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Hollywood Nights: A Novella Ch. XVI
by Che

Morning light was slow to fill the room, all three playmates sleeping-in until after nine. Slipping into the shower, the girls shampooed, shaved crotches, applied conditioning lotion to tans, fixed hair and brushed pearly teeth. Leticia did Marla's mouth, and Marla did Leticia's, using non-smear lipstick they trusted. Pulling up cute little glossy thong panties, each looked at the other.

"If this doesn't please him, let's kill him," giggled Leticia, peeking into the room. "We can suck and fuck him to death."

Michael, lost in dreams, was obviously dreaming of erotic adventures, his cock making a tent of the sheet, bouncing with each heartbeat against bronzed body. As Marla turned down the sheet, it exposed muscular tanned limbs as the fabric slipped away.

Let's double-team him," she whispered, Leticia nodding in agreement, having discussed the technique the night before.

Gently mounting the bed, one on each side, they positioned themselves so Marla could suck his balls while Leticia went down, close enough to take turns on the stiff cock. Each gently took him, Marla spooning warm nuts into her mouth with her tongue as Leticia's ready mouth, wet with saliva, lubricated the first stroke on his vein-wrapped erection. With one fluid movement, lipsticked mouths came together, Leticia's filled with a long thick cock, Marla's with warm balls.

Michael stirred and tried to sit up, pulled from sleep by the most delicious sensations: two women sucking him off.

"Why you sex-hungry little sluts!" he laughed, rubbing sleep-filled eyes. "Didn't you get enough last night?"

Oral attentions were answer enough, making him squirm with lust as he watched two beautiful girls going down on him, long slow gliding up and down oral suction making cum rise in his nut-sack. Balls gently sensationally sucked by his girlfriend, Leticia's throat swallowed his swollen shaft. By prearranged signal, the girls traded places, Marla mouthing cock-shaft while Leticia licked nuts, kissing greedy mouths, sucking and licking the throbbing erection.

"Okay, babes," hissed Michael with urgency, "I'm getting close. Who gets it?"

Marla stopped and kissed Leticia.

"Wanta fuck him or suck him?

"Fuck him," smirked, Leticia, finger-fucking herself to a lather. "Baby, my pussy is so wet he'll love it! Let me ride that beautiful monster. My cunt's ready for a nice warm load of cum!"

Swinging a leg over his waist, she pulled the crotch of her satin thong out of the way and guided the oozing head between the smooth lips of her pussy, a sheath swallowing the huge shaft . The sigh was so delicious, Marla giggled.

"Feels good?"

"God, I haven't fucked this cock for too long. Come on, Bronco. Give this bare-back rider a sweet ride."

The sensation of being filled by Michael's cock made the beauty clench her teeth. The thick spongy-head spread her slick sheath, made her whimper with pleasure as she raised her hips and squated back-down to rub her swollen clit against rock-hard abs. They fucked so long, Marla was getting jealous. Leticia was glowing.

"Fuck . . . of, fuck, Marla . . . he's making my little pussy cum so good! Oh, Marla . . . I wish you could lick my clit right now! Maybe we could change positions. . . "

"You better decide fast 'cause I can't hold back! Jesus Christ, I'm gunna cum so hard, you won't be able to take it! Oh, FUCK! I'm cuming . . . right. . . in . . . your cunt!"

Marla was watching her dark sparkling eyes when his ejaculate exploded deep in Leticia's twat. Registering her pleasure, Leticia ground around on his crotch like a paint-mixer, cum forced from her semen-filled cunt. He didn't soften as she fucked the shaft, raising and squatting, pumping herself to such orgasmic heights, she actually lost her balance and fell. Marla was all over her, licking her smoothly-shaved cunt, sucking the flood of warm semen pumped there by her boyfriend, Leticia squealing and panting and pleading for rest.

"Wait! Wait! Let me breathe! I can't cum again until I catch my breath!"

Turning her attentions back to her sweetie, she took him to the nuts, almost swallowing his cock as she sucked.

"Wanta let Leticia suck you off?" she teased, smiling into his bedroom eyes. "You won't be able to cum in her mouth for awhile . . ."

"Try me," he grinned. "Your choice, baby."

"Leticia . . . do it . . . I got my taste already."

