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Jenny's Medical Adventure Pt. X
by Capstick

She drifted along as if in a trance through more hallways and doors. She was vaguely aware of a crowded elevator at one point, and the persistent buzz of background noises. She came back to reality finally, seated in another quiet examination room. Jessica was helping her up by one arm, and a different man had a hand under the other.

"Welcome back!" said Jessica, as she saw Jenny start to look around. "You must have drifted off on us for a bit. Must be the overload of new experiences! You're in radiology now, and this is Dr. Ellis." She nodded toward the other young man. He had bright blue eyes and shortly trimmed blond hair. They led her over to a large table in the center of the room.

She felt Jessica undoing the ties of her apron in back. "We need to remove this for your pictures" She explained, as she pulled it carefully over her head, and draped it on the chair. " You can climb up on the table, and kneel down facing us" said Dr. Ellis, as he pulled a wallet out of his pants. Jenny looked on blankly as he pulled out the program ID card, showing it to her.

"Jessica, set that bowl over by Jenny." He said as he turned away. He pointed towards a large, clear bowl sitting on a cart by the table, which she picked up and carefully positioned in the center of the table where Jenny was kneeling. Dr. Ellis busied himself with a video camera mounted on a heavy tripod, positioned close by. He raised it up to eye level, and flipped on the camera light mounted on its side.

"Jessica, I'm going to need your help here." Jenny looked on with shock, as he unzipped his pants, and pulled out a beefy cock. So far, every man in this hospital had her husband beat hands down in size! Jessica dropped down to her knees in front of him, and took him deeply into her mouth!

"This is a special X-ray camera, Jenny. Dr. Stevens indicated that you have had a urinary infection in the past, so he wants a film sequence of your bladder and urinary tract function, to check for any chronic problems. I will need you to squat over the bowl, and face the camera. Jenny did as he asked, as primly as she could. It sure is a funny looking X-ray camera, she thought to herself!

She watched as Jessica sucked the doctor's testicles into her mouth, as she slowly stroked his now fully erect cock with a free hand. "Now lean back on your hands for me, and spread your legs as wide as you can." He was totally focused on the camera viewfinder, and never looked up directly at her. Somehow, this seemed to lesson her embarrassment, as she slowly spread her legs.

"Very good Jenny!" When I give you the word I want you to pee, until I tell you to stop. We need to see your muscle's as they contract and relax. Go ahead and start!" Jenny felt great relief, as she let loose with a strong stream of pee directly into the bottom of the empty bowl. "Stop" he called out suddenly. She groaned as she contracted her muscles tightly, her hips lifting with effort as she tensed up and fought against the urge to continue peeing. She could see Jessica's head bob back and forth now on his shaft, slurping and gurgling away quite noisily.

"Beautiful Jenny, now continue!" he said. A noisy stream splashed into the bowl, and as relief washed over her, Jenny could see him grasp the back of Jessica's head and drive it forward into his hips, as he released himself into her mouth. He held her in this position, choking and gagging, till his climax subsided. He then released her head, and she pulled away and turned, rising back up to her feet.

Jenny's spray of pee was starting to lesson, as Jessica walked around the table behind her. As she finished, Jessica moved the bowl aside, and put her hands under Jenny's arms, supporting her as she helped her lay backwards, down onto her back. She leaned over Jenny, and wiped her genitals off with a warm towel, as her legs were still splayed facing the camera. She looked down into Jenny's eyes, and puckered her lips, releasing a long stream of goo right on top of her nose and mouth! Jenny shut her eyes tightly, as it rolled down both sides of her face. "I was a good girl, and didn't waste a drop!" whispered Jessica, when the stream finally abated.

To Be Continued...


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