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Innocence Lost Pt. XXXV
by B. Stoke

In Which Innocence is exposed to the world and the world learns to love Innocence.

Innocence had never known before what it was like to be so wealthy. Thanks to Leon’s expert negotiating skills, Innocence had gained the relatively uncommon position of earning a percentage from the sex films she was performing in, and as the demand for them grew, so did Innocence’s wealth. She and Dodie were able to put enough money by to put down a mortgage on a flat in Congress, and still live a life of luxury that she’d only ever dreamt of before. If she wanted to buy something, she just paid for it. And in the meantime, her bank balance just continued to grow and grow.

It was Dodie who suggested that they increase their wealth by a more merciless exploitation of Innocence’s fame. She examined carefully the source of her lover’s revenue and it became clear to her that a growing proportion of it came from giving publishing rights to magazines to print stills from her films and the even bigger proceeds that came whenever she’d agreed to pose exclusively for any publication.

"You know," she said as the two girls lay in bed after more passionate lovemaking, globules of semen still dripping down her neck and resting on her chin. "I’ve put all our accounts on a spreadsheet, and nearly a third is now coming from magazines. And another third is coming from all those sponsorship deals we get from you advertising. That one for condoms made us nearly twenty grand, and it only took two hours to make."

Innocence smiled, as she stroked her penis as it flopped over her thigh, with a small stream of thin semen persistently emerging from between the folds of the foreskin. "I used to think that I was cursed. Now, I think I’m blessed."

"I’ve been thinking," continued Dodie excitedly, taking Innocence’s penis in her hand and stroking its smooth damp length. "Why do other people have to profit from your fame. We’ve got the contacts and we’ve got the resources. We can start our own magazine. Just featuring you and whoever you want to make love to. We can make sure that all the proceeds go to you, and you wouldn’t have to make love to people you weren’t sure about…"

Innocence reflected on some of her recent photo opportunities. The man with the enormous prick who wouldn’t listen when Innocence asked him to not put all of it in her arse. The fat girl with bad breath she had to kiss for what seemed hours while the photographer positioned her to get just the right light from the rays of sunshine penetrating through the forest canopy where they’d been filmed. The two men who only wanted to fuck her and didn’t want her to fuck them. A bit more editorial control sounded like a very good idea.

"We can call the magazine ‘Innocence’, and we can even start a web site to promote it. We might even make more money on the net than we’d do publishing. What do you think?"

Innocence’s prick began to stir: a sure sign that the idea interested her. "And we could have you in the magazine, Dodie. I know you love writing. And I know you love sex. We could make love together and with our friends." She rolled over and faced Dodie more intimately. She brought her face close to her lover’s. "We could fuck as we like, as we always do, be filmed doing it and make money. Oh! Dodie! With you, it would be so perfect. I’ll do it but only if you agree to be the editor." She placed her mouth onto Dodie’s and kissed her briefly. "Oh please say yes!"

"Yes!" gasped Dodie, as Innocence’s hand groped for the long hairs of her vagina, and her fingers explored its moistness. "Yes! Yes!" she continued, taking Innocence’s now erect penis in her hand and feeling its stiff warmth, the glans becoming more prominent and purple. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" she repeated as Innocence’s penis slid easily into the moist bath of vaginal fluid and the two girls recommenced grappling together on the enormous double bed that dominated their bedroom. She loved Innocence’s body and she loved her penis as it thrust harder and harder against her crotch, the muscles inside her gripping and relaxing on the pounding length of penis which fit so easily and readily inside her.

It was not at all difficult to get the magazine started. Leon helped with the capital and the photographers that Innocence had most enjoyed working with were all eager to help. The design of Innocence, the magazine, could not have been more simple. It featured Innocence on the cover with the obligatory erection (and the occasional droplet of semen) and contained two or three custom-filmed photo shots. In these she would might pose naked or be photographed making love to one or many women, and occasionally men. Undeniably, it was women whom Innocence preferred to make love with, and most of all with Dodie who, a little reluctantly, agreed to appear in the required capacity. It wasn’t the sex that Dodie objected to, it was the fear that her own individual character was being absorbed into the rôle of being Innocence’s lover. Although she didn’t object to being her lover, she still felt that she was not a porn star, and even if she were, not as someone who would only enjoy sex with Innocence.

The first edition sold out promptly and rather faster than either girl had expected. The appetite for a beautiful woman with a fully functioning penis was greater than even Dodie had expected. More copies had to be ran off, and the printer was soon overwhelmed by the demand (which necessarily had an adverse impact on her ability to fulfil her commitments to other publications). Dodie, however, was not as happy with the contents as she’d at first thought.

"The pictures are great," she explained. "And you’re as beautiful as ever. And even I don’t look as awkward as I’d thought." She glanced at the open pages in front of her where Innocence’s penis was deep inside her anus, while another girl who they’d employed for the shoot was greedily exchanging tongues with her. "It’s the rest of the magazine. There’s my coy editorial, where I just talk about your movies and the videos. There’s the text with the pictures which is really naff, even though it was me that wrote them. There are a few stills from your last movie and a couple from that one you filmed on the beach and hasn’t been released yet. But it just doesn’t satisfy me."

