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Kiko's Story
by Swamp Rebel

The woman who cuts my hair always makes me hot. I have been going to her for several years now and although she is older than me and married, I've always thought she was very sexy. Maybe its because we are both half Asian and share exotic good looks, long black hair, tight little bodies, and great butts, I don't know, but whatever it is, I've always wanted to seduce her.

First off, I am not a lesbian. I have always had boyfriends and I love cocks. I love big cocks, little cocks, fat cocks and skinny cocks. It's just that every once in a while, I enjoy another woman. Not just any woman, but there are some who really turn me on. There is no pattern to it. They might be blonde or brunette, big tits or little tits, I don't know, but some women light my fire. Except when the occasion warrants, I keep my bisexuality to myself.

Whenever I get my hair done, I try to look exotic and sexy for her. On my last visit I wore my hair pulled up into a ponytail. So that I could show off my pointy tits, I wore little white cotton top with those tiny straps, and baggy khakis which hung below my waist and plainly showed the waistband of my tiny white G-string panties.

I arrived a few minutes late, but she was just finishing another haircut. She looked great. Long black hair hanging down, wearing a cute little top with a short black skirt. Her thighs were exposed way above the knee and her butt looked pert and tight in that little skirt. My heart missed a beat as I imagined rubbing her tight little buns.

Unfortunately, she always has you wear a robe when she cuts your hair so I couldn't give her a glimpse of my recently pierced nipples through my little top. A haircut always begins with a shampoo. She removed the scrunchee from my hair and it cascaded down into her hands. She had me lean back to place my head into the shampoo bowl. She smelled so sweet as she lathered my hair and I could almost bite her tit as she leaned in to scruff my scalp.

Luckily, her partner had left for the day and I was her last appointment. I tried to think of a way to gauge her interest, let her know that I was interested without being too direct and ruining our relationship. My opportunity came when we began to talk about my various body piercings. She asked about my new tongue pierce. I told her that I thought it was sexy and that my boyfriend really liked it, and kind of off handedly said "girls like it too" She didn't freak out, so I thought that I'd keep the subject on sex.

In great detail I described how I'd run my tongue over my boyfriends hard dick, and how hard he'd get. I was somewhat surprised by how into it she was. I even stuck out my tongue to show her the motion I use as I run my tongue up and down his cock. We laughed and shared stories about blow jobs. Just talking about sex got my juices flowing and I was hoping it was having the same affect on her.

Gathering up all my courage, I again mentioned that girls like it too and that they especially like it when I run my tongue stud over their hard nipples or up and down their slits and clits. She said that she didn't think she'd like that. I told her she'd be surprised at how good it felt, and once again I stuck out my tongue and demonstrated the technique. I sensed that she was coming around a little and I began to really get a stirring between my legs..

That's when I told her I'd even had my nipples done. This really got her attention. We talked about the pain and the new sensations and I told her about how hard and sensitive my nipples got now that they've been pierced. She told me she'd always wondered about nipple piercing. She'd seen some pictures but never the real thing. I decided than and there that at the first opportunity, I'd show her my fabulous pierced tits. Already I could feel my nipples tightening.

After my hair cut, I went into the back room to remove the robe, she cleaned up her work area before coming back. As she came into the room I just lifted up my little top. She got a surprised look on her face but, just stared at my naked chest. I know I have great tits and they look even better with my nipple rings. I kinda wiggled a bit so that she could see my boobs shake ever so lightly. Her eyes penetrated my nipples. I held my breath as I slowly I walked toward her. Stopping right in front of her I took hold of her hand, pulled it to my boob and said "Go ahead, touch them." She cupped my tits in her hand and I felt my nipples grow hard and tight. With her fingertips, she rubbed my nubs and toyed with the rings which pierced them. "Mmmm yes" I moaned, inviting her to continue.

