The Best Erotic Stories.

Hollywood Nights: A Novella Ch. XV
by Che

Even at six forty-five Venessa's apartment was still bathed in light; culinary aromas wafting through its rooms, everyone's taste-buds anticipating her specially prepared snacks. Covered with white linen, only draped table edges were visible now that it was loaded down with plates, serving-bowls, dishes, south-western and Asian specialties. Leticia came out of the kitchen with three bottles of red wine and set them next to three bottles of white, open and nestled in a bed of ice. Opening the reds, she left corks next to each bottle.

"Anything else?" she called, her question directed toward the kitchen.

"That's everything," answered Venessa. "Pour yourselves some wine. There's a case of each."

Followed by Marla, Michael came into the dining room, both appearing relaxed and comfortable in white casuals. Dressed for the heat, Marla was wearing a short white Lycra-spandex stretch-skirt with scalloped lace hem, a white lace cotton halter top and Roman style ankle strap sandals with sexy four inch heels.

Barefoot, Michael still stood three inches taller than his statuesque girlfriend. She'd braided his long hair back and had talked him into letting her add a small line of Kohl to his eyelids, her sales-pitch requiring Leticia and Venessa's encouragement before he'd finally agreed. So dark he looked Gypsy, the image stirred all three girl's already simmering hormones.

Marla's silver jewelry was a combination of earrings, bangles and necklaces. Collected as her interest in ethnic jewelry grew, she wore objects from Africa, India and Nepal. Her choice in make-up was appropriate: shocking-pink no-smear lipstick advertising her growing appetite for oral gratification. Sultry blue-green eyes were enhanced by soft emerald-gray shadows, eyelids lined with heavier applications of Kohl. Tonight, she'd combed her thick blonde hair down from hundreds of strands Leticia had so patiently braided that morning. Now, shimmering ringlets of gold were tied back with an elastic ring, soft spiral curls at each side of her stunning face just in front of seashell ears. Everyone said so. Marla was absolutely number ten model-gorgeous.

Dressed like a Bangkok nightclub girl, Leticia was equally stunning. A short split red/orange Thai silk skirt that, when parted, showcased flawless leg all the way up to the crotch of her red satin thong. A fitted low-cut top accentuated the exotic female's high proud-nippled tits. Midnight-jet hair was pulled back tightly on top of her head in pony tail. She'd found the red spike-heels in Thailand on a shopping spree with Asia. Tonight, she'd chosen a fire-engine red lipstick, painting full lips like a Patpong whore, lips glossed and lined with a sprinkle of gold. Thai jewelry covered slender graceful fingers, sparkling sapphires, rubies and diamonds. Her fingernails were painted to match lipstick. That petite body glowed with a light coating of almond oil scented with night-blooming jasmine, and a flamboyant white orchid was pinned in jet-black hair.

Little 'French Maid', Venessa, had created her costume, sewing white lace to a black crushed-velvet dress she'd found at Saint Vincent de Paul's. After cutting the dress shorter, she'd taken it in, fitting the bodice snugly under firm breasts and shaping the neckline to show-off enticing cleavage. Shortening the sleeves, she'd sewn white lace at each cuff, the front of the bodice and the bottom edge of a now very short hem. Underneath. Ah, yes, underneath that sexy little dress, under white lace and black crushed-velvet, dancer's legs tapered-up gracefully from black patent-leather spike-heel pumps, encased in black fish-net thigh-highs stretched higher by a brief black satin garter-belt. Whenever she leaned over, a white lace half-bra lifted her delightful breasts until they nearly popped from the low-scooped bodice. Those half exposed conical pink nipples were begging for kisses. Of course that bending over posture revealed her favorite style of skintight panties, skimpy white satin to match the bra. She'd pulled her long hair up on top of head with a black elastic tie. Twisted locks spilled down behind her in a savage tangle of red curls. Dark-blue eye make-up with midnight-blue mascara accentuated magical green cat-like eyes, eyes promising very naughty very submissive service to anyone asking. Promising even more salacious pleasures, deep Porsche-red lipstick left little doubt about what she had in mind.

Next to her, Leticia had just poured four glasses of Merlot, and they toasted each other near the large picture-window. Looking down the walkway, Venessa spotted more guests.

"That looks like Jeremy. It is. He must be waiting for Candi to lock her car. Yes. Here they come now. I'll pour more wine."

Letting them in, she played the part of French Maid to a T, her accent so good everyone was sure that she really spoke French.

"Sorry we're late," shrugged Jeremy. "Some fat dude bought the farm in his shower this morning. No one found him 'til this afternoon. The cops hung around for hours askin' questions. Guess the dude was drinkin' too much an' fell in the shower. Had ta get our maintenance guy in ta clean-up after the cops and the coroner left."

"Really?" probed Marla. "Not that fat-man who was always out at the pool?"

"Yeah . . . that was him," nodded Jeremy. "He checked in the same day you did. Said he was alone, but he sure had lots-a visitors. Guess no one was there when he bit it."

"Too bad," said Leticia, "but he was kind of a scary kind of guy, if you know what I mean? The way he stared?"

Jeremy just nodded and grinned. In tight-fitting faded jeans, an 'Iron Maiden' T-shirt and black army boots, his sleeveless shirt exposed a series of convoluted tattoos: a voluptuous naked nymphet struggling with an awesome dragon on one shoulder; biceps girdled with dark interwoven bands of some ethnic design. Obscenely detailed, four nearly-nude girls wearing skimpy thongs hugged each forearm, two on each, girls entangled in oral sexual pleasures. Jeremy had paid dearly for body-art he had to keep hidden at work.

Candi's high school 'Valley Girl' costume was too good for words. Jet-black eye liner, blood-red lipstick and red vinyl micro-skirt did the trick, a show stopper so short it wasn't necessary for her to bend over for someone to see skimpy electric-pink panties. She made sure everyone saw them, panties so tight, that at first glance, it looked like she'd painted her tasty little crotch pink! Without a bra, her hard nipples were quite visible through a short cotton halter-top featuring an air-brush rendering of "The Sluts". The bottom edge was held enticingly away from a flat little tummy by perfect 'high on her chest' delicious apple-firm breasts. Red and white lace ankle-socks accented the tops of red high-heel sneakers; red 'not quite' thigh-high stockings were held-up snugly by red garters, four thin red bands at each thigh ending somewhere just out of sight around her baby-doll waist. Spitting out gum into her hand like some biker-chick, Candi took the offered wine from the hostess.

