The Best Erotic Stories.

I'd Rather Be Shopping
by Che

At ten sharp, Sarah and Brandi parked in the front lot of North County Mall, picking that place because neither had shopped there. San Diego was big enough that they felt secure about not running into "friends or relatives" while on the prowl. As usual, Brandi took the lead.

"Let's check it out, Sarah. They must have all the stores just like Fashion Valley and LVTC. It's going to be difficult for me to stay on budget. You know me and shopping. It’s so easy to buy more than I need. Let's do lingerie first. I'm always in the market for underwear. My hobbies are hard on my panties."

Brandi’s sense of humor made Sarah giggle as she moved into step with her roommate, heading for the lower level mall entrance. It had already been warm when they got out of bed, a sunny day promising only to get hotter.

Maybe envious, Sarah sometimes dressed like her stunning little redheaded roommate, choosing styles Brandi liked. Today, they were wearing tan suede clogs, very short tight stretch miniskirts and loose-fitting tank tops. At their age, neither needed to, and seldom wore bras. Silver ear-rings and wrist bangles, hair pulled high up into pony-tails, Sarah’s, straight blonde tresses, Brandi’s, long wild tangled auburn ringlets. They were just two more girls shopping, with the exception that every male they passed stopped to look back.

"You get on the escalator first," grinned Sarah, still giggling. "I want to see what people can see when they’re behind me."

Even from just two steps lower on the escalator, what she saw was the glossy crotch of Brandi's skintight satin thong.

"If you knew what you looked like from here," she giggled, moving two steps higher and standing next to her girlfriend, looking back to see if anyone had closed the gap. "Brandi . . . I could see your panties and everything!"

"That’s nice," smiled Brandi, adjusting her skirt. "Hope you got a good look, sweetheart."

Despite the fact that Brandi was almost twenty-three, they blended perfectly into the mob of teenage shoppers, two of the cutest girls in the crowd. Buying booze had nothing to do with Sarah wishing she was twenty-one instead of eighteen. No one would have guessed the two were nearly five years apart.

"I want to check-out Victoria’s Secret®," she said, grabbing Brandi's hand, pulling her along. "They got lots of real hot stuff to wear. I need some more satin panties, too, and they’re on sale . . . second pair free. I'm getting at least eight."

"Have . . . " corrected Brandi, patronizingly, "have, not, got. It’s not hard. Think about what you’re saying. If you want to be more adult, try working on your grammar. It tells a lot about the person. I'm not trying to tell you how to act, but I'm sure you'd rather be seen as a beautiful self-assured young woman than some high-school student. You so well-developed, Sarah. You look old enough to be in college. You might think about how you sound when you speak."

Blushing but nodding, knowing it was too true, Sarah didn’t try to defend herself. She knew better. Mall-talk was just a habit she’s picked up while hanging-out with high school friends. Catching her reflection in a window, she slowed to look at herself, but pretended to be looking at merchandise. No doubt about it, she could easily pass for twenty-one. Brushing a blonde strand away from her face, she sighed.

"You're right. I'll try to pay attention, but I know I'll probably mess-up. A lot of my problem is, lots of guys who call want to talk to a girl who sounds like a teen. They tell me they call-back because I sound so young . . . that gets them off . . . but I know it’s a game. I guess I could save that for the phones."

"Good point, baby. The phone-work is entertainment. Play any role you like. Just remember, there’s life after phone-sex."

Making the rounds of every boutique, they tried on clothes, styling and flirting with anyone catching their eye. After two hours in Nordstrom® and Victoria’s Secret®, Brandi had spent over six hundred dollars and Sarah almost as much. It wasn’t that she couldn’t afford it. She made more than she’d ever believed possible working the adult phone-lines four hours a day. Meeting Brandi had been more than a bi-sexual adventure. She’d taught her how to save and invest, how to plan for her future.

"Oh well," Sarah sighed, "easy cum, easy go . . . "

She stopped mid sentence, large sky-blue eyes following a tall well-dressed young man passing through the milling crowd.

"Speaking of cum . . . isn't that what I was just saying?"

Brandi followed Sarah’s gaze. She was watching an attractive young man in a nicely-tailored suit, a healthy six foot plus specimen.

"He's not wearing a ring," whispered Sarah. "Think he's single? He must work here. See? He's helping that girl over there at the Brass Plum. Bet I can get him to help me, too. Shopping all day makes me hungry. Bet he’s got something I’d like in his pants. All these cute guys and so little time. I’m so terrible, Brandi. And, Gawd, so horny. I got this need for seed! That guy definitely looks good enough to eat. Why are you looking at me like that. You aren’t mad at me, are you?"

