The Best Erotic Stories.

Joan, Steph and Me
by Spanker Sam

It was never my intention to initiate any such action as I found myself in. I was sitting in an easy chair sipping a drink. Across from me, Stephanie, my girlfriend's eighteen-year-old was nervously biting her nails.

"I fucked up big time huh?" she asked.

I took another sip, looked at her and nodded. "Do you think mom is going to be very angry?"

Again, only a nod from me.

"Please talk to me. I know I'm in trouble but it wasn't my fault. I didn't know there would be so much trouble."

I set my drink down. I looked at her. She was typical of the teenagers of today. Smart mouthed, sexy dressed, sexually active and knew too damn much for their own good. She was also trying hard to sober up. I was home because a neighbor had called her mother and me to report a wild fight in the apartment. I got there just as the fight was gearing up to turn into a real brawl. I broke up the combatants and threw them all out. There had been about 8 couples in all.

From what I could determine, the fight broke out when one couple didn't want to give up the bed they were fucking on to another couple that wanted to use it. Words were exchanged and one thing led to another. Both girls and boys were fighting when I arrived. Seeing the girls with some of their clothes torn, bras covering oversized tits did have an effect on me. The girl and guy that had started the whole thing were still naked when I arrived. The guy had average equipment but the girl was something else. Her cunt was completely bald and she had the fattest pussy lips for a woman I had seen in a long time. Long erect nipples and melon sized tits. I would have jumped at the chance to fuck her myself but she was way under aged for my taste.

The apartment was a wreck. Lamps broken, tables overturned beer and wine bottles on the floor. Stephanie wanted to clean it up so that her mother wouldn't see the mess. After talking to Joan at work, her orders were to leave it till she got home. I told her that since it was one o'clock and she left at four anyway, to stay at work and finish the day

It was 4:30 and the closer it got to 5, the more nervous Stephanie got. "What do you think mom will do to me?" She was scared shitless.

"Stephanie, if you were her, what would you do? You trust you daughter to do what's right only to find out she has been having orgies in your house, letting anyone and everyone fuck in your bedroom and to top it all off, a fight starts and the apartment ends up in shambles." Stephanie looked around the apartment. Joan was a neat freak and when she came home she was going to go ballistic.

"It wasn't an orgy," was all she said.

I lifted my eyebrow at her. "When I walked in, two couples, one naked was fighting in your mother's bedroom. Two couples were in your room. Two guys fucking one girl while she played with her girlfriend. You on your knees sucking some guys cock. Another couple fucking in the kitchen. And all of you stoned. No it was an orgy. I've been to orgies in my day. This was an orgy. Your mother always told me how levelheaded you were. That she could trust you and depend on you. What happened? What made you turn like this?" I looked at her waiting for an answer. She bit her upper lip, twisted her hands together and bent her head.

"You all just don't understand. Being a teenager is a lot of pressure. Everyone expects you to do things. Guys expect you to put out or they won't have anything to do with you. I was considered Ms goody two shoes and none of the cool guys would even ask me out." She lifted her head and looked at me as if to seek understanding.

"And being a slut makes you cool too. From what I saw in here today, Ms Goody-Two-Shoes would get a lot more respect. And if a guy wants sex and you decide to give it to him, I guess it's cool to do it in front of all your friends so they can see you're just like them." I knew my words stung but she needed to know these things.

We both heard the keys in the door and judgment time had arrived. Joan entered the apartment, took one look around and set her things down. She closed the door and locked it. She went to Stephanie's bedroom and looked at the rumpled bed. She went to her own bedroom and saw the mess. She came out and looked at me. I raised my hands and shrugged. She looked at Stephanie and Stephanie couldn't meet her gaze.

Joan looked at her daughter for a few seconds, then as if she had made up her mind, nodded her head and went into her room. When she returned she held a thick belt in her hands.

"Strip, young lady. It has been a long time since I saw the need to whip you but you will get the whipping of your life for this." She was standing directly in front of Stephanie.

The girl looked up and regarded her mother with a look that mirrored disbelief. She was 18, almost a woman and her mother was talking about whipping her as if she were a little girl again.

"Mom I'm too old to get a whipping." SLAP Joan's hands lashed out so quickly, Stephanie didn't even have time to blink let alone ward off the blow. She stared in shock. "Don't you dare sass me in my own house. Just like I whipped your ass when you were 12 and I caught you in the house with that boy, I'm gonna whip you ass now. Strip, I said."

Stephanie looked at me for help. The look on my face told her she would get none from me. She got up and Joan stepped back. From he r stance, she was ready to clock Stephanie if she dared raise her hand. Instead Stephanie headed for her room. "Where the fuck do you think you're going? I said strip damn it." Stephanie looked from me to her mother.

"You want me to strip? Right here, in front of Sam? Mom I'm almost a woman." Joan, her face hard and set with anger reached out. Grabbing Stephanie by the blouse she was wearing, Joan jerked hard. Rrrrriiiippppp The blouse was ripped from her body. Then Joan grabbed the bra and ripped that off also. I tried not to notice the young body that was being revealed. I had seen glimpses of Stephanie as she moved about the house in different degrees of dress and undress. I had even chastised her about walking around in her bra and panties when I was there.

Stephanie, her ample tits bouncing from the freedom of having her bra ripped off, stood in shock. She tried to cross her arms to hide her nakedness. "Sam gave me a very graphic description of the scene he walked in on. You didn't seem to mind kneeling naked on the floor sucking some boy's dick and letting all your friends watch. Now you want to get modest."

SWISH, SMACK "IEEEE! "Mommy please!" Stephanie shrieked as the belt landed on her bare back.

"Get those fuckin pants and panties off now," Joan said in a lowered voice. Then she went over to the stereo and turned up the music loud. "I don't need the neighbors thinking I'm killing you and calling the cops." She stood patting her foot. That was a sure sign she was pissed. When you saw her patting her foot, she was working hard to control herself. Stephanie knew the sign too and after taking one more look at me, stopped rubbing her back and began to unbutton her pants.

Stephanie like most of the kids her age, had a body that belied her years. I guess it was from all the hormones in the junk food they ate. She stood 5' 7", about 160lbs. 34 chest, 28 waist and 36 hips. She was also drop dead gorgeous.

"Maybe I should leave. This is between mother and daughter." I didn't want Joan to see the growing bulge in my pants. As serious as this was, I was getting excited seeing Stephanie so revealed. Joan's head snapped around to look at me.

"Stay right the fuck there. If she tries to fight or run, I want you to hold her down. She wrecked my house and will get the ass whipping she deserves. And since you want to be such a big part of our lives I expect you to help when things are bad."

Stephanie stood there, her thumbs hooked into the elastic of her pink panties. "Mom you wouldn't let him spank me? He's not my father. I won't let you." SWISH, SMACK "IEEEE!, IEEEE!"

This time when Joan snapped out with the belt, it landed on one of Stephanie's firm tits. A big red whelp immediately appeared. "Sam's done more than your father ever did. Who helps pay the rent, your tuition at school? Who buys you nice clothes and puts food on the table? Do you think I do all that? How do you think we have been able to afford to stay in this apartment complex, Sam's help that's how. He's good enough for you to take his money? He's good enough for you to take an ass whipping from him too. Let's go. Get those panties off."

Reluctantly Stephanie pushed her panties down over her firm, round, young ass. My cock twitched involuntarily at her nudity. I tried to tell myself she was like my own daughter. Yet I was getting excited seeing her nude. The key word was "like". Stephanie stood there completely nude.

She was turned from me so I had no idea what made Joan exclaim in an angry voice, "you slutty little girl. Who gave you permission to shave all the hair from your vagina?" She spun the girl around and pointed to her crotch. "You didn't tell me she was shaved."