"Like, bomb," she beamed, ringing crystal edges with guests before taking a drink. "Oh, my Gawd! Like, I totally love your house!" Limp-wristed, she gushed at Venessa, doing a perfect shopping mall routine. "Like, thanks for inviting me up! Like, I've been always wanting to get to know you better, like, ever since I came to work at the hotel? But everyone goes, I'm so totally shy about speaking up?"

Putting arm around Candi's tiny waist, Venessa gave her a hug, nearly lifting the bitsy girl's feet off the floor. Both laughed as Venessa put her back on her feet.

"From the looks of your outfit that's all you're shy about. You're so tiny, Candi. I hope my hug didn't hurt you."

Blushing red as her vinyl skirt, Candi shook her head. Behind her, Jeremy was already looking at pictures on the wall. Michael was pouring more wine. Marla excused herself and went to the powder-room, Leticia in tow.

"What a totally cute costume," Candi gushed, struck again by Venessa's alluring figure. "Oh, my Gawd, you look like, totally awesomely pretty! How do I look?"

"Like you need a shopping mall behind you!" Venessa teased, petting the sexy little girl's very hard buns, something she'd wanted to do ever since meeting her. "You're stunning, Candi. I was only teasing. If I didn't know better, I'd say Jeremy kidnapped you straight from the Valley!"

Venessa's remarks made Jeremy laugh, and he turned to watch the two chatting females. Noting he had none, Michael offered him a glass of wine.

"Hey, like, thanks, dude, but I think I'll have some suds," he grinned. "I'm not much on the grape . . . "

Before he could move toward the frig, Venessa had the beer in hand.

"Let me be of service to you, sir," she smiled, demurely, offering the chilled bottle. "It's my pleasure and duty, sir. I'm here to service your needs. 'All' of them. Your wish is my command."

Checking-out the costume, Jeremy nodded, smirked and raised a brow, amused by his co-worker's efforts to entertain. When the girls returned from the powder room Michael was already browsing at the table. Venessa and Candi were chatting about the 'gallery'. Candi had filled her in on her afternoon 'games' in Jeremy's office and now Venessa was anxiously awaiting the opportunity to direct the young man's attention to her paintings and photos. He'd been examining each picture with undisguised interest while nursing an ice cold beer. On his way up the staircase, she caught his eye.

"Look around up there," she smiled. "There are pictures in all of the rooms. Make yourself at home."

He did just that, stiffer by the minute as he moved from picture to picture. Seated on a couch, Candi had found the portfolio on the coffee-table and was working her way through pictures, wide-set pale-blue eyes registering intense interest in the subject matter, and a tongue that couldn't stop moistening her pretty lips. Back from the powder room after thoroughly discussing the fat-man's demise, Leticia and Marla noticed that Michael had joined Candi, the two sharing pictures with whispers and an occasionally raised eyebrow.

Pretending that this was his first visit, Michael made the rounds with the girls when they'd first arrived. They'd taken him to their favorites, pointing out pictures they liked best.

Back downstairs, and trying unsuccessfully to hide his 'growing' condition, Jeremy plopped-down on the couch next to Venessa.

"Ya got some real sweet pictures, Venessa. Jeez, I didn't know ya were into this kind-a stuff." She pretended to be modest when he put his hand on her thigh. "Ya like sex videos?" He was doing his best to be cool while eyeing fish-net stocking clad legs. "I've seen a couple that were sort-a like some-a your pictures. So, ya like kinky sex?"

Smiling modestly, Venessa nodded.

"Yes sir!" she smiled, flexing long legs as his fingers roamed over a warm fish-net clad thigh. "I've even made two videos, sir. Perhaps you'd enjoy seeing them sometime?"

"Like, you were ,in them"

"I created, directed and filmed them, sir." she smiled, giving him a new level of appreciation for his co-worker.

Over-hearing Venessa's remark, Candi looked up, glancing at Marla and Leticia to see what they were doing. Marla waived and Leticia smiled.

"Our 'Valley Girl' looks like she's getting turned-on," whispered Marla, panties already wet. "Michael does, too. God, all this sexy art-work is making me so hot."

Not wanting to miss a thing if he turned a page, Candi's attention returned to the pictures. On the opposite couch, eyes stealing glances down the front of her low-cut bodice, Jeremy was still chatting with Venessa, his hand on her bouncing thigh.

Gently elbowing Leticia again, Marla directed her attention to Jeremy.

"Did you notice he's got a hard-on?" she whispered. "You know what I'm thinking."

Leticia nodded. That fact wasn't lost on Venessa, either. Getting up, she changed music, selecting a disk a friend had mastered in his studio, a gift he'd multi-tracked, adding slow-driving Reggae over a sound track he'd arranged with a girl who did voice sex-tapes. Subliminal messages were being delivered, subtle suggestions and invitations to engage in sexual activity Venessa enjoyed most. She'd approved the script and the girl's voice prior to recording, and now had to listen more than closely to even hear words she knew were there. She'd never been able to listen to the entire disk without masturbating, often making a private production of the act, multiple-orgasms relished with candle-light and -wine. Turning-up the volume slightly, she returned to Jeremy's side.

"Do you enjoy Reggae?" she smiled after the first piece ended. "This is one of my favorites."

Jeremy nodded, squirming slightly to the beat, snapping fingers in time to the music.

"Yeah, like, this one's tight. I don't like all the Reggae shit I hear most-the time, but yeah, this one's all right!"

"It makes me feel . . . very submissive, Venessa smiled, teasing from under long eyelashes, deep breaths making perfect breasts rise and fall, swollen nipples no longer hidden by white lace. "Can I get you another beer, sir?"

In spite of trying to be cool, Jeremy blushed and nodded, obviously aroused by her costumed-figure and assuredly by the sex messages being delivered just under the edge of his conscious mind. Rising, then returning with an ice cold beer, Venessa curtsied low as she handed him the frosty bottle. He focused on the full swell of her upper-breasts and 'two-bit size' dusky-pink areoles, half-inch long nipples peeking over the edge of her bodice as she knelt at his knees. Glancing up from under long black lashes at the bulge in his pants, she focused on a hard-on tight jeans couldn't hide.

"Is there anything else, sir?" she breathed, sensuously licking voluptuous red lips, staring directly at the lad's swollen crotch.