Browsing through skirt-racks, Brandi watched the salesman. Sarah's rap usually made her smirk. She’d seduced the teen the year before at her P.B. condo, at one of her now infamous ‘parties’, then let her move-in with her a few weeks later. Sarah did have a knack for making friends, and could talk to almost anyone. She also had a sizzling imagination and was perfect for phone-sex. Within a month, she’d had more calls for her than any other girl on her service. They both made excellent money, considering the time spent, but Sarah’s lust for stiff dicks sometimes left Brandi a little ‘tweaked’. It wasn’t a perfect match, but it worked in San Diego. Sarah was bi; Brandi was lesbian who loved submissive young girls; although she had a penchant for watching all kinds of sex.

"You and your appetite," she said, shaking her head. "And remember . . . it's what he has in his pants, not what he's got . . . "

."See . . . there I go again . . . sorry.

"What are you going to do? Have lunch in one of the dressing rooms?"

"Maybe. You must be reading my mind," giggled Sarah, checking her lipstick in a mirror, wetting plump lips with a broad pink tongue. "Can I? You don’t care if I go hunting?"

After paying for purchases at the cashier’s, they strolled over to the Brass Plum. There weren't many shoppers, and before long, Sarah had the young salesman's attention. She’d been walking back and forth, picking up garments before he finally approached her. No way was he going to let someone else get to her first.

"Are you finding everything you want?" he asked politely, eyes moving up and down her nubile mostly-legs figure.

With arms full of clothes, she glanced back at him with a smile that could start a fire, before accidentally letting the bundle fall to the floor. Bending over quickly from the waist to pick them up, she turned her back to the young salesman. That opened his eyes wide; a peek at a crotch as sweet as Brandi’s. Making the already short skirt even shorter, she'd exposed all of those legs, more than a couple of inches of slick white satin panty-crotch and two perfect firm tanned ass-cheeks.

"Here, let me do that," he smiled, face flushed, kneeling quickly behind her and picking up clothing so he could see. Almost straddling him as he knelt, she stood, long tanned legs far enough apart to keep him glancing up between them. By the expression on his good-looking, but very red face, there was no doubt about how much he could see. The young man couldn't move his eyes away from the sexy treat she was flaunting; a close-up look at perhaps the sweetest crotch in the mall.

"Ah . . . " he said, swallowing twice, then trying to speak, clearing his throat again, "ah . . . "

So flustered he couldn't think of anything appropriate, he just continued gathering-up clothes and staring at her glossy crotch. Smiling sweetly, Sarah winked at him, one hand resting on his broad shoulder.

"Would you like to help us while I try on a couple-a things? We want a real man's opinion. I bet you have some . . . opinions? You have good taste in your clothes. I bet you have good taste when it comes to girl's fashions, too. There are so many different styles. We want your opinion about what looks best on me," she smiled demurely, examining his lapel pin. "Steven. Like, that's such a totally masculine name."

Steven blushed but handled the question diplomatically, pilling clothing on the counter, his smile nailed to his face.

"Thank you. My mother liked the name. What did you want to try? I'm happy to give you my opinion, but I'm better at men's fashions than women's . . . "

"Ohhhh, I bet you know what looks good when you see it," teased Sarah, making obvious reference to her recent spread-leg performance. "I'll show you what I picked out, and you tell me which things I should keep. I can't decide. Like, I know you can help me, I'm sure."

"The dressing rooms are back here," he offered, turning, pointing to the hall. "Try them on and come back. Let's see what you picked out."

Brandi was watching the girl at her best, the little tease getting just what she wanted. Toeing the floor and twisting from the hips, Sarah almost pouted.

"Can't you help us back there?" she begged. "Like, you’ll probably go and help another shopper just as soon as I start trying on clothes. Then I'll have to wait while you help someone else . . . "

It was one of those ‘helpless little-girl’ acts. Shrugging, Steven turned to a clerk.

"Paulina, I'm going to be helping these two. Will you keep an eye on the counter?" A smiling salesgirl waived as she answered the phone. "Thanks, Paulina," he called, following Sarah and Brandi into the hallway.

"Try on the blue skirt and the white blouse," smiled Brandi, handing them to her playmate. "I like you in blue."

Sarah slipped into a dressing room while Brandi and Steven waited just outside the door.

"Are you two sisters?" he asked, searching for something to say as they waited.

"Best friends," Brandi smiled sweetly. "We do almost everything together. I do her. She does me."

Not sure that he'd heard correctly, Steven looked blank. First fidgeting with the knot in his tie, he straightened the handkerchief in his coat pocket. The dressing room door opened. With nothing else on but skimpy white satin thong panties and an almost transparent white blouse, Sarah held a blue miniskirt in her hand.

