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Jeremy Pt. II
by Gil

For the second time, Jeremy woke somewhat disoriented. Suddenly, recollections of his most recent experiences began to flood his mind and as a result, blood also began to flood and swell his cock. His painfully erect organ was once again trapped somewhat uncomfortably between the soft cheeks of Emmi's ass. All at once, he heard her giggle.

"Jeremy, if we don't want to get caught out here at night, we may have to postpone this for a bit."

Jeremy's awareness expanded to take in his surroundings and he was surprised to note that the sun was definitely lower down in the treetops than when he had first awoken. The small hollow glen they were lying in was now almost completely covered by shade and the multicolored wildflowers were becoming muted in the dimming light. Jeremy could still hear the babbling of a small brook near where they lay and abruptly realized just how thirsty he was!

He slowly untangled himself from Emmi and stood up. As the cooling air caused goosebumps to rise on his arms and his erection began to subside, Jeremy realized that they were both still naked and he could find no evidence of their clothes lying about. He walked over a small hillock towards the sound of the babbling brook and knelt at that tiny stream rushing by at its base. Cupping his hands, he caught and drank deeply of the cold, delicious water.

"Oh, Jeremy," Emmi softly sighed, as she silently walked up behind him. "Now you can't return home."

"Wha... what?" Jeremy sputtered, as he slowly rose from where he had been kneeling and turned to her.

"It's all my fault," Emmi replied. "I should have told you."

"Told me what, and what do you mean 'can't return home' and just where the heck are we anyway and where are our clothes?" Jeremy tried to blurt out all at once.

"That's a lot to explain all at once," Emmi told him. "We need to find shelter before dark. There are dangerous creatures who hunt this forest at night and perhaps it would be best if I explain while we travel."

Emmi turned and started to walk towards an opening between the trees. Jeremy, confused and full of questions, reluctantly hurried to follow her. For the first time, he noticed that there appeared to be a path beginning at this opening in the trees. It was a well-worn path and seemed to lead off through the forest.

"Stay close, Jeremy," Emmi called over her shoulder as they entered the dim light of the forest, "and I'll try to answer your questions as we walk."

"Right," Jeremy muttered his assent. As if I have any choice, he thought to himself distractedly as he noticed the gentle sway of Emmi's small but beautifully round naked behind, tightly firm, in front of him. Motes of dust floated in the golden shafts of light that managed to penetrate the thick foliage above them as they entered the deepening quiet.

"First," Emmi spoke softly, "you are in a different world than the one where you grew up."

No kidding, Jeremy thought dryly to himself.

As if reading his thoughts, Emmi said, "Now pay attention, Jeremy! This is not always easy for one of your kind to understand."

'One of my kind?' Jeremy wondered as Emmi continued to explain:

"There are many worlds that are attached to this one through small openings that we who normally live here call portals. Occasionally, those of us who are able to do so transit those portals in search of kindred spirits in need of our assistance. We are each able to bring one of these kindred spirits back with us to this world, but only when exactly the right circumstances come together. In your case, Jeremy, our bond with each other as well as our proximity to each other at the brink of your death helped to meet most of the requirements. Anyone who transits a portal can take no personal belongings. That is why we have no clothes. Here that is not so important anyway. However, I forgot to warn you that once you consume or ingest any substance of this world, return to your own becomes almost impossible."

"Oh, Jeremy... I should have told you!" Emmi suddenly sobbed. "I've let you down by neglecting to tell you these things. You should have been allowed to make your own decision."

Jeremy slipped up behind Emmi and gently slid his arm around her waist. He held her close against him as he attempted to comfort her and prevent what now threatened to become a deluge of tears. He rested his chin softly in the silky black hair on top of her head.

"So, let me see if I understand you correctly?" Jeremy asked. "Basically, I had a choice of returning to my own world, to my sick, wasted body and promptly dying or of staying here with you in this strong and healthy body? It doesn't seem to be that difficult a choice, Emmi."

"But, Jeremy..." Emmi hiccuped through her tears, "it should have been YOUR choice!'

Jeremy carefully considered her words and came to a decision.

"For what it's worth, Emmi darling, I would have chosen and I now choose, whether the point is moot or not, to stay here with you."

As if a light had been turned on, Emmi's eyes brightened and her tears and trembling suddenly stopped. She almost seemed to purr as she turned in his arms and flashed a brilliant smile up at him.

"Oh, you can't possibly know how happy it makes me to hear you say that, Jeremy! And it will certainly save me a bit of explaining when we reach the High Council."

She put a finger to his lips to forestall the raised eyebrows and questioning look that had come into his eyes at this newest bit of mystery. "Later," she whispered.

Jeremy suddenly became uncomfortably aware of Emmi's nipples hardening into his stomach and felt his own response begin. The girl raised herself up on her tiptoes and, pulling his head down, met her lips to his. Jeremy felt her tongue probe gently between his lips and pulled her deeper into his embrace as he responded by licking the invading tip of her tongue.

As quick as it began, Emmi pulled away and repeated, "Later. We're almost there and we'll have the rest of the night once we are safe."