Jeremy was squirming. He looked over at Candi, but she and Michael were tight into the portfolio; Marla and Leticia were giggling together, oblivious to anything else. He looked back at Venessa and swallowed twice before attempting to answer her question.

"Jeez," he cleared his throat again, "sure is hot tonight. Too hot ta eat much. Yer food smells great, but . . . jeez, guess I'm more thirsty than hungry."

Glancing back at Candi, he was shocked to see her hand between Michael's thighs. No fuckin' wonder, he thought, Christ! One-a his is between hers! Fuck; he's feelin' her up!

Candi had spread legs that gave all the boys 'Woodies' to make room for his dark masculine hand. Whispering conspiratorially about some picture they'd found, Michael was caressing the inviting pink apex of her wide-spread stocking-covered thighs. Candi's face was as pink as her panties as she examined each picture, narrow hips flexing in rhythm to Reggae beat. Michael's hand was moving in harmony with her hips and it was obvious she was on the verge of a climax.

Jeremy's attention shifted back to Venessa who'd settled next to him on the couch, fish-net stocking-covered legs splayed wide, short lace-bottomed velvet dress carelessly allowing a glossy white expanse of satin Spandex covered crotch to show between parted thighs. Leaning back, head resting on his shoulder, her eyes were closed as she listened to the Reggae beat, hips flexing like Candi's, broad tongue flicking in and out of her outrageously-painted mouth. Bodice top unbuttoned, the full curve of her breasts overfilled the white stretch-fabric half-bra, most of the firm orbs and hardened pink nipples now exposed to his lust-filled gaze. Jeremy couldn't think. His cock was so swollen it almost hurt. Tipping her face up, Venessa opened those large green eyes, one hand coming to rest high on his thigh.

"I'm sorry. I was listening to the music. Did you say something, sir?" she whispered, licking ripe red lips.

Jeremy cleared his throat twice although he couldn't clear his head, eyes on the beautiful sight sitting next to him, moving from her glossy white crotch to her very swollen pale-pink nipples.

"Ah, no; I . . . "

Blushing modestly, Venessa squeezed his thigh, carmine lips close to his, big green eyes twinkling invitingly.

"Excuse me sir, but I thought you asked me to suck you. Perhaps it was just wishful thinking on my part. I hope I'm not being too forward, but of course that's what I'm here for. To service ALL of your needs. To please you, sir. Would you like me to suck you off? Don't be shy or embarrassed. If you're aroused and want to satisfy your lust, think of my mouth as a place to shoot your delicious semen! You shouldn't be concerned about pleasing me. I'm only here to please you. I'm sure you'd enjoy cuming in my mouth; wouldn't you, sir? When told, I'm a maid who always swallows . . . "

Breaking into a sweat, Jeremy looked back at Candi who hadn't heard a word they'd said. Why? The tiny girl was having an orgasm, and Michael was certainly responsible. Masturbating madly while Michael fondled long pink impudent nipples under the front of her tank-top, she seemed fascinated by the picture she was staring at.

Putting her hand over the swelling in the front of Jeremy's jeans, Venessa continued to rub the more than obvious bulge.

"You're very well endowed. What a handsome erection. I'd be happy to perform fellatio for your pleasure." she smiled, submissively. "May I open your pants and suck you off? You must have a very large erection, but I'm sure I can take you all the way down my throat. Men have trained me well. You might have to push down on the back of my head but I'm sure you could make me deep-throat your manly erection. That's what you want, isn't it, sir? To ejaculate in my mouth? Does that thought please you, sir? Just like the pictures you were looking at in the upstairs bathroom. You liked them, didn't you, sir? It must have been obvious that I'm more than willing to perform fellatio and swallow men's cum. Men enjoy watching me take their cum on my tongue . . . watching me swallow the semen after they've filled my mouth. I'd be pleased if you'd let me swallow yours. You'll enjoy shooting-off deep in the back of my throat."

Trying to get his cock out, Jeremy almost tore-open the front of his pants. Venessa helped by getting down and removing his boots so she could pull-off his jeans. The move got Candi's attention. She'd had two orgasms by the time the redhead had her date's pants off, and Michael had already pulled her tiny top off over her head. While masturbating, she'd let him suckle her long hardening nipples but now he was down on his knees between her stocking-covered legs, sucking her smoothly-shaved tiny-lipped twat right through the pink satin crotch of her panties. Watching Venessa stripping her date naked made Candi orgasm against Michael's swabbing tongue. Jeremy's cock was so hard it looked like it was twelve inches long, not ten. Crowding closer, Leticia and Marla watched Venessa as she shed and folded the velvet dress. Catching her breath, Candi put her hand on top of Michael's head.

"Michael! Look!" she whispered, mussing his hair as he licked her swollen clit. "Like, look at what Venessa's doing!"

Looking up, he saw lingerie-clad Venessa going down. Down and down, until the entire length of Jeremy's cock was buried in her pliable throat. All restraint vanquished, unable to wait, Michael unbuttoned the front of his slacks and kicked them off. Candi hurriedly unbuttoned the front of his shirt. When she saw his erection standing impatiently against his tan rock-hard abs, she nearly fainted with joy. Looking at each other for only a second, she had no doubt he'd enjoy what she was eager to do.

"Can I do that to you, too?" she asked, referring to Venessa's obvious talent for fellatio. "Oh, my Gawd! Like, you'll really let me suck you off? You'll let me make you cum in my mouth?"

Like a kid in a candy store, her insatiable mouth was salivating as she licked slutty red lips. Hearing the remark, Marla turned to discover little Candi sitting on the edge of the couch, holding her boyfriend by the buns as he stood in front of her, stroking her face to Reggae beat. Michael was holding her pony-tail, pulling and pushing, pulling and pushing, the tiny girl taking him to the hilt down her pliable throat. As often as she'd seen girls sucking cock, Marla knew she'd never seen a girl who loved fellatio more than Candi.

"I'm gunna help her," giggled Marla.

Crawling to Candi's side, and sitting on the floor between Michael's legs, she took his large balls in her mouth. After a few arousing moments of musically accompanied sucking, Michael pulled Candi's mouth away from his rampant erection. Lifting her in his arms as Marla took over sucking cock, he lay Candi over the edge of the couch. Unzipping the back of her red latex skirt, he pulled it down, leaving her in nothing but tiny pink satin thong panties, sexy red garter belt, stockings and heels. Blushing madly, the tiny girl arched her pale-white ass-cheeks up to meet anticipated kisses as he stretched the skintight panties down over very hard, very tight buns. In seconds he was mouthing her little-girl crotch, licking smooth cunt-lips, then his tongue buried in a tiny no-longer virgin tail. Marla glanced at Leticia, the two grinning like cats.

