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In-Laws Pt. II
by Patrick

That night with my mother and father in law was the most incredible sexual experience of my short life, and when I awoke the next morning I was surprised to find that I didn't feel any guilt or embarrassment at all. Oh I thought of Henry quite a bit, and wondered how he'd react if he knew, but somehow I had the feeling he would understand...and approve. Mary and Jack had confided to me during the night that their regular Saturday night visitors were another sexy couple and they changed partners and shared whenever they could, and that this had been going on for quite a number of years, so it was most likely that Henry already knew of his parent's open attitude to sex, indeed, I was sure they'd passed it on to him. I shivered as I thought of future possibilities with Henry now that I had opened up a little.

I slept very late, and when I got up and wandered out I found Mary and Jack once again enjoying the pool. This time I didn't stand hidden in the kitchen and watch, I wandered outside, still in my bathroom and called a greeting. Mary waved and called for me to join them, but I laughed and told them I wasn't dressed yet. Both of then swam over to the shallow section and stood up grinning, "Neither have we" said Mary, and I could see through the crystal clear water that indeed they were both totally naked. There was just a momentary flush of shock and embarrassment, then with a laugh I allowed the robe to drop and stood there a moment while Jack whistled loudly, then dove over their heads into the water.

Wow, the water was incredibly cold at first contact, and when I surfaced almost at the wall at the other end, I noticed my nipples had already hardened. I touched the wall and pushed off immediately, stroking slowly down to the other end of the pool where Jack and Mary waited, and as I arrived they moved apart and each slid an arm beneath my body and almost lifted me out of the water. Then I was kissing Jack and kissing Mary, and their hands were caressing my breasts and my naked body and Mary was whispering in my ear hotly, "Water is so incredibly sensuous, don't you think? Every time we come into the pool we get horny and can't stop touching each other, have you ever made love in the water?"

"No, I....I haven't" I stammered, my body already shuddering as fire raced through it.

"Mmmm, it's quite incredible" Mary whispered, "as Jack's cock slides inside you it forces water up into your pussy, and that's an amazing feeling, almost like having two cocks in you at once"

I shuddered at the thought and the image, then Jack was behind me, his hard cock pressing against my ass cheeks, his hands fondling my breasts, "Mmm I'd love to fuck you in the pool, Anamika, why don't you bend over and hold on to the side of the pool"

I did as he suggested, moving in that misty haze that I'd experienced with them last night, as though their very voices were hypnotizing me. Mary guided my hands to the wall and positioned me with my feet well apart, then Jack moved in behind me and bent slightly at the knees, his hand holding his big, hard cock, and rubbing it up and down my pussy lips, and I started to whimper with desire, "Oh please, please...yes...fill me Jack...I want it so much" I heard myself say as if from a great distance, and couldn't quite believe I was saying it. But Jack did, and slowly he inserted the head of his cock into my pussy. I expected the same slow sensual entry that he'd employed with devastating results last night, but almost as soon as his cock head was wedged tightly, he rammed forward, burying his cock to the hilt.

I screamed loudly, not with pain, but with absolute ecstasy, as his rampaging cock shot a mass of water deep into my pussy like a tidal wave. A wave that folded back on itself as his following cock plowed through, giving not a double fuck effect, but almost a triple. I couldn't believe it, it was soo powerful that I orgasmed straight away from that one thrust! My whole body seemed to fall apart around his cock, and I shook and shuddered wildly. His cock hadn't stopped, however, it had withdrawn until only the head was inside, then again slammed deeply and powerfully into me, over and over again, and I was howling, "Oh yes Jack, fuck me, oh god so good, fuck me Jack, FUCK MEEEEEEE!"

Well I didn't really need to call that out, Jack had absolutely no intention of stopping, he was standing tall and firm, holding onto my hips and plundering my pussy with his rampant cock, "Oh wow, oh wow, what an incredibly tight cunt you have, I just can't get enough, I've just got to cum...oh're milking me, you're so hot, oh god I'm cumming, cummming. CUUUMMMIIINNNG"

And his cock was exploding it's juices deep into my pussy, making a thicker, harder wave as it met and mixed with the water, and that was another new and incredible sensation as the water and his juices were rammed firmly and frequently back into my steaming pussy. The pool water sure wasn't feeling cold now!