"It's too big," she frowned, sweetly. "Could you bring me one size smaller? Maybe a size two . . . I want one that fits nice and tight."

Giving her a kiss on the cheek, Brandi took the skirt.

"I’ll go get it. I remember the rack where you found it. It'll just take a second. Be right back . . . "

Making no false attempt at modesty, Sarah smiled at Steven, eying his growing lack of composure and obvious attraction to both Brandi and herself, a telltale bulge in the front of his slacks delivering a covert message.

"What's wrong, Steven? Is the blue skirt too strong for my color? Friends always say I look good in pastels, but I wanted something a little brighter. I like this white blouse. It's kinda see-through, don't you think? Would you button the back for me?" she smiled, peeping around the corner of the dressing-room door, aware another shopper was looking for an empty room. "Come in here," she smiled modestly. "I don't want to try on clothes out there where anyone can see."

Grabbing his arm, she practically pulled him into the dressing-room.

"Ah . . . I'm not supposed to be in dressing-rooms with customers," he protested nervously, edging toward the door. "Company rules . . . "

Unable to take his eyes off of her fantastic figure, he couldn't stop staring at her long pale-pink pointed nipples peeking through the white lacy gossamer blouse. Sarah’s breasts were firm perfect B’s, conical nipples high and prominent whenever she was excited. At the moment they were as long as they could get.

"Oh, don't be so nervous." giggled Sarah, rubbing his strong arm. "Golly, Steven, you sure have big muscles! You must work-out a lot."

Dropping her hand to his belt buckle, she wet a pink-lipped pout with a wide pink tongue, and caressed the wonderful prize in his pants.

"Like, don't be so nervous! I don't bite . . . but . . . " and unzipping his fly with a quick downward tug, she smiled, raised up on tiptoes and kissed his cheek, "I sure love to suck!"

Slowly kneeling in front of him, she looked up into very blue eyes and slipped her fingers into the open fly. Steven was sweating nervously.

"Oooooooo, Steven!" she giggled, pulling an impressive hardening cock out of the fly. "Look what I found in your pants. Your girlfriends must be happy."

Smiling, wide-set sky-blue eyes growing larger, she stroked his growing erection.

"Mmmmmm, you got a tool that makes me drool. You’re already dripping."

She couldn’t keep from giggling as she played with a cock so big, more than eight inches stuck out of the fly. Thickly-veined with light-blue ridges, light-colored flesh was capped by a head, the color of and as big as an over-ripe plum.

"I'm impressed," she smirked, licking super-model lips. "You’ll like this. Watch me in the mirror, Steven. I'll impress you."

Spreading her legs, and cupping an already wet panty-crotch in the palm of her hand, she massaged the smooth slick satin, fingering a hard little clit as she squeezed his thick flesh. A large stream of pre-cum quickly began dripping from the little eye in the tip of his cock.

"Like looking at me?" she giggled, pulling back foreskin on his magnificent shaft with her fist so she could lick all of the ruddy swollen crest. "Mmmmm, that tastes nice. Like watching me masturbate? I'm so hot I'm going to cum real fast. You sure got a nice-looking cock, Steven, but I can do you. I never gag. Watch me."

Taking him into her greedy young mouth, she slowly swallowed the rubbery head. Lubricating the long shaft with saliva and oozing pre-cum tears, she worked the length into her amazing mouth, sucking, feeling his cock harden in the back of her grateful throat, using the technique she'd perfected during four years of high school.

Holding his suit-jacket away from Sarah's face, Steven grunted with pleasure, watching with incredulous fascination as the gorgeous young blonde fellated his large hard-on, ripe bright-pink teenage lips wrapped around his steel-hard dick. The little slut was sucking his sex with absolute pleasure.

"Nnnnnn, you'll make me cum . . . " he whispered, lips pulled back, teeth clenched. "Holy Mother. . . don't stop . . . really . . . do you want me to cum in your mouth?"

"Mmmmmmmm, " Sarah moaned, eagerly sucking harder, feeling pre-cum juices flowing as she swirled her tongue around the warm thick shaft.

Unable to hold-back Steven grabbed her pony-tail, pulling her face against his groin, the throbbing shaft forcing the head of his cock past her uvula. Erupting in spasms, his orgasm sent a thick flood of tangy semen down her throat at the same instant Brandi knocked on the door. Sarah didn't stop swallowing and Steven continued shooting-off.

"Ooooooooo, keep swallowing," he whispered. "Jesus, swallow it all . . . don't get any on my pants."

