The Best Erotic Stories.

Chapter XIII: Jennifer's Heat
by Mark Singer

Jennifer could see Dan as he walked away from the fire ring with April. She felt a momentary pang of jealousy that was quickly replaced with a smile. From the look on Dan's face as he walked away, she knew he was simply off for a good time. And from her conversation with Tracy a minute ago, she also knew that the plans she had gave her little room for jealousy.

Laughing to herself, she turned to follow Tracy around the circle. Through the groups of people, she caught occasional glimpses of Shannon as the two girls moved closer to their friend. At first, Jennifer thought Shannon might be too close to the fire, as her body was covered with a shiny layer of sweat. Then as they got close Jennifer sighed in awe. The glistening sheen was not from sweat after all. Shannon's skin was shiny, all right, but from semen, not from sweat. Jennifer stood and watched in amazement as Shannon sucked one cock after another, sometimes taking the boy's thick load in her mouth, and other times pulling her mouth away and jerking the boy off onto her face and tits. She was smiling and laughing gleefully the whole time, obviously enjoying being the absolute center of attention.

Every so often a boy would break the ranks of the circle, or the line that had formed in front of Shannon, and take trembling steps forward. Shannon was obviously used to this, and each time would turn to face the newcomer. She knew that the only reason they would break ranks was that she had excited them beyond their capacity to hold out. Each time a new boy walked forward, Shannon would shiver at the passionate expression on their faces, and reach out to grasp the hard-on that was offered to her.

The unspoken rule was that if you couldn't wait any longer, you could walk forward, but you had to give up your right to a blow job. Shannon was more than glad to jerk these boys off, but she refused to use her mouth. The other rule was that, if you didn't shoot by the sixth handstroke, you had to either get to the rear of the line, or find another girl to take care of your "problem". Otherwise, it would turn into pure pandemonium.

Not that finding a girl to cure your "problem" would be a tough job in this group. Around the entire circle, girls were stroking the cocks of the boys next to them, or on their knees in the sand. There was always a girl who coveted Shannon's position of Suck Queen, and would be sucking cocks on the outskirts of the circle. So far, though, noone had even come close to de-throning the queen...

Shannon smiled at the next boy to walk up to her, and reached her hand out, curling her fingers around the shaft. She kept her lips around the cock in her mouth, letting the boy fuck her mouth with long smooth strokes, as she jerked the cock hovering over her.

Jennifer watched with a pounding heart as the boy groaned and sprayed a thick river of semen onto Shannon, soaking her shoulders and tits. Shannon moaned with delight as she felt the hot semen hit her skin, then turned back to the boy in front of her. He was taking an unusually long time to come, and she decided to speed things up a bit. Rising up on her knees she began to work her mouth all over the boy's long, thick cock. A murmur rose up in the crowd and got louder as she brought her hand up between the boy's thighs, sliding a finger between his ass cheeks. The boy's head lolled back on his shoulders and he groaned as Shannon began to probe his asshole with her finger. Shannon smiled around the cock in her mouth, lowering her face until the boy's entire cock was buried in her hot throat, her nose pressing against his belly and pubic hair. A number of kids, both boys and girls sighed at the sight, then erupted into cheering applause as Shannon loosened her lips and let the boy's thick cum spill over her chin. Keeping her lips loose, she began to move her head, fucking the long cock with her mouth as a steady stream of semen poured out of her mouth and onto her tits.

The boy laughed and stepped back on shaky legs, pulling his drained cock from her mouth and staggering off towards the beach. Again the crowd cheered, and the next boy in line stepped forward.

Shannon must have felt a need to re-prove her talents after the last boy took so long, because as Jennifer watched her friend in silent awe, Shannon repeated her technique on the next boy and the next.

She immediately took the full length of cock into her throat and reached up to gently probe the boy's asshole, making each boy groan and almost instantaneously spray their hot loads into her mouth. In fact, Shannon used this technique on the next six boys that stepped forward. One after another, they filled her mouth with cum and staggered off. After the sixth, Shannon leaned back on her haunches and looked over the crowd, as if challenging any one of them to better her. Seeing no challenges, she smiled and opened her lips, exposing a huge mouthful of semen before tilting her head back and swallowing. Again a low moan rumbled through the crowd. Shannon grinned and looked around the circle of people.

Her performance had stirred the flames of lust and passion throughout the entire crowd and now she was the centerpiece of an immense orgy. She lazily stroked the cocks of two boys who stood on either side of her as she took a much needed break to let her mouth rest and surveyed the area around the bonfire.

The full moon cast it's strong, yellowish light over everything, combining with the flickering glow of the fire to create an almost surreal picture. Everywhere she looked she could see couples and various sized groups trading inhibition for exhibition. Sex simply for sex' sake, with no ties to jealousy or possession... Male and female giving up everything for the sake of pure pleasure. She grinned to herself, quite pleased with her part in it all.

A low groan brought her back to the present and she felt the cock in her left hand beginning to throb and expand from her slow stroking. Looking up at the boy, she smiled sexily, running her tongue over her lips.

"Are you ready to come...?" she panted to the boy, grinning as he nodded urgently. "Do you want to come in my mouth...?" she teased, leaning forward to lick the copious flow of pre-cum covering his cockhead.

The boy simply groaned and pushed his hips forward, sliding his thick hard-on between Shannon's lips. She matched his thrust with a forward movement of her head, taking the long shaft deep into the back of her throat. Once again the boy let out a low growl and Shannon felt his cock expand mightily. His hips began to buck as his semen rocketed up his shaft, spilling thickly into Shannon's sucking mouth and throat. She mewled like a kitten as she swallowed his copious flow. Pulling her lips back slightly as her mouth filled to overflowing, she looked up at the boy in amazement as his cock continued to jerk and pour hot cum into her mouth. Even given the fact that she must have coaxed the cum from at least forty boys in the last couple of hours, she was amazed at the amount of semen this cock was producing!

