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Kay's Story
by DHenry

Hi honey, I'm going to write my story of when I went to the wrong place to meet you.

Somehow I went to the house where I thought you were waiting for me and this guy opens the door, I don't recognize him....but he is awful happy to see me. I look around for you once I'm inside and realize pretty fast there has been a mistake. He says he thought I was the person that was supposed to arrive for his bachelor party but can tell by my reaction that I'm not her.

He looks me up and down and says this can't be an accident that such a beautiful woman would show up at this time and would I consider being the entertainment for his party of five young college guys. I couldn't help feel a little rush of excitement as he just stared at me. I had dressed up especially for you. I had these little black strap heels with thigh high lacy top white hose. A little frilly and extremely short gray silk dance skirt that bounced as I walked.

Underneath I wore a little pair of white transparent panties that tied on the side. I had shaved my pussy so clean and smooth and applied baby oil to the smooth shaved mound. My panties made my pussy look and feel like it was ready for anything, especially your cock. I wore a cream color silk camisole that hung from my shoulders by little thin straps and no bra. My nipples were perky and erect and shown clearly through my camisole. Anyway, he seemed so excited and said if I would entertain for his party he would pay me 50,000 dollars. To be honest, I was already a little excited about turning these guys on because I was horney thinking about how I was going to turn you on. My pussy was tingling and I said I would give them some excitement but there would only be touching and no intercourse.

He said that would be fine because just looking at me or watching me dance would probably get him off. My pussy felt a little wet when he said that. I said lets go and entered the living room where the party was. The guys, all in their late twenties went wild. They said the agency had out done themselves by sending such a baby doll for them. I laughed and twirled around as my hair flew behind me and my skirt flared out with a flirty hint of my panties exposed. The room was spacious with a fireplace, bar, pool table and a large pedestal bed in the center of the room.

It looked like a place you and I could go wild with, fulfilling each other's fantasies all night. In fact, I wasn't sure you weren't involved in this somehow. I know your fantasy has always been to watch me turn someone on. I couldn't help but wish you might be hiding somewhere watching the entire event. The gorgeous young man that met me at the door brought me a glass of Champaign and whispered, "lets see what you have" in my ear.

Though I was surprised, I found myself ready to really excite these young men and perhaps myself. I asked them to turn up the music a little. The music is slow and dreamy, easy to dance to. I begin to dance and twirl around the room. The groom has a silly smile pasted on his face and he is undoubtedly thinking his bride to be would kill him if she knew there was female entertainment at the party. This turned me on slightly. He had told her there wouldn't be this type of entertainment because that's what his friends had told him, yet he thought maybe something might be on the agenda that night. He watches me spin and twirl as my skirt flies out further with each spin.

Giving them just a glimpse of my panties and warm moist pussy hiding behind the silk. I step up onto the large poster bed and begin to swing around the post, rubbing my pussy soft and gently up and down the post as I taunt them and myself. Several of them have now removed their slacks and are following me around the room in there satin or silk boxers. There large and hard cocks are evident through their boxers and I'm getting wetter as I dance. I jump from the bed and my skirt flies up showing all of my ass and pussy to their obvious delight. I have them excited and hot and I haven't even begun to get wild. They are so easy and this will be fun.

I keep thinking you are watching and that lets me enjoy this beyond my imagination. I glide over to the pool table and stretch over the table as though I'm trying to make a corner shot. My right foot is on the floor and my left leg is on the pool table. My skirt has risen up around my waist so that my pussy is flat on the table and my ass is in the air covered by nothing but thin damp silk. I look ahead and see that he is staring deep into my eyes. The other guys are whooping it up and making suggestive but sensual comments to each other about my body. I can tell they are becoming very aroused but I don't feel threatened.

I slowly roll over onto my back and feel the cool air on my now soaked pussy. I'm sure they can see right through my panties. My feet are against the rails and my knees are in the air. I have my arms stretched back and my hair is spread across the table. I'm in a strange but sensual and almost hypnotic mood. If they only knew how I was getting off on this without them they would cum in there pants or maybe try to cum in me.

I knew I wouldn't let that happen but I almost welcomed a hot and hard cock at this point. If you were close I would have my lips around your cock and begged for the cum to run down my throat. The music is so sweet and sexy, almost as if it had been written for this moment. The guys are gathered around the pool table now. The groom with the beautiful eyes kisses a ball and rolls it between my legs and it snuggles up against my damp pussy. He starts to reach for it but I put my hand over the ball and rub it against me. His hand is over mine and I turn it over and put the ball wet with my juice in his hand.

Before he can react I stand and begin to dance slowly and sexually on the table. They are talking about the way I move and what they would like to do for me. Their conversations are a little blurry but I understand their desires and feel my face blush. Now I am warm all over and getting horny. I'm not so much hungry for them as I am the sensation of such a pure sexual feeling. Several of them are on the table dancing with me, being careful not to let me fall they pass me back and forth like a doll. Holding me close and holding my ass in their firm hands. I'm hot and wet and not sure what I want.

I point to the groom and tell him I'm thirsty. He pours a glass of champagne and jumps onto the table. The others get down just as quick. They seem to be aware of something I'm not. We begin to dance as I sip the champagne with one hand and hold onto him with the other. How I wish you were here and that you and I were on the table dancing.

