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Ida's Toy Boy
by Edwina

Mrs. Ida Tongyn was bored, very bored, fed up of reading and television she walked across the elegant lounge of her beautiful home trying to decide how to fill in her time. Her thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell and she opened the door to a tall young man of 18, wearing a well filled T-shirt and tight jeans.

"Good afternoon Mrs. Tongyn," he said," Mother mentioned the fact that you were looking for someone to mow your back lawn and probably do some weeding for you, oh, yes, I'm Richard Ballsanawl, my friends call me Dick."

Ida looked at him as if he was the answer to an unspoken prayer. She had completely forgotten the conversation around the Bridge table with Richard's mother, Lovitt, and the other bridge players Ophelia Mellons and her own married daughter, Wanda Biggun when they discussed an apparent shortage of able bodied odd job men in the district.

Ida felt her nipples tingle and around the area of her crotch there was a definite feeling of moistness. With good fortune the afternoon might just turn out well after all. "Well, Dick, you don't mind me calling you Dick do you? Good, well, I'm sorry for a moment I had forgotten my conversation with your mum, however yes, I do have work for you. Perhaps first of all have a look at the mower, it hasn't been working very well. Have a good look and then come and let me know what you think?" Ida said, taking him around the side of the single floored house. "When you arrived I was just going to take a shower." She smiled inwardly at her own little lie." So when you have finished with the mower come in to the kitchen, help yourself to a beer if you like, plenty in the 'fridge, and then we can chat."

Ida left him wondering if he would be intrigued enough to try and take a peek. She immediately went into the bathroom and opened the window enough to give him sight of the shower. The glass sides of the shower would hide nothing of the 50 yr old womans body which she kept in good trim.

Dick wheeled the mower out of the shed and after priming the engine he found that it started first time. He gave a trial run and it cut the grass just as it was designed to do. Shrugging his shoulders he turned and walked back towards the house angling off towards the kitchen.

In the bathroom Ida heard the lawnmower start up and smiled to herself. She stepped into the shower and just as she expected, she became aware that someone was just outside the bathroom window as she had expected. The path from the garden shed to the kitchen ran straight past the bathroom and Dick would have to be gay not to at least have a peek.

Ida soaped herself all over paying particular attention to her full breasts, lifting and soaping them, she ran her fingers over her nipples which had already filled to a rubbery firmness. Glancing towards the window from the corner of her eye she saw Dick peeking in.. Turning fully to face the window she started the knead her soap covered mound, then allowing her legs to open she ran her fingers inside her slit, rubbing clit and actually gently masturbating herself. Dick was still watching and Ida wondered if he was playing with his cock as he watched. Well she had no intention of letting him waste his sweetness on the wall of her house and neither did she intend to make herself 'cum' She rinsed off the soapy body gel and then grabbed a towel. She turned towards the window and called " Dick, if you are still in the shed, I shall shortly be in the kitchen so don't take long."

Five minutes later she entered the kitchen clad in a loose fitting Kimono. She wore absolutely nothing underneath. The neck of the kimono was cut very low giving a deep décolletage and each side was split to mid thigh.

Dick was seated at the breakfast bar drinking been from a can. "Hi Dick" Ida said, Have you managed something with the mower?" His eye on the front of the kimono where he had a marvelous view of her breasts he nodded. his reply finding it difficult to speak. He was remember the sight through the bathroom window when he could see not only her breasts with their large aureoles and long nipples but also her pussy. When she had started to soap herself between her legs he just had to touch his own hard prick and he almost creamed in his jeans

"Good, then why don't you get me a beer from the 'fridge' and we will discuss payment for the jobs I require to be done." I said, and as she pulled herself up on to one of the bar stools he caught a glimpse of her thighs and realised that under the kimono this woman, old enough to be his mother if not his grandmother, was naked. His prick was straining the crotch of his pants.

To Be Continued...


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