The Best Erotic Stories.

Hollywood Nights: A Novella Ch. XIII
by Che

Upon waking, Marla and Leticia found a steaming pot of herbal tea waiting on a teak bedside tray. Venessa had gotten-up early to use the bathroom and do an early Martial Arts routine. When the girls finished tea, toilet and toothbrush, Venessa took them through a twenty minute stretch, marched them into the shower where she lathered and shaved every square inch of delicious crotch. Satisfied with her tonsorial talent, she rubbed smoothly-shaved pubes and asses with a lightly-flavored cinnamon almond oil.

"See the douche bag?" she said, pointing to where it hung on a hook. "You're getting cleaned, inside and out."

Marla knew what was coming next.

"You first," smiled Venessa, waving the nozzle under Marla's nose and pointing at the floor. "Down on your knees, shoulders on the floor. Relax. Push that cute little ass of yours up in the air. Spread her cheeks, Leticia."

Filling douche bag with warm water, she hung it back on the hook. Lubricating the six inch long tip of the large plastic wand, and making sure Marla's pale puckered anus was well oiled, she placed the tip against the just-oiled pucker and inserted the wand up the snug little asshole.

"Oooooo," Marla giggled, "What a nice feeling. I like!"

"If that feels good, how about this?" smiled Venessa, releasing the clamp on the hose.

Marla took a quart and a half of warm water, wiggling her narrow hips as her colon filled with fluid before begging Venessa to stop.

"Too much! I can't take any more!" she pleaded. "Wait. Please! No more. God, I got-a poop!"

"Not yet," Venessa insisted, swatting her smartly across firmly-muscled buns. "Lay down on your side now."

A look of impatient discomfort crossed Marla's face as the redhead began massaging her full belly, first lightly, then rolling hr abdomen with both hands like she was making bread.

"I can't hold it any longer," pleaded Marla, frowning, large blue eyes rolling up in her head. "Please! I got-a go potty."

The second swat stung smartly.


Venessa's hand was tingling like she'd spanked a plank.

"Don't be such a pussy. There's a purpose past causing you discomfort. You can stand a little pain for good reason. I bet the first time you took a cock up this tight little asshole you thought you were going to die. But you didn't and now, you sexy little ass-fuck, you really getting this little hole plugged. Am I right?"

Nodding, squinching her face and gritting teeth against abdominal discomfort, strangely aroused by the stinging sensation of being spanked, Marla began enjoying the warmth of the enema. After making her wait three more minutes, Venessa pulled her to the toilet, much to Marla's relief. Two more deep enemas followed, Marla aroused to new heights by the warm rush, both when receiving and letting go. Even more, she got a kinky thrill when she gave Leticia two enemas after Venessa had finished hers. Throughout the ordeal, Leticia didn't make a whimper.

"You like them?" asked Marla, watching Venessa administer three to herself, masturbating on the toilet while letting go.

Rolling wide-set green eyes and wagging a long tongue like a clown, Venessa nodded as she brought herself to climax. Always hot Leticia finger-fucked herself faster as she watched the redhead masturbating on the toilet.

"You're cuming?" asked Marla.

Leticia nodded, smile from ear to ear.

"Ummmm, yes! They make me orgasm. Asia gives me great enemas almost daily," she giggled, fingers digging deep in her tight pink-lined cunt.

After a fun-filled tussle in the shower the girls dried each other with giant terry-cloth towels, followed by a rub-down with natural fruit-scented body lotions. Moving back to the bedroom, Venessa gave complete body massages as they lay side by side on the rug, ending their sessions by giving each girl an unusually stimulating crotch massage with her tongue.

"God, Venessa . . . I aught-a take you to Bangkok on my next trip," sighed Leticia when Venessa finally sat up. "You could teach those girls a thing or two! My God, my little tail and puss are both smiling."

"You're delicious," grinned Venessa, salaciously, giving her a kiss and a pat on firm buns before standing, nude as the day she was born. "Love your oysters."

"Let us dress you," insisted Leticia, getting up. "We know how Michael likes his playmates dressed. He thinks sex is best in costume."

After drying long tresses, they styled her hair, French-braiding the back to keep it away from her sensuously sculpted face. Leticia did make-up while Marla selected lingerie from Venessa's dresser.

"Pink and white," said Marla, holding up a pair of white high-heels. "You'll look beautiful in pink and white! Michael'll love it. Can you walk in these? They're so high. Golly, they must be six inches, at least."