"Who do I do?" giggled Leticia. "Let me play with you two while Jeremy gets to know Venessa."

Kneeling beside the couch as Michael spread Candi's sweet cheeks, Marla watched him screw a finger up the tiny girl's anal-pucker to the knuckle, Candi chewing hers and mewing like a cat in heat. Marla wormed between them so she could suck cock while her boyfriend finger-fucked the tiny girl's only recently fucked asshole. Joining in the game, Leticia bent over and licked the girl's vulnerable crotch, Michael letting her wiggle her tongue into the tight little pucker while he finger-fucked the little blonde's completely hairless pussy. Candi was panting, bucking like a wild pony as Leticia sucked her entire crotch. When Michael got to his knees between the tiny girl's wide-spread legs, Marla got really excited.

"Oh, yeah!" she breathed, so excited by the idea of watching her boyfriend's cock in such a tiny girl's ass, she was shaking like a car with a flat. "Let me help, Michael. Can you really get it in? Look how tiny and tight she is. That's real tiny little asshole. Fuck her pussy an' get her real hot, then try fucking her asshole."

Even though it looked almost obscene, as though he was fucking a child, Marla watched his thick uncircumcised dick spread the smooth little lips of the girl's cunt. True, Michael was a cocks-man, and he knew what girls liked. Those long slow deep strokes followed by rapid thrusts and changes of angle made Candi cry-out in ecstasy as his cock rubbed her "G" spot. He fucked her for almost five minutes, biting his lower lip to keep from cuming too soon as the girl writhed in a state of ongoing orgasm.

"Pull-out, baby! Fuck her little asshole," urged his blonde girlfriend, pulling her finger out of Candi's tight ass.

"No . . . " he panted, this feels too good. I'm going to cum . . . "

Candi was nearly out of her mind with orgasmic pleasure, nipples so swollen, just touching them made her cum. Marla was trying to pull her boyfriend's cock from the little girl's pretty cunt, but the cunt-slippery shaft was pumping a very large load into the tiny girl's slick vagina.

Finally pulling it out, Marla aimed the cum-covered crest at the pucker she'd just been finger-fucking.

"Push real hard . . . can you get it in? She's wet enough . . . keep pushing! God! Look! It's going in! Keep pushing! Can she take it? Make her take every inch up her cute little hole."

He did . . . Candi screamed, and Marla did, too.

"Oh, fuck! Fuck her sweet little asshole. Look at that fucking crotch. You got it all the way in her. Let's see. God, Leticia, look. LOOK at her asshole! That's the prettiest little asshole I've ever seen! She's so tiny. How can such a little girl take such a big fucking cock up her ass? Michael just came in her pretty little pussy!"

"Jesus, Marla! She's got the tightest ass I've ever fucked!" panted Michael, sweating like a man in a steam-bath, stroking the little pucker reflexively, pink flesh clinging to the shaft with each stroke. "My God! She's so tight she's going to make me cum again! Want me to cum up her ass, baby? Want-a see me blow a big one up her little ass?"

"Oh, baby . . . how many times can you cum?" asked Marla, unable to tear her eyes away from the sight of such a big cock in such a tiny ass. It was nearly turning the tiny girl inside out.

"I could cum right now!" he laughed. "She almost made me cum in her mouth, and I definitely came in her cunt!"

Marla was still waiting for his answer.

"Twice for sure . . . maybe three times," he grunted, "but if I cum now I could fuck this asshole for hours! You like this, Candi? You like hard cock up your hot little asshole, you cute little slut?"

Candi looked up, a smile on face erasing any question about the pleasure she was receiving.

"This is only the second time I've had a cock up my butt," she blushed, face almost as red as her garter-belt, "but it does feel good! Aaaaaa OH YEAH! Deeper! I LIKE that! I can feel your balls, against my pussy! Oh, Michael, it's so hot! Oooooo, like, totally stroke my little asshole, you big hunk! Give me a good ass-fucking!" she giggled, maybe acting, face crimson.

Leticia turned to Venessa.

"Bring that young stud over here. Hurry, he may not last much longer."

All for the show, Venessa dragged Jeremy off the couch, towing him across the room by his cock to where Candi's head was hanging over the side of the couch. Instantly getting the picture, he stepping closer, grabbed Candi by her long blonde ponytail and lifted her baby-face to the level of a saliva-coated lipstick-glossed pre-cum dripping erection.

She wasn’t acting now. Candi was so excited she was slobbering.

"Oh, Jeremy. Oh, yeah! Let me SUCK that big hard-on. Now I can get fucked at both ends at the same time. Like, I can't TELL you how badly I want you to shoot-off in my mouth! I'd just DIE to swallow another big warm load of your cum!"

When she opened her mouth, Jeremy pressed forward. It was so large she could only take the head in her mouth at first. Candi's pretty face so small and his cock so huge created an unbelievable picture as almost elastic lips tried to accommodate the erection. Plump lips stretched in a red O around the big shaft, she slowly took more in her throat, years of giving head teaching her how to give 'deep-throat'. Mouth stretching wider with each stroke, her cute little nose was soon buried in tight pubic curls at his groin. Candi had taken him all the way, moist pale-blue eyes wide as he slid deep, in and out of her willing throat. Getting down behind Jeremy, Venessa spread his buns with both hands.

"Mmmmmmm, look at this ass, Marla. This bad boy has a beautiful ass."

Licking red lips, she began tickling Jeremy's asshole with her long pink tongue, licking his pucker and fucking the saliva-wet tube in timing with his strokes as he fucked Candi's receptive mouth. Moaning like a little bitch in heat, taking cock at both ends, living out a fantasy she'd long desired, Candi was so sexually aroused she was on the edge of fainting from run-away pleasure. Face to face, Michael and Jeremy were fucking the tiny girl with world-class hard-ons, the little blonde slut taking every inch they could give her.

"Let's trade," grinned Jeremy. "I dig fuckin' her."

Pulling out in unison, each took the other's place, throbbing erections opening the girl as she'd never been opened. A slippery cock that had just been fucking her anus slid into her pretty red-lipped mouth and down her throat, while at the other end, a saliva-coated pulsing ten inch giant spread the smooth lips of her small semen-loaded pussy and filled her with what felt like rigid steel!

