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Hot Peek in Phoenix Motel
by Leanscribe

Eight a.m. in Phoenix, and already starting to heat up. Looking down, I could see that the sidewalk outside my hotel was wet from the automatic sprinkler. As I walked out into the courtyard, my glance caught the unmistakable motion of unharnessed boobs, and I gazed unabashedly, knowing that my mirror sunglasses hid my stare from view.

She was young, with a cute upturned nose, mid-20s, fair-skinned, with dark blonde hair, parted in the middle and tied up in tight bun on each side of her head. Her breasts were funnel-size cones that softly pointed straight out. Their long nipples and dollar-size areolas were plainly visible through a white mesh basketball jersey, in stark contrast to her untanned tit flesh. As she walked to a trash can about 10 yards to my left, each breast took on its own motion, up and down, nipples poking at the jersey, moving in small circles, both clockwise, then one side-to-side and the other counterclockwise.

My passion stiffened with her every step. I pretended to fumble for my keys at the courtyard door as she dumped a handful of trash and strolled back to an open-doored sedan parked at the curb, for all appearances unaware that her casual display of jiggling flesh had left me frozen in mid-step.

Cross words came from the other side of the car, where a clean-shaven guy in tee-shirt and sunglasses appeared to be loading luggage. "I am hurrying," she retorted. "I'll be back out in a little while."

As she strolled back across the courtyard, I ducked into the hotel, thinking the tinted full-length glass door would hide my shadow. My eyes feasted again as the girl-next-door cutie marched up the sidewalk, breasts bobbing, and pulled open the door.

"I love your outfit," I blurted out, feeling I had to say something appreciative.

She spun around and looked at me. "What, this?" she said, holding the sides of the jersey in her hands.

"That is the most attractive outfit I've seen all year," I said, reaching down to adjust my erection so it tented my chinos. "You've certainly won my full attention."

Her eyes followed my hand. As she stared at the bulge, her pursed lips curled into a grin.

"I need to go down the hall and massage out some stress," I said, as I tapped my bulge, not believing that it was me speaking. "Tag along?"

She continued to grin, and followed me back to my room. "I've only got a few minutes," she said. "I need to get back to the car soon, okay? I've never done anything like this before, just watching a guy do it, but I'll never see you again, so what the heck. I want the door left unlocked."

"You've already seen me, now show me yours."

I let my chinos and briefs fall to the floor and sat on the edge of the bed. My six-incher slapped my belly as it popped free. "Ooh, a big one," she said as I started stroking with my fist. As she stared at it, I asked her to slip her top off. She raised her arms and pulled the jersey over her head, giving me full view of her brown-tipped cones. Her nipples were at least a half-inch long.

"Peek at your pussy?" I asked, feeling the familiar tingle starting to build under my groin. Still staring at junior, she grinned again, lifted both legs up on the bed, and pulled her panties aside to expose a dark-haired slit through the leg of her shorts. That sent me over the edge. Spunk volcanoed from junior, shooting across the bedspread as she scooted out of the way.

As I sat on the bed drained, she pulled her shirt back on, checked her hair in the mirror, and walked to the door. "Gotta get back. That was fun! I feel better now, too," she said, closing the door behind her.

She and the guy were re-packing the car when I drove past them unnoticed on my way out. She still wore a faint grin.

I had a long drive to make the rest of the day, and I stayed hard most of the way (with a helping hand now and again), just recalling the details of watching her watch me wank.


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