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John & Sally
by The Rackman

This evening I was sitting out on the patio when my best friend Ray (who is a firefighter) and one of his buddies drove by in Ray's pickup. When they saw me outside they turned around and came back. Because he is a fireman and also rather active, Ray stays in pretty good shape. He also has a cock on him like a telephone pole. The first time I ever saw it was when he used it on my wife Susan but that's a whole other story.

Ray's friend Greg is a quite a bit younger than Ray and I, probably 30 something, very handsome, very well built and very black. I had met him a number of times before as the three of us had been out drinking together several times. Greg is a super nice guy and I always enjoy his company.

Ray said they were on their way for a drink and I should tag along. I thought that sounded like a great idea and asked where they were headed. He said the usual place and I said that was fine. Bill the bartender there is a good friend and he know we are always trolling for new pussy and he tips us off to possible scores.

As we walked in the front door, Bill the bartender saw us and nodded toward the back of the room. I couldn't believe my eyes. There at a small table in the corner sat a young couple, the female half of which was sporting a rack that you wouldn't believe. This young sweetie had fun bags that would make you cry with joy. And they were standing right out and barking at anyone who would look. Well, the three of us grabbed some drinks including another round for couple in the back and headed for their table. They had not seen was come in and seemed a little startled when we approached their table and asked if we could join them. We introduced our selves, pointed out it was rather quiet in the place and we just wanted to make some new friends tonight. The rather mousy husband said he was John and the lovely young red head with the big tits was Sally. John didn't seem real thrilled to see us but I noticed the beginnings of a smile on Sally's cute face.

We grabbed some chairs from a nearby table and gathered 'round their table and sat down. That's when I noticed that Sally was wearing a very sheer blouse and even though it was a little dark in the corner of the bar it was obvious she was wearing some very sexy and revealing underwear underneath. Her brown, silver dollar sized aureoles were visible through the blouse and as we blatantly starred at her chest those hard little nipples began to rise and threatened to poke a hole in the shirt.

While Ray and I are pretty bold after a couple of drinks, Greg is never shy, especially when there is some good looking woman involved. So to break the ice Greg turns to John and says, "Your lady here is one fine looking babe." Sally began to blush and John acted as though he might be going to protest Greg's boldness before Ray cut him off by telling Greg and all others present that he couldn't agree with him more and that he sure would like to see more of her, the tone and inflection of his voice leaving little doubt as to what he really meant.

Not to be outdone I said she certainly had some interesting points about her as I stared directly at her big titties. That was about all John could take and he abruptly stood up and said it was nice to meet us but that he and Sally needed to be going now. I said what's your hurry and Sally who while smiling had been very quiet up until now said, "I haven't finished my drink yet John and besides these nice gentlemen just got here."

Ray, Greg and I quickly downed the remainder of our drinks and Greg said, "besides John, we were nice enough to buy you a drink, don't you think you should reciprocate?"

John seemed to hesitate and Sally said, "Ya Honey, we owe them a drink."

And Ray said, "I'm ready for mine right now." So John reluctantly left the table and headed for the bar. As he walked away Sally said she would take another one also. John turned and said she didn't need another one and Greg looked John straight in the eye and said "I believe the lady said she wanted another drink friend!"

As John walked on toward the bar we quickly rearranged the seating so that I was on one side of Sally and Greg was on the other. I looked at her and said I hoped she didn't mind my being so bold but I just couldn't get over just a great rack on such a little lady. She blushed but thanked me for the compliment and Greg said he bet they were just as firm as they looked too. Ray said that as big as they were they couldn't be and I said let's jut see about that and ran my hand up the front of her sheer blouse copping a good feel and tweaking her left nipple as I did so. Greg said it wasn't fair that I got a feel and he didn't and before Sally could protest either of our actions he had a handful of her right one.

It was about this time John came walking back from the bar with our drinks and immediately asked what the hell was going on. Greg told him to relax, we were just getting to know his little lady a little better. John sat the drink down on the table and grabbed Sally's hand and said let's get out of here. Ray and Greg immediately pulled John back and said that unless the lady wanted to go we all just finished our drinks.

John persisted that it was time to leave but Sally said, "Come John, the boys were just having a little innocent fun, let's finish our drinks. Well, you could have cut the tension with a knife until I pointed out that John had hurt our feelings and maybe Sally would like to give us all a kiss to make it up to us. Sally said she wasn't sure she knew us well enough to do that and besides Greg is bl..... She cut herself off in mid sentence when she realized she was about to make a racial remark and probably shouldn't. Then, I think feeling bad about what she almost said, got up and walked over to Greg intending to lean down and give him a peck on the cheek.

