The Best Erotic Stories.

I'd Rather Be Shopping
Pt. II: Alanis
by Che

Sashaying to the ladies room, the stunning young females made every eye in the place follow their long legged exit, ogling males getting elbow-reprimands from jealous female companions as the outrageously luscious girls strutted past. So excited by the preceding hour's adventures, Sarah was sure she could smell the juicy scent of her own pussy as warm cunt-creamed thighs rubbed together. Selecting a stall directly behind the lav where Alanis was searching through her purse, Brandi left the door open so the delectable little nymph could watch what she was about to do. She did, as Brandi pulled up curve-hugging miniskirt around slim hips.

Washing her hands, Sarah watched the deepening blush rush upward in Alanis' pretty cheeks as her girlfriend pulled the crotch of her panties to one side, spreading small pink lips of a smoothly-shaved sex with her brightly-painted pink fingernails. Pretending to do mascara, Alanis' wide-set green eyes followed with heated curiosity as Brandi spread shapely legs and straddled the white-porcelain toilet. Instead of sitting, she made a show of fingering an aroused clit as she pee'd, beautiful legs spread wide so Alanis could see everything. Alanis saw. Patting her pussy dry with a tissue, straightening the panty-crotch with an authoritative snap and tugging the short skirt back down, Brandi went to the lav and washed her hands.

"You like watching, don't you? Did you enjoy that; watching me pee?" She searched for lipstick in her purse. "You looked like you wanted to say something. If you're so willing to be kidnapped, as you suggested, you must have something in mind."

Alanis dropped her mascara back in her small purse.

"I want someone to make me do things . . . " she giggled nervously, "you know, naughty things."

She looked around the ladies room to make sure no one was eavesdropping.

"You guys are so totally hot. I've had some sexual experiences, but I want, like, someone to make me do even more-nasty stuff. I know Iím stubborn. My momís always on my case, telling me to be nice. I want someone to make me be bad. I want to find someone to make me do things, to make me, you know, make me be more submissive? Itís not going to be my mom. I hope you don't think I'm too strange, but I have this fantasy?"

"Fantasy?" asked Brandi, opening a lipstick, heart beating faster.

"Un-huh. I want someone to dominate me; to make me do things Iíve dreamed of. I want it while I'm dressed, you know, like at work today? Like, I want someone to pull my skirt up in back an' then pull my panties down; and make me get down on my hands and knees," voice no more than a whisper. "I want someone to fuck me up my ass. See? You think Iím weird, donít you? Oh, my God! Just thinking about it makes me totally hot. I've never done it yet, but I saw a video of a girl getting it like that . . . down on her knees; and she looked like she really loved it. Like, it kinda scares me, but I want someone to make me do it like that. Every time my girlfriend licks me there I think about it . . . it makes me almost crazy to get it like that."

Brandi raised one arched eyebrow.

"Someone to fuck you up your ass . . " she smiled, wickedly, " . . . and then what?"

"And then, maybe . . . I don't know. Maybe like, someone making me suck cock at the same time; or like, after the guy fucks me up my ass, theyíd make me suck his cock, too. Theyíd make me do things like that while people were watching me; like I was on stage or something. Thatís what I like. I like it when people watch me," she giggled. "My girlfriend an' I work together? She always watches, and that makes me even hotter. I havenít fucked yet, but sometime, I want someone to make me fuck a lot of guys; like a gang-bang . . . aní suck their cocks, especially while someone's watching. Iíd want them to make me be real nasty . . . "

Blushing furiously after her last remarks, she glanced around to make sure no one else had come in while she was talking. She rinsed her hands again and dried them with a paper towel.

"Golly, I gotta move out of my folk's home. I can't get out at home, and I feel like I'm missing out. Know what I mean?"

Without comment, Brandi repaired lipstick. Standing behind her, Sarah was running a brush though a long blonde ponytail. Face deeply flushed with un-girlish lust, Alanis nervously surveyed the room again, making sure they were still alone.

Satisfied with her hair, Sarah dropped the brush in her purse and blotted her lipstick with a tissue.

"So . . . youíre a virgin?"

"I havenít gotten fucked, but Iíve done it with a pretty big dildo. Itís fun; I know IĎll like it, but I just havenít let anyone fuck me yet."

"How about sucking?" teased Sarah, pursing hot pink lips.

Alanis blushed and looked back into the mirror, clearly self-conscious about having gone this far.

"Iíve always liked sucking something . . . my favorite candy was all-day-suckers, and pop sickles, too . . . whatís that say about me? I didnít get breast-fed enough when I was little?" she giggled. "My mom says I did, but it makes me, like so aroused. Like, I love the feeling of having something in my mouth. You aught to see my pencils at work. My manager's always teasing me about it, but ever since I was a little girl I liked having something in my mouth. My mother told me she had a terrible time weaning me away from nursing, that I cried for weeks after she took away my pacifier."

"Do your parents try to control you?" asked Brandi, watching the girl fidget with something in her purse.

