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Jacquie, A Cuckold's story
Part I: Tafod Arian and Jacquie
by Tafod Arian

Author's Note: 'Jacquie - A Cuckold's story ; Part I ' contains graphic homo and heterosexual scenes between adults. This story is FICTION. It does NOT depict the relationship between actual living people. It is NOT intended for readers under 18 or those who are easily offended by pornography. It is NOT for the squeamish. If you are UNDER 18, or if you ARE offended by pornography, please DO NOT CONTINUE to read. If material of this nature is illegal in your area and you continue to read it, it is YOUR responsibility.

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* * * * *

I had met you, Ronnie, in the office and, while you were getting coffee, I had a quick look in your diary and was not really surprised to find references to a whole new personality. You seemed to have a feminine side which you referred to as 'Jacquie'. I smiled to myself. With your delicate build and features you looked as much a 'Jacquie' as a Ronnie!!! When you returned I greeted you as Jacquie and you paled with shock. You were so frightened of your secret getting out that you agreed to do anything I demanded. I thought that dinner at your house would be nice for a start. I wondered what your wife Kathy would think of Jacquie. I told you to ring her and to tell her that I was coming for dinner and that, whether or not she usually wore obviously sexy clothes she was to be sure to dress up. I told you that I would be exploring the relationship between your wife and yourself in some detail and that I would feel free to do or ask anything to either of them that I liked, I knew that I had you, as you were so afraid of exposure that you would agree to anything. To press home my advantage I asked you to describe your wife's tits and cunt to me in absolute detail so that I could imagine them if I shut my eyes. You shuddered but in a halting voice did as I asked,

"My wife has a nice cunt. It is very well shaped and always smells clean for me. It has a thick bush which she usually allows to grow without much trimming. It is quick to get wet and has a nice taste"

I smiled and pressed you further,

"And your pretty wife's tits, what about those?"

You blushed and looked at your feet before muttering,

"She has 36C breasts with big nipples."

I just looked at you and laughed scornfully, dismissing you.

I arrive at your house in good time for dinner. Ronnie/Jacquie opens the door apprehensively. You are very scared as I enter your house, knowing that I am attracted to your wife and also knowing that I can have her any time I want and that you cannot stop me. The thought thrills you but also strangely excites you. You are dressed casually in an open-necked shirt and slacks. I enter the hall and to let you know immediately how the evening is going to go I cup your balls and, smiling into your terrified but reluctantly excited eyes, slowly and luxuriously feel you up. Your little prick hardens under my caress and I begin to gently wank you. You begin to pant gently and I slip a finger between your cute red lips and make you suck it in your own hall as I play with your little prick.

"Now, Jacquie," I say maliciously, "take me in and introduce me to your pretty little wife. I can't wait to get to know her better."

I release your prick and withdraw my finger from between your lips. My attentions have left you very pale and breathing heavily. I smile at you and go in and allow you to nervously introduce me to your young wife. I look her over from head to foot assimilating her clothes and imagining her sexy underwear. You know that Kathy is wet right now with the attention I am giving her. I look at her prominent tits which are, to your eyes nice and firm and seem even perkier than normal. You can tell that her nipples are hard.

Following my instructions you had to ask her to dress very sexy today for my visit and despite herself, the thought turned her on. She never said a word but you can tell that she is excited by the way she smells, by the hardness of her nipples and the extra sway of her hips as she walks. You can actually smell her cunt. Putting all that together you know that Kathy is extremely excited. You know that your wife is excited at the thought of a dominant sexy man in the house after living with a submissive sissy over whom she has easy control.

I had ordered you to tell her to pick out something sexy and she has chosen an incredibly tight and short little black spandex miniskirt which moulds perfectly to her ass. She is wearing no panties, just a pair of black seamed stockings and black garters. Her heels are spiked and at least four inches high. Her toes are painted a deep red and they stick out of her open-toed high-heeled shoes showing even through the black stockings. She is wearing a white sheer tube top which does nothing to hide her breasts. It is as if they are on display. Her big firm tits are outlined perfectly and her nipples are clearly visible through the sheer flimsy fabric.

She is wearing very hot red lipstick to match her toenails and her fingernails are painted that same blazing colour. Her pouty lips are quivering slightly in excitement as she keeps her eyes fixed on me. It is clear that I am running the show and she defers to me without a thought for you, her husband.

I take her hand but instead of shaking it I pull her to me and give her at first a gentle and then a demanding kiss. She tries to escape and I hear you gasp in protest. I look at you over her shoulder without releasing your wife's lips and that one look compels your silent acquiescence of my molesting your childhood sweetheart. I press gently until her lips reluctantly open under mine and I slowly and comprehensively ravish her sweet young mouth, slipping one hand down on to her bottom and moulding her full buttock in front to of your eyes. I play with her for as long as I feel like and then suddenly release her and step back. She stands gasping, pale and trembling.

After I have kissed her she is surprised and confused about what to do. Her eyes meet yours for a moment and then I look at you as well, saying

"Jacquie, get me a drink and fix yourself one as well. You will have a pink lady. I think I remember reading in your diary about how you like those, didn't I? Oh, and slip into something a bit more comfortable. Why not put on the little peach outfit you keep hidden behind the loose board in the reading room? Hurry back Jacquie, I will be getting to know Kathy while you are gone."

You look at me hoping for mercy, wanting to crawl under a rock but there is no escape. You am trapped and you know it. As you turn to go into the kitchen you see me grope Kathy's ass as she walks ahead of me. She shudders and tries to move away but my hands roams over her ass despite her feeble protests. You hear me talking to her but can't quite make out the words. You listen tensely for a moment from the other room until you hear me say,

"Jacquie, are you dressed yet?"

You know that I was aware of your lingering and you hustle to get the drinks and change. When you return you are carrying your sissy drink and my manly drink and you are wearing a peach baby doll nighty and panties. Kathy is shocked at your appearance but I don't giver her a chance to think. I tell her that she and I are going out dancing. You protest and I punch you in the stomach. As you are bent over and gasping for breath I take a pair of cuffs out of my briefcase and put your hands through the wooden arm on your heavy mahogany couch.

I then cuff you to it. You are unable to move the heavy couch and are forced to remain on your knees. I tell Kathy to remove my pants and she stares at you and then at me, wondering what to do. I tell her that things will go easier on you if she does. She still hesitates and so slap your face relatively gently a few times. You whimper and begin to cry. Kathy falls to her knees and takes off my pants. My cock is huge and is nicely outlined in my briefs. I have her remove my briefs and she slides them off slowly and reluctantly. My cock sticks out towards her and nearly pokes her in the face. I tell Kathy to bring one of your credit cards because the night is going to be on Jacquie and she leaves the room to look for it without comment.

While Kathy is out of the room looking for the credit card I cross to the settee and sit down beside you with a nasty smile. You look up at me with fear in your eyes. Although you are kneeling uncomfortably with your hands handcuffed through the mahogany arm of the settee you can still move a little. I am naked below the waist with my briefs on the floor beside me.

"Spread your legs," I order brusquely.

You are so frightened that you do not hesitate but separate your thighs until you are kneeling on widely spread thighs. As I look into your eyes I reach down and cup your balls, squeezing until you gasp with pain. I can see the tears of anguish gathering in the corners of your cloudy eyes. I smile down at my pretty little captive and you look up fearfully. My smile becomes a little nastier as I caress your balls, moving up to your little prick which, despite yourself has stiffened under my attention. As I grin down at you I begin to steadily wank you, playing with your reluctant body and enjoying your fear. I continue to wank you until you begin to gasp and then I slow up. Stimulating you has made my prick begin to stiffen and it is now semi-hard.

"Open your cocksucking lips, sissy," I order bluntly.

You shake your head in horror but without hesitating I slap you hard across the face with my open hand. You begin to cry quietly.

"Now, open your lips or I will really hurt you," I say with some menace.

Despite yourself, your cute red lips reluctantly open and I feed my half-stiff prick between them and into the reluctantly welcoming warmth of your mouth.

"Now, get sucking and do it properly if you don't want to get hurt," I say and you begin to reluctantly suck me off.

My prick rapidly hardens under your attention and, putting one hand at the back of your head and using it to control you, I begin to slowly and deliberately fuck your mouth at the same time reaching for your stiff little prick and starting to wank you again. I know that Kathy will be down soon and I make no effort to prolong matters but steadily speed up until your gasping breath around my prick tells me that you have cum in your panties. My prick is now stiff between your soft wet lips and the regular sucking together with the brushing of the tip of my stiff organ on your palate rapidly brings me on. I can feel the pressure building in my balls and I make no attempt to hold back my ejaculation. Your eyes widen as you feel the spasm in my prick but I hold your head firmly fixing your reluctant lips around my prick as I begin to cum in your mouth. I enjoy the fear in your wide eyes as I watch your throat jerking convulsively as you swallow my cum. My prick begins to soften and I slowly withdraw it smiling down at you as I do so.

"Did you enjoy that, you little cocksucker?" I ask maliciously?

You continue to gulp, trying to swallow my cum but a thin trickle of white runs from the corner of your mouth and is the first thing Kathy sees as she hurries in with your credit card.

"Oh, my God!!" she gasps, looking at your blushing face.

"Come over here and pick up my briefs," I order her and she tip-taps over on her high heels her cute bottom twitching from side to side sexily as she walks bending to pick up my underwear in her little hand. I watch with pleasure as the curves of her young body strain the fabric of the rather inadequate sexy slutty clothes I have forced her to wear.