I looked at Stephanie and quickly turned away. All the hair had been shaved away. Exposed to my view was Stephanie's womanhood. She was bald and her pussy lips were swollen. You could still see the moistness of her vagina. Joan grabbed Stephanie by the arm. "I'm so mad, if I hit you right now, I could possibly kill you." She looked at me. "Spank her. Maybe I can calm down enough to finish whipping her without hurting her too bad."

I looked from Joan to Stephanie. I couldn't take this woman over my knee and spank her bare butt. There would be no way to hide my erection. "Are you a part of this house or not? What? I'm good enough to lay in bed with, but you can't punish my daughter when she does something wrong? I told you if you take me, you take the rest." That she did. Resigned to my fate, I took Stephanie's arm and guided her over to my chair.

The chair was a big overstuffed recliner. I sat down and pulled Stephanie across the arms. Her brown ass looked so tempting in front of me the way she lay. I wanted to just reach out and rub it. Joan was watching me hard. I turned to her one last time, hoping for her to change her mind. "Begin," was all she said.

I raised my hand and held it there. Stephanie lay across me, whimpering softly. She had been doing that since the blow landed on her tit. SMACK My palm landed with a flat flesh to flesh contact. "IEEEE!" I knew it stung. I raised my hand again. SMACK "Owww!" I took my time. Each blow was delivered with accuracy. I planted them on the fat part of her cheeks.

Thinking that if I spanked her hard enough with my hand, Joan would forego the belt whipping she had in mind I stopped at ten and turned to look at Joan. "Keep going. There's no way she will get off that easy. And stop giving her those little baby slaps. What you won't do with your hand, I'll have to do with the belt."

Stephanie was crying openly. I lifted my hand. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK I could feel my cock twitching and throbbing as Stephanie struggled underneath me. I'm sure that even thru her pain, Stephanie felt it too. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK I was on the verge of cumming. I tried with all my might to think of anything, everything besides this young firm woman lying across my lap. I looked down and her round ass was tinged red.

As each blow landed, I could feel the heat rising from her ass. Part of my slowness in spanking Stephanie was to let my hand rest on her ass between blows. Oh how I wanted to let my fingers slide down between her firm thighs and feel her shaved cunt. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK "IEEEE!, IEEEE!, IEEEE!, IEEEE! Mommy please, I have to pee."

I stopped, my hand poised to deliver the next blow. Joan looked at her. "That won't work Stephanie. You used to say the same thing as a child to get me to stop spanking you."

"Mommy, I really do have to pee. Don't make me pee on myself." I let my hand drop to my side. "If you're lying to me, I'll take this belt to your ass and leave a bloody heap when I'm done. Sam stand by the door and make sure she does have to pee." As Stephanie got up, her hand rubbed across my cock. I almost groaned. I had never remembered being so hard. I would have fucked an open coke bottle I needed release so bad.

Stephanie walked in front of me rubbing her stinging behind. My eyes watched the sway of her hips and the way she rubbed her ass. It wasn't like she was trying to rub away pain. It was more like she was almost playing with her ass. She entered the bathroom and sat. All modesty gone, she spread her legs wide. I looked directly down between her thigh. Her cunt was spread open and the wet pink skin was visible to me. Stephanie knew I had gotten hard from spanking her and she was determined to make me pay for allowing her to be spanked in this way.

"You're mean. I never knew you could be so mean." She looked up at me. Her eyes traveled down to see the huge erection I had. She saw where my eyes were looking and opened her legs wider. "You enjoyed it. Spanking my bare ass got you all hot and bothered. Look at you. Your dick is so hard, you can't even hide your excitement."

I swallowed hard. How was I suppose to handle this? Suddenly her face turned serious. "Don't let her spank me Sam. Not when she's mad like this. The last time she was this mad, she had come home to find my dad in bed with her twin sister. She was so mad, she almost killed them both. I know. I was with her when we came home. She still won't go near either of them for fear of doing something stupid. Please."

So that was the reason why she never talked about her husband or her sister. Every time I would ask about either of them, she would cut me off. "For one thing, you deserve what you got. Your mother brought you up to be a better lady than what you have shown. Yes, spanking you did get me excited. You are a very lovely and shapely young woman. But don't get any ideas, you are like a daughter to me and I do love your mother. The reaction you see is purely my male hormones reacting to a highly sexual situation. And you were sent in here to perform a specific task. If you don't do it, I will tell your mother the truth."

Stephanie never took her eyes off of me. Her eyes seemed to become unfocused. Then she dropped her hand between her thighs and began to rub her cunt. Slowly she rubbed it back and forth, then stuck her finger in slowly. I swallowed again and was about to tell her to stop. I didn't want her to tell her to stop. Watching her finger her pussy like that got me even more excited. I felt I had to stop her before Joan came to investigate.

Suddenly I heard her moan, "Ahhhh", and the sound of her water rushing from between her legs filled the room. Stephanie didn't stop fingering herself. She continued until I saw her shake and knew she was cumming. I was tempted to walk in and touch her but like I said she was like a daughter to me. Part of the problem was that she looked so much like her mother. I had watched Joan finger her cunt in the same way many times mostly for my enjoyment and our mutual sexual pleasure.

Having cum, she wiped her cunt and flushed the toilet. Then with a sly smile, she walked past me. But not without letting her hand brush against my throbbing prick. By the time she reached her mother the smile was gone. Joan had begun to straighten up a bit and when we entered the room, she was just putting some things in a trash bag. She looked at me. I'm sure she didn't fail to notice the lump in my pants.

"Was she lying?" she asked me.

"No. No she did have to go. Don't you think that you should calm down first. You're so mad, you could really hurt her and not know it." Joan looked from me to Stephanie.

"Are you taking her side?"

"No Joan. I am not taking her side. I just know that if you're really pissed, and you certainly are, you can hurt her and not even know or care about it at the time. Only later when you realize what you have done will you feel sorry, then it's too late."

Joan looked from me to Stephanie. There must have been something she saw on her daughter's face. She was about to change her mind. I could see the wheels turning in her head. Suddenly she got this hard look in her eyes. "You don't get off that easy. I told you that you would get your ass in big trouble one day. Your attitude has gotten you in trouble before. This time you went way over the line. I'm gonna whip that attitude out of you. Now get your ass over here."

Stephanie looked at me. I kept my poker face in place. On one hand, I didn't want to see this young girl get a whipping, however, my male sexuality was driving me and I couldn't wait to hear and see her mom tearing into her tender ass with the strap. Joan looked her daughter up and down. I think she was trying to determine what would be the most advantageous position to put her in. Finally she said, "lay across the sofa arm."

With a sigh of resignation, Stephanie lay across the sofa. This put her ass at just the right position. Her head was resting on the cushions and her feet barely touched the floor. This left her with no amount of room to cushion the blows to her ass. Stephanie was already crying and begging.

"Please mommy. I'll never do it again. Please don't beat me like this. I'm sorry." Joan stood off to the side of her.

"I bet you are sorry. Sorry you got caught. How long has this been going on?"

SMACK "IEEEE! Mommy Please!" Stephanie's legs began to kick and she half turned to avoid the next blow. Joan held her arm raised. "Turn back around. If you move again, I'll have Sam hold you down."

I stood back. From where I stood, I could see directly between Stephanie's thighs. Even with her dark skin, I could see the red mark from the belt. Joan was not holding back. "Have a party in my house." SMACK "IEEEE! PLEASE", This time, Stephanie nearly jumped up she had turned so much. "I'm not going to fight you to stay still. Sam hold her legs down." I moved to hold her legs and Joan placed her left palm flat on Stephanie's back. Joan swung the belt and it nearly hit my face. I jerked back.

SMACK "Oh please it hurts so. Mother please." SMACK This time the belt grazed my shoulder .

I sat on the floor. Stephanie was trying to kick her legs free. I had to hold on tight. Her kicking and struggling had open her thighs and also made her cunt spread open. Not having any hair, my view was unobstructed. The pink insides of her cunt were moist.

SMACK "You like to suck boys cocks huh?" SMACK "Let your nasty friends fuck in my bed." SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK "Break up my furniture." SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK "You want to act like a child, I'll treat you like one." SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK "I ain't raising you to become no cheap slut." SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK "This is what happens to cheap sluts in this house. I am raising you to be a lady. Not some kind of whore." SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK By this time, Stephanie's ass was a mass of red whelps. She was screaming into the pillow non-stop. I jumped up from the floor and grabbed Joan's arm.

"That's enough. I think she got the message." I snatched the strap from Joan and threw it into the kitchen. I pushed Joan into a chair and helped Stephanie up off the arm of the couch. I had to hold her up as I walked her to her room. I laid her down on her bed and went into the bathroom. I ran a tub of warm water and added half a box of Epsom salt. I knew it would sting but I had to help her ease the pain.

As the water began to fill the tub, I went into the living room. Joan was sitting on the chair just as I left her. She was sobbing. "I try so hard to do what's right for her. It hasn't been easy. You know I try." She looked up at me. This ordeal had hurt her more than her daughter. In the two years we had been together, I had heard her yell at Stephanie but never hit her.

I handed her a stiff drink. "Drink this and don't move from this chair", I told her.

I went back to Stephanie's room and helped her into the tub. She was still sobbing. "I didn't mean it. I'm sorry. I'll never do it again." She kept mumbling these words over and over.

"It's all right baby. Just ease down in the water. It's going to sting but it will make you feel better." Stephanie moaned and cried out as the water touched her whelps. She tried to stand up but I held her firm and gently pushed her down in the water. After she was immersed, I began to add more hot water. I did this until she could barely stand it. Then telling her to sit, I went back into the living room.

Joan had gotten up and was drinking directly from the bottle. I took it from her and helped her to her own bed. She looked at the rumpled sheets. "I can't get in that bed until I change the sheets." She went to the closet and took down clean sheets, tossing the dirty ones in the garbage. I helped her change the sheets. She didn't say a word all during the time we worked. When the bed was made, she stripped off all her clothes and went into the shower. I was looking at what Stephanie would look like in years to come, if she took care of herself the way he mother did. I left the room when I heard the water running.

Back in Stephanie's bathroom, she was almost asleep. Her head was laid back on the tub rim, with her proud breast poking up out of the water. Her nipples were so hard and erect, they were like miniature pellets. The water was slightly cloudy but I could still see clearly. Her legs were open and she was slowly stroking her cunt. Each time she touched a spot that had been hit by the belt, she would wince but sigh at the same time. I stood and watched her awhile. I felt the beginning of another erection so I made noise. Her hand jerked from between her legs, her eyes flew open. She must have thought it was her mother standing there. She eased somewhat when she saw it was me instead.

"It helps ease the pain", she said in a feeble attempt to excuse her actions. I nodded my head and taking a wash cloth, soaped it up and began to wash her body.

"I hope that you have learned your lesson. I never want to see you get beat like that again. But you did bring that punishment down on yourself. Stephanie how could you do something like this? What were you thinking?" Stephanie looked at me.

"Sam, it didn't start out like that. It was just a little get together to listen to music and have fun. Then one of the girls started giving her boyfriend head. Right in front of everybody. We had all been drinking beer and I guess it helped loosen us up. The next thing I knew we were all having sex in some form. I didn't know they had gone into the rooms and were fucking on the beds. I would have stopped that right away. Especially mom's room."

As she talked, her hands once again found her cunt and she was rubbing it as she talked. I had continued to wash her upper body. I admit I spent more time on her tits than I should have. Her story was getting to me. Watching her stroke her bald cunt didn't help either.

I had her stand and washed her from the waist down. She winced as I washed her ass and sucked in air as I washed between her thighs. I tried to be gentle, I tried to tell myself I was just washing my young daughter. I finished washing her and sat her back down in the tub. I went back to check on Joan. She had the bottle again and was stretched out on the bed. She was buck-naked, something she never did. Joan always slept with something on. Even if just a T-shirt. I took the bottle from her and she murmured something I didn't catch.

Then she started softly snoring. Seeing her lying there like that with the hard on I had, I wanted to fuck her so bad. I wanted to jerk off to relieve the tension and make it safe for me to go back in to take care of Stephanie. Joan's legs were open and her bush of soft cunt hair was still glistening from her shower. I looked down at her and my heart ached. I knew how much she loved her daughter. Hell, I loved her too and up to this point I had always regarded her as my daughter.

But the feelings she had made me feel as she played with herself made me feel like an incestuous shit. Joan moaned softly in her sleep and her hands went to her tits. I watched as she massaged them. I was used to her doing this. She said that if she was having a sexy dream, she often found herself wet later upon waking. She knew she played with herself in her sleep. I had often sat in bed and watched as she made herself cum. She didn't even wake as she called out my name and sometimes her ex-husband's name. I tiptoed out of the room and pulled the door closed.

Back in the bathroom, I helped Stephanie stand. She winced in pain at every movement. As the water drained from the tub, the shower rinsed her off. Then she stepped from the tub and nearly fell. I helped her into her room and taking the towel, gently dried her off. She winced, sucked in air and whimpered as I dried her ass and inner thighs. Her ass was pretty well beaten up. There were even marks on her upper thigh and the lips of her cunt. I knew I had to do something to prevent problems later.

"I have to clean some of those cuts. The alcohol will sting like hell. Your mother is sleeping so if you have to yell, do it in the pillow. Then I'll put some ointment on you to help heal the wounds." I laid her down on her stomach. Her ass was sticking up at me. I tried to think about other things but my cock still twitched at the sight. I got the bottle of alcohol and told her to grab the pillow.

As I splashed the liquid liberally onto her cheeks, she screamed into the pillow. I knew some liquid had also splashed on to her asshole and between her legs down onto her cunt lips. I patted her dry and began to spread the ointment on. Stephanie whimpered over and over as I spread the ointment on. I opened her legs and gently began to spread the ointment on her inner thighs, her whimpers started to change in sound.

The closer I got to her open honey pot, the softer and sexier she sounded. She also spread her legs wider to allow me more access. "Uh, maybe you should do the rest. I don't want to start something we will both regret." I started to get up. Stephanie turned over. Pain was all over her face as she moved.

"No. Finish what you started", she said in a breathy voice. She was excited and I should have known better. This was my woman's eighteen-year-old daughter.

I should have been stronger. I should have been smarter. I should have run from the room like my ass was on fire. But I didn't. I applied more ointment on my hands. Stephanie shifted around on the bed and opened her thighs as wide as she could. Her cunt gaped open and she was moist and seeping wetness. I began to rub her inner thighs, letting my fingers get closer and closer to her cunt. Stephanie watched me from hooded eyes.

"You got hot spanking my ass. I could feel your cock trembling and throbbing as I lay across your lap. I liked the feeling. You're so much fatter and longer than the boys I know."

"Ssshhhhh!" I whispered. "Just relax and let me get this ointment on you." My fingers were rubbing the creme into her swollen pussy lips. She moaned softly in pain but still wiggled her ass to get my fingers to slip inside.

"Oh it hurts so much right there. Keep rubbing the creme in. It's starting to feel better. Ahhh yes, just like that." Stephanie was slowly grinding her cunt upward to meet my fingers. I knew she was slowly fucking herself against my fingers. I stared down at her, watching her cunt get wetter and wetter. Her moans turned more intense. She bent her knees and my fingers slipped inside. Shit she was tight. I had two fingers inside her when she reached down and grabbed my wrist.