When It was finally all over and Jack's cock had slipped from my pussy, Mary embraced me hotly and kissed me deeply, "Well" she said, "was it as good as I said it would be?"

I could only murmur softly in her ear, still drained of energy, "My god, it was even better, I didn't realize, it"

She grinned, "Mmmm Jack loves it too, it's so much tighter for him, and for us, yeah, wild!", then she leaned real close and whispered in my ear, "And it's even more sensational in your ass!"

I gasped, not quite believing what she'd said, but when I looked at her face and then from hers to Jack's I knew she meant every word, and a huge shudder ran through me... I could feel my head shaking from side to side, but at the same time I could feel this incredible heat bursting in my pussy and spreading all round to my ass. Then Mary grinned, "But you'll have to find your own man for that, mine's the only ass Jack does it to"

Jack laughed at that, and I didn't know if I felt relieved or disappointed. Then he was off, out of the pool, calling to us that it was time to eat, because if we didn't eat we wouldn't keep our strength up and he felt we might be needing that strength before long. We both laughed at his comment, but both hurried from the pool and chased him indoors, where all three of us prepared the lunch amidst lots of laughter and touching, none of us bothering with clothes. For a cold salad meal, the preparation was exceedingly hot...and we loved it!

We had almost finished lunch when the telephone rang, my heart lurched, thinking it might be Henry, but it wasn't, it was a call from Jack's brother advising that his mother had been taken into hospital with a mild stroke and could they both come over straight away. Well there was no question that they would, and they raced around for the next half hour getting themselves ready, not sure how long they'd have to stay, but assuring me that they would be back as soon as they could. I told them that I would be fine on my own and they mustn't worry, and I promised to look after the place for them for as long as it took. Then they were off, no thoughts of sex on their mind now, and I wandered around cleaning up from lunch. Enjoying the silence and the emptiness, but already missing their warm laughter and witty conversation.

I spent the afternoon doing those things you tend to do when you're feeling a little bored and lost, I washed some clothes, did some ironing and tidied the same places two or three times. Mary rang in the early evening to say that Jack's mom was ok and would make a full recovery, but they would have to stay over that night at least and perhaps the next one too. I assured her again that it was fine and I was fine and I'd cope, and not to worry, then I could sense that she was putting the phone right up to her mouth because I could hear her breathing suddenly louder in my ear, and she whispered, "Jack and I are missing you already, we were so much looking forward to sharing with you tonight, it's always excited me seeing Jack with another woman, but with you it was even more exciting, I came just watching you and I've never done that before. I guess it's because you're Henry's wife, somehow that makes it more saucy, maybe even a little taboo, did you feel that too?"

I groaned, feeling the heat suddenly flare between my legs again, "I don't know what to feel, it's all so different,,, I've never been with a woman before, never felt like this about one, and Jack...I shuddered...god it was so exciting having him inside me, knowing you were watching, is that terrible?" I said, somewhat hoarsely.

I heard her chuckle hotly, "Oh no, that's just the way I hoped you were feeling, are you playing with yourself right now, thinking about it, I am, I'm going to go to sleep tonight thinking about you naked, thinking about Jack's cock thrusting into you, thinking about sucking his juices from your pussy...giggle...we're having to share a room with other family members that have turned up, so we can't have any real fun, guess we'll have to keep that for when we get we be horny then!", she said.

I confirmed that I was indeed playing with myself at that very moment and that I, too, would probably drop off to sleep imagining that they were with me, playing their hot sexual games, then she said goodbye and hung up, and I lay back on the couch frantically thrusting my finger into my pussy, trying to imagine it was Henry or Jack's cock.

And that's how I was when the lounge door opened and a man walked in!