Her eyes are wide as she wonders what is going to happen. I tell me to open your mouth but you do not. I slap you across the face with my open hand and I begin to whimper again. This time when I tell me to open your mouth you do immediately. I look at Kathy,

"Now, darling," I say nastily, "push my shorts into your husband's mouth. If you don't I will really hurt him"

With a look of repugnance on her face she forces my underwear into your mouth and I then put a piece of tape over your lips. My underwear is trapped and held in your mouth. It smells masculine and tastes cottony in your mouth. You gag a bit and then begin to get used to it. I look with pleasure at it bulging your cheeks and I enjoy the fear in your staring eyes. I slip my trousers on and take the credit card from Kathy. I spin her so that she is in my arms with her back against me and I slip my hands under her arms and cup her full breasts through her thin tube-top. I can sense her reluctance at allowing herself to be molested in front of her helpless husband but I can also smell her excitement. As I casually feel your wife's pretty tits I look down at you, still with a trail of my cum running down your chin.

"Don't expect Kathy and I back for a while, sissy," I say with a smile as I squeeze and mould the firm flesh of your wife's tits, "we may go on to a club after dinner and dancing. We will see you later."

As the door shuts you kneel in your panties with my underwear bunched up in your mouth and my cum running down your chin wondering what the two of us will do while we are out and what will happen when we return.

Several hours later in the early hours of the morning you hear the front door open. You are very stiff as you have been held in such an uncomfortable position for so long. You look anxiously at the dining room door hearing noises in the hall. You can hear your wife's quiet voice apparently pleading and you wonder with sick anxiety what is being done to her, what is happening. At last the door opens and your pretty young wife enters, partly supported by me. I lead her to the settee and gently sit her down beside you. As I walk her across the room my hand is under her arm and I am holding her by the breast which I give a little squeeze as I see you watching us. You can tell, just by looking at Kathy, that she is slightly drunk.

I lean down and with a sharp tug, rip the tape from your mouth and watch with amusement as you use your cuffed hands to pull my underwear from your mouth. I hear you give a big sigh of relief.

"Well, sissy," I smile, "have you enjoyed your evening?"

You look up at me with hatred in your eyes but do not answer. I gently but firmly slap you across the face and the noise of the slap in the quiet room makes Kathy jump. The red marks of my fingers stand out on your pale cheek.

"You are really going to have to learn to be polite, you know," I say pleasantly.

"It has been a horrible evening," you burst out with tears in your eyes, " I have been so uncomfortable and I have been scared about what you were doing to my wife."

I look down at you and laugh. Kathy is sitting on the settee beside you with her head back and her eyes closed. Her make-up is slightly smeared and she looks well-used. Her tube-top has crumpled until it is high on her stomach rolled just below her full firm breasts, the nipples of which are prominent through the material and her short spandex miniskirt is now even shorter as it has ridden up on her thighs as she sits carelessly beside you, her thighs splayed. There is a run in one of her stockings.

I release you from the handcuffs and allow you to stand and stretch as I sit down on the settee beside your wife. I make you stand in front of us in your nightie and soiled panties as I lie back and look up at you. I can see you trembling and your eyes widen as I casually put my hand on the inside of your wife's nearer thigh will above her knee at the level of the top of her stocking. My thumb is just below her cunt and I begin to slowly caress her thigh as I talk to you. Kathy gives a sigh and wakes from the slight doze she had fallen into when I put her on the settee. She looks a little startled to see you standing in front of us and flushes a little as she looks down helplessly to see my hand caressing her under her skirt. She reaches down and grasps my wrist to try to move my hand but I pinch the soft flesh of her inner thigh between thumb and forefinger and twist it warningly. She gasps loudly in pain and her hand drops nervelessly from my wrist to lie beside her on the settee. I see you stiffen and I grin up at you as I go back to caressing your wife's sexy thigh right in front of you.

"Go and make us some coffee, sissy, your wife needs to sober up a bit" I order, "and then come back and stand in front of us. While we drink it, Kathy can be telling you what she has been getting up to this evening."

You don't even bother to argue but leave the room with dragging steps on your way to the kitchen. I watch you go with a smile and then turn with relish to your slightly-tipsy wife sprawled on the settee beside me. I know, because I have planned it, that she is just drunk enough to have blunted all her inhibitions but not so far gone as to dull her reactions. I tilt her chin up, turning her head towards me and look into her misty eyes.

"Come on, wake up Kathy," I say with some authority, "your husband has gone to make the coffee. I want you alert by the time he gets back."

There was very little response so, sighing, I slip my arm round the back of her neck and down the top of her tight tube-top. I squeeze the flesh of her breast tightly before slipping my thumb and forefinger down the smooth slopes of her tit to the nipple which I grasp between thumb and forefinger and begin to twist. She gasps with pain and her blue eyes clear and look with shock back in to mine.

"Now concentrate!!" I snap.

This is the sight that greets you as you come back into the room carrying a tray with our coffee. I laugh as I look at you,

"Just look at your husband Kathy," I say with a smile, "dressed in his cute nightie and serving us. Don't you think he makes a pretty little maid?"

I sense you both stiffen, you with embarrassment and your wife with some horror, and perhaps a little sympathy for your plight. If there is any sympathy I intend to remove it before long! I see with pleasure that you have only brought two cups. I make you serve Kathy and I putting the coffee cups down on two little tables at either end of the settee. I slip my arm from around your wife and sit up to drink my coffee, considering you carefully. You stand, watching me fearfully.

"We have had an exciting, exhausting evening Jacquie darling," I say maliciously watching you blush again at the endearment. It never fails!! "I think it would be very hospitable if you got Kathy and I some brandy, then come back and kneel in front of your pretty little slut of a wife."

Again you are too intimidated to argue and you bring us brandy in nice crystal glasses, carefully placing it beside our coffee cups. I look with pleasure at the soft golden glow of the brandy in the subdued lighting and nod at the floor in front of Kathy.

"I told you to kneel in front of your wife, cocksucker," I said quietly, "don't make me have to tell you again."

You take one look at my face and slip to your knees on the carpet in front of Kathy. I put my left hand on the inside of Kathy's right leg just above the knee and slowly exert pressure, pulling her thigh towards me and pulling up her tight spandex miniskirt until it is riding high on her thighs just below her crotch. She is not properly compliant but is too afraid to really resist. I grasp the soft flesh of her inner upper thigh between thumb and forefinger and give it a vicious twist. She gasps with pain and your eyes widen in shock.

"Open your legs wide, slut," I order and she immediately now does as she is told. I smile at her and released her thigh.

"That wasn't so very hard was it?" I ask her, "do as you are told when you are told and I won't hurt you."

Kathy looks at me, her cheeks flaming but with her thighs spread. I turn my attention back to you.

"Now, Jacquie, just look straight up between your wife's thighs to her bare gaping cunt," I order, "and don't move your eyes away until I tell you that you can."

Expecting to be obeyed I turn for a sip of brandy and some coffee. When I look back at you I find that you are still looking down at the floor in front of you. I begin to get annoyed.

"Do as you are told, sissy," I say more sharply, "look straight between your wife's pretty legs at her slutty cunt!!"

You still do not move but I can see that you are trying to say something. I wait a moment but no words come out. I am now really beginning to lose patience

"Well?" I demand brusquely.

Finally you get it out in a quiet broken voice.

"Please don't make me, please leave me alone. I am so ashamed."

I sigh, knowing really that I had expected it to come to this in the end. I put my coffee cup down and stand, aware of you both looking up at me fearfully. I bend down a little and suddenly slap you hard across the face with my open hand. The slap sounds like a pistol shot in the quiet room and I hear you both give a simultaneous gasp, you of pain and shock and Kathy of horror.

"Listen to me, you little sissy," I say quietly, "You will learn very quickly to do as you are told or you will suffer. I would punch a man but a pretty little girl like you I slap. A sissy must always obey his Master and I am your Master. You will learn your place one way or the other before the night is over. Always remember, I don't mind hurting you, in fact I enjoy it."

I look down at you, at the red marks of my fingers prominent on your pale cheek and glance at Kathy who looks back fearfully.

"Now, look between your wife's thighs, which I have made her spread, up at her cunt and don't move your eyes until I tell you that you can."

I can see a look of defeated resignation in your eyes as they slowly rise from the carpet to first the settee and the higher until you cannot pretend any longer. You are following your Master's orders like the sissy you are and looking from your knees straight into your wife's cunt between her thighs which have been spread without your consent by another man. I grin down at you and, putting a hand on each of Kathy's knees spread her thighs wider so that her cunt gapes.

"Look at this cocksucker," I say with a smile.

Using the fingers of my left hand I spread open the fleshy outer lips of your wife's cunt as you watch dumbly, too afraid to interfere. You can now see right inside her wet hole and as you look, to your horror you see a trail of slimy white cum leak from her cunt down the crack of her arse on to the cushions of the settee. You watch me dip a finger of my other hand into your wife's wet gaping slit and slowly finger-fuck the gasping girl. I withdraw my finger, covered in slimy cum and smile down at you. You know what is coming next instinctively and I can see tears forming in your eyes.

"Open your mouth sissy," I order.

You do not move but I can see the tears on your cheeks. I sigh and slap you again hard on the cheek with my cum-covered fingers. You begin to cry in earnest now, your shoulders heaving with racking sobs. I glance at your wife and I can see the beginnings of disgust at your sissy behaviour starting to appear in her wide blue eyes. I look back at you and the marks of my fingers are startlingly clear on your cheek which now also displays small globules of white cum that you are too afraid to wipe away. I slip my hand between Kathy's thighs again and begin to finger-fuck her wet sloppy cunt until my fingers are thoroughly coated with cum and, pulling you towards me on your knees by your hair, I wipe my fingers across your closed resistant lips and, smiling into you tear-filled eyes, I force your mouth open and push my slimy fingers between your reluctant lips. I look down at you as you kneel, half bent forward in an uncomfortable position with my dirty fingers in your mouth. I work my fingers around in your mouth and ignore you as you gag against them and when I pull them out they are completely clean. I smile at your shocked wife.