The ritual of being dressed made Venessa laugh as Marla dressed her.

"Good thing you got a drawer-full-a white thigh-highs!" giggled Marla, two developing runs as she tried pulling them up the girl's shapely legs.

"I buy them by the dozen," laughed Venessa, taking over the chore. "I love the way they look, but the more expensive nylons don't last very long. I've had my best luck with Victoria' Secret®,. The extra long ones come all the way up to my crotch and stay up better than ones that only come to my upper thighs. I usually wear that little white satin garter belt, too."

Marla helped her into high-cut sheer pink satin panties, no more than a thong between muscle firm ass-cheeks. Cut temptingly-low in front, they perfectly matched a pink satin-latex half-bra that hardly covered the girl's pretty nipples. Pulling the satin bra down, Leticia lightly-colored both nipples with no-smear shocking pink lipstick as Marla adjusted the garters and stockings.

"Okay, let's see . . . " said Marla, pulling Venessa into the middle of the room. "You're so cute! Model for us. What do you think, Leticia?"

"More eye-liner . . . and more lipstick-liner, too. What about clothes? She can't walk down the street dressed like that."

That made them blush and giggle like young school girls.

"My closet . . . " Venessa nodded toward louvered doors. "Blouses, skirts, dresses . . . "

Marla found a white stretch Lycra-spandex mini-skirt and a pink sleeveless scoop-necked top. Stepping into the short skirt, Venessa turned so the young blonde beauty could tug the zipper up after tucking-in the blouse.

"Turn around," Marla prodded, "let's see from behind."

The hem of the skirt barely covered the tempting curve of the girl's tight rounded ass. When she turned to face Marla, the short skirt didn't come close to hiding the glossy-satin crotch of her panties, sparkling like a pink jewel between white stocking-clad thighs. Marla had to laugh.

"Pull your skirt down at least an inch or we'll never get you back to the hotel!"

Legs. That was the picture the redhead presented in six inch high-heel sandals, Roman style straps entwining stunning ankles. Shapely legs looked astonishingly long, white thigh-highs disappearing under the hem of that naughty-short stretch miniskirt.

"I'm gunna get some-a those," grinned Marla. "They're the sexiest. Michael loves them. Bend over and grab your ankles. Let's see what you look like from behind."

When she bent over, the girls howled. Stretching up over luscious cheeks like a rising theater curtain the Lycra-spandex miniskirt revealed the narrow pink strip of satin crotch, accentuating plump smoothly-shaved pussy-lips between perfectly-shaped thighs. Ass-cheeks, firmly curved spheres of flesh, were divided by a pink satin thong only wide enough to hide the little hairless pucker of a deliciously virgin anus, part of the thong wedged in the cleft of her cunt. Leticia glanced at Marla, then back at the sultry redhead's incredible ass.

"Do I have time?" she giggled, tongue flicking over open lips. "Oh, Venessa! If you knew what you make me want to do, you'd blush!"

Wiggling slim hips, a willing Venessa waited to find out. Quickly kneeling behind her, Leticia pulled the pink panty-crotch out of the wet cleft, dark sparkling eyes on the tiny anal pucker. Making a point with the tip of her tongue, she slid it up the fist-tight ring while the redhead held onto pretty ankles. Primed for pleasure, the auburn-haired beauty began cuming on that fluttering demanding tongue. Feeling herself cuming while watching kinky Leticia performing analingus, and driven by growing perversions, Marla grabbed Venessa's braided hair.

"I want-a spank this nasty little waitress," she grinned, kneading exposed ass-cheeks, then swatting firmly-rounded curves. "I watched you bending over at the pool. All of us could see your pussy right through your panties. What do you think, Leticia? Any girl dressing like this should get spanked."

"Spank my crotch!" begged Venessa, spreading her legs wide as Marla knelt, eyes on the pink satin pout.

"Your crotch?" asked Marla, rubbing the already slippery material covering the redhead's cunt, satin fabric spreading the lips underneath.

"Spank it!" begged Venessa, hips undulating as Leticia's long tongue went deeper up her hot little ass. "Spank my PUSSY! It makes me cum, deliciously."

Ready to try anything, Marla took her best shot, bringing her hand up quickly between the girl's wide-spread legs, the hot swats on wet crotch sounding like theater applause.

"Oh my GOD!" squealed sexy waitress, trim hips jerking spastically, panties so wet it looked like she'd pee'd. "That makes me cum so good! SPANK my pussy!"