"Dude, she's too much . . . I'm cumin' right now!"

Candi almost fainted when she felt Jeremy's orgasm flood her cunt, his erection stroking her 'G' spot to ecstasy!

"Oh, Jeremy," frowned Marla, "you should have cum-off in her ASS. Michael already shot a load in her pussy! The nasty little girl wanted that load up her butt!"

"Yeah? Well, gotta 'nother one on its way! Try this, babe!"

His well-lubed shaft invaded the little girl's wide-stretched rectum, and Candi sagged between the two men's stroking erections. If both reached orgasm at the same time she was sure the two loads would mix in her tummy! Still kneeling, and spreading Michael's buns, Venessa was tongue-fucking his ass while Leticia sucked his balls. Somehow, Marla had gotten under Candi's lithe form and was licking Jeremy's swinging nuts as he butt-fucked the tiny little girl's still-tight asshole with long powerful strokes.

"Now?" grinned Jeremy, looking at Michael. "Ready? I told ya I got one cumin'!"

Michael nodded, gray eyes rolling up in his head.

"I'm ready," he moaned. "I can't hold it. I'm cuming-off right now!"

"Me fuckin', too!" groaned Jeremy. "Holy shit! Oh, man, I'm blowin' a fuckin' big load, again!"

Grabbing an empty wine glass, Marla held it under Michael's cock.

"Wait! Shoot it in here," she urged, making him pull out of Candi's sweet red-lipped mouth as the tiny girl tried to swallow the mouthful of saliva, pre-cum and semen. "You, too, Jeremy! Shoot-off in this glass."

While Candi shook like a race car that had lost a wheel, two mega-loads of jism unloaded almost simultaneously into Marla's wine-glass. Doing their best to increase every powerful sensation, Leticia and Venessa were tickling, licking and sucking Candi as the guys half-filled the wine crystal with cloudy wads of pearl-like cum. Other than squealing, Candi couldn't do more than moan with pleasure as the girls worked her over, tongues doing almost everything stiff cocks had done. Never, even in her wildest dreams had she experienced anything as overpowering as simultaneously getting eaten by Leticia and Venessa. Swollen clit, juicy cunt, hard nipples, open mouth, throat and asshole; every fiber in her burning body was cuming, not just a climax, but an unending orgasm as she lapsed into a dreamlike state. Sexual stimulation seemed endless. Other than sexy music, the only sounds were ones Leticia and Venessa made, swallowing, licking and sucking. Grinning like fools, Michael and Jeremy collapsed at the same time, cocks in hand, leaving Marla with heavy strings of translucent cum running down the inside of her wine glass.

Setting it down, Marla pulled Leticia away from Candi's saliva-glossed anus. Spreading the little girl's warm firm cheeks, she watched a pulsing open pink tunnel ooze clear pre-cum.

"God, what a pretty little asshole . . . I gotta suck it out."

Holding the cheeks as wide as she could, she covered the open hole with her soft pink lips and began sucking the cute little girl's juicy pink anus. Responding pleasurably, Candi flexed, her anal sphincter squeezing and sucking Marla's tongue. Leticia and the little blonde nympho were sucking tongues, swapping spit as they kissed. Going from Jeremy to Michael, Venessa sucked half-hard cocks until there wasn't a hint of semen on the still-swollen heads. Continuing sybaritic pleasures, Marla and Leticia made Candi orgasm for another ten minutes while their playmates watched the lesbian feast. When the little girl finally begged for a rest they reluctantly let her up.

"Your turn, Marla!" smiled Venessa.

Tape reversing, the mood changed to a faster rock and roll rhythm with even sexier subliminal track messages. Returning from the kitchen with two large glasses of water for the guys, Leticia brought Champagne for the girls.

"Bubbly makes females hotter," she grinned, "but it ruins men's sex-lives!"

Everyone tipped, draining glasses in one long swallow. Candi was trying to recuperate, but the other females seemed even more aroused. So hot they couldn't wait, auburn-hair and ebony-tresses began playing with the guys, Leticia deep-throating Jeremy. Venessa got Michael to sit on the couch with his dark tanned legs over her shoulders. Marla felt her face flush with heat when their torrid hostess began tonguing and kissing his asshole while masturbating his now hard cock. Within minutes, both males sported fully engorged erections.

"Get over here, Candi. Get down and lick Marla's ass!" insisted Jeremy grinning at his co-worker's expression. "Ya said ya would, an' I wanta see ya eat a chick's ass!"

Candi blushed crimson as Marla gave her a hand, pulling her to her feet and towing the girl to the couch where Venessa had been sucking Jeremy only thirty minutes earlier.

"Strip me," coaxed Marla, "top and skirt. Everything but panties and shoes!"

Kneeling beside her, Candi unzipped Marla's sexy short skirt, pulling it down around slender ankles so she could step-out of petite garment. Standing again, the ting girl unsnapped the bra which fell to the floor, unneeded support for the blonde's firm beautiful tits. Conical nipples were already hard as she pulled Candi closer, tipping the girl's mouth up to hers and 'sucking mouth' for minutes without stopping. When finally released, Candi was wobbling on high heels.

"Now, suck my nipples, baby," Marla smirked. "Not real hard . . . gently, not like you suck cock."

Candi blushed, but taking a long conical nipple between shocking-red lips, she started sucking, tonguing the sensitive tip until Marla was squirming with pleasure.

"Now, the other one," Marla panted.

Already swollen, nipples grew longer. Candi kept sucking until Marla had an orgasm, pussy dew dripping from satin panties and dribbling down sun-golden thighs, cunt spray only partially contained by the glossy white skintight crotch. Turning and kneeling on the couch, Marla ordered Candi down behind her.

"Pull my panties down in back and start sucking," she smiled, wiggling her hips. "Don't stop 'til I tell you . . . "

Jeremy's cock nearly doubled in size when he saw Candi get down on her knees behind Marla.

"I gotta see this up close. Fuck! I've been thinkin' about this for days."

He got up and headed for the couch as Venessa turned up the overhead light, focusing a spotlight on the fabulous curve of Marla's firm ass cheeks. Candi looked around to see what was happening but everyone was watching her.

"Go on," Jeremy urged. "Let's see ya eat her ass."