"What do you think of your sissy husband now, Kathy?" I ask her.

She looks down at you with the distaste and disgust more clear than ever in her shocked baby-blue eyes. I decide that it is time to finish all of your resistance and disobedience for good. I look down at you as you kneel in front of us and I begin to speak to you quietly. As you listen, horror and fear come into your eyes which, following my orders are still fixed on your wife's gaping cunt.

"Listen to me sissy," I begin, "you have some hard lessons to learn. As a sissy you are totally subservient to and will obey the orders of your Master and from now on of your wife as well. You need to develop and nurture the trait of absolute obedience if you hope to survive. Your function as a sissy is not to question orders, not even to think, but to obey immediately without question at all times. I think that it is time that you learned that lesson."

I stand up and take off my leather belt. I can see you watching me fearfully. Reaching down I wind my fingers in your soft effeminate hair and pull you across the arm of the settee. You do not really resist or struggle as you are taken too much by surprise but your flailing arm knocks over the small coffee table and my coffee cup and brandy glass fall, spilling their contents and staining your nice light carpet. I fold my belt in two making it a convenient length and raise your nightie baring your pantie-clad arse. I can feel you trembling as you look almost unseeingly at the stains on the carpet which appear to have become the centre of your universe. I glance at Kathy who is watching seeming rather more disgusted by your sissy behaviour and lack of fight than worried about you.

"This is how I deal with disobedient sissy-sluts Kathy," I say.

I begin to thrash the trembling plump white arse so inadequately concealed by the flimsy panties, spread out over the arm of the settee. I start relatively gently taking care not to land too many stokes in the same place and as your arse reddens under the thin nylon I begin to increase the force. At first you begin to wriggle gasping with each stroke but I hold you firmly with my fingers twisted in your hair. Your arse begins to be more clearly marked by the strokes of the leather belt and your gasps become wordless moans as I continue your punishment. I increase the force of my stroke more and you begin to emit wordless screams as each blow lands. I vary my target, thrashing the tops of your plump thighs as well as your now fiery arse. You are screaming loudly now and I feel that you have had about as much as you can take and that your resistance is really at an end. I let go of your hair and push you to your feet. You stand in front of me on wobbly legs with tears ran down your face from puffed up eyes. You are crying like a girl and I glance at Kathy to see her looking at you with the disgust even more clear in her eyes.

"Well, cocksucker," I say conversationally, looking up at your trembling form, "have you learned your lesson?"

You cannot get the words out as you are sobbing too much but you hesitantly nod your head. I slip my hand between your wife's thighs again and begin to deeply finger-fuck her, brushing her clitoris with my thumb and making her hips twitch. It is clear the watching you being thrashed has turned her on more than a little. When my fingers are thoroughly coated with cum I gently pull them from your wife's twitching grasping cunt and look at you.

"Now, Jacquie, open your mouth and suck the cum off my fingers like a good little girl," I order.

Stomach churning with shame and defeat you know that you have no alternative and you slowly open you mouth accepting my slimy fingers. I slowly and deeply fuck your mouth with my fingers, enjoying the sight of your red lips wrapped around them. Coated by cum your red lips look as though they have has shiny lip-gloss applied to them. I smile down at you as I draw my clean fingers from your relieved mouth. Your relief is to be short-lived.

"Now, sissy, I want you to eat the cum from your wife's cunt while she tells you about our night out on the town." I say.

You look at me helplessly and I hear Kathy gasp but you are totally defeated now with no initiative left. You shuffle forward on your knees between your wife's thighs and bend forward to begin your task. The incredibly powerful aroma of stale cum makes your eyes water as your face nears your wife's cum-filled cunt and you hesitate. I lose patience with you and, winding my fingers in your hair again, pulling your head forward and pressing your face hard into your wife's hairy cunt. Your face is quickly covered with cum and you begin to lick your wife out. I release your hair and you carry on, not daring to hesitate. I look down at you seeing your frightened eyes glance up to mine without taking your mouth from your wife's wet slit.

"Now you little girlie cocksucker," I say, "just keep licking your wife out and listen to her. Don't stop or the thrashing you have just had will be nothing to the one you will get."

I see the fear in your eyes and I turn to Kathy. Her hips are twitching a little under the stimulus of your lips and she looks back at me.

"Get on with it, darling," I say to her, "tell your husband about our evening. Her hands are grasping the cushions of the settee and her hips are twitching under the sensations arising from the comprehensive licking out of her cunt and she begins to talk in a breathy excited almost teenage voice. As I listen I get up and go and pour myself another large brandy to replace the one that had been spilt. I look with pleasure at the tableau in front of me. A young wife dressed like a whore, lying with her thighs spread at my orders for her husband, dressed in a cum-stained nightdress and panties to lick out another man's cum from her well-used young cunt. I smile with satisfaction as I listen to Kathy. She begins hesitantly but gradually becomes more fluent as she gains confidence keeping her eyes fixed on yours.

"We went to a dance club in a taxi," she begins, "as soon as we got in the taxi, he put his arm round me and began to feel me up. His hands were all over my breasts. I could see the driver watching us in the mirror and I was so ashamed but I couldn't stop him. The driver spent more time watching us than he did the road and several times I thought that we would crash. I was getting very scared. Then, just as I thought things couldn't get any worse, he lowered my top so that the driver could see my breasts. He felt them for a moment and then made me open my legs. I tried not to but he put his hands on my knees and opened my legs wide spreading my thighs and making my skirt ride right up. I knew then that the driver could see my sex."

I gave her nipple a squeeze and she paused and looked at me.

"Not your 'sex', your cunt darling," I smiled.

"My cunt," Kathy repeated obediently, "I knew that the driver could see my cunt. When we got to the dance club we didn't get out of the taxi straight away. He paid the driver and said that if he wanted his tip he should come in the back, which he did. I was sill sitting with my legs apart showing my breasts because he would not let me move. The taxi driver was looking at my breasts and he said to the driver that for a tip he could feel me up. I couldn't believe it! Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. The taxi-driver was about fifty and not particularly clean looking. I could smell the body odour off him in the confined space of the car. He got out of the cab and left me for a few minutes with the taxi-driver who began to feel my breasts. He squeezed and hurt them, pulling on the nipples. He tried to feel my cunt but I closed my legs and wouldn't let him. I wouldn't let him kiss me either. We heard a tap on the window at last to my relief and I scrambled out pulling up my top and straightening my skirt. I thought that it was over and I couldn't believe it when I heard him say to the taxi-driver,

"If you come back in four hours you can pick us up and there may be a bigger tip in it for you!"

Then he made me kiss the taxi-driver to thank him for feeling me. I felt his smelly tongue in my mouth and I was nearly sick but I just had to stand there outside the dance club and let him kiss me in front of everyone for as long as he liked. To make it worse, as he kissed me he felt my breasts through my top and I could see everyone watching and laughing."

I watch Kathy closely as she tells this part of the story and I can see that she is excited. A combination of remembering what I had made her do and the stimulation of your mouth on her cunt is working her up. Her hips twitch more and more and I watch with amusement as, without my touching her, she cums in a body-wracking orgasm clamping her thighs tightly around your neck and forcing your face and lips even harder into her wet slit. I let her recover herself and without my prompting her she takes a deep shuddering breath and relaxes her thighs. She wipes the perspiration from her forehead and begins to speak again in her breathy excited voice. I take a sip of brandy, watching the two of you with amusement.

"He gave your credit card to the barman and told him to keep it till the end of the evening to buy us any drinks that we wanted then he took me on to the dance floor. He began to dance closely to me and I could feel his big hard prick against my thighs. He didn't care who saw us but in full view of everyone he felt my breasts and then put his hand behind me and felt my bottom at first through my skirt but then he lifted my skirt and put his hand between my legs from the back. I could see a couple of men grinning and watching us and I knew that he was displaying me to them, I was so ashamed and felt completely helpless. I really couldn't help it. There was nothing I could do."

She pauses miserably. I smile at her and tweak her nipple.

"Come on, Kathy darling, get on with it. Jacquie can't wait to hear what happened next!" I say with a smile looking down into your wide tear-filled eyes and continuing to caress her nipple as she begins to talk again.

"When he had showed me off to everyone he moved me to a quieter darker area near a wall and made me open his zipper and take his prick out. He made me give him a wank there in the club in public and then slowly danced me to the wall and, lifting my skirt, slid his stiff prick up me. He fucked me there in public in the club. I didn't think anyone could see but I was horrified to see the two men who had looked at me before were watching us again and grinning. In spite of the subdued light they could see quite clearly that I was being fucked. I couldn't help myself and even though I was being watched the feeling of a big stiff prick in my cunt, so unlike your little prick, and feeling so humiliated at being fucked in public without being able to do anything about it was so exciting that I came almost immediately. He didn't stop fucking me though and I came in a couple of really big orgasms like I never have with you.. Then I felt his prick stiffen and I felt the cum in my cunt and I knew that he had come inside me without wearing any protection. When he pulled his prick out of me he didn't even kiss me. He just looked at me. I said to him,

"Please let me go to the toilet to clean myself up. I am in a fertile period and not on birth control. I don't want to get pregnant."

But he just laughed and wouldn't let me. He said to me,

"I don't care if you do get pregnant, bitch. If you do that is an unexpected bonus. I like having the cum drip down from your cunt and run down your thighs. I want to give Jacquie a tasty treat when we get home."

"As he said this, he slid two fingers into my cunt again and casually finger-fucked my wet cunt in public. I came again on his fingers but he didn't stop finger-fucking me."

