erupts, pumping semen into each lovely's mouth. Camera-work was slow-motion perfect, close-up and well lit, so close, only faces and the swollen erupting organ filled the screen. All three girls obviously enjoyed swallowing his profuse ejaculate. Then they make him perform cunnilingus while they take turns licking each other, each enjoying multiple-climaxes. When he's stiff again, they make him fuck them like puppies. This time he cums in the blonde's pretty little cunt. After the girls indulged their appetite for cunnilingus, beautiful images of lips over nipples and tongues between cunt-lips, all three suck him off again, once more swallowing the last of his free-flowing orgasms. Promising to keep their secret, to save himself, he leaves the girls to enjoy a passion-filled evening of mutual cunnilingus on the bed. The close-ups of them licking-up the stunning little girlfriend's cum-oozing cunt as she squatted over their mouths was the best filming of cream-pie eating Leticia and Marla had ever seen. Their youth, beauty, innocent faces, and nubile bodies, coupled with complete surrender to lust, so aroused Marla and Leticia that they sat silent when the film ended.

"That was my last one." Venessa took a sip of Chartreuse. "I got their permission and plan to put it into circulation next month. I want viewers to discover films can be made which have art involved as well as sex organs. Don't misunderstand me. I like nasty close-up porn. There just isn't much of it. My friends and I stand to make a few bucks. We aren't bothered by puritan ethics where sex is concerned. My friend put me in contact with a producer. He prints the video for distribution and gets them into stores. We've worked out the money-thing and finished all the legal paperwork . . . no one under eighteen . . . blah, blah, blah. What do you think? Am I going to be famous?"

"How about your parents?" asked Marla. "Won't they find out?"

"My real name won't be on anything. I know I'm lucky; growing up in a family like mine. It was easy being a little rich girl, but now I want to really be on my own. The waitress-thing at the hotel? I took that job because I had to get out here in the world. I don't mind serving drinks to people for minimum wage and tips. I'm not doing it for the money. I have enough to retire if I wanted to, but I want to pursue the erotic art experience. I want to show the world that better sex films can be made.

Crawling on knees to where Venessa was sitting, Leticia put her arms around the redhead's waist. Marla followed, but cuddled-up next to her on the couch.

"What?" asked Venessa, clearly amused. "What now?"

Putting an arm around her shoulder, Marla tipped her chin up to hers. A kiss meant to melt steel, Venessa was visibly shaken when it ended. Leticia was watching, and when Marla nuzzled the redhead's ear with electric-pink lips, Leticia began working the short white shift up the redhead's shapely hips. Marla kissed the beauty again while Leticia spread those deliciously-shaped legs wide, and making herself comfortable between warm thighs, began licking and sucking the deep cleft right through the thin satin covering the smooth panty-crotch.

"Oh, yes," smiled Venessa, lovely lips curling back in pleasure, "lick me good! Open my pussy and suck it, darling! I'll return the favor . . . "

She let the girls strip her down to panties, then lay back to enjoy their assault on her overly-receptive body. She'd been so hot since sucking-off Michael, especially after he'd fucked her so good from behind. Twice, she'd nearly surrendered to an afternoon of masturbation. Now, she was glad she hadn't, climaxing powerfully as Leticia licked her pulsing sex through wispy satin-Spandex and Marla teased her prominent nipples to spine-tingling pleasure.

Using the same technique she'd used on Marla, Leticia pulled the panties to one side and slipped two fingers into heaven, rubbing the little spot in the warm juicy cunt, exciting her to even higher plateaus. She massaged the G-spot until, arching hips upward, Venessa sprayed, a clear warm stream of liquid shooting directly into her waiting open mouth.

"Ohhhhh!" cried Venessa. "Ohhhhhh, suck my clit! Lick it! Use your fingers like that, again . . . what did you DO to me? Make me cum like that again! Mmmmmmmm, girl! I've never done THAT before! How did you make me DO that?"

Slipping three fingers in, and after five minutes of carefully practiced vaginal-massage, Leticia had accomplished her goal.

"Oh, my GOD!" cried Venessa. "She has her whole hand in me! All the way in me! Oh my God! I'm so hot! Let me lick you, Marla. Hurry; let me get my mouth on your sweet little sex while she plays with my pussy. God, don't stop, Leticia. Oh, don't EVER stop! It feels like I'm going to do that again. Your wrist feels like a big hard cock!"

