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Indian Education
by Deeply

Paresh was a newly married to a hot girl from India. Of course, the marriage was an arranged marriage (the norm in India). Paresh had never visited India as he was born and grew up in US and Europe, but his parents were from India, and they insisted he marry a girl from back home. He said he will give it a try and that's how he met Ritu. Ritu was a nice young sexy girl who was a virgin until she married Paresh. However, Paresh has a secret fantasy that he had never shared with his young bride or anyone else. After the festivities and a long honeymoon in Bangkok they came back to US.

After a few months Paresh was becoming very restless. Ritu did not understand why he was so restless and becoming edgier every day. She asked her hubby many a times and he never told her why. One Saturday night, they went out for dinner to a nice restaurant near their home. This was a run of the mill Italian restaurant, but was very famous as it served good food. People from all over the world worked here. Paresh called in for reservation for 8:30 p.m. and he could not get one. Ritu had a nice shower and was dressed up in the traditional outfit. She came down to meet Paresh in the living room.

Paresh looked at her and said angrily "Are you out of your mind?"

Ritu did not understand his another outburst and asked him "honey, why are you getting upset. Do you want me to change?"

He said "How many times have I told you not to dress too traditional. Why don't you dress sexily? Are you afraid of your body? Are you old?" His anger knew no bounds as he went on and on. Ritu got fed up of his anger and she said she will change and went back upstairs.

She looked herself in the mirror; she looked gorgeous in the Indian outfit. She was not a chopped liver in the looks department. She was tall, sensuous and had a gorgeous body to prove (36-24-34). She had a 36 C cup breasts that were smooth and silky brown with a nice one-inch nipples to top it. Her beautiful and perfectly toned ass rested on a slim waste. To top it off she had beautiful long legs that ran forever. Everyone who had met her had complimented on her looks and sexiness. Even Paresh's boss had complimented her on her sexiness and had passed lewd comments when her husband was away. She knew most men lusted after her. Whenever she went to her hubby's office all the men there stared at her and complimented how Paresh was very lucky to have found here.

Her next-door neighbor Roger was an 18 years old boy who always lusted after her. She had caught him staring at her tits and her ass all the time. Roger was 6ft tall who worked out a lot and a hard nice body. He was the popular quarterback in his high school and had many girl friends. One day she went swimming in the late afternoon to the community pool as a part of her work out schedule. When she walked in she was greeted by none other than Roger and his group of friends. His friends were from the same high school and most of them were horny 18 year olds.

Ritu had worn her new yellow bikini to the pool that accentuated her figure. Roger saw her and he wanted to fuck this beautiful Indian pussy and suck that brown tits. He had seen her the first time when they had moved next door. Roger thought she kind of looked sexy the first time. But after seeing her in her bikinis his cock was growing stiffer by the minute. He wanted to fuck her and fuck her bad.

He said "Hi! Mrs. Paresh, how are you?" with a lusty look on his face. She smiled at him and said she was doing fine. Roger then said, "You look very lovely." Ritu had a warm tingly feeling in her pussy when Roger looked at her, this happened to her more than once when men looked at her. Her nipples were becoming erect seeing this hot stud who was admiring her body. Her pussy lips started leaking the honey juice, looking at this gorgeous 18 year old who had nothing but a swimming trunk that clung to his body.

She could make out the enormous bulge in the trunks that was getting tumescent by the minute. Roger caught her looking at his dick and he smiled and spread his legs a little bit wider to give her a little bit more show of his ramrod. Roger was nicknamed as "Big R" in his school. Ritu's knees became weak as she stared at a nice magnificent cock that was slowly breathing life into his swimming trunks. Roger had white swim trunks that made a great tent now. She could see the red tip of his penis and his lemon like balls that were peaking from the trunks. She was getting hornier by the minute and she needed to cool down.

Ritu jumped into the pool and started swimming. Not to be left alone, Roger jumped in after her and swam right next to her. There were not many people in the pool that day. Ritu was swimming to get her mind away from the beautiful cock of her next-door neighbor but there he was right next to her. Then she saw him disappear in the water. Ritu thought that he drowned and went after him. Underneath the water she saw him remove his swim trunks and he stood up. Ritu saw for the first time saw a cock that his not her husband's and was fascinated by it.

Roger had a mischievous look on his face that said come get me. She was still underwater and swam very close to him, she saw a nice white thick cock about 10 inches long with a pretty pink head staring at her. Ritu wanted to touch this beautiful specimen and wanted to suck and fondle his beautiful balls. As if by accident she slowly touched the cock that was gleaming under the water. Roger knew that once she saw his beautiful member she would never be able to resist. She slowly stroked it for a minute or two and saw how huge it grew in her hand. It was very hot to touch in the cool water. Roger was enjoying the feeling in his cock from this Indian beauty.