I stopped, frozen and wide eyed with shock as he walked across the room to stand looking down at me, a wide smile on his face. He was a man, but only just, probably not yet 20, but he had the same strong chin and the same hot , sexy eyes as Henry and Jack and I realized that this must be Henry's little brother, Richard. He continued to grin down at me as my fingers slowly slipped from my sopping wet pussy, "Henry said I should stop by and see you, he thought you might be missing him and might need a little looking after...his eyes dropped deliberately to my naked, wet pussy, and his eyes seemed to flare....I can see he was right, you do need looking after"

Then to my utter astonishment he dropped down to his knees beside the couch and buried his face between my legs. His tongue immediately sliding forward to lap up the juices that had been copiously dripping from me. My body jerked, thrusting upwards, giving every appearance of lifting even more firmly onto his lips and tongue, although I'm sure this wasn't the case, it was purely a reflex action caused by the unexpectedness of his touch.

Of course I cried out loudly, "No, No, you mustn't", and of course I reached down to grab his hair and pull his face away, but he ignored my cry and my hands ignored their orders, and instead of pushing him away, pulled him even tighter into my pussy. And my body was shaking and shuddering, and my words had turned to a moaning gibberish, as his tongue shafted deep into my pussy, curling around my red, swollen clitoris, and flicking on it expertly, and in no time flat the ministrations I had given my pussy and the tongue lashing he was giving it had the inevitable result, I blew a mile high! A huge orgasm ripping through me, arching my body and setting it to shaking and shuddering as if a volcano was exploding inside me, and I was howling and wailing and spewing juices everywhere. It seemed to go on for ever, and Richard remained between my legs eagerly lapping up everything he could reach.

Eventually, I crumbled into a heap on the couch, my eyes tightly closed, my breathing ragged, my body still racked by the occasional shudder, and I felt Richard move away. Shame and embarrassment overcame me then and I lifted my hands to bury my face in them, hiding from Richard and hiding from myself and hiding from the world, god, what would he think of me? what would everybody think of me?

A light tapping on my hands broke my thoughts and I slid my fingers apart and peeked through them to see a smiling Richard standing above me holding out a drink, "Here, take this" he said, "I think we could both do with a drink, wow, that was wild, you are really quite sensational, Henry's a lucky man, cheers... to the sexiest sister in law in the world" he toasted and lifted his glass to drink.

I felt the flush run through my body and up into my face, but once again it was only partly embarrassment, it was also partly pleasure at his compliment, and I began to wonder if I was going a little crazy. I should be feeling lots of things, holding on to the guilt and the shame the way my parent's had always taught me, but somehow I couldn't, somehow I felt incredibly alive, and I found myself lifting my glass in response to his toast, and smiling up at him. Then he held out his hand almost formally and said "Oh, by the way, I'm Richard, Henry's younger brother" and he shook my hand. The sheer idiocy of a formal handshake introduction after he had just eaten out my pussy sent us both into peels of laughter that broke any residual discomfort either of us might have been suffering, and we again lifted our glasses in a mutual toast.

He then asked where his mom and dad was, and when I told him of his grandmother's illness he showed genuine concern and rushed over to the phone to ring and find out what was happening. I watched him as he stood talking to Jack on the phone, noticing his broad build, his quite handsome features, his quick smile when his father said something amusing, and, the large bulge in his jeans. Mmmm that looked very, very interesting, I thought, and immediately berated myself, what on earth was possessing me? I jumped to my feet and rushed out to the kitchen to make some coffee, anything to keep myself busy, out of his way, and stop me thinking thoughts that brought fresh heat to my body.

When I returned with the steaming coffee he was just replacing the phone, a slightly pensive look on his face, "Is everything alright?" I asked , quietly.

"Oh yes, fine" he said, "it was only a minor attack and she's going to be released tomorrow, so mom and dad will be back then". He glanced over at me as I placed the two coffee's on the side table, "Dad asked if I'd stay over and make sure you were ok" he said with a grin. I flushed and looked away. "I told him it would be my pleasure" he added, an even wider grin coming to his face.