As Kathy tells her story I am casually playing with her nipple which is becoming harder in my fingers. When she reaches the part where I am finger-fucking her sloppy cunt after refusing to let her use the toilet she begins to breathe heavily and suddenly cums in another body-wrenching orgasm, again clasping your face between her thighs. I look down at you and know that your shame is now complete. Kathy has come with your face buried in her cunt sloppy from another man's cum as she recounts how she came several times in public in a bar mainly from the thought of cuckolding her wimpy little husband and thinking of the shame it would cause him to eat out her cum-filled cunt when we got home. I squeeze Kathy's nipple to get her attention and say gently,

"Carry on Kathy darling, you haven't finished yet."

She calms herself after the orgasm and wipes her forehead again. I smile to myself as I know what is coming next. As she begins to talk she begins to blush and she is rather more hesitant.

"When he had stopped feeling me I really needed to go to the toilet and he let me but made me promise not to wipe any cum out of my cunt. I went and had a pee and when I came out I found the two men who had been watching us waiting outside the door. The toilet was in a dark passage and except for the three of us it was deserted. Only later did I see him at the end of the corridor in the shadows watching what was happening. One of the guys grabbed me and turned me round so that I was facing him. He lifted my skirt, baring my bottom to his buddy and said,

"This is the little cunt that has been flashing her bottom at us all night. I think that it is time we had a closer look at it."

"Then he slipped his hand up my skirt which had dropped and began to fondle and squeeze my buttocks. His buddy came close behind me trapping me between them and, putting his arms around me began to squeeze my breasts, really feeling me up. I couldn't move and began to feel more and more desperate as I had to stand there submitting to being felt up by two strangers. The man facing me suddenly put his hand between my thighs and cupped my cunt before roughly sticking two fingers up me and beginning to finger-fuck me. He laughed and looked over my shoulder at his buddy,

"This little whore is soaking wet, she is really asking for another good fucking!!"

Kathy pauses and looks at me. I can see Jacquie's eyes wide and staring as he eats his wife out. He clearly cannot believe what he is hearing. I tweak her nipple to make her concentrate and she takes a deep breath and continues,

"I looked along the corridor and I saw you standing in the shadows. I expected you to come and rescue me but you didn't. The man in front of me lowered his zipper and pushed me against the wall. He lifted one of my legs holding it up so that my knee was hooked over his arm baring my cunt to him and then, grinning into my eyes he just slowly shoved his stiff prick up me and began to fuck me. As he fucked me he said harshly into my ear,

"This is what married whores like you who tease men need, a good hard fucking to keep you in line."

"He savagely fucked me and came up my cunt in a few minutes. He pulled straight out of me and they left me standing in the corridor on shaky legs crying with his cum running down my thighs while they went off to the bar laughing together. Then you came and collected me taking me out to the taxi. I felt so dirty and ashamed. I thought the night couldn't get any worse but then I saw the taxi-driver who had brought us to the club grinning at me from beside his car. My heart sank."

As Kathy is telling her story I release her nipple and, sliding my hand down the nylon of your nightie, now clinging to your body I caress your pantie-clad buttocks before moving my hand round to the from to your prick which I find hard. I give it a gentle wank and say deliberately harshly to Kathy,

"Just shut up a minute, you can finish your story later."

I look down into your desperate eyes as I wank you and say,

"Keep eating Kathy out or it will be the worse for you. Kathy, just look at Jacquie's little prick. The tiny little thing is as hard as a rock!!"

I release it and Kathy bends forward. I hear Kathy take a deep breath,

"That is the biggest and hardest I have ever seen it," she gasps, " and to think that it took the story of me being fucked by other men to get it like that."

I laugh at the pitiful size of your prick and I watch Kathy, torn by pity for you and disgust for your sissy behaviour and lack of manliness. Kathy sighs and sits back. I squeeze the breast nearest to me and she looks questioningly at me.

"Go on, darling, finish the story of your night out." I say with a smile.

Kathy hesitates and I squeeze her breast warningly again. She takes a deep breath and continues,

"I was getting into the taxi and as my legs parted as I put one foot in the cab the taxi-driver put his hand up my skirt and just casually felt my cunt. I was really frightened and humiliated but I felt your hand on my shoulder holding me still and I heard the taxi-driver chuckle as he slipped three fingers in me and gave me a hard finger-fuck. He pulled his fingers out finally and wiped them on my skirt. I got in beside you to see you grinning at me. I was so taken aback to hear you say,"

"Are you ready to give the taxi-driver the tip you promised him?

"I couldn't believe it, I was so shocked and I begged you to look after me, not to let him do anything to me but you just laughed. You did not touch me during the drive, just saying quietly,"

"You know what to do Kathy, get your tits out and show the driver your sloppy cunt."

"I knew then that I couldn't do anything and I slipped my top down and pulled my skirt up. I even opened my legs without being told to. Before very long we were outside the house. I straightened my clothes and got out quickly hoping it was all over. You paid the driver and said to him,"

"Ready for your tip, buddy?"

I heard him laugh and you took me by the back of the neck and bent me forward over the bonnet of the taxi kicking my ankles apart so that my legs were widely spread. I knew that in this position my bare cunt and arse were in full view. I couldn't believe it when I heard you say,

"There's your tip. If you want it, take it."

"I heard the taxi-driver lower his zip and I felt him behind me between my thighs. He slowly pushed his prick into my cunt and began to fuck me reaching under me to play with my breasts as they were squashed against the bonnet of his cab. I tried to stay still so that it would be over soon but he savagely squeezed my breasts, really hurting me. I knew that we were in the street right outside my house and any of the neighbours could have looked out and seen us so I had to be quiet. He said almost in a snarl,"

"Work with me bitch, I really intend to enjoy this."

"So I had to work my hips on his prick trying to make him enjoy fucking me so that he would not hurt me. He squeezed and played with my breasts as he fucked me enjoying the control he had over someone else's wife and I had to move my hips with him until he came. He gave my breasts a savage final squeeze and came up my cunt before pulling out of me laughing as he did. He looked at you and said,"

"Thank you for the use of your bitch. She is a lovely fuck."

"I was so ashamed as I watched him get into his cab and drive off. Any of the neighbours could have seen me getting fucked in the street."

Kathy stops, seemingly exhausted and I look down at you. Now your shame is complete. The story of your wife being fucked by a taxi-driver outside your house and the knowledge that you have been sucking his cum from her cunt is too much. I can see and I know that Kathy has seen, that you have cum in your dirty peach-coloured panties without your prick even having been touched. You blush with shame and I look at Kathy and we both laugh.

I turn and look steadily at Kathy as she looks down at you and laughs. I am interested to see the contempt for you beginning to dawn in her eyes and she blushes under my steady scrutiny. It is getting late and I could do with some sleep, but first I could do with a fuck. I look down contemptuously at you as you kneel at our feet and say harshly,

"I think that it is time I started your training properly, wimp. I feel like a fuck and I am going to take your pretty wife to bed and fuck the arse off her. She is a real slut who has been well-fucked tonight already and you can come and watch. Your slut of a wife belongs to me now and I am going to teach her how to take care of a man's needs properly."

I hear Kathy gasp beside me and I glance at her. She goes very red and then her cheeks pale as the implications of my remarks sink in. I ignore her and turn back to you.

"It is time you learned your real station in life, cocksucker. You are a sissy wimp, a sissy wimp who no longer has any right to fuck his wife. You gave up that right when you didn't stop me taking her out and fucking her and letting other men fuck her. The only one that will not be fucking her in the future is you. You will never have the pleasure of entering your wife's cute cunt again except with your tongue and that will only be to clean out another man's cum."

I turn to the slightly drunken Kathy sprawled beside me.

"Stand up, whore," I snap suddenly.

Her eyes widen as she looks at me but she does not move. I sigh and put my hand on the upper soft flesh of her inner thigh, giving it a vicious twist between thumb and forefinger. She gasps with pain, her eyes clear and she suddenly becomes more alert.

"Stand up, you drunken bitch," I order, "I won't tell you again."

Kathy struggles to her feet and stands swaying on unsteady legs. I slide along to the end of the settee and, reaching up, pull her down on to my lap. At first she sprawls a little but then she tries to pull herself together, sit up a little straighter and compose her legs more modestly. I slide my arm round her under her armpit, capturing her full left breast in my hand and begin to squeeze it harder and harder. Kathy's eyes widen and she gasps with pain.

"Open your legs slut," I say into her ear, "and keep them spread if you know what is good for you."

Her thighs part as far as the tight skirt will let them. I sit still allowing her to wriggle on my lap, manoeuvring her skirt higher and giving her thighs more freedom. Soon the tight black band of the spandex miniskirt is just below the level of her crotch and her thighs are widely spread displaying her stocking-tops, suspenders and the open gap of her wet cunt to her husband's horrified gaze.

"Take your top off, Kathy," I tell her and with a squirm of her shoulders she slips it off baring her large breasts which I immediately begin to squeeze and knead, pulling on the big sensitive nipples, not caring that I am being a little rough and ignoring Kathy's gasps of pain. If nothing else it seems to have sobered her up..

I look down at you with a smile, relishing the hate and fear in your eyes as you watch me feeling up your young wife but not daring to interfere. As you look into my eyes I twist the knife a little more,

"In future wimp, your real place will be to learn to please a proper man and in the first instance, that means me. You will suck my prick to harden it for fucking your slut of a wife and when I feel like a change you will take all of it up your pretty sissy arsehole."