Roger slowly drifted towards the shallow end of the pool. Ritu followed him even there. Then to his surprise he found her jacking him again and again. He was soo close to Cumming. He wanted her body. But to his surprise she slowly came up and smiled at him and said "Baby you forgot, to put your swimming trunks. Your cock needs a nice nest" and so saying she kissed him on his lips. Abruptly she got up out of the water and left. Roger was disappointed of course, but he also knew how tricky it was to get into Ritu's pussy. He knew she was newly married and was scared. He could not forget her smooth brown tits, encased in a beautiful bikini and her pussy almost showing. Roger could not resist and he said, "bitch, horny bitch, I will fuck you one day for good."

Ritu was thinking about that incident and made her all wet and she wanted to fuck Roger now. But her husband was downstairs waiting for her to change. So, she said to herself "he wants me to dress sexily, I will." She took out her little black skirt and her white top that had a deep cut, which she had recently purchased in the mall. The young man who had sold her had said that she would definitely look sexy in the outfit.

Ritu wore a black bra and matching thong underwear to complete the outfit. She wore red lipstick at the end to give her the really sexy kitten look. She wore perfume on her tits, neck and her pussy to give the final touches. Paresh came upstairs and was startled at what he saw. His cock got into full mast seeing his young and sexy wife dressed like a sex kitten. He said "honey, you really look gorgeous. My cock is soo hot now. I want you to fuck you right now." Ritu said "well first let's go eat and then I am all yours."

They drove to the restaurant in silence as both of them were hungry for food and for fuck. There was a long line to get, so Paresh dropped his wife and told her to get their names listed. Ritu, got down and immediately knew all the men in the waiting line were staring at her. One even commented that she was soo hot and was ready to be eaten. She sashayed inside and was waiting. "Madame are you being helped?" said one of the young waiter.

Ritu said "I need a table for two now" and she said "I will be very grateful, if you can give us one very quickly."

Miguel was the young waiter, who was from Italy. He saw Ritu and his cock jumped and was overcome with lust. He wanted to fuck her badly so he asked her "What will you do if I get you a table immediately." Ritu sensing his lust was herself getting very horny and said "Anything you want my dear."

Miguel asked her to go wait near the store room door in the back. Ritu, was getting excited by the minute and she was also little scared as Paresh had never shown up. Meanwhile Paresh could not find any parking so he was still looking to find a parking space. Paresh thought that it would take them a while to be seated and he had time. Ritu wanted to fuck someone as she was very horny and looking at Miguel did not help. He was very tall and well-built Italian stud about 20 years of age.

His eyes were deep blue set on an angelic face with thick black hair. He had a sculpted body and Miguel knew that he was a magnet for women and had fucked many like Ritu. So he confidently went back expecting Ritu to follow him. Ritu saw his tight little ass and could not help but follow him, slowly but surely. Miguel told his manager that this lady was not feeling well and she needs to sit in the back until her husband's is back. Ritu followed Miguel to the back room.

Once inside Miguel took her in his arms and kissed her first gently and then fiercely. Ritu's body was on fire. She first hesitantly kissed him back. Then as his kisses grew longer and more forceful she started responding back. Her hands were all over him and so were his. "Baby, I want you" said, Miguel. His hands were inside her skirt and he found her thong underwear and smiled. His hands slowly traveled to her pussy lips and he started stroking her. Ritu was in a deep sexual slumber. She wanted him badly. Miguel slowly but surely slipped her thong and went to work. She was standing and slowly she found staring at his head disappear under her skirt.

"Oh! it feels so good" she moaned. Miguel's tongue found her nicely trimmed pussy. He slowly started to tongue her nice cunt. He could feel that she was slowly giving in to the pleasure. He started at her pink pussy lips and started eating her delicious love canal. Her juices were flowing in torrents and Miguel's tongue started to lap them up. He had never eaten an Indian pussy and he wanted to give her pleasure. He slowly started, licking the outer lips of her cunt.

Then he found Ritu's hand press head down to her pussy. "Oye, oye eat me make me cum," Miguel needed no further encouragement, as he started eating her in earnest. She started humping him and in a few frenzied moments she came in torrents. "Oh, oh I am coming" she said hooking his head in her cunt. Miguel loved the smell of her cunt and the taste of her pussy. She wanted more from him. She pulled him up and started kissing him again. Miguel liked this Indian sexy lady and wanted to fuck her. Then, he found her hand slowly stroking his cock. A moan escaped from his lips.

She smiled to herself knowing fully well what she wanted to do. She stroked him, cupped him and massaged him. Miguel said, "I will remove my pants" she said "no, that is ok." Miguel insisted she pull his zipper down and give his cock the pleasure it needed. Ritu, being the sexy bitch, said no and still stroked him from outside.