Hearing the familiar sounds on the other side of the door, Brandi whispered, loudly.

"Sarah . . . let me in. I want to watch."

Without missing a stroke, Sarah reached behind Steven and opened the door. Slipping into the room, Brandi locked the door behind her. Sarah wasn't stopping with just one climax and it looked like Steven was going to accommodate her. He was whispering encouragement while watching her mouth.

"Girl! I can't hold it. If you keep sucking me like that you'll make me cum again! Damn! It sure feels great cuming in your mouth. Jesus, you like that cum, don't you. You'll get more if you keep sucking . . . "

Pulling up the front of her miniskirt, Brandi spread her legs and began masturbating as Sarah sucked-off the young sales-clerk. Steven was watching her bring herself to climax just as Sarah made him give up another load. His wad made her cheeks puff out, but as usual, she managed to swallow the sizeable mouthful. Cuming, too, Brandi was urging the surprised young man not to slow down.

"Fuck her mouth like it was a pussy. Shoot your gooey spunk down her throat, Steven! Empty your nuts in her mouth! She loves it. Make that little cocksucker drink all of your steamy hot jism! Oh, God! This is making me cum, too! Oh, baby, turn around and lick my pussy. Make me cum on your tongue."

Turning to Brandi, semen dribbling from just fucked lips, Sarah glued her mouth over the smooth hairless pussy while Brandi held the white satin panty-crotch out of the way. Standing, half-hard cock dripping milky-white cum, Steven watched with stunned disbelief while Brandi reached orgasm on Sarah's fluttering tongue.

"He's still dripping . . . " giggled Brandi, pussy spraying.

Lips covered with Brandi’s juices, turning quickly, Sarah caught the long string of cum on her tongue before it could fall, sucking the wilting head of the cock until he had to pull away. Playing with herself, Brandi smiled.

"You’re so nasty, but I love it. Now, try this skirt on, babe. It's a size two. It should fit perfectly."

Standing again, Sarah pulled up the bright blue miniskirt and tucked in the white blouse. Checking herself in the mirror, she licked a few drops of pearly cum from pink glazed lips. After applying a new coat of bright-pink lipstick to just-fucked puffy lips, she turned to Steven.

"What do you think? Like the way I look in bright-blue?"

"Holy Mother," he chuckled, trying to get his shirt properly tucked into his pants, "you're a trip. You're hot and you know it. Stop putting me on. I got to get back before you get me in real trouble."

"Have to . . . " corrected Sarah, up on tiptoes and kissing his mouth. "Not got to. Sales people should use proper grammar. Make good impressions."

"Let me have your phone numbers," he asked, grinning like he’d just won the Lotto, looking out into the dressing-room hall to assure himself no one was close. "You didn't tell me your names. Listen . . . I'll call you when I get off work."

"We know your name, Steven," smiled Brandi, arm around Sarah. "We'll call when we need you again. Don't forget to zip up."

Steven blushed but checked his fly before leaving the dressing room, the girls right behind him.

"Mmmmmmmm," Sarah whispered, licking almost satisfied lips. "He's tasty. I know you don't like semen, but I bet you'd like his. Thank you, Brandi. I needed that."

Working diligently, she swallowed again, cock-gooo so thick it was like swallowing white glue.

"Mmmmmmmm, that's what I love. Nice warm cum. He gave me two huge loads. That should tide me over to the next cute guy. Let's go find one. Aren't I terrible?" she giggled, cheeks pink with pleasure. "Sucking one cock is just never enough for a cum-slut like me. I love it when cum sticks to my throat. I can swallow all day thinking about how sweet it feels to take a load like his. Let's check some of the men's stores."

Spanking her across the ass, sharply, Brandi pulled her out of the dressing room.

"Am I going to have to indulge your appetite all day? I think it’s time I indulged mine."

Wandering the mall, flirting with sales-clerks and even a few shoppers, Sarah was in her element. Brandi finally dragged the little flirt into Charlotte Russe® to try on a sexy little party-dress displayed in the window.

"It's perfect for you," she insisted as Sarah slipped into little black sheath. "If it was any tighter or any shorter you'd be arrested for indecent exposure! Let me buy it for you, baby."

"Oh, Brandi," blushed Sarah, blue eyes lowered in submissive appreciation. "I am a little short on money this week. Are you sure? I mean, like, I know you have a budget to live on, too. It's really, like sweet of you . . . I didn’t come here today to spend your money."