Leticia crawled up between his muscular thighs and smiled at the handsome man.

"You fuck so good," she sighed. "Let me reward you . . . "

She took his ruddy still-swollen crest between her lips, pulled the foreskin back and fucked the shaft with her throat, plunging the long erection to the base, then sucking as she withdrew, tongue swirling around and under the crest, teasing the flesh to uncontrollable pleasure. It seemed like she sucked forever. The cum erupted fast. She felt it in his balls as she cupped them in the palm of her hand, teasing his anal pucker with her middle finger.

"Christ! Leticia! Holy Christ!"

Lips locked around the pulsing shaft, she swallowed seven throbbing massive discharges, semen sluicing down her cum-chute throat, bubbling from her nose as she tried desperately to breathe. Marla was mouthing retracting balls, a very juicy finger in her pussy and one up her ass. Masturbating too, Leticia was wetting her panties as she gulped down the huge warm climax, watching Marla's eyes as she fellated one of her favorite cocks. Marla would have smiled had she been able to, but a mouthful of nuts was keeping her tongue busy at the moment.

"Jesus Christ!" he moaned. "Don't stop, Leticia . . . I'm still cumin' . . . Jesus, that's good. Don't stop! Holy FUCK! You cock-sucker, you. You sure make me cum hard. Whewwwwww! Swallow that load, if you can."

Marla came all over herself. So did Leticia. Michael was cuming again. Three bodies jerking and flopping on the bed like spastics, souls possessed, pussy-juice drenching wet sheets, warm creamy cum filling Leticia's grateful mouth.

The following rest was only long enough for the man to catch his breath, but rest wasn’t in his cards. Glancing down, almost unable to focus from shock of two orgasms so close together, he discovered to his pleasure that Marla was sucking him now. Fifteen minutes later cum was filling her mouth. She took time to enjoy the texture, savoring the flavor of her favorite drink. Leticia was playing with herself and his balls, finger-fucking his anus, purring and giggling as Marla made an obscene show of sucking down cum. He sat up as Marla released cock from pink glazed lips, smiling at him with such affection he gathered her in his arms.

"This had to be your idea, wasn't it?"

Well," Marla confessed, sitting up, "I promised your morning orgasm as a going-away present for Leticia."

Sitting up, Leticia began fingering Marla's slippery crotch, sucking the blonde's hardening rosy-pink nipples until Marla was giggling and squirming.

"Leticia told me you love to get head every morning. She told me about Asia . . . about how swallowing cum keeps guys healthy, happy and wise and how it makes girls more attractive to guys."

Laughing at the silly unintended rhyme, Leticia had her down on the bed, sucking sex-juices from the crotch of her glossy white panties.

"I guess it works, 'cause you look real healthy to me, she giggled, "and as far as making me more attractive, well, it sure seems to attract guys."

Michael kissed her again, a passionate kiss lasting minutes. Marla looked down at Leticia, then back at Michael.

"Since like, we've all been together," she grinned at her new girlfriend, then held Michael's hand, "like, I've been getting better climaxes since I" started going down more, an' wanting more of them," she giggled. "Like, it's so weird, but I can't get enough. I even dream about it at night!"

"My God, you want more?" he smiled, rubbing his crotch and frowing.

Marla blushed madly, glancing at Leticia, a guilty look on her lovely face.

"Well, sometimes . . . like," there was a long pause. "I guess I better tell you before someone else does."

She glanced at Leticia, but the exotic beauty avoided eye contact. Michael waited, wondering what his girlfriend was going to say next. Marla held his hands.

"Well . . . tell me," he smiled.

"Like, the day before yesterday?" she blushed, glancing nervously at Leticia, "before we got together with Venessa? Well, Leticia an' I were down at the pool; an' well . . . we were kinda flirting?" She blushed. "You know, Jeremy was watching us; an' we were being 'naughty'?"

She blushed so hotly, she had to close her eyes, almost unable to continue.

"Flirting?" asked Michael.

"You know, we were spreading our legs, you know . . . giving him crotch shots; an' Leticia goes, 'You're still real juicy from Michael fucking you' . . . we were giving Jeremy a good look, Michael; you know how narrow the crotch of my swimsuit is? Anyway, he could like, see everything, I'm sure! Anyway, we made him real horny; an' then . . . don't be real mad at me, okay, baby? But we went into his office with him; an' like, I was feeling all nasty and 'naughty' . . . oh, baby, I was still so horny from all our sex . . . "

Marla rolled large blue-green eyes upward and sighed.

