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Kimmy the Enchanted Princess
of Castle Cumalot

Episode 5: The Nasty Knight
by Wil E. Harden

DISCLAIMER: The following story is a work of fiction. Any similarity between any actual events or any person, living or dead, is strictly coincidental.

* * * * *

Dazed and frustrated after an encounter with a beautiful marble angel who only teased her into a state of great sexual desire, Princess Kimmy staggered through the winding passage between tall, beautifully-trimmed English boxwood plants. She rubbed her crotch as if it had a terrible itch - and it did, but not the kind a fingernail can cure - and wondered where in the Castle Cumalot maze she had lost herself.

Silly princess! she thought. "Lost" means you don't know where you are. She began watching for a nice, cool gap in the hedge where she might hide from the bright noonday sun and cure her itch with a little help from her hands. Silhouetted against the magical canary sky, her bright-eyed bird friend fluttered back and forth, the only constant companion she had in her adventures in this ensorcelled sex fortress.

At one of the frequent forks in the maze, grumpily thinking she might never find a resting place to get her off the path and let her take care of an increasingly-urgent need, Princess Kimmy peeked around corners of the three-way choice before her. Only more gosh-darned beautiful cussword hedges showed in every direction. Then her bird pal dove past, wings so close they brushed the princess' beautiful golden hair, darting up and down one particular branch of the maze. The bird, she thought, sees everything from above, so maybe it is leading me back.

Sternly she pulled her hands from her middle, where they had been busily getting her even more wet and wanting. She clenched her slender fingers into fists and told herself to stop making things worse, then set off with resolute strides to find out where birdie's course led her. In Princess Kimmy's case, since she was navigating a damp, well-grown carpet of grass wearing entirely unsuitable and towering heels, every step had to be resolute or she would fall on her ass when the stiletto spikes stuck in the ground. Her petite body swaying with each step, she marched on. And on. And on.

Mad, she thought, I'm getting mad at that damned bird. It brought me into an endless path and now I am even getting thirsty and I can't find a nook to fingerfuck and I am MAD. Just at that thought Princess Kimmy rounded another corner and blessed the bird.

Sweet clear water splashed merrily down a little waterfall fountain at the far side of the clearing she entered. Towering above the boxwood off to her right was a monumental statue of an ancient armored knight on a powerful big horse, jousting lance leveled at some imagined opponent beyond the horse's head. A small marble bench invited the princess to sit in a shaded area cut into the hedge.

Princess Kimmy let the water splash all over her and the tattered wisp of a day gown she wore. It was some protection from the sun but not worth much else. She took it off and hung it on a branch to dry, then sat on the smooth marble bench. She put her feet up on the edges of the bench beside her and slid three fingers into her wanting cleft.

Head thrown back, eyes closed, her mind focused on the very nice feelings she was giving herself at last, Princess Kimmy was startled half to death by some cold, soft thing suddenly caressing her breast and sensitive nipple. It was the brazen tongue of the bronze horse statue, licking her just as a living animal might, for the salted pleasure of it. The knight sat far above, staring down at her self-pleasure with a scowl that must have been molded onto his face. He held the lance pointing upward, butt couched in a boot on his saddle. Princess Kimmy blushed at being caught.

As Kimmy withdrew her hand, mentally cursing the interruption so close to relief, the knight dismounted. He walked in a stiff, creaking motion to her side. Princess Kimmy gently petted the horse's muzzle, not at all wondering how the tongue of a metal beast could be so soft, moving the creature's mouth away from her nude torso. She felt painfully aware her only clothing were her shoes and that her legs were propped to give the stern knight a perfect view of her pussy and little rosebud.

Wordlessly the knight extended one gauntleted hand to the frightened little pink princess. Unsure what she should do, Kimmy responded with her hand, to then feel it clamped in a powerful grip and her body pulled to her feet on the grass before the bench. The knight's other arm circled her waist, while his armored hand slid slowly of the girl's round bottom toward her legs. Princess Kimmy, always responsive to a caress on the ass, shifted slightly toward the metal man, but squealed in shock when the one hand suddenly scooped her into the air.

Sitting on his fist, Princess Kimmy was raised up until her perch was level with the knight's eyes. He stood there, apparently staring at the moist junction of her thighs, before turning and walking back beside his horse with a whole handful of Kimmy.

Quickly the knight tossed his burden into the air with the same ease a child might throw dandelion puffs aloft. He slung her head first on her chest across the horse's saddle, her bottom about at the same level as her head on the opposite side. The knight pinned her ankles with a remorseless grasp. Roughly he spread her legs wide, spanked the center of her ass so her pussy and pucker both stung. He lifted his lance from its stirrup bucket and placed it butt down on the grass, leaning against the horse with the rounded, blunt top of it just at the mouth of Kimmy's private playground. She dared not slide away, for fear of tumbling on her head or being speared by the lance.

Finally, the knight began spanking the helpless woman with his cast bronze palm. He struck her buttocks, once on each side, alternating until each was shining red and puffy. He slapped the backs of her legs, then struck her on the tender bottoms of her feet. Again, he returned to the center of Kimmy's royal rear and stung her pleasure points several more times.

By this point Princess Kimmy was unable to control herself, regardless of fear of the lance or falling. She squirmed and moaned on the horse, cried out for the heartless warrior to stop, begged him to quit hurting her. He ignored her pleas, instead, pressing her body firmly atop the saddle while he slid the point of the lance up into her vagina. With one hand he slowly fucked her on his spear.

At times Princess Kimmy felt it scrape inside her, she noticed the rough texture of the casting, the way bits of the metal tugged at her flesh. She squirmed and tried to pull away, her breasts crushed against the flank of the beast - the knight responded by spear-fucking her harder and deeper. Apparently the bronze charger felt her distress, subtly moving and stirring as if it might carry her away. The knight calmed his mount with just one touch on its neck.

Again with one hand the armored man pulled Princess Kimmy off the horse's back, holding the lance so it stayed within her. His powerful armored fingers digging into her side and hipbone, he lifted her up in to air, poised over the pole, her legs dangling limply below her. When the spear was pointed straight up into the woman, the knight lowered her down onto its point, literally impaling her.

He stopped when the first tears of pains streaked Princess Kimmy's face. With the lance kept upright by her body, the knight moved his hand to take firmer hold of his victim. He then raised her up and down over the spear shaft, fucking her on it in midair. One slip, thought the terrified girl who did not find this fearsome rape at all sexy, and she would be spitted like a barbecued chicken.

Yet she shortly observed something odd. Several times, when the spear point pressed painfully against her rear vaginal wall and she thought it would stab up into her organs, the knight continued to lower her but the penetration never changed. Magic! The spear would not destroy her, for it shