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Kimberly Goes Vamp Pt. II
by ANiceGuy

All characters in this story are over 18. All resemblance to real or imagined characters are illusionary, unless you have felt a sexy girls teeth on your neck lately That's probably not an illusion and you should either wear a garlic necklace to bed in the future or nick your neck on purpose.

* * * * *

It was almost midnight as Johnny Williams walked silently down the school's main hall. He had forgotten his history book and had a big test to study for on Monday. After the game with South Linton, (which he had helped win) he had snuck into the school through the multi-purpose room back door. He had been a janitors assistant during the summer and knew the door back there was never locked. It's key had been lost and the school was too cheap to fix it. Besides only the janitors knew it wasn't locked. I was so hard to open even normally it seemed locked. As Johnny walked down the deserted hall he thought of Kimberly. He had lusted for her all last year but could never seem to get her alone. He had hoped to meet her at the beach during the summer where every one hung out but she had gone to live with her rich uncle after her mother died so gruesomely.

He had heard rumors that she had been seen in the halls of the school late at night but he doubted that could be true. Probably a few of Kimberly's friends letting their memories of Kimberly become stronger than reality. Maybe the kids who said they saw Kimberly were also spreading the rumors that their were vampires in the halls at night.

Johnny was glad there was a full moon out, it helped him see to find his locker. He tried to be quiet as he undid the lock and opened the locker but the metal against metal sounds of the lock and locker reverberated through the empty hallway. Suddenly he heard something different, it sounded like someone clearing their throat at the other end of the hallway. He looked up and....

'NO IT COULDN'T BE!' he thought.

For just a moment it look like Kimberly had been walking towards him at the other end of the hall and that she had darted into the multipurpose room. Johnny's hair stood up on his neck. Now he was seeing things. He sure wasn't going to be telling any one but now he wondered if there might be some truth to the rumors. He had to go back that way any way so he could check to see if his mind was playing games on him. Well he didn't actually have to go back that way he could use one of the doors with crash bars on them to get out if he really wanted to but that would be the chickens way out. If Kimberly was really there he wanted to find out and if she wasn't he wanted to find that out too.

He began to whistle as he walked to show whoever was there, if some one was there, that he wasn't frightened. He strode confidently down the hallway. At least that's how it looked on the outside. Inside he was fighting the urge to run the other way and crash out a door at the other end of the hall way. Since his car was parked outside the multipurpose room he figured he would have to go that way some time so he might as well act like he was fearless. As he turned to enter the door way to the multipurpose room his jaw almost dropped off.

THERE WAS KIMBERLY!!!! IT WAS TRUE KIMERLY WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM! She was sitting on a table in black from head to toe waiting for him. She had on a body hugging black leotard, ultra short black skirt and 6 inch black stiletto high heels. She was also wearing wrap around sunglasses with mirror lenses. Without a bra and because the body suit was so thin her hard nipples were very noticeably peaking out.

"Hi Johnny, I see you've been thinking about me." Kimberly said looking at the erection she was causing.

"I, UMM, how, ah, How do you... umm..." Johnny stammered.

"You mean how do I know you've been jacking off thinking of me for months now." She said winking at him.

"Lets just say I can almost read your mind. Of course for a girl it's easy to read a guys mind when his cock as about to burst his zipper!" Kimberly said as she leaned back on her hands and opened her legs wide invitingly. The pussy area of her leotard had been cut away!

Suddenly it happened! Johnny's zipper popped! Something was going on that Johnny couldn't quite figure out but he didn't have to figure out anything to know that right now all that mattered was his feelings for Kimberly. He wanted more than anything to fuck her. Fuck her hard and fast. Well eventually he wanted to fuck her at least. Right now he had the strongest urge to walk over and suck her pussy. Nothing was more important than pleasuring Kimberly's pussy. Kimberly's shaved bare pussy.

He walked over and got on his knees in front of her and leaned forward letting Kimberly hold his head to her pussy. He began sucking and licking her pussy like he had never done to any girl in his life. First he licked and sucked her hard (and getting harder) clit and then licked rapidly around it. Next he moved down and stuck his long tongue deep inside her and tasted her creamy love juices. Kimberly was jerking and moaning all over the place as she came again and again in a rolling orgasm. Just as she was starting to slow he moved to her tight little asshole and licked and sucked it too. Kimberly went into orgasmic over drive as he moved back to beating her swollen clit with his tongue.

"Oh GOD! Oh Fuck! Oh yeah, baby LICK ME! SUCK ME! Suck my ass! Suck my pussy Lick my clit.. Suck on my clitty. Use my pussy anyway you want too." Kimberly howled, screaming, moaning and thrashing as if to wake the dead, or in this case the "undead". If Johnny knew all the "beings" watching his performance he might have gone mad with fear but he had only one thing on his mind. It was the same thing Kimberly had on her mind too.