Suddenly she was fucking herself up against my hand. "Yes Sam. You spanked me so hard. The more it hurt, the more I wanted it. When I felt your cock throbbing under me, I came so hard. I wanted to cry out for you to fuck me. I wanted it so bad. Oh Sam. I'm cumming. Oh it hurts good. More! Put another finger up my cunt."

As if in a dream, I slipped another finger inside and began to finger her cunt in earnest. She was fucking my hand so hard, I knew it must have hurt. Suddenly she bit her lip and moaned a deep low moan. "Ooooohhhhhhhh" Aaaaahhhhhh! I want you to fuck me. Make me scream the way you make my mother scream. I hear you two at night and I play with my pussy till I can go to sleep. Give me what you give her." That was the knife that cut through my sexual cord.

I looked down and finally saw what the fuck I was doing. I had my girl's daughter stretched out on the bed, and was working hard at pushing four fingers up her cunt. And we were both getting off on it. I pulled my fingers out of her slowly. A flood of thick, white cunt creme oozed from her open lips. The room was filled with the scent of sex. I shakily got to my feet. With my legs feeling like rubber bands, I staggered from the room.

I went to the bedroom I shared with Joan. She was still out. Her hands were between her legs and I could see one finger still sunk into her cunt. What had turned her on so much? I went into the bathroom and took the coldest shower I had ever taken in life. Instead of cooling me off, it made me even hotter. When I got into bed, my cock was throbbing like mad. I wanted to turn over and rape Joan.

At that point I didn't care about anything except shooting my load. Joan turned in her sleep and her hand sought my cock. I turned to look at her, thinking she had awaken only to see that she was still asleep. Her warm hand encircled my throbbing shaft. Oh how good it felt. She mumbled something and snuggled closer. I felt her lips brush my nipples. Then her tongue found one. She licked it at first and then began to suck it softly. She began to mumble and this time I listened closely to her words.

"Oh baby. Mommy's sorry. I know it hurts, let me make it better. Yes baby. Touch mommy just like that." I had reached over and was rubbing and massaging Joan's hard nipples. Holy shit! She was dreaming about her daughter. My cock jumped and I almost came on the spot. "Yes baby. Ooh yes baby", she crooned. Her hand was slowly pumping my cock. If she kept it up, I would explode and the way it was pointing she would get a big splash in the face. I had often used Joan's sex filled dreams to have her suck me as she dreamt. I slowly eased her head toward my cock. When her lips touched the sticky head, she licked it first. Then opening her mouth, she sucked it in. For a woman that when I first met her didn't really like giving head, Joan had turned into a fantastic cocksucker.

Her thumb and forefinger wrapped around the base and her head began to slide up and down. I don't know at what point she woke up but I was laying propped up on the pillow looking down at her. I love watching my cock disappear into her hot mouth. Joan is what I call a wet sucker. When she sucks my cock, she lets the pre-cum juices and her saliva coat the length of it. She says this helps her mouth slide up and down better and she can easily take more of it down her throat. Joan loves when I lodge my cock in her throat and she feels the throbbing as I shoot. I was just getting ready to explode when she lifted her head.

"Spanking my daughter got your cock hard didn't it?" It was more a statement than a question and I was caught fully off guard.

"Joan you know I view her as my daughter. I can't lie to you. Seeing her like that, I suddenly realized she is a full grown woman." I hung my head. I loved this woman and we both knew it. I was also terribly turned on by spanking her daughter. Joan let go of my cock.

Thinking she was about to explode and kick me out, I began to apologize. "Joan listen. I know it's your daughter and I tried to keep my thoughts right. But she has the body of a full-grown woman. And well you know that the relationship I had before meeting you involved spankings as sexual pleasure. I told you all about it. I'm sorry. I'll understand if you want me to leave." I felt like shit. I was easing my body to get up when Joan grabbed me.

Pushing me back down flat, she straddled me. Then she did the wildest thing. She reached down between her legs and using her fingers, pulled her pussy lips open. Slowly she eased down. I felt when they surrounded my cock.

"Sam I understand. And I know how much you love my daughter. That's one of the things that make me love you so. I also know that you're only a man. Hell I was turned on watching you spank her and I'm her mother. I also know my daughter. She was turned on too. If I didn't know better, I'd swear that she came as you spanked her. What did she do in the bathroom?"

Joan's pussy was throbbing around my cock. I could feel her muscles rippling up and down my shaft. I didn't know what to make of this predicament I was in. Should I tell her the whole truth? Fuck it. In for a penny, in for a pound. "She sat on the toilet with her legs open. Then as I watched her, waiting for her to pee, she played with her pussy. I should have run from the bathroom. I should have made you go with her. I'm sorry Joan."

Joan bent her head and captured my nipple. She sucked it into her mouth and began to slowly bite it. She did this whenever she was riding on top and about to cum. Joan was riding my cock hard now. I knew it was just moments away from her explosion.

"You wanted to fuck her didn't you? Would you suck her sweet young cunt the way you suck mine? Would you fuck her ass the way you fuck mine? Oh you bastard. Fuck me now. Fuck me hard. Answer me. Do you want to fuck her?" My mine was reeling. My cock felt like it was going to explode. I couldn't remember ever being this hard. "I know you love us both. Answer me damn it!"

"Yes! Yes I wanted to fuck her. Damn you Joan." I was slamming my cock up into her soft tunnel. I knew that it hurt and I didn't care. I wanted her to scream in pain. I wanted her to cry out. I rolled over with her still attached. Her head almost hit the headboard but I didn't care. My cock pulled loose from her cunt. I stood up next to the bed. Roughly I pulled her to the edge of the mattress and pushed her legs as high as I could hold them back. Then pushing my cock back in her cunt, I rammed with all my might.

Joan screamed in pain. "Fuck me you bastard. Give it to me" she cried out. Then in a softer voice, with her legs wrapped around my neck, she said, "is this the way you intend to fuck Stephanie"?

Her words stopped me cold. I could feel my cock begin to shrivel. Joan gave a small chuckle. "Sam, we're both adults. Stephanie is my daughter not yours. And she does have the body of a woman. I would rather have her getting sex from you than having some snot nosed kid fucking her and giving her a baby. I will not have her life ruined the way mine was. If anyone is going to fuck her I want it to be you. At least you will treat her like a lady. And besides, if I give you permission, you won't feel the need to sneak around and try to fuck her behind my back."

I was shocked. Yes I did think about Stephanie as a woman. But the idea of fucking her, well. My mind became detached from my mouth. I knew I wanted to fuck Stephanie. I knew that I wouldn't be able to see her in the same light from this moment on. I knew that if I kept feeling like this, the only recourse open to me was to walk away from this house and never turn back. And here was the woman I loved telling me that she wanted me to fuck, correction, make l ove to her daughter. What was I supposed to say. I pulled out of Joan and sat on the bed. My throbbing hard-on now a shriveled mess.

"What, when, what?" I didn't know what I wanted to say. I had never been in a situation like this before. Joan picked up the bottle from the night table and handed it to me. I took a big swig, the raw alcohol burning my throat, causing me to go into a coughing fit. Joan slapped me on the back. Then she took my hand and guided me back up on the bed. I lay there looking at her in shock.

"Sam. The one thing you have always taught me is to look at the real picture. I have an eighteen-year-old girl that has the body of a thirty-year-old woman. She's inexperienced, childlike in the ways of sex and her hormones are driving her crazy. If given the choice of letting you make love to her or her getting some disease or pregnant by some young punk. The only real option is for me to let you be the one to teach her about life, love and sex. Do you know what I dreamt as I lay here? That I was making love to my daughter. That I was soothing her after having whipped her so badly. I ended up making love to her and you walked in the room. You watched us and knowing you were watching, knowing you were getting excited as you watched, made it better for both me and her. Then you joined us and made love to the both of us.

