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Jenny's Medical Adventure Pt. VIII
by Capstick

As Jenny re-entered the hallway, low and behold, there were the two guys from the waiting room leaning against the far wall! Ernie made a right turn and started quickly down the hall. He stopped in front of a bank of elevators, and pushed the down button. One chimed to a stop next to them, and Jessica entered and held the door. Ernie swung her around and backed in. Just as the doors started to close, the two guys squeezed through the door, and stood right beside Jenny's chair.

She could sense their gaze down the apron at her exposed cleavage. She knew they couldn't help but notice all of the cumm on her face. She could feel strings of it hanging suspended from her chin! One of the men was pressing his groin against her arm on the chair. She could feel his stiff cock through his jeans! She shifted over in her chair, just as the elevator started down. When it jerked to a stop, Jenny felt globs of cumm fall from her chin and land on the top of her chest, slowly running down between her breasts. Jessica noticed this also, as she quickly reached down with her spoon, and dragged it up along her skin, collecting most of it. "There you go, dear!" As she let the fluid drip straight down across the bridge of Jenny's nose! She whimpered softly at her plight. Her "admirers" looked on in stunned disbelief.

Ernie pushed her out of the elevator, and they went quickly down the hall, making several turns along the way. They came to a door at the end, marked with a "Laboratory" sign. When they entered the room, there were several banks of chairs in the center and a counter along the back wall where several women were quietly working. She could see row after row of open, color-coded files behind the counter. Along the right wall, there were small cubicles, each with a padded bench against the back. The front of the cubicles were open. Drapes were pushed to the side of each one. The left wall contained an unmarked door, and racks of magazines and informational brochures. There were at least a dozen people in the room waiting.

They approached the counter, and gave Jenny's clipboard to one of the women. The nurse gave her a long look. "We'll be right with you, Miss." She said, as she studied the chart. "You can take her over to the first booth, this shouldn't take long." As they wheeled her over to the booth, Jessica said, "Ernie and I are going to run down to the cafeteria and grab a cup of coffee. We'll come back in about fifteen minutes to check on you. Remember to leave your treatment alone! I can tell if you fool with it"

They backed her into the first booth, and turned and left her there to wait. She wished she had asked for a magazine. She could have used it to hide her face. A row of chairs was only about twelve feet away facing her, and she could see her two pursuers taking a seat!

The nurse who took her chart originally approached and pulled the drapery closed. Jenny sighed, now that she was finally hidden from view. The drapery wasn't very high, and was a good foot off the floor, but it was a lot better then nothing!

"I need you to sit up on the bench, Jenny." There was a blood pressure meter mounted on the back wall, and after Jenny was seated, she wrapped the cuff around her arm and took the reading. She checked her pulse, and wrote both numbers down on the chart. "Dr Stevens has a note here to use an anal thermometer for your temperature, so please jump down and turn to face the bench."

"Oh please, do I have to go through that again!" The nurse gave her a patient smile. "You wouldn't believe all the rules and red tape we have to go through these days! We record your vitals every hour during all procedures. Now let's get it over with!"

The nurse pulled on a glove, and squeezed some clear lube out on her finger. "Bend over the bench dear, and spread your feet apart!" Jenny felt her work the cold lotion in around her anus. She gasped as the nurse worked pushed her finger deeply in, and then started slowly rotating it around the walls of her rectum! She slipped her finger back out, and replaced it with the thermometer.

"Now don't move! She said as she turned away. Jenny was startled to hear the curtain slide open, and looked back over her shoulder. The two jerks were both seated in view, smiling back at her! The nurse stepped to the side, still holding the drape open partway, and said loudly "Shirley, I forgot the specimen cup, could you grab one for me? Jenny turned around quickly, and stood straight up to cover herself. The thermometer squirted out, and hit the floor.

The nurse turned and looked back, shutting the drapes. "What's all the commotion about in here?" Her eyes locked on the broken thermometer lying on the floor. "Those guys out in the room were spying on me!" Jenny whispered urgently. The nurse shook her head. "Dear, they have better things to do then try to spy on you! Now don't move till we clean up the broken glass!"

Both nurses returned shortly. One started to sweep up the broken thermometer, carefully wiping the floor down afterwards. The other opened up a plastic case she was carrying, and set it on the bench. Jenny could see a digital readout, with several knobs and levers. There was a tray at the bottom, from which she pulled out an odd looking device attached by a long wire lead. She started to stretch what appeared to be a condom over the tip of the probe, and Jenny suddenly realized what she had in mind!

"You're not going to use that, that thing on me!" she cried in alarm. The probe was about the same size as Ernie's cock was, with smooth bumps all the way down the shaft! "Oh, it's not that bad, Jenny. This is more accurate then a conventional thermometer, and the design ensures that it will stay in place." She smiled, as she squeezed some lube out on it, and worked it in with her hand, as if she was stroking a man. "You'll find out that it is far easier to cooperate with people during treatment. When you resist, we may have to resort too less pleasant alternatives to get the job done! Now I'm going to need you to lay down on your back."

