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Kimberly Goes Vamp Pt. I
by ANiceGuy

All characters in this story are over 18. All resemblance to real or imagined characters are illusionary, unless you have felt a sexy girls teeth on your neck lately. That's probably not an illusion and you should either wear a garlic necklace to bed in the future or nick your neck on purpose.

* * * * *

As Kimberly got home from her last day of school she made her way silently to her bedroom and lay down. Usually Kimmy had a half dozen friends with her at this time in the afternoon. Today was different. After what had happened at lunch Kimmy was in a dream world all afternoon. She didn't seem to notice her friends and they left her to finish walking home alone. As Kimmy entered the house she heard the usual moans of her mother and whatever guy she was fucking. Kimberly snuck past her mothers room and lay on her bed as she mulled over what had happened between her and Melanie at lunch.

Melanie was one of the most popular girls in school. She had guys and girls hanging on her every word. Wherever she went an entourage followed.

What was really weird was how Melanie dressed. During the day she wore black skin tight leather looking stretch clothes that covered her entire body like it was her skin. Even her constantly erect nipples and the indented vee of her pussy could be seen. She also wore dark wrap around sunglasses, even at night.

At night when Melanie went out she wore short skirts that barely covered her shapely little ass. She never almost never wore hose, unless they were black lacy thigh highs. Her alabaster legs were perfectly proportioned and she always wore 5 inch stiletto heels that made her legs look even more sexy. Lots of times she didn't wear panties either. She'd wear loose silky blouses with the sides open or the front open so every one could see flashes of her big but not to big titties, with their always erect nipples, as she walked. The school had a dress code but no one ever challenged Melanie.

Well almost no one. One day a new substitute teacher started to tell Melanie she was dressed way to sexy. Melanie just looked at the teacher, removed her dark glasses and mumbled something under her breath at the teacher. Melanie's eyes seemed to spark red in the dim hallway as the teacher began apologizing for bothering Melanie. The next day that teacher was gone. Rumor had it that she was found dead in her bed, white as a sheet. No one ever knew for sure.

Kimmy wasn't afraid of Melanie like some students were. She just respected her. And secretly wished she could be like Melanie.

So when Melanie asked her to spend the night with her on the last day of school Kimmy didn't hesitate to say yes. Kimmy lived with her mother who was either drunk or getting drunk all the time. There was a new guy in the house almost every night and she knew most of them gave her mother money for an hour or night of fucking.

Some of the men visiting her mother tried to get Kimmy to join in and Kimmy got real good at being unavailable around her mother's "boyfriends". Kimmy would invite several of her friends over knowing the guys wouldn't dare do any thing with that many people around. Kimmy's mother made good money and gave Kimmy anything she wanted so Kimmy had lots of friends. Her girlfriends knew she'd give them the latest fashions after she had worn them once or twice and guys would help Kimmy with her home work just to be around such a sexy girl. Since none of the guys was ever alone with her all they ever got was a quick peek at her sexy legs or cleavage. That didn't seem to stop them. She too had an entourage, but there were differences between of the two girls.

While Melanie arrived at school in a chauffeured limousine with three of four constantly changing girls, Kimmy walked all the way to school every morning. Of course at each block along the way Kimmy's entourage grew until she arrived with six or seven friends.

Towards the end of school Kimmy noticed Melanie seemed to be everywhere she was. Where ever Kimmy went to lunch Melanie was already there and at all the parties too. That was alright with Kimmy. Like every one else Kimmy adored Melanie. What was weird was that Melanie never said a word to Kimmy, never a hi in the hall or even a nod of her head. Kimmy could never see Melanie's eyes because of the ever present dark sunglasses, so she couldn't even tell if Melanie was looking at her. Even when Melanie asked Kimmy to spend the night with her on the last day of school it was via note.

One of the cute girls in Melanie's entourage came over to Kimmy at lunch and handed her an envelope with her name in big red letters on the front. The girl stood waiting as Kimmy opened the letter. It was a hand written note in the most exquisite hand writing. There was a delicate pen with the note that seemed to be made of red marble with a gold tip.