"My mom always tries to make me be good. I donít want to be good all the time, at least not what she has in mind. Whatís so fun about that? You guys arenít good all the time. I want to be like you. Just talking about stuff like this makes my panties wet." Sliding her fingers under her short velvet skirt, she rubbed her slippery nylon-covered crotch. "Sometimes, like, I can have a climax, you know, just thinking about," she glanced around once again, "about . . . like, how exciting it is when guys shoot all that cum. Thatís something I really like . . . when they shoot cum in my mouth. Sucking cock makes me so hot I can have an orgasm like, without even playing with myself. If someone let me do it as often as I thought about it, I'd be on my knees all day. And licking pussy, you know, like you did. That's almost as hot, but I guess you already know that . . ."

Glancing around, she giggled again nervously. Watching Alanis in the mirror, Sarah was mesmerized as the petite redhead slowly applied a smooth glossy coating of tangerine-red to full lips, heightening the oral image she'd just created. After blotting the gloss, she licked those plump lips with a long broad tongue until they glistened with saliva.

Unable to pass up the chance to cop another feel, Sarah slipped one hand under Alanis' dress from behind and boldly fingered the damp nylon panty-crotch while the diminutive plaything continued to apply lipstick. Touching the girlís warm crotch made her shiver with desire, the slippery cleft so slick and wet she wanted to pull that short dress up in back and get down behind her lick it! Wiggling slim little hips appreciatively against teasing fingertips, Alanis shuddered and giggled.

"Ooooooo, that feels good. Youíll make me mess-up my lipstick." She wet her lips and looked at Sarahís reflection. "Would you like watching me, Sarah? Would you like seeing my lips around a guy's sex? I got a nice mouth for it, don't you think?."

Each examined the other's face in the mirror as Sarah worked a finger under the panty-crotch and into the girl's wet sex, each making exaggerated pouts and giggling at Brandi as they finished make-up.

"I like watching, too, Sarah," giggled Alanis, putting her lipstick back in her purse. "Watching makes me excited too, but I've never watched a girl sucking or fucking. That would be totally exciting. My girlfriend showed me an adult video, like, with girls fucking and giving head, but they always end-up making the guys shoot cum on their faces or tits. I want someone to fuck me . . . I want a nice hard cock making me cum. I want it all . . . in my pussy . . . my ass . . . my mouth. I want someone pretending to make me do it."

Nodding knowingly, Sarah fingered Alanis' warm little cunt.

"You'll get your chance if you hang-out with me. I'd love to watch you. Youíre made for sex. You sure have a sweet little crotch . . . mmmmmmm, I bet a cock would fit nice in this tight little pussy. Youíve never fucked? Really?"

"Not yet. Are you going to make me?"

"Brandi may. Sheíll make you do everything if you hang-out with us. God, girl, your mouth was made for sucking. You got perfect SCLs." Alanis looked puzzled. "Cock-sucking-lips . . . "

Alanis laughed and blushed. So did Sarah, blotting lipstick again after abandoning the young girl's tight pussy and the urge to get down and lick it. Alanis leaned closer to the mirror to check out an imaginary blemish on her cheek, then looked back at Sarah.

"That's just what my manager says. He goes, ĎYouíre made to suck cock, Alanis . . . youíre so small you donít even need to get down on your knees. He's right, you know. I can do that. You wanta watch me suck his cock? I like watching myself do it. We have a full-size mirror in the stock room so I can see . . . just like I do with my little brother . . . "

The girl couldn't stop talking or squirming. Curiosity burning her panties, Sarah was tempted to question the girl further about her little brother, but another woman came into the rest room.

"Do you have a car?" she asked instead, straightening her miniskirt and closing her bag.

Waiting until the woman shut the door to the toilet, Alanis slipped her fingers back under her short dress and fidgeted with the smooth crotch of her slippery panties.

"Boy," she whispered nervously, watching herself in the mirror. "you sure made me hot. Like, you made me have a climax." Taking a deep breath, she tossed the towel in the waste receptacle. "I'm parked way out in back. A red Honda®."

Closing her purse, Brandi picked up her shopping bags and headed for the door.

"Wait outside at the curb and we'll meet you in a few minutes. We're parked on the other side of the mall. I'm driving a white BMW® sedan. You can follow me home."

Back at Brandi's car, the two girls loaded their shopping-bags into the trunk.

"Let's get her before someone else does. She's so hot she's going to attract guys like a dog in heat," giggled Sarah, skirt hiked up as she slid into leather front seat.

Driving around the mall, they found Alanis waiting at the curb. Just as predicted, two guys were already trying to pick her up. When Brandi pulled in directly in front of their truck, Sarah hopped out, long sun-tanned legs grabbing the kid's attention.

"Your limo, miss," she smiled, gesturing theatrically, opening the back door of the car for the over-precocious, diminutive stunningly-sexy teen.

Smiling broadly, Alanis slid in on the soft leather seat.

"Ooooo. This is a real nice car," she purred, touching the leather like she was petting a cat. "This is the most expensive one they make! This must have cost a lot."

Sarah was watching the boys in the pick-up. Fidgeting with the hem of her crotch-short dress, Alanis was squirming as she watched Sarah watching the boys.

