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Jeremy Pt. III
by Gil

"Jeremy, join us please" Matty invited, for the second time.

Still not sure of himself, Jeremy stuttered, "Wha...what sh...should I do?"

Emmi smiled up at him encouragingly and suggested, "Why don't you get those pants off before you damage that beautiful cock and then perhaps you could make use of one of my openings while I pleasure Matty."

Emmi, still braced on one elbow and her knees between Matty's thighs, wiggled her tight little fanny as if to emphasize the point. Matty, lying on her back with her ankles to either side of her head, gave Jeremy an enticing grin and silently pointed to the empty space behind Emmi.

Jeremy's cock grew even harder as he noticed Emmi's small petal-like pussy lips and puckered anus alternately wink at him in moist invitation. Unselfconsciously, Emmi slid her forearm a little deeper into the widely stretched pussy that wetly clasped it. This elicited a welcome groan from Matty, the sound of which broke the spell Jeremy seemed to have been under.

Quickly pulling his pants off, Jeremy knelt down behind Emmi and aimed the head of his cock towards the tiny opening of her cunt. Emmi gave murmurs of encouragement as her lips returned to Matty's distended clit. She moved her knees a little wider apart to give Jeremy easier access to whichever opening he decided to choose.

Jeremy as yet, had still never been inside of a woman's pussy and he shuffled closer, almost dizzy with anticipation. Gently he rubbed the tip of his cock up and down Emmi's tiny slit, preparing himself and her for this long awaited moment. He was amazed at how wet and hot her pussy felt against him.

Jeremy managed to work the head of his painfully turgid member into Emmy's clasping pussy, sighing at the sensation. Emmi moaned and worked the outer muscles of her cunt, gently pulling Jeremy inside her. Her incredible heat and the feeling of liquid velvet surrounding and enveloping the shaft of Jeremy's cock almost overwhelmed him. Gently he pushed forward, slowly burying his cock fully in Emmi's slick, moist depths.

Jeremy had thought fucking Emmi's ass had been incredible, but the feeling of her warm, tight pussy wetly clasping his cock almost defied description. As Jeremy began to pull out, he felt Emmi's inner muscles stroke and pull on him, attempting to defy his withdrawal. The buttery friction caused Jeremy to gasp and he pushed back in more firmly, causing Emmi to give a long sigh as he slid deep. Jeremy felt Emmi's juices leak past the sides of his cock, coating his balls with her glistening wet fluids.

Emmi had resumed thrusting her fist and forearm back into Matty whose moans of pleasure were increasing in intensity as they mingled with Jeremy's gasps and Emmi's sighs of satisfaction. Looking over Emmi's shoulder, Jeremy could see Matty's stretched inner cunt lips moistly gripping Emmi's arm when she pulled out and then disappearing as she pushed back in, with a soft, wet sucking sound.

"Jeremy," Emmi whispered, "put your finger in my ass."

At her words, a thrilled raced through Jeremy and he brought his forefinger to his mouth to moisten it. Emmi mewled with pleasure as Jeremy brought his finger down to her tightly clenched sphincter and gently pushed against the resistance until it gave way. He pushed past her opening, sliding his finger deep into her hotly clutching asshole and stroked the top surface of his own cock through the thin membrane separating them. Overcome with the feeling, Jeremy began plunging both finger and cock more quickly into Emmi's clasping passages and she responded by pushing back against him and moving her hips in a tight circle.

Emmi, growling with delight as she felt her first orgasm hit her, began to rotate her arm that was now a slick piston moving in and out of Matty. Matty's squeals joined Emmi as she too began to come. Soon Emmi was moaning in the throes of her second orgasm and as it crested her pussy tightened even further, gripping and milking Jeremy's thrusting cock. He suddenly felt his balls tighten and with a roar he thrust deeply into Emmi as his cock expanded and twitched in rhythm to the come shooting out of him.

Spurt after spurt after spurt, Jeremy felt as if the top of his head might be coming off. He weakly fell forward onto Emmi's back as he finished. Emmi continued to gently suck on Matty's clit as she slowly withdrew her arm. Matty shuddered, her flat tummy and the inner muscles of her thighs quivering, as she came a second time. Her cunt reluctantly released Emmi's fist with a very wet 'shlllurrrrp'.