"If you would like to spend the night at my house sign this note with the attached pen and send it back to me. My Limousine will be at your house promptly at seven to pick you up." The note said.

Kimmy took the pen and signed the note as time seemed to stand still. It was like she and Melanie were the only ones in the room. Every one else was just an automaton eating tasteless food. The pen wrote in thick red ink that flowed like no ink she had ever seen. Almost like blood. Kimmy handed the note and the pen back to the pretty girl.

"You can keep the pen." The girl said holding it by its top. As Kimmy reached for it the tip pricked Kimmy's thumb. It didn't seem to hurt but a drop of Kimmy's blood dripped on the note. Later in the afternoon Kimmy noticed that the pen prick was totally healed. Maybe she was dreaming everything she thought.

Kimberly was ready at her door right at seven sharp. That was very unusual for Kimmy. She usually made it a point to be fashionably late to everything. Just as she opened the front door of her house the limousine rounded the corner of her block. It pulled to the curb and the door opened. Kimmy was surprised. No one was in the back of the limousine. Not even Melanie??? As she got in the door closed and the limousine drove off. The windows were so dark Kimmy couldn't even see where they were going. Her favorite music by the Inane Clown Posse was playing in the background and their latest video was on a monitor attached to the seat in front of her. All in all she enjoyed the ride and didn't even notice if it took two minutes or two hours to get to Melanie's place.

When the limousine stopped for the first time (like no red lights had even stopped it on the way) the door opened wide. She was at the bottom of some dark marble and gold steps leading to huge double doors. It was real dark out, not even the moon was in the sky so the only light seemed to come from some torches leading to the doors. Kimmy walked up towards the door with out saying a word or hearing any noises. As she neared them the doors opened up as she knew they would.

As she entered the house the decor seemed to be white and gold marble floors with most everything else dark mahogany or black with red accents. The whole house seemed to have an air of European aristocracy to it. Like it had been there for five hundred years even though the town of Meadville where Kimberly lived was only a hundred years old. Knowing how Melanie always had so many people around her Kimberly was amazed at the solitude. Not that it bothered her, everything seemed so right.

There were dark red carpeted stairs to the left in front of her and somehow she knew she was supposed to go up the stairs. As she reached the top of the winding stairway she saw doors to rooms to the left of her. She began to walk down the walkway with a banister on one side and the rooms on the other. Normally Kimberly was afraid of heights but even though the floor on the other side of the banister was two floors down it didn't bother her. When she got to the last door it was half open. She walked in. A huge canopy covered bed dominated the room. It was bigger than any bed Kimberly had ever seen. The room itself was huge with a high vaulted ceiling. As she walked in she saw several big recliners, one so big two people could relax in it. The others were normal sized. The room was much more colorful than the rest of the house with lots of white marble and pastel colored gossamer curtains. It had a very feminine feel to it.

"Hi Kimmy, I'm in here taking a bubble bath, come on in." Melanie called out from what had to be the bathroom.

'Wow!' thought Kimmy as she entered. This bathroom was all girl! It was white and cheery and lacy and filled with make up stuff. The room smelled fresh unlike the rest of the house. Melanie was in a sunken tub at the far end of the room. The "tub" was bigger than any Kimmy had ever seen like everything else in this house. It could easily hold a half dozen girls. (Somehow Kimberly knew only girls entered this part of the house.) Bubbles covered Melanie to just below her erect nipples.

"Take off your clothes and get in the bath with me. It will relax you. My father picks special herbs when he visits the old country. You'll love how you feel in a few minutes." Melanie told Kimberly. Those were the first words Melanie had ever spoken directly to Kimmy. Although Kimmy was usually shy about getting nude in front of any one she had no inhibitions now. It was like Melanie was her long lost sister.