She grinned around the cockhead, letting his cum spill over her lips and pour onto her tits, cascading over her chin like a mini waterfall. At the same time she realized the boy on her right had given up on waiting for her mouth as his cock too, began to shoot, spraying a thick river onto her cheek and neck. Shannon squealed with delight and stroked him faster, urging him on as she directed his ejaculation towards her face. Pulling her mouth off the first boy, she turned slightly and captured the last of the second boy's spray in her mouth, taking his cock deep and sucking him off. She smiled as he groaned his appreciation and she leaned forward, taking his entire cock into her throat as a reward for his patience. Holding her face steady, she allowed the boy to slowly fuck her throat as he came again and again, the last of his cum draining into her stomach.

Momentarily exhausted, Shannon sat back on her haunches and grinned up at the two boys. It was only then that she noticed the striking similarities of their looks. The boy on the left saw the familiar look in her eyes and grinned back.

"Yeah", he chuckled, "We're twins... I'm Keith..."

"And I'm Kevin..." the other boy offered, "And we love you."

Shannon laughed at this as she shook each boy's hand. "Nice to meet you both. That was quite exciting... And you both come like horses! Damn!"

Slowly, Shannon stood up on shaky knees. She needed to take a break just to catch her breath. The group seemed to be momentarily satisfied or otherwise occupied, and she smiled sweetly at the three or four boys who were standing nearby, stroking their hard cocks.

"Hold those thoughts for me, gentlemen..." she purred, "I need to take a little breather...okay?"

The boys groaned their disappointment, but Shannon grinned as she saw two girls immediately walk up to the boys and laughingly begin to whisper to them. As they all walked a short distance away and sat down on a blanket together, Shannon knew the boys wouldn't be disappointed for long... Turning back around, she saw that the twins were still standing where she'd left them. Smiling sexily, she sauntered up to them, moving between and sliding a hand over each boys arm.

"I'm going for a swim, guys. Want to be my lifeguards?", she asked, already knowing the answer. The boys excitedly agreed and the three of them turned towards the water. As they walked through the crowd, Shannon's excitement grew as they paused every few steps to watch another couple or group living out their fantasies. Here and there she saw couples fucking in just about every position one could imagine, but it also seemed to her that most of the action happening was of the oral variety. And more often than not the action would be centered around one or two girls surrounded by a group of guys.

Shannon smiled, wondering if she was the inspiration for these circles. It pleased her to think that she was and also to know that she wasn't alone with her little sexual 'quirks'...

And she wasn't the only one growing excited along their walk. Looking down, she saw that both Keith's and Kevin's trunks were tented out with born again hard-ons. She smiled and moved her hands from their arms to the front of their trunks, curling her fingers around their cocks and stroking them slowly as they watched a young girl, on her knees in the sand give her partner a deep, sloppy blowjob. Shannon felt both cocks in her hands lurch as they watched the girl suddenly pull her lips from the boy's cock and jerk him off over her face. The boy leaned his head back and groaned as his semen shot out covering the girl's lips and cheek. She was laughing excitedly as she jerked him off and Shannon felt the cocks in her hands buck again.

"My competition someday, do you think?" she asked the boys as they continued their walk to the water. Neither boy responded verbally, but both of them put their arms around her, Kevin moving his hand over her shoulder to cup her breast. Shannon sighed at his touch and squeezed their hard-on's gently as they walked on.

Suddenly, beside a small group of people, Shannon spied Jennifer. She was kneeling on a blanket with two muscular boys standing in front of her. She was still wearing her white blouse, but it was completely unbuttoned and hanging loosely. The moonlight on her hair looked like a halo, but she was doing something not angelic at all...

Her eyes were focused on the two boy's midsections as she slowly stroked two impossibly large cocks. Both of her hands were glistening with the pre-cum that poured from the heads and Jennifer stared transfixed at the site of them moving through her fists. Shannon grinned at the boys as she settled down into the warm sand to watch her friend. The boys joined her, sitting on either side and leaning back as Shannon's hands moved over their cocks once again. Both Kevin and Keith had large cocks, but the monsters that Jennifer was manipulating were simply enormous! Shannon wondered what one of those would feel like inside her pussy and shivered at the thought. Those two were definitely made for hand jobs!

Jennifer looked as if she was hypnotized as her eyes moved from one cock to the other, then back. Her stroke was steady and even, pausing only occasionally to smear more pre-cum over the long shafts as it poured from their cockheads. Both guys had their eyes closed, moaning contentedly as this gorgeous girl pleasured them.

As for Jennifer, the pleasure was truly hers. She'd found one of these two standing in another circle down the beach and had been transfixed by the size of his cock. She'd come across him just a little while ago and had stood away, just watching him as he stroked his shaft while watching another couple fucking on a blanket. Her heart had been pounding as she silently walked up to him and reached her hand out, covering his as it moved slowly up and down. He looked down at her and grinned, but neither one spoke a word as Jennifer pulled him away from the circle and a little further down the beach. As they walked, Jennifer kept her hand around his cock. Then, as they neared the fire, Jennifer stopped in her tracks as she spied the other boy lying alone on the blanket she now knelt upon. His cock was fully hard even though he appeared to be sleeping and Jennifer could only stand and stare at the size of him. If anything his cock was longer than the one she held in her hand while just as thick. Her head began to spin and she felt as if she was in a dream as she pulled the first boy with her to the blanket. It was as if this was meant to be.

As she knelt by the second boy, she motioned for the first boy to stand in front of her. She began to stroke his cock with one hand as her other hand reached over to the sleeping boy's shaft. Her fingers curled around it and she shivered with pure lust as she began to stroke him, feeling the living shaft expand even more in her fist. The boy opened his eyes and began to speak, but Jennifer removed her hand from his cock and pressed her finger to his lips, telling him to be silent. She wanted no words to interrupt her 'dream'.

Signaling him to stand beside the other boy, Jennifer returned her hand to his cock and began stroking him with the same rhythm she was using on the second boy. She knelt in front of them and began her slow hand movements just as Shannon walked up behind her. Jennifer was oblivious to her friend's presence just as she was oblivious to anything and everything except for the two hard cocks in front of her face. With trance-like tunnel vision she milked these two monsters as slowly and gently as if she were petting a kitten. Both cocks had grown to such proportions that she couldn't even close her fingers fully around the shafts. She stared at them with child-like fascination as her hands moved back and forth, drawing their foreskins back as she moved to their balls, then moving back to gently caress the heads with a circular motion, smearing their flowing pre-cum that she milked out on each upstroke.

Shannon's fascination with the erotic scene in front of her had grown as well. She and her friends instinctively knew not to interrupt the goings-on and had contented themselves to merely observe.

Well, not entirely passively... Shannon had drawn the twin's cocks out of their trunks and was stroking them slowly, mimicking Jennifer's hand movements as she watched her friend.

The boy on Jennifer's left began to breathe slightly faster and Shannon saw Jennifer smile although the pace of her stroking stayed slow and steady. Raising herself up slightly on her knees, she leaned forward, focusing on the two shining cockheads.

"Come for me...." Jennifer whispered. "I want to watch your big hard cocks come on thick cum... Mmmmm...on my my mouth.... Come for me..."

Jennifer's teasing chant worked it's magic on the two boys. And magic it was. Their breathing increased together, as if they shared the same set of lungs. Jennifer continued her slow stroking, fighting the urge to move faster and moving as if in slow motion. She knew they were both very close as she leaned forward still more, laving their cockheads with her wet tongue, each one in turn and with the same agonizingly slow motion. Both boys groaned and their cocks erupted simultaneously. Jennifer leaned back and only now allowed the pace of her hands to increase, jerking both boys off onto her face and tits.

The boys were groaning as their cocks sprayed load after thick load onto Jennifer, coating her lips with their hot syrup. Jennifer laughed with delight and opened her mouth wide, catching as much of their cum on her tongue as she continued stroking. Her face was streaked with thick lines of white and the cum pooled on her tongue, nearly overflowing her lip. She was laughing throatily as both boys' orgasms subsided and as they both stared down at her, she grinned and tilted her head back, letting them watch her swallow their thick juices. They both groaned at her show, then again, with more feeling when she leaned forward to take each of their cockheads into her mouth and role her tongue over them, capturing the last of their loads in her hot mouth. Her lips stretched tightly as she struggled to get even a part of their heads in her mouth, so much so that eventually she stopped trying. Neither boy voiced a complaint though...

Finally, Jennifer leaned back on her haunches and, smiling at the boys, used her fingers to clean their cum from her face, pooling it onto her fingers then drawing it into her mouth as they stared at her in awe.

And when she was finished, Jennifer held her finger to her lips, instructing them both to maintain their silence as she stood up, pulled her blouse closed with a grin and silently walked away towards the water.

Shannon and the twins stayed sitting, dumbfounded at what they'd just witnessed. It was as if something mystical had just occurred. A ceremony from the Church of the Erotic. When she finally came to her sense, she realized that she was still stroking the twin's hard-on's and from the expressions on their faces, they too were very close to coming in her hands. She grinned at them and jumped to her feet, wanting to catch up with Jennifer before losing sight of her again. She called for the twins to follow her and they both jumped up, their hard-on's bobbing in front of them as they hurried to catch up.

Shannon smiled at them when they reached her side and reached out to squeeze their cocks quickly as they walked.

"I'll make it up to you guys..." she panted, "I promise. I just need to catch up to Jennifer!"

Kevin gave his brother a shocked look then turned his gaze to Shannon. "You KNOW that girl?!" he stuttered. Shannon grinned and nodded, spying Jennifer standing in the shallow surf.

Once again, she was struck by the sheer beauty of her girlfriend. Especially in the yellow glow of the moon. Jennifer was staring out over the water and as they drew closer, she grinned and stretched her arms over her head, causing her blouse to fall open, exposing her shimmering, cum-covered tits. The twins, groaned in unison at the sight. Shannon chuckled and playfully punched them each on the arm.

"Hey, you guys...I thought you were MY lifeguards!" she said teasingly. Kevin laughed and put his arm around her, cupping her breast.

"We are, darlin'", he laughed, "But your friend here is the one who just got drowned..."

They all cracked up at that and were still laughing when they reached Jennifer. She turned towards the laughter and her face lit up when she saw her friend.

"Shannon!!" she cried, opening her arms and hugging Shannon closely. Shannon hugged back, loving the slippery feel of Jennifer's cum-covered tits sliding against her own.

"'s not suntan oil on you, is it?" She kept her tits pressed against Jennifer's, sliding them back and forth and smearing the thick semen between them.

"It certainly isn't...", Jennifer replied with a chuckle, "And wait until I tell you about an incredible experience I just had! You're not gonna believe it!"

Shannon grinned at her friend. "If it involves two guys with cocks the size of a horse's, I'd be willing to bet that I'd believe it..." she teased. Jennifer stared at Shannon in amazement, then burst out laughing.

"You saw!", she screamed, getting flustered, "I mean, you were there and saw them? I mean you must have been there! Oh, wow! Was that incredible or what?! I felt like I was jerking off two fucking horses! Those guys had the biggest cocks I've ever even SEEN! What...I mean where...?

Shannon began to laugh heartily at Jennifer's stumbling. "My two lifeguards and I were heading down here for a little swim when we saw you. I didn't say anything 'cause it looked like you were digging the silence."

"Oh, I WAS..." Jennifer said, almost reverently, "It was, like...I don't know...kind of mystical..."