Jenny stretched out on the bench, and straightened her apron as best she could. "Now grab your knees, and draw your legs up tight to your chest." Tears of shame began to mix with the semen slowly drying around her eyes. The nurse drew her legs apart, and started to massage more of the lube into her puckered anus. She bit her lip as she felt the cold, hard probe press against her tightened sphincter muscle. "Take a deep breath, and let it out slowly" The pressure was increased, and she groaned aloud as she felt it slide in over the first ridge. "Ok, Jenny, that's the worst part! Now take another deep breath." As she exhaled, the nurse started to press against the next ridge, but stopped and looked behind as she heard someone opening the curtain.

"Ah, Jenny, I'm Dr. Benedict. Dr. Stevens told me to expect you this morning! I'm in charge of the lab. And where are we at in her exam, Marsha? The nurse backed away from the table, as the doctor stepped in front of Jenny. "We are just finishing up her readings for the chart. She wasn't cooperating with the anal thermometer, so we are using the Tyler probe. Then we just need urine and blood samples."

"You can go back up front, Marsha. I'll finish this up" He said, looking back towards the nurse. "Very good doctor" she answered. She turned and quickly left. The doctor turned back to Jenny, and gave her a warm smile. He was younger then Dr. Stevens, with sandy brown hair and dark brown eyes. He reached inside his white lab coat, and pulled out a card on a thin beaded chain hanging from his neck. He presented it to Jenny, with raised eyebrows. Jenny sighed and looked down, as she immediately recognized the program ID.

Without a word, he tucked the card back under his jacket. Reaching under the table with his foot, she heard him drag something out. It must have been a stool, as she saw him take a step up. He held a finger over his lips, and softly said "Shhhh," as he unzipped his fly and calmly pulled out his penis. "Stay just as you are!" he said quietly, as he reach across and slid her shoulders toward him on the table. Now his cock loomed directly over her face, as he worked it back and forth.

She watched him reach down, and felt as he grasped the probe. "Draw you legs up high!" He reminded, as he started to twirl it in slow circles, all the while watching the reactions play on her face. "You are certainly a beautiful young lady, Jenny" he commented, slowly pushing the probe beyond the next ridge. Jenny closed her eves and let out a soft moan.

As he continued to work the probe gently, the sensations were starting to move away from those of discomfort, towards something far different. She felt the pad of his thumb begin to apply pressure directly above her hard clitoris, as he continued to press against yet another ridge. She gasped, and started softly panting through opened lips as another inch was inserted. Unable to hold back any longer, she released herself to a rich, deep orgasm, unlike anything else she had previously achieved! It peaked again as the final ridge on the instrument went in. She felt the warm cascade of the doctor's ejaculation start hitting against her face, as he too gasped in release. She moaned and offered no resistance as he pressed his hard cock between her lips, and deep within her moist mouth. She could taste the last of his cumm, as she pressured the underside of his penis with her tongue.

Reluctantly, he withdrew from her mouth, and tucked himself away. "I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did, Jenny. That was tremendous!" She stayed quiet, as he started to withdraw the probe slowly, ridge by ridge. When it finally popped out, she let her legs fall back down, and pulled the apron back in place. "Take my hands" He said, and he pulled her to back up to a sitting position. He wrapped a rubber tourniquet around her upper arm, and searched for a vein at her elbow. "Little prick here, Jenny" as he smoothly guided the hypodermic in the vein. As he started to pull back on the plunger, he smiled and commented "as opposed to the bigger prick a minute ago!" She blushed at the off-color humor, but couldn't keep a small smile from crossing her lips.

He finished quickly and put a Band-Aid in place. He gave her a small jar with a screw-on lid. "Please give us a urine specimen, and we will be all done for today" He smiled. "Don't you have a bathroom I can use?" she asked. "You are due next in Radiology, and Dr. Stevens has you scheduled for a special film which requires a full bladder. The technicians don't want you to use the bathroom till you're down there for the test. Now I'll have the nurse return to collect the cup in a minute."

He turned and was through the curtain before she could protest. She shrugged her shoulders, and decided to get it over with. She removed the lid, and turned to face the table. Squatting slightly, she craned her head forward to peer past her cumm-coated cheeks. She had to pee badly, and easily released a strong stream, which splashed against her hand as she held the small bottle. She squeezed her legs tightly together before overflowing the jar.

"Need any help?" Jessica's voice startled her. A small trickle of pee trailed down her leg before she got fully in control. Looking over her shoulder, she saw Jessica peeking over the drapery. "I'll grab you a towel." She said, turning away. She came back and handed her a damp towel to clean up with, as the nurse came back to collect the jar.

To Be Continued...


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