"I woke up and had to run to the bathroom. I sat there and made myself cum over and over thinking about that dream. I heard you in the room and I fantasized that you were fucking her. I couldn't stand it. I wasn't asleep when you came in. I couldn't wait till you got in the bed. I was going to rape you if you denied me. I know this makes me into a piece of shit. But I look around at what is happening to the girls in this neighborhood and it scares the hell out of me. I don't want my daughter to grow up like I did. 17, pregnant and no man to take care of the baby. Her father isn't her real father. Her real father, that bastard, fucked me until I got pregnant than said the baby wasn't his and left town. My husband married me and from day one, he fucked around. It wasn't until I caught him in bed with my sister that I said enough is enough and threw him out. Don't hate me for taking this drastic action."

There were tears rolling down her cheek. She wasn't a monster, just a mother that would do anything to keep her daughter out of the clutches of the mean streets. I held her close and kissed her lips.

"You're not a bad mother. On the contrary, you are one hell of a good mom. And Stephanie is real lucky to have you." My cock was beginning to grow again. Joan had let her hand drop into my lap and was massaging the sticky shaft. I looked down at her hands molding and stroking my hardening cock.

"Maybe I should wash off and we can continue where we left off." Joan giggled like a schoolgirl. "It's our cum, why waste it." With that she bent her head and opened her mouth. Sticking my dick in her mouth was like putting it into hot pudding. I grabbed her by the hair and slowly fucked her throat. "If I fuck her, I want you there. I want you to know every time I touch her. And she has to know that it is with your approval that we are making love. Joan this is a weird situation. I'm only a human male and you know how freaky I get with you. I will be the same way with her."

Joan was working her mouth up and down my shaft. Saliva and cum was dripping down my shaft, over her fingers. Joan was moaning hard. Her fingers were between her legs and from the way she kept jerking her ass, she was fucking herself hard. One of the things about our sex habits was that she loved for me to talk nasty while I fucked her. The nastier the talk, the harder she would cum. Many times when we had the house to ourselves, she would act out the person of a hot little slut. I had to talk and treat her like one. She would cum continuously when we played that scenario.

"Oh yea you slut. I'm gonna fuck you and your daughter. And I'm going to watch as the two of you fuck each other too. I'll have to teach her how to take it up her tight ass the way you take it up yours. That way she won't get pregnant and her cunt will be open to your hot mouth. You want to suck that bald cunt, don't you?"

Joan snapped her head up and pushed me off the bed. "My ass. Shove your cock up my ass. You know how I like it." Indeed I did. I pulled a condom off the night table where we always kept them handy and pulled one on. Joan's asshole was very tight. But when she was hot like this, she wanted it rough. She wanted me to make her scream and holler.

Often we had to go to the local sex motel for her to get ass fucked the way she liked it. This time she didn't care. She wanted it and I wanted to give it to her. I pulled on a condom and shoved my cock in her cunt. It came out sopping wet. Joan had scooted around and was on her knees, her face buried in two pillows, her ass high in the air and her hands spreading her cheeks wide. I pulled her to the edge of the bed, pushed her ass down a little so that it lined up with my throbbing cock.

Placing the knob at her tight, puckered chocolate hole, I grabbed her waist and lunged. My cock felt like the skin was being ripped raw as it sunk into the hilt. Joan was screaming into the pillow as loud as she could. I pulled out till just the head was barely in and lunged again.

That is how I fucked her, ramming my cock in her ass over and over "This is how a hot slut should be fucked. You got hot watching me spank Stephanie's ass. Didn't you?" Joan nodded her head 'yes' vigorously. "You got even hotter when you whipped her ass. That's why some of your blows landed on her cunt?" Again she nodded her head. "This is how I'm gonna fuck her asshole while your underneath her sucking my cum from her cunt."

That was the straw that took Joan over the edge. She lifted her head. "Yes! Yes you bastard. I know you're gonna tear up both our cunts and asshole." I grabbed her by the hips and ground my cock deep. Moving my hips from side to side, she groaned and grunted. "And my dear, I'm gonna whip your ass the same way you whipped Stephanie's. Only this time, she'll be the one hold your legs open."

That was it. "Oh Shit. Oh you nasty fucker. You mother fuckin bastard. Oh Sam! Sam! SSAAAAMMMMMM!" Joan had the biggest orgasm I had ever made her experienced. Cum shot from her cunt the same way it shoots from my cock. She shook like someone having a fit. Then she collapsed on the bed. As my cock slipped out she moaned. I looked down at her. I still hadn't cum and I needed to let loose or go crazy. I flipped her over, ripped off the condom and shoved my cock up her cunt. I pumped her hard and in no time at all I felt my balls erupt and my hot cum splashed her hot cunt walls.

I awoke the next morning with a hangover. Sometime during the night of frenzy fucking and sucking, Joan had changed into the sleaziest outfit she owned. It was 7:30 and I needed a cup of coffee. Throughout the night of sex, Joan constantly referred back to Stephanie and me fucking. This seemed to increase her excitement considerably. Joan came into the kitchen as the coffee was done and I poured her a cup. A few minutes later, Stephanie entered the kitchen. She stopped short upon seeing her mother in the outfit she wore. Joan poured a cup for her and handed it to her as she sat down at the table.

"Stephanie. I am not going to apologize for last night. What you did deserved punishment. I was so angry with you that I may have been a tad too rough on you. Honey, Sam wanted me to have this conversation while he was gone but I think it needs to be done while he's here. Sam has loved me like a wife and you like a daughter. I know he loves us both and you know it too. Let me say that my actions were partly because o f my fears for you. Of the friends you have 6 have babies and from your own words at least 4 have some kind of sexual disease. And their all your age or younger."

"Look I know how it is when your at that age. Goodness knows I ran around with a crowd just as wild as yours. And like you at that age, I did some wild things sexually, with guys and girls. I thought that if I did like everybody else, they would like me. They liked me all right, just as long as I let all the boys screw me and did it with other girls for their pleasure, I was one of the in crowd. But then I got pregnant. Don't get me wrong, having you was the best thing that ever happened to me. But it also stopped me from ever living my dreams. I don't want that to happen to you. And the thought of you catching AIDS or herpes or something like that keeps me up at night."

Stephanie kept her eyes glued on her mother's face as she talked. "Honey what I am about to say to you must never leave this room. You must never tell even your closest friend. Promise me."

Stephanie couldn't begin to think what could be so important. "I promise", she said. Joan took a sip of coffee and then lit a cigarette.

She blew out a cloud of smoke, then took a deep breath and let it out slow. "Stephanie you are a young woman with the body that any woman would kill for. Men will want to get in your pants every time you turn around and they will use anything and any promise to do it. Hell my own pussy twitches when I see you walking around the house in your skimpy outfits. I know that you are very curious about sex and you're eager to experiment. But there are things out there that can stay with you for life. I also notice how you try and tease Sam at times by walking around half dressed."

Stephanie's mouth dropped open and she was about to protest. "Don't deny it cause we both know it's true. I'm proud and surprised that he hasn't tried anything with you. But I know he's only human and you are not his biological daughter. Given time, he will get weak. What I'm trying to say is that before I see you throw your life away getting pregnant by some boy who only wants a fast hot piece of ass or getting some disease that will kill you, I would rather share you with my man. Before you say a word let me finish. Sam is a good man and has always put my feelings, desires and needs first. I would rather you learn about sex from him than some jerk that only wants to shoot his load and doesn't care jack shit about you."

Joan came behind me and put her arms on my shoulders. "I know he thinks about you. His hard on is hard to hide. And I know you think about him. You talk in your sleep. Yes your words on what you want him to do are very plain and explicit. I would rather we act like two sisters sharing the same man than have you become like I was at your age. Think about it and give me your answer later." With that, Joan got up, put her coffee cup in the sink and left the room. I stared into my cup not knowing what to say.