While Leticia perfected the act of analingus, Marla gave their hostess' pink satin-covered pussy a heated spanking, cunt juices all over her hand. Climaxing almost violently, the redhead tried to straighten-up, holding onto Marla's shoulders for support.

"That's enough!" she sighed, taking a deep breath and adjusting the crotch of her cute panties. "I'm extremely aroused just thinking about what you've invited me to do this morning. It's going to make me orgasm all day. You can do me again, Leticia; while I'm doing Michael; that is if you still want me to do him, Marla."

"He deserves you," smirked Marla, blushing at what they'd planned, "especially after missing out on last night. He would-a loved to play with us; so it's his turn to have a little fun."

She watched the seductive young woman, wondering what a spanking like that would feel like, ready to try anything new.

"You like getting your pussy spanked?"

"With a tongue up my ass at the same time!" came the giggled reply. "Try it . . . you'll love it!"

Inspecting their sexy model, the girls added a bunch of white bangles, large white hoop earrings and a long strand of white plastic beads.

"More pink lipstick," Leticia decided, painting their playmate's almost petulant lips with non-smear shocking-pink gloss. "There . . . that's better. Isn't this stuff fabulous! It stays on even when I'm swimming, not to mention, sucking. I adore the color, too. Men love it. It just screams 'fuck' my pretty mouth!"

Moving to full-length mirror, Venessa turned, checking stockings for runs. Satisfied, she turned and smiled at the girls.

"So, this is what he likes? I look like a hooker! I'd wear this to bed, but not on the street."

"You'll knock him out in bed," laughed Marla. "I can't wait to see the look on his face when he sees you sucking his cock."

Venessa took Marla's hand.

"Are you sure about this? I'm really aroused, Marla. When I get this way, you know, wanting to suck . . . wanting a man's cum in my mouth, I get a little crazy, don't you?" She paused, searching Marla's model-lovely face. "Does he cum really hard? I mean, does he, you know what I'm asking; ejaculate in great volume? I just love getting mouthfuls of cum when guys blow their nuts. I hope he can cum more than once. I need it badly, specially after last night. I could have sucked cock for hours after so much girl sex. That would have been exquisite. Maybe a good fucking followed by lots of oral gratification! Maybe you'll spank my pussy again while I'm sucking Michael off. I love cunnilingus. It gets me so excited, but, well, afterward, I really need to suck a man. I sure hope he gives me mega-wads of nice warm cum to swallow."

Marla gave her a quick little kiss and smiled.

"Well, he's all yours this morning. An' for what it's worth, I sometimes have trouble trying to swallow fast enough not lose any cum when he shoots-off. He can do it a couple-a times with no problem, Venessa! I bet you get enough. An' don't forget our deal. You get to sit on his face if you'll let my boyfriend fuck your sweet little cunt and virgin ass."

After packing the bag, swimsuit, a change of clothes and shoes, three girls hit the streets. Venessa had been accurate in her assessment regarding street-level response to her costume. Nearly causing accidents crossing Sunset, two cars and a truck almost collided when drivers turned attentions away from the road.

"Yo, babes!" and "Hey, ladies!" could be heard over traffic noise as men totally lost their cool.

"God!" Marla giggled. "Don't they ever get enough? I'm glad we don't have much further to walk."

Sneaking past the receptionist and taking the elevator up, Marla left the girls waiting in the hallway and slipped into the room, reappearing only a minute later.

He's still sleeping," she giggled, "an' he's got the world's hugest hard-on! Wait 'til you see it. He's always big in the morning." Grinning, she swatted Leticia's ass and pulled her into the room. "Get out-a the hall before you get busted for hustling." she giggled as Venessa slipped quietly in behind them and closed the door.

Sprawled on the bed in a tangle of sheets, one leg under, one on top, one arm over his face and the other over-head, Michael lay sleeping. Standing upward against a smooth tan belly in swollen readiness throbbed a spectacular morning erection. Poised silently, smiles on faces, the girls watched with aroused fascination as the magnificent organ rhythmically twitched, engorged with blood, pulsing with each beat of his heart.

"I wonder what he's dreaming about?" whispered Venessa, taking Marla's warm hand. "Are you sure you want me to do this? You look like you're ready to suck him yourself."

Watching his cock pulse, Marla had been unconsciously licking pink lips, fingers already at play between the lips of her wet little nookie. She glanced at Venessa, then at Leticia.