Paresh came in to the restaurant and asked the Manager for his wife. The manager told him that his wife was not feeling well and a waiter took her in the back to rest. Paresh then said that he should go and see what is happening and went near the storeroom door. He heard voices coming from inside and heard a man's moan and his wife's voice which was full off lust. He knew what was happening and his joys knew no bound. He wanted this for a long time and he wanted him and his wife to get fucked by other men. He heard the man's voice saying, "let me pull it out.

Then you can stroke me." "No, no I don't want you to pull it out, if you do I feel like doing something else," she said. "I insist," and he heard the zipper being pulled down. "Oh! my, it is very big and beautiful" he heard her say. Ritu stared at the cock unbelievingly. It was about 12 inches longer and three inches in width. The beautiful snake had a pink hood that was dripping with pre-cum. She wanted to suck the fuck tool. Paresh could not wait any longer and he knocked on the door and called out "Ritu are you ok."

Then, Paresh immediately pushed the door and he saw Ritu leaning against the wall with her back to the door. Ritu felt guilty and started crying. Miguel was near the door and was scared about Paresh as he though he is going to rough him up. Paresh smiled at Miguel and looked at his cock that was very thick and uncut. He winked at him and said, "Can you please get us a table." Miguel understood the man and smiled back stuffing his cock inside his trousers. Meanwhile Paresh comforted Ritu saying it was ok as she was horny and it was his fault that he left her alone.

Ritu thought that Paresh had brought her act and said I am sorry. Paresh said don't worry about it. They went outside and sat at their table. Miguel was their waiter and whenever he came to serve, Ritu shrank a little bit from guilt. Paresh noticed all these and also the huge cock of Miguel painfully encased in his trousers. He wanted to suck that big dick and get fucked from this beautiful Italian stud. Paresh was a bisexual and he had told nobody about this to anyone. When they were having dessert, Paresh excused himself and went to the restroom. Miguel saw him get up and followed him to beg his forgiveness, so that he would not be kicked out from his job.

Paresh noticed Miguel follow him from the corner of his eyes. "How perfect this day can get?" he thought. He went to the restroom and picked the last stall at the end. Miguel followed him into the bathroom. He waited outside the door to talk to Paresh. Paresh saw him through the little crack in the door. Paresh was very excited thinking about this magnificent creature waiting for him near the door. He called out "is there anyone out."

Miguel said, "it is me. I need to talk to you."

"Come in here," came out of Paresh's mouth. Miguel looked around kind of hesitant and then he pushed the stall door and saw Paresh's butt. Paresh had a cute little but that was meaty and firm. Immediately his cock got hard. He closed the door and Paresh turned around. Paresh saw the lust in Miguel's eyes. He said, "I am sorry for what happened, I did not want to disrespect my customers. Please don't tell my Manager. I will do anything to please you, Sir." Paresh laughed a throaty laugh, "Well, well I don't mind at all. But I need you to do one more thing." So, saying he squeezed Miguel's cock. Miguel's manhood jumped and started to grow.

He did not care, as this man's wife was a big tease and had led him to have blueballs. Paresh slowly unzipped his trousers and pulled Miguel's cock from its confines. It was a magnificent tool. Slowly Paresh started jacking him up and down. Miguel stared at this man, who was a little shorter than him, but was giving him so much pleasure. He slowly relaxed. Paresh went at his cock with all his gusto. He started massaging Miguel's balls and tickling his ass hole with his finger. Miguel started humping Paresh's hand. Faster, faster went his stroke to match the horny feeling. "suck me, please" begged Miguel. Paresh smiled could not resist this Italian stud's wishes and then kneeled in front of the and took his cock in his mouth.

He started slowly devouring the cock. His tongue swirled on the sensitive head and his hand started massaging his beautiful lemon like balls. He licked him up and down. He turned him around and kissed his beautiful ass. Then he slowly tongued the beautiful mushroom head. The hot fuck rod started to grown and expand in his mouth. Paresh slowly took the entire cock in his mouth without gagging. This was his first time and he found the smell of his lover's crotch incredibly sexy. He started increasing his sucking motion like a vacuum. Miguel started fucking Paresh's mouth.

Faster, faster, faster, he could not hold it any longer "I am going to cum now, man" he said. Paresh started to devour the cock completely and was blessed with a hot shower of tasty cum in his throat. Miguel started pumping a gallon of cum into his mouth and Paresh was in heaven. "It tastes so sweet," said Paresh. After what seems like hours he let go off his cock, after cleaning his cock with his tongue. He wanted to eat Miguel's ass and lick his entire body. But this was not the place. Slowly he got up and kissed him on the lips. Miguel returned his kiss and both of them embraced passionately.

"I want you man," said Miguel. "I want to fuck your beautiful ass and if you don't mind your wife also." Paresh said that he likes to get fucked by the beautiful cock. Paresh gave his house address and asked Miguel to meet him there tonight for a threesome. Miguel smiled and said that he will and left the bathroom saying dinner is on him.

To Be Continued...


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