"Don't worry, girl. I'll take it out in flesh," smirked Brandi, holding up the front of her very short dress, and playing with the girl’s smooth crotch. "I’m going to make you do lots of nasty things tonight to please me. Now, listen to this," she grinned, slipping her fingers into the top of Sarah's wet panties as they stood close together back of a dress rack. "I'm going to pay cash for it at the back register. Remember where the little redhead with long tangled like mine was working, the cute little one with the short green dress? She's as tiny as I am. I'll stand at the side of the cash register, and while she's ringing up the sale, I want you to get down and lick me. Do it fast. I'm still so excited from watching you suck–off that boy in Nordstom®, I'll cum in a second. By the time she notices, I'll be creaming my panties. Don't worry about her saying anything. She won't. We'll wait until there's no one else at checkout. The whole thing won't take a minute. Then we're out of here like nothing happened. Won't this be exciting? God, I adore doing it with cute strange girls watching me. Letting them watch me getting pussy licked makes me so excited."

Waiting until the sales girl was alone before moving up to her counter, Brandi handed the dress to the tiny redhead and opened her purse. The sales girl, not a fraction taller than Brandi, and figure to match, just smiled.

"Is this all?" she asked, professionally, ringing up the sale.

"No," Brandi smiled back, "I want to have an orgasm while you're ringing this up."

Blushing crimson, receipt in hand, the salesgirl turned to stare at the girls. Sarah had dropped to her knees as Brandi pulled the tight little miniskirt up in front; and pulling the crotch of those pink panties away from sweet nude pussy-lips, she spread them apart with her fingers. Bright-pink inner-lips glistened with pussy-juice. Smiling up at the salesgirl from under long dark eyelashes, Sarah coaxed Brandi closer. Making a show of extending her cunt-pink tongue, she began licking an equally pink swollen clit.

"Watch her," smiled Brandi, quivering with pre-climatic pleasure. "She sucks pussy so beautifully, don't you think? Just excellent. The girl has the perfect tongue. I’d just die to do this to you. You have a very sexy body, and I totally adore your legs. Watch. She's making me cum right now. Watch . . . watch how I spray my cum on her tongue."

Reaching out, Brandi caught the cute little salesgirl's hand, taking the receipt as she spoke.

"Watch my pussy . . . watch her tongue . . . "

Eyes wide, the tiny redhead couldn't help but watch as Brandi's twat sprayed Sarah's lapping pink tongue with a generous spurts of crystal-clear pussy-juice. Sucking enthusiastically Sarah didn't let more than a drop or two miss her mouth.

"Oh, yessss," purred Brandi, looking into the redhead's green eyes, "she licks me so good! If you had time I'd get under the counter and lick your sweet little pussy for you. I bet your pretty little pussy's hot and juicy now. I'd love to taste you!"

No taller than five two, even in three-inch heels, mouth open as if to speak, the girl was completely speechless. Reaching out, Brandi cupped the girl's chin in her hand, tipped that plump-lipped mouth up to hers. Bending over the counter, she kissed the girl right on full sensuous lips, slipping her tongue deep into the girl’s mouth.

"Thanks again, beauty. Loved every minute!"

Wiggling snug miniskirt down Brandi turned with Sarah, the two hurrying from the store with arms full of packages; just two typical young girls on a spree. The salesgirl hadn't moved or closed her adorable mouth. Giggling like school-kids, they skipped out into the late afternoon, laughing at their bold and outrageous behavior.

"Did you see the look on her face when she saw you down there eating my pussy? That girl didn't know what to do. I think watching you made her very excited. She didn't pull her hand away when I took it, and I held it while you were making me cum. She knew what she was watching. I bet I could go back there and pick her up."

Face shining with excitement, Sarah was all for the game.

"You aught to. You'd have another one to play with. She had a name tag . . . Alanis. What a neat name. You could call her later if you don't want to now . . . "

"Alanis. Right. My, God, Sarah, how could I have missed it. A cleb name. I was looking right at it without reading. I must have been looking at her nipples. For such a small girl, she has a really sexy little figure, doesn't she?"

Brandi had a self-satisfied expression on her sensuous face, that face and figure that had won three bikini contests in one season, the face and body cyberites saw when visiting The Bikini Collection, Babe Gallery, and clicking on Thongs. Kneeling in the surf and looking back over her right shoulder at the viewer, bronzed wild-tresses Brandi was the number one girl in the collection.

"That made me climax so deliciously, Sarah. I can't tell you how excited I get when some strange young girl is watching me cum. You remember me at our parties. For me, there's nothing quite like it. For you, I guess it's swallowing semen, but for me, it's the excitement of fantasies . . . cute young things watching me have sex."

Heading for the restaurant, they heard someone calling; a girl's urgent voice.

"Wait! Please . . . wait a minute!"