"Well, to make a long story short . . . oh, baby, I couldn't help myself, could I, Leticia? I watched her sucking him off, an' then, like, I was all slippery from all that sex you an; I had . . . "

"And?" asked Michael, slowly getting the picture.

"An' I was masturbating an' like, all hot an' everything; an' I saw how big an' hard he still was . . . " turning to Leticia, face guilty as a kid's caught shoplifting, "I let him fuck me up my pussy an' ass; didn't I, Leticia? An' then . . . " blushing more than he'd ever seen her blush, "I sucked him off while you were up here asleep."

"You sucked him off?" said Michael, obviously stirred.

"I was so naughty, Michael, an' I knew you'd be real mad at me if you knew."

"How many times?"

Her face reddened and she covered it with both hands.

"Twice; but, like, well; after last night an' all, well; you know I liked sucking his cock. I'll admit that it turned me on, but what I want-a tell you is I love you, Michael. I'm real happy being with you. I've discovered that I love you, not him; or any other guy. I was naughty, an' I'm REALLY sorry. I should have talked with you first even if I never did him."

Great tears well-up in her usually blue eyes. Leticia glanced at Michael, then back at Marla. Marla's cheeks were bright-red.

"I aught-a be spanked for being so naughty. Are your real mad at me, Michael? I'm so sorry."

"Hey," he said, putting an arm around her; "listen, you didn't do anything I didn't do."

Leticia looked at Marla and Marla at Michael. Wiping tears from her cheek, she sniffled

"Like how?" she asked, blowing her nose in a tissue, blue eyes red.

"Well . . . " Michael looked shamefaced, "while you and Leticia were doing Beverly Hills, Venessa and I started talking by the pool. You know, small talk, and since she was getting off early, I asked her to go to lunch. She invited me up to her place . . . and, well; to make my long story short, as you say, I let her suck me off twice. Look; I'm sorry, too, Marla, I shouldn't have done that, either. Look who's naughty! I wanted to do her, but we didn't have time, so I told her to invite you girls over for the evening. I'm guilty as hell. Now, are you mad at me? I won't do that again, either."

Marla looked at Leticia, then at Michael, examining his face like they'd just met. He didn't turn away from the penetrating gaze.

"I guess what's good for the goose. Right? You know what," she paused, "I only sucked one other cock this week! You got sucked-off by Leticia, Venessa and that hot little Candi! Oh, well, serves me right. I won't play around behind your back again," she giggled, sniffling, "not if you spank my crotch a little."

Michael's face reflected a puzzled look.

"Spank my pussy-lips . . . my clit?" She grinned and pressed her hand against her tingling crotch, rubbing herself like a slut. "Venessa did it to me an' it made me so hot! Spanking my pussy makes me very hot. Do it while Leticia licks my asshole, Michael. I've never done that at the same time. Here, let me get over you like this, Leticia. Pull my thong out of the way in back. I want him to spank my pussy through the crotch of my panties."

With Leticia on her back, Marla straddled the exotic beauty's face, knees spread wide, squatting down on her plump eager lips and letting the little sex-maniac tongue-fuck her pink-lined asshole. Pinching swollen tender nipples, Marla ground a juicy crotch against Leticia's long tongue.

"Oooooooo, that feels so good! Come on, Michael, spank my pussy!" she begged, cheeks glowing with excitement, leaning back into a big pile of pillows for support.

Kneeling next to her, and getting the picture, Michael began swatting the swollen smooth pussy-lips through the skintight crotch of Marla's glossy-white panties, material so skintight he cold see every arousing detail of her excited sex. She arched her back and raised her crotch to meet each swat.

"God, that feels so fucking good! SPANK it, baby!"

Tilting satin thong-covered crotch so he couldn't miss the pronounced cleft, she raised her hips higher, cunt-gush dripping into her playmate's mouth.

"Spank it! SWAT it!"