Sweaty and quivering from the aftershocks of her second orgasm, Matty slowly lowered her legs. Jeremy's cock began to soften and dropped out of Emmi's pussy with a plop as he knelt back on his heels. Emmi moaned and rolled onto her back, resting her head against a smooth thigh of one of Matty's exceptionally long and beautiful legs.

Jeremy stared, fascinated at Matty's still wide open and distended cunt. As if in a dream, he leaned forward and gently stroked the soft outer lips of her pussy. Matty shivered with pleasure. Jeremy noticed for the first time that Matty's pubis was almost entirely bare, except for a very small almost invisible wisp of pale blonde hair matching the hair on her head. Reaching down, Matty pulled Emmi up over her body turning her around to straddle her face. She began drinking Jeremy's sperm as it flowed in sticky strings out of a blissfully crouching Emmi.

"Waste not, want not" Matty mumbled.

Emmi quivered over the licking tongue as it began to probe inside her. Leaning forward, Emmi clasped Jeremy by the hips and pulled him closer until he was between Matty's thighs and she was able to take his cock, glistening with their combined juices, into her mouth.

As Emmi gently laved him clean with her tongue, Jeremy felt his cock begin to swell until it reached the back of her throat. Emmi swallowed the head of his cock and began to suck on him in earnest. This was his very first blowjob and it was just as wonderful as he had ever hoped it would be. Jeremy felt her throat muscles clasping him tightly as her tongue and lips caressed the shaft of his cock. 'So this is what I gave up heaven for', Jeremy thought to himself. Well heck, THIS is a little bit of heaven he abruptly realized.

Finished sucking Jeremy's copious flow from Emmi's pinkly flushed pussy, Matty was redirecting her efforts to suck on Emmi's clit. It was fully three inches long, thick as a finger and jutted stiffly out from under her prepuce. Emmi moaned in response around Jeremy's cock and he felt this new sensation all the way to the tips of his toes.

"Oh Emmi," Matty sighed, "I'd all but forgotten what a truly lovely clit you have."

"But I haven't forgotten everything about you darling." Matty added, "...particularly how much you enjoy a well placed finger."

Matty lifted her hand up to probe the opening to Emmi's ass with a long forefinger. She eased the tip past the outer rounded ridge of muscle and smoothly slid the remaining length of finger in up to the hilt. Emmi groaned her approval and settled back onto the impaling finger as it began to twist inside her, stretching her asshole. Soon, a second finger joined the first, both of them thrusting into and caressing the sensitive tissues deep inside of Emmi. Emmi began to pant with pleasure. She passed this pleasure on to Jeremy as her surrounding mouth wetly travelled up and down the length of his cock.

"So this is where Jeremy made his first impression on you." Matty chuckled, momentarily taking her mouth away from Emmi's engorged clit. "I hope it was a deep and lasting one." She added.

Emmi started to giggle and suddenly she was choking as she pulled her mouth off Jeremy's cock, gasping for breath. When she had somewhat recovered, Emmi peered down at Matty in mock admonition.

"Matty," she reproved, "you know better than to make jokes in front of a lady who has a cock buried down her throat!"

"And as a matter of fact...if you must know," Emmi giggled, "it was a perfectly lovely experience."

"You really should try it yourself, Matty dear." Emmi suggested. Adding, "I seem to remember just how much you enjoy a good ass reaming."

Apparently forgotten during their brief banter, both women burst out laughing as they now noticed the look of abject woe on Jeremy's face as he sadly contemplated his twitching cock, abandoned and chilled as its coating of Emmi's saliva evaporated in the cool night air.

Once their laughter had subsided, Matty thoughtfully considered Emmi's suggestion and replied, "You know darling, you're absolutely right. I wonder if Jeremy would be willing to provide me with such a deep and lasting impression of him?"

"Something to always remember him fondly by, perhaps." Matty mused.