Looking back, they saw the little redheaded salesclerk running after them, sweet ripe breasts bouncing like kittens playing under a blanket. Brandi smiled at Sarah.

"Think we're busted?"

Moving into shade of the building, they waited for the girl to catch-up. Out of breath, having run all the way from the store, the salesclerk was obviously exhausted.

"You left your change," she panted, face flushed, out of breath, nipples so long they were stretching the front of her velvet dress. "I guess I spaced out . . . I almost didn’t catch you . . . "

She held our her hand. There was over twenty dollars. Brandi took her hand, but not the money.

"I . . . " Alanis stammered.

"You could have kept the change. You just chased us because you want me to do you," smiled Brandi, reaching out and running a fingertip over the girl's full lower lip. "What a pretty mouth. Give me your phone number, girl. I'll call and tell you how to contact me. Don't speak about this with anyone, understand?"

No one was close to the girls as they stood in the shade of the building between the mall and the restaurant.

"Now, kiss me again."

Standing, eyes almost closed, actually quivering, the girl's face flushed almost red as her hair.

"Kiss me . . . this time use your tongue . . . "

Anticipating the kiss, moving closer, mouth slightly open, the girl's full-lips opened against Brandi's. Holding her by tangled red ringlets, Brandi pressed her lips against the girl's, stabbing her long tongue into open tangerine-red, a passion-dagger swabbing the roof of the little beauty's succulent mouth. Joining the battle, Alanis explored Brandi's mouth so deeply with her tongue, she almost made Brandi choke. Sucking that aggressive tongue until the tiny girl nearly fainted, Brandi held her up against the wall until she'd regained her composure.

"You want to do that to my pussy. You'll do it. Now, go back to work before you get in trouble . . . "

"But I don’t have to. I want to go with you. Wait for me?" The girl was pleading. "I'm getting off now. I have to check-out, but I can be right back. Okay?"

"We'll be in the restaurant," Brandi responded.

Turning, the girl ran back into the mall, those long legs and lovely firm breasts making every man turn to watch. Taking a long deep breath, Brandi smiled.

"Look at those legs . . . and that cute little ass! My God, Sarah. She has a better figure than either of us! Look at the cheeks of her ass. That’s the kind of feline figure that makes me hungry. I could spend days with my mouth between those legs. She's so little, but so developed. She can't be more than seventeen or eighteen. Hummmm . . . I wonder if she's had other experiences with girls. She's so anxious to get it on she's wetting her panties. Does she turn you on, Sarah?"

"Sure! I mean, what’s not to like? She’s totally tight! I'd love to sit on her tongue. I can't believe how much you two look alike. She could be your little sister, not me. Your hair is longer and darker, and you’re so tan, but she’s so sweet and slim like you, and she has that same, what did you call it? Feline look?. Boy, Brandi, I feel so good when you do me like that, I've wanted to get it again from another girl. I didn’t want to seem unappreciative. You’ve helped me so much, but like, don’t be mad at me, but it seems like it would be so fun to do another girl, Let's do her, you know, like I’ve seen you and your other girlfriends do. Both of us at the same time."

Spanking Sarah across tight, stretch-fabric covered ass-cheeks, Brandi pulled her into the restaurant. She had performed with the very select group of girls she’d seduced and now employed, letting Sarah watch as they played girl/girl games. Occasionally, Sarah had brought a few boys home to play with, and always let Brandi watch, but had never done it with the other phone-girls. Maybe she’s ready to play with another girl, she thought, and I wouldn’t be opposed. It’s time for me to give her more room.

After ordering spicy black-bean soup, Caesar salads and lemonade, they waited for the adorable little redhead to return.

"Here she comes," said Sarah, nodding toward the door. "She really does have a slim sexy body. Think she'll go with us?"

Approaching their booth, Alan’s looked even younger to Sarah now that she had time to better examine her face, a lightly-tanned peaches and cream complexion typical of California blondes instead of the usual freckles associated with redheads. Different from Brandi’s dark-brown eyes, wide-set almost tourmaline-green eyes flickered with intensely-seductive fire. A pert pixyish nose gave her a definitely mischievous appearance, but the most erotic feature of her face were petulant over-ripe lips. Looking so much alike, she really could have been Brandi's little sister. Sarah was so hot she couldn't sit still. With a mouth absolutely designed for sucking, the girl was an unconditionally-sensational little beauty.

"Sit with us," smiled Brandi, patting the seat of the booth. "Would you like something to eat . . . besides me?"

Blushing furiously, the redhead looked around the restaurant apprehensively. Standing, Brandi let her slide-in next to Sarah before sitting again.

"Alanis? That's a celebrity name."

Alanis blushed again.