I grin at the horror on your face and relish the big tears gathering at the corners of your eyes. Not only do you look effeminate, you are as emotional as a girl. You look at me, you face white with shock as my words sink in. I know that you cannot really believe what you are hearing. I feel your wife stiffen on my lap and I realise that she is having difficulty coming to terms with it also. I wait for you to protest, to make some masculine gesture even though you know that it would be futile. I can sense the beginning of a change in your wife. I glance at her as I play with her tits and I can see the beginning of disgust for the sissy wimp that she has married. As I am talking to you my hands are roaming freely over your wife's body emphasising your helplessness to prevent it. It is clear that you are so caught up in the feelings of shame and self-loathing on being confronted with your wimpish sissy nature that you have begun to accept without further challenge my rights over your wife's body.

I am beginning to get tired of the smell of stale cum from your well-fucked wife and I suddenly push her from my lap on to the floor. She slides down with a shocked squeal. She looks up at me in startled surprise.

I look down at the rather dishevelled girl as she lies at my feet. She is lying half on her side with her right leg stretched out straight and her left bent at the knee. This causes her short black skirt, already high on her thighs to ride even higher, not even covering her cunt. Her hair hangs in strands over her shoulder and down the front of her chest lying on her right breast and her fringe is plastered to her forehead by the perspiration.

I motion for her to stand but she just lies and looks dumbly up at me. I sigh and reaching forward wind the fingers of my left hand in her hair and grasping her by the left breast with my right hand. I slowly rise to my feet pulling her up with me. She scrambles up a little inelegantly trying to relieve the tension on her hair and on her breast until she is standing, panting deeply, facing me balancing rather precariously on her high heels. I point to a spot beside the settee.

"Just stand there Kathy, and don't move until I tell you." I order and smile as she hurries to obey me.

I turn back to you with some relish. You have been watching the episodes of the last few minutes with your mouth hanging open with shock as you see how easily your young wife can be manipulated.

"Now, cocksucker," I say, "it is time for your next lesson. Whenever I snap my fingers and point at the floor, you kneel there with your thighs spread open. Let us have a practice."

I snap my fingers and point at the floor in front of me. You do not move. I slap your face hard with my open hand. A tear rolls down your cheek. I snap my fingers again and point. This time you reluctantly shuffle to the spot on your knees with your thighs spread. I grin at you and glance at Kathy whose face registers disgust at your compliance and whose breasts are heaving a little with emotion and say to you quietly but distinctly,

"Now, wimp, whenever I fancy fucking your slut of a wife, I will snap my fingers and point. You will move into position and unzip my trousers. When I have removed them you will prepare me to fuck your wife by first licking around my prick and balls and then by sucking me off until I am nice and hard for your little slut. If I tell you to, you will open the lips of her cunt and guide my stiff prick up your sexy wife."

I can see the protest and the beginnings of a small rebellion in your eyes.

"I couldn't do that, I just couldn't," you mutter wretchedly.

I do not hesitate. I slap your face hard, once and then again. The slaps sound loudly and shake your whole body. You begin to whimper and sob. To make sure that you have got the point I slap your tearstained face hard a third time. I can see the defeat in your eyes and I know that that is enough.

"Are you ready to obey me at all times, wimp?" I ask.

Sobbing loudly like a girl with tears running down your face you nod, not looking at your wife. I glance at Kathy who is watching you intently, amazed and at the same time disgusted by your compliance and lack of resistance. I look at Kathy.

"It is nearly time for bed and you smell and look like a whore." I say harshly.

Your wife's eyes flicker from me to you and back again and she blushes. She seems to have completely sobered up. I say to Kathy, ignoring you,

"Go and have a shower and wash your hair. Put on the sexiest nightdress that you have and wear matching panties. Then come back out here and make me some coffee. I have further business with your wimp of a husband."

We both watch your dishevelled virtually naked wife as she leaves the room without a word. I snap my fingers and point at my trousers. You hesitate and without giving you time for breath I slap your face hard, first on one cheek and then on the other. You sob loudly and are crying now in earnest. I snap my fingers and point at my trousers and with trembling fingers you slide the zipper down and loosen my belt. I let the trousers slide down my legs and step out of them. I lift one finger and snap my fingers pointing at my foot. You remove my shoe and sock. I repeat the performance with the other foot. As we are doing this I hear the shower start. I slip off my tee-shirt and I am now naked. I look down at your quivering weeping form.

"Suck me, sissy cocksucker and get me nice and hard for your wife," I say,

You reach out and run your hand over my balls before grasping the shaft of my prick just below the ridge of the knob-head. I grin down at your blushing face as you gently wank me. Your head moves reluctantly forward and I feel your cool breath on the head of my stiffening prick. Your soft red lips part and I move my hips forward a little, rubbing the head of my prick around your lips. The pre-cum acting like lip-gloss, makes your lips shine. Your soft lips part and you move your head forward, taking two inches of my stiff shaft into your mouth. I look down into your humiliated eyes as your close your red lips around by prick and gently and rhythmically begin to suck me off your lips adjusting to the size of my prick and stretching uncomfortably around it. While all this has been going on I have subconsciously noticed that the shower has stopped a while ago. The door of the bedroom opens and Kathy emerges. She looks absolutely stunning in a sheer black virtually transparent baby-doll nightie which is just long enough to reach to her hips and which barely conceals the flimsy panties beneath, continual flashes of which I receive as she walks hesitantly towards us across the room. The nightdress has a low-cut scalloped neckline which clings to and outlines her prominent breasts and displays a deep cleavage. Her stiff nipples and areolae are very evident through the thin sheer material. The panties are pulled tightly up into her cunt outlining her fleshy lips and displaying the groove of her cunt very clearly. She has dried her hair but left it loose and soft like a cloud around her head. She looks very young.

"You look very nice Kathy darling," I said with a trace of mockery, "your wimp of a husband should be proud to have such a pretty young wife."

She shudders as she watches with disbelief as her husband compliantly sucks me off. I begin to move my hips, using your mouth as a cunt, gently moving my hips backwards and forwards and fucking your mouth more and more deeply. You begin to gag on my hardening prick as you feel it becoming even stiffer and seeming to swell in your mouth but I ignore it. I fuck your mouth for a few minutes longer relishing your humiliation in front of your shocked and staring wife before slowly withdrawing my prick. It remains connected to your lips by a tendril of spit which eventually breaks. You remain kneeling, looking up into my eyes.

"Wank me sissy, " I order.

Without hesitating, your resistance now seemingly completely broken, you reach out and take my stiff prick in your soft hand and begin to give me a slow delicious wank. As you are wanking me I reach down and wind my fingers in your soft long effeminate hair. You gasp with pain as I raise your head, forcing you to look into my eyes.

"Now, wimp," I say quietly and pleasantly, "you don't mind if I take your sexy wife to bed and fuck the arse off her do you?"

I hear Kathy gasp with shock and you don't answer for a moment. I increase the pressure on your hair threateningly. I hear you mumble something but I can't make it out so I twist your hair more tightly. You gasp with pain but mutter quietly,

"I do mind, I mind a lot, I hate it and I hate you."

I don't say anything but I release your hair and draw back my hand to slap you again. I see the fear intensify in your eyes and you stop wanking me. Time seems suspended for a moment as you kneel holding my prick looking up at me with terrified eyes. I slap you again, hard, and the sound echoes through the room. I hear Kathy gasp and you give a deep sob, beginning to cry quietly again.

"When I give you an order, you follow it wimp," I say harshly, "I didn't tell you top stop wanking me. Now toss me off until I tell you to stop. Do you understand me sissy?"

You nod wretchedly and your sobbing continues. I look down at you consideringly.

"From now on sissy, you will call me 'Sir' each and every time you address me." I say, "do you understand, wimp?"

"Yes sir," You whisper.

I smile with satisfaction and look down at you enjoying the delicious sensations from my prick as you continue to expertly wank me. I press you a little harder.

"Now wimp," I ask, "do you mind if I fuck your sexy little slut of a wife?"

There is a long pause and then I her you whisper reluctantly,

"No sir, I don't mind."

That is not sufficient for me and I look down at you as you kneel wanking me off and say to you as I glance at your wife standing watching in her sexy nightdress.

"Tell me that you want me to show you how your wife should really be fucked, how you have never managed to do it. Beg me to fuck her and show you and her what a real man can do for her and how he can maker feel."

I know that all the fight has gone out of you when you say as you toss me off,

"I beg you sir, show me how a real man fucks my wife. I really want you to show me."

I look at Kathy and grin at her nodding down at you.

"Listen to that, Kathy," I say with a smile, "look at the expression on his face and ask yourself if anyone but a complete girlie sissy cocksucker could ever kneel in a baby-doll nightie and beg another man to fuck his wife after sucking him off and wanking his prick to stiffness."

I look down at you as you kneel in front of me weeping with humiliation, your face red with shame. I look into your eyes and I see the horror mounting as you realise that despite yourself you are becoming aroused. I see the thin material of your panties being tented by your stiff little cock. I laugh and point this out to Kathy. I can see from the expression on her face that she is beginning to realise to what depths of sissyhood you have sunk in such a seemingly short time. I order Kathy to get on with making the coffee for me and I stand. You look hesitantly up at me and continue wanking me. I snap my fingers and point to the floor just outside the door to the bedroom. You understand immediately and crawl on your hands and knees to the spot, waiting for me. I pick up the handcuffs and walk past you into the bedroom, fondling your bottom as I pass. I feel you shudder. I look at the bed. It is large with a rather old fashioned head-board about five feet high. I snap my fingers and you crawl into the bedroom. I point at the floor beside the head of the bed and you crawl across until you are kneeling by me. I reach down and wind my fingers in your hair and pull you to your feet, handcuffing your hands through the headboard so that you are standing, cuffed, at the head of the bed. I look warningly at you, slipping my hand between your legs and cupping your balls. As I look into your eyes I give your balls a thorough feel and then move to your little cock which I wank to stiffness before releasing it..