"Should we flip a coin?" she whispered.

Shaking her head, Leticia whispered back.

"Why? We already agreed back there, remember? You wanted to watch her, so let's watch. I want to see Michael fuck her after she gets her first load. Let her suck him off. We've had plenty of semen the last couple of days."

Looking back at Michael, Marla sighed. Leticia's reminder of their escapade with Jeremy made her suddenly fel guilty. She turned and sat-back in the big overstuffed chair next to the bed. Smile on her face, Leticia perched next to her on the arm of the chair.

"Go ahead," whispered Marla, eyeing her favorite part of her boyfriend's anatomy. "He'll love it."

Bending over the bed ,the sultry redhead gently moved Michael's arm away from his face. When he didn't stir she bent even closer and kissed his mouth, slowly, ardently licking those full sensuous lips.

Michael stirred.

"What . . . " he murmured, trying to open sleep-filled eyes, stifling a yawn. "Huh . . . "

He sat up yawning, only to discover Venessa's smiling face.

"What's . . . " he mumbled, looking around the room, silly grin spreading across his face when discovering the girls watching him. Then the realization that all three were there hit home. "Hey . . . what's goin' on?" he snickered, up on one elbow, wide awake to the fact that sexy Venessa was standing next to him dressed to fuck, if not to kill, staring at his post-like cock standing up from tight dark pubic-curls.

"Good morning, sweetheart," smiled Marla, melodically. "I got a nice surprise for you. Remember Venessa? From the pool? She's your wake-up present."

Michael looked back at her, seeing the message in her big green eyes that their secret was still intact. Nodding slightly in response to his questioning glance, salacious smile crossing lusciously-glossed lips, she unzipped her short skirt and let it fall to the carpet around ankles he was about to get down and lick! Michael's gray eyes followed the falling skirt, then moved back up long tapered legs to the bright-pink crotch of a very skimpy pair of glossy skintight panties. His cock surged wildly with anticipation of getting into them at last. Shedding pink blouse, the half nude female sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Hi!" she smiled, winking at him. "Remember me? Your cocktail waitress? I'd love to be of service to you." He saw where she was looking. "May I?" she giggled, noting the prize. "Marla said you'd enjoy my mouth." Wetting shocking-pink lips with an even pinker tongue, she reached out to touch his big balls. "She said you'd give me a generous tip if I made you cum in my mouth. Bet I can! Watch me, Michael . . . "

Climbing up on the bed between his legs, and without using hands, Venessa took that morning hard-on head between greedy cock-sucker lips. Shuddering with unexpected pleasure, Michael fell back on the bed.

"Oh my God!" he laughed. "I'm in heaven!"

"Ooooo, you nasty bitch! Suck him off good!" urged Marla, masturbating furiously as she watched her boyfriend's rigid cock disappear in Venessa's unbelievable mouth.

Finger-fucking herself too, Leticia began kissed Marla, both sucking tongues while watching Venessa's sexy mouth filling with Michael's hardness, sliding up and down on the object of their desire. Sounds of sucking filled the room as Michael's hips thrust upward, meeting each downward plunge of the redhead's receptive mouth, sending every inch into her warm willing throat.

"When you're ready, the slut wants you to shoot-off right down her throat," hissed Marla. "Don't hold back, baby! Hold her head down when you cum. We want-a see if she can swallow cum with your cock all the way down her throat."

Releasing the cock, she sat up grinning. Shedding the bra, she pinched her bright pink nipples until they were so hard they looked like cherry pits.

"What do you think, Michael? Like how I give head? Leticia; would you get behind me and lick me you know where while I suck this handsome man? Just pull my panties down in back enough so you can lick me while I suck him off. You know me. As soon as I taste semen I'll cum all over you!"

Leticia was behind her in a flash. Michael knew the exact second when the girl's long tongue slipped between the redhead's cheeks by the way the sexy waitress mouthed his rampant erection.

"Lick her asshole, Leticia!" hissed Marla. "Lick that little cock-sucking bitch's hot little asshole! Make her squirm!" she panted, quivering and masturbating so hard she was sweating. "Look at her mouth, baby! Watch her cum-sucking mouth!" Reaching orgasm, she gasped. "Fuck! Mmmmmmmm! Look at her taking your cock down her throat! Look at those hot pink lips wrapped around your big dick, Michael! I knew you wanted to shoot a load of cum in her mouth the first time you saw her. Look at her suck it. Fuck her hot mouth, baby. Oh, baby, this is making me cum all over myself! Oh, baby! Oh, baby! Ohhhhhh, Oh, Goddddddd!"