"My nick-name . . . everybody calls me that because they think I look a little like her. My real name’s Cynthia."

"This is Sarah. I'm Brandi."

"Hi!" smiled Sarah.

"Hi," Alanis blushed, looking down at hands in her lap. "Thanks for waiting for me. I usually get off a little later, but it was really slow today. They let me go early . . . "

"It's always nice to get-off early," smiled Brandi, placing emphasis on the double meaning. "I got-off four times already today. Did you enjoy watching us? It was wonderful getting-off while you watched. I love to climax while spending money. It makes the shopping experience so much more enjoyable."

Sarah couldn't help but giggle as she sipped lemonade, the giggle making Alanis blush again. Beside sexy ankle-strap high-heel sandals, the enticing little beauty was wearing a forest-green crushed-velvet dress with small pleats; a white lace collar high neck design that looked like something out of Little House On The Prairie, with the exception that the skirt was as short as Sarah's. A professionally-fitted top accentuated perfectly-rounded nubile breasts, nipples so hard and long they showed right through the smooth velvet bodice. It was easy for Sarah to imagine the girl nude and the thought made skintight panties even juicier.

"You’re real pretty, Alanis. You like working at Charolette Russe? They got a lot-a cute girl-stuff. I really like the black dress we bought."

Reaching out, she touched the soft crushed-velvet, brushing her fingers over one of Alanis' perky nipples.

"I love the feel of the dress you’re wearing. You sure make it look really good."

The remark made Alanis blush furiously and nipples grow longer.

"A friend made it for me. It had a longer skirt at first, but I had her make it shorter."

Looking Alanis directly in the eyes, Sarah kept teasing.

"You have gorgeous legs. If you got it, flaunt it. You shouldn't cover-up legs like yours with long dresses, ever."

Placing her hand on Alanis' firm thigh, Sarah felt the girl squirm. The little tart didn't move her hand away. It was a pleasurable squirm.

"Yeah . . . really nice looking legs."

Smiling salaciously, Sarah glanced around the restaurant. No one was watching their game.

"Feel good?" she whispered, moving her hand higher, fingers dangerously close to Alanis' crotch.

Alanis blushed even redder but didn't reject advancing fingers. Sarah took the dare. Sitting to her left, she had no difficulty slipping the fingers of her right hand between the girl’s slim warm thighs, firmly but gently teasing them open. Offering no resistance, the young girl let Sarah's hand slide even higher. Slim thighs spreading, buns flexing reflexively, the tiny redhead shivered like someone had thrown ice-water over her. Perspiration on upper lip, she caught Sarah's hand and pressed it against a glossy smooth crotch.

"Don't tease. Make me do it," she whispered, face flushed, whole body quivering.

Those thighs suddenly felt hot to Sarah's touch, and she molded her fingers against the precocious girl's crotch, teasingly caressing glossy satin with dancing fingertips. Alanis' smooth panty-crotch was as wet as hers. Pussy juices had completely soaked through the thin material. Flexing girlish hips, Alanis sighed, grinding pubes against Sarah's fingertips as she held them against a small plump sex.

"Mmmmmmmmm. Make me do it . . . don't tease."

"Let's see it," said Sarah, glancing around. "Show us."

Quivering, but without hesitation, Alanis pulled up the front of the short velvet dress, exposing her open crotch. Brandi nearly drooled. Her panties were so close to the color of her skin, at first glance it appeared she wasn't wearing any at all. Apart from a small band of lace at the scoop-front waist, the rest of the panty was glossy flesh-toned nylon below a very flat firm tummy. Without waiting, Sarah worked two fingers under the edge of the girl’s super-tight panties. Sighing, Alanis eagerly and willingly spread her pretty legs wider, and flexing her buns, made room for Sarah's whole hand between warm supple thighs. The girl’s crotch was at least three inches wide, the kind of crotch that seemed designed for kissing, swollen little pussy-lips creating a deep V between them. The tiny pussy was sopping wet. Easily finding the girl's large swollen clit, Sarah toyed with it until Alanis shook with unrestrained pleasure. Breath escaping in little gasps, she started to orgasm as Sarah slowly massaged the sensitive clit.

"Put your finger inside me," she whispered.

Reaching between slim legs from the other side, Brandi easily worked a finger up into a tight little pussy while Sarah continued diddling the swollen clit.

"Some more lemonade, please?" she smiled to a passing waitress while finger-fucking Alanis' wonderfully-juicy young cunt.