"Like, they're kinda cute, aren't they?"

Brandi and Sarah looked at each other and smiled, each knowing what the other was thinking. Sarah walked back to the pickup and leaned in the open window.

"Hi, guys. Trying to pick up our little girlfriend? Isn't she sexy? Bet youíd love to get in her panties. Right?"

Laughing nervously, jostling and poking, each tried blaming teenage behavior on the other. Smiling a smile meant to hold their attention, Sarah pursed voluptuous lips and blew them a little kiss.

"Chill, dudes . . . be right back. Don't go anywhere. . . "

Her expression promised heaven. That short walk back to Brandi's car gave the boys a dick-stiffening view of two fabulously-long legs and a very fuckable ass as she leaned into the carís window, lifting a tapered leg and letting the clog dangle from the tip of her toe. Grinning salaciously, Sarah winked at Alanis sitting alone in the back seat.

"Time to give us that show you wanted to star in, Alanis. We gave you one."

Chewing her lower lip, a giggling Alanis grinned mischievously, so wound-up she was unable to sit still.

"Show? What-a you want me to do?"

Sarah smiled and licked pink lips theatrically.

"Suck-off those two boys. You asked if I wanted to see your lips around a dick. Now's the time, sweetheart. We both want to watch you having sex . . . in the back seat of this car."

Turning in the seat, Alanis looked out the back window. Still sitting in their truck, the boys were talking and laughing.

"Like, both of them?" she blushed, still chewing a puffy lower tangerine-red lip. "Together?"

"Sure. You just said you thought they're cute. They can take a little ride with us. Youíre going to give them both a thrill."

Brandi was watching Alanis' face in the rear-view mirror. Blush on her cheeks as red as her hair, Alanis' hand had crept between those perfect thighs, under the short crushed-velvet dress, playing with herself as she looked out the rear window.

"Sarah, you even out-do me," she laughed, turning to look at Alanis. "Iíd love to see them fuck you, too. Do I have any condoms in the glove box?"

It didnít take Sarah a second to find the new pack of "Thin-skins."

"Right here. I got them two days ago when we went to the drug store. Remember? "You wanted that dark-haired client of yours to fuck me this week? You wanted me to do something naughty with the rubbers?"

"I remember. Perfect. Safe sex," nodded Brandi, looking back at Alanis. "Do it. If you were serious about what you told us in the restroom, it's our turn to watch you. Youíre going to suck each of these boys off. After you suck-off the first one, youíll put this condom on him and let him fuck you while you suck-off his friend. After the second boys cums in your mouth, youíll put a condom on him and let him fuck you, too. Sarah has plans for those condoms. You said you wanted an audience . . . someone to watch you do it. I'm that someone. Iíd love to see those boys fuck you after you give them head."

"You're really gunna make me do it here?" blushed the redhead, giggling nervously. "Like, right now? I've never done it in a car, and like, never to two guys." Blushing furiously, wide tongue flicking over glossy ripe lips, she considered what she was being asked to do. "Like, youíre both going to sit here and watch me?"

Her face was reflecting a million emotions. Eyes wide, plump lips parted enough to allow her active tongue to tease soft moist petulant cushions, first finger toying with the flicking tongue-tip, breathing faster . . . every move indicating a submissive willingness to satisfy the girl's request. She looked back at the boys in the pick-up.

"Oh, my God, this is going to make me so totally hot. Both of you are, like, going to watch me?"

"Both of us," smiled Brandi, authoritatively.

The note in her voice clearly implied that if Alanis stayed, the little tease had no other option but to fellate two complete strangers. While Alanis watched through the rear window, Sarah sauntered back to the truck.

"Park it and take a little ride with us, guys. Okay? Wanta have fun?"

"With you?" laughed one of the boys, rolling large dark eyes. "In a second!"

"Not with me. With my girlfriend . . . in the green dress?" she smiled, wetting electric-pink lips with her tongue. "We want her suck you off, and then watch you fuck her."

The two kids looked at each other to make sure they'd both heard the same message.

"Really," smiled Sarah, "like, no strings? Both of you?"

Parking it, and out of the truck in a flash, the young-guns climbed into the back seat of the BMW® with Alanis, one on each side. Hiking her short skirt up again, Sarah slipped into the front seat and Brandi pulled away from the curb.

"No introductions," said Brandi, opening conversation. "We're just out for a little fun. We want to watch our little girlfriend suck you off and then fuck both of you. We're in the mood to watch. She says she likes to suck. We want her to swallow your loads. What do you say, boys? Do the two of you think you can satisfy this little baby's appetite? Want to fuck her tight little pussy?"

The two looked at each other and laughed.

"You puttin' us on, or something?" asked one, a double for Sean Penn, looking around for someone to bust them. "Whatís this? Candid Camera?"

On the other side of the tiny redhead, his buddy, a tall long-haired American Indian type in faded jeans and white T-shirt hadn't said a word but was scoping-out Alanis' firm young body, especially her prominent nipples, which at the moment, were stretching the green velvet. Brandi cleared her throat and continued.

