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Jenny Wants to be
a Millionaire Pt. IX

by Capstick

I've had several requests to continue this series, so I humbly offer my latest contribution to Jenny's unfortunate plights. I hope you enjoy, and feedback is always warmly received! - Capstick

* * * * *

The announcement came in an official looking manila envelope delivered by FEDEX. It was addressed to her attention, signature required, return receipt requested. Puzzled, she opened the envelope, and started to read the cover page.

"Jenny, we again would like to take this moment to thank you for your participation in our charity game show last month. For your information, a donation in your name was made to the Children's Hospital downtown in the amount of twenty thousand dollars. We have included a letter of thanks from the Hospital Director of Operations, Ms. Lynn Frank."

Jenny's face colored at the memory of the humiliation she had undergone only a few short weeks ago. She appreciated the thanks, but would have preferred to put the whole sordid experience behind her.

"You will be pleased to know that due of the success of your show, and continued demand for the video production of the event, we at Studio X have decided to continue our involvement with this charity. We have also included a check in the amount of five thousand dollars, as a token of appreciation for your large contribution to the success of this enterprise. We hope that you will appreciate this gesture, as we were not contractually obliged to provide you with any remuneration."

Jenny flipped back to the third page, and sure enough, there was a check made out to her from Studio X for that amount, in her name! She couldn't help but feel a little impressed at the gesture, and she returned to the cover letter.

"The next charity event being staged will be a precursor to the annual professional bicycle road race held every Fourth of July downtown. A large group of local celebrities and sports figures have agreed to participate in the race. It will be a short, five-mile course through the streets of the city, which will be closed off for the professional race starting later in the day. It should be a fun event for everyone involved, including you!"

Jenny began to shake her head. "No way am I getting involved with them again!" she thought to herself. She continued to read:

"We hope that you are as excited by this opportunity at exposure as we are! There will be lots of TV coverage. All the local new departments will have crews throughout the course. We plan on having a mobile camera following just your progress. By the way, in case you still harbor some reluctance to participate with us, I have included a copy of your signed contract. I have highlighted the effective dates of the agreement, which you may notice are for a period of one year! Perhaps you may wish to review this document with a professional, before you make any rash decisions! In any case, you are going to have a great time. We will be supplying your racing bike and uniform."

The letter went on to provide all the details, directions, and times for the event. Dejectedly, she finished reading and contemplated her plight. She just didn't see any way out of her situation except to go ahead with it. She showed her husband the letter after dinner that evening, but he was no help! He was excited about it! Immediately, he started to debate about where he should watch her during the race.

Jenny became a common site to her neighbors for the next month, flying up and down the streets on her old ten-speed. She figured that if she had to participate, at least she was not going to embarrass herself. She was proud of the shape she was in to begin with, but the extra training was sure helping out. Looking in the mirror, she could see and feel the difference the training was making to her thighs and ass. She had worked herself up to a brisk six miles per day, so the five-mile race tomorrow should be a breeze!

The Fourth of July dawned bright and balmy. Jenny rose early, and had a high carb.breakfast to help prepare for the race. She spent an hour stretching, took a quick shower, and dressed in shorts and a polo shirt. She rode with her husband downtown, and in no time found herself at the start point of the race. There was a buzz in the air. TV vans were parked along one side of the street, with their satellite dishes pointing up in the air. The contestant's vehicles were parked on the other side. Jenny pointed out one celebrity after another wandering around, all dressed in colorful spandex outfits. It was a gay atmosphere, with lots of warm greetings and smiles from everyone. She usually found this to be true amongst volunteer groups, which is why she enjoyed participating so much.

Her husband dropped her off with a kiss goodbye, and drove off in search of a lot. The streets of the course were all barricaded off, and Jenny noticed that people were starting to mill around behind the barriers further down, staking their claims to prime positions for the race to be held later on.

She heard her name called out, and saw one of the female assistants from the game show waving her over to a shiny black panel van, with the Studio's name printed in bold script across the door. She trotted over to the van, and was greeted by the girl with a big hug. She seemed genuinely pleased to see her. She introduced herself as Tina. They stepped together into the side door of the van, and Tina pulled the door shut behind them.

"I've got your race clothes here. Let's get you changed now." Jenny turned her back to the girl, and pulled the polo shirt over her head, draping it carefully over one of the front seats. As she started to unbutton her shorts, she felt Tina unhooking her sturdy bra. Seeing Jenny's head snap around, she quickly said, "No one wears underwear under these things. They're way too tight! You'd look silly, trust me!"

Jenny shrugged her shoulders forward, allowing the bra to fall away from her heavy breasts. She draped it over the shirt, and continued removing her shorts. Tina handed her a shiny black bodysuit. It was a mere slip of material! Jenny hooked her fingers under her white cotton panties, and slipped them off, adding them to the pile of her discarded clothing. The bodysuit was fastened with a zipper up the front, so she pulled it down and stepped into the suit, drawing it up over her shapely hips. There was only a tiny string of material running down between her legs, and up between the round globes of her butt!