Crawling up and straddling Venessa on the couch, Marla let her at it, the redhead's tongue and eager lips sucking at the cum-drenched crotch of her skintight panties until, trembling with sexual energy, Marla squirted, too! The force of ejaculating juice was so great, clear fluids were forced through the sexy satin material as Venessa sucked, swallowing as fast as she could suck it up. Knowing she'd cum again quickly, Marla pulled the crotch out of the way so the girl had complete access to her open pink cunt. This time, she squirted an even larger ejaculation across the beauty's cupped tongue.

"Fuck!" gurgled Venessa, pussy-juice running down her chin in a stream, her fingertips pinching Marla's protruding nipples.

"Mmmmmm," Marla giggled. "Stick your finger up my ass and I'll cum again hard. You better be thirsty, girl."

"Oh, I AM," moaned Venessa, sucking and tongue-fucking the smooth lining of Marla's slick cunt, slim finger fast up the slippery anal-pucker, eager for the promised reward as she teased Marla's breasts with her free hand. "God, you just GUSH when you cum!"

"Swallow me!" panted Marla, five warm eruptions spurting from her throbbing sheath.


Venessa was still cuming wildly on Leticia's tongue as the tiny girl fist-fucked her like a bionic sex-machine!

"Your wrist feels so nice! I've never had a girl do this to me."

Knowing she wanted it, Leticia pulled her lower on the couch so she could get the redhead's legs over her shoulders. Pressing her mouth under her fist, the tiny exotic slipped her serpentine tongue up the beauty's ass so deeply that Venessa nearly fainted with lustful pleasure. But she had to keep sucking to keep from drowning in Marla's warm sexual excess, never in her life having experienced such copious rewards for oral talents, even when sucking semen-surging cocks.

"Let's trade places," Marla urged. "I want to lick your pussy. If you think I cum hard, wait'll you lick Leticia!

Leticia proved her correct when Venessa's tongue brought her to orgasm. Greedy for cunt-cum, she climbed off of the girl's hungry mouth and helped Marla lick up her orgasm that was overflowing the redhead's full lips.

After resting an hour they had another glass of Chartreuse, then went upstairs to shower. Taking turns, each shaved the other until crotches were smoother than silk. They teased and played with slippery cunt-gush lubricated pussies and nipples until none of them could stand up!

On the big bed, they made Venessa lay face-down while Leticia reenacted the ritual she'd described to Marla at lunch. Spreading both cheeks with her hands, she tongue-reamed the beauty's ass so deeply and so passionately, their hostess actually fainted. After coming to her senses, Venessa returned the favor, licking Leticia's tiny anus so thoroughly, the exotic Polynesian was nearly hysterical.

"No more . . . no more . . . please!" she gigged, trying to roll over so the girl couldn't tongue-fuck her sensitive ass "Let me rest a minute! I can't keep cuming like that or I'll die!"

Marla and Venessa looked at each other and giggled.

"Does that mean she's having a good time?" smirked Venessa, wiping her mouth with fingertips.

"I am," Marla laughed, face smeared with crotch-cream. "I brought a toy along just in case. Here, use this up her ass. I wanta good ass-fucking tonight while Leticia licks my pussy."

Handing the big natural looking dildo to Venessa, she straddled Leticia's face.

"Lick me real good, baby. She's gunna give it to me up my hot little back door. Mmmmmmmm," she panted, feeling the monster spreading her eager anal pucker, "oh fuck! That's such a huge cock. Jesus! It's bigger than Jeremy's! Oh, I just love it when it's up to the nuts in my ass! Stick that big cock up my ass an' fuck me hard. Oh, yes! OH, YES! Oooooo! Venessa!"

Venessa was relentless, using the big dildo, just like she liked it in her own pussy; fast and hard; all the way in, Marla's comment about Jeremy leaving her more than puzzled.

"Well . . . you enjoy this, don't you?" she smiled, remembering Michael's recital of Marla pleasures. "I bet your boyfriend fucks your hot little ass just like this. Does Leticia suck your pussy for you at the same time? You must be cuming in her mouth. Let me hear it when you cum. I want to hear you MOAN when you're cuming."

"FUCK!" screamed Marla, arching her proud little ass against the long thick dildo. "Oh, fuck! FUCK my ass. Just like Michael fucks me up my asshole! Oh, yeah, I love it! Here I cum . . . watch, I'm squirting-off right in her mouth! "Ohhh, YEAH!" she screamed, ejaculating all over Leticia's open mouth and tongue, pussy-juices wetting Leticia's conical firm-nippled breasts, raven black hair and exotic face, bathing her playmate in cunt-gush.

Burning with excitement, Venessa hadn't guessed the girls would be so incredibly sexual. Her pleasure was unmatched by experience.