"Oh, you don't have to" I stammered, "I'm quite capable of looking after myself"

"So I noticed", he said, with a light laugh, "But it's so much better when there's someone to help isn't it?"

I flushed deeply, feeling that familiar heat start to rise again, "really, you don't have to" I managed to say, but he only grinned more widely.

"I know I don't have to, but I want to, I've never met anyone as beautiful and exciting as you, I remember thinking at the wedding how beautiful you were and how lucky Henry was, but now you're absolutely stunning" he said, his voice seeming to get deeper, his words literally caressing me, and I shivered slightly. Then my eyes widened as his hands came up and started to undo the belt of his jeans, I started a choking protest, but the words got stuck in my throat. I even grabbed up my coffee cup and took a large gulp, trying to release my vocal chords and tell him to stop, but it didn't seem to help, and I watched almost mesmerized as he peeled off his jeans, his shirt and his underpants and stood before me totally naked and very, very aroused.

"Now you" he whispered, "I want to see every inch of your beautiful body Anamika"

I could only gulp and stare at the magnificent sight before me, he had an absolutely beautiful sculptured cock, long and thick, and it seemed to be beckoning to me. I shuddered, trying desperately to resist the feelings that were mounting fast inside me, god, what was it with this house, was there some kind of aphrodisiac in the air conditioning system or something, I'd never felt so hot and horny in my whole life as I'd felt since I'd been here. Even as my mind was fighting its losing battle, my hands were reaching up and unhooking my dress, letting it drop to the floor to reveal my unencumbered breasts, and Richard sucked his breath in sharply and whistled the air out through his teeth, "Wow" he said, a note of awe in his voice, "I've never seen such magnificent tits before"

I flinched slightly at his small crudity, but it seemed to fire me even more, and I quickly leaned forward and peeled down my briefs, then stood up straight again and heard his deep agonized groan, "Oh I do love that magnificent pussy" he whispered, and he was moving forward, reaching out, running his hands over my shoulders, down onto my breasts, over my hips, around to my naked ass cheeks, everywhere, and I shivered at his touch, licking my lips, feeling the fire bursting inside me.

Then, with a half strangled cry that signified the final defeat of those small voices in my head, I reached forward and cupped my hands around his big, beautiful cock and began to stroke it lightly, running my fingers teasingly up the underside, then circling his cock head, causing him to shudder and groan too. Then reaching down and cupping his large heavy balls and squeezing them gently, before dropping to my knees in front of him and running my lips and tongue over his cock too. That brought forth a deep shuddering groan, "Oh yes, Anamika, that is so good, please, oh, please"

He didn't really need to plead, I was totally enamoured of his beautiful cock and I intended to give him as much pleasure as he'd recently given me, so I took him slowly into my mouth, deeper and deeper, lashing it with my tongue as I went, sending shivers and shudders racing through him, causing his knees to buckle. He spread his feet a little wider, and as I glanced up I could see his head was thrown back, the muscles standing out on his neck, his face contorted in that agonized ecstasy look, and I grinned to myself. I dropped my eyes again and focussed on his cock, licking it, sucking it, teasing it, playing with it, stroking it until I could feel the shudders building to a climax and I knew he was close to cumming. He tried to pull away, but I held him tight and sucked harder and faster, pumping his young cock with one hand and squeezing and fondling his balls with the other.

Then he was screaming and shaking wildly as his cock swelled and swelled and suddenly exploded, shooting his hot juices deep into my throat, making me gag momentarily, but I relaxed my throat muscles and started to suck and swallow the juices that were shooting copiously from his cock. My hands continued to stroke and squeeze his cock and balls as his cum spewed out over and over again and he shook and shuddered and cried out his ecstasy. At one point I allowed his cock to slip from my mouth and his juices to spurt hotly over my ripe, firm breasts, and seeing that seemed to send him into a fresh orgasm and his spurting cock juices intensified, so I took him back inside my mouth and sucked him more and more. I don't even know how long this went on, but it seemed to be forever, and I was surprised to find myself experiencing a series of small orgasms as he pumped his dwindling cock deep into my throat.