Noticing her distress, Tina gave a chuckle from behind. "Don't worry Jenny! I wouldn't make you go out in just that suit! We have a pair of regular bike shorts for you to put on. Now hurry up and get dressed!" She certainly thought to herself that it was a shame though, because she had one outstanding ass!

Jenny stretched the material up her torso, and drew the straps up over her arms. The thin string was drawn up tightly between her vulva, offering her no coverage at all! Her face colored as she felt her clitoris responding to the stimulation against her will. She grasped the tiny tongue of the zipper, which began at her bellybutton. It slid upwards smoothly, until reaching her pendulous breasts. Gathering the material above the zipper with her left hand, she carefully forced the zipper up with her right, till it reached the top.

Looking down, she breathed a small sigh of relief. Though a considerable amount of cleavage was exposed, she was well enough covered to at least be somewhat respectable. The material was so tight over her breasts, that her normally prominent nipples were somewhat disguised. The straps of the suit were wide and sturdy, though the sides were cut to plunge down, exposing some of the swell of her abundant breasts out the sides. Studio X was again scripted across the front of the suit in white letters, but was now ridiculously distorted.

Tina now handed her a pair of black lycra shorts. They hugged her curves tightly as she pulled them up over her hips. They were all one piece, with no snaps or ties at the waist (being so tight, none were needed!). They were certainly designed for a woman, as there was a small zipper running between the legs over her crotch, in case she needed to use the bathroom. They fit like a second skin. She was glad that when seated on the bike, at least all of her private mounds and folds would be hidden, because they were sure on view now!

Next she slipped on some white cotton booties over her feet, and strapped on a pair of stiff black nylon racing shoes which Tina handed her. They fit perfectly, to her amazement. They must have kept all of her sizes from the show. When she stood up, the soles of the shoes felt strange, like something was stuck on the bottom. Tina handed her a black racing helmet to complete the outfit, and stepped out of the van.

Jenny followed her lead down the street, weaving between all the other riders gathered around in their little groups. She blushed as she heard some "appreciative" comments directed her way as she hurried along under the bright sun. She plopped the helmet on her head, and folded her arms across her bosom as she bounced along behind Tina. They approached the staging area for the race, where all of the bikes were hung on individual stands all in a row. Jenny could feel her heart rate increasing as the actuality of the race drew nearer. They approached a dark haired man fiddling with one of the bikes. He looked around as they approached, and gave a big grin. Jenny immediately recognized Jim, the host of the game show! He gave her a warm peck on the cheek, as he grasped her hands in his. "It's so nice to see you again Jenny!" he said, grinning ear to ear. "Let's get you fitted on the bike!"

He was dressed all in black, just like her. His shirt had the same logo across the front, and he was also wearing biker shorts. He swung the bike easily off the rack, and set it down in front of Her. An announcement called out that the race would be starting in twelve minutes. The other racers started to file towards their respective bikes all around.

The bike had a very sleek appearance, shiny black to coordinate with her outfit. It was quite different from her bike at home. It had a man's style frame, with one of the new style split racing saddles. The handlebars were looped down in the front, no doubt to keep her streamlined. She swung her right leg up over the bar to straddle the bike, feeling the top bar of the frame barely brushing against her crotch. She leaned forward and grasped the handlebars.

Jim grabbed hold of the bike by the seat post and handlebars to hold it steady. "Step up on the pedals Jenny. I'll hold the bike for you." She looked down, and raised her right foot onto the petal. Jim reached down and took hold of her foot, firmly twisting it down and forward. Jenny felt the shoe lock into some sort of mechanism. It was now firmly attached onto the petal. "These are called toe clips. All the racers use them. They allow you to use the power of your legs both on the up stroke as well as the down stroke" he said, as he helped guide her other foot into place. "This bike is an automatic, so you don't have to worry about shifting gears.

"O.K., let's get that seat adjusted. Stand up on the petal with your knee slightly bent." She felt him flip a lever on the seat post, and he raised the seat up to press snugly between her legs. Jenny found this seat immediately more comfortable than hers at home as she settled down on it. Instead of her crotch grinding against stiff leather, her weight was directed outward, against the inside of her legs and the cheeks of her butt. Her crotch was free of pressure in the split of the seat.

He snapped the lever back down, locking the seat firmly in place. Tina held out black gloves for Jenny to slip on. The palms were thick and cushioned, and the tops were an open mesh weave. The fingers were all cut off. She cinched them firmly in place, closing the wrists securely with velcro straps. Jenny again grasped the handlebars, and Tina tied another strap off underneath each hand, locking them to the grips. Meanwhile, Jim loosened the handlebar post with a ratchet, and lowered the bar, extending her upper torso forward and down, with her ass sticking proudly up in the air.

Supporting her from both sides, Jim and Tina rolled her over towards the front of the pack at the starting line. There were maybe 20 other groups in all. She didn't notice any other women bikers, as they rolled up to the front. She did notice herself being checked out as she passed by though.