Emmi started to giggle again as a look of confusion replaced its predecessor on Jeremy's face.

"Jeremy..." Emmi explained, "Matty is trying to ask you as politely as possible, if you would do her the courtesy of fucking her in the ass."

Emmi added, "I think it would be a wonderful way to show Matty our gratitude for her hospitality. Don't you agree, Jeremy?"

"Why I suppose it would at that." Jeremy agreed, his enthusiasm quickly returning.

"I think I can promise it will be a much more comfortable fit for both of us than my pussy would be, at the moment." Matty assured him, as she pulled her knees up to rest on either side of her breasts, exposing her still distended pussy and tightly puckered anus to his view.

Jeremy had remained kneeling between Matty's thighs after Emmi had pulled her mouth off his cock during their brief conversation. It only took him a moment to cover the head of his cock and Matty's asshole with saliva, as Emmi had taught him. Reaching behind her, Emmi grabbed a thick pillow and handed it to Jeremy, indicating he should place it under Matty's ass and lower back. Jeremy shuffled forward on his knees and pushed the tip of his cock down to make contact with Matty's asshole. Her small aperture was rhythmically clenching and unclenching in anticipation.

Jeremy gently pushed forward, but at first could not penetrate the tiny opening. Matty helped by pushing out with her sphincter and suddenly she opened just enough to allow the knob of Jeremy's cock to slide inside her ass. At Matty's sharp intake of breath, Jeremy glanced up with concern. The look of lust on Matty's face was unmistakable and her eyes were glazed and unfocused. Jeremy paused to savor the exciting feel of her ass tightly encircling the bulbous end of his tingling shaft.

"Come on Jeremy," Emmi encouraged, "made a good impression on her."

Unexpectedly, Emmi gasped and a shudder of pleasure went through her as Matty wrapped her lips around Emmi's elongated clitoris and began to suck her. Pulling out the two fingers that had been slowly plundering Emmi's asshole, Matty added a third finger and slowly worked them back up into the small woman's now widely distended anal ring. Emmi, groaned loudly with a mix of pain and pleasure.

Matty herself soon let out a similar groan as Jeremy added more saliva to the shaft of his cock and renewed his assault on her resisting hole. Ever so slowly, Jeremy pushed into Matty's tight nether passage, reveling in the hot, wet friction it provided his cock. Jeremy gritted his teeth and gave a final shove, burying his cock sword to the hilt in her ass.

A muffled cry came from Matty's mouth, which was still firmly wrapped over Emmi's clit. Jeremy glanced down at the tiny oval mouth of Matty's asshole stretched widely around his cock's swelling circumference. He saw Matty's fists tightly clenching the bed sheets next to her straining thighs. Flexing the muscles deep beneath the base of his cock, Jeremy felt his cock expand and the knob itself pulsing far up Matty's ass.

Matty had never felt so full back there before and could feel every vein and ridge of Jeremy's cock as it distended her softly clasping rectum. Matty began to work her own internal muscles and Jeremy gasped as she increased the grip of her velvety vise, slowly milking him inside herself. Jeremy reached up and gently squeezed Matty's erect nipples causing another series of violent contractions of her asshole on his cock.

As Jeremy began to slowly withdraw, Matty reached down with her free hand and began to fondle her own clit. Her breathing grew heavier, beginning to match Emmi's labored gasps. Emmi was grinding her pussy onto Matty's mouth as she felt her climax arrive. The sensitive, widely stretched ring of her asshole and the maddening scratch of Matty's fingers on the tender lining deep inside her ass intensified her orgasm.

The musical wail of Emmi coming affected Matty deeply and she shuddered into her own climax as her fingers strummed their cadence on her clit. Jeremy replaced his hands with his mouth on Matty's breasts. He braced himself on his hands to either side of Matty as he leaned forward to gently suck and lick at her hard nipples. Matty soared to new heights as she felt Jeremy gently tease one of her nipples between his teeth.

Slowly, Jeremy thrust his cock back into her moistly clasping asshole. He withdrew until just the tip of his cock remained inside and then plunged back till he was fully sheathed within her once again. Matty thrust her hips to meet Jeremy's every penetration, feeling another climax on its way in response to his hot thickness spearing far up into the depths of her ass.