"My thoughts exactly!" Shannon excitedly replied. She stepped closer, letting her hard nipples graze Jennifer's skin. "And, I might add, muy, muy caliente..." She leaned her head forward, kissing Jennifer on the lips and sliding her tongue between them. Jennifer sighed and opened her mouth, sucking on Shannon's tongue as Shannon slowly thrust it in and out of her friend's mouth. Both girls began to breathe harder as Shannon's hands moved up to cup Jennifer's tits, feeling her hard nipples against her palms. Jennifer's hands moved lower, cupping Shannon's ass and pulling her closer, until their moistening pussies were grinding against each other. She slid her tongue into Shannon's mouth and groaned as Shannon sucked it like it was a cock.

"Mmmmm....that's soooo nice...." Jennifer sighed as they broke their kiss. "I love the way you suck my tongue..."

Shannon grinned sexily and nodded. "Uh-huh...and I thought you were going to split you lip trying to suck those cocks!" They both broke up laughing, still holding each other tightly.

"Can you believe it?" Jennifer chortled, tears in her eyes, "I mean, if I were a guy, I'd shoot myself if I had a cock that big!! Imagine never being able to get a blow job!! Definitely not blow job material!"

Both girls were cracking up laughing until the sound of gentle coughing interrupted their reverie. Shannon's eyes opened wide as she remembered the twins were there with them.

"Oops...I am Soooo sorry, guys....I am soooo rude! Jennifer, I want you to meet my lifeguards, Keith and Kevin. Guys, say hello to Jennifer...the girl of your dreams..."

The guys exchanged pleasantries with Jennifer, and neither of them could stop their eyes from roving over her nakedness, a point that was not lost on Shannon.

"Jen, the boys kept me company during your masterful performance... They used to love me, but now I know it's because I sucked them off. Quite masterfully, I might add. And now I'm afraid that they only kept me around to get to you. Even though they've only seen one of your many talents..."

Jennifer grinned at the twins, then at Shannon. "Well, I'm flattered, guys, but I think I know better. Everybody knows that Shannon is the best at sucking a hard cock. And I know if she's sucked you off, you know that she's the best..."

Kevin looked at his brother, then back at Jennifer. She glanced down at his trunks and saw his hard-on tenting out the light fabric. His brother was in a similar state. She smiled knowingly. There's nothing that'll get a rise out of boy better than two girls discussing who's a better at sucking off a cock...

Keith was the first to speak. "Well, I wouldn't be opposed to some 'comparison shopping'", he chuckled, making them all laugh

Jennifer gave an obvious stare to his bulge and smiled, moving her eyes to his. "Well, we'll just have to see what happens, guys..." she teased, "I am getting a little thirsty..." she grinned when both boys groaned, then slowly removed her blouse, arching her back to accent the thrust of her breasts as she dropped the garment onto the sand.

"But first I'm going to take a little dip to wash off...." She smiled and cupped her tits in her hands, her fingers gliding over the drying semen that coated them. "Who's going to be my lifeguard?"

Both boys offered on cue, and Shannon shook her head again.

"See what I mean?" she said, hooking her arm through Jennifer's, "Boys are such sluts..." Together they walked into the calm ocean, turning around when they were five feet out. "Are you joining us?", Shannon cried out, Or are you just there to save us from drowning?"

The twins exchanged a quick glance and made a beeline for the water. When they reached the girls, Shannon reached out, hooking her fingers in the waistband of Keith's trunks. She deftly pulled them down to his knees, causing his hard-on to slap up against his belly. Jennifer grinned and did the same to Kevin and both girls stared at the hard cocks in front of them.

"Mmmmm....that's much better...." Shannon sighed.

"They're big..." Jennifer whispered, stepping up to Kevin and curling her fingers around his cock. He groaned as she began to slowly stroke him. His hands moved to her breasts, gently squeezing them, and making her sigh.

"Did you like watching me, Kevin?" Jennifer teased. "Like watching my jerk off those two big cocks...?"

Kevin groaned again and nodded, making Jennifer smile. "That's good..." she whispered, "I like being watched...I love to see a boy's cock get hard from watching me...It really turns me on..."

Shannon grinned as she watched Jennifer drive Kevin crazy. She stepped closer to Keith and grasped his hard shaft in her fist. She stroked his full length, moving faster and faster until his breathing increased. She looked up at him and grinned, then bent at the waist. In one fluid motion, she took his entire cock into her mouth, pausing only to let him feel his cockhead slip into her throat, then pressing her lips against his pubic hair. Both of the twins groaned out loud, which made Jennifer grin. She wondered if the supposed connection between twins was so strong that Kevin could actually feel his other half getting deep throated that way. She could feel his cock pulsing in her hand as they watched Shannon throat-fuck his brother, and she thought it might be interesting to do some experimenting with these boys...

Before she could think too deeply, Shannon slowly pulled her mouth off Keith's cock, making both boys groan again as his cockhead moved out of her throat and into her mouth. Shannon stood upright, grinning wildly as she licked her lips.

"Mmmm-mmm...I needed that..." she panted, "Definitely blow job material..." She grinned and backed away, turning on her heel and diving into the dark water. Keith stood there for a moment with a blank expression on his face, before letting out a howl and diving after her.

Jennifer and Kevin laughed and followed their friends into the waves, the four of them splashing and laughing until they were nearly exhausted.

Jennifer was treading water, trying to catch her breath, when she felt Kevin swim up behind her. She sighed when she felt his hard cock rubbing against her ass, and wiggled against him. As he kicked his legs to remain above water, his hands reached around to cup her tits. Jennifer moaned and leaned her head back, resting in the crook of his neck as he fondled her. It seemed so perfect. The calm ocean, the full moon, and a handsome stranger turning her on more and more. She wiggeled her ass against his cock, sighing again as she felt his hard-on push between her cheeks lengthwise. Kevin began to move his hips sliding his cock between Jennifer's ass cheeks. She was lost in the moment, loving every touch, every caress, even though she could feel the strength in her legs waning from treading water.

When she felt Kevin reach between them, she knew what was coming. She knew she had to stop him, but wanted the feeling to last just a little longer...