"Now just stand there until I tell you to move. Don't dare sit either on the bed or on the bedside table or it will be the worse for you."

Without looking at you further I leave the bedroom and return to the living-room, leaving the bedroom door open so that you can hear what is happening. Kathy is just coming in from the small kitchen carrying a tray with two cups of coffee. I smile at her anxious expression and she bends to put the coffee on the low table. I look at her with some pleasure as she bends. Her full breasts stain the delicate fabric of the nightdress an her cleavage deepens to form an enticing valley. I think about the soft tits encasing my prick later and smile with anticipation. She catches my smile with some anxiety. It is tempting to play with Kathy as she looks so clean and sexy after what I have put her through earlier in the evening but I have much better plans in mind. There is only half the pleasure in playing with your wife when you cannot see us. After all, Kathy is no challenge. She is mine to fuck whenever I feel like it and I need more than that.

"Take the coffee into the bedroom, slut," I order, giving her a sharp slap on the bottom.

She gasps, flushes and hurries to do as I command. I follow her into the bedroom, picking up my leather belt as I go, and indicate the bedside table opposite to the side where you are handcuffed and Kathy puts the coffee down gently and stands clearly waiting to be told what to do. I put my belt down on the bed-side table, lie down on the bed and glance at the young husband and wife standing tensely one on each side of the bed. I reach up and unlock the handcuffs, releasing you and move over so that I am lying on your side of the bed. I glance at Kathy and pat the bed beside me. She reluctantly lies down and I put my arm round her cupping her full breast and fondling it through the thin nylon of the nightdress. I hear her gasp as I rub my finger across the hard little cone of her nipple. I look up at you and grin as you stand helplessly before turning to your young wife and giving her a long deep sexy kiss.

"You have a very sexy young wife, wimp," I say mockingly, "I am really going to enjoy having her as my slut."

I see you pale with anger and some fear and I sit up a little, still caressing Kathy, and snap my fingers and point to the floor by the bed. After barely a moment's hesitation you sink to your knees.

"I am going to drink my coffee, wimp," I say pleasantly, "and then, when I feel like it I am going to fuck the arse off your childhood sweetheart. While I am drinking my coffee you can be giving me a nice wank."

I ignore you and turn to Kathy while I am drinking my coffee. I feel your hand on my semi-stiff prick gripping gently it below the grove of the knobhead and beginning a delicious slow rhythmical wank rapidly bringing me to hardness. I look into your wife wide cloudy eyes. She seems to have completely sobered up now. I finish my coffee and put the cup down and as you continue to wank me I begin to kiss Kathy. I slowly explore all of her sweet young mouth and she is too intimidated to put up any resistance. She is completely passive until I squeeze her nipple warningly and she rapidly gets the message and begins to kiss me back. I am enjoying playing with your wife, feeling her up as I kiss her and knowing what you are watching impotently. Your expert hand has made me really stiff and I take my lips from Kathy's and look at you.

"Get me ready to fuck your wife, sissy," I say quietly, "suck me off for a while."

You look into my eyes and see that protest is useless and I feel your cool breath on my knobhead followed by the warmth of your wet lips around my stiff shaft. I continue to play with your wife as you suck me off and I can see your eyes watching us. I slip one of Kathy's big firm tits out of the neckline of her nightdress and begin to tease and worry the nipple with my lips and tongue. Her breathing quickens. So far I have not touched her cunt but mow I slip my hand on to the soft flesh of her inner thigh and obediently she spreads her legs. She is a quick learner.

I slip my hand up the inside of her thigh on to her pantie-covered cunt which I am not surprised to find already moist. I slide my finger down the groove of her gaping moist slit and I hear her gasp. I take my lips from her nipple and grin down into your tortured eyes, enjoying the feelings you are generating and the sight of your soft red lips around my prick as I continue to work up your wife. I snap my fingers and motion to you with a flick of my hand. You stop and with relief slide your lips from around my prick although for a moment a thin bridge between formed from your spit and my pre-cum remains. Then the spidery tenuous thread breaks. I can hear your harsh breathing contrasting with the excited panting of your wife as I continue to thoroughly feel her wet cunt through her panties.

"I feel like a fuck now wimp," I say to you, "and you have got me very nicely ready. Come up here and take your wife's panties off for me."

I click my fingers and point at the bed. You scramble to your feet and without meeting either your wife's shocked or my scornful eyes, slip your fingers in the waistband of Kathy's delicate panties and try to pull them down. She does nothing to help you and you have quite a struggle before you get the insubstantial material over her hips, down her legs and off her feet. I watch your efforts with a smile which becomes a little nastier as I look into your blushing face and say,

"Now, sissy, you are going to put my prick into your wife. You begged me earlier to fuck her so you can help."

I look at the expression of horror on your face and I glance at Kathy who is lying beside me blushing with her thighs spread.

"Pull your heels up to your arse, slut," I command, "and spread your thighs."

Kathy is so intimidated that she follows my orders instantly.

I snap my fingers and point to the floor by the bed at about the level of Kathy's cunt and, your cheeks flaming, you stand waiting for orders in the spot I have indicated.

"Now, wimp," I say casually as I move between your wife's lewdly splayed thighs, "Use the finger and thumb of your left hand to open the lips of your wife, my slut's cunt and your right hand to feed my prick into her."

There is no fight left in you and you do exactly as you are told. I relish for a moment the feeling of the silky inner flesh of the opening of Kathy's cunt as it is stretched by the big knobhead of my prick and I enjoy her sudden intake of breath. I pause when I am about two inches up your wife and look at you. You are frozen in space with your left hand still spreading the lips of your wife's cunt and your right gripping my stiff shaft. I snap my fingers and point to the floor at the foot of the bed where you can see everything that is happening and from where, if she looks at you, you an see into your wife's eyes and from where I can see you in the big full-length mirror on the corner of the room.. I watch you sink to your knees on the spot I have indicated and say as I slowly fuck your wife with just about two inches of my prick.

"You stay where you are sissy, don't move, don't close your eyes and don't turn your head away. I want you to see everything. I want you to see how a real man fucks a woman and, even more importantly, how a woman pleases a man."

I then ignore you and start to fuck your wife in front of your impotent hate-filled eyes. I lower my lips to her breast and begin to suck on her prominent nipple through the nylon of her nightdress as I feel the other tit which I had already slipped from the confines of the delicate material. I suck more powerfully on her stiff nipple, drawing the whole of the areola into my mouth. Kathy groans loudly and puts her hand on my head pressing it into her breast. She evidently has very sensitive nipples and having them sucked certainly arouses her. I slip the neckline of her nightdress down further and free her other big firm tit now tipped with a bullet-hard nipple which I begin to suck and chew on, sucking hard and teasing the stiff proud point with my lips and tongue. She groans again and clutches my hair with her hand, pressing me into her. Her heels press against the bed and her thighs are spread wide. I enjoy the sight of the stretched lips of her cunt caressing and gripping my stiff prick which I now have stuck about four inches up her.

I take my mouth from her nipple and put my tongue to her lips, running it along the soft groove of her mouth which immediately parts in total acceptance allowing me complete freedom. She is panting into my kiss as the sensations emanating from her hot cunt sweep through her excited body. I take my lips from hers and raise myself off her so that I can feel her big firm breasts while I am fucking her. I begin a slow gentle deep fuck while I caress her firm breasts. I am not riding her hard but I am making sure as I am fucking her that I am far enough forward so that the front of my prick rubs and stimulates her clitoris with each stroke. I am only using about half of my prick and the internal muscles of her cunt are massaging my organ deliciously. I look into her eyes,

"Are you enjoying this Kathy?" I ask quietly. She bites her lip and looks up at me. I know the struggle that she is having admitting it to herself and to me so I just wait, feeling her firm breasts as I gently fuck her. She is too afraid of what I will do to lie and after a moment she whispers,

"It's lovely!" she whispers reluctantly, "but we shouldn't be doing it. I am so afraid for my husband!"

"Forget the wimp, Kathy darling," I said, ignoring your gasp of outrage, "you are my slut now. You will do as I tell you and I will fuck you whenever I feel like it. Just concentrate now. I want to enjoy a nice fuck and it will be better for you if you do not make me angry."

Ignoring her gasp of shock I begin to fuck Kathy a little harder using a longer stroke and pressing slowly deeper into her until I am buried in her tight cunt right up to my balls. Her hips begin to move with my thrusts until we work up a nice rhythm. She gives a sudden deep gasp and clasps her thighs around my waist pulling me hard into her cunt with each stroke. I glance at you to make sure you are still watching and I enjoy the horrified look as you watch your young wife giving herself to me with more and more abandon.

"Are you enjoying this, wimp?" I ask, "this is how your wife should be fucked and how she will be fucked in future."

I watch you with amusement as, even though you are crushed and hurt by Kathy's seeming betrayal, in the mirror I see you surreptitiously slip your hand inside your panties and begin to play with your little stiff cock. I take Kathy's chin between thumb and forefinger and gently turn her head so that she can see what is happening in the mirror. You appear to be in a self-absorbed trance as you watch your wife being fucked in front of your eyes and you cannot control yourself. Your wife and I both watch you kneeling at the foot of the bed wanking furiously. Your humiliation is clearly exciting you and the excitement overcomes your fear. I see the sudden darkening of the material as you cum in your panties and I hear Kathy gasp loudly with horror and disgust at your wimpish behaviour.