"But what about all those advertisements we got," protested Innocence. "And only one of them came from Leon. And there are only two or three for the movies I was in. At least we’re getting interest there. And we’ve already got enough advertisements for the next edition, not counting all those personal ads which are just coming in. What more do you want, Dodie? This is after all a sex magazine!"

"I know! I know!" replied Dodie, shaking her head. "And yes, the ads are quite imaginative. I’m glad we’ve got that ad for pubic hair conditioner and that one for the Brook Tourist Board. But I just feel it’s not artistic enough. It’s just crude sex. Sex with you, but crude nonetheless. I want to edit something about which I get some artistic satisfaction."

"You’re the editor!" smiled Innocence. "You can do what you like! You know I’d support you in whatever you decided to do."

Dodie grinned and greedily took Innocence’s penis in her mouth. Using the skill gained from frequent practice, Innocence’s penis slid easily over her tongue and down her throat where it tickled on her tonsils. She slid her head backwards and forwards until Innocence erupted in come which exploded through Dodie’s nostrils and nearly choked her. She quickly withdrew the erect length of it and gagged uncontrollably. Although she was in obvious distress she was just as clearly in near ecstasy. "Oh! Innocence! I love you so much!" she finally exclaimed.

Dodie worked hard at making Innocence the sort of magazine she wanted it to be. Along with the photo shoots and the film stills, she incorporated commissioned illustrations and employed the services of writers who she knew or admired. The front cover was a more artistic portrait of Innocence which Dodie had persuaded an artist to do on the basis of his extensive catalogue of illustrations. It featured Innocence’s penis exploding in semen and splattering onto loosely draped clothes which artfully succeeded in obscuring none of Innocence’s beautiful breasts and emphasised the curves of her body.

There were articles and even a poem about Innocence scattered about the hundred or so glossy pages of the magazine, all tastefully illustrated by either photographs or drawings of the girl. Her penis was shown in close up, in erect poise and also in more flaccid relaxed poses. In some pictures, her breasts were artificially enhanced by computer graphics to be even more prominent than they really were; and the same artistry put her in environments she had never, or could never, have been to. There was Innocence on the Moon. Innocence deep beneath the sea, swimming with the dolphins. Innocence naked on the beach. But not many of Innocence having sex, and the only series of photographs where this happened featured her with Dodie high in the glaciated mountains of Brook where they had first met.

"It’s my tribute to our love," Dodie explained.

However, not all the magazine featured Innocence. There were stories written by such as Honore L’Oeuf and Cheval Blanc which had not even the slightest pretence of concerning Innocence or her amours. Dodie had used her editorial discrimination to choose stories in which she felt there was strong characterisation, stories where the sex although central to the plot was not the subject of sole interest. Dodie knew that sex was not something that could be left out of the magazine. But she hoped that readers of Innocence would appreciate that too much sex would become boring without a context and sympathetically drawn participants. She believed that fictional accounts of raw sex could so easily otherwise become purely gynaecological and even mechanical.

The day of publication finally came many delays and many hours spent overseeing the layout and presentation. Dodie considered that no details of font or colour scheme were too trivial to be left to chance. The positioning of the illustrations, the wording of the headings, the text of the editorial, the use of precise and syntactically correct English: all these needed attention, nurturing and even love. Dodie squeezed Innocence’s hand as the first magazine was glued together and lay in front of them on the table.

"Oh, Dodie," sighed Innocence. "I really don’t deserve showcasing of such quality. I’m only an ordinary girl… Well, not that ordinary," she admitted, stroking her penis which dangled free beneath her dress, "but there must be many who deserve this far more than me."

"Nonsense!" said Dodie, kissing her lover full on the mouth and enjoying the warm tingle of her lips and the faint brush of her warm breath against her cheek. "You are the love of my life, and you deserve the very best I can give you."

Alas, however, the sales of this edition of Innocence were very disappointing. True, they were still very good compared to the sales of many of the competitors, and was stocked as widely on as many top shelves as them. The publishing figures spoke for themselves, and unfortunately they were unambiguous. The glossy established sex magazines such as Focus, Scenic, Astra, Polo and Boxter were way ahead on the sales charts, whereas the last edition had outsold all of them except Cavalier(which would have been a terrific triumph considering its phenomenal marketing budget and its ubiquitous presence).

This was disappointing enough for Dodie, but even more upsetting for her was the mail which she received. Much of the mail was complimentary. It expressed delight in the high standard of presentation, the depth and maturity of the text, and the artistic quality in the illustrations. Many letters began with the words ‘I do not normally buy pornographic magazines, but ...’ or ‘It was a pleasure to find amongst the usually sordid pornographic press, a publication which ...’ or ‘I have never before felt the need to write a letter of compliment to a pornographic magazine...’ These letters clearly came from an audience in tune with Dodie’s æsthetic tastes and artistic ambitions.

