The Best Erotic Stories.

by Devil Woman

As she sat in the car waiting she still couldn't believe that she was actually going to go through with this. Of all the places for her company to send her to inventory, why did it have to be an adult bookstore.

At least it was during the store's downtime so she didn't have to contend with the "regulars". Still shaking her head and laughing she saw the other car pull in and park next to hers in the gravel lot. But what caught her by surprise was to see her boss, Bill climb out of the car instead of her regular partner, Sally.

Slowly she got out of her car, walked over to meet him and asked, "What are you doing here?"

"Sally called in sick and I kinda figured you really didn't want to do this by yourself. So here I am."

"Well I guess you're better than nothing." They both laughed at that and walked to the door where the manager was standing waiting for them.

The manager, a little man with little hair, a pot belly and a greasy smile; explained to them that they only had three hours to get the job done before the store would re-open. So they knew that they didn't have a lot of time.

Once inside the dimly lit bookstore they decided it would be quicker to split the job between them. She would do the movies, books and magazines; while he counted the toys and novelties section. She was thankful for that; the last thing she wanted to do that day was count a wall of dildos and vibrators. But most of all she was thankful the back room wasn't included in the job.

Knowing that they had to be professionals about this, they went to work and tried their best to avoid each other,

As she started the count she remembered the last time she had been in here; she and a friend had come to buy a gag gift for a co-worker that was getting married. But hey were in and out in such a hurry that she really hadn't noticed what was on display around her.

This time though she didn't have a choice but to notice what was on the shelves around her. What looked like endless row after row of movies, magazines and books dedicated to every sex act she had ever imagined; and some that she hadn't.

The shelves were stocked full of movies with wild titles and even wilder pictures on the covers. There were ones with men and women locked in the act of fucking in positions she found impossible. She saw lesbian movies with warnings of definitely no men allowed. Not too mention the jackets with women dressed in leather and bound in incredible devices of bondage and torture.

There were books about every conceivable combination of incest. Movies and such about mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, even brothers and sisters. She saw novels, if you could call them that, in which whole families took part in fantastic Roman style orgies.

She even found magazines that were solely devoted to how to get your dog to fuck you. Those had shocked her but not as much as the ones that showed women with a variety of animals; which included horses, pigs, goats, and even snakes.

At first the titles and pictures had made her blush like a teen-ager and feel uncomfortable. But as the time went on she began to find herself becoming more and more aroused by all that she saw around her.

When she had finished with her section of the store, she was amazed that she had managed to do it so quickly. But what amazed her even more was how incredibly turned on she was by the whole experience. When she looked at her watch she saw that they still had a little over an hour before the store was due to open back up; so she decided to see what else the store had to offer.

She walked through the arch that divided the two sections and found her boss busy counting in the aisle with all the lotions, creams, and edible lingerie. Apparently he had already finished with the section of handcuffs, whips, nipple clamps and other bondage items. He was even past the aisle of blow-up dolls and fake pussies. From what she could see the only section he hadn't finished was the huge wall of dildos.

She tried to be quiet, not only because she knew how much he hated to be bothered while he was working; but also because she didn't want him to know just how curious she was about this whole thing, not too mention horny. For the first time she was actually thankful she was too short to be seen behind the shelves.

Standing there looking at all the different shapes, styles, lengths and even colors eventually got to her. She looked around to make he didn't see her, and took one of the boxes from the shelf and opened it. What slid out of the box made her breath catch in her throat. In her hands was a latex shaft that had to be at least nine inches long and so thick she couldn't wrap her fingers completely around it. It was the color of milk chocolate and so life like it even had veins sticking up on it. As she ran her fingers along it she felt her pussy twitch and the first hints of wetness.

Without thinking about what she was doing, she took the dildo and snuck through the doors to the back room. She hadn't planned any of this but all she knew then was that she had too feel that monster in her. Besides it had been awhile since she had been with anyone and she was past rational thinking by then.