"We're not teasing. Unbutton your jeans. Show this little girl what you've got. She's willing to do both of you."

Grinning like the village idiot, the blond kid looked first at Alanis, then Sarah.

"No shit? She gunna suck my dick? No way. Youíre gunna suck me off?"

Blushing madly, Alanis nodded eagerly, openly playing with herself as the boys watched, slim legs spread wide and her hand in her panties.

"They got me real hot . . . like, I told them I would, that I wanted them to make me do this. I asked them to watch me do it . . . and, like, now they're making me . . . they want to watch me go down . . . "

Noting their apprehension, Brandi coaxed the boys on.

"Come on, guys . . . show us. Let's see what you're hiding in your pants. Or are you afraid of a couple of young girls?"

Laughing, the blond kid elbowed his buddy.

"Like, no way! Come on, Joey, let's not disappoint 'em."

Unbuttoning their jeans at the same time, both pulled out impressive hard-ons. The Indian's was longer, but the blond kid had one that was much thicker, the kind Sarah loved to suck. Pointing at him, she whispered to Brandi.

"Him first. Make her do him first. God, I want to watch this."

Driving around the big parking lot and choosing a remote spot far from closest car, Brandi turned off the engine and turned in the seat to watch the show. Apprehensive but clearly aroused, Alanis was squirming between the boys, fingers of one hand massaging the wet cleft in her panties, slim thighs spread wide, hips moving like she was sitting on one of those cocks. Cute face flushed with excitement, plump lower lip captive white teeth, she was obviously stimulated by the sight of two erect cocks, one on each side.

"He's first," smiled Brandi, indicating the blond youth.

Blushing furiously, Alanis glanced at Brandi as she took the kid's dick in her right hand, stroking it up and down, a look on her face like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

"Boy, like, you're real big," she giggled, smiling at the kid, nervously wetting tangerine-red lips. "An', like, real hard, too. How old are you?"

Her compliment made the blond kid grin licentiously as he watched Alanis finger-fucking herself while masturbating his cock.

"Hey. No complaints yet," he bragged, glancing at his buddy. "Eighteen. So, how old are you?"

Barely able to encircle big shaft, Alanisí small hand was milking it up and down with knowing strokes. The two looked at each other like kids on a first date but what she was doing didn't look amateurish. The tiny teenager knew how to play with an erection.

"Eighteen?" she gushed. "God! I bet you can, you know, cum a lot? Like, squirt lots of cum? My brother's almost seventeen and he sure does."

When clear pre-cum tears suddenly welled-up on the tip of the swollen erection, she giggled nervously. The afternoon's experiences had left her so excited, she'd climaxed once while Sarah played with her in the restroom. Now, the opportunity to satisfy one of her favorite fantasies made her girlish face flush with very unladylike lust.

"You have a real nice cock. Do you like getting head?" She was squirming her ass against soft golden leather. "Mmmmmmm," she purred, "look at all that."

Quivering with excitement, something between fright and overpowering urge to submit to the girl's demands, the teenager's tongue moistened just-painted tangerine lips in anticipation of what she was being made to do. Impatient, the boy looked like he was about to cum-off in her hand.

"Yeah? Jesus. Come on. Do it! Youíre gunna make me blow my wad if ya keep talkiní aní playiní with it!"

Looking at Brandi and Sarah for assistance, the kid tried pushing Alanis' head down.

"Come on, girls . . . make her suck it! Fuck, Iím gunna cum!"

That made Alanis' cheeks turn bright red, but green eyes were glowing with undeniable craving. Licking fantastic lips while jacking him off, she slipped to the floor on her knees between the kidís legs.

"I've never done anything like this . . . " squeezing the erection, making it dribble. "Does your girlfriend suck you off?"

"Naw. She's afraid I'll cum in her mouth. She won't like, swallow it," he responded, embarrassed by confessing so quickly to the young girl between his legs.

Giggling anxiously, Alanis blushed ever redder.

"They want me to like, swallow all of it," she blushed, grinning up at him.

"Whatís not ta like about that," he said, reaching for her hair.

Green eyes burning with desire to do what the girls wanted to see, without other preliminaries, Alanis took the big head of his cock in her glossed fantastic mouth. The picture that created was outrageously sexy. His cock was so big and her face so petite, the effect was something close to an average-size girl trying to suck-off a horse. Alanis' large pout stretched to its limits around the well-developed erection. The back seat of the BMW® was large, but had she not been so petite, she wouldn't have had room to kneel between the kid's legs. Moaning with conspicuous pleasure, she obviously enjoyed the feeling of the cock as it completely filled her full-lipped made-for-sucking mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm!"

Hot little moans came from the back of her throat every time she went down; sucking sounds filling the otherwise quiet car, with the exception of some heavy breathing. While mouthing the raging hard-on, she got her other hand into his open pants and began teasing a big set of balls He didn't last more than a few seconds while his buddy waited his turn, stroking his own throbbing erection with growing impatience. Holding her head down, the kid thrust urgently upward against her marvelous, receptive mouth, plump lips compressing against pubes, cock all the way down her elastic throat. He laughed as a powerful orgasm exploding in the back of her throat.