So thin it couldn't hide her protruding clit, the smooth narrow band of white satin made a perfect target as Marla's orgasms creamed elasticized material! Flooding Leticia's mouth, orgasms exploded like overfilled water-balloons in her panties, making a mess off Leticia's face as well as her boyfriend's hand.

"Keep spanking me but let me suck you," she pleaded, pussy-juice drenching her panties. "Get up on your knees next to me while you spank me . . . yeah! Let me suck that nice cock. Venessa an' Leticia aren't the only girls who can make you cum twice in a row. Spank my pussy 'til I can't fucking cum!"

Inflamed by her behavior, Michael moved closer to his girlfriend's flushed face, his cock hardening as he envisioned her sucking Jeremy off and swallowing the horny boy's unending cum. He was sorry he'd been up in the room sleeping. Accurately delivering each heated swat to the slippery white satin crotch, he spanked harder, swats making Marla wince as they rained upon on her swollen clit.

Increasing the intensity of each swat, strangely aroused by her kinky desires, Michael gained strange pleasure from watching her face each time the palm of his hand made contact with her cute little panty-crotch. Like sexual applause, sounds of each stinging swat grew louder, Michael ever more aroused as he heightened her pleasures.

Cupping warm furry balls in her hand, Marla sucked him deep into her mouth like her life depended on it. With one arm encircling his thigh, her hand playing with his sweaty balls, she turned her face to him, taking the thick cock deep into the heat of her semen-hungry mouth. Nearly laying on top of Leticia, she delighted in the contact of feminine flesh, the Asian's firm tits rolling like ripe fruit against the small of her back. Scrubbing her ass-crack on Leticia's active tongue, she arched her hips up to accept accelerated spankings, quivering with climatic gratification as stinging blows brought her swollen clit to spine-tingling orgasm, so engorged it had grown until it looked like a tiny cock in the crotch of her skintight white satin panties.

Unable to resist temptation, Michael grabbed her by the hair, pulling her beautiful face against his groin, the move burying cock down her throat. Leticia was watching, face only inches away from swats, sucking Marla's ass to orgasm as cunt-juice soaking through thin material poured into her satisfied, waiting mouth.

Thirteen orgasms later, Marla got what she'd been desperately sucking for; a massive throat-full of warm clingy cum. Moaning and swallowing, she finally collapsed, unable to stand one more climax as Michael's thick wads slipped down her throat like warm honey.

"Oh, God!" she gurgled, long strands of pearly-white drooling from cum-glazed lips. "Good Lord What a load that was! That made me so hot I thought I was gunna die!" God, I'll say it again! I'm such a nasty slut for sucking down cum."

Giggling like a schoolgirl, she scooped semen pearls back into her greedy mouth with her fingertips, sucking each like a cock, swallowing every drop she'd spilled. Taking her in their arms, Leticia and Michael massaged her for over an hour before enjoying quick showers, then dressing for breakfast.

"I'll never be a naughty girl again," Marla promised, after the waiter took her order, "unless you want me to be! But I'll be naughty for you if you'll spank my crotch like that again. God, Michael, you're such a sexy animal. You make me so hot I can't look at you without it making my panties wet."

"I won't play around with other girls without you," agreed Michael, wincing as he took a sip of hot coffee.

"You two are crazy," Leticia frowned, shaking her pretty head. "Think of what you'll be missing."

"Well," giggled Marla, wiggling shoe-less toes between Leticia's thighs under the table, "we didn't say we wouldn't be naughty with you!"

No one was watching as Leticia held Marla's toes against the wet crotch, making herself orgasm while her friends finished breakfast.

"Toes are so 'sexy', don't you agree?" she sighed, face aglow.

"Mine are wet, thank you!" giggled Marla, slipping foot back into open sandal.

Returning to the hotel, Marla and Michael checked-out at two after kissing Leticia good-bye in the lobby. Venessa and Jeremy were watching the sexy kisses from the front desk, knowing smiles on satisfied faces.

"We'll get together, soon!" Marla waived, watching the show Leticia was giving her, legs and glossy panty-crotch disappearing as she climbed into a cab. "An' I mean, soon."

They said good-byes to Jeremy and Venessa, then to Candi when the cute little nymph appeared, skipping into the lobby from the restroom like a little girl on her way to school.