She looked over at Shannon and Keith, floating just three or four feet away. Keith was floating on his back, his hard cock standing up like a ship's mast, and Shannon was trying to get it in her mouth without making him sink. Both of them were laughing at the attempt and Jennifer couldn't help grinning. Each time Shannon would get her lips around Keith's cock his balance would tilt and he'd sink like a rock. Even so, he'd try again, coughing and sputtering until Shannon got him into her mouth again, repeating the process. Finally they both gave up and moved into each other's arms, treading water and kissing passionately.

Jennifer returned her attention to Kevin, loving the way his hard cock felt between her cheeks. Then he moved away slightly and she could feel his cockhead rubbing against her. She groaned as he pressed against her asshole, then again as he moved lower, slowly sliding between her pussy lips....rubbing against her clit... Jennifer shivered, not wanting the feeling to stop, but knowing that she didn't want this to proceed any further. Gently she reached down between her legs and grasped Kevin's hard-on, squeezing him lightly and using her thumb and forefinger to tease the head. Kevin groaned at her touch, trying valiantly to keep them both afloat. Jennifer kept his cock between her lips, moving her hips back and forth as she rubbed his cockhead against her clit. The feeling was incredible and she began to moan as Kevin fucked his cock between her hand and her pussy, his cockhead teasing her clit with just the right amount of pressure.

She knew she was going to come and prayed that he had the stamina to keep them both up... Then, almost suddenly, Jennifer felt her whole body begin to shake uncontrollably as her orgasm washed over her. She groaned out load as Kevin picked up the pace, fucking her harder and harder until the water was splashing up between them. Jennifer's come was huge. She could feel her pussy drenching Kevin's cock lubricating it even more in the salty water, increasing the sensation on her clit and driving her over the edge. She could have continued for hours, but the sound of Kevin coughing brought her back to reality. He was getting exhausted from keeping them both afloat and if they didn't get back to shore quickly, they were both going to drown! She dropped away from him and turned to face him.

"That was awesome!" she panted, kicking her legs once again. "Let's go to the beach...I can't suck you off out here, you know..." She grinned at the look on his face, then splashed him playfully before turning and swimming towards shore. Shannon and Keith follwed their lead and soon the four of them we lying on the still warm sand, panting and wheezing like sixty year old smokers. In the distance, they could see that the party was still in full swing, but they all needed a few minutes of recouperation.

When everyone's breathing finally returned to normal, Jennifer sat up and grinned at the others. Shannon looked stunningly sexual reclining in the sand. The moonlight on her wet blond hair was extremely sensual, and it made her skin look like fine alabaster. When she saw Jennifer staring at her, she grinned sexily.

"Well....that was fun, wasn't it?" she said to no one in particular. The others smiled and nodded, still feeling a bit worn out.

" what will we do?" Jennifer said in her teasing way. "I'll bet the guys just want to roll over and go to sleep..." Kevin grinned and nodded his head.

"Yeah...I'd lay on my belly, but something gets in my way..." He grinned again and flexed the muscles in his cock, making it jump and bob. Jennifer smiled at him and leaned over, curling her fingers around his hard-on.

"Am I keeping you up...?" she asked, stroking him slowly. Kevin grinned and nodded again.

"And then balls haven't been this sore in years!"

"Poor baby...." Jennifer whispered, reaching down to gently cradle his balls. "I'll bet they're really full too..." Kevin groaned as she rolled his balls in her hand. "Maybe I'll just have to empty them for you... is that what baby would like...?" They both knew it was a rhetorical question and just grinned at each other. Jennifer continued to tease him though, moving her hand back to his cock and stroking it slowly. "You want me to empty your full balls, Kevin? You want to empty them into my mouth...? Hmmmm....?" Kevin groaned. Jennifer's torture was killing him. And he was loving every moment!

She leaned over him, letting her tits brush against his cock, lifting his shaft and rubbing his cockhead against her hard nipples. She was loving this just as much as he was and wanted him to know it. She wanted to tease him to the point of no return. To the point where her slightest touch would make him come... To where his balls would be filled to the bursting point. Then she would suck him off...

She looked into his eyes and saw she was closer to that goal than she realized. Kevin's face was contorted with his efforts not to shoot off from her slow masturbation. Jennifer grinned at him and nodded.

" know I'm going to suck your cock now, don't you...?" she whispered. "I'm going to give you the second best blow job that you've ever had..." She glanced over at Shannon and winked. Shannon grinned back, shaking her head. She and Keith were sitting just a foot away, watching Jennifer torture Kevin. Jennifer looked down at Kevin and smiled when she saw the grin on his face. Her little joke had not fallen on deaf ears.

"I think you're ready now...I'm going to take your thick, hard cock in my mouth and suck it until you fill my mouth with your hot cum..." She leaned over him, kissing his nipples...his belly...moving lower and lower until she could smell his cock. Pre-cum was pouring from his cockhead, coating her fingers and pooling on his belly. Dipping her head lower, Jennifer began to lick up his pre-cum, slurping it noisily as she rubbed his cock against her face. All the while, she was staring up into his eyes, gauging his reactions to her teasing. When she was sure he was not going to last any longer, she grinned up at him.

"I want you to come in my mouth now..." she whispered, stroking his cock in long slow movements. "I want to swallow your come..." With that she turned her head and took Kevin's full nine inches into her mouth, tilting her head slightly to allow him to pass into her throat. Kevin nearly screamed as he felt Jennifer's hot, wet mouth engulf his cock and he groaned like an animal when she took him into her throat. Jennifer was loving this. She started to suck Kevin's cock with an even, steady movement of her head, sucking him sloppily...making lots of noise and letting his copious flow of pre-cum pour over her lips and onto his balls.. Again and again, she took him into her throat, holding him there and swallowing against his shaft, milking his cock with the muscles of her throat.