Greg had other ideas, when she got within reach Greg pulled her into his lap and began to french kiss her as he ran his hand all over her chest, tweaking both nipples and giving them a little tug. The kiss lasted just a little longer than it should have and John again rose and said they needed to go. This time, I told Ben it was obvious Sally wasn't ready to go yet and he should either take off or set down and shut up.

Our friend Bill the bartender had been taking this all in and he walked over with a piece of rope that he had behind the bar and suggested we tie John to his chair until he could learn to behave himself. Sally got off Greg's lap and Ray immediately said it was his turn and pulled her down into his lap and began to french kiss her and fondle those huge funbags.

By now John was going ballistic so Greg and I shoved him into his chair and proceeded to tie him there with the rope Bill provided. I noticed that Bill had made his way back to the front of the place and pulled down the shade on the door, locked it and put the closed sign out.

I looked at Ray and said, "Sally looks like she is a little warm doesn't she? Maybe she would like some of those buttons undone." And with that I walked over to where they were seated and proceeded to unbutton the top few buttons on her blouse. Ray said, "let me help you with that, she does look hot" and we unbuttoned the blouse bringing her sexy red teddy into view. Ray shoved it off her shoulders and it fell to the floor.

Sally smiled and said if she wasn't hot before she is now. Ray said in that case we should get her out of that short little skirt also and began to unfasten her skirt at the waist and stand her up so we could pull it down. There she stood in a red, very sheer teddy, red panties, red garter belt and stocking. She was a site that could have melted an ice berg.

Greg walked around to stand behind Sally and slid both hands down from her shoulders taking the straps of the teddy with his hands and bared those beautiful big titties to the world. By then Bill had returned and gasped that those was the biggest and most beautiful tits he had ever seend. What a sight, his coal black hands on her snow white breasts. Sally looked down and saw his hands and began to moan. Greg said he would sure like see if she was a natural red head and Ray and I almost simultaneously reached out to begin to pull down her panties.

By now, with Greg twisting her nipples and Ray and I rubbing her clit and sticking fingers in her pussy Sally could do nothing but moan. She reached out to rub Ray and my dicks through our pants. As she began to climax right there in the bar Greg took her hand that had been on Ray's dick and pulled against his own crotch saying, "See, it is true what they say about black guys." From what I could see of the bulge in Greg's pants he was even bigger than Ray and that's saying something.

Ray and I continued to rub her clit as she moaned and began to quirm. She stopped kissing Ray long enough to gulp down a large portion of her fresh drink and announce to the entire world that she needed to be fucked.

I looked at the bartender who immediately volunteered that there was a pool table in the back room and as we began to move in that direction. We told John that if he would be quiet and behave himself he could come along and watch as we made his wife a happy and well fucked woman. Greg grabbed one side of his chair and Ray the other and as I guided Sally to the back room they carried John, still strapped to his chair. After they set his chair down in the corner,. Ray and I lifted Sally and ignoring the pool table we pulled a small round cocktail table from the side of the room into the middle of the room and laid Sally across it. It was a race to see who could be first off with their pants. Ray finished first with Bill, Greg and I a close second. Ray slide in between Tren's legs which he raised up to place on his shoulders and began to slide his 10 inch long piece of fat meat into her eager cunt. As he began to fuck her, the bartender and I stood on each side of her face and began to twist her nipples and fondle her tits as we rubbed our cocks on her face. Then Greg stepped up, pushed his way past Bill and began to rub the biggest, blackest, hardest cock I had ever seen against Sally's lips. She immediately opened her mouth and accepted big black rod into it and began to half suck, half moan as Ray was now fucking her so hard it threatened to upset the table.

Well, when Ray finished I immediately took his place in Tren's hot little cunt. Ray walked up to wipe his dripping cock on her titties. I was so hot from watching the action and getting the blow job that it only took me a couple of strokes to climax and I pulled out and shot my load onto her tits as well. Then Greg slowly walked to her now well fucked pussy. Lifted her legs onto his shoulders and began to ever so slowly shove his big, black cock into her cunt. It was obviously a stretch for Sally's tight little, red hair covered pussy. Even though she had just been well fucked, Greg's dick was about as big around as my wrist. At first it appeared that Sally was in some pain and he went very slowly. Then she began to push toward his dick. When it became obvious that Sally wanted the whole thing shoved in her Greg began to pull back and tease her. "Does the litte whitey red head want this big black cock in her little pussy?" Greg taunted. "Yes" she whispered, barely audible. "Then beg for it, little white cunt!" Greg said. "Please" Sally said. "Please what" said Greg. "Please fuck me" whimpered Sally. "Please fuck me with what" asked Greg. Finally, sweet, innocent, quiet little Sally could take no more and she screamed, "Shove that big black cock in my you big black buck.. You know you want my little white pussy as much I want that big black pole between your legs!"