Wiggling into a more comfortable position, Candi pulled the back of Marla's skintight panties down around shapely suntanned thighs, satin crotch pealing away from the juicy pussy like Scotch tape from a dispenser. Thick clear strings of crystalline cunt-cum were hanging from pussy-lips to panty-crotch. Candi looked up blushing at Jeremy.

"You want me to lick her? I gotta lick her ass, too?"

Pursing lips together Jeremy nodded slowly. No one spoke. Rock and Roll filled the room, pounding insistent messages into Candi's sex-stimulated nervous system, a soft female voice urging her to suck cunt and tongue-fuck anus. Face reddening, she felt herself driven, unable to help herself as she spread Marla's hard buns with both hands, pale-blue eyes feasting on the open hairless mouth of Marla's pink sex, on the long swag-like rope of cunt-juice hanging from the pulsing tube, smooth twin lips begging to be licked, hard clit protruding like a tiny cock waiting to be sucked, puckered smooth asshole waiting for the invasion of a novice feminine tongue. Licking blood-red lips, and pulse pounding in her ears, Candi bent forward, lips pressing against familiar pink sex-petals she'd once so adored. Kissing passionately, insistently, eagerly, tongue-fucking the nude swollen sex, swallowing the steady flow of cunt-juice spurting from pulsing sheath, Candi was instantly deliriously happy. Lapping at the spray of ejaculate when Marla reached orgasm, greedily sucking the glossy crotch of well-creamed white panties, she swallowed as much pussy-juice as she could capture before pulling away. Anus pulsing like a tiny strobe, she examined Marla's partially-open pink sheath, inhaling heady scent of ass and cunt.

"Tongue my ass . . . tongue my ass . . .stick your tongue way up my asshole! "

Subliminal recorded messages were urging her on.

"Suck my cunt . . . stick your tongue up my asshole . . . "

It was a girl's soft voice mixed into the music that was driving Candi's tongue deep into Marla's juicy crotch.

"Will you cum in my mouth if I suck her ass?" she asked.

Jeremy nodded.

"Show 'em your tongue."

Candi stuck her tongue out as far as she could, extending it nearly three inches, and to Marla's delight, lightly tickled the sensitive anal-pucker.

"Oh, Candi, baby, tongue my asshole! Stick your tongue up my asshole; stick it up my ass, deep!"

Unable to resist, she sighed and did, worming her long, long tongue up Marla's hot asshole as the exotic beauty showered her hand with pussy-juice.

Cuming, for what seemed an eternity, Marla's whole body was wracked with pleasure, overexcited to the point of unending-orgasm, cuming until Jeremy pulled his submissive little date away, replacing her tongue with the head of his much larger and longer cock.

"Oh, my fucking ass!" Marla screamed, feeling it invaded by the biggest cock it would ever know. "Oh, Jeremy, you son-of-a-bitch! Fuck my asshole with that big fucking hard cock of yours! Oh, you ass-fucking bastard, give it to me! Shove it right up my asshole, you mother-fucker! Fuck my fucking hot asshole; bang my little butt 'til I scream!"

Michael was standing in front of her, and when she opened sky-blue eyes all she could see was cock and balls. Wilder than he'd ever seen her, Marla started sucking so ardently he nearly came-off on the first deep stroke but held back, wanting to time his orgasm with the boy who was fucking his girlfriend's gorgeous butt. Although somewhat jealous by nature, he was much too aroused to let that get in the way as she sucked him deliriously, bodies bathed in sweat, each graceful curve shining like she'd bathed in oil, elastic mouth and ass filled with throbbing manhood, sucking like a mad-woman, unable to speak had she wanted to.

Leticia and Venessa looked at each other and nodded, each knowing their next move. Candi had wiggled under Marla's crotch and was sucking pussy as Leticia climbed between Jeremy's legs, overwhelmed by the sight of his giant cock up her girlfriend's asshole. She licked swinging balls while Candi sucked clit, licking the 'little cock' as Marla reached orgasm again, face drenched with sweat and Marla's wild climaxes, fingers between her own legs, masturbating herself to delightful orgasms as Marla's overflowed her mouth.

Sitting on the floor between Michael's legs, Venessa sucked gently on large virile balls while his girlfriend took him down her throat, the combined sensations of feminine oral attentions making cum boil in his groin. Candi masturbated wildly while watching Jeremy's cock stroking Marla's slippery anus. Fingers up cunt, she was cuming harder than she could remember cuming, the recorded voice encouraging naughty acts, but she unaware of its influence on her psyche. All she knew was she wanted to keep cuming and cuming and cuming.

Acknowledging pending eruptions, Jeremy looked at Michael, each rushing toward the point of no return, each within seconds of giving Marla the biggest sexual thrill of her life. It seemed inappropriate, but Jeremy laughed.

"Son-of-a-bitch, I'm gunna shoot such a load up yer girlfriend's fuckin' ass, she's gunna shit cum for a month! Oh, babe, yer gunna fuckin' love this one!"

"Shoot it in my wine-glass!" begged Marla, wiggling her firm ass so fast that Jeremy couldn't hold back.

Swelling to its fullest dimension before the summit of pleasure, Jeremy's cock gave up its cum, a massive load blowing into Marla's colon before he withdraw to spend the rest in the wine-glass Leticia was holding. Rivers of it. Thick ropes of gooey viscous wonderfully juicy sticky male semen splashed into the first two loads, coating the sides of the glass with a warm translucent sheen. Like a slut in rut, moaning and grunting, delirious with sexual excess, Marla's asshole was burning like someone had given her a massive enema with a ten inch long seven inch around hard-rubber wand. And just as before, Michael's load followed Jeremy's, perhaps a bit smaller in volume but nevertheless getting Marla's approval as she watched seven thick white surges filling her glass.

Both guys fell back, leaving Leticia holding the semen-filled wine-glass, Marla flopping like a fish out of water, stretched pink mouth and asshole oozing saliva and semen. Grabbing her by her hair, Jeremy pulled Candi closer, letting her suck his cum-smeared gooey ass-fucking cock before pulling her onto the couch.

"Now suck it up, bitch," he grinned, indicating the stream of semen bubbling out of Marla's open pink ass-tube.

Face flushed, Candi watched the steady crystalline dribble oozing out of the open glazed hole; the bright-pink tube an open mouth, cum welling up like sea in a tide-pool.

