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Jenny's Medical Adventure Pt. V
by Capstick

About five minutes later, Jessica returned to the room, carrying a stainless steel bowl and some white towels. When the door opened, Jenny noticed both boys had now moved closer to the hallway, sitting cross-legged on the floor, and were pretending to play with crayons as they peeked inside the opening.

Jessica set the towels down at the foot of the table, and then pulled a razor and two tubes of lotion out of the bowl. "Is that really necessary!" exclaimed Jenny. She kept herself neatly trimmed during bikini season, and the one time she had shaved previously (see "Jenny wants to be a millionaire!"), she had felt terribly exposed and uncomfortable. She had always refused since then.

"Yes, I'm afraid the ob-gyn department requires it for examinations. They feel pubic hair interferes with a thorough inspection of the skin's surface." She ran some water in the bowl, and clipped it to the front of the table. "I'm going to need you to scoot up and put your feet in the stirrups for me dear, this won't take but a minute." As Jenny moved in to position, Jessica moved to the side of the bed to operate the foot controls. Jenny felt the front of the table shifting.

She slid the stool in front of the table and sat down. Jenny was terribly embarrassed. "Could you lift you hips off the table?" She asked. Jenny lifted up, and felt Jessica's hands slip under he butt and pull her hips firmly forward. Her pubic area was now thrust well beyond her splayed legs. Jenny was pinned due to the angle of the bed.

Jessica squeezed some green gel from one of the tubes onto her gloved fingers, and started to work it all over her pubic area. Jenny hated to admit it, but it started to feel quite pleasant. She was putting just the right pressure in all the right places, as she slowly worked it into lather. Just as she started to stroke the razor across her lower belly, there was a knock at the door. "Yes, who is it?" Jessica called out loudly over her shoulder, not wanting to be interrupted. She could see that Jenny was starting to respond to her finger, which she continued to press over her clitoris, as if protecting the area as she shaved. "Maintenance," they heard, muffled by the door.

"Finally!" she said, and called out, "come on in!"

"Please, no!" cried Jenny, but Jessica paid her no attention. A heavyset man in a light blue work uniform, wearing a baseball cap entered, carrying a toolbox. Jessica looked over her shoulder at the man. "Well, its about time Mike! Dr. Stevens was pretty upset that the light hadn't been fixed yet." He walked around to the side of the table, and set the toolbox on the floor. Jenny quickly covered her breasts as best she could with her hands. "Try to lay still, Dear!" said Jessica. "I sure don't want to slip with the razor now!

Once again, Jenny felt a draft hit her exposed privates! "Please close the door!" She cried with alarm. Now it was hanging wide open, but at least the nurse was blocking the view from the waiting room. Horrified, Jenny watched as Jessica stood up, turned, and slowly swayed her hips towards the door, leaving Jenny openly exposed! Jenny squeezed her eyes shut. "Were you raised in a barn, Mike! Sorry about that, Dear, the man obviously has no manners!" She closed the door and came back to the stool.

Jenny opened her eyes as she felt her tender outer lips being shaved. Mike rolled the light fixture towards the door, squatted and started unscrewing something at the base of the fixture, with his eyes glued to Jessica. Jenny realized he had moved to get a clear, unobstructed view of her genitalia! Jessica was gently stretching her lips this way and that, getting every nook and cranny. She got up to dampen a washcloth, allowing Mike a clear view. He had a huge leering grin on his face. Jessica wiped Jenny off, just as Mike switched the light on.

"Oh good! Perfect timing! Could you wheel that light over this way?" asked Jessica. "I'd be delighted to" he answered. He rolled it over and positioned it right over Jessica's shoulder, putting Jenny's vulva in a bright spotlight! He stepped back but kept right on staring as Jessica touched up on areas she had missed. Then she squeezed out some lotion from the other tube, and started to massage it in with her bare fingers. Jenny was speechless, as she watched Mike grinning.

Jessica saw her stare, and looked over her shoulder. "You can get out of here now, Mike! Men are such pigs!" She whispered to Jenny. She draped the dry towel over Jenny's privates, finally hiding her from view. He quickly turned and grabbed his toolbox. "Nice meeting you miss, hope your feeling better!" as he winked and touched the bill of his cap. He walked out the door, again leaving it wide open! "Oh no, not again" sighed Jenny, as Jessica once again rose off the stool. This time though, she walked over to the sink and started washing her hands! Jenny could see the boys staring at her with their jaws wide open.

"Could you please shut the door, those kids are watching me!" She croaked. "Oh my gosh, those little devils. Can you believe kids these days! Just a sec," as she looked around for a towel to wipe her hands on. Jenny gasped as she reached over and snatched her towel away, which exposed her glistening mound from view! Again, Jessica slowly sauntered over to the door as she dried her hands off.

To Be Continued...


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