Ducking into the first room she found, she closed the door quietly behind her and sat down on the little bench to admire her new toy. The more she felt it, with it's latex veins bulging the wetter she got. Slowly she lifted her skirt and pulled off the panties that were soaked with her juices.

She was so wet her musky scent filled the tiny room as she let her fingers run along her slick slit. She found her clit so hard and begging to be touched that she immediately went to work on her little button. As she played with the swollen nub she felt how wet her inner thighs were from her juices that were literally dripping from her hot pussy.

She could feel her body burning from desire as if it was on fire as she fingered herself. But what she really wanted was to use her new toy. When she had first seen it slide out of the box the size of it had frightened her. But now she wasn't scared at all as she placed the huge head at the opening to her pussy. Knowing that she didn't have a lot of time she quickly rammed it in and had to bite her tongue to keep from screaming as she felt it stretching her lips to their limits.

Her urge to scream subsided though as soon as she began to work the dildo in and out of her snatch. It felt so good that before she knew it she had worked over half of it's nine inches into her hungry pussy. She laid back across the bench and was so caught up in fucking herself that she never noticed the door to the tiny room open.

As she lay there fucking herself with her legs spread wide and her pussy full, her mind filled with all the images she had seen on the shelves. She never knew anyone else was in the room with her until she felt his hand cover her own.

She let out a small shriek and tried to sit up, but the dildo was till pushed deep inside her. All she could do was try to close her legs but with that monster between her thighs there was nothing she could do. She tried to put up some kind of protest but it was no use as he pushed her hand away and started to fuck her with the toy.

"He'll never be able to sell this one now, you know that don't you?" he half whispered. But then a devilish smile crossed his face. "Why don't you let me help you really break it in?"

She was to far gone to put up anymore resistance as he pushed her back down on the bench. So she laid back and allowed her boss to fuck her with the dildo.

"Mmmmmm.......You're so wet girl, how long has it been since you been laid?"

"Too damn long," was all she could manage to say.

"Then let's really make this count."

Slowly he pushed until all nine inches was deep inside her and she could feel the head pushing against her womb. She squirmed helplessly as he twisted and turned the dildo inside her, making her whimper as orgasm after orgasm rushed over her. She felt his lips on her clit, licking it, she exploded, screaming as she did. And yet he never let up as he fucked her with the toy she felt him as he nibbled at her inner thighs. But it was when he pulled her clit between his lips and sucked that her eyes rolled back in her head.

The fantastic combination of his sucking and the dildo led her to an orgasm so powerful that it brought tears to her eyes. It seemed to take forever for her to catch her breath afterwards, but when she did come back to earth she saw the obvious bulge in her boss's jeans. Wanting to thank him somehow for the incredible time he had just given her, she quietly slid off the bench and knelt before him.

She looked up and saw him smile and nod his head as she loosened his jeans and let his hard cock pop free His dick wasn't as long as the chocolate one he had just used on her, but it was definitely thicker. Already tiny drops of cum had formed on the head as she tried to wrap her fingers around his shaft. But when her tongue made tiny circles around his swollen knob she heard the moans of pleasure from his lips.

She knew they didn't have much time left so she had to hurry. With her mouth open wide she wrapped her lips around the thick cock she had in her hands. Her teeth ran along the tender skin underneath as her fingers massaged his heavy balls.

She could tell he was close to erupting by the force he was using to push himself further down her throat. The room had become filled with her loud slurping sounds as she sucked his cock and his grunts and moans as he fucked her mouth. It didn't take long before she felt him twitch inside her and she tasted the first globs of his hot cum hit the back of her throat. His orgasm was so powerful and so plentiful she at first thought she would gag from it. But there was something deep in her that made her want every drop. And yet when she had sucked him dry she still wanted more.

But they knew then that their time was up and the manager would be back soon. Even though this was his kind of business neither of them wanted to be caught with their pants down, so to speak.

They were just walking out into the video section when the manager walked in the door. By then they were both dressed and looking every bit the professional. He handed the greasy little man the sheets and they walked out without so much as a look back.

But they couldn't help but laugh as they got in their cars about the one toy that never got counted.


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