I can't help myself, she thought, opening her succulent mouth and covering Marla's puckered-open asshole, sucking for all she was worth, ignoring the voice in her head that was accusing her of perversions, wallowing in the pleasure of her favorite taste, a mouthful of warm sticky delicious cum. Licking and sucking, making sexy sounds, sucking and kissing the pulsing tube like a mouth, Candi felt Marla reach orgasm. Sucking at the source, she tasted the female sex-juices mixed with the first shots of semen flowing from a well-fucked asshole and over a warm open cunt. Taking a big breath, she began rapidly fucking Marla's semen-flooded anus with her fabulously long tongue.

Jeremy had never been so excited in his life. She was doing it. The little sex-slut was DOING it. He loved her willingness, passion, openly slutty rutty heated red-hot love of sex. Pulling her up by her hair, he mashed his mouth against her swollen lips, kissing with such passion Candi was crying with pleasure.

Carefully setting the wine-glass on table, Leticia extracted herself from under Marla's still quivering figure, a body twitching and jerking with post-orgasmic pleasure as she and Venessa sucked tongues. Pulling Michael closer, she went down, sucking every remaining drop of semen from urethra and balls.

Jeremy and Candi didn't stop kissing, and within minutes were fucking on the floor like maniacs, dripping with sweat, clawing kissing and sucking tongues as they fucked. The girl's tiny cunt was so stretched, she was taking every inch to the nuts as he drove the shaft home, pretty legs wrapped around his waist, then over his shoulders. Then, squatting above, she bounced up and down on his long hard cock like a child on a pogo-stick, crying and laughing, tears streaming down her cheeks, overcome with wild passion. Falling forward, she looked like a little doll impaled on a big hard dick, but the vulnerable posture gave Leticia a brilliant idea.

"Fuck her up her asshole," she giggled, pulling Michael between Jeremy's thighs.

She'd made him so hard, and Candi's ass was still so lubricated and stretched, Leticia had no trouble directing Michael's slippery cock into the tiny still-open asshole, the double penetration making Candi scream even louder.

"GOD HELP ME!" she cried out, as cocks stretched her naked crotch. "Oh, my GOD! FUCK me you guys! Fuck me hard! Fuck my little butt! Shove it all the way in me! Fill my little puss with dick! Holy fucking shit! Fuck me! FUCK ME!"

After ten minutes of intense double penetration, the girl was almost out of her mind. Marla recognized those reflexive hip movements and picked up the nearly-full glass of cum.

"In the glass," she grinned, playing with Jeremy's balls, the demand making everyone watch.

Jeremy's orgasm was so massive, a veritable river of semen ran from Candi's tight cunt when Michael drove his cock up her ass, pumping Jeremy's first shots of ejaculate back past cock-shaft. Her pussy-lips were sucking it in as she lifted her little ass to meet deep anal thrusts. Holding her by the hips, Michael butt-fucked her hard. Remaining shots were caught in the glass as Marla held it under Jeremy's spurting semen-glossed monster.

"Don't shoot it all up her pussy. I want to watch the little slut drink this glassful of cum," begged Marla, pulling Candi off Michael's throbbing erection.

Masturbating the slippery rod, she caught most of his orgasm in the now full crystal. Nut-sack in the palm of her hand, Leticia felt them retract as Michael sent cloudy cum-rockets into the brim-full glass. Scurrying to Candi's side, lusty smile on her lips, Venessa proceeded to spank the girl's small high-arched ass with the palm of her hand. Swatting little buns until they were glowing bright-pink, she timed each cracking swat with humping reflexes of Candi's hips.

"FUCK ME, SOMEBODY!" screamed Candi, tears of joy and pleasure driving her to out of control orgasmic heights. "SOMEBODY FUCK ME UP MY ASS! FUCK ME UP MY FUCKING ASSHOLE, YOU ASS-FUCKING BASTARDS! FUCK ME DEEP AND HARD! SPANK ME! SPANK ME! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!"

Each word 'love' echoed the sound of Venessa's hand coming down like fire on tender pale cheeks, as the darling little blonde burst into tears of pleasure.

"Jeez, give me a couple-a minutes ta rest," laughed Jeremy, flat on his back.

Michael was in no better condition. A twelve inch dildo in Venessa's control filled Candi's request and then some. Pushing the clear marbleized silicone monster up the slippery semen-lubed ass-tube, Venessa fucked Candi silly, spanking her ass while giving the girl the dildo-ass-fuck of her life.

With just a short rest the boys were back in the saddle, Jeremy giving his cute little co-worker a back-door thrill, seven long orgasmic canon-like discharges filling the snug colon with thick warm cum. Perched on Michael's hard-on, Candi was shivering, shaking so wildly he was having difficulty keeping his cock in her. But she hung on, cock filling her stretched pink cunt-tube. Holding her slim hips with both hands, Michael slammed into cunt so hard she quivered. For over a minute, two cocks, separated by no more than a few layers of thin pink membrane, sent torrents of warm semen gushing into both slick semen receptacles as Venessa nearly blistered Candi's cute buns with her hand. Sandwiched between cocks, nailed at her crotch by stiff masculine flesh, stretched to the limit by her favorite organ, tiny Candi was desperately hungering for a mouthful of warm cum. When cocks began softening, slipping from cum-flooded tubes, she climbed-off Michael, purring like a kitten, licking and sucking up the pearly mess that had dripped from cunt and anus, puddle around his spent cock. Venessa, aroused by the little blonde's slutty behavior, was finger-fucking her asshole and cunt at the same time.

"Who's next?" giggled Candi, sitting up, silly from uninhibited sexual pleasure, mouth and chin smeared with sticky cum. "Does anyone else want me to suck or fuck any part of them?"

Shaking heads, everyone laughed. Venessa kissed her passionately and licked the excess semen from her face.

"Me," giggled Leticia. "We haven't done each other."

Laying the little girl down on couch, she slipped two fingers into Candi's small pussy, finding her "G" spot, making her cum so hard, she not only got her nut, Leticia got hers too! A cupful of Jeremy's semen slipped from the steaming cum-chute between Candi's tasty trembling thighs. Sucking the cum-filled sheath, she let the nympho straddle her face, the two sex-fiends 69'ing on the couch for almost an hour while the rest of the horny crew offered encouragement and sipped refreshments.

While Venessa played her last video for everyone's pleasure, the girls talked Michael into watching Marla suck Jeremy's cock. Although a little reluctant, he agreed to watch his sweetheart make the young boy orgasm. Realizing it could be the last time she had a chance to swallow such a gigantic load, Marla was ecstatic.