Stephanie stared at me. I could feel her eyes on me. "Is this for real. Did mom just tell me that it's alright to go to bed with you?" I looked up at her.

"No Stephanie. What your mother said was that she would share me with you. That means that I will only make love to you when she's around. I won't sneak behind her back and act like I'm raping her daughter when she's not here. I'll make love to you in her presence. Sometimes I'll make love to the both of you together. It will seem as if I have two wives. I will treat you like a woman and will demand that you act like one. It took a lot for your mother to admit that her fears of you ruining your life, was so great she would chance losing everything and allow me to make love to you. Before you say yes or no, I suggest that you spend a lot of time thinking about what this type of arrangement means. And before you do anything you should have a long talk with your mother." I got up, stubbed out my cigarette in the ashtray and left the kitchen. I had some errands to do so I got dressed and left. Stephanie was left sitting in the kitchen all by herself.

I got back around 4pm and the house was quiet. I saw the note saying that the girls had gone shopping. I puttered around for awhile then went into the bedroom and took a nap. I woke up around 7:30 to the smell of chicken cooking. I got up went into the bathroom, washed up, brushed my teeth and went into the kitchen. My dreams were full of the thoughts and sights of my fucking both women. In the kitchen, both women were cooking dinner. That by itself was surprising. Stephanie never showed an interest in helping her mother. There was a lot of smiling, laughing and hitting as they cooked and joked.

"Hi hon. How was your nap? Did you get all your things done?" Joan came and gave me a big kiss. "The day went well. I got everything done." I sat at the table and just watched as Stephanie made a salad.

"Hi Sam. You sure look peaceful when you sleep." She came over and gave me a kiss too, only this kiss was all tongue. My dick jumped in my pants. We sat down to a nice dinner then we all helped clean up. There was a lot of laughter and joking around and even a water fight broke out when Stephanie sprayed me with the faucet hose. I took a glass of water and dumped it on Joan. The kitchen was soon a wet mess and we were all soaked. Again we had to clean up and mop. Joan said we might as well take a shower and then we had some talking to do. I took my shower first.

Coming out in my light robe, I made myself a drink and sat in the living room listening to jazz. Joan came out next and she had on one hell of a revealing nightgown. It was completely see thru. And left nothing to the imagination. She fixed a drink and sat across from me. I could see directly up her cunt and the sight was beautiful. Her cunt was already moist and you could see it glisten as the light hit it. The biggest shock was when Stephanie came out. She had on and outfit similar to her mother's except in color. I almost choked on my drink as she walked pass. Her shaved cunt so visible you wanted to reach out and touch it.

"May I make a drink Sam?" she asked

I nodded, not knowing what to say. Joan started the conversation. "We had a good talk after you left." Stephanie giggled. "You are now husband to two very lovely and horny women. Stephanie is a woman with a woman's body. I expect that you will make love to her the same as you do me. But Sam, she has not had the experience I have and can not take the hard abuse you give me so freely. Start out gently with her but give her the same love you give me. I am intrusting you with my daughter's sexual education. I expect her to pass with flying colors. Even if those colors are sometimes a black and blue ass from a good spanking."

Stephanie sat across from me crossing and uncrossing her long legs. Each time she did, her bald pussy winked at me. My dick was making a tent in my robe. "I have a feeling I am looking at two very naughty women. What did happen after I left Stephanie?"

"Well," started Joan. "I believe I asked Stephanie."

I said looking at Joan. Stephanie took a long sip from her glass as her eyes looked over the rim at the exchange between Joan and I. Stephanie placed her drink on the table and I raised and eyebrow. She got up and got a coaster, placing it under her drink. Then she sat before me.

"After you left, I sat at the table for awhile. Then I got up and went into mom's room to talk to her. She was sitting on the bed so I sat next to her. We talked for awhile. I asked her if she really did do all types of nasty things when she was my age or did she just say that to make me feel good. She told me some of the things she did. She didn't hold back and told me in detail what she did with men and women. I began to get hot. I asked her if looking at me really made her pussy twitch. She turned to me and brushing my hair from my face, told me that she often wished I were not her daughter. She said if I wasn't she would have sucked my cunt and had me screaming in pleasure long ago. I don't know why but I kissed her then. Sam I couldn't believe it. I came just from tongue kissing my own mom. Then we started touching each other. She laid me back on the bed and started at my neck. By the time her tongue touched my cunt she had made me cum twice already. Oh Sam, mom used some of her toys on me and had me moa ning and begging her for more all afternoon. She said that when you found out what we had done, you would spank us but I didn't care."

By now, my cock had poked its head from between my robe and was standing up straight. Pre-cum dribbled from the one eyed snake. Stephanie got off the couch and knelt before me. "You wouldn't spank my butt for having fun would you?" With that, she bent her head and her lips encircled my throbbing cock. I held her head as I guided her movements up and down.

"No baby. I won't spank your butt for having fun with mom. I'm gonna whip both you and Joan for having fun without me, then I'm gonna fuck you both in your sweet cunts and up your tight asses. And the two of you will show me exactly what you did to each other all day."

"MMMmmmmm", Stephanie moaned as her head slipped up and down.

I looked over at Joan. She sat there, a big smile on her face as she watched her man, working her daughter's head up and down on his cock. Her fingers were slowly sliding up and down her slit. I motioned for her to come to me. She was sitting there slowly stroking her cunt. "I know you. You're smile means you have something up your sleeve. What is it?" Joan knelt behind Stephanie.

"I brought a strap on cock. I'm going to show Stephanie how to fuck me and I'm going to fuck her with it." Joan had reached around Steph and was pinching and pulling her nipples. Then she reached between her legs and rubbed Stephanie's clit.

"How long did you and Stephanie play this afternoon?" I asked Joan.

"About two hours", she moaned. She was rubbing herself against Steph's back.

"Then I will spank you two smacks for each 15 minutes. That makes 16 each." I lifted Stephanie's head off my cock. She didn't want to stop. I pulled Joan across my lap and pulled up her nighty. Her smooth round chocolate colored ass stuck up.

"Stephanie you will give her the first 4 hits. Then I will finish the rest. And before you go hitting her softly, she will give you the first four also."

Stephanie was hesitant to hit her mom but Joan turned her head and spoke to her. "It's all right baby. Mommy wants it. Besides I won't hesitate when it's my turn." Faced with that choice, Stephanie drew her hand back. SMACK, SMACK I held my hand to stop her. "Now just rub it baby. Always stop a spanking to rub the pain around."

Stephanie started to rub her mom's smooth ass. She was concentrating so hard to do it right. "Now let your fingers slide up and down the crack. All the way down to her slit. That's right. Now just brush your fingers in her slit." As Stephanie did this Joan moaned. "Oh baby." Joan opened her legs wider to get more. I shook my head no. Steph continued to rub. Joan continued to squirm. "Now finish the spanking." SMACK, SMACK this time I didn't have to tell Steph to rub. She did it automatically and soon had Joan moaning as her fingers kept brushing Joan's clit.

Stephanie sat back and watched her mother rotate her hips gently. SMACK, SMACK "Did you finger Stephanie's pussy till she came."


"And how many fingers did you work up her ass?"


"Did you fuck both her holes with your toys?"

"Oh yes Sam. I fucked her so hard. That little minx humped back and asked for more. I can't wait to watch you ass fuck her. I want to suck her cunt while you do." SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK

"Oh Sam", Joan moaned as my fingers once again found her slit. I worked her until I felt her tremble and cum. Then I motioned for her to stand and for Stephanie to take her place. As Stephanie lay across my lap, I couldn't help but marvel at her smooth soft skin. I was very used to Joan and knew her body intimately.