Moaning desperately, the girl played every trick she knew to bring him to orgasm, every technique mastered to get her reward: a warm mouthful or more of thick, sticky semen. Adding to arousal, Leticia's serpentine tongue was deep up her slippery tight anus. Erotic images of her anally-oriented girlfriends filled her mind as the probing organ twirled inches inside her forbidden center of pleasure. With Leticia's fingers rubbing the magical vaginal G spot, she couldn't hold back, her orgasm squirting into Leticia's mouth like a broken water-line the second Michael's orgasm erupted into hers. Cum-crazy Venessa was ready for the juicy, sticky reward.

"Oooooo, I love this! I was dreaming about cuming in your mouth and now I am," Michael grunted. "I'm actually cuming in your fucking mouth. Holy fuck! You better swallow fast!"

Cum surged so powerfully from those loaded nuts, she had to pull-up, leaving a pearl-like fountain of semen spurting over five inches into the air. Still masturbating him, she made sure the following shots went straight into her mouth, surges of warm cum slipping down her throat like a half-dozen raw egg-whites. Letting semen dribble back over the rosy head from shocking-pink swollen lips, she took him back down a cum-glazed throat. Following a well-thought-out plan she captured the last four eruptions in the palm of her hand.

"Fuck!" gasped Marla, as she and Leticia came together, moaning with pleasure as they watched sweet Venessa drinking semen.

Obscene with her treasure, Venessa allowed cum to drip from her open mouth over a still-throbbing ruddy-hooded shaft. Licking the gooey-with cum glazed head, milking beads of semen from his large urethra, she licked them up as his hips continued spastic thrusts.

"Mmmmmm, Marla, I'm swallowing your boyfriend's cum! Mmmmmmm, I could suck him off for hours."

Smiling up at Marla, she masturbated semen from Michael's cock with skillful strokes. Then, getting up on her knees, she slipped her hand into the front of her skintight pink satin panties, cupping the already juicy crotch with the palm-full of thick cloudy semen.

"Come here, Marla," she sang. "I have a second-hand present for you. Mmmmm, come over here and lick my hot little pussy."

In less than a second Marla was flat on her back between the redhead's legs as the waitress squatted down on her mouth. From his vantage point, Michael could see Marla's flashing tongue licking the cum-filled crotch of Venessa's pink satin panties. His cock twitched in heated interest.

"Oh, yes," smiled Venessa, his half-hard erection in hand. "You like watching girls together? You should have seen us last night and this morning. You like seeing your girlfriend licking my crotch? Want to watch me cum in her mouth?"

Grinding against Marla's tongue, she pulled the pink crotch of her satin panties to one side and began to climax. As always, a clear spurt of liquid shot from her urethra as Marla used her tongue to direct the crystalline surges into what had to be one of the world's most sluttish mouths.

"Can you see your girlfriend licking my pussy?" gasped Venessa. "I'm cuming in your sweetheart's cunt-sucking mouth. Mmmmm, yes! Ooooo, she sucks pussy so good! Do you like watching girls having sex? Oh, Michael, she's a darling!"

"Yeah?" he panted. "I got-a agree with you. Damn, that's hot! Do that again, can you? Squirt in her mouth. That's hot! You girls all squirt! I fucking love watching that!"

"Oooooo, keep licking my ass, Leticia! Stick you fingers up my pussy," gasped Venessa, holding pussy-lips wide open, "right there; just like that! Oh, God! That's what makes me squirt! You're both making me cum again. Mmmmmm, I can't believe I'm cuming like this. What have you girls done to me?"

More ejaculate squirted from her open labia, this time Marla getting it all, licking and sucking so loudly her performance excited Michael to iron hardness.

"Holy fuck!" he smirked. "I love watching her cunt-fucking your mouth, baby!"

As though rehearsed, Leticia and Marla pulled Michael into the overstuffed chair and Venessa onto his lap. Marla held his long thick uncircumcised cock while Leticia spread the waitress' smoothly-shaved labia, directing the rampant erection into the female's slippery pink cunt.

"Oooo, yes! YES!" came the pleasure-filled moan as cock filled slippery sheath with its hardness. "Oh, yes, baby, lick my clit while I ride this big hard man!"

