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Jenny's Medical Adventure Pt. VII
by Capstick

"Where are you taking me?" asked Jenny in an alarmed voice. "You're scheduled first thing in the lab. It shouldn't take long, they just need a urine specimen, and to draw some blood." answered Dr. Stevens. "Jessica, why don't you call for a wheelchair, we can't have her walking around dressed like that!"

"Let's get you weighed and on your way! Come this way." As he led her out the door, she straightened her apron as best she could. He had her step up on the scale facing the wall. She heard a low "wolf whistle" from the waiting room, and her level of discomfort increased. Looking down, she was alarmed to see that the rip now extended well below her breasts! As long as she kept herself straight she was covered, but her dark, silver dollar sized aureole were faintly visible through the worn fabric!

The doctor adjusted the counter-balances carefully, and entered her weight on his chart. Then he took her arm, and led her out into the waiting room. He pointed to a chair and asked her to have a seat. "They should be here any second." He smiled and left the room. Jenny turned a deep red, as she noticed the same two men seated across from her, staring with disbelief! The young boys were gone, thankfully, but they had been replaced with several couples. She was attracting lots of furtive glances from the husbands, trying to disguise their interest from the ladies they were with.

Finally, a pleasant looking young black man approached with the wheelchair, and stopped right in front of her. She didn't want to think about how he must have recognized her. The whole staff must be aware of this program! He extended a hand to Jenny, and helped her up from the chair. As Jenny leaned forward to stand, she quickly gathered the back of her apron with her free hand. This caused her breasts to tumble out the sides of the apron, much to the men's delight across from her. She quickly jumped over onto the wheelchair, and moved the apron back in place. He spun the chair so that she faced the two men. He then reached down, and positioned Jenny's feet on rests on either side of the chair legs. Jenny saw the men's eyes quickly lower to her crotch, so she quickly slapped her thighs together!

Jessica entered the room, carrying Jenny's clipboard. "Hi Ernie, right on time!" She turned to Jenny. "Let's get down to the lab, we're running late!" They wheeled Jenny toward the entry door, and swung the chair around, so that they could back through and pull the chair behind them. Jenny briefly saw the two men rising from their seats, as the door swung shut behind her.

As Ernie rolled her rapidly down the busy hallway, she prayed she wouldn't run into anyone who recognized her. She saw men glancing her way, but their eyes were glued to her legs, not her face. She kept both hands in her lap, making sure she was well covered.

"So Jessica!" said Ernie, "Just how much time have we got?" Jenny saw her look back at him with a devilish grin. "What do you have in mind?" she asked. He stopped and whispered something in her ear, and she giggled. "Yes, she does seem to have that effect on men!" She bent over closely to Jenny, and whispered "Ernie has something all ready for you!" Jenny looked behind, and saw Ernie holding one of the bright orange cards in his hand. She sighed and slumped back in the chair.

Jessica scanned the hallway, and then motioned him to follow. She used a passkey to open a hallway door, and motioned them in. Jennie found herself in a maintenance supply room. Ernie swung her around, and locked the wheels. He stepped in front of her, unzipped his pants, and pulled out his already hard cock. "Oh boy, that's a relief! Now Jessica, you know I need your help!"

Jessica reached down and began slowly massaging and kneading his cock in her hand. She grabbed a towel off a shelf and threw it down on the floor in front of the chair. "Kneel down, Jenny" she said in a throaty voice. Jenny slid off her chair and kneeled down on the towel. "Now sit back on your legs" Jenny was totally focused on her slow circular rhythm, as she pulled Ernie in close to stand over Jenny. "Tilt your head back and look in my eyes."

His cock was being worked directly above her mouth, as he stood above. Her eyes locked onto Jessica. "Slip the neck of you apron over your head, and let it fall down under your breasts." Jenny obeyed as if hypnotized, never taking her eyes away from her. "Good Girl. Now cup your large breast's, and lift them up so Ernie can admire them." His eyes squeezed shut, and his lips drew back in a grimace of pleasure. She began using a twisting, back and forth motion now, with the same slow rhythm. She worked him from the base, all the way out to the tip and back. He responded with a soft whimper.

"I want you to squeeze your breasts and work your nipples for Ernie!" Small jolts of pleasure traveled down to her loins, as she pinched and twisted her nipples for them. "He's very close Jenny, cup his balls with your left hand, and begin massaging him like you were taught." Ernie gasped with pleasure, as Jenny began her ministrations. "Open your mouth, and slowly lick you lips for us." Jenny started to dig her groin against her ankle. She could feel her slick vulva starting to tingle with pleasure, as her own climax was starting to build!

"When you feel his balls tightening, close your eyes." Jessica could see the lust building in Jenny, just as she squeezed them shut. Ernie groaned, and started releasing his pent up fluids. Rather then spurting wildly like Dr. Stevens, Ernie came in a much more controlled fashion. Jessica carefully directed the majority of his load all over Jenny's mouth, as she moaned and twisted with her own orgasm.

"My gosh Ernie, that was quite a load! You've been holding back on me! She said with a grin, giving his cock a final shake. "That was incredible babe! You give the best hand in town!" He said with a wide grin. "And thank you Jenny, I thoroughly enjoyed the show!" He zipped himself shut, and reached down and took Jenny's hand to help her up. When she was again seated, Jessica carefully stretched the apron string back over Jenny's head, careful not to disturb her face. Her lips were barely visible under all the goo! It started to slowly trickle down her chin.

"Ummmm, mmmff" Jenny muttered. She looked pleadingly at Jessica, keeping her lips tightly sealed. "Cats got your tongue?" asked Jessica with a smile. "MMMMFF!" Jenny started to raise her hand to wipe her mouth, but Jessica quickly snatched hold of it. "You heard the doctors instructions Jenny! If you try to disturb the treatment, I will have to strap your arms down." Jenny looked at her helplessly. "Don't be such a prude, you're a big girl now, just lick your lips!

She chuckled, seeing Jenny's expression change. "I would have thought you'd be getting used to it by now! I'll help you get cleaned up." She reached down and swiped a finger across Jenny's lips, smearing it off across her forehead. "Open you mouth wide," she said, and started to run the crook of her finger all the way around her lips. She gave her devilish smile, and slid her finger deeply into Jenny's mouth. "Now be a good girl, and pretend this is your husbands cock! Always remember, I can make today very easy or very hard!"

Jenny closed her mouth on her finger, tasting the salty cumm for the first time. Jessica started working her finger in and around her mouth obscenely, while Jenny sucked, working her tongue back and forth. "Very good, Jenny! I guess you're not such a prude after all! She pulled her finger out of Jenny's mouth and stuck it in her own, drawing it back out again past pouted lips. "Mmmmmm, you missed some. Now Swallow for Jessica!" Jenny almost gagged as she swallowed the bitter liquid, much to their delight. "I'm very proud of you, Jenny!" she said, giving her a careful hug.

To Be Continued...


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