The Best Erotic Stories.

by Kristian Bouvier

Your naked torso lay bound to the bed with outstretched beauty, illuminated by a single candle. I quietly sit in the big leather chair fixed across the room. Straight edge in one hand, peach in the other. Methodically I peel my ripened fruit as you observantly watch with baited anticipation. Juices streaming down my hand, dripping sticky sweet fluid puddling in my lap. Harsh words of intent uttered in a quiet yet firm voice.

"Did you shave today" I ask as if I didn't already know the answer. "It frustrates me so when I have to take time away from our play to groom my pet," running my finger over the blade, toying with the obvious. A small tear in my skin, a droplet of blood, "Your Mistress has managed to cut herself," eroticizing the texture as I make circles in it with my finger.

Your stares growing ever more intent, you find yourself starting to question my stability as you struggle with the restraints in a feeble attempt to free yourself. Standing up, walking towards you," I enjoy watching you struggle, it reaffirms as to whom is in control tonight. Shall we begin?" Placing a silken blindfold over your eyes, you are now deprived of the quintessential sight that you had so blatantly taken for granted.

A cold sharp object rest against the nape of your neck, my tongue tracing the letters of my name behind your ear. A finger finds it's way to your mouth, hard pressed to your lips, "an eternal offering to bind yourself with me in fluid." The mineral taste of coagulated blood forever lingering on your palette, "do as I wish and you will be rewarded with pleasure, disregard my direction and you will wish for death."

You feel the sharpened metal affectionately scrape along your breast, over your rock hard nipple, grazing the nerve endings with authority. My hot breath makes it's way past the bloods rush in your ear, sending a cascade of shivers down your spine. "Is this still a game to you? You see I have grown quite tired of the traditional role playing and thought it to be time to take it to a new level. I've always wanted to know what it would be like to witness the reality of a dark fantasy."

Your struggles growing more fierce, uttered words that once were intended to protect, now they have no meaning. "You see my pet, your safe words are non existent, they have faded away, tonight we are playing without any rules." Paralyzed with uncertainty, mind racing with fear; the icy touch of the blade now softly feathering it's way down your body, threatening to incise at the slightest of movement. Whispering seductions echo, "you want me inside of you, don't you?" Unsure of how to answer, your lips struggle to formulate a response, "ye, ye, yes."

My hand pushes your bound legs farther apart, "very nice, so juicy, just like my peach." My finger playing with your inner thigh, sliding all the way back to your sensitive opening, "I can't wait to fuck you here with my big cock." You feel your body betraying you, clit now swelling with excitement, "do you think it is too big?" Haphazardly nodding yes, you clench your cheeks together as you feel a ripping sensation upon your stomach, " I'm sure we can find a way to make it fit."

The razor's edge has permeated your supple, delicate skin; a powerful reminder of my sincerity. Overwrought with fear, mind bending pain consumes your thought. My tongue laps at your open wound with almost psychotic enjoyment. Disoriented and bewildered, you beg for release. Your cries for freedom go virtually unnoticed with the exception of a faint snicker. My tongue making one final lap at your red flowing tonic, "your body gives to me whether you offer it willingly or not. You see perception is the only reality, there never was any control to be surrendered, it was only an illusion created in your mind to pacify."

Plunging my fingers deep inside your throbbing wet cunt, body twisting and contorting, flagrant exhibition of obvious enjoyment. Tongue licking your engorged lips, relentless pounding gives way to a slow methodical rhythm. "I will take you to the edge and sanctify your body tonight. " Like a catastrophic disaster waiting to unleash her fury, I feel your orgasm building with force. Getting up to sip my champagne, knowing the incredible void you are experiencing about now, your unsatisfied whimpers invokes a sinister smile of satisfaction.

Though you cannot see me, my words create a picture no eye could ever replicate. Taunting threats of sadistic terror leave little to the imagination. Razor pressed hard and flat between your legs, "You fucking whore, after you're through being gang raped, I'm going to let each one carve their initials in you, a keep sake if you will."

Moving from one side of the room to the other, you hear my voice gradually fade. Lying in your shadowed state of blindness, you struggle to recognize the sounds. Not one set of footsteps but two, three, four? Overcome with numbing sensations, you quickly realize I wasn't fabricating my threat. Orchestrating the pseudo mob, I begin directing each one to, "take a turn." Leaning over I say to you, "we are going to play a game, is it real or fake."

You feel the stretching of your walls as the first unknown person enters you. My cheek rubs gently against yours, " that's it, take that big fat cock, all of it, wrap your pussy around it and swallow it." Deep penetrating strokes fill your incredibly wet cunt with heat. In a heightened symphony of moans, the relentless thrusting ends in a explosion of warmth. Feeling the hot fluid trickled down your ass, "well, I suppose now you know it's real don't you?"

How could I do this to you, allow them to have unprotected sex with you? Fingers passively play with your soaked lips, sliding between them. Soft whispers in your ear, "would you like to cum? Of course you would you fucking slut!" Sliding the handle of the razor into your throbbing cunt, " I wonder how it would feel to..........<laughing> turn this around?"

Holding your breath, trying not move, " No, mercy, mercy, mercy." Ignoring your beckon for relief, the next suitor enters you with brutal force, thrusting his cock deeper than the last. Feeling my excitement build, watching you get fucked, I can nom longer stand being a spectator. I maneuver myself atop of your chest, straddling your ample breast. With my thighs closing tightly, I squeeze your tits together, Lowering myself down, I force my own hardened clit between them, ahhhhhh.

Grabbing a fair amount of hair in both hands, I lean over, pulling your head up, slipping my erect tongue inside your hot mouth. "Fuck her harder, she needs to be taught a lesson." A constant beating against your ridges until yet again you feel yourself being filled with the warming liquid. Rocking my hips back and forth, you feel my own excited cunt lubricate your tits as I watch them one by one have their way with you, until all in the room had been satisfied.

Sitting next you on the bed, you feel my hand touch your face, the other dragging the cold blade along your arm, " You did well my pet, I am pleased with your performance. I think you may even have had some fun? Now where shall I put my initials?" <sigh>

Feeling a tugging of sorts, in a surprise gesture, your blindfold has been removed. Squinting, trying to adjust to the lights, only now are you able to see who is in the room. Standing before you are several tough looking dykes, wearing as much leather as they are attitude, all packing.

"You see darling the men were not men and the ejaculate was warmed pudding; mine, of course was real. The razor was a finger nail file and the cut was a topical analgesic applied to a strategically placed scratch, hence the 'burning' feeling.

Perception is the only reality; control is just an illusion...


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