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Island Girl
by Fantasy Girl

My name is Tommy, I am about to tell you a story that happened to me and for all of you who are married you may be able to appreciate this.

I married my Wife Lisa four years ago. Lisa is the sexiest woman I've ever seen. She has long blonde hair, Blue eyes that can seduce any man, Beautiful firm Cantaloupe size breast with silver dollar pink nipples that get so ripe when I touch them, not to mention an ass that fills up her jeans like a work of art. I met her in the summer she was wearing a short mini dress and was tanned from head to toe. She reminded me of an Island Girl.

Lisa and I have been married for four years and unlike other wives she is always attentive to me, she takes care of me and she satisfies me sexually more than any woman ever has. She loves to tease me and think of new ideas to please me. She didn't need to do anything more than be herself to satisfy me. Just the feeling of being inside her made my cock scream with ecstasy. She has a beautiful pussy, with pink lips and a tight pink hole that fits my cock so perfectly.

When I am inside her it feels as if she is grabbing the head of my cock and sucking on it with each and every thrust. I can't get enough of her and no one could ask for anything more in a wife. She is always complimenting me, I feel I am just an average guy with an above average personality and sexuality. I love to take my time and I aim to please. Which is why we are so perfect together. She came up with some good ideas but this one takes the cake. I came home from work one day and found her sitting there smiling at me looking like she was up to something.

She told me she just booked a cruise to an island for my birthday. She knows how much I have wanted to take a cruise since our last cruise on our honeymoon. I love the ocean water and there is nothing like the feeling of being out in the middle of the water at night when you can see every star in the sky. I remember making love to Lisa on our honeymoon out in the middle of the ocean, listening to the ship glide through the ocean water, underneath the stars. It was a very memorable experience.

I can't wait to do it again. On the day of the cruise we woke up early, gathered our luggage and headed for the airport. I was looking forward to being with Lisa and spending another great time with her on the ship. Lisa looked so pretty in her white mini dress and the sun shining in her golden hair. I couldn't wait for the night so I could be close to her. This was the best birthday gift I could ask for.

The first night of the cruise we went swimming, had dinner fit for a king and then took a walk around the ship for a little bit. We were tired from our trip and Lisa and I passed out when we got back to the cabin. I didn't get a chance to make love to her like I wanted to but I knew I would make up for it the next day. At about 4:00 in the morning I woke up with a hard on that was so stiff and erect I couldn't make it go away. My cock was ultra sensitive and the slightest touch could send me over the edge. But Lisa was still sleeping and I didn't want to disturb her. I went to the men's room to see if I could help it go down a little. The door slammed behind me and I drained my cock as much as possible but still my cock was stiff as a rock. I went back to the cabin and Lisa wasn't there.

So I thought she must be in the ladies room also. After a few minutes I figured I would go and check on her to make sure she was ok. I didn't find Lisa in the ladies room so I took a walk onto the deck. It was a beautiful night still dark out and no one around except me and the ocean water. I called out Lisa's name but no one answered. As I looked out into the Ocean water I noticed another boat near by filled with people still partying from the night before. They looked like they were having a great time. I felt a tap on my shoulder, it was Lisa. She reached out and put her arms around me and told me that she loved me. She gave me a kiss and a smile.

Baby can you help me, I dropped my ring over here and I can't seem to reach it. I dropped it while leaning over the bow of the ship and I am afraid to climb over. The railing was too high and the only way to reach it was to squeeze between the space of the railing. So I wedged myself and reached out as far as I could but I couldn't reach the ring. To my surprise I was stuck. I couldn't get out and I asked Lisa to help me but Lisa disappeared again. I thought to myself she will be back where could she have gone?

I noticed the boat of people from before and they were a little closer to the ship now. They pulled up along side the ship and it was filled with what you could call Island Girls. All of them wearing bikinis with wrap around skirts and flowers in their hair.

