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Jenny's Medical Adventure Pt. XI
by Capstick

Jenny returned to her chair, and was taken back out into the hallway, next to a different door. Jessica had helped her back into the apron, which was now completely soaked down to her waist. It clung tightly to the curvature of her breasts. Her exposed cleavage was wet, and glistened with fluid.

Jessica put her chart down next to the chair. "All we need now is your chest X-ray, and then we can get going. The room is in use right now, so you can relax for a few minutes until they're ready. I'm going to try to find a cup of coffee. I'll be right back." She turned and walked away, down the hall.

Two minutes later the door next to her opened, and a male patient walked out, followed by another man in a white lab coat. "You can go back to the exam room now, Mr. Thomas, the doctor will be back with you shortly." He turned, and noticed Jenny. Reaching down, he looked at the clipboard. "You're here with Dr. Stevens, Jenny?" he asked, still flipping through her chart. He looked quite young, and very nerdy. He was wearing thick glasses, and had a mess of curly, uncombed hair.

"My name is Jack, and I'm one of the X-ray technicians. I see that you're waiting for a chest film, so let's not keep you waiting any longer." He wheeled her into the empty room, and locked the wheels on the chair. He stepped around to help her up, at which point he noticed her face, and caught the scent of the spent seed coming off of her. He was stunned speechless, as his jaw fell open!

Jenny saw the look on his face. "Let's get it over with," she said in a resigned voice. "Go ahead and pull your cock out!" He just continued to stare, as he took a deep swallow, unable to answer her. "Well, if you're too shy, I guess I can help!" She was anxious to get through with the treatments, so she reached forward and boldly unzipped his pants. (She was amazed at the difference in her actions, from just a few hours ago. She would never have dreamed of doing this before today!)

Fishing through his underwear, she gently pulled his penis and balls out into the open. The now familiar musky scent of a man's penis wafted over her face, as she began to work on his stiffening member. She reached behind and pulled the apron over her head, exposing her breasts to his view, maintaining the steady rhythm back and forth on his shaft. "You are incredible!" He croaked, watching her from above. She moved forward off the chair onto her knees, taking her position directly underneath his now fully engorged member.

She dropped a hand to her slippery breast, and began working it as he watched. She squeezed and stroked the flesh around in her hand, and began pulling and stroking her large nipple. She saw his balls tightening, and felt his thighs clench. He let out a gasp as he climaxed, and shot a powerful spurt that splashed down on her forehead. She carefully milked every last drop of fluid from him, much to his delight.

"That had to be the kinkiest experience of my life! I can't believe this happened!" he said, as he tucked his cock away, zipping his trousers back up. Jenny smiled. "Are you new with the program?" She asked, pulling her apron back up.

"What program do you mean?" He asked.

Startled, she looked up at him. "Oh, no!" She said, seeing the innocent look on his face. She now remembered that he had never showed her a card. He must believe that she was some sort of nymphomaniac!

Looking down, she allowed him to position her up against a wall in front of a real X-ray machine (she now wondered about the real purpose of the camera in the other room!). He finished the whole process in just a few minutes, returning her to the hallway to wait for Jessica. He made a few clumsy attempts at conversation, but she was to embarrassed to answer. As he left, he handed her one of his business cards, begging her to call!


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