But Stephanie was something different. She was inexperienced in most forms of love play, she had never really been fucked in the ass and had only known the short fast fucking of boys her own age. Oh what I would the ach her. Not to mention what her mother had in store for her. I let my hands roam across her smooth panty covered ass. Joan knelt close. Her hands were between my legs massaging my cock but also rubbing Stephanie's tits.

"Sam I need to tell you something." I lifted my head and looked at her. "There is another reason why I wanted you to fuck Stephanie." I lifted my eyebrows in a silent question. Joan sat back on her heels. "I have watched and listened to Stephanie as she played with herself many times." Stephanie stopped moving and was perfectly still. "I've seen her use her hairbrush, that small bat you won at the park and she has even been in my toys. A lot of the times I have watched her, she calls out your name as she is fucking herself."

Stephanie's head fell. Her secret was out and her mother knew about her desire for Sam. My fingers were worming their way beneath her panties and I was stroking her bare cunt. "But that's not all. When she is at the height of her passion and she is just about to cum, she calls you by another name." My fingers were slowly working in and out of Steph by now.

Stephanie was moaning and rotating her ass the same way Joan had done. "What do you call me muffin", I asked her. "Oh mom, don't make me tell him", Stephanie whined through her moaning. Joan took both of Steph's tits between her thumb and forefingers and pulled and twisted. "Ohhhh!" Stephanie moaned louder.

"Now baby, when mommy had you on your hands and knees and she was pumping that black rubber cock up your ass what did I tell you?"

"Owww, mom that hurts. You told me that there would be no secrets between us." Joan continued to manipulate Stephanie's nipples. I continued to work my fingers in and out. Stephanie was being fucked to a duel rhythm.

"Tell him baby", Joan said softly.

Stephanie was on the verge of cumming. "Daddy! I call you my daddy."

I was so stunned that my fingers came out of Stephanie's cunt. "Honey, is that the way you see me?" I let Stephanie get up from my lap. She stood before us, her head bowed in embarrassment. "I have seen you as my dad for almost a year. You treat me like your daughter, you talk to me like your daughter. And when something goes wrong and I am crying, you hold me and comfort me like your daughter. It just seemed right that when I fantasized about you making love to me, it was as my daddy. Sam would you....", she stopped in mid sentence. I didn't know what to say.

"Would I what honey" I asked her? Stephanie looked directly into my eyes.

"Would you make me a woman? Would you make me your second wife?" I wanted to laugh. I wanted to cry. I wanted to take her into my arms and hug her tight.

"Yes baby, I will make you a woman. I will make you my second wife." Stephanie's smile was like pure sunshine. "Right after I spank your ass for having so much fun today." Her smile slipped a bit. Then she laughed.

I pulled Steph back across my lap. She lay still, eager to get the spanking over and have me fuck her. I admit I was in a hurry to make love to her too. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK "Now young lady, go into the bedroom and lay across our bed." Stephanie left the room looking more like a grown woman in every step. I turned to Joan.

"You must let me do this all on my own. I know you want to help but I have to tell you just watch us. You can say what you like but you can't touch." Joan smiled at me. "Go fuck your daughter", she said as she stroked my throbbing dick. I entered the bedroom with Joan right behind me. On the bed, Stephanie lay still. She looked so much like her mother as she lay there, her breast rising and falling, her cream thighs slightly open. I started at her feet. Stephanie was sure that I would fuck her right away. But I intended to make it slow and make it last.

I began to lick and suck on her toes. "Oh shit! T hat feel so funny." I knew that Joan was smiling. I had introduced her to foot loving and she laughed at first too. Stephanie's voice changed. "Oh Fuck! I'm getting hot. I can feel my pussy tingling. Oh daddy, what are you doing to me?" I lifted my head from her feet. "Just relax and let the feelings flow across your body. I began to lick my way slowly up her thigh. When I got close to her cunt, she moaned and opened her legs wider. Instead of licking her cunt, I stopped and went down to the other ankle. By the time I got close to her cunt again, she was begging me to lick it. "Oh Daddy! Please lick my pussy. It's so hot."

I smiled to myself. Stephanie had never had a real man make love to her before. Only boys who just wanted to shove it in and get their rocks off. I was intent on driving he to the point of begging and promising anything to have my cock in her. I went past her cunt to her stomach. I lifted my head up and turned to look at Joan. She was sitting in the big armchair, her legs thrown to either side. In her hand was one of her dildos. She was slowly fucking it in and out and on her face was a glazed look. She was lost in lust at this point. I went back to Steph's stomach and my tongue entered her navel. Her hands came down and attempted to push my head down between her thrashing legs.

"I need you to suck it now daddy! Just stick your tongue in me. I'll cum right away. Oh Daddy! Please don't tease me anymore." I grabbed her wrist and pinned them to the mattress as I continued to lick my way up her body. By the time I reached her tits her nipples were rock hard. She was breathing so fast, I thought she would hyperventilate. As I had moved up her body, I let my legs wedge hers open wide. By the time my lips reached hers, my throbbing cock was poised at her dripping slit. She tried to grind her pelvis up to meet me but I kept backing away.

"What's my name?" I asked her as the tip of my dick touched her open hole.

"Daddy", she whispered. "You're my Daddy and I want you to make me a woman. I want you to push that fat, long cock up inside my baby pussy and make me your woman. Oh daddy please give it to me."

I smiled and pushed in just a bit. I knew that it would be too big for her at first so I had to go slow. I felt it push pass her lips and wedge inside her hot opening. "I'm bigger than those b oys you had and longer too. It's going to hurt but I'll make it good for you." Stephanie's eyes had been squeezed shut but she opened them and looked at me. "I'm your virgin. As far as I'm concerned, you're the first man to take my pussy. Fuck me daddy. Fuck me hard enough to make me scream out my climax."

Each time she called me Daddy, my dick throbbed. I looked back at Joan and she was just working her cock faster. I knew she would try and time it to coincide with my taking her daughter. I pushed a bit more and felt my head push pass her ring of muscles. "Ohhh! Daddy you are bigger", she exclaimed. I rocked back and forth, trying to maintain control.

Stephanie was tight. Her muscles were young and strong and the way they pulsed around my knob, I wanted to ram my cock home and fuck her till I came. But this was her first time and I had to make it special. As I rocked in and out, I let it slip in further.

"Aagh!" she grunted as more entered her. "Easy baby. Breathe slow and easy. Relax. Daddy knows exactly what he's doing. Come on baby, just a bit more." I had about half of my cock inside. Her muscles were like mini explosions around my shaft. They throbbed and seemed to draw me in deeper. I looked at her face. She was concentrating so hard at accepting me.

"Oh Daddy! My pussy is so full. I never felt this tight before. How much is in me?"

I smiled down at her and kissed her lips. "You still have a lot of dick to go. You have about half my cock inside now." I was slowly fucking her cunt, trying to loosen her muscles so she could take more.

As another inch pushed in, she whimpered. "I can't take much more Daddy. You're too big."

I ignored her and continued to fuck her slow. Another inch went in and she cried out. "IEEEE! Daddy no more. You'll split my pussy open." I stopped and held myself still. Her muscles threatened to make me cum. I began to fuck her a bit faster now. She was slowly matching my rhythm. I felt her juices running between our joined flesh. She was thick and heavy.

"Yes Daddy! I feel it now. Oh Daddy fuck me. Take my virgin cunt. Split my cunt open with your massive cock." Her words inflamed my lust even more and I began to fuck her harder. I could see her wince each time I pushed more of my throbbing cock in.

"Wait till you feel this fat log being shoved up your tight little ass. No one will hear you scream cause your mouth will be buried in your mother's dripping cunt." I needed her to cum fast. I wanted this one to be the big one for her. Joan had told me that she reacted to dirty talk. "Fuck me you little slut. Your mom and I intend to double fuck you and have your holes so sore you won't want to fuck for a week. I can't wait to see her put you on your hands and knees and then fuck you with her own strap on cock."