For almost twenty minutes, all three girls took turns riding Michael's iron-hard erection, raising up and down, stroking tingling cunt-sheaths with the heavily-veined shaft, sucking each other's swollen nipples until they were nearly insane with pleasure. Venessa was wildly cuming on the lucky man's cunt-juice lubricated shaft, thick white creamy swags of sauce covering his furry balls.

A new game in mind, happily-fucked Marla made Venessa turn around and sit on Michael's lap in the chair. His cock up her slippery cunt, her boyfriend immediately began teasing the girl's nipples.

"Straddle her, Leticia. Cum in her mouth. I want this redheaded waitress bitch to swallow your pussy-cum while Michael's fucking her."

Kneeling on the overstuffed arms of the chair, straddling the girl's lithe body, Leticia pressed forward, the sexy waitress' eager pink mouth cupping her naked crotch. Grabbing her by her red hair, Leticia began scrubbing her open cunt-lips and clit against a grateful tongue as Marla devoured the cute little redhead's sweet pussy, kneeling between wide open beautiful legs, wildly masturbating herself to cum-spraying orgasms as the waitress bounced up and down on Michaels' erection. Opening her greedy mouth, Venessa held out a broad pink tongue. Cuming just as Michael and Venessa reached orgasm, Leticia juiced the redhead's mouth like a man blowing his wad, a squirt of clear pussy-juice spraying across a waiting tongue, followed by a splattering spray of cunt-ejaculate filling the welcome receptacle of a willing mouth.

"Gaaaaa!" she gulped, trying not to loose the slippery prize. Gaaggaaa!" Warm pussy cum surged over her pink tongue in a wave, and she swallowed only after it completely filled her mouth.

"Swallow it!" hissed Marla, holding Venessa's hair, a lascivious grin on her sex-reddened face. "Swallow all of it, you cunt-licker! Nice job, you hot little exhibitionist whore!" she teased, spanking Venessa's clit with palm, getting even with her for the early-morning spanking in the bathroom. "Did you enjoy that, bitch? Did you get enough cum to satisfy you, you cum-sucking little whore? We aught-a punish you for being such a nasty cum-sucking whore! We aught-a make you pay for that pleasure! Help me, Leticia. Pull her off his cock. Shove your cock up her asshole, Michael. Make the little bitch squeal!"

Michael sighed and shook his head.

"I got-a rest a second, baby. I canít keep it hard. I can't keep up with you girls!"

"Well, you did that real good," Marla sighed, pleased with Venessa's sexual performance and her own orgasmic high. "Very nice!"

She looked at Michael who was panting like a dog.

"Did you enjoy that, baby?" she cooed. "Did this nasty waitress slut suck you off as good as you hoped? Did she make you cum hard in her little cunt?"

Rolling eyes upward, he nodded.

"Yeah, but now I got-a piss like a race-horse," he laughed. "Let me up. I can't wait!"

"Really?" Venessa grinned, mischievously. "Let me watch! Come in the bathroom, girls . . . come on!"

They all ran for the toilet but Venessa pulled Marla into the shower instead, stripping the blonde's skirt and blouse off on the way.

"In here," Venessa giggled, now domineering. "Come over here, Michael!"

Standing in the open shower door, a look of curiosity crossed Michael's face. Both dressed nearly identically, Venessa was holding Marla from behind.

"Pee on us," giggled the playful waitress, slipping to her knees, pulling Marla down to the ceramic tiled shower floor by long blonde hair, each giggling and wrestling with the other. "Piss on us! I'm going to make this blonde slut drink your piss!"

Michael couldn't wait a second longer, a powerful stream of bright-yellow urine hosing from his half-hard cock before Venessa could grab his manhood. Capturing the piss-hose, she directed its golden shower over Marla's satin panties and swollen-nipple tipped breasts, piss splashing shower-like across delectably edible curves. Using his cock like a hose, she showered Marla with warm urine, grabbing her by her hair and holding her open mouth and face under the hot river before Marla aimed the diminishing flow at her. Thoroughly soaked, reeking like a men's restroom, the girls rolled on the floor bathed in piss, sucking and tongue-fucking each other until they were screaming like teenagers at a rock concert.

"You fucking bitch piss-drinking whore, make me cum again!" Marla squealed, grabbing Venessa's urine-drenched auburn ringlets. "I'm gunna squirt pussy juice right in your fucking mouth, you nasty ass-licking lesbian cock-sucking whore slut bitch!"

