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Jenny's Medical Adventure Pt. VI
by Capstick

Just then Dr. Stevens walked through the open door. "I saw maintenance leaving. Good, they finally got around to fixing the light. I see Jenny is nicely prepped!" He shut the door behind him, and sat down on the stool facing her. He slipped off both of his loafers, and started to loosen his tie. "Unfortunately, there's no dignified way to go about your treatments, Jenny. I hope you can understand the difficulties we go through with this particular program."

Speechless, Jenny watched as he undid his belt, unzipped, and removed first his pants, and then his underwear. He carefully hung them up. "Jessica, if you could please watch the door." She walked over, and leaned back against it with folded arms. Jenny quickly looked away as he started to approach her, slowly stroking his engorged penis!

"We have been very careful in who has been allowed to participate in this project," he explained. She felt the table start to tip back as he operated the controls. Her head now dropped below the level of his hips, and the large, purple crown of his penis started to rise above her view. Her heavy breasts slid out the top of her apron, so that her erect nipples were now plainly visible.

"All of the staff who participates carry a picture I.D. with my signature." He showed her a fluorescent orange ID card, with his other hand. "You will always have an escort, to help you feel more comfortable." A small drop of fluid had begun to grow on the tip of his penis. Jenny couldn't tear her eyes away, as he slowly ran the underside of the head over the tip of her nose, wiping it away! She could smell his musky scent linger in the air as he resumed stroking more firmly, along with the dampness now tickling her nose.

"From past experience, we have learned that it is in your best interest to help the man feel more comfortable." Dr. Stevens took her hand and placed it cupping his testicles! He started encouraging her to massage them with his free hand, as his voice grew more hoarse. "You will find that the participant will orgasm quickly, so it will be an easier experience for you. You will also help to encourage a more copious production of semen, which will reduce the amount of encounters necessary."

Dr. Stevens moved his hand away, now that she was massaging on her own. She felt his hand grasp her breast, and begin to gently roll her nipple between a finger and thumb. His testicles begin to shrink, as he firmly squeezed her breast, and aimed his penis directly at her face! She quickly squeezed her eyes shut, as she felt the first spurt of liquid hit her squarely on the nose! The second spurt hit her cheek, as she turned her head away. He quickly released her breast, and turned her face back towards him with his strong hand grasping her chin. "Don't waste the treatment!" he said in a tight voice, as she felt one last spurt hit just below her nose.

"You can open your eyes now, Jenny." His throbbing erect penis, hanging directly over her suddenly filled her vision. There was a large glob of semen dangling from the tip, waving over her eyes. He firmly grasped his rod at the base, and ran his fingers up towards the tip. This caused a large trail of his remaining fluid to spill out onto her forehead.

"Jenny, you were wonderful! You're going to be our biggest success yet! Jessica, some of the fluid missed, when she turned her head." He went back to the door, and started to dress. Jessica came over, and worked the foot controls to raise the table. She pulled a spoon out of her smock. "Try to be more careful in the future, Dear! Most men produce very little semen, so make sure you keep your face pointed directly at them" She carefully scooped up the glob from the table that had missed, and casually wiped it off on her other cheek!" There now, that is much better!"

"That's all there is to it, Jenny" Said the doctor. "I want you to remember NOT to disturb the treatment. If some gets in your eyes, let the nurse know and she will take care of it. Will you remember that?"

"I guess so," replied Jenny in a cracking voice.

Jessica helped her out of the stirrups, and she was finally allowed to sit up. Jessica smiled at the thick white streams of semen, standing out in vivid contrast against her bright red cheeks. "This is going to be fun!" she thought to herself, as she led Jenny towards the door.

To Be Continued...


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