That did it. "Daddy! Daddy! Fuck me harder Daddy. Faster! Oh shove that cock inside me. Rip me open make me scream! Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, DADDY, DADDY, DADDYDADDYDADDY. IIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!"

Suddenly Stephanie stiffened. Then her body thrashed around something fierce. She was bucking hard, driving my cock ever deeper inside her cunt. "Oh shit! Oh Daddy you sweet fucker! Oh you nasty Motherfucker! You want to shove it up my ass too. Oh mommy, MOMMY!"

I was ramming my cock in her now. I didn't care if it hurt. I didn't care how loud she screamed. Suddenly, I exploded too. With a yell and mighty shove, I hit bottom. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I let it just sit there. That dick was throbbing and pulsing out my load of hot cum. I wasn't afraid of her getting pregnant, her mom had taken her to the doctor months earlier.

Joan was on the bed in a flash. I guess she had cum but I was too pre-occupied to notice. "Oh baby," she cooed as she rubbed and stroked her daughter's face. Stephanie grabbed her mom and pulled her face down on to hers. Their lips met and they gave each other a long, tongue-lashing kiss.

Then Steph directed her mom's mouth to her tits. As Joan sucked on her daughter's tits, making loud slurping noises, I rolled off Stephanie and lay on my back. My cock was coated with thick white cum tinged with streaks of red. I must have torn her a bit.

"Oh mom, you said he was a fantastic lover but I had no idea. I have never cum like that before. I thought I would die. I have to have it some more. I have to let Daddy fuck me as much as he can." I watched as Steph pushed her mom's head lower and lower. Joan knew where her daughter was directing her mouth and she readily complied. Stephanie had her hands wrapped into Joan's hair. She directed her down to her cunt.

"Suck it. Taste Daddy's cum inside my pussy. I'm a woman no \w just like you. Eat my pussy. Lick up all of my cum." Joan's slurping of our cum mix was loud in the quiet room. She had shifted herself to lie between Stephanie's legs. Steph had lifted her legs and her knees were bent. Her cunt was open wide and Joan was sucking at it like a parched man drinking water.

I watched as Stephanie's hands tightened and she jerked against her mom's hungry mouth. "Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Mom! Mom! Mommy! Oh Mommy! MOMMMMMYYYYYYY!" Suddenly Stephanie arched her spine and jerked up off the bed. Then she fell back and lay there breathing hard. Joan needed release but I was exhausted. I grabbed her discarded dildo and shoved it up her cunt. She stayed in position as I rammed her hard. Then she came too. I fell asleep listening to the two of them as they moaned.

I awoke the next morning to the sounds of soft whimpering. I lifted my head and looked across the room. Joan was sitting in the recliner, her legs thrown over each arm. On her knees before her was Stephanie. From the way that Stephanie's head was moving, I would say that she was giving her mom a slow deep tongue probing.

I had the piss hardon I awoke with each morning and watching those two didn't help the pressure I felt building in my cock. "That's it baby. Lick mommy right there. Now suck it into your mouth. A little harder. Let your tongue wash back and forth against it." I smiled. Joan was teaching her daughter the fine art of eating pussy. One of the first conversations I had ever had with Joan was about the difference in eating pussy and getting fucked in the face. I told her when the woman controls the action, the man is just getting fucked in the face. But when he controls how he uses his tongue, lips and teeth, he is truly eating pussy. It seemed that Stephanie was in no hurry to complete her training. And Joan was definitely in no hurry for her to stop.

I don't know who was having the better time. Stephanie was moaning and mewing as her face moved back and forth, up and down. Joan was pulling on her tits, her hair, Steph's hair, she was being kept on the very edge of climax by her daughter's efforts to please her. Stephanie lifted her head up. I guess she had to get some air. "No baby. Don't stop just yet. I'm so close. Please sweetie. Just a little more."

Joan was begging and whining at her little girl. Many times I had gotten Joan to the very edge of cumming and then stopped. Her need was so great at that point, she would tell you anything and agree to anything, just so long as you made her cum. Stephanie, acting like she had been fucking women all her life, sat back on her heels. As her hands rubbed along her mom's thighs, she said, "easy baby. We don't want it to end too soon. Did daddy fuck you the other night?" Joan rubbing her tits moaned, "yes" Stephanie had moved her hands up until her thumbs were rubbing along Joan's pussy lips.

"Did he make you scream?" I could see clearly as Stephanie's thumbs slid in and opened Joan's pussy wide. "Oh yes. He rammed his fat cock up my ass so hard. I thought he was going to rip me open. We were talking about him fucking you. Oh baby please. Make me cum now." Knowing she had an advantage at this point, Stephanie took full advantage. "I'll make you cum but you have to promise me something." "Anything baby." Stephanie still didn't move to finish Joan off. "You can't renege on this promise mom."

Joan was about to go mad. "No baby. Anything! Just let me cum." Stephanie smiled. "I want daddy to take me away for a whole weekend. Just him and I. If you let me do that, I'll do you whenever you want it. Just like this." With that, Stephanie bent her head and gave Joan's slit a slow lick from asshole to clit. "Ahhhhh! OK baby. But you have to tell me everything the two of you do as you make love to me." "Deal", Steph said with the sound of triumph in her voice. She bent he r head and in no time, Joan was moaning and crying out her climax as her daughter's tongue filled her cunt.

"What a lovely way to start the day. I open my eyes to the sight of two beautiful women making sweet tender love." Joan looked at me, the smile of contentment on her face. "Morning honey. Did we wake you up?" Stephanie was less sure of things. "uhhh hi daddy", she said sheepishly. Stephanie stood up. Her firm tits swelled with the passion remnants of making love to her mother. "Did you enjoy your breakfast", I asked. She smiled as she wiped her mom's juices from her face.

"Come her Stephanie." Not knowing what I was about to do or say, she came to the edge of the bed and sat just at arms length. "Honey. Sex is a very powerful thing. It will sometimes give you a very unfair advantage over others. Like the unfair advantage you took with your mom just now. Since you didn't ask me how I felt, her promise means nothing. Just like I had you last night ready to do anything, how would you have felt if I made you make promises in the heat of passion. Promises you made only because you were out of your mind with lust.

I've made love to your mom on numerous occasions and have never had the need to force her to make a promise to me. If this is how you are going to use the trust we have placed in you, I think we made a big mistake." Stephanie was close to tears. "I didn't mean anything by it. I just wanted to spend a whole weekend with you as a woman."

"And you felt you couldn't ask your mom about it? Or me? That's not how things will be done in this house from now on. Everything we do will be based on mutual trust, respect and love. Do you understand?" Joan had come and placed her hands on Stephanie's shoulders. "Yes daddy. I'm sorry mom." Joan sat down facing Steph. "That's all right baby. Now you know better." Then Joan broke into a big smile. "Besides, the way you were sucking my cunt, I would ship you off with Sam just to let my pussy rest and relax. Now do the same thing for his cock that you did for my cunt."

Smiling, Stephanie bent her head. Joan had pulled back the covers and my cock stood up proudly. Steph's mouth formed a perfect 'O' as her lips encircled my dickhead. Slowly she sucked it into her mouth. For the next 15 minutes she drove me mad. I could only guess that Stephanie had been a supreme cocksucker with the young boys she hung around. I knew they would miss her. Then Joan joined in. They took turns deep throating me. When I couldn't hold back any more, I grabbed Stephanie by the hair as she suck me. I fucked her mouth fast and hard.

Finally with a shout, I pumped my hot cum down her throat. To her credit she swallowed it all without wasting a drop. When she lifted her head, I kissed her deeply. I could taste the salty cum on her tongue. Damn life is good!


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