Holding umbrella drinks and having a great time. Almost as sexy as my Lisa. The next thing I knew I was being blindfolded. I said Lisa is that you? She didn't answer me and my clothes were being removed from my body. Lisa is that you? Cmon Lisa help me get out of here. I then heard a very sexy woman's voice with a native accent. She said I am not Lisa. The woman began to caress my whole body. She slowly worked her way from the bottom to the tip of my cock I tried to defy this feeling but it was difficult because my cock was already hard and sensitive to begin with.

I told her to stop. I am a married man and my Wife is going to be back any minute. The woman then spanked me and told me to behave or she would put a gag in my mouth. She started to lick and suck on my cock like she hadn't had a cock in years. It felt so good on my ultra sensitive cock but I still couldn't let her keep doing this. I screamed out Lisa's name. Lisa didn't answer. The woman became angry and she reached over and put a gag in my mouth. I couldn't yell any longer, I couldn't move and I felt helpless.

I was under her control and I couldn't stop her from what she was doing to me. The next thing I knew it felt like multiple hands were touching me all over my body. Someone was stroking my cock and the other licking my balls. One was feeling the nipples on my chest. Several hands were all over me rubbing some sort of lotion all over my body. The next thing I knew I was being dislodged from this tight spot I was stuck in by several people holding my arms and my legs so I couldn't get away. They set me free only to tie me up again lying on my back to the railing of the ship. The woman removed the blindfold but not the gag. I couldn't yell for help but I could now see a group of five women standing over me.

Each of them more beautiful than the other wearing hardly anything now except bikini bottoms. All of them had breast firm and perky. All of them were tanned with a flower in their hair. Three Blondes and Two women with long dark hair. Island Girls is what they were. They must have came from the boat that I saw before and they must have noticed me stuck there. They had been drinking and they didn't seem to care they were doing this right out in the open. I tried to speak but my cock spoke for me.

It told me that I am helpless and there is nothing I could do about this so I should just let it happen but I couldn't do this to Lisa. The woman in charge removed the gag from my mouth and she told me if I spoke I would be punished. The other girls just giggled laughing and looking down at me. Their nipples were all hard. They got down on their knees and began to take turns licking my cock. I couldn't take it. My cock was on fire and with every stroke and lick I felt like I would lose it.

I tried so hard to fight it but my cock wouldn't let me. I couldn't let myself cum. I tried again to yell for Lisa but no one answered. The woman in charge then stood up over me while the others sucked on my cock. She said I thought I told you not to speak! She then removed her bikini bottom and stood over my face, a stream of pee came from her pussy and all over my face. I closed my mouth so I didn't swallow the hot urine that was trickling down my face and chest. She said be a good boy or else. She then told the girls to stop as she could tell my cock was about to burst.

One of the blonde girls came up and whispered to me "You like it don't you"? "Just be a good boy and let us have our way with you". They placed a cock ring on my cock pushing it down to the base of my cock and stroking me up and down at the same time. They said they wanted to make my cock stay as hard and big as possible. I was weak. I couldn't fight it anymore. I knew I couldn't take the blame because I was helpless.

One of the blondes sat on my face but before her pussy rested in my mouth I noticed it was just as nice as my Lisa's pussy and it was completely shaved. The taste was so sweet. Meanwhile the other four were playing with my cock teasing me beyond belief. Stroking the tip of my cock and taking turns sucking on it while the other two were massaging my legs and licking my balls. I tried to scream because they were torturing me. The slightest touch made me feel like I could burst.

But they wouldn't let me cum, not until they had their way with me. Almost drowned by the orgasm the blonde just squirted into my mouth. I tried to yell again but she squatted over my mouth and started to pee on my face. Lift his ass up the woman in charge said. Next time he yells give him something to yell about. So they propped my ass up on one of the pillows from the deck chairs. Another blonde girl mounted herself on top of me while two others licked her nipples. She began to ease her pussy down on my cock that was ready to explode any second. "My name is Melissa and I am going to fuck your cock now". Melissa had a look in her eye that could drive any man crazy. She really wanted my cock and her face filled with ecstasy when she felt my throbbing mushroom enter her pussy. I felt that tight little hole squeeze my cock and I knew I would be a goner very soon.