"Fuckin' far out! Holly, shit! I'm blowin' a wad right down your fuckin' throat. Swallow that, babe. Holy shit. Eat it!"

"Unnnnnggggghhhmmm, grunted Alanis, suddenly, desperately gulping down the first thick surges of warm ejaculate, nearly gagging on the erupting youthful cock, slurping down mammoth mouthfuls of viscous creamy jism and spittle. Letting go of his erection while swallowing, she jammed her hand up under her short dress, jerking herself off in unison with each stroke of her mouth, a hot young slut making herself cum in her panties.

"Ooooooooooooooo, yeah," she moaned, quivering with pleasure, "this feels so good. God . . . cumís so good . . . it makes me cum so hard when I taste it . . . oh, God."

She swallowed again, making herself orgasm on jiggling fingertips.

"Now . . . put this condom on him," demanded Brandi, sexy legs spread for Sarah as her girlfriend aggressively fingered her excited clit. "Do it."

It took her a minute to get the rubber over the head of his still erect shaft, but cum and saliva helped. Watching the show, his buddy was holding a cock that looked like it was on the verge of eruption.

"All right, switch," smiled Brandi, holding Sarahís playful fingers against her crotch while directing the blond youth. "Pull her panties down in back and fuck her doggie-style while she sucks him off."

The boy got on his knees behind Alanis and pulled her dress up around her waist.

"Jesus," he grinned, looking at the firm curve of her ass, the way her little panties were wedged between her cheeks "sheís fuckiní hot!"

While he pulled her panties down in back, Alanis was eyeing his buddyís cock. Eyes ablaze with desire, she bent over his moving fist, pulling it away from the longer throbbing cock. Cum glistening on overly-sluttish tangerine red lips, she pursed them and swallowed the remaining mouthful of jism. Now, a milky sheen of semen glossed her petulant mouth, and she licked the thick shaft like it was candy.

"Let me do that . . . donít make yourself cum. They want to see you cum in my mouth, too. Wow! Your I hope you can cum like he did!" she gurgled, still trying desperately to swallow the thick, sticky discharge. "Mmmmmmm. Cum tastes just super. Boy, he really squirted it all right down my throat. I think I just swallowed a gallon of sperm."

"You like it? Iím gunna give you another one," grinned the blond youth behind her, trying to get his condom-sheathed cock in her tight little cunt.

"Oooooo, go slow!" she squealed, eyes wide, shaking her narrow hips. "Youíre so big! I bet youíd get lots harder if I told you that youíre the first guy to fuck me. Iíve used a dildo, so I guess Iím not really a virgin, but this is the first time IĎve let anyone fuck me."

"No way! Man, youíre sure tight enough," he said, working the head of his erection between those small plump lips.

The initial penetration actually made a juicy sound as girl-gush was forced from her cunt. She gasped, and he grunted with excitement, watching the shaft spread her ass-cheeks and crotch. Sarah was almost hanging over the front seat trying to watch as she finger-fucked Brandiís pussy. Alanis was quivering as the kid started fucking her. Gasping for breath, she grabbed onto his buddyís thighs with both hands and nearly impaled her face on his hard-on. Standing straight up out of his pants like a pole, ruddy and swollen, the circumcised dick looked like it was about to explode. Blushing furiously, green eyes wild, Alanis went down on it, the long cock disappearing into a most amazing throat, lips pressed into his crotch. The boy came on the first stroke.

"Jesus fuckin' Christ!" moaned the kid, thrusting hips upward, his orgasm so big, it was running out of Alanis' pert little nose. "I'm cumin' right in the little slut's fuckin' mouth! Ohhhh, fuck! You wanted it . . . swallow it, girl!"

Cuming as soon as her lips met his groin Alanis had little more than a second to start swallowing the randy load of cum or choke, an orgasmic rush of pleasure in her pussy spreading throughout her entire body.

"Blow it in her mouth, dude! Like, the chick fuckin' loves drinkin' scuz!" laughed his pal, fucking her like she was a cat in heat, drunk with sexual excitement. "This is like, fuckiní tight! Fuck! Iím cumin, too!"

Aroused past reason, Alanis moaned subserviently, more than willingly taking huge thick wads of warm semen in her mouth as the boys had her simultaneously.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm," she purred, sucking down the warm salty river of seed shooting into her cum-drenched greedy young mouth.

"Now . . . put a rubber on him," hissed Brandi, watching the show in her rear-view mirror, ready to cum on Sarahís dancing fingers.

The guys looked at each other and shook their heads.

"Fuck . . . this is too tight," said the Shawn Penn look-alike, slowly pulling out of Alanisí swollen little twat. "I canít fuckiní believe this!"

"Me neither," grinned the boy with his cock in Alanisí mouth. "Jesus, she does love swallowing that sex-slime, doesnít she!"

Alanis licked her lips, took the second condom from Sarah, and rolled it down over the boyís just-sucked saliva slick dick.

"Ooooooo, they both stay so hard!" she giggled, intoxicated with excitement, a swag of semen swinging from her chin.

