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I No Longer Have A Clit To Lick
by Anonymous K

You men are all rapists. My husband really hurt me when I had sex the first time. I bled like a pig. You see, I had a lattice hymen. That's the one on the right in the illustration I took from the Internet.

It hurt even worse than giving birth. He thrust and he thrust with a rod of iron. I screamed and screamed and the hotel manager came in. I froze. My vagina tightened up and it hurt even more. The hotel manager grinned at me and said, "You didn't look like a virgin when you signed the register" and he laughed.

I put up with it for years while I was a high school teacher. Later I became a literature lecturer at a well-known University and discovered that most of my girl-friends only allowed people to lick their slits.

I had a really big clit and was very proud of it. So proud that I had it photographed and it is on the Internet. That's it in the second illustration. But my husband got himself a young girl a few years after we started having only non-penetrative sex. I got a girl-friend too and we licked each others' slits. It was lovely and cool.

I fell in love with her and you could see it in my work. I couldn't get published but I ruled the roost at Uni. There was nothing I couldn't do.

But she left me for a younger girl, one of her students.

I cried in class. I told my class, most of whom were very young girls, that defloration was morally wrong.

I was sacked for that lie.

For months I didn't know what to do to atone. I tried all sorts of things. Piercing, learning to shoot a gun, driving very fast. Suicidal driving got my licence taken from me. I took pills but they didn't work.

I went back to my piercer and he offered me some choices. I chose nullification. In the third illustration, you can see me bleeding after all my cunt had been cut out. It is sewn up now and I need no-one's love. Life is an incurable illness.

* * * * *

I wrote the story out of disgust at the tribalism and stupidity of people who have piercings.

The story is therefore a reductio ad absurdam.


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