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Kimberly Goes Vamp Pt. III
by ANiceGuy

"Um when are we going to, well you know, I'm kinda like hungry." Johnny told Kimberly.

"Yes we have to go get you something to eat. Your not strong enough to do it yourself right now so I'm going to help you. Come with me and do what I tell you." Kimberly said taking his hand and pulling him along with her. It wasn't like they were walking. It seemed to Johnny they were floating on air and then flying! In almost no time they were outside the window of Ms Winslow's bedroom. She was snoring and twitching in troubled sleep.

Suddenly Kimberly seemed to turn into a mist and flow through the one inch opening of the window. Just as suddenly he was inside the bedroom standing next to Kimberly.

"Watch what I do this time then next time you can do it." Kimberly told him as she sat down on the bed next to the older woman. At first the woman started to move like she was having a nightmare and wanted to wake from it but then a calmness seemed to settle over her as she relaxed. A smile actually formed on her face. After a few minutes Kimberly bent forward and put her mouth to Ms Wilson's neck. Suddenly Kimberly's eyes flashed red as she bit into Ms Winslow's flesh.

Ms Winslow's eyes popped open and it looked like she tried to sit up as fear spread over her face. Kimberly pushed her back down on the bed and Ms Winslow seemed to pass into a deep motionless sleep. Johnny could see blood all around Kimberly's lips where it was pumping out of Ms Winslow's juggler vein faster then Kimberly could suck it into her mouth. Kimberly motioned with her hand for him to bite Ms Winslow on the other side of her neck and drink her blood too. Johnny didn't wait for further instructions. He was hungry! Hungrier than he had ever been in his life and he knew drinking this poor troubled woman's life fluid would satisfy his hunger.

Johnny bit and sucked and sucked trying to get as much of her blood as he could as fast as he could. Slowly the flow slowed and then stopped. Her heart wasn't pumping any more.

That's enough honey, you can't get any more blood out of her and if you keep sucking she's going to look like a prune when they find her." Kimberly said pulling him away from the white lifeless body.

"Yeah I guess I kinda over did it this time but I was real hungry. Is she, um, you know....?" He asked.

"You mean is she dead? Yes quite dead, but she died happy."

"Yeah I noticed just before you bit her she had a real happy smile on her face. I don't think I've ever seen her smile before." Johnny said wondering exactly what had just happened.

"Well I gave her a dream. The thing she wanted most in life was to be fucked by Mr. Azul while Missy Chambers the head Cheerleader sat on her face and let her eat her just fucked pussy. She was dreaming that was happening when I bit her. She had an intense orgasm and then just kinda faded out. Her last moments where the happiest of her life.

When she was nineteen her mother caught her and her sister eating each other pussy's in sixty nine bliss. Her mother had her father whip both girls with a leather belt until they had big welts. Ms Winslow never had a really happy moment again in her entire life."

"Wow you could like read her mind and find out all of that?" Johnny asked

"Yes pretty much like that, you'll get so you can do it to, in a month you'll be giving me lessons."

"Yeah like right now I get the feeling you want to go back to the house, take a nice shower together and fuck till dawn!" Johnny said winking at Kimberly.

"Yep your pretty much right about that. Maybe you won't take a month to teach at all." Kimberly said taking his hand and leading him to the window. He watched her turn into a mist and go through the window and then he was outside too. He wanted to know that trick real fast!

"Okay but before we go I want a fuck right here on the lawn. Don't worry silly. no one will see us." Kimberly said reading his mind as she knelt in front of him. She began undoing his pants while looking up at him in her innocent look. They were right in front of an outside security light used to dimly illuminate that side of the house but the house next door hid them from every one else and somehow Johnny knew no one was home next door. As his member popped out Kimberly slid her mouth onto it keeping her eyes locked on Johnny's. As her lips slowly moved further and further down his shaft he felt her sucking and not sucking faster and faster like no girl had ever done. She was using the feed back from reading his mind to maximize his pleasure. As he began to cum she slid his pulsing shaft from her mouth and held him so she got a facial cum shower, Cum was in her hair and all over her face and running out of the corners of her mouth. Some cum was running down between her "ha!! rdly hidden by the low cut blouse" tits.

Standing up and turning around Kimberly pulled her panties off, leaned against the wall and looked back at Johnny. He didn't have to concentrate very much to read her 'flip my skirt up and fuck my pussy from behind.' Thoughts. The light was shining right up between Kimberly's legs, like a stage spotlight. He didn't know if it was because of his youth, Kimberly's ultra sexiness, or a vamp power but his cock had never gone soft and was definitely up to the task. He stepped up to Kimberly and started to slowly ease into her, She wasn't into slow and shoved back towards him hard burying his rod deep in her. Johnny might have missed that thought but it didn't take him long to get in tune with her desire and his need.

