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Jenny's Medical Adventure Pt. IX
by Capstick

Jessica helped her back into the wheelchair, and she wheeled her back out of the room. She saw her pursuers fall into line behind them as they left. "We need to get you over to Radiology now," But as she finished the sentence, they heard a muted buzz. Jessica reached in her pocket, pulled out the beeper, and checked the screen.

"Well, I guess it's time you learned about our donor clinic," she said, as they rolled past the bank of elevators that they used before. "Luckily, it's just down the hall. The University has deep freeze equipment on site, so they are able to maintain a state of the art sperm bank. Since they only require miniscule amounts of the actual semen for their specimen's, we were able to combine the two programs to benefit each other."

They entered a small waiting room, with a lone man sitting down, reading a newspaper. Jessica leaned hear head through the opening on the back wall. "Are you ready for us?" she asked. She was waved in, and they passed through the inner door into a narrow hallway. A nurse watched her closely as they went past. She held a hand over her mouth, hiding the look of shock on her face from Jenny, as she saw Jenny's appearance.

Jessica opened an unmarked door on the left, and they entered a small room. The room was stark white, with a highly polished floor. There was a gurney pushed up along one side, and a curtain against the back wall. A light fixture was mounted over the curtain, which was turned off. A small steel table was next to the drapes, with towels and small plastic cups on it.

Giving Jenny her hand, Jessica said "I need you to lie back on the gurney, dear." She helped her up, and held the gurney in place while she climbed up on the narrow shelf, and then laid back. Jessica slipped a folded towel under hear head, which made it a lot more comfortable. "What's going to happen here?" asked Jenny. Just then the light above the curtains lit up. "That's our cue!" said Jessica, as she wheeled the gurney over to the drapes, so Jenny was pointed headfirst toward them.

She drew the drapes apart, and by tipping her head back, Jenny could see a waist high opening in the wall. There was a viewing window mounted directly above. "After a lot of trial and error, we finally came up with a good delivery method. "Now open your mouth wide for me" she said, opening her own mouth wide to demonstrate. She slipped one of the plastic cups inside her mouth, and pushed it in so that the rim was just slightly above her lips. "Wha ah ya ooeee?" Jessica pushed the gurney towards the wall. "Now keep still dear, and don't move around. I will be keeping an eye on you at all times, so don't worry!

Jenny watched as her head passed through the opening, and extended in to the next room. She had to scrunch her shoulders together to clear the sides, as Jessica continued to feed the cart in. Alarmed, she felt her apron being bunched up between her breasts, causing them to tumble out the sides! Her arms were now pinned between her body and the side's of the shute. She felt the support structure under the gurney hit the wall, and she jerked to a stop, exposed from the top of her rib cage up in the next room, with no way to cover herself up!

The room was dark as she entered, but now a spotlight mounted above her head on the ceiling flicked on, illuminating her in a pool of light. She could see that the viewing window must actually be a two-way mirror, since the room was reflected from this side. A figure approached her, silhouetted by the spotlight. Understanding suddenly dawned on her, as his erect penis now loomed above her head, and he began rapidly masturbating. His free hand moved to her breast, as he fondled her at will.

It wasn't long before he threw his head back and climaxed with a groan. His first spurt caught her right in the eye, and she struggled against turning her head away. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut, as it began to sting. She could feel pressure against the cup, as he must have stuck his cock against the edge to direct some semen inside. She felt small droplets hitting her forehead, as he worked the last of the fluid out, and shook it off over her.

Thankfully, she immediately felt the table being pulled back through the opening. "You did great Jenny! You didn't spill a drop! I thought you would lose it when he hit your eye," She said, as she plucked the cup from her mouth, and snapped a lid on. She carefully began wiping the cumm from Jenny's eye, which had started to tear up.

The door to the room opened, and the nurse stuck her head in. "Excuse me, but we just had two new donors sign up outside. Do you have time for them?" She asked. "Did you explain the procedure to them? Asked Jessica. "Oh yes, and they seemed quite willing to cooperate!" Jessica checked her watch. "We'll try for one, but if he takes to long we won't be able to fit in both of them." Jenny's shoulders slumped dejectedly, as the nurse turned and shut the door. "This is so degrading, I can't believe this is really happening!"

"Don't give up on me now Jenny! You've been doing so well. You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! Besides, if you stop now, the treatment won't work. She grabbed a towel off the cart, and carefully cleaned off around her eyes. "There, that looks better!" She bit her lip to keep from chuckling, as Jenny's face was now a mask of caked sperm. Her hair was starting to get matted to her face around the edges, and strands were clumping together, as rivulets of semen trailed down. She was going to have to keep her away from a mirror!

The light flashed on suddenly, and Jessica quickly grabbed another cup. This time Jenny held her mouth open without being asked, and she fit the cup in place. Jenny slipped back through the opening, and once again a dark figure was in place, stroking his meaty cock. He slid closer to the wall, and started to swipe his cock across her erect nipple. He reached behind, and picked something up. Jenny felt him squeeze out a glob of lubricant all over the middle of her breast, which he proceeded to begin working in with his cock. He actually cupped the flesh of her breast around his member, and began stroking his hips in and out as if he was fucking her! Suddenly she felt his cum spurt across her other breast, as he gave a final buck of his hips. He quickly released her, and oozed a line of goo up her neck, to the waiting cup. She couldn't believe how much additional fluid he continued to squeeze out of the monster, little of which seemed to hit the cup. She could taste it oozing in at the corners of her mouth.

She felt the gurney slip back, as the man let out a gleeful whoop. Jessica once more replaced the cup with an empty one, and the routine was repeated shortly afterward, with the third man. She helped Jenny get back to her chair, after both men had spent themselves all over her face. She was ushered back into the hallway. Rivers of spunk rolled down her face, and hung off her chin. They broke off under their own weight, and plopped down on her chest. The front of her apron was getting plastered to her breasts, and her nipples were plainly visible through the thin material.

When they re-entered the waiting room, the two men who had been following her were lounging back in chairs, with big grins on their faces. They gave her a "thumbs-up" gesture as she passed. She understood then who her last two "donors" had been! Her face was burning under the layer of goo. "Well, at least I'll be left alone now!" She said to herself, with a rueful smile.

To Be Continued...


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