"Look, Leticia; she has the whole dildo up her ass. Look how it spreads her ass. She loves it like this, doesn't she. What a hot woman. I wish this thing had a cum-pump. Have you ever seen one of those? I have one in my bathroom. You can fill it with artificial semen . . . "

Head to toe below Marla in a 69 position, Leticia was looking up at Venessa between the blonde's sun-tanned thighs. She could see the big dildo deep up Marla's ass and Venessa's face looking down.

Artificial semen?" she asked, licking pussy-juice glazed lips.

"They use artificial cum in porn-films." Venessa's face was glowing. "I buy it from Teddy, my friend with the studio. It's sweetened starch and vegetable cellulose. I swear it looks just like the real thing! I put it in the cum-pump and use it with my dildo. I warm it up first so it's just a little warmer than body temperature. When I start to orgasm, I just push the valve and pump it all right in me. God, I just love feeling it squirt up my pussy. It's perfect. We used it in that last scene with the girls and the house-boy. The first part of his climax was the genuine thing . . . Lisa swallowed all that, but Sandi and Trish got the artificial cum! You couldn't tell the difference from looking at it, could you, but she says it's not quite as salty; that it's much sweeter. All the girls are willing to do the 'swallow the load' scene with the substitute. It's like eating cum-candy."

Leticia grinned lewdly.

"Go get it!"

Climbing off the bed, Venessa hurried into her bath. Sounds of running water lasted four or five minutes. She returned with a rubber syringe three inches around and six inches long attached by a two foot surgical-rubber tube to a twelve inch latex cock and balls that looked so real is was almost scary.

"This is mine," she giggled, holding up the phallus. "Looks real, doesn't it? Put this in a guy's pants and squeeze the syringe and what you see is a twelve inch cock in the height of an orgasm! The best part is, it never gets soft!"

Examining the toy, they passed it around the circle, giggling like high school girls.

"You just squeeze the syringe?" asked Leticia. "It comes out like cum?"

"That's all you have to do?" smirked Venessa. "Lie spread-eagle on your tummy again, Marla. I'll shove this big toy up your hot little ass."

Leticia swatted Marla's buns.

"I'm going to do my part."

As Leticia wiggled back under her, Marla got to her knees, looking over her shoulder at Venessa.

"God, my pussy's so hot!" she giggled. "I bet I can cum a dozen times. Do me like you did last night, Leticia. When you do that and lick me, it makes me squirt just like you do. Go ahead, Venessa. I've never had one that long before. Do it! Don't hurt me, but try and get that thing up my ass."

Squeezing syringe enough to make some contents ooze from the tip, Venessa used the milky liquid to lubricate the shaft. Before working it into that perfect pink pucker she paused, bent forward and wiggled her tongue into the little hole, inhaling the rich feminine scent of Marla's randy crotch. Taking a deep breath she sat back and pressed the head of the slippery latex phallus against the slightly resistant muscle. Twisting her wrist back and forth, she watched first the head, then inch after inch disappear up Marla's asshole while Leticia devoured the blonde beauty's flowing cunt.

"Oooooo, yeah," Marla sighed, each rising 'ooooooo' adding emphasis to the journey the dildo was making until the entire shaft was up her ass to its latex balls! "Oooooo, YES! My God! It's so big and so HARD! It feels just like the real thing! Pump it in my ass, Venessa! FUCK me with that monster! Oh, my GOD! It's making me cum all over myself! Oh, Leticia . . . suck me up! You're making' me cum, baby! Lick me good, baby. Make me squirt. Oh, baby, DO it! Oh, my GOD! I hope you can make that big thing squirt off like a cock! I want my little ass full of hot cum! I'm cuming! Oh, my GOD! I'm cuming so GOOD! YESSSSSSS!" she screamed. "I can't stop! I'm still CUMING! Oh, my GOD!"

Fucking Marla's ass with all her strength, Venessa pulled the monster back until only the head was captive in the blonde's asshole before plunging the shaft back into that coral-pink sheath, driving the latex phallus up to its latex balls. Every time she pulled the shaft almost out, Marla's anus looked like it was being turned inside-out! Her entire body was quivering. In and out, in and out, faster and faster until the little blonde was blabbering.


At the height of her pleasure, Venessa acted. When Marla screamed 'FUCK ME!' the loudest, she squeezed with both hands, rhythmically compressing the full syringe to mimic orgasmic spasms of a cum-shooting cock, forcing over a cupful of very warm synthetic semen up Marla's gratefully-fucked asshole. Collapsing on Leticia's face as she came, the lovely blonde's breath was forced from her lungs as though she'd been hit in the solar plexus.