As Kevin's groans became more and more pronounced, Jennifer looked over at Shannon, who wore a huge grin on her face. Keith was just staring...watching her suck his brother's cock. Jennifer smiled at him as she locked his eyes with hers, then continued her sloppy wet blow job. Kevin's hips began to move and he began to fuck her mouth as she held her head steady. And, when his legs began to shake, Jennifer knew that her reward was at hand...

Kevin let out a mighty roar and Jennifer felt his cock expand in her mouth as he erupted. Her mouth was entirely filled with his first ejaculation and she was trying to swallow when he shot again. She felt the dam of her lips give way as his semen overflowed, pouring over her chin as she swallowed again and again. Jennifer prepared herself for his next eruption, refusing to lose anymore and her timing was perfect. She began to swallow just as his cock bucked and this time she didn't miss a drop, moaning to herself as she felt his thick hot liquid pour down her throat. He continued to fuck her mouth as he came and Jennifer groaned as he reached down to hold her head as he thrust his whole nine inch cock into her throat, holding her there as he pumped his semen into her belly.

Jennifer couldn't believe he was still coming, and squealed with delight as he pulled his cock from her mouth, stroking it in her face as he shot two more thick loads onto her face and lips. She grinned up at him with true admiration as his hand slowed, then she took him into her mouth once more, sucking the last of his cum from his shaft as she masterfully deep throated him. She continued to suck his cock until she felt him getting smaller in her mouth. Then, grinning like a wildwoman, she sat back, licking cum off her fingers as she cleaned the cum from her face.

"Wow..." Kevin intoned with a shaking voice. "That was....I mean....that is...that..." Jennifer giggled and leaned forward to kiss him, sliding her tongue deep into his mouth.

"That, my handsome stud, was a blow job. And you come like a fire hose! I thought you were going to drown me!" She began to laugh, and Kevin broke up too.

"You knew my balls were full, darlin'" Kevin chuckled, "And your cockteasing only added to that!"

Jennifer looked at him and frowned. "Are you calling me a cockteaser?" she said, reproachfully.

Kevin laughed again and nodded. "The best, Jennifer...the absolute best!"

Jennifer turned to Shannon when she heard her lilting laugh. "You are the champion cockteaser, Jen. And here's a cock that's been teased to the limit..." She leaned back, showing Jennifer Keith's rock-hard cock moving slowly in and out of her curled fingers. Jennifer looked at Shannon and winked as she leaned closer, her face hovering over Keith's hard-on. She extended her tongue, laving his cockhead as Shannon stroked him. Shannon grinned, loving to see her friend in heat like this.

"Do you come as much as your brother, Keith?" Jennifer panted between licks. "Are your balls as full as his were...?" Keith groaned and Kevin grinned as he watched his brother being subject to the same wonderful torture he'd just experienced.

"I'll bet they are...." Jennifer continued, reaching between his legs to cup his balls. Did you like watching me suck your brother off...swallow his hot cum? I love sucking cock, Keith...I love everything about it. And I especially like feeling it shoot off in my mouth...all that sweet, hot my mouth...pouring down my throat....Mmmmm....."

Jennifer stole a look at Shannon and saw her grinning wildly. She answered Jennifer's questioning look with a smile and a nod, starting to stroke Keith's cock faster. Jennifer smiled and returned to her teasing litany.

"Do you want to come in my mouth, Keith...come in my throat like Kevin did? Shannon wants to jerk you off into my mouth... Would you like that?"

Keith began to pant as Shannon worked her hand up and down his cock like a piston. Again, Jennifer didn't wait for an answer. Didn't have to. Didn't want to. She was on a roll. The past hour, especially the past twenty minutes in the water, had gotten her emotions to a point she'd never felt before. This night had caused all of her inhibitions and concerns about 'reputation' to fly to the wind. She'd decided, after watching Shannon's 'performance art', that she'd just have to worry about that at a later time. Obviously, this wasn't Shannon's first time with this group, and her rep was still only based on rumors at school. It seemed to Jennifer that this particular beach crowd had been chosen for their ability to keep certain things 'confidential'. If keeping things 'confidential' meant sharing only with sixty or seventy of your closest friends... It was more like a club. And Jennifer was more than happy to take her chances with this group.

Right now, the only thing Jennifer wanted was to feel Keith's cum flowing down her throat. She'd never felt such a burning desire to swallow semen as she did at that very moment. As she sucked on Keith's cockhead, and felt Shannon's hand brushing her lips as she jerked him off, Jennifer began to identify with Shannon's need to perform as she did. She wondered what it would feel like to have cock after hard cock simply stepping up and emptying one thick load of cum after another into her mouth. To swallow so much cum that her belly was actually full of it....

It was with this mind-set that Jennifer worked on Keith's cock. She knew he was going to shoot off just like his brother had and she was determined not to lose a drop this time. Her entire mind focused on every throb and subtle jump that Keith's cockhead made in her mouth and, by the time she felt it swell between her lips, Jennifer was ready for him.

Keith let out a mighty groan and Jennifer began to swallow as she felt his cock begin to spray torrents of semen into her mouth. Again and again he shot and each time Jennifer was ready, swallowing the entirety of his ejaculation...Moaning to herself as she felt the thick, hot liquid pour down her throat.

She could hear Shannon's voice in the background, urging her on as she milked Keith's cock with her hand.

"Suck it, Jen...swallow his hot cum... are such a cocksucking it....yessss...."

As Keith's orgasmic palpitations slowed, so did Jennifer's swallowing. She let the last three ejaculations pool in her mouth, rolling them around with her tongue until she felt Keith stop shooting. Shannon's hand slowed to a crawl and, when she knew she'd sucked every ounce of semen from his balls, Jennifer pulled her lips from his cockhead.

She smiled her thanks at Keith, then turned slowly to face Shannon. Jennifer smiled at her friend and winked, curling her finger and calling her closer. Shannon grinned, knowing what Jennifer had for her. Leave it to a true friend to share like this...

