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Jenny's Medical Adventure Pt. IV
by Capstick

"Well, my husband will certainly enjoy the treatment! How often will I need it?" Asked Jenny. "Now that's the spirit, good for you!" he answered (Jessica rolled her eyes in the background, and struggled to keep from laughing). "We have to give you a large and prolonged initial dose today, for the treatment to be successful. It's something that you couldn't accomplish at home. You need to have the benefit of our program here. After today, you will need your husband to participate every other day for two weeks, after which I can check your progress at my regular office. You should be able to resume your normal schedule of activity after that. However, I would recommend regular weekly treatments to maintain a clear complexion."

The doctor asked Jessica to bring him his program file, and she turned and left the room, shutting the door behind her. Dr. Stevens started to make some additional marks on her chart. "Your blood pressure and temperature are slightly elevated today. I can understand the BP being elevated, but not the temperature. I'm going to re-check it. Could you please step down and face the table for me?" He turned to the vanity, and selected a different thermometer, and shook out and pulled on a latex examination glove.

Jenny colored as she realized what he had in mind. "Do you have to check me there!" "I'm afraid that despite our modern technology, this remains the most accurate way to check your temperature," he said as he put his hand between her shoulder blades. "Now lean over the table for me." As she leaned forward with her arms supporting her, both breast tumbled out of the apron. She couldn't cover up in this position, so she pulled her arms in to her side and leaned down on her elbows, which thrust her butt up. She felt her apron fall open, and knew her privates were now fully exposed.

She bit her lip as she felt his finger start working lubricant over her puckered anus. Then he slowly pushed the thermometer in, till it was quite deep. "Just relax, Jenny. There's no reason to be so tense!" The door opened as Jessica returned to the room. Jenny felt a draft of air hit her exposed butt. "Oh, good, you found the program guide" said Dr. Stevens. "Show her the before and after pictures." Jessica approached and set the book down on the table in front of her, and started flipping through the book. Suddenly, Jenny heard a squeal behind her, and she looked back over her shoulder. The nurse had left the door open partway, and she could see one of the young boys craning his neck from his chair, looking in!

"Please shut the door!" She said in an exasperated voice. "Whoops! I'm sorry." Jessica turned and casually walked back to the door, giving Dr. Stevens a sly wink. She returned and continued flipping to the back tab of the binder (when setting up this scheme, Dr Stevens had downloaded the pictures from an X-rated site he frequented, specializing in oral sex. Blemishes were easy to add with a computer photo-editing program he played around with).

"Here was our first patient. You can see that she had a much worse case then you." A pretty blond girl was shown, with blemishes all over her face. "Now here she is during the treatment phase." Jenny's mouth dropped, as the girl was shown with her face covered with thick globs of semen! One eye was squeezed shut against a spurt, which had covered the lid, and streamers were dangling from her chin. "You can see how careful she was not to disturb the application," pointed out Jessica clinically. Finally she flipped to the next picture, which showed the girl smiling with a perfectly clear complexion.

"That's incredible, but I don't think I can go through with this!" said Jenny as she shook her head in disbelief. "You don't want to end up like this, do you?" Put in Dr. Stevens, as he turned to the next photograph. An older, mature looking woman was shown this time, with a terrible case of acne. Jenny turned her head away. "Look at her Jenny! This will be you without treatment! Your chemical balance will continue to drop." He flipped to the next picture. Again, most all of her face was coated with sperm. Strangely, she was smiling in the picture. She was looking right at the camera. "You can see what a good patient she was. She was very excited to receive the treatment. She had been trying other treatments for years, and just kept getting worse and worse." The last picture showed her smiling, with perfectly clear skin.

"Does my husband have to know about this?" asked Jenny.

"Not unless you choose to tell him," answered Dr. Stevens. "We maintain strict confidentiality. He only needs to know as much as you choose to tell him" He said with a smile. Jenny gave a small jump as he quickly pulled out the thermometer. "Just as I thought, your temperature is perfect! Climb back up on the table and lay down, please."

As Jenny lay back, her heavy breasts fell out both sides of the apron. She sighed knowing it couldn't be helped, unless she held them in with her hands, which would be silly with both a doctor and nurse present. Dr. Stevens pulled the examination light over the table, and flipped the switch. Nothing happened. "Jessica, call maintenance and find out why they haven't fixed this light yet!" She turned, and quickly left the room.

He pulled the front of her apron up, and started to probe her abdomen with his fingers. He was gentle, but very thorough. He kept asking if she felt any pain. Jessica returned to the room, this time pulling the door shut behind her. Jenny noticed the boys still trying to sneak a peek inside, though.

"We will be doing a full work-up on you today. We need the information for our research, and also because of the length of time since your last physical. It really is just as well, because the skin treatment takes a minimum of six hours. We will do your testing and the treatments at the same, so that you don't have to return on a second day." Jenny was happy for that anyway. If she had to go home and worry about it, she would never get any sleep!

"Jessica, let's save some time and prep her now for the pelvic exam. I need to check on how Mrs. Evans is doing. When I come back, I should have time to get Jenny started with the treatments." How is the rest of her day scheduled? Jessica flipped the page on her chart. "She does the lab at nine-thirty, radiology is at ten-thirty, ob-gyn is scheduled for one-thirty and then she will finish up with us. "Did you remember to let the donor office know about today?" he asked. "Of course doctor, I have the beeper right here." She reached in her pocket and showed him a small black beeper she was carrying. "I'll be back in just a minute, Jenny," she said, as she left with Dr. Stevens.

As soon as they started down the hall, Jessica burst out laughing. "I never thought you could pull it off! What an airhead! What exactly is her husband getting out of this?" she asked.

Dr. Stevens chuckled. "Well, he started out wanting a membership at Bellevue, but when I explained what I had in mind, he was delighted with the idea of facials for the rest of his life! He said he might give up golf! I guess she is something of a prude, but what a body!"

To Be Continued...


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