However, the majority of letters that Innocence and Dodie were far less complimentary. Many were even abusive. They complained that there wasn’t enough sex. That what sex there was did not present the scenes of anal intercourse, facial come-shots and group sex to which the readership had become accustomed. One more thoughtful critic confessed that in his opinion a photographic series without double entry penetration was simply not what he expected while masturbating. His final shakes of the wrist were over art rather than come-shots, and he had produced a very disappointing volume of semen. It was clear that he, and many other readers, felt cheated that their wanking was on tame material and that no perversion was explored except indirectly.

Dodie became very depressed. She stayed in bed almost all day, and refused to leave the flat. She obsessively read and re-read the letters she’d received and compared each letter with the copies of the magazine which littered the house. Sometimes, she would read only the abusive letters, as if she were rubbing a sore scab, and would cry softly and sadly to herself. Sometimes, she got angry and would throw the magazine violently against the wall and shout her own abuse. Sometimes, she would read just the complimentary letters and smile. She had her favourites which she would return to again and again, getting comfort from the praise they contained. She would even mouth some of the more complimentary phrases to herself as if trying to persuade herself that because they were said, they must be true.

Distressingly for Innocence, who loved Dodie so dearly, their sex life suffered too. Dodie hardly ever initiated any love-making, and when the two made love together it had very little passion. Innocence guessed that it was comfort that Dodie wanted, but it made her feel guilty that the passion she was getting these days were from her other friends and from those with whom she had sex on a professional basis. It did not help Innocence that preparation needed to be made for the next edition of Innocence and that it became increasingly unlikely that Dodie would be the one to edit it. It was a subject that Innocence was very reluctant to discuss with Dodie.

However, Leon, the publisher, had a business to run. The printer was eager to use the extra capacity she had made available to the publication. The distributors were eager to know when to expect delivery. And it was clear to Innocence that she had responsibilities and duties to other people than Dodie. Not least of which being her loyal fans, who were beginning to show their impatience on the many web-sites (official or otherwise) that were dedicated to her. What could she do?

In a way she was grateful, but also devastated when it was Dodie, and not she, who resolved the issue. Innocence came home after a day’s tiring filming, her arse sore from countless penetrations and her penis red raw from penetrating arses, vaginas and mouths, and bruises along the insides of her thighs. What she was really looking forward to was a long relaxing bath in luxurious scented bath gel with soothing music to distract her mind. What she found was Dodie sitting in the living room where she’d been waiting for her, with her bags packed and dressed ready to go. This meant a tweed jacket, rubber-soled boots and the long hairs of her vagina shampooed and glistening between her bare uncovered thighs.

Dodie looked up with a start and it was clear to Innocence that she had been weeping. When she spoke, her voice sounded slightly throttled and words came from her unsteadily and in slight gasps. "I’m leaving," she announced. "You’ll need to find another editor for Innocence. I’m obviously not the right person for it."

Innocence didn’t want to announce that she already knew several people recommended by Leon who were more than eager and able to do the task, and that that had not really been the source of her anxiety. "Don’t leave," Innocence said as firmly as she could. "Please don’t leave! I know it’s been hard on you this last month or so. But it’s you I love. Not you as an editor. But you!"

Dodie smiled. "Is that true?" she asked. She looked as if she was wavering, and she appeared to waver the more, as Innocence allowed her dress to slip down off her shoulders and to fall down to her ankles, revealing her bronzed female contours, her splendid breasts, and, of course, the slightly tumescent penis which so defined her. "But, Innocence, I can’t stay. I’ve thought about it for so long. And it’s not just that I’ve failed you. It’s … it’s … I need the break. Maybe I’ll come back. But I know you’ll find another lover. And … and … and I know I’ll find one too. Not perhaps one as beautiful, or as special as you. You know it. But, it has to happen. I have to leave. I think I shall work as an editor for a different kind of magazine. It may be a sex magazine, but it won’t be a fan magazine…"

"You can do that and stay here," pleaded Innocence.

"No, I’ve learnt my lesson. Whatever skills I have are not as editor of Innocence. I don’t know what it will be. But I’ll find it. I love you, Innocence. I will always love you. You will always be the one most true love of my life. But to spend the rest of our lives together. That wasn’t to be."

She stood up and walked slowly towards Innocence, tears streaming down her cheeks. She kissed Innocence on the mouth. She kissed Innocence on the breasts. And then she lowered herself to her knees, and kissed Innocence on the penis which stirred significantly from the tender touch of her lips.

Then without a word, she picked up her bags, and walked out of the front door, her cheeks of her arse and a few stray hairs from her crotch on display. She turned around and blew her erstwhile lover a kiss on the air and then departed. The door slammed abruptly behind her and her key rested forlorn on the table by the door.

It seemed to Innocence that the kiss hovered in the air for several minutes as she stood helpless, stunned and paralysed by emotion. She looked around the flat which now seemed empty and barren without Dodie. On an impulse, she got dressed and rushed out to catch Dodie in the hope of persuading her to stay. But it was too late. There was no sign of Dodie in the street and no clue as to where she had gone. The only comfort left to Innocence now was the long awaited bath and the warmth of her own tears.


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