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Jenny's Medical Adventure Pt. III
by Capstick

"You can sit up on the table, and roll up you left sleeve," the nurse said, as she patted the front edge. She shook out a thermometer, and placed it in Jenny's mouth under her tongue. Then she wrapped a blood pressure cuff around her arm. After she finished, she wrote the numbers down on her chart, and handed Jenny a clear plastic container. "You can remove all of your clothes and put them in here. You might as well put your purse in also. We will keep them safe."

She reached down to the bottom drawer and handed Jenny some terry socks for her feet. They had some rubber strips on the bottom so they wouldn't be slippery to walk in. Then she started to sort through the gowns in the drawer. "These are all children's sizes" she commented, as she picked through. "Well, here is a small adults at least. Go ahead and wear this for now. We can find a better size for you in another room, later. Go ahead and get changed, and the doctor will be right in." She gave Jenny another smile, and left the room.

There was no lock on the door, so Jenny stood in front of it, so no one could open the door while she was changing. She was a bit uncomfortable with the door facing the waiting room. She hung the gown up on a hook on the door, and slipped out of her jeans, sweater and her shoes and socks. She placed them neatly in the container. She removed her panties and bra, and tucked them underneath her sweater so they were hidden.

This will never do, thought Jenny, as she slipped the gown over her head. It was styled like a chef's apron, but was so small that her breast's bulged out both sides, with her aureole barely covered. The material itself was threadbare from repeated washings, and the floral print was transparent where her breast's strained against it. It was barely long enough to cover her butt, and was not big enough to wrap fully around her waist. She synched the ties as tight as she could, but there was still a small gap over her ass. She tried to force the top down to cover up the sides of her breasts, but there was a loud rip as the material started to tear between her breasts from the top of the apron down. There was now about a four-inch long slit in the fabric, which was threatening to grow unless she was careful!

"The heck with this!" she said, as she picked up her clothing container and set it on the counter. She started to reach for her underwear to put back on, so at least she could maintain some degree of modesty. Just then the door opened, and an older man walked confidently into the room. "Ah, you must be Jenny. I'm very pleased to meet you! I'm Dr. Stevens, and I think you've already met Nurse Jessica."

He gave her a warm handshake, as he looked her up and down. He was a nice looking man, with broad shoulders, salt & pepper hair and a squared off jaw. He looked a lot like the TV doctor, Marcus Welby, only younger. "Jessica, see if you can find Jenny a larger gown, she doesn't look very comfortable!" Jessica put the lid on the clothing container, and said she would be right back, as she turned and left, taking Jenny's clothes away.

"Now, let's have a look at your complexion young lady, that's what your original problem was, correct? Sit up on the table for me." He slipped on some funny looking glasses, which must have had some magnifying glass in them. When Jenny hoisted herself up on the table, her left breast popped free out of the side of the apron. She quickly pushed it back under as best she could. "Don't worry about that Jenny. There isn't any shame in a Hospital!" He stood right in front of her, peering at her face. She could feel her bare ass on the paper-covered table. The smock was too small to cover her when she was seated; it just lay against the side of her hips.

Jessica came back in and shut the door. "I'm sorry doctor, but the laundry hasn't been delivered yet. We should be able to find her something when we go downstairs, though" She said. "Thanks for checking" He replied. "Now when did you first notice these blemishes, Jenny? She thought for a moment and said, "About 2 months ago, give or take." And have you changed your diet, or started any new medications?" he asked. "No, I am very careful about the food I eat, and I don't take any pills" she replied rather primly.

"I think that you are in luck, Jenny. There has been new research that we have pioneered, which should prove very beneficial for your condition. We have seen some amazing results in a very short amount of time. So far, there have been no adverse reactions, and it's a totally painless procedure!" She clapped her hands together and said with delight. "Please, tell me more!"

He began doing routine "doctor things" as he conducted the conversation. Jessica would hand him whatever he needed, such as tongue depressors, lighted scopes, reflex mallets, etc. As he continued with the exam, he said, "We have found that all the women suffering from these type of blemishes have suffered from a deficiency of proteins under the epidermal layer of their skin. Take a deep breath, and let it out slowly. Now again. And again," he said as he used his stethoscope.

"The real challenge has been to find the most effective form of supplemental protein to use, and how best to apply it. All of the commercial cream and gel preparations were ineffective. We did controlled experiments with some exotic solutions we created, but they still made no difference. Then one of our technicians had the idea that using a naturally produced, human solution may be effective where the artificial solutions had failed, and that has been the key to our success!"

"So it's going to be as simple as applying a cream to my face?" asked Jenny. "Well, not quite. You see, the only thing that has been successful is semen, and unfortunately, freshness has been the key to success. It has to be immediately applied during ejaculation, or it looses the ability to bond properly with the cell structure of the skin."

Jenny was speechless. "I can't believe what you're saying! This sounds crazy! He smiled. "We thought the same thing at first. We thought that it was just an aberration, but we also discovered after further discussions with our test patients, that none of them had participated in the sexual act that is commonly referred to as a "Facial", where the male ejaculates directly on his partner. I'm willing to bet that you don't either" (of course, Jenny's husband had already mentioned this to him).

Jenny blushed brightly, and looked down. "No, of course not. I was taught that good girls don't do things like that!" Jessica stepped in front of her and said, "That is absolute nonsense, dear! Sex is a beautiful thing, and I resent people that try to turn it into something dirty and cheap! Anything you and your husband decide to do together is no one else's business. It may even be more fun than you think!" She finished with a grin and a wink.

To Be Continued...


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