I laugh loudly at your shame and humiliation and start to ride your wife more roughly. She begins to emit a high pitched squeal with each stroke as the front of my stiff prick massages her hard engorged clitoris and the hard head rubs against her cervix at the climax of each deep thrust. She is now writhing and sweating under me, her eyes wide and staring with the intensity of the emotions that are sweeping through her. I can see the tell-tale flush spreading from your wife's cheeks to her shoulders and down across her upper chest and I feel the warmth in my balls. I ignore you, knowing that you will not dare to turn your eyes away as you kneel powerless and at once excited and scared as you watch with fascinated horror. I lie further forward on your wife's perspiring body and squeeze her breasts more firmly as I press my lips to hers taking possession of her mouth as my prick spasms and I cum up her hot clinging cunt. It is clear that, in spite of herself, your formerly faithful young wife has been loving every minute of the hard fuck. Simultaneously she gives a kind of loud squeal as her whole body is overtaken by orgasmic spasms. She is gasping into my mouth as I withdraw my lips from hers and bury my face in her hair lying on her sweating body. She sighs and her thighs unclasp from round my waist to lie spread and relaxed on the bed. She slowly brings her breathing under control as I lie on her with my softening prick in her wet cunt. She moves slightly under me and I knew that I am too heavy for her. To demonstrate my control over her I do not move for a moment and she gives a resigned sigh but then I move off her and lie on my side admiring the sexy young wife I have just fucked to a screaming orgasm. I glance at you with a smile,

"Have you enjoyed watching me fuck my new slut, wimp?" I ask.

You do not answer but look back with hate-filled eyes. I snap my fingers and point at the floor beside me. You look back with defiance and do not move. I stand, picking up my leather belt from the bedside table and seize you by the hair, pulling you to your feet, ignoring your gasps of pain. I bend you forward over the bed and thrash your arse three times with my belt. You let out a loud gasp each time the belt lands and your wife looks with horror at the three read imprints across your buttocks.

"You have forgotten your manners, wimp," I snarl, "every time you forget I will thrash your arse, and if your continue to defy me I will thrash your wife's pretty arse as well. Now, thank me politely for the lesson you have just had like I taught you."

"Thank you sir, I have enjoyed watching you fuck your new slut" you say through clenched teeth and I smile at the beginning of your obedience as I hear your wife gasp.

I glance at Kathy who is still lying on her back with her thighs widely spread. She looks like a well-fucked whore with her tits hanging out over the neckline of her nightdress and a river of white cum running down from the back of her cunt along the crease of her arse and on to the bedspread. I look down at you and say conversationally,

"I have just shot a large load of hot cum into your wife's unprotected cunt. She is probably going to get pregnant but if you are quick and do a good job you may be able to prevent it. You have my permission to lick her cunt out with your tongue."

You scramble to get between your wife's spread thighs and begin to lick her out. Her cunt and the crack of her arse are soaked in my thick creamy cum. The taste is incredibly powerful in your throat and you gag as you choke it down. I grin at the expression of distaste on your face but, looking at me you continue to lick out your wife knowing that it may protect her from getting pregnant and that by being obedient you may avoid another thrashing. I watch with amusement as you lap the cum from your wife's hot wet cunt and enjoy the sight of you humiliating yourself pushing your tongue as far up her as you can to clean her as thoroughly as possible. Eventually you are finished and slowly remove your cum-stained face from your wife's cunt and look anxiously up into my grinning face.

"Well done, wimp," I say, "I hope that you enjoyed that. If you are really lucky this time your wife will not get pregnant."

Seeing that you are through I snap your fingers once and point at the floor beside the head of the bed. This time you immediately respond, standing where I indicate. I put the cuffs back on you and you begin to whimper again. I turn to your slut of a wife and say,

"Get over there and take the wimp's panties off and show them to me."

She stretches out her cum-stained thighs and gets to her feet moving stiffly rounds the foot of the bed to where you are cuffed and, without looking at you, slips her fingers in the waistband of your panties and, sliding them down your legs, removes your cum- stained panties. She looks with disgust at the stain on the front and shows them to me as I had ordered. I look at them and laugh, saying to her,

"This is what the sissy wimp did while watching us fuck. He really seemed to like it. I don't know what he likes more, sucking my cock or watching you suck and fuck me."

I look up at you and snap,

"Open your mouth, wimp,"

and watch as you reluctantly do so. I tell Kathy to turn the panties inside out so that the big cum stain is facing outward and to put them into your mouth, which, her face twisted with revulsion, she does. I tell her to go to the living-room and to fetch the tape and to tape your mouth shut holding the panties in place. She does as she is told, knowing the consequences of hesitation. I look up at you and say quietly,

"Once you learn to stop crying like a sissy baby I might leave you without a gag. Tonight you can just stand there with your panties in your mouth all night and think about things. I am going to have some supper and then I am going to get some sleep."

I turn and look at your wife. She looks like a real whore, with her cum-stained nightdress sticking to her sweaty body and her tits hanging out over the low-cut neck-line. I smile at her and she blushes faintly.

"Go and make me a sandwich," I order, "and bring it in here with some fresh coffee and some brandy. Then strip and make the bed with fresh linen. I am going to have a shower. Oh and by the way, leave your tits hanging out just as they are. You look like the slut you have proved yourself to be."

Kathy blushes deeply and leaves the bedroom. I turn and look at you standing uncomfortably by the bed with your hands cuffed through the headboard in your stained sweaty peach-coloured baby doll nightdress that has begun to stick to your body. Your mouth is taped shut and your cheeks bulge a little from the soiled panties that your wife has forced in on my instructions. I reach out and cup your balls. Your whole body stiffens as I begin to feel your. I gently caress your balls while looking into your widened eyes and then slip my hand on to your little cock which I begin to wank gently between thumb and forefinger. You rapidly stiffen I my fingers.

"Listen, wimp," I say as I carry on wanking you, "I am going for a shower and I am going to take my time. When your slut of a wife has changed the bed tell her to join me in the bathroom."

I give your little pencil-dick a final squeeze and roll off the bed to my feet entering the bathroom without giving you another glance and leaving the door open. I take a long time having a shower and washing my hair and I can hear, over the sound of the water, Kathy come back with my supper. I hear but pay no attention to your voices as I continue my shower. Within a few minutes Kathy appears in the doorway. I know that although you cannot see what is going to happen with the door open you will hear it all and your imagination can do the rest. I reach out and, taking your wife's unwilling hand I draw her under the cascading warm water. I brush her hair back off her face and strip her soaked sweaty nightdress off her before giving her a deep kiss and then, taking my lips from hers I put my hands on her shoulders and gently push her reluctant body down until she is kneeling. Without pausing I feed my semi-stiff prick between her soft lips into the warmth of her mouth and she instinctively begins to suck me off. I look down at her, enjoying the sight of the pretty woman on her knees with her soft red lips wrapped around my stiff prick and her head rhythmically bobbing backwards and forwards. I feel the pressure building in my balls and I slip my prick from her mouth and turn her round, bending her right forward so that she has to support her weight by pressing the flat of her hands against the tiled wall of the shower. I kick the inside of her ankle and she gasps with pain but immediately gets the message, spreading her legs and giving me access to her cunt and arsehole.

Without pausing I slip my stiff prick straight up her cunt until I am sheathed in her to the balls. She has a very tight cunt as it has never been really stretched by your pencil-dick and I pause for a moment buried deep in your wife. Enjoying the velvet feel of her cunt muscles as they massage my stiff rod and the sensation of my knobhead nudging and rubbing against her cervix. I coat my fingers with soap and with one finger begin to tickle the dimpled rose of her arsehole.

"Oh my God!!!" she gasped, "you mustn't do that!"

I slap her buttock a couple of times quite hard enjoying the quivering of her flesh under the cascading water, knowing that the sound will reach you in the bedroom.

"Be quiet, slut, and do as you are told," I order brusquely.

I rub the little puckered opening a little more firmly as I rest against your wife stuck as hard up her as I can get and suddenly the protecting ring of muscle gives way to my demanding questing finger which slips an inch into her quivering arse. She gives a loud gasp which I know that you can hear and will be anxiously wondering about. Without giving her a moment's rest I slip a second finger into her and she gasps again, this time with pain. I ignore her and being to gently finger fuck her arse using two fingers. At first it is very tight and I know that I am hurting her, her whimpering gasps of pain prove that but I persist and suddenly her arse walls seem to relax and become much more liquid against my fingers and I hear her give a deep sigh as she clenches the muscles of her arse against my fingers, delivering delicious waves of sensation to my prick buried deep in her hot cunt. I begin to simultaneously fuck her cunt with long slow strokes and her arse with two fingers. Her hips begin to twitch under the double stimulation and before long, despite herself she is pushing her bottom back against me, meeting my thrusts and groaning loudly with each stroke. I know that you can hear from the bedroom and will be anxious about what is happening to your wife and I grin to myself as I take my fingers from your wife's clinging arse and, gripping her by the hips, pull her hard on to my prick with each stroke. I begin to spank her quivering buttocks as I fuck her and the slaps resound loudly around the echoing bathroom and I know that you will hear them in the bedroom. Your wife begins to sob, partly with pain and partly with emotion as she is spanked hard as she is being fucked quite savagely. I don't try to hold off my orgasm and I cum straight up your wife deep into her unprotected womb without bothering whether she has cum or not. I pull out of her giving her arse a last couple of hard slaps admiring its fiery red colour as she remains bent over supporting herself on the wall in the subservient position I have put her in and not daring to straighten up until she is told to. I leave her there while I finish my shower and as I leave the stall I slap her again on her reddened arse enjoying her sudden jump.

"Have another shower slut, and then join us in the bedroom. You won't need a nightdress." I say as I dry myself and then leave the bathroom glancing at your white furious face as you stand uncomfortably cuffed to the bed. I grin at you as I go to your wife's dressing table and use her hair-dryer. Over the noise of the dryer I say,

"You are really lucky, wimp, your wife is a lovely fuck and she has a nice tight arse. I will enjoy sticking my stiff prick in there tonight."