"Welcome to the Children's Hospital celebrity challenge race two-thousand!" announced a local TV newscaster with a bullhorn, speaking from a podium next to the start-finish line. "I want to thank all the celebrity's for responding to our invitations. This is our biggest turn-out to date!" ZZZZZZippp! The color drained from Jenny's face as she felt the zipper of her racing shorts suddenly yanked open! The slick, tight material of the shorts gapped open, exposing her silky genitals to view from behind!

"Today's course will follow the Main Street loop, turn around on Beaumont Street, and end back here at Freemont Park," the announcer continued. Jenny instinctively went to pull her hand back, but of course found them securely strapped to the front handlebars! She bent her elbow outwards, and peered back between her left arm and straining breasts. Horrified, she watched as Jim pulled a large, obscene looking dildo from a belly-bag at his waste. It was fluorescent pink in color, and shaped like the real thing, with a prominent crown, and thick veins snaking down to the base, from which he held it in his right hand! With his other hand he squeezed out a glob of thick, clear lube on top. He then stroked it back and forth, working the lube all over! Looking up and catching her eye, he gave her a sly wink. "Oh, no!" whispered Jenny, as she saw others around them following the action, with shocked expressions on their faces!

She snapped her head back forward, staring straight ahead down the road. Her face burned, as she felt the inevitable slowly begin! "Racers, on your mark!" yelled the starter. Jim forced the head of the cock through the split in the seat, and she jerked forward as he forcefully inserted it deep within her vagina! She heard a snap as he locked the base of the cock into a special bracket affixed to the bottom of the saddle. "Get-set!..........GO!" Both Jim and Tina grabbed a cheek of Jenny's ass, and thrust her forward. Jenny lifted up off the seat, exposing half of the impaled phallus to the riders behind. She realized the situation, and seeing no other way out, settled back down carefully, with the tip of the crown now tickling her womb deep within.

She started pedaling away furiously, surging ahead of the pack. She could feel the shaft flexing back and forth deep in her vagina, as her hips rocked side to side. She peeked behind as she went around the first corner and saw the pack catch right back up to her easily. They were obviously much stronger than she was, but no one was making an effort to pass! They kept trading positions closely behind, treating themselves to the spectacle! She slowed down, but they still hung back, enjoying her predicament. Not looking at the road ahead, she ran over a manhole cover, jarring her unexpectedly. Her heavy bosom heaved against the front of the bodysuit, causing the zipper mechanism to snap out of the teeth on the opposite side. She felt a draft suddenly pass between her breasts and glanced down, seeing the thin material suddenly gaping open. The tiny nylon zipper was no match against the weight of her heavy breast straining to burst free!

She picked up the pace, now simply wanting to escape the nightmare as quickly as possible. Slowly, tooth by tooth, the zipper continued to open as her breasts swayed side to side. No one behind her could see the situation, but the crowd in front was being treated to quite a view! Suddenly the black Studio X van passed the group on her left and pulled out in front. Jenny moaned as she saw the back doors open, and a TV camera mounted on the inside tracked her progress!

The rest of the race passed in a blur. Finally the van pulled over to the side of the road, allowing Jenny to see the finish line ahead, rapidly approaching. There was a large group of people all circled around, cheering her on. Her breasts were now swaying completely in and out of view, as the front of the suit was now fully unzipped. There was nothing she could do about it though, as she crossed the line to a huge cheer from the crowd.

Jim and Tina jogged out to catch her, and she squeezed the brakes to come to a sudden stop. They wheeled her through the crowd that had gathered towards the podium. It then dawned on Jenny that she had won the damned race! She felt hands groping her as she passed through the thick knot of people, helpless to resist, since she was still strapped to the bike!

They broke free of the gallery to an open area in front of the podium. There were several police officers holding the crowd back about ten feet of so from the front. She now faced a short flight of steps leading up to the raised platform, where the mayor and the Director of the Hospital were waiting to congratulate her on the victory! Jim reached down and began to break her shoes free from the petals, as Tina unstrapped her hands from the front bars. Wincing, she slowly pulled herself forward off the dildo, till it popped free, springing back into its former position, glistening in the late morning sunshine as it stood up proudly upright from the saddle!

Jenny reached behind to her butt and grasped the tongue of the small zipper. Jim had pulled it up beyond the stops though, and she couldn't work it back down despite her struggles. She felt a breeze fall against her sweat dampened breasts, and quickly realized they were now bare in full view of the crowd and TV cameras! She gathered the sides of the thin material in her hands, and stretched it quickly back in place, clutching it together in her right hand.

She waddled up the steps as carefully as possible, keeping her legs tightly together. Both the Mayor and Director embraced her, as cameras captured the moment for posterity. She looked down from the platform, only to see her husband, flanked by Jim and Tina, leading the applause in front of the stage. Her husband blew her a kiss. Needless to say, the networks are currently planning expanded coverage of all future celebrity charity events! We'll keep you posted.


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