The others could be there too; I wouldn't care at this point because we would be teaching the class on lovemaking. He seems a little nervous and not sure what to do. He is having a difficult time keeping his hands off of me but hasn't gone too far. As we dance the other guys are rubbing my legs and trying to get even the softest touch of my pussy. But I moved so easily just out of reach and kept my focus on him. I was teasing him now and he didn't even know it. He really was shy and I liked it. I was in charge with him and that excited me. I think how he will be with his bride as she will try everything with him and they will share those sultry secrets.

He is a good dancer and moves his body against mine in a stimulating way. His thigh slowly rubs against my pussy making me moan. I can feel his hard cock against my tummy just above my pussy. I want to lower myself so I can massage his cock with my clit but I know I would cum in an instant. He twirls me around and slowly lets go of me, then he pulls me back against him and does something that almost makes me cum. As he pulls me back one of my legs is in the air and he flips me so that I twirl like a summersault, the guys go wild as my breasts are exposed briefly and my panties ride up my crotch. The wetness covers the inside of my thighs.

He may be shy but he can dance, charming and a gentlemen. He is learning from me and I like it. He pulls me too him then picks me up so easily and tosses me into the waiting arms of the guys standing at the side of the table. They are strong and have dark summer tans. They pass me around above their heads gently but sensually.

They have their hands all over my legs and ass and occasionally a hand slides between my legs with fingers groping my pussy through my wet panties. It happens so fast and I can tell my panties are filled with my wetness and they feel it too. They are getting a little aggressive and I wish you were here to rescue me. I don't really need rescued but I like that feeling or to pretend that I do. I realize that, as I'm being passed around and fondled that someone has managed to pull the tied bows on my panties. Before I reach for them they are off and they hold them in the air like a captured flag of victory.

Even though I feel somewhat embarrassed I'm excited and begin to dance wildly on the bed pantiless. I feel the air moving between my legs and my hair is flying as I dip and twirl. The champagne has affected me but I'm not drunk. Just very happy and hot. The guys love getting a god look at my bare and wet pussy as I dance around and they begin to dance with me. They all want to be dancing with me and touch me but there isn't room for all of us. Again I point at the groom and he joins me on the bed as the others step down.

He pulls me to him and I can feel my nipples grow hard as they press against his bare and muscular chest. His hands are around the small of my back and I begin to slide down. I wrap my legs around one of his and I don't want to let go. I arch back and grind my hot and wet pussy against his leg. I begin to shiver as I cum uncontrollably. I arch back even farther and he holds me tighter with each orgasm. They others have removed their shorts and are waiting as they dream of inserting there hard dripping cocks into my tingling and saturated pussy. I watch them and think of which one I can control adding to the sensation of pleasure but knowing I will not let it happen except in my mind. He pulls me to him again, holding me with one arm he slowly removes my camisole and presses his chest to mine.

I start to cum again but he lays me back on the bed so gently. He is standing over me, then kneels and softly caresses my nipples with his lips. I reach down and unzip my dress and drop over the side of the bed. The room gets quiet and I hear the music again. I raise myself to one elbow and he steps down from the bed. The others now surround me just staring dreamily with their cocks erect and inches from me. I'm not worried, they are being like little boys waiting for my command.

I pull back the comforter and tell them they can watch as I slide to the middle of the bed. They are watching my every naked move. My body is tingling with excitement and I love being such a tease. I'm lying on my back with my arms and legs outstretched. They are looking at my swollen and dripping pussy. They move to the side of the bed and begin to fondle me. They no their limits and my pussy remains untouched but I'm so impassioned that I'm quivering.

I begin to squeeze my nipples and imagine their hands having their way with my body. They are all naked and some are stroking their cocks as they message my body. Rubbing their hand up and down my legs and inner thigh, they rub my tummy just to the edge of my smooth shaven mound. They have such young tan and beautiful bodies. One of them is sitting next to my head with his cock just inches from me.

Without realizing it I reach out and gently put my hand around his cock. I slowly but firmly stroke it and his cum shoots onto my breasts. The others cannot control themselves and stroke their cocks too, soaking the sheets and me with their cum. The cute one I've been teasing all night has sat motionless at my side. Leaning on his hand with his head almost on the pillow beside mine. I look at him and lick my lips then softly bite the corner of my bottom lip. He looks at me like, "is that my cue?"

I roll towards him and grasp his firm ass in my hands. He pushes his large and pulsing cock towards my mouth and I pull him to me. I kiss the tip of his cock so softly at first then passionately. I tell myself you are watching and this is our fantasy gift to each other. Though I'm not sure I could stop my self at this point. I lower my mouth onto his cock and it glides against the back of my throat. He moans "yes!" just like you do and I feel myself starting to cum again.

It is only seconds before his hot cum pumps into my mouth and throat and he seems embarrassed to have had it happen so fast. But I am glad that he was that excited and proud of myself to have been able to do it so quickly. I look up at him, smile and swallow his cum. The others moan again as they all reach orgasm for the second time. We are all wet and exhausted. We grab a bottle of champagne and head to the shower where we bathe each other and laugh about the night none of us will ever forget.

Within twenty minutes we said goodbye and I'm driving down the road anxious to see you and tell you about the night. I know we'll make love again and again and fall asleep in each other's arms.


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