But I couldn't cum with the tight cock ring they placed around my cock. Please I begged. I can't take it any more. There were still two women sucking on Melissa's ripe nipples while she fucked me. But there were also two women in back of her also including the one in charge. I begged and pleaded but she kept fucking me. The woman in charge then ordered the other girl in the back to fuck me in the ass if I didn't shut up. I noticed she was wearing a strap-on. Oh god I shouted ok I will be a good boy.

The woman with the strap-on then began to mount me but then I realized she was mounting Melissa. She told Melissa to lean forward while she was on top of me and she then began to fuck Melissa in the ass. Melissa's eyes rolled in the back of her head because her pussy was filled up with my cock and her ass was also full as well. She started to have an orgasm all over my aching throbbing cock and her tight pussy squeezed the sides of my cock.

I let out a very loud groan, my cock was being tortured and the cum could not rush out of me. Melissa then climbed off of me and the girl with the strap on came over to me and told me to lick the dildo clean. She told me to suck it like I would want my cock sucked. Do it or I will stick this in your ass! She said. So I did what she told me to do. Melissa began to lick the woman in charge pussy. The girl with the strap-on took her strap-on off and sat on my face. She told one of the other girls to take their turn with my cock. So she mounted my cock and she told me her name was Amy, she was very petite only about 5 foot with long dark hair and very nice breast.

Her pussy looked like it was only shaved on the sides and had one long strip of pubic hair down the middle. She began to straddle my cock while I sucked on the other girl's pussy. I felt the last girl behind Amy began to lick my balls and I thought this is it , I am going to break through this cock ring and fill this Bitch up with cum. I tried and I tried but I couldn't do it. I needed to cum so bad. The other girl licking my balls told me her name was Kathy and she started to lick my ass and my balls then inserted the tip of her finger gently into my ass.

Amy was fucking me like a rabbit and my cock was screaming. She let out a moan and her cum came gushing out all over my cock and my stomach. Kathy then jumped up and took her turn on me. She sat on my cock backwards and all I could see was her ass and pussy swallowing my cock. The next thing I knew the woman in charge came over to me and started to tease and stroke my cock. She told me I've been a good boy and if I would like to cum now. I said yes please let me cum , I can't take it any more.

She slowly stroked my cock up and down and then I heard a voice that was familiar. Hi Baby, Lisa said, It's ok. I am here now and I am going to make my baby cum sooooo good. She reached down and started to join the other woman in stroking and licking my cock. But first baby I have been so horny watching this that I need to take a turn fucking you first. So Lisa sat on my cock and she leaned forward placing her nipples in my mouth.

She worked my cock with her pussy and I instantly felt ok with what was going on and I knew this was the work of my Lisa. Lisa sat up and sat on my face and told me that she wanted to cum in my mouth. While the other woman began to suck Lisa's juices off of me. Lisa squirted in my mouth and then they removed the cock ring from my cock. I felt the freedom instantly and I knew I was going to erupt at the slightest touch.

All six girls then 3 on each side of me bent over One on each side with their nipples in my mouth, One on each side licking my nipples and my neck. Lisa and the other woman Licking the sides of my cock and caressing my balls. Lisa told them all to stand up over my cock and piss while she and the other woman sucked on me. They started peeing all over me and the other woman in charge started to lick my balls while Lisa kept on teasing and sucking my cock. She told me she wanted me to cum all over her face and then I felt it, a pressure and a surge of cum from the bottom of my balls all the way up to the tip of my cock. The most ultra sensitive cum I've ever had shot out of me like a bullet and I repeatedly shot my load all over Lisa's face. I must have been cumming for 3 minutes straight. I groaned with pleasure and Lisa had a smile on her face.

Happy Birthday Baby, she said as she untied me and gave me a kiss. She is always full of surprises. I wonder what she has in store for me next.


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