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If You Were Here
by FunGirl2

If you were here, I'd lead you from the front door into the living room. I would have already had all the candles lit and some soft music playing, and a couple of glasses of sparkling champagne ready for us. Swaying gently to the music, I would guide you over to the couch, my hands behind my back, holding yours, and swaying back and forth in front of you to the music. You can tell by the gentle ruffle of my little summer dress that I have nothing on underneath.

You start to say something, but I put my finger to my lips and make one of those "ssshh" motions, shaking my head back and forth. Wondering what you have in store, you quietly comply and let me lead you. I take you right in front of the couch, push you backwards a bit, until I have you seated in the center cushion. My body and hand movements are in time with the sweet slow rhythm of the music playing softly in the background.

Slowly, as I sway back and forth, I place myself in a kneeling position in front of you on the floor. I place both hands on your knees, and gently spread them apart as I move in closer. All this time I never take my eyes off of your eyes or face. I tenderly press on your chest until you are leaned all the way back into the back cushion, then my hands trail down your chest, toward your belt. Without ever taking my eyes off of you, I quietly slip your belt out of his loops and out of the buckle...slowly, teasingly, I lean into you, taking your zipper between my teeth... seductively tugging it down, inch by inch until it is at the bottom. Still looking into your eyes, I use my hands to pull aside the open edges of your jeans, exposing your white boxers underneath.

You reach behind me, pulling the clip from my hair, letting it all fall down in a breezy cascade, as it kisses my face from side to side and I shake it all free. We look each other knowingly in the eyes... you smile and succumb to my seduction.

As the song changes to an even slower, sexier ballad, I gently reach my inside your boxers and initially gasp at the hardness I have found. I slowly grasp the thickness of it, freeing it of its confines, bringing it out into the open... I take my other hand, place it inside of your boxers, and loving release your warm, full balls out into the open as well. Now what I have before me is such a beautiful image! I can see your handsome face, your loving eyes, warm smile, and your red throbbing cock and beautiful shaven balls all before me. Your balls are so big right now! They must be full of something for me... are they?

I take my right hand, run it between my legs into my wetness, bring it up so I can taste it... It tastes soooo good! Then, with all its wetness, I gently wrap it around your thick, hard cock. There is so much of my cum on my hand, that I can slide it up and down the shaft so easily! I alternate between looking up at your face, seeing that wave of pleasure wash over you as your eyes roll back, then I look down and watch my slick hand sliding up and down...watching that vein on the underside grow even thicker and thicker... then I look hungrily down at your balls, as they contract and expand as they are filling with more delicious cum for me!!

As I stroke your cock, oh so slowly, I quietly lean into you, first flicking one ball with the tip of my tongue, then the other... delighting in the slight flinch I feel your body make, and the gasp I hear you take, with each flick. Sweetly, I take first one ball in my mouth.. .gently sucking on the sac, as I trace the shape of your ball with my tongue. I can feel the other ball with the tip of my tongue, too, and it wants attention! So I slip that one of out my mouth, gently sliding over with my mouth, never completely taking any of you out of my mouth, then gingerly tug and suck on that sac, again tracing the shape of your ball with my tongue. Every time I do this, I can feel your cock jump in my hand, and get even harder!! I look up at you, with your ball still in my mouth, and you return my look... hands wrapped in my hair, smile on your face which is all glowing, gently rubbing your hands through my hair. This feels so good, doesn't it?

I slowly pull back until I can see the entire picture of you again. Still stroking your cock, some of your pre-cum has started to ooze out, making my hand-strokes even slicker. I can see the flicker of the candles glisten in the wetness that surrounds your cock. Oh, honey, it looks so good that I just sit back on my heels and admire the beauty of it for a few minutes. Slow, gentle strokes the entire length of the shaft...up and down, up and down...

I start moving up in front of you, still between your legs. You can feel my hair as it brushes up against your jeans as I move. I move up over you in a position so that I can look down and see the head of your cock right in front of my face...I can see some more pre-cum that has formed and is just waiting for me. I quickly glance up at you to make sure you are still feeling pleasure... you are. I pull my hand down on your cock so that the hole on the end opens up for me as the skin is pulled even tighter. I arch my neck downward and dip the tip of my tongue into that lovely hole, spooning out that delicious pre-cum with my tongue. It tastes like sweet honey!

I then use my tongue to swirl that pre-cum all around the now-swollen head of your cock, making it even shinier for me to see candle-glow in. I can feel my ass swaying slowly back and forth to the music, as I aim my mouth to satisfy my hunger that has been growing. As I lick the head of your cock in circles, I teasingly move my lips down and around the thickness of the head, then closing them around as I move slightly past that...then moving back to the tip again. I can feel your body anticipate my mouth, and it makes me smile. I know you are feeling pleasure.

After several slow, loving repeats of sucking your head into my mouth, I then inch my way down the entire length of your cock... inch by inch, by inch, by inch.. until I have reached the base of it, and can feel your balls against my lips with you down the back of my throat. I gently begin to massage your balls, rolling them around in my left palm, while I wrap my right arm underneath and around your upper thigh to pull you in close to me. The first time your cock goes the full depth down my throat, I can hear and feel you *sigh* in total relief, as if this is what you have been thinking about all night. I stay there for a moment so you can enjoy that warm sensation for a few.

I know that you are ready now, and so am I. I can feel my own cum running down my inner thigh, and my pussy is soaking wet! I move upwards a bit so I can be completely over you. Methodically I begin pumping your cock with my mouth, making love to it with my lips and tongue. I occasionally glance up at you, and your head is laid back, eyes closed, and you are in total oblivion, hands still entangled in my hair as you pull me onto you. I now have both hands around your waist so I can go deeper and deeper. I can feel that vein continuing to grow as you fuck my face, and I move faster and faster up and down your hard cock now. You can hear the moans in my throat, and feel them too, as I near closer and closer to orgasm.

I can feel your body stiffen and arch a bit, your hands tighten in my hair, and I can feel your balls as they pull into your body. You have something for me, don't you baby? Yes, I know it is that time... I quicken my pace just a bit to meet your pelvic thrusts into me...You are trying to catch your breath, but you can't... it's almost there... it's right can feel it and I can feel it, it's coming! Then I feel that vein start to pulsate... then the warm rush of delicious, sweet fluid hits my throat... your body stiffens like a board, back arched, pelvis thrust upward into me, and that vein is pulsing... and pulsing.

You are my filling my thirsty throat with lots of sweet juice as I hungrily suck it all down. When I can tell you've cum as much as you can, when your body is no longer going through spasms, I slowly, gently pull my mouth back off of you, releasing you, while I move back to a kneeling position. I sweetly lean in to lick clean anything that may be left, and with each flick of the tongue, your body again quivers. I look up at you, and I don't recall the last time I've ever seen you smile so big.

I slowly move up to the couch and sit beside you, lying softly in your lap, leaning into you and hugging you. We both sit there and try to catch our breaths as we start to calm down, listening to the sweet sounds of the music, taking in the scents of the warm candles, our sweat and our cum. After a few minutes, you pull my face up to yours, kiss me deeply, and, as you look in my eyes, you say, "It's your turn next, lover..." then you grab my hand and lead me to the bedroom for the next chapter...


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