With that, Greg rammed it home and Sally began to scream, at first in pain and then in sheer sexual delight as she began to have multiple orgasms. Ray, Bill and I all gather around her rubbing our hands over her body, fondling the huge titties and pinching her rock hard nipples. Greg finally reached his climax and pulled out and shot his cum along with ours all over those beautiful big tits.

As we looked over to the side of the room, John had managed to get a hand free and had his cock out of his pants and was beating his meat for all he was worth. Ray walked over, untied him and escorted him over to his now satiated wife and invited him to lick her tits clean. When he protested Ray pushed his face toward Sally's tits saying she couldn't get dressed to leave with a mess like that. As we pulled out pants back on preparing to leave it was quite a sight watching John continue to pull on little dick as he licked our cum off his wife's tits.

You can bet we'll certainly be checking this place out again soon.

Well, I pulled Tren's blouse back together but made no attempt to rebutton it and pulled her to her feet. We all headed for the front door and as we passed the bar Bill said, "I think I'm the only guy in here who didn't get a kiss tonight. With that, Tren walked over to the bar, leaned over as far as she could and Bill leaned across and began to kiss her as he ran his hand inside her blouse and pushed it back off her titties again.

It was then that I noticed a guy sitting at the far end of the bar. I had no idea how long he had been there, he wasn't there when we came in, but he was certainly enjoying the show. He stood up and walked toward us. He was about 6 foot 4, very black and built like a linebacker for the Rams. He said, "if the lady is passing out kisses, I'm here for mine." He walked around behind Tren who was still leaning over the bar and ran his hands around front pushing Bill's off her titties and taking over the job of playing with them himself.

About that time Greg reached over and ran his big black hand up between her legs and found her bare pussy. Tren was now totally out of control and she turned to the stranger and said, "we are all headed for Greg's house to check out his hot tub and they tell me it's big enough for all of us. Why don't you come along." The stranger looked at Greg and said, "Hey, do you mind Brother," and Greg replied, "fuck no, it looks like this hot little cunt can handle all of us and more."

The latest addition to our party turned to Ben and said, "how 'bout it you little wimp, you want to come along and watch your hot little wife here get filled up with a couple of big black cocks?" Then he grabbed Ben's hand and pulled it to his crotch and said, "here take that out and show your little wife what's waiting for her." Ben began to protest but as he pulled down his zipper with one hand, he began to twist Ben's arm into a painful position with the other. Ben protested the pain and the blackman took Ben's hand and shoved it inside the zipper and said then be a good little boy and bring out my big black tool to show your little momma."

Ben began to pull (we found it later his name was George) George's cock out and I couldn't believe how big it was. George grabbed hold of Tren and spun her around, leaned her back against the bar, and told Ben to rub that big black cock against his wife's little white pussy. Greg stepped in close behind Ben so he felt intimidated enough that he thought better of protesting and he took George's cock in both hands and began to rub it back and forth across Tren's pussy and clit.

About that time Bill said that as much as he hated to say it, it was too early in the evening for him to lock up so we better take the party to Greg's house before somebody came in, saw what was going on and called the police. With that, George grabbed hold of Tren's hips and pushed the head of his telephone pole through the lips of her cunt, held it there for a minute and as she began to buck to try to get more of it in her, he pulled out and said, "there white bitch, just a little taste of black cock to keep you wanting it till we get to Greg's."

We all helped Tren pull her skirt down and her blouse back together making sure to get as many free feels as we could in the process. As we started for the door, George said, "I've got a van parked outside big enough we can all ride together." H said, we can let Ben drive while we keep Tren company in the back for the ride to Greg's house. But I said I'd drive because I just knew Ben would want to be in the back where he could watch the action because I had a hunch Tren wasn't going to be able to wait until we got to the hot tub before she sampled those to big black cocks.

Turns out I was exactly right but we'll save those details for the next Tren story.


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