"You're leaving already?" she frowned, lower lip pouting. "Gee, I was hoping we could see each other tonight . . . "

"Come visit again," smiled Venessa, an arm around Candi's small waist, the two grinning at the each other like a mother and precocious daughter. "We'll show you my new film staring Candi and Jeremy. I'm filming this one at my place. And Michael; thanks for getting us together. We're going to have a marvelous delicious summer."

"Before we go; how about an instant 'replay' for me?" smirked Marla, winking at tiny Candi who was standing next to Jeremy back of the reception desk.

"Replay?" asked Candi, puzzled look on her childish face.

Making sure the trio was watching, playful Marla bent over near the magazines and wiggled her hard-cheeked ass, pretending to browse through a stack near the door, giving the boy a peek at what had made him jerk-off a few days earlier.

"Oh . . . NOW I know what you mean," giggled Candi. "Guess I better take care of business right now . . . "

When Marla glanced back, Candi was no where to be seen, only Jeremy and Venessa behind the desk. Patrons weren't paying attention, so Marla made sure Jeremy could see between her lovely legs as she gave him a stimulating peek at what was hidden only by the glossy white crotch of her cute little skintight satin thong. Gripping the counter, his eyes widened . . . then closed. Cheeks coloring, he shuddered perceptibly.

An excited Venessa was looking down, watching something just out of view of hotel patrons. Envious Marla was sure the boy had just cum-off in Candi's beautiful mouth. After an appropriate wait, she stopped bending over and straightened her short skirt. Waiving goodbye, she stifled a giggle when the tiny blonde appeared again next to Jeremy. Smacking plump pink lips, Candi's tongue was working them over from side to side to make sure there weren't any tell-tale drops of the boy's copious load.

"Yum! That was delicious!" She was smirking like the cat that just ate the canary. "Thanks for reminding me, Marla."

"I'd always bend over backward to help a friend!" laughed Marla before Michael grabbed her arm and pulled her out the front door and into the waiting black-windowed black limo.


Gary Engles was soaking in a bathtub of hot water, feet up, brown eyes closed. He thought about the nice family who'd given him a ride from L.A. all the way to Denver. To show his appreciation, he'd paid for their dinners when the check came. They'd protested until the waiter returned with the change. He'd bought new clothes and hiking boots at an outfitter's store, a comfortable backpack and sleeping bag. No one seemed interested in a boy his age being alone when he'd checked into the motel. He got out of the tub after an hour, dressed and packed his old clothes in the black canvas bag. Ten minutes later he found the source of the smoke he'd seen earlier that day, a small trash fire in back of a construction site. It wasn't a cold night in Denver, and no one was taking advantage of heat going to waste. He squeezed between the fence, and sat down by the fire . . . then fed it the entire contents of the bag. He watched everything burn, then tossed the bag on top. When nothing remained but embers, he returned to the motel and watched TV until falling asleep.

He got a haircut after eating a big breakfast, and asked the girl to cut his hair short. He ignored compliments about his thick hair and chatter about celebrities she'd never meet. He left a two dollar tip, then bought a bus ticket to Kansas City, an overnight trip. The trip was a trip, but he slept through most of it, ate breakfast in a barbecue joint and hitched a ride to the airport. Just saying, Terre Haute, when he purchased the ticket brought a lump to his throat, but not as much as saying, Clinton, when he bought the bus ticket to his home town.

He tried not to think about the last two years, or what made him run away. Instead, he thought about the hills and the trees and the way familiar sounds and smells sank into his body like rocks to the bottom of a pond.

He put a quarter in the phone at the terminal and pushed the numbers. He wanted to walk home, just three miles from town.

"Mom . . . it's me," he said when he heard her voice. "I'm okay, mom . . . are you folks okay?"

He heard the tears when she tried to speak and they made tears come to his eyes.

"I'm sorry, mom . . . I'm real sorry. I should have called way sooner, but I made lots of mistakes, mom. What I did was wrong. I wanted you and dad to know I'm okay."

"Oh, Gary; where are you? We've been just crazy with worry. When can we see you? When will you come home."

"I'm here, mom. I'll be there in an hour. Don't cry mom. I'll see you real soon."

He knew there'd be questions he couldn't answer, but that didn't keep him from running nearly all the way home.

- Fin -

* * * * *

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