Jeremy noticed that the light was indeed failing swiftly now and he could hear disturbing noises coming from off in the distant underbrush away from their path. He pushed both his questions and his increasingly painful tumescence aside for the moment as they hurried on. After a short while, the pair came to a small clearing with a modest but very neat thatch roofed cottage standing alone in the middle of a well-cropped meadow. Smoke rose from a stone chimney and light shone through curtains pulled tight across the windows.

Jeremy suddenly noticed the delicious aroma of cooking food waft across his senses and jumped as his stomach growled in response. He realized he was even hungrier than he was horny, well...almost.

As Emmi grabbed his hand and pulled him across the worn flagstones leading to a well-polished wooden door at the front of the cottage, Jeremy abruptly realized that they were both still naked. Digging in his heels, he pulled them both to a stop, finally managing to stutter the obvious, "Emmi, we... we aren't wearing any clothes."

"Jeremy, I know these matters are important in your world, but here things are... well, 'just different'." Emmi laughed.

"Anyway, if it truly bothers you, I am sure that the forester who lives here will be able to find you something to wear." Emmi quickly added with a grin as Jeremy blushed.

In response to their knock the door swung open and Jeremy's jaw dropped in surprise at the person who greeted them with a cheerful, "Come in, come in. It's late and you shouldn't be out in the night! It's so good to see you again Emmi. Who's this handsome lad escorting you?"

"Good evening and well met, Matty." Emmi responded. "This is Jeremy. Jeremy, this is Madeline or Matty as she prefers to go by."

Jeremy stood as if petrified, mouth open, gazing at the woman in front of them. She wasn't especially beautiful, although not unattractive either. The word 'handsome' came to mind, but her height! My god, Jeremy thought, she must be almost seven feet tall.

She was also quite slender, with very long shapely legs and wide muscular shoulders. She carried herself with an easy grace and smiled as Emmi nudged him sharply in the ribs and whispered, "Jeremy, close your mouth and mind your manners!"

Emmi turned to Matty and shrugged apologetically, "Jeremy's very new to our world and not quite used to things yet."

Jeremy closed his mouth with a snap and extended his hand. "Very nice to meet you... erh... ah... Madeline."

"Sorry if I was rude," he finished, lamely, still feeling a little overwhelmed by her height.

"It's quite alright, Jeremy. Call me Matty, please." Ignoring his hand, she swept him into a warm embrace. Jeremy was surprised at her strength and blushed as he felt his forehead first separate and then lodge securely between her obviously unfettered firm breasts underneath her hunter's blouse.

Jeremy fiercely willed himself not to respond but failed miserably as she held him back at arms length and looked him up and down. As her eyes seemed to come to rest and focus on his crotch, he was deeply chagrined to feel his uncontrolled response to her frank gaze.

Emmi giggled as his cock rose up.

He blushed deeply as Matty laughed and turned to Emmi with a wink saying,

"My, what an accommodating gentleman you seem to have found, Emmi. Is he always this eager to make such a good first impression?"

"Well, he certainly made a lasting first impression on me," Emmi gasped as she bent over, holding her stomach in undisguised mirth. "In fact, I may not be able to sit comfortably for a week."

So much for 'just different', thought Jeremy as his blush deepened and he silently resolved to acquire clothing, at least pants, at the earliest opportunity.

Noting his embarrassment, Matty walked over to a tall armoire in the corner and pulled out a pair of soft deerskin pants, similar to what she herself wore. She handed the pants to Jeremy, who grabbed and hastily pulled them on, only tripping and falling once, to the renewed amusement of the girls. He assumed that they must be a pair of Matty's spares as they fit comfortably but were far too long for his legs and he was forced to roll up the cuffs several times.

Events then improved considerably, at least in Jeremy's mind, as the three sat down together at the end of a long oak table near a blazing hearth and shared a companionable meal of stew, freshly baked bread with churned butter and cheese. Jeremy sat quietly content with his meal while Emmi and Matty chatted softly catching up on events in each other's lives.

Matty regularly topped up their mugs with frothy ale from a tall earthen pitcher.

Jeremy was not used to alcohol and was soon struggling to stay awake.

Noticing this, Matty pointed to one of a pair of beds sitting off to the side of the cottage. The beds were separated into two sleeping alcoves by a heavy ceiling to floor curtain and Jeremy reluctantly realized he and Emmi would have little privacy tonight.

Emmi gave him a sisterly kiss on the cheek, as if to confirm his fears, and told him she wanted to talk with Matty a bit longer and would join him later. Jeremy was proud that he was both able to hide his disappointment and that he barely blushed at Emmi's casual acknowledgement that she would be sharing his bed. He quickly fell asleep.