Leaning forward, Shannon kissed Jennifer almost tenderly, slowly sliding her tongue between Jennifer's lips as she felt Jennifer sucking on her tongue. She moved her tongue around, feeling the hot, thick cum that filled her friend's mouth....fucking her tongue in and out, but not allowing Jennifer to release the hold on her gift. Shannon was also in a high state of heat and knew very well that Kevin and Keith were both watching the two of them. In fact she could see Kevin stroking his born-again hard-on as she glanced over Jennifer's shoulder.

Squeezing Jennifer's sides, Shannon signaled her to follow her lead. Withdrawing her tongue from Jennifer's mouth, she grinned and lay on her back between Kevin and Keith. She brought her hands to her tits, massaging them sensuously as Jennifer smiled and leaned over her.....

"Yeah, baby..." Shannon whispered, "You know what I want, don't you...."

She opened her mouth, letting her tongue wet her lips with anticipation, as Jennifer leaned closer. Jennifer slowly let her lips part as she smiled, letting Keith's still warm semen spill from her mouth and drip erotically into Shannon's. Shannon groaned as she tasted the semen pour into her mouth, her body writhing in lust as she squeezed her tits, pinching her nipples hard as the last thick dollop fell onto her tongue. She smiled her thanks to Jennifer and swallowed her gift noisily....

Then sitting up, she pulled Jennifer to her, kissing her passionately as their cum-covered tongues entwined, sharing the last of the bounty between them. They both giggled as, one by one, they closed their teeth gently around the other's tongue, sucking and scraping the last remnants, then sharing it with the other...over and over until Jennifer finally pushed the last of the semen into Shannon's mouth and felt her swallow.

Jennifer, though, was enjoying this too much to stop right now. She continued kissing Shannon, sighing as she felt her girlfriend's hands move to her tits, teasing and squeezing as the two moved closer together. She let her own hand drop between Shannon's thighs, moaning as she felt them open in welcome. Sliding one, then two fingers into Shannon's wet pussy, Jennifer began to gently finger-fuck her, feeling her twist and writhe beneath her as they lost themselves in their kiss.

A groan from her right pulled Jennifer's attention from her girlfriend for a moment, and she grinned as she felt Kevin's hard cock trying to work it's way between their kissing lips. Jennifer grinned at Shannon and pulled back slightly, allowing him room between their lips.

Kevin groaned again and slid his cock forward, fucking it between the two girl's lips. He stood beside the kneeling girls, a look of pure rapture on his face as Jennifer and Shannon licked his thrusting cock.

The feeling was pure sex as each girl took turns, sucking him inside their hot, wet mouths, then letting him fuck between their four lips, the night air cooling his cockhead before it was engulfed once again.

Watching the two girls had put him closer to the edge than he wanted to be, actually. He wanted to have this sensation last forever, but he could already feel the stirring in his balls and his cock began to throb.

Jennifer felt this also, and a thought entered her mind. She leaned back slightly, reaching up to grasp Kevin's hard-on and direct to Shannon's willing lips. She grinned as Kevin began to mouth fuck Shannon as she leaned back in the sand, her arms behind her and her legs splayed wide, allowing Kevin to stand over her and fuck his entire cock slowly in and out of her throat.

Jennifer moaned and moved into position behind them. She could see in her mind what she was going to do and her heart was beating furiously. She leaned forward, placing one hand on Kevin's tight ass, and the other between Shannon's wide-spread legs, moving higher and higher until she felt Shannon's wet pussy. Without hesitating, she plunged two fingers inside her, fucking her fast as she leaned over to Kevin's ass. Parting his cheeks, Jennifer ran her tongue from his low hanging balls to his asshole, pausing to push her tongue deep inside as she heard him groan. She began to fuck his asshole with her tongue, desperately trying to synchronize her rhythm with his face fucking. When she finally got it right, she smiled to herself and reached down to cup his balls, squeezing them gently as she felt them slap against Shannon's chin. Finally, when she felt Kevin's balls begin to dance in her hand, she released them. Moving her finger to his sopping wet asshole, toying with his tight ring and getting just the tip of her finger inside. The second she heard his low groan of release, Jennifer pushed her finger in to the second knuckle, making him scream as she heard Shannon's gurgling cough as she tried to swallow his cum. Jennifer began to laugh as her heart beat like a trip hammer in her chest. She truly couldn't imagine anything more exciting and erotic than this scene she was in. That is, until she felt a hot spray on her cheek.... She turned her head and squealed.

Keith had been standing beside her all the time, stroking his cock as he watched the scene unfold in front of him. After last coming down Jennifer's throat, he thought it would be a week before he got the strength to come again. He realized he was wrong as he watched his brother throat fucking Shannon while Jennifer Grayson licked his asshole from behind.

And now he could stand it no longer. As he watched Shannon desperately try to swallow his brother's thick cum, Keith felt his own racing up his shaft. He stepped closer to Jennifer, hoping she would suck him off, but never made it. He was two feet away when he shot off, his semen rocketing across the moonlight and splashing wetly on Jennifer's smiling face. And the look of lustful glee on Jennifer's face as she felt his hot cum made him groan.

"Yesssss...." hissed Jennifer, and that was all Keith needed. He stepped forward, sliding his cockhead between her wet lips as he began to come for real. He jerked himself off into Jennifer's mouth as she sucked on his cockhead, using her tongue to urge him on. Keith felt his thick semen race from his balls and into Jennifer's mouth again and again, the gleeful sounds of her greedy sucking and swallowing Urging even more cum from the reservoir. This gorgeous girl was definitely on a quest for cum this night. Keith couldn't imagine a more perfect cocksucker than the one named Jennifer in front of him.

As for Jennifer, her mind was whirling wildly as she valiantly swallowed Keith's thick seed. In an almost out-of-body experience, she rose up, looking down at the scene on the shore. Shannon was leaned back, letting a nine inch cock fuck her throat like it was a pussy while, at the same time, Jennifer was drinking the cum from a second boy as he jerked himself off into her mouth. At the same time she had two fingers inside Shannon's sopping pussy while she finger-fucked a boy in the ass! It was too surreal!