Jeremy began to plunge into Matty faster, rotating his hips as he pulled out and corkscrewing down as he impaled her. Matty gave herself over fully to the heat and stretching friction of Jeremy's cock as it distended both her ass ring and the walls of her asshole. She could feel Jeremy's heartbeat through the knob of his cock as it pulsed somewhere past here and there, deep inside of her.

Emmi was coming again and Matty distantly heard her frantic wails as she felt another climax of her own hit. Tensing as she came, Matty unconsciously clamped down on Jeremy's cock with the ring of muscle where he plugged her opening. Trembling with pleasure, she felt his cock expanding, filling her completely and then he was coming. She felt jet after hot wet jet splash inside her, filling her and seeming to scald the tender, hypersensitive walls lining her bowels.

The three of them eventually collapsed in a jumble of arms and legs and fell into an exhausted slumber with Jeremy, a gentleman to the end, in the middle directly over the wet spot caused by Matty's leaky anus. Somewhere in the distance a cock began to crow.

It was late in the morning before they arose and each performed their own ritual of daily ablutions. They sat down even later to break their fast. Emmi was growing impatient for them to be on their way and Jeremy casually inquired why they were in such a hurry. At this, Emmi almost lost her patience, along with her temper.

"Because Jeremy, we have a fair distance yet to travel before we reach the next available lodgings and we most certainly can not be caught out at night in this part of the world. It just wouldn't be prudent, not to mention quite risky. You really have to start paying more attention Jeremy, I told you all this yesterday!" Emmi somewhat unfairly chastised him.

This answer only raised more questions in Jeremy's mind, but he realized with an intuitive flash of wisdom beyond his years that this might not be the best time to ask them. So he sat somewhat subdued as he finished eating. Matty broke the ensuing silence by reaching over and patting Jeremy on the back of his hand.

"Thank you for last night, Jeremy." She said. "You certainly left me with a wonderful impression and I shall always think of you fondly."

Matty grinned as she said this, wincing ever so slightly as she shifted on her seat. Jeremy found himself grinning back at her as the pleasant memories of last night swept away Emmi's earlier harsh words. Emmi also seemed restored to her usual cheerful self and giggled as she too recalled the events of the previous evening.

With breakfast finished, the dishes washed and put away, Jeremy and Emmi both thanked Matty effusively for her gracious hospitality as they prepared to depart. Matty handed Jeremy a small knapsack and told him it contained a small bite to eat as well as several other items that might prove useful. She also went to the same armoire from which she had previously kept the pants Jeremy was now wearing and pulled out a soft linen shirt and a pair of doe skin moccasins. She offered these to Jeremy as well and to his surprise they fit perfectly.

From somewhere, Emmi had obtained a collared smock with side vents that reached to mid-thigh on her and a wide leather belt, which she had secured around her waist. Emmi chose to go barefoot. Jeremy laughed as he suddenly realized that her 'dress' was actually one of Matty's oversized shirts. He thought to himself how much Emmi resembled one of the fairies or pixies that had been illustrated in his favorite childhood books. With her long black hair and bright emerald green eyes, she really was stunningly beautiful. Jeremy's heart lurched as it suddenly occurred to him that someday she might leave him.

As if reading his mind, Emmi said, "Well come on partner, we're burning daylight and you're stuck with me whether you like it or not."

Reassured, Jeremy gave Matty a hug and a quick kiss on the lips. Shouldering his knapsack, Jeremy waited patiently as Emmi and Matty said a slightly lengthier goodbye. Jeremy was almost positive he saw some tongue swapping, but said nothing.

Finally, they were out the door and on the flagstones leading to the path across the meadow. As they turned to wave a final farewell, Matty called out...

"Oh I almost very careful with the trolls who guard the Riverdale Bridge. Sometimes, depending on the mood they're in, safe passage across the bridge can be quite expensive. Try and deal with Holgar if you can...he's the easier of the two."

'Trolls?' Jeremy wondered. What in the...

To Be Continued...


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