"I'm squirting a big load of cum up your hot little asshole, you anal whore!" laughed Venessa, green eyes wide, face bathed in perspiration. "I'm shooting so much cum up your ass you'll ooze cum for a month, you hot little tramp! Feel that cum, you sex slut! You LOVE it, don't you! SAY it! Say you LOVE it up your ass, you little anal whore!"

"I LOVE it up my ASSHOLE!" Marla cried, ass quivering uncontrollably. "I LOVE it! My GOD! I LOVE getting fucked up my ass! Jeremy fucked it so GOOD! I fucking can't GET ass-fucked HARD enough!"

The big latex dildo was buried to the hilt while Leticia made Marla orgasm deliriously. Venessa was wiggling the latex monster, causing a milky trail of synthetic cum to dribble down the insides of Marla's tanned thighs. Spreading those beautiful buns, their hostess let the little brunette beauty replace the dildo with her long ass-loving tongue, sucking as Marla squatted back, warm gooey fluid filling the beauty's mouth.

"I give up!" Marla cried. "Wait! I can't take anymore! Don't lick me . . . Oh, my God! Let me get my breath . . . don't even lick me! God! I haven't cum like that since I don't know when. Give me a break, you two."

Rolling over, Leticia sat up, licking red messy lips, her face covered with pussy-juice and artificial semen.

"You should see your face," laughed Venessa, pulling Leticia closer. "I'll clean up the mess if you'll let me lick you again."

She licked and kissed Leticia until most of the pussy-juice was gone.

"That stuff tastes great, almost as good as the real thing. Go down on me now," Leticia giggled. Marla's going to suck on my nipples!

Marla did, driving her new girlfriend almost up the wall with knowing oral caresses to those stunning breasts. Between the brunette's thighs, Venessa gave fabulous head for an hour, opening Leticia's cunt with her fingers and licking the inner pink lips and pulsing sheath. She paid the same attention to the beauty's smooth anus, stretching the tube and tongue-fucking it while Leticia came like a banshee!

"Mmmmmmm, I love eating your delicious crotch, you beautiful creature! I love the taste and aroma of your pussy. Juicy cunt! What a heavenly sexy perfume! I think I've cum a dozen times while eating you tonight."

Marla had Leticia's nipples sucked to trembling swollen peaks, lips moving from one to the other as Venessa ate spasming anus and gushing cunt. Leticia counted sixteen orgasms before she had to push Marla away and grab Venessa by the hair, pulling the lovely girl's tongue away from an over-sensitive clit.

"No MORE," she panted, "at least not until I've rested. Maybe in the morning."

"You'll stay the night?" beamed Venessa, savoring warm cunt-juice. "Won't Michael get worried if you don't return?"

"He's asleep," said Marla, still playing with Leticia's dusky nipples. "We can call him in the morning. That might be fun. Actually, we could wake him up, and I mean 'up'. Wouldn't that be fun. What do you think, Leticia? Should we let Venessa wake him up?"

Leticia picked up the photo next to the bed.

"Looks like you know how to please guys," she smiled, handing the picture to Marla. "Want to watch her in action? Wouldn't that be fun?"

Marla looked at the picture for a minute, emotions playing across her face before glancing up at Venessa.

"You enjoy doing this, don't you." It wasn't a question. "You want to suck him off? I guess after all this, I shouldn't have any jealous feelings about you sucking my boyfriend's cock. Would you like to give him head?"

Remembering her steamy afternoon on her knees, Venessa blushed, but looked up at Marla and smiled.

"If that's an invitation, the answer is yes. I won't pretend I didn't find your boyfriend attractive. The truth is, I would have sucked his cock if he'd pulled it out at the pool. I go through periods when all I can think about is sucking. I need something in my mouth. I get so hungry for cock, even more than for food, but there are periods when I don't want to see a man; when all I want is a young woman . . . completely . . . all of her. Today, I've been in one of those moods when I want cunt and cock . . . and if I had the chance, I'd suck him off until he made me stop."

Marla looked at her as if seeing her for the first time.

"He really enjoys getting head," she smiled, then looked at the picture again. "Just like you look here, like you really enjoy it." She paused again, looking at the mouthful of semen. "He cums a lot, Venessa. He can cum at least twice in the morning."

Reaching out, she took Venessa's hand, blue eyes searching hers.

"I want you to suck him off as many times as he'll let you. Even since I first watched Leticia swallowing his cum, I discovered it excites me to see other girls making him cum in their mouth."

Going to the TV on the dresser, she put a tape in the VCR and turned it on.