That tirade made her burst into giggles.

"Lick my ass, slut!" laughed Venessa, matching Marla's silly act. "You piss-licker, you planned this, didn't you? You're a real hot cunt, Marla! Eat my ass again until you make me cum, you cunt-slut ass-sucking whore! Stick your tongue up hot slippery asshole! You bitch! You want it, cunt! Lick my asshole, you little fucking closet lesbian! Finger-fuck yourself good and maybe I'll let you drink my piss!"

Leticia and Michael, reddened from the erotic spectacle taking place, barely noticed the other. Continuing their lesbian orgy on the urine-dank floor, the girls each brought the other to earth-shattering orgasms. Over and over, Marla masturbated madly as Venessa straddled her mouth, her tongue deep in young waitress' delicious pussy. Michael felt his cheeks burning, when, moaning uncontrollably, Venessa let go and pissed for well over a minute. Urine overflowed her swollen lips as Marla let the gorgeous redhead empty a full bladder directly into her mouth.

On her knees in a second, Leticia started sucking Michael's cock as she watched the two girls in the shower, licking-off the thick wads of cunt-cream covering his groin and balls. Finally exhausted, lingerie a twisted mess, make-up smeared to the point they looked like they'd been in a fight, tears in their eyes, the girls on the floor gave up and began laughing.

"We're so weird!" giggled Marla after swallowing a mouthful of pee, unable to control erotic run-away silliness. "Are we weird, or what? Someone should-a filmed that! How was that a little drama an' acting? We could-a made a million bucks!"

Holding Venessa in her arms, she kissed the sensual beauty passionately, moaning against her swollen mouth as she sucked the wide pink tongue. Michael looked down at Leticia; Leticia up at him . . . and they began laughing, too, the kinky twist to the morning fun dissolving into total hilarity.

Under warm shower spray, scrubbing and rinsing, shaving and soothing, kissing, fondling and hugging, they helped Venessa balance as she straddled Marla on the shower floor, squatting on her mouth. Her tongue invaded her grateful anus and cunt, and she gifted her with a juicy orgasm. She sucked-out her pretty ass, making her cum five or six times on a talented tongue. Then, tongue-teasing her sensitive sex pearl, she brought her to climax again as Michael and Leticia tended mouth and nipples with theirs. The redhead had to beg for mercy before they were willing to rest. After drying, they coaxed her back into the bedroom and Michael onto the chair. Sprawled on the bed, Marla basked in afterglow of morning excitement.

"Breakfast?" asked Leticia. "I'm starved."

"I'm full," Venessa giggled, winking at Michael. "You two go eat and I'll say here and guard Michael."

Michael was laughing so hard he couldn't talk, so Leticia took advantage of the moment, fellating him to rigid hardness.

"If I don't get breakfast, I at least get dessert!" she giggled, swallowing cock to balls.

Marla sat up and looked at Venessa and nodded in Michael's direction.

"Remember our deal?"

Venessa blushed and hid her face in her hands.

"Leticia, make sure his cock is good an' hard and well lubed with saliva."

Marla got off the bed and took Venessa's hand.

"Turn around and bend over; spread those pretty cheeks."

Venessa did, and surrendering Michael's cock, Leticia licked and sucked the tiny anal pale pucker until it was bathed with a thick gloss of saliva.

"Sit here," she glowed, pulling Venessa to Michael and making her straddle his legs, holding his rampant manhood against the waitress' virgin anus as the girl tried to sit. "Sit!" she giggled, forcing her legs wider open. "Not up your sweet little cunt this time."

Michael helped Venessa balance as she tried to sit. Exotic Leticia began licking the inside of the redhead's open pink cunt, spreading the glossed labia and exposing the swollen clit. Venessa winced as the first inch of Michael's cock suddenly slipped past her virgin anal sphincter.

"Wait! He's way too big to go in there . . . "

"Sit all the way down on it," purred Marla, finger-fucking herself up the ass as she watched her boyfriend's saliva-covered cock slowly disappearing up the sensuous young girl's snug asshole.

"God!" gasped Venessa, green eyes wide. "It's so HUGE!"

"Fuck," hissed Michael, thrusting up and flexing, "I've wanted to fuck you up your ass ever since I saw it!"

Pinching both long swollen pink nipples, he pulled her down while thrusting up, almost burying the shaft up her virgin ass to his balls.