"Gimme, baby!" she pleaded, face red with heated lust, heart pounding with expectation. "Shoot your fucking load-a cum down my fucking throat! You make me so hot, you nasty young stud! You make me want it so bad! God, I'm such a naughty little ass-fucking bitch, aren't I! Come on, stud, don't hold back. Fuck Marla's mouth, you bastard! I want you to shoot your fucking hot cum right in my mouth! I'm gunna swallow it, Jeremy! Gimme a load! Shoot it right in my mouth, again!"

Michael's cheeks were burning with envy as he watched her fellate the kid's big cock, but the spectacle was never-the-less highly arousing, making his cock leap to attention as he watched his sultry sexy girlfriend sucking someone else's dick. Finally making him orgasm, Marla almost fainted from the shear pleasure of warm youthful cum sluicing down her throat, spraying her thighs with cunt-cum in ecstasy as she swallowed the boy's saucy load. Jeremy didn't disappoint her. To her delight, he shot almost as large a wad of thick jism in her mouth as he'd shot in the glass. Marla's orgasm was continuous. Catching ropes of warm cum on her waiting tongue, she took the last of his ejaculation by masturbating him into her open sexy-lipped mouth. Warm scuz slipping down her throat was so tied to pussy-throbbing orgasms she squirted all over herself. Understanding the inherent sexual excitement of doing someone new, Michael didn't say a word. Candi, seeing the expression in his eyes, and erection between his thighs, slipped closer as everyone watched Marla consuming Jeremy's climax.

"Michael," she smiled, looking up immodestly into his gray eyes, "let me suck you off again, too. You can do it. I know I can make you cum again. Let ME suck you.! I just adore swallowing cum. I suck lots better than she can an' I'll prove it! I bet she can't do HALF the things I can to your sexy cock."

Curling up between his legs while Marla was sucking Jeremy, she gave Michael a naughty grin.

"Watch my mouth while I'm sucking you off," she teased, wagging a broad pink tongue and extending it until he grinned. "I'm going to do you better than she EVER did!"

She did; so deeply and ardently, his hardened cock grew inches from the excitement of getting sucked by such an adorable little cock-sucker. Stimulated by watching Marla's mouth getting fucked by Jeremy's giant cock, he looked down at the cute little blonde sucking his. He hadn't been sucked-off so passionately since Asia gave him head.

"Come on you guys, the jury's in," giggled Leticia, knowing what Marla had in mind, picking up the wine-glass full of crystalline cum, "and Candi's the winner! Gather around everyone. Come here, Candi. Sit right here next to me."

Abandoning Michael's slippery erection, Candi made herself comfortable on the floor, pretty stocking-covered semen-stained legs spread, two fingers up a bottomless pink-lipped twat.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked, grinning mischievously, shamelessly masturbating.

"Tilt your head back," grinned Leticia, lifting Candi's chin up and holding her by the hair. "Open your pretty mouth wide!"

Long pink tongue extended, Candi opened her red-lipped mouth. Leticia raised the cloudy pearl-like treasure over the girl's waiting lips.

"Watch, everyone," she grinned, slowly tipping the glass, its swirly contents slipping straight into Candi's open mouth like a dozen egg-whites. "Look at her," gushed Leticia, not letting Candi shut her mouth. "Look at this mouthful of cum! Her mouth is completely full. Look."

Gathering around the tiny blonde, everyone got a peek at the shimmering cum-lake filling her open mouth, long pink tongue an island in a sea of cloudy semen, pale-blue eyes wide with delight.

"Now swallow," said Leticia, pinching the girl's perfect conical pink nipples.

Closing her lips, Candi did, four gigantic still-warm loads of semen sliding down her throat.

"Gaaaaaaa," she nearly gagged, swallowing twice, "ggghaaaa! Ahhhhhh! My God! What a delicious mouthful! I wish I could swallow a load like THAT every day!"

Semen dribbling from cum-glossed ruby-red lips, she went back down on Michael, sucking cock like a mad-woman, moaning and groaning with pleasure. When Marla looked up, mouth pasty with Jeremy's jism, she was greeted by the spectacle of her boyfriend, hips arching, cock buried in the warmth of the cute little girl's cum-hungry throat. She watched the woman-child's magic mouth draining Michael's large virile nuts, drinking his semen like cream through a huge straw! The saucy little girl swallowed every drop she could suck from his well spent shaft. Leaning back, Michael watched the diminutive nymph suck him to earth-shaking orgasm, cock was so deep in her throat he couldn't even see it! The expression on his face was classic. Marla knew then that each dog had its day.

After Leticia had licked her face clean, Marla cuddled up next to Michael, staying at his side until they departed, jealously eyeing Candi's obvious attraction to her handsome bronzed boyfriend.

Candi and Jeremy agreed to sleep-over, so Leticia, Marla and Michael walked back to the hotel. Smiling and content, they shared an ice-cold bottle of Champagne on the way.

"I don't care if it's bad for my sex life," chuckled Michael. "I never get any anymore, anyway!"

That brought two females down on his shoulders! He almost carried them across Sunset as cars honked at a silly trio, inebriated with sex and high on fun. They showered and dried after playing in the pool, alone and ignored by the night desk-clerk, Thomas.

"I hate leaving you two," sighed Leticia, slipping between cool sheets. "This has been so much fun! Will you come and see me in Bangkok; or in San Francisco? You know both of my numbers . . . how to reach me. I hope you do."

Kissing her tenderly, Marla fingered her swollen clit.

"You're fun, Leticia. I could fall in love with you! Sure we'll call, won't we, Michael. We travel a lot, so we got-a run into each other somewhere, right?"

"That's right," he smiled, sleepier than he'd been for months. "We'll call, won't we, Marla?"

"I just said that," Marla giggled, looking at him lovingly.

Michael was already asleep.

"Can I eat you again?" whispered Leticia. "I know, I'm insatiable."

Marla couldn't say no, the two making love for an hour before joining him in the land of dreams. Locked in each other's arms, breaths blended in a bouquet of pussy and semen, nectar of preferences passionately shared. Having agreed to wake him with a teamwork of tongues, Marla promised Leticia the creamy reward as a going-away present.

"Yeah," she giggled, sucking Leticia's long sensitive nipples, "when it cums to swallowing cum, you always suck-seed."

To Be Continued...


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