Kimmy undressed and laid her clothes in the corner. She walked naked to the tub holding onto the rail by the steps. She quickly figured out there was a ledge around the edge at just the right height to sit on.

Melanie had been right about the herbs. As Kimberly sat down and lay her head against the edge of the tub she felt very relaxed and happy. She looked over at the prettiest girl she had ever seen in her life. Melanie was talking to her but Kimmy couldn't tell what she was saying only that the words were the sweetest she had ever heard.

"Here let me bathe you." Melanie said moving over next to her. Kimmy understood those words. Melanie began to caress Kimmy like she had never been caressed. When Melanie's hands cupped Kimmy's innocent titties sparks went from her nipples directly to her clit! Kimberly was no longer innocent! As Melanie's hand continued down between Kimmy's tummy to her pussy Kimmy felt her hips begin to move in rhythm to Melanie's fingers as they swirled around her love button and then suddenly one of Melanie's fingers popped into Kimmy's tight hole. Melanie pushed another finger and another into Kimberly. Each time another finger entered Kimberly it hurt for a few seconds then felt better then ever before. Suddenly it felt like Melanie's whole hand was trying to enter her and then Kimberly felt her cherry give way. 'Yes, yes Melanie's whole hand must be inside her.' Kimberly thought. She could see the water turning red as her virgin blood mixed with the water.

Kimmy's hips were jerking and pumping against Melanie's magical hand and fingers. Kimmy would have slid off the ledge if Melanie's hand wasn't restraining her.

"Oh God! Oh Fuck! I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" Kimmy heard herself moaning. She had never in her life felt so good. Melanie didn't stop either. She kept slowing down and speeding up, giving Kimberly orgasm after rolling orgasm. Melanie's mouth covered Kimberly's silencing Kimberly's moans. Melanie's tongue seemed just as talented as her fingers. Every where in Kimberly's mouth it went Kimberly felt sparks all the way to her pussy. Maybe it was to her nipples then her pussy. Kimberly didn't care, she just wanted to continue the most exciting feelings she had every imagined.

Suddenly she felt Melanie nip her lower lip. It hurt one way but didn't in another. Kimberly knew Melanie's sharp tooth had punctured her skin and Kimberly could taste her own blood flowing into her mouth, but... it didn't feel painful in the hurt sense. It felt sexual, kinda kinky even. Melanie began to suck on Kimberly's lip and again sparks of passion raced through Kimberly like none she had ever experienced before. Suddenly Melanie pulled her mouth away from Kimberly but before Kimberly could complain Melanie's mouth was back. Something was different. At first Kimmy couldn't tell what it was then she realized Melanie's lip was bleeding too. Melanie's blood was coming into Kimberly's mouth. Kimberly instinctively drank the life giving nectar. After a few minutes Kimberly felt a fog descend on her. A blissful dreamy feeling fog.

The next thing she knew she was laying in the big bed. She was naked under the covers of a feather filled cover. Melanie was laying next to her. Melanie's lips and neck were covered with blood and from the warm feeling on her own lips and neck Kimberly knew hers was too. She still felt all tingly in her nipples and her pussy. And every where in between.

"You will never be alone again my love." Were the last words Kimmy heard until she awoke in her own bed. Some how she knew it was three or four in the morning. Part of her wondered if all her memories of the night had been a dream. Maybe she had fallen asleep and dreamed the whole thing. Then she felt her lip with her tongue. Her blood was still oozing out of the tiny puncture wound. It tasted good. In fact it tasted so good she wanted more. Maybe if her mother and boyfriend were asleep she could nip them and suck just a little of their blood. They would never notice just a little nip.

Kimberly didn't return to school the next year. Her mother and a friend were found dead in her mother's bed. As near as the police could figure out their lovemaking had gotten a little kinky and the guy had cut them both as he tried to remove the restraints where he had tied her mother to the bed posts. They bled to death. Not very much blood was on the bed but the coroner kidded that half of the two known alcoholics blood was booze any way.

Kimberly went to stay with a rich uncle.

To Be Continued...


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