"Be careful," said Sarah to the blond youth. "Let me take it off," she grinned, carefully stripping the half-full condom from the blond kidís half-hard cock. "Donít spill any . . . and you, Alanis; sit on his lap," said Sarah, smiling licentiously at the flushed faced redhead. "Spread your legs wide so I can see it go in your pussy."

The little girl pulled her panties off and straddled the boyís thighs, easing back as he held his rubber-sheathed cock between the open lips of her little cunt. Sarah had a perfect view of the kids big balls and the long erection filling that cute little pussy. It only took two strokes for the girl to take it all the way in while the kid played with her firm round breasts.

"Holy fuck," he sighed, pinching her nipples, thrusting upward each time she squatted, their fucking making the most wickedly-delicious sounds. "Holy fuck . . . "

Brandi and Sarah were quivering, each finger-fucking the other. Watching two teenagers wantonly fucking only a few feet away was overwhelming erotic. The sight of the kidís long cock being swallowed by such a small cunt made Sarahís pussy-gush drench her panties.

Humping Sarah's rapidly-moving fingers, Brandi reached climax as her adorable girlfriend masturbated her overly-juicy twat. She was definitely watching an act that both aroused and somehow repulsed her. Cuming, too, eyelids fluttering, Sarah groaned as she finger-fucked Brandiís wet crotch.

"Fucking hot! Oh, baby, youíre making me cum!" she panted, juicing jiggling fingers between Brandiís slim darkly-tanned thighs.

Keeping eye contact with Sarah, masturbating a swollen pink clit, Alanis smiled salaciously as she ground her ass-cheeks into the young studís crotch, saliva and semen still gurgling in back of her throat as she spoke.

"Come on. FUCK me! That feels so fucking good! Do me, fast. I know you can cum again. How do you like fucking a pussy like mine? She wants to see you fuck me fast! Give me a nice load!"

Raising her crotch up and down, she road the young guyís shaft with heated enthusiasm, slim legs spread wide. Kneeling on each side of his thighs, she finger-fucked herself to powerful orgasms.

Brandi could see the whole thing in the mirror as the little girl made herself orgasm, coaxing the Indian kid to shoot his second mega-load of warm jism, filling the thin condom sheathed in her nicely-fucked cunt.

"Fuck her, boy. Give her a fuck to remember. The little baby is going to swallow your cum as soon as you fill up that rubber," panted Brandi, Sarah masturbating her so furiously she was wetting satin panties.

"This is so fucking hot, I'm cuming again, too," Sarah gasped, watching the tiny girlís cunt getting fucked, inner pink lips sucking the thick shaft like a mouth, cunt-gush lathering the cock-filled condom.

"Holy fuck . . . " gasped the kid, body suddenly rigid, eyes closed, hands shaking, hips quivering in ecstasy. "Holy FUCK!"

"Oooooooo!" gasped Alanis, nearly as rigid, little pussy squirting as the condom-sheathed erection throbbed between the lips of her spasming pussy, her cunt sucking-off the cock like her mouth.

Sarahís sigh was almost funny as she recovered from an earth-shaking orgasm, pussy tingling with waves of pleasure. Alanis blushed and closed her eyes. No longer horny, the boys both fidgeted nervously.

"Climb off," sighed Sarah. "Put you panties back on."

Alanis slowly raised her crotch until the boyís half-hard cock popped free from her juicy little pussy. He sighed. She giggled and pulled her panties on, raising her ass so she could pull them up tight.

"Now . . . take his condom off. Careful. Donít spill any," said Sarah, watching Alanis peel the messy rubber from the boyís flaccid cock. "Look at all that cum on his cock . . . lick up what you missed."

Bending over after handing Sarah the condom, Alanis licked up the cum around the kidís cock and balls, sucking semen from the tight pubic curls. Turning to his pal, she sucked his cock clean, too, smiling up at him as she sucked. Sarah leaned over the seat.

"Now, baby . . . swallow this. Suck the cum out of these rubbers. Donít swallow until you have both loads in your mouth."

The blushing little redhead took a condom and held it over her open lips, the wad of pearl-like semen slipping into her mouth like a huge raw oyster. Sarah handed her the second one.

"Okay, baby . . . hereís dessert," grinned Sarah, offering the bloated rubber.

Eyes sparking, Alanis accepted the sticky sheath and raised it over her face, too. Using her fingers, she milked the contents into her nearly full mouth, the entire load slipping between open lips onto her waiting tongue.

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned, closing her lips and swallowing, two magnificent loads of cum sliding down her throat. "MummmmmcccccAAAAaaaaaa!"

It was a cross between a moan and a gag as she noisily swallowed the thick glutinous discharge, making extremely loud obscene sounds while drinking the scuz. Her face reflected the undisguised pleasure of swallowing such copious orgasms.

"Oh, yeah, I LOVE it!" she blubbered, cum dripping from her mouth as she tried speaking, a river of jism running down her chin.

Long shimmering gobs of cum hung from a swollen lower lip. Smiling lewdly at Sarah and Brandi, she scooped the opalescent cum back into her mouth with her fingers, making a show of sucking them clean with swollen cum-smeared lips.

"Oooooooooo, yeah! Smell that? This is what I like. I just love eating cum. Just tasting it makes me cum! It tastes so fucking good. Mmmmmm! You could make me swallow cum all day!"

Sucking first one condom, then the other, she didnít quit until she was sure there wasnít a drop of cum left. Holding well-sucked and fucked half-hard cocks in fists, both boys looked pleased with themselves. Getting back up on the seat between them, tangerine lipstick smeared , Alanis' pouty lips were glazed with a generous coating of jism, her tongue white with thick sticky cum. A very satisfied smile was pasted across her saucy face like the cum on almost too-large lips. She blushed red as lipstick, breath reeking warm cum. Like a whorehouse on wheels, the car was filled with the rutty scent of young boy's semen. Alanis wiped her lips with juicy fingers.

"Well? Did I do okay? Like, did I do you as good as your girlfriends? Boy, you guys cum real hard and a LOT. Iíve never had that much cum!"

Nodding in unison, both boys laughed.

"No shit! You really like the taste? Youíre a great fuck, aní you sure give great head. You dig it, too, donít you? That was fuckin' far out," grinned the blond. "What's your name? I wanta do this again . . . soon!"

Still playing with herself, Alanis only blushed, green cat-like eyes locked on half-hard dicks. Smiling broadly, Brandi nodded toward the side doors.

"Pull those pants up, guys. Take a little hike. Hope you enjoyed the trip. Don't say nothing nice ever happens to you or that girls treat you mean."

Leaving them standing in the parking lot a hundred yards from their truck, zipping up their pants, Brandi turned to Alanis and smiled.

"Let's not start a parade, girl. Where's your car?"

"Way over there," Alanis pointed, still trying to swallow the thick coating of cum clinging to back of her throat. Blushing, clearing her throat, she licked each of her sticky fingers. "Wow! I knew fucking was going to feel GOOD, but that was TOO good! I thought that second kid was going to split me in two. I liked his cum! I've never sucked off two guys in a row. They must have shot quarts of cum in my mouth. They're like my little brother. They cum almost as much as my manager, and thatís saying a bunch. Ooooo, my pussy feels a little sore, but I canít wait to try fucking again!"

Realizing that Sarah was watching her suck cum off of her fingers, she blushed, realizing that the blonde was empathetically copying what she was doing.

"Like, did you like watching me, Sarah? I did just what you asked, didn't I? That was totally exciting, you guys; making me do it in your car."

She looked out the rear window. The guys were still standing where they'd been dumped, pushing and slapping each other on the back and watching the car drive away, probably unable to believe their luck.

"Think they liked me? My manager says I give super head. I did them as good as I could. Oh . . . there's my car over there . . . "

"I see it," said Brandi, following Alanis' directions, pulling along side the red Accord®.

Hopping out of the back seat, and straightening her short green-velvet dress, a very guilty smile crossed Alanis' sweet young face. Blushing redder than ever, she was still licking sticky fingers.

"I hope those guys can't see my car. I mean, like, that was so weird . . . like, just picking them up and going down . . . " play on words making her giggle. "Gee, Iím not a virgin any more!" She rolled her eyes, then looked back at the boys. "But, I really don't want them following me home. Like, that would be real trouble."

The guys were still talking and laughing. Standing next to Brandiís car, she grinned at Sarah.

"Well? Did you like watching me?"

Still playing with herself, Sarah beckoned Alanis to step closer.

"Give me a kiss, you sweet little thing. I loved it. You're as nasty as me."

Coming to the open window Alanis pressed open lips against Sarah's and thrust her tongue into her mouth. To her delight, she sucked tongue and lips so passionately it left Sarah dizzy, scent and taste of boyish semen quickly filling her mouth. Brandi put the car in drive.

"If you follow me home, youíre going to submit to everything I ask. Iíll use you to please myself. Youíll fuck and suck anyone I tell you to, understand?"

The girl looked down, but nodded.

"Letís not sit here sucking face, ladies. Follow us, Alanis. I live out at the beach. Don't worry, I won't drive too fast, but here's my card just in case you get lost."

Before leaving, she waited until Alanis started her car. No one else appeared to be following so Brandi turned onto the freeway and headed south, Alanis' red Honda® right on her tail. Playing with herself, Sarah was still amazed.

"Jeez, Brandi, that little chick really sucks. Those guys got real lucky today. Did you see their faces when they were shooting off in her mouth . . . when they were cuming in that tight little pussy?" She looked out the rear window. "I don't see their truck. That was totally hot. I didn't know if she'd do it or not. That girl loves sex! Did you see any of that? She made them cum so fast they didn't know what to say. She made them cum twice. Boy, am I jealous!"

"Who could blame them, Sarah. She's a hot little number. Did you hear the sounds the girl made sucking?" laughed Brandi. "I adore that sound. You do that, too, even when you're sucking me. Just hearing those sounds made me climax. I can't wait to do it with her."