Mmmmm he tasted so sweet, I couldn't seem to get enough of his hot juices, but eventually there was no more to cum out, and he sort of sank to the floor, a look of bemused incomprehension on his face, his breathing totally ragged, and I sank alongside him, stroking his muscular body and his tight ass cheeks, bringing small moans and groans from him with my feather touch. I smiled down at him, "ready for that coffee yet? I hope it hasn't got cold" I said.

He finally managed a weak grin, "I'm not sure I have the strength to hold the cup" he whimpered pitifully, and we both burst into laughter. I fetched the coffee and it was half cold, but neither of us seemed to mind as we sat sipping it, gazing into each other's eyes, speaking silently of things that were yet to be. A few fleeting thoughts of Henry and Jack and Mary flitted across my mind and I wondered if this incredible sexuality was somehow genetic, or was it just me, were they all made to be amazing lovers and sexual athletes, or was I breaking out of a lifetime of small town morality?

I realized that in part it had to be me, because when I looked down and saw that Richard's cock was already beginning to stir into fresh life, I was filled with an incredible excitement, and I blessed whatever force or trick of fate had brought me into this unique family environment. Then the thinking time was over, Richard's cup had been discarded and his mouth and tongue were now busy elsewhere - on my super sensitive nipples - and I was responding, my body coming alive again. He was every bit as gentle and forceful as Henry and Jack, and despite his tender years, every bit as skillful, and he soon had me in a state of wild sexual ecstasy, that pleading, demanding state where all inhibitions and all self control had been washed away by the fires of passion coursing through me, and I was crying out, "Yes, oh yes, Richard, Please...fill me up...I want your beautiful cock in me, Please, take me, take me"

And he was sliding over me, his big cock rubbing sensually over my inner thighs, then brushing over my pussy lips and I was arching and reaching for him and crying out even louder, and he was whispering hotly in my ear, "I want you Anamika, I've wanted you since I saw you at the wedding, I want to fuck you and fuck you and fuck you!"

I let out a strangled scream, lifting and squirming, trying to find his probing cock, "Oh yes, Richard, yes I want you too, I want you to fuck me, long and hard, oh god, please, fuck me, fuck me now" and as I said that he lunged forward and his big, hard cock split me in two, lancing ball deep into my pussy, causing me to scream and buck even more, and it was like somebody had unleashed two wild animals as we clawed and thrashed about on the floor, his massive cock plundering my pussy, my hands grabbing and scraping his tight ass cheeks, urging him on, pulling him in deeper. Having just been blown, Richard was slow to build to his peak, and that made it even more fantastic as he pounded and pounded his luscious cock deep into me, and I spun off into massive orgasm after massive orgasm. We were both screaming and crying, both telling each other how much we were enjoying being fucked and how we wanted more and more, my fingers were probing his ass hole, slipping inside, and he was arching and screaming even more wildly.

Then he was cumming again, with a final wild cry, "Oh shit, Anamika, I'm cumming, I'm CUUUUMMMMIIINNNGGG", and his cock once again spewed forth it's juices, this time into my hot, writhing, eager pussy, and I milked him with my tight pussy walls, pulling every last drop of his beautiful cum from his thrusting cock, and I was spiraling into that orgasm of infinity again, screaming and screaming until my voice was just a distant echo.

A long, long time later I came back to the room, back to the feel of Richard's muscular body pressed against mine, back to the feel of his still twitching cock slipping slowly from my pussy. Mmmmm I did love this feeling of total completion, total contentment, and I snuggled more firmly into Richard's arms. A small smile creased my face as I looked up and saw the desire still hot in his eyes, and I knew the night was not yet over, there was more to come, much more of his beautiful hard cock, and I couldn't wait. I licked my lips in anticipation, feeling the heat already starting to grow.

Mmmm I'm so glad I came to stay with my in laws!!


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