"Michael played this tape for me this week. I'd never seen it before, and I'd never met Leticia, either, but the truth is, it made me more excited than I'd ever been in my life. I'm glad all this has happened."

The now familiar image of Leticia's face filled the screen, the tape playing-out the beautifully-filmed sexual encounter. Venessa sighed with approval when Leticia took the massive orgasm in her mouth.

"My God, I want that."

It was a whisper. Vennesa had masturbated throughout the video.

"God, Marla, will you let me? I need to suck that man off! I need that feeling of a man cuming in my mouth. I need to swallow it! I adore its taste; the scent and texture! God, I'd swallow quarts of his cum!"

Marla smiled.

"I feel that way, too. Sometimes, I can't get enough. When I need it, I'd suck off a football team if I had the courage." Blushing at that thought, she looked at Venessa again. "Anyway, I'll enjoy watching you. Let's go over in the morning an' wake him up. Leticia and I'll enjoy the show."

"Really," Leticia added. "I like watching. Is Michael going to do her, too?"

Marla looked at Venessa and read her eyes.

"You want him to eat you?"

"Can I sit on his face?" blushed Venessa. "He's so handsome and sexy. I'd just die to sit on his tongue."

Marla looked at her for a long drawn-out moment before answering.

"If you'll let him fuck you up your cunt and ass. If you'll let him cum inside you first."

Venessa covered her face with both hands, then nodded and snickered.

"You're nasty, too. I like that, Marla. You knew I'm an anal virgin."

"That's why. Michael will love fucking a virgin ass. Okay?"

Venessa sighed and licked her lips before answering.

"Deal," whispered their hostess, face flushed, head bowed.

"Deal," smiled Marla. "Now I'm going to sleep."

Bathed in perspiration, but relaxed to the point of Jello, the three cuddled together on the big king-size bed.

"I love this house," sighed Leticia, looking up at floor to ceiling white multi-paned doors and the glow from the city below. "The rent must be out of this world."

"It would be, I guess," said Vanessa, still licking Marla's smooth juicy crotch, "but I bought it instead. I knew it was just what I wanted. A nice home near everything."

"Lucky you," sighed Leticia, joining her between Marla's thighs.

Working together like a team, the two sucked Marla's crotch from anus to cunt as she slipped off into dreamland. Licking and probing pussy and anus with long fluttering tongues, all three finally drifted to sleep like angles throughout the warm summer night, but not before the words she'd heard earlier drifted through Venessa's lovely head: Jesus, it's bigger than Jeremy's . . . and, Jeremy fucked it so good, both remarks making her wonder about the beautiful blonde at her side, and how and when she'd gotten time to get Jeremy to fuck her up her ass

Hmmmmmm, who knows what's happening back there at the hotel, she thought. Maybe I shouldn't feel guilty for what Michael and I did this afternoon. Hmmmm, the Jeremy certainly has a nice package in those tight black slacks. Wouldn't a little party be fun to put together? I could use a cock like that boy has in his pants. I'll just have to see what I can arrange.

Still smiling, and imaging that possibility, she surrendered to wonderful sleep.

* * *

The time on the bedside clock showed two twenty-two. Tod tried to relax. Even with eyes closed he could still see the after-image of camera lights, and taste the lingering acridness of eighteen or more loads of semen. He'd cleaned-up the mess after the film crew and cast left. He'd disposed of the dozen or more used condoms he'd sucked-out, cleaned-up the ashtrays and used tissues, washed and put away all the glasses, then showered twice before going to bed.

Earlier, Mr. Scott had been pissed when the girl in the metallic-snakeskin swimsuit hadn't come down to the pool. Amand and Douglas had waited late into the evening for the blonde to show up, then left after telling the fat-man not to 'fuck around' with them by making offers he couldn't fulfill. Mr. Scott had made him fellate the two blacks to make up for getting them over with no blonde to abduct. He'd sucked both men off twice. He's almost asked Amand about the young girl Mr. Scot had given him, but thought better of it and said nothing.

Now, in the next bed, Mr. Scott was already snoring, a half-bottle of Scotch still open on the bedside table. Tod had used a complete tube of hemorrhoid-ointment, but as usual, found it difficult to ignore the fact that he'd been fucked up the ass for over eight of the last twenty-four hours. Rolling over on his other side, he thought about home and his folks, about his dog and the skateboard he'd left in his room . . . about his best friend, Vince. He thought about the river and the rope that swung from the old tree and the smell of summer grass, chocolate milk and peanut butter sandwiches. He closed his eyes, and face buried in the thin hotel pillow, cried himself to sleep.

To Be Continued...


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