"Can we use the big dildo? That was so hot when you used it on Trish," giggled Sarah. "That monster will make her squirm for sure. Since she wants to get fucked so bad, I want to fuck her ass with it. She aught to love that."

They drove in silence for a mile or two.

"I never would-a guessed that I'd be having so much fun having sex with girls. I'll never be the same, that's for sure. I'm sure glad you made me eat pussy when Danny brought me over. Now I love it, Brandi. It gets me off almost as much as fucking and sucking."

Smiling back, Brandi turned on the CD.

"It's my pleasure, Sarah. You're one of my favorite girls. Life wouldn't be the same without you. Keep playing with me while I'm driving, baby. You made me cum so good, but my little pussy is ready to climax again."

Squealing with delight, Sarah slipped her fingers between Brandi's parted thighs and under the edge of snug white panties. Playing with Brandi's very swollen clit, she finger-fucked her to two powerful orgasms before they reached her Pacific Beach home.

"That was sweet, Sarah. All I need now is to let that cute little girl suck all this girl-cum out of the crotch of my panties! I get so juicy it soaks right through my panties in seconds. Feel me. I'm so wet I'm slipping on the seat!" she laughed, flexing narrow curvaceous contest-winning buns. "I'm going to get some real satisfaction with this girl. I'm going to shave her crotch; I want her ass and pussy as smooth as ours. Just shaving her is going to make me climax."

"She's beautiful, isn't she? Let's really kidnap her," beamed Sarah. "Let's not let her get away. She wants to leave home. She could be the best one youíve got. Just think what your clients are going to think when they check her out. If your girls want fresh pussy, and guys want great sex, she's going to blow their minds. Just think about those clients of yours who ask for tight little crotches to fuck. Theyíll be cuming before they can get it into her cute little pussy!"

Squeezing warm thighs together, Brandi captured Sarah's hand as she orgasmed again on playful fingers.

"Mmmmmmm, my! You do have good ideas. That was nice, baby. You finger-fuck me so good. You do know I'm glad we met, too."

Slowing a bit, she let Alanis catch up, not speaking again until sheíd regained her composure.

"I'll do it, Sarah. Iíll teach her to make a show of sex. She's already very theatrical. My clients definitely get off on theatrical acts. She talks sexy. Guys love that, but she needs to learn to flirt more with her eyes. I'll train her to show off, to let her audience and sex partners see what she's doing. I couldn't see as well as I wanted. All that red hair covered her face. We'll tie it back like we do so everyone can enjoy the sight of that rubber mouth of hers while she's sucking. That's where money is, when the show is as exciting as the actors."

Turning off of the freeway, they drove out Garnet, Sarah still fingering Brandi's completely nude, very juicy wet crotch.

"You'll make her into the hottest show on the beach," she smirked. "I could see perfect from where I was sitting, and it definitely made me cream my panties when those guys shot-off in her mouth. Did you see her suck all that cum out of those rubbers? Even when I can't SEE cum I know what it feels and tastes like, and that gets me off, real good."

Pumping her smoothly-shaved crotch against Sarah's dancing fingers, Brandi's profuse orgasmic discharge soaked her little panties as well as the soft sheep-skin seat covers.

"Well, she knows how to drive, too," she sighed, firm thighs quivering. "She stayed on my tail the whole way. Let's see if I can get her to lick it, now that we're here."

Turning, lips kissable as candy, the stunning young beauty gave Sarah a kiss as her roommate teased her protruding nipples, pinching one, then the other as she returned her kiss.

"God, I love that . . . you make me feel wonderful, Sarah, but now I want to eat that little baby's pussy until she begs me for mercy. It's like when I first saw you at the beach. I wanted to feel your tongue in my cunt. It made me so hot watching you suck cock, I wanted to eat you right there on the beach."

Dark pupils widening, she glanced in the mirror, watching the girlís car pull in behind her as Sarah teased and sucked on her nipples.

"Mmmmmmmm, baby, not too hard . . . you've made me so juicy. Now, I want her tongue in my honey-cunt, and it's getting harder and harder for me to wait. I get so crazy when I get hot like this. It just makes me wild!"

Sucking in a deep breath, a darkening flush spread upward from perfect conical shaped sun-tanned breasts as Sarah caressed the firm orbs, sucking nipples until Brandi had to hold her away.

"Iíll let you do that while sheís licking me. Look at her. . I get just crazy for young cunt; like those girls with me on the beach. You won't believe what they'll do for me. I'm going to make her do very nasty things, Sarah. I'm going to make her my own personal nasty little sex-slave. I want her tongue up my ass. Iím going to train her to fuck in the most erotic positions, to take those ass-fuckings she says she wants so badly, to be the best little fuck in my stable. My God, can't you just imagine that? Those soft red curls between my legs? I love that girl's long tongue. Let's see how good my little sister really is at eating crotch. This is going to be heaven. It's almost like getting to watch myself sucking myself off."


Brandi has an interesting group of clients. Beside phone-sex lines and private parties, she has an exclusive and very secret "escort service" for those seeking special pleasures. Even more secretive are her special training sessions for clients wanting direction in mundane lives. Youíll love meeting some of her clients and friends.

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