I lay down on the freshly made bed and had my supper. Kathy had brought the decanter in so I pour myself a generous glass and watch her as she comes from the bathroom and sits at her dressing table drying her hair. When she is ready I pat the bed beside me on the side away from where you are standing and Kathy comes and lies down with me between her and you.

I glance at the bedside clock and say to Kathy,

"It is getting late and we could do with some sleep. Put out the light and settle down."

She glances at me and then at you.

"What about my husband," she says hesitantly, "you can't mean to leave him like that all night!"

I laugh and pull her to me. Grasping her tit and sliding my finger down to her nipple I begin to squeeze it until she gasps. Then I give her a deep kiss.

"That is exactly what I am going to do, Kathy. Now, put out the light and let us get some sleep."

She realises that protest is useless and puts out the light and I fall almost immediately into a dreamless sleep. I awake a couple of hours later to find Kathy awake, talking quietly to you. I ignore you and turn to her, slipping my hand between her thighs and beginning to work her up with my finger.

"Please stop, not again," she begs.

We can both hear you breathing harshly as you watch what is happening in the half-light, powerless to interfere. I kiss your wife gently and whisper into her ear,

"Give me a nice wank, Kathy darling".

She reluctantly puts her soft hand on my semi-hard prick and begins to toss me off. This rapidly stiffens me up. I gently kiss her again, just brushing her lips with my tongue. I do not want to make her cum yet so I keep away from her clitoris and lightly feel her hot wet cunt.

"You know what we are going to do now, don't you slut" I whisper into her ear through her soft silky hair. "I am going fuck your arse so hard".

She looks dumbly into my eyes and protests weakly,

"Please, please don't. It is just so very very wrong. It is completely perverted."

I move my hand from her wet cunt to her soft arse and begin to lubricate her arsehole well with the moisture from her cunt. I give her arse a finger-fuck, first with one and then with two fingers so that it will be as loose as possible. When her hole is nice and greasy I move my hand back to her wet cunt and begin to transfer her moisture to my prick making it nice and greasy. I looked deeply into her wide frightened eyes.

"It's time someone had your arse, Kathy, and your wimp of a husband is never likely to do it."

I hear you gasp in outrage and sense you watching tensely as I gently roll your wife on to her back.

"Come on, slut," I say harshly, " get your thighs widely spread".

She complies with a sob and I push a pillow under her arse giving me ready access to her hole. I move between her and put the end of my stiff prick against the dimple of her greasy arsehole. I gently push and without difficulty my stiff prick goes about four inches up her. I hear her gasp loudly and I smile into her wide terrified eyes.

"That was easy slut, you have a lovely arse. Now, take a deep breath."

She breathes in deeply and I push my prick right up her moist arse until I am sheathed in her with my hairy balls nestling against her cunt.

"Put your legs around me, Kathy," I order.

Without hesitation she wraps her thighs around my waist pulling my prick further up her tight wet arsehole. I take her in my arms and roll on to my side so that she is facing me with my prick right up inside her arse. I smile into her wide staring eyes and begin to gently fuck her clinging arse. Her arse is so smooth that I come up her fairly soon. I give her a gentle kiss, pull out my prick and settle down to sleep again leaving Kathy awake, blushing and gasping and you staring impotently at the scene played out before you.

I awake reasonably early to find you both awake also. I stretch but do not touch either of you knowing that this will cause your anxieties to build. I pick up the key from the bed-side table, reaching across Kathy brushing her breasts as I do so, and I uncuff your hands. You sigh with relief but look into my hard eyes and remain rigid, not daring to move. I snap my fingers and point at the floor beside the bed and you obediently sink to your knees. I look into your eyes and say,

"I fancy a nice fuck to start my day off, wimp. You kneel there and watch me and listen carefully. When I have finished, go and make me a nice breakfast and I will come when I am ready. Don't bother using the toilet. If you need to go you can just hold it until I feel like letting you go."

I hear Kathy gasp and I turn to her with a smile saying pleasantly,

"There is nothing like a good fuck to start the day, Kathy darling."

I see her shudder a little and I know that she is still very frightened of me. I can stand that! I stretch out on my back and look at you.

"I told you that I am going to fuck your wife, wimp. Get me ready. Give me a nice wank and then suck me off until I tell you to stop."

You reach out hesitantly and grasp my prick beginning a slow practised wank and in a couple of minutes I feel your breath and then your lips engulf the head of my knob and I relish the delicious suction. Is it my imagination or are you not as reluctant as you once were? While you are sucking me off I put my hand on the inside of Kathy's nearer thigh and like an obedient little fuck-toy she immediately spreads her legs, allowing me full access. I slip my hand up to her already moist cunt and begin to thoroughly feely her, flicking her clitoris with the ball of my thumb. I can sense her resistance to her feelings but in spite of herself she begins to breathe deeper and faster under my ministrations. I snap my fingers as you have now made me really stiff and you slowly remove your mouth from my prick, kneeling with your thighs spread and your arse supported on your heels.

I motion for your wife to kneel astride my thighs facing me and she hurries to obey me, looking anxiously at me. I reach up and grasp both of her full swinging breasts and begin to squeeze them. Kathy gasps and I see you wince at her pain. I grin at you as I molest your young wife,

"Now wimp, guide my stiff prick into the wet sloppy cunt of your sexy little slut of a wife," I say.

They both flush at the abuse but Kathy obediently raises herself on her knees while I hold her tits tightly to allow you to take hold of my prick in your reluctant hand and guide it so that it passes easily between the fleshy moist outer lips of your wife's hairy cunt. I press down on her tits so that she is forced to sit more firmly on my prick and I slide easily up her to the balls. I pull her down to me by the nipples which I slowly squeeze more tightly I lie stuck hard up your wife. I glance at you and then kiss her deeply as you watch impotently. I take my lips from hers after a while and look into her scared shocked eyes,

"Now, fuck yourself on my prick," I order.

She immediately begins to move up and down giving me a delicious slow fuck as I guide her by the pressure that I was exerting on her sensitive nipples.

"I must say, Kathy, you are good at this," I comment, "have you ever fucked in this position before?"

She nods reluctantly and whispers,

"It is one of our favourite positions."

I laugh with satisfaction. So I am taking something else of yours. I am in no hurry and just lie feeling and moulding her firm breasts while she is doing all the work. I slowly speed her up by manipulating her nipples until she is bucking hard on me with her head thrown back and her hair swinging. The room is full of the smell of woman and cunt. She is gasping deep gulps of air and ramming herself as hard as she can down onto my prick. I begin to feel close to coming so I pull her down to me by the nipples and fasten my mouth on hers giving her a deep hard kiss as I cum up her cunt and shoot a river of hot cum up into her unprotected womb. She lies panting on me as I move my hands to the fleshy globes of her arse and began to pull her hard on to my prick. This causes my prick to rub hard against her excited clitoris and she cums with a deep gasp. The internal muscles of her cunt grasp and milk the last drops of cum from my prick feeding them up into her womb. I roll her off me and look at her as she lies gasping beside me with cum running out of her cunt and over the crack of her arse on to the bed. She looks less like a respectable young wife and more like a fucked-out whore. I grin at you,

"I have just shot a big load of cum into your wife's unprotected cunt and this time I am not going to let you lick her out. I want her pregnant."

I hear them both gasp with shock, ignore them and continue,

"Go and make my breakfast, wimp, I am going to have a shower and I will be down in a minute."

You get slowly to your feet and go to the bedroom door looking longingly at the bathroom. I smile to myself. You look a mess in your sweaty cum-stained nightdress. I have not allowed you to wash or to have a shower and you have had a hard night. Now I won't even let you pee! You turn briefly to give your wife a last glance as you leave the room to find my mocking eyes on you. I get up from the bed and look down at Kathy who is crying quietly.

"Get a shower but don't try to clean my cum from your cunt and slip into something sexy and then come downstairs," I order brusquely, knowing that she will disobey me and try to get my cum out of her cunt but also knowing that it is probably too late, and not really caring anyway.

I go and have a quick but thorough shower and wash my hair. I come back into the bedroom and look at Kathy who has not moved. I know though that she will obey me, she is to frightened not to. I pick up my leather belt, having a feeling that I will need it and enter the living room quietly. The room is full of the aroma of frying bacon and I look over at you. You have not seen or heard me come in and I find you pissing in the sink. I come up quietly behind you so that you se my reflection in the window and relish your gasp of shock and fear.

"Well, you are a disobedient little sissy, aren't you Jacquie?" I ask with a smile and I see you begin to tremble as you note the belt in my hand.

"I'm so sorry," you whisper, "I couldn't help it. I wanted to go so badly."

"You forgot to call me 'sir'," I say quietly and your trembling increases.

I decide to make you wait and worry about possible punishment and I sit at the table and snap my fingers. You hurry to serve me my breakfast and as I begin to eat I snap my fingers and point at the floor. You kneel obediently with your thighs spread and as I eat the door opens and Kathy comes in. I look at her with pleasure. She has taken my instructions literally and is wearing a pale blue very short slip, tightly moulded to her breasts and barely covering her cunt - and nothing else. Her hair has been neatly brushed and she has put on very light make-up. She looks apprehensively at her husband kneeling in front of the table and then back at me. I point to the floor beside him without comment and she walks over and reluctantly kneels.

I finish my breakfast and get up from the table. I slowly collect my clothes and dress. I see you looking anxiously at the leather belt in my hand and I grin down at you as I put my belt on.

"Don't worry, wimp," I say, "you are not going to be punished this time. I have to leave you now but I will be back later. I am a long way from being finished with you two."

I pass Kathy as I walk to the door, giving her breast a last feel finishing with a hard squeeze to make her gasp with pain. The last you see of me is my smile as I close the door.

* * * * *

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