"God!" Venessa gasped again, open pink cunt spraying over Leticia's tongue as the girl sucked the pink swollen pearl. "It hurts so good I can't stand it! Oh, my GOD! Is it all the way in me? I HOPE so . . . I can't take any more! Your cock is just HUGE, Michael! It feels like it's going to come out my mouth!"

"Another two inches," hissed Michael, thrusting.

Soon Venessa was bouncing up and down, feet flat on the floor, emerald eyes a blazing wild-fire, firm tits and long pink nipples betraying the height of her lusty excitement.

"Oh, you nasty man . . . you lovely nasty, nasty man! You make all the girls so naughty! You make us want you cock up our ass! Oh, Michael . . . fuck my hot little ass! This is so intense! You're the first man to ever fuck me up my ass!"

"Then I'm the first to ever cum in it," he gasped, gritting jaw and shuddering as he blew a humongous warm load up her no longer virgin ass!

"Oh, my God!" she gasped, cunt squirting like a hose, "I can feel all that hot cum going right up my ass! You nasty man! You're cuming up my ass! I couldn't do this too often . . . but it DOES hurt GOOD!"

Marla was nearly out of her mind with excitement, cuming so hard she almost fainted; three fingers up her ass as she watched her sweetheart bugger the pretty redheaded bisexual waitress. Thrilled past climax, she was already fantasizing new games to have her boyfriend act out, already burning with desire to swallow more of Jeremy's thick youthful semen.

Gasping for breath, sighing, quivering, Michael's head fell back against the chair, silly grin on his face. Struggling to get to her feet, Marla kissed Venessa for long sweaty moments as the girl squirmed on the end of the man's long shaft, cuming in Leticia's mouth as the exotic beauty sucked her still-gushing cunt. When she finally pulled Venessa to a standing position, she actually heard Michael's still-firm erection pop from that cum-oozing anus.

"Oh, my God, Marla! I almost can't stand. That was too intense. It felt like nothing I've ever known. I came so hard I thought my heart would stop." Using three fingers, she was trying to keep cum from running down the inside of her legs. "God, my poor little ass. I can't do this again for weeks!"

"Half-time," giggled Marla. "Intermission entertainment. Today, we have the all-girl licking band, led by Ms. Leticia Tongue! Leticia is gunna perform on the world's oldest instrument; the skin flute, playing the 'Star Spangled Banana', followed by her spicy rendition of, 'Licking Lezzie Assholes!'"

After sucking Michael's cum-covered cock, Leticia pulled Venessa back to the disheveled bed.

"Are you ready?" giggled Marla, kissing Leticia's mouth to get a taste of her lover's cock. "Come on, you little whore. Lick our assholes while we lay on the bed."

Pulling her closer, Marla spanked Leticia's firm ass as she sucked the girl's beautiful nipples, making each so swollen, Leticia was delerious.

"Eat our assholes, slut! Show us what you learned in Bangkok."

Venessa was all for more thrills as she lay on the bed, waiting for Leticia to spread her open as a book and work her tongue into her little just-buggered rosebud. Marla was getting hers sucked while watching that stretched pink tube oozing Michael's colossal load of cum.

"Ooooo, that feels so good! Lick me good, Leticia. God, your tongue feels so good in my ass! Do you like eating ass after it's been fucked?"

"I ADORE it!" mumbled Leticia.

"Well, I bet Michael does, too. Venessa wanted him to eat her out, remember? Remember our deal? Go ahead, Venessa. You can sit on Michael mouth now."

Face ablaze with excitement, and almost faint with lust, Leticia straddled Michael's face.

"I sucked you good, didn't I? I want this, Michael. Do me, now. I want you to lick my ass!"

Up to their game, he began sucking the pretty redhead's semen-oozing tube.

"Mmmmmm, squeeze it out an' I'll swallow it," he whispered, screwing his tongue up her smooth ass like a cork, senses flooded with the heady redolence of his semen and her spasming anus.

Soon, down on the floor, all were strung together like an unclasped chain, tongue in ass, tongue in ass, tongue deep up ass. Michael was still getting lots of warm semen from the young waitress' open pink tube.

"Hey," he chuckled. "Enough is enough. No one gets another drop until after I get a square meal. Let's get dressed and get out-a here. You've created another mess for the housekeeper. She's going to earn her pay this week."

Flying through the lobby, the crew disrupted traffic on Sunset, caused patrons to stare in their favorite feeding place, and enjoyed every second of their fun-filled day.

To Be Continued...


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