"Now that you have given me some pleasure it's my turn to pleasure you. Let me suck your NICE long love rod before I let you shove it in my innocent little pussy." Kimberly said. The next thing he knew he was standing with Kimberly on her knees in front of him and his pants and underwear were gone. Her top was pulled down and he could see her perfect titties. He had never see such big hard nipples either. Her sunglasses were gone too. Her eyes had the look of an innocent child and a lusting whore at the same time.

Kimberly looked up at him with the most innocent little girl eyes (she was eighteen, he knew she was eighteen). While her figure said eighteen her face was that of the most innocent girl he had ever seen.

"I'm going to suck you till you cum! I want you to cum in my mouth? I want it squirting down my throat! Can you do that? Can you give me my first taste of cum! I'll be your whore forever if you do?" she said pushing the big head of his cock into her mouth and rotating her tongue around it. Slowly her little hand pumped up and down his long shaft and she pushed him deeper and deeper into her throat. He'd never had a girl take more than five or six inches and she was taking all of it. Deep inside her throat was like another tight pussy milking him.

"Oh GOD, Kimberly! I'M GONNA CUM!" he warned her as he felt his cum begin it's journey. Looking down Kimberly's eyes were glowing RED! Red like a ruby laser! She was a demonic, devilish whore, sucking his cum! Sucking him harder than he'd ever been sucked before. Only the head of his cock was inside her mouth when he first started cumming and her cheeks bulged as more cum than he had every shot went into her mouth.

"OH FUCK!" he screamed as he felt Kimberly's teeth bite into him so hard it punctured his skin. Instead of interrupting his orgasm the pain intensified it. As he looked down cum and blood were all over his shaft and Kimberly's mouth and face. He felt a little light headed and maybe dizzy as everything around him started to fade.

"I think you're a little tired, I'm going to let you rest a little then were going to FUCK!" Kimberly told him as she helped him lay on his back on the table. The next thing he knew Kimberly was astride him lowering herself onto his long shaft. One hand was holding him on target as she used the other to steady herself. Blood was dripping from her pussy and his cock was still bloody. There wasn't any pain and he couldn't detect any wounds where she had bit him? He couldn't figure it out. Not that he cared about explanations! All he cared about was the feeling of Kimberly's hand wrapped around his eleven inch cock as she guided him into her supper tight eighteen year old super lubricated pussy!

"OH FUCK! OH GOD!" Kimberly screamed as his cock head popped into her. Slowly she lowered herself pushing him deeper and deeper into her. It was the tightest liquid velvet pussy he had ever fucked. He went as far in as Kimberly's pussy would let him and he still had 5 inches to go. Kimberly went up and down again each time taking him deeper. Kimberly went wild pumping herself up and down. She lowered her face to his so her lovely blood red lips were touching his as she slid her pussy back and forth on him. God her eyes were fire red again AND just inches from his! Two of her teeth had elongated and punctured her own bottom lip. He was almost ready to cum again but he was fading into unconsciousness at the same time. As she put her lips to his he tasted her blood in his mouth. It tasted good. He couldn't understand how he liked the taste of her blood more than anything else he had ever tasted. He felt his energy return as his cum began shooting into Kimberly! He had never felt such an intense orgasm in his life even if he couldn't move. All he could do was shoot huge amounts of cum into Kimberly.

"Oh God, Yes DO IT! Cum in me! Oh baby shoot your cum in me. I want to feel my first cock shoot it's cum into me." Kimberly screamed as he granted her wish.

Johnny passed into dreamless sleep again an awoke with Kimberly laying beside him in a huge canopied bed in a huge European style room like an ancient castle.

"What... I.... Where..." he moaned wanting to know what happened, if he was still alive, and where he was.

"Just rest for a while, your at your new home now. Were going to have lots of fun together but you're a little different now. You're not going to like food and you're going to love blood."

"Uh yeah I do remember tasting your blood just as we had the WOW orgasmic climax. It tasted real good." Johnny said, hinting that he wanted to taste more of her blood.

"Well you can't have any more blood from me. From now on your going to have to get your own." She told him winking. "Yes your going to have to get your own and I know just who you can get it from." Kimberly said with a wicked smile on her face.

Suddenly Johnny saw an image of the ultra stern Ms. Winslow the girls gym teacher in his mind. Very few of the girls at school liked her she seemed to be mad at the world all the time. Every one figured it was probably because she wasn't getting fucked but no one was going to volunteer to take on that chore.

Some how she didn't look so innocent now, but she still looked like the prettiest woman Johnny had ever seen.


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