"Oh Yeah! Oh FUCK!" she moaned. "Give it to me! Give me more of your CUM!" she begged him. Between her slutty language and the perfect synchronizing of their thoughts he quickly gave her what she wanted. What she demanded! CUM, lots of cum! As they finished Kimberly took her panties and wiped up a little bit. Putting her panties in his pocket she took his hand as they headed for home.

As they headed for the house Kimberly explained how they were going to have to be back at nine in the morning when Ms. Winslow's body would be found. Kimberly would make sure the coroner would decide Ms. Winslow's cause of death was heart attack.

"Um what about that stuff about Vampires not being able to be in sunlight?" Johnny asked as he remembered a scene from a movie where the vampire melted in the sun.

"Not a problem now but it used to be. We have very strong sunscreens now. Of course we don't want normal people to find out about that. Can you imagine the trouble if some writer told the world our secret?"

"Yeah that would be bad. Now lets go back to the house and you can show me Vampire love making secrets."

"Okay lets go, I have a friend at the house I want to introduce you to. I'll give you a hint it's a girl you know from school and you have had some very erotic thoughts about." Kimberly said taking his hand and heading for home. Johnny was a little afraid of heights before he became a vampire but this flying thing didn't seem to bother him. Especially with Kimberly next to him.

"Um I don't know if I like this thing where you can read my every thought." Johnny told Kimberly knowing she could read his mind thinking it so there was no use to hide it. "I mean if we pass a pretty girl on the street are you going to slap my face after she's gone because I see her naked in my mind?"

"Of course not silly." There is a lot of responsibility that goes with reading thoughts. Every one has those thought. I wouldn't have, shall we say, seduced you if I had those types of problems. I know deep down you love me more than any girl you have ever loved or will love. I know that we will be together forever in this life and I know that we will both have other lovers but always come back to each other."

"Wow I guess I do have a lot to learn." Johnny said as he found himself back in his "normal" body. They were on the front steps of the mansion. No light was noticeable from any window and there weren't any sounds coming from the house at all. The mansion seemed lifeless to any normal person. Johnny knew better. He could sense 'people' inside. Walking up the steps arm in arm to the door and going in as it opened Johnny was still amazed at the amount of activity inside.

People were every where. Well not people exactly. Some how he knew every person in the house was a vamp. Greetings met him and Kimberly from every where and not a word was spoken. It was like the words and pictures with all the emotions attached to them just appeared in his head. He did notice there were some people that didn't seem to be sending any thoughts to him and Kimberly.

"Don't worry they're cloaking their thoughts. They're older vampires and kind of tired of sharing so much of themselves. It's a phase all of us go through at some time or another I'm told.

One woman who seemed to be partially cloaking her thoughts really had Johnny's attention. She looked to be in her thirties but somehow Johnny knew she was more than three hundred years old. She was very curvy with what looked like 38DD tits and 38 hips with a 28 waist between them. Johnny was sure he had seen her perfect face on the cover of a magazine or two.

"Hi I'm Keshia, and Kimberly has told me a lot about you but I must say her thoughts didn't do you justice. Your much sexier than she implied!" Keshia told him. Her dark complexion and her brown with blonde highlight hair contrasted nicely with the shimmering gold evening dress she was wearing. The dress was open in front with a vee that went all the way down three inches past her belly button. It reached the floor trailing two feet behind her but was slit on the sides held together by thin a leather lace that ended at the top of her thigh. Johnny could tell he wasn't the only person wishing the lace would break. Johnny could feel Kimberly had no worries about anything that might happen with him and Keshia. In fact Johnny could sense Kimberly was thinking of him and Keshia locked in passionate embrace while Kimberly caressed them both.

"Come on Kimberly lets educate this newbie" He "heard" Keshia say as she led him and Kimberly to a reasonably empty bedroom. Except for the eyes peering through paintings and the "bats" resting on the ceiling that is! Kimberly got on the huge canopy bed as Keshia stood teasingly next to the bed. Suddenly Johnny got his wish and the side lace came undone on both sides of Keshia's dress. As the lace fell to the floor so did the dress!

Suddenly he knew someone was standing in the open door way watching them but he couldn't move. It was like he was handcuffed by invisible cuffs and ankle bracelets. He couldn't even turn his head towards the door. The person in the door way was some one he knew. Some one he knew very well but no matter how hard he thought he couldn't figure out who it was.

To Be Continued...


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