She pulled her mouth from Keith's cock as Kevin stumbled back on obviously weak knees. He settled into the sand and Jennifer grinned at Shannon. Shannon's chin was covered with semen as she rolled her tongue around, trying to gather it up.

"Sorry..." she said, "I didn't save you a drop..."

Jennifer chuckled and leaned forward, swiping her tongue from Shannon's throat to her nose. "Oh, yes you did..." she said throatily. "Besides, I had some of my own..." She grinned again and turned her face to Keith's semi-hard cock. Opening her mouth, she took him deeply inside, easily sliding him into her throat as she sucked and milked the very last of his cum from his shaft. Finally, Keith sat back in the sand, happily exhausted. Shannon laughed and cuddled close to Jennifer.

"That last one was an extra, Jen." she laughed. "You are such a cum-slut tonight! You had three and I only got one....Waahhh...."

Jennifer laughed as she hugged her friend. "Honey", she said soothingly, "I f I recall correctly, you had already sucked both of those cocks earlier this evening, isn't that correct?"

Shannon looked at her slyly and smiled. "Yeah, but one of them came on my face before I could get his cock in my mouth..." she said in a whining voice.

Jennifer laughed. "Oh, really? Then I guess we're even! Keith came all over my face...see?" Shannon looked as Jennifer turned her head and she grinned. She pulled Jennifer close, licking the cum from the side of her face. "Then I let him jerk off in my mouth.... was soooo hot...." Shannon mewled excitedly, licking every drop of cum from Jennifer's face. When she finished, Jennifer returned the favor, and soon both of them we locked once again in a passionate kiss. Finally, they broke off and looked around. Both of the twins were sound asleep in the sand.

The girls looked at each other and began to laugh. "I guess we've drained these two, lover!", Shannon chuckled. Jennifer nodded with a grin and stood up, brushing the sand from her ass. She looked over towards the firs and saw that the party was still going strong, although it seemed like a lot of the kids had opted for different surroundings.

"Hey...", said Jennifer, "Let's wash off real quick and then you can help me find Dan. Do you think he left us?"

Shannon stood up and surveyed the crowd. "Hard to tell..." she said, "But I'd bet my next cock that he's waiting for you." She hooked her arm through Jennifer's and together they headed for the water.

"Didn't I overhear you tell Dan he was going to fuck you tonight....?", Shannon asked with a grin.

Jennifer returned the grin and nodded. "Uh-huh... " believe I did say something to that effect...." She laughed and dove into the shallow water. When she surfaced, Shannon was nowhere around, but in a moment, Jennifer felt something swim between her legs... Shannon broke the surface laughing and shaking the water from her hair.

"And...?" Shannon asked demurely, scooping water into her palms and washing Jennifer's breasts. Jennifer sighed and stretched her arms, cupping her hands behind her neck and letting Shannon caress her tits.

"Well", she said thoughtfully, "I also said I was going to let him watch me suck fifty cocks..." She looked into Shannon's eyes and grinned. "I never got around to that...." Shannon laughed.

"Not yet, sweetie...The night is still young. It looked like there were a lot of cocks still over there..." Shannon said dreamily. She cocked her head with curiosity as she saw Jennifer shake her head.

"You know...", Jennifer said, reaching up to wash Shannon's tits, "I think I'll wait and see what happens. Right now, all I want to do is find Dan..."

Shannon smiled and nodded. "And suck his cock?"

Jennifer laughed as she headed for shore. "Well...yeah...", she replied, in her best Valley.

They reached the shore and dried off with Jennifer's blouse. Both girl's were silent as they made their way back to the fire. The evening had grown a little chilly and both of them were looking forward to the warmth.

"Hey, Jen...." Shannon said as they neared the remaining group, "Weren't you wearing a t-shirt when you got here?"

Jennifer laughed and nodded, shrugging the cool, damp blouse on over her shoulders. She pulled it closed and turned to Shannon. "I lost that in a crowd somewhere. And there seemed to be a lot of loose clothing lying around. And this looks okay on me...don't you think...?" She pulled the thin cotton over her tits, making her hard nipples push out prominently. In the firelight, the damp fabric was nearly transparent, only adding to the effect. Shannon whistled through her teeth and grinned.

"Yeah....good choice... verrrry sexy...." she chuckled. She realized that the addition of the blouse only heightened Jennifer's sexiness and suddenly became conscious about her own nudity. She tugged Jennifer to join her at a pile of discarded clothing just beyond the light of the fire.

"Help me out here...." she whispered, reaching down and picking up red silk shirt. She held it up and Jennifer shook her head.

"Too dark..." she said with a smile. She knelt down and rummaged around, finally standing up holding a diaphanous white dress that someone was surely going to regret discarding.

"Now this is more like it...." She said sexily, handing the dress to Shannon. Shannon's eyes lit up as she took the dress from Jennifer. It buttoned up the front and, slipping her arms into it, Shannon realized that it was close to two sizes too small, especially around her tits.

"Almost perfect...." She said, buttoning just two of the buttons at her waist. Her firm tits pressed against the translucent fabric, creating a very hot look. Jennifer looked at Shannon, then cupped her tits, pressing her body against her friend's.

"It would look better if it was wetter...." she said sexily, squeezing Shannon's hard nipples.

Shannon laughed and turned to walk with Jennifer towards the fire once again.

"I see a lot of guys who I think would be happy to oblige..." she said with a throaty laugh. "But let's go find Dan and the boys.... I think they'll be glad to see us...."

End of Chapter 13.

Got to go to Chapter 14.... Oh my....!

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(Writer's note: Sorry about that ol' brain-fart thing. Chapter 14 should finish it all up. Just couldn't close it in CH. 13. Hope you don't mind. I promise Chapter 14 by next Wed. (October whatever) . At least that's when I'll upload it. Sorry for the delay.)


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