The waitress, carrying a tray full of food, didn't notice their little escapade. Smiling at the girls, she poured more lemonade. For all intents and purpose, the three young females looked like any other girls enjoying a snack, except that all three were amazingly adorable. Had she stooped to retrieve dropped napkins, the waitress would have had a perfect view of Alanis' wide spread legs and her two young female companions fingering her luscious little crotch. So hot she was unable to speak, Alanis grabbed Sarah's hand, trying to slow the assault on overly sensitive clit.

"That’s enough," she whispered, then smiling wanly at the waitress. "That’s good. That's perfect . . . "

"You like it, don't you?" smiled Brandi. "Don’t you want more?"

Twisting a straw in her lemonade while twisting a finger in Alanis' slippery love-sheath, she finger-fucked a tube as tight as any cunt she'd ever played with. Smiling submissively, Alanis nodded, cheeks flushed with color as Sarah gently massaged her little swollen clit.

"Anything else?" smiled the waitress, probably wondering why Alanis' face was so flushed.

"Want more?" asked Brandi, smiling at Alanis.

Alanis took a big drink of cold lemonade and set the glass down.

"Okay . . . more," she whispered, as Brandi wiggled her middle finger up the girl's tight anus as the waitress refilled the glass, almost to overflowing. "That's far enough . . . " gasped Alanis, biting her lower lip.

Glasses full, the waitress shrugged, smiled sweetly and moved on. When she was far enough away, Alanis sighed and shuddered.

"You guys. I've been wishing someone like you would just kidnap me. I've been so hot to do something exciting like this I almost gave up thinking it would ever happen to me. I want sex so much it's like, I'm excited all the time. When you did it in the store it made me go crazy. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing."

It wasn't easy, but Brandi worked both fingers in even deeper, the tiny girl's anus so tight she wanted to get down between her legs and lick it right there in the restaurant.

"I'm going to make you so excited you'll get down under the table. Sarah would, wouldn’t you, Sarah?"

Looking at her in total surrender, Alanis reached another orgasm.

"Please . . . don't make me do it here, okay? People know me. Please! I could loose my job. I'll do it anywhere else, okay? Take me with you. I'll do anything you ask. Try me. I promise I'll do anything."

"Here's the check," smiled Brandi, twist in her voice matching that of her finger. "Go pay it . . . then wait for us in the ladies room."

Taking the check, Alanis hurried over to the waitress's station and handed the check and money to their server. The tiniest scent of fresh cunt perfume wafted the air as she slipped away from the table. Running her fingers through long tangled hair, Brandi relaxed and sat back.

"Let's take her with us. She wants it, Sarah. You'll party with me this time. A daisy chain." She gathered her shopping bags. "She'll go down, Sarah. I know she will. She’ll do both of us. You’ll do both of us, too; you’ll do my ass when she’s licking my pussy."

"I will, Brandi . . . anything. I’ll do whatever you tell me to do . . . "

"That’s my girl . . . you’ll do anything I ask."

"I will . . . I promise."

"I want her, Sarah. I want to get down behind her and eat her while she’s on her hands and knees, the way you like to do me. Look at me salivate. You know how you wanted Steven today, how you had to suck cock and swallow cum? Well I need this girl's body. She's made me so aroused my panties are a swamp! Her mouth is fantastic! When I kissed her, it felt like she came. Her mouth is one of her best features, but so is her crotch. She wants to go down on me so badly I can smell it. I can't wait for her to lick my pussy. My, God, her tongue is even longer than mine."

Brandi was so aroused she had to pause or she would've cum. Running her fingers through tangled red hair again, she took a long deep breath before speaking.

"All this has made me very aroused. I have very strong urges, Sarah. I have to have new young girl's sex. New ones . . . I need the taste only young cunts make. It's not that I don't love yours, too. It's just that I need another fresh young cunt to feel . . . I don't know . . . alive. Look at me. I'm a young-cunt vampire!"

Laughing at her own weirdness, she examined the fingers she'd used to fuck Alanis' crotch, still glossed and shiny with girl-gush. Slipping both into her mouth just like she'd stuffed the crotch of Sarah’s panties a few nights earlier, she sucked with barefaced pleasure, sucking with the same obsession that Sarah sucked cock.

"My God! I love it!" she sighed, shaking with a sudden spasm of pleasure. "She tastes so good it actually made me cum. Crotch that tastes like this has to be eaten. She's hot. I'm going to eat her little crotch until she begs me to stop . . . and then I'm going to tongue-fuck her little asshole 'til she screams. When I can’t wait another second, I’m going to make her do to me everything I did to her. I’m not trying to replace you, Sarah, but she’s going to be my new plaything. I’m going to make sure she’s my submissive. She's in the ladies room now. Let's get out of here and go find her before I cream my panties again!"

* * * * *

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