Sometime during the night, Jeremy woke up with an urgently full bladder and an armful of naked Emmi coiled tightly against him. As he attempted to extricate himself, Emmi also woke up and asked him what troubled him. As he started to explain, she sleepily reached over the side of the bed and handed him an empty chamber pot. Jeremy stood off to the side of the bed and in the dim light of the dampened hearth and tried to pee as quietly as possible. His obvious efforts to keep quiet brought a snort of amusement from Emmy. When he finally finished, Emmi indicated he should hand her the now sloshing vessel. She took it from him, set it on the floor at her side of the bed and proceeded to squat over it.

Jeremy was more than a little shocked as tiny Emmi suddenly let loose a noisome torrent that gurgled loudly as the pot began to rapidly fill. Jeremy was even more shocked at his reaction to watching Emmi's lithesome form squatting and peeing. His cock grew instantly hard and he quickly jumped into bed to hide his embarrassment. He pretended to fall instantly asleep.

As he began to drift off for real, he wondered at what seemed to be a sigh of disappointment from Emmi as she crawled back into bed and snuggled up against his back.

A short time later, Jeremy woke again and wondered why? He discovered himself alone in the bed and could hear noises coming from the other side of the curtain. It sounded like someone in pain and Jeremy was suddenly completely awake. The gasps and moans began to increase in volume and intensity and overcome with concern, Jeremy rose and stepped to the edge of the curtain.

Peering around it, he bit back a gasp of surprise.

Matty was lying on her back with her legs spread wide and her ankles up by her ears. In the crook of one elbow she held a pillow into which she was burying her face, very ineffectually attempting to stifle her gasps and moans.

As his vision gradually improved in the dim hearth-lit room, he saw Emmi crouched down on her knees and elbows at the juncture between Matty's wide spread thighs. Emmi's long black hair partially obscured her face but then Jeremy saw her long cat-like tongue licking gently at Matty's clit.

One of Emmi's arms seemed to be moving and Jeremy gasped out loud this time as he realized Emmi had her hand almost completely inside Matty's cunt!

Mesmerized, he watched as with a loud slurping sound the hand slowly slid completely in up to Emmi's wrist. Jeremy watched the muscles in her forearm tense and guessed she was making a fist of the hand inside Matty.

Matty suddenly moaned loudly and Jeremy's glance flickered up to her lust filled face half buried in the pillow and then back down where, as he watched in amazement, Emmi slowly pushed further into Matty's very wet and widely stretched pussy. Matty was alternating between panting and moaning as Emmi's arm slid slowly into her up to the elbow.

"Fuck me, Emmi... fuck me deep!" Matty groaned her encouragement.

Licking all around Matty's clit, Emmi began to slowly pull her arm out of the tall woman, gently twisting and rotating her arm as she withdrew. There was a moment of slight resistance as Emmi's wrist passed Matty's opening and she attempted to pull the rest of her hand free. Jeremy could see that Matty's inner lips were clinging wetly to the back of Emmi's hand, which was indeed clenched into a fist. With an audible pop, Emmi's fist pulled free and Matty emitted a low mewling squeal.

Jeremy was stunned at the wide opening that now showed between Matty's legs. Her pussy first gaped open and then it partially closed and then it opened again, like the mouth of a fish out of water. Jeremy could see deep inside Matty and her pussy gleamed wetly pink in the flickering light.

Emmi encircled Matty's clit with her lips and placed her fist, glistening with moisture, back against the opening to her greedily sucking pussy. At first, Jeremy thought Emmi's fist could not possibly fit back into Matty as her entire cunt tried to fold itself over Emmi's hand. Suddenly Matty let out a gasp and then a low drawn-out sigh, as Emmi's fist seemed to magically disappear inside her. Emmi, smoothly rotating her forearm, slowly slid further up into Matty.

"Make me cum, Emmi. Make me cum!" Matty chanted through teeth clenching her pillow. "Aaaahh... fuck me harder, fuck me deeper," she moaned.

Emmi was now aggressively sucking on Matty's clit as her arm withdrew to the wrist and then slowly pushed back in once again.

Jeremy, without realizing it, groaned loudly at the salacious scene in front of him as his hard cock throbbed painfully in his now too tight pants.

Emmi took her mouth off of Matty's clit and glanced back over her shoulder at the sound of Jeremy's groan. Matty unclenched her teeth from her pillow and looked up into Jeremy's eyes. Simultaneously, both women spoke:

"Jeremy, get out of those pants before you hurt yourself," Emmi warned.

"Jeremy, join us won't you?" Matty chuckled.

The young man gazed at the two women in front of him and the sensual, lusty tableau they presented.

Petite Emmi, tousled and sweaty, braced on both knees and one elbow, still had most of her other forearm deep inside Matty, while her smiling face shone with saliva and smeared juices from Matty's pussy.

Tall and slender Matty, with her ankles still resting up by her ears, her long slender legs spread and her stretched and widely distended cunt clasping tightly around the wet and glistening arm buried within her, was also tousled. Her short blonde hair formed a halo around her wide grin, while sweat beaded her upper lip and the cleft between her firm breasts sitting proudly atop her chest.

Awareness blossomed; Jeremy felt the lust and realization grow. All at once he knew in his heart... he was no longer in Kansas. This was a whole new...

To Be Continued...


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