With her thumb and index finger she gently pinched, pulled and twisted my taut dark nipples. She stared at her fingers the whole time. Soon her tongue peeked through her lips and ever so slightly the tip began to swirl around her moist mouth. Ever so slowly she lowered her head and began to move toward my heaving breasts. Her tongue flicked out and she licked the tip of my hard pierced tit. She circled around my nipple and sucked it into her hot mouth. She nibbled and bit as low moans escaped her.

Unable to control myself any longer, I reached out to her and felt her heaving mounds through her blouse and bra. I could feel her hard nipples even through the layers of clothing. With one hand I twisted and played with her tit while with the other I pulled her into my own aching orbs. Our lesbo fire was building as we moaned and ground our bodies into one another.

Cautiously, I let my hand drift down to graze her inner thigh. As she continued to bite and suck my protruding nubs, I slowly worked my hand up to her panty covered crotch. My finger pushed its way into her soft lips and stroked ever so gently. She pushed back into my hand and I soon felt her juice moisten the thin silk covering. I increased the pressure and pace of my probing fingers and a soft whimper acknowledged her increasing lust. My fingers began to easily slide back and forth as her passion continued to lube her panties. Unable to wait any longer I slipped a digit around the elastic leg hole and felt it easily slip into her hot moist slit.

She was unbelievably wet. Two fingers slipped in easily and I found her anxious clit with my thumb. As I finger fucked her and rubbed my thumb across her nubby little clit, I imagined that it was my tongue doing all the work. I was anxious to get my mouth on her hot little pussy.

Suddenly she stopped, pushed me away and said "I can't do this". But her wet crotch defied her words. I knew she just needed a little more encouragement. I slowly eased her back into a reclining chair. "Let me lick your pussy" I whispered as I showed her my pierced tongue and slowly showed her the motion I would use on her hard clit. She stared at my tongue as I let it do a little dance for her.

I stepped back and completely pulled off my little top. I caressed my own tits as she watched. Using one hand I pushed a hard nipple into my mouth and sucked my tit for her. "Show me your tits" I said. Hesitantly, she slowly pulled her top and bra down until her perky handful sized breasts peeked into view. Her nipples seemed about an inch long and were obviously anxious for attention. Staring me in the eye, she began to play with her tits for me. Pulling the hard nubs, pinching them and then pushing them into her mouth to suck and nibble. I did the same as we mirrored one another's actions.

With one hand I unsnapped my baggy pants and they fell to the floor. Stepping over them I slowly danced before her in just my white cotton G-string panties. With my right hand I reached down and rubbed my aching mound. My hand reached around my crotch as I felt my own moist heat for the first time. Continuing to watch her. I began to play with myself in earnest. As my masturbation increased, she slowly slid down the recliner and lifted her skirt. Her own white panties came into full view. The black hair of her pubic mound pushing against to taut fabric.

Her fingers slipped under the material and into her slit as she continued to watch me. Stepping forward, I lowered my little G-string. My own neatly trimmed thick black bush was now exposed to her wanton gaze. With my wispy underwear over my hips and dropping to the floor, my puffy pussy lips were now out in the open too. I reached into my crotch with both hands and pulled my pussy lips aside. My hot pink middle was now only inches from her face. I slipped a finger into my wet hole and finger fucked myself. She stared at it and I could hear the sloshy sound as my fingers thrust in and out.

Withdrawing my hand, I slid my wet, fragrant fingers under her nose. Her eyes instinctively closed as she deeply inhaled their tangy essence. Before she could lick it, I pulled my hand away and stuck my fingers into my own mouth. Licking and sucking my juice. She continued to stare.

"Show me your pussy" I said. She slipped her panties off to show me her own jet black pubic hair and puffy pussy lips. Using the same technique as I had, with one hand she pulled her lips open and with the other stroked her hard clit for me. "Rub it hard" I said. She didn't need any urging and she rubbed her little button back and forth for all it was worth. She was literally panting now.

I straddled her knee and rubbed my wet pussy up and down her thigh. "Fuck yourself" I said and she slipped two fingers into her hot hole. I continued to hump her thigh as she tried to suck one

of my luscious tits back into her mouth. "Lick my nipple like it's a clit" I commanded. She vigorously flicked the tip of her tongue over my hard nub. "Just like that, keep licking" I pleaded as I held her head in my hands.

As I humped her thigh, I left a trail of girl lube. She bit and toyed with my nipple as she continued to rub her wanton gash. "Want me to lick your pussy" I asked. "Oooh yeah" she pleaded . "Then lick me first" I said as I stood up and positioned my aching crotch just inches from her mouth. She stared intently into my womanhood. Focusing her gaze on my protruding, swollen lips. After hesitating for a few moments, she reached out and let her finger sink into my soft moist folds. Back and forth she rubbed, sliding her fingers into my juicy wet slit. As she slid a finger deep into my fuck hole, her thumb found my anxious clit.

I heard myself moan as she quickened her pace and rubbed me with increasing confidence. Her fingers twisted deep inside me as she thrust in and out. "Rub my clit" I begged as she increased the pressure and speed. My heart was racing and my breath began to come in short gasps as she continued her assault on my dripping pussy. Soon we had a steadily increasing rhythm and I thrust my hips into her as she watched her fingers grind in and out of my hot hole. She was going to make me cum. I could feel it start deep inside me. The pressure increased and I felt myself begin to lose control. "Yes, yes, yes" I moaned as my body convulsed, shuddered and shook. "Fuck, fuck, fuck me bitch" escaped my lips as I pulled her hand into my spasming cunt and held it there grinding on it, holding on to wave after of wave of release. All too soon the contractions subsided, and I stared down at her hand in my pussy, her thumb still gently rubbing my clit.

Looking at her, I flicked out my studded tongue and said "Now it's your turn". Kneeling in front of her, I reached out and stroked her inner thighs. With my fingertips I gently brushed her dark pubic hair and barely touched her swollen pussy lips. She let out a soft moan and I slipped my finger into her soft folds. Her seeping wetness enabled my fingers to easily glide through her hot little slit. Back and forth I moved, consciously avoiding her fuck button. Finally I was living out my frequent fantasy of getting my hands in her pants. I worked her good. Soon she was grinding her molten. slippery crotch into my hand. Her sweet aroma filled my nostrils, and I knew it was time for a taste.

Continuing to kneel on the floor, I slid a hand up each thigh as I eased my head down between her thighs My prize was only inches away as I pried her big succulent lips aside and revealed her soft inner wetness. I savored the moment until finally sliding my tongue into her and licking slowly upward. The metal stud on the end of my tongue made contact with her throbbing clit just as I reached the end of my first lick. She flinched in excitement as I drew my tongue back into my mouth to swallow and savor her sweet nectar. It was as good as I'd hoped and I dove in for more.

She squeezed my face into her pussy and I could feel her thighs on each of my cheeks. One hand wrapped its way into my ponytail and pulled my head forward. Her other hand, which just moments before had been in my pussy, was now in her mouth as she licked her fingers and fucked them into her mouth. Sensing that her climax was near, I slowed down so that could tease her with my tongue. Her hips were instinctively grinding into my face and I lapped as much of her juice as I could.

Even though I tried to slow her down, she was ready to go. My paced quickened with her sporadic breathing. She was a much hotter woman than I had imagined, she could really get into a good cum. Her eyes closed, her head tilted back and she totally let go literally driving her twat into my mouth. I was loving it, her ass was coming off the seat while I flicked my stud across her clit as fast as I could. All too soon she was there. Oh Shit, Fuck, Fuck me, fuck me she moaned as she shuddered to a thundering finish. My face was totally lubed as she held on, getting every second she could out of her sexual release. I loved licking that pussy juice. As she recovered I continued to slowly clean her up with my tongue. Finally her breathing returned to normal and it was time to take my face out of her tangy crotch.

Although it was a little awkward as we put our clothes back on, I made my next appointment for a day when her partner would not be there. She also said that she loved my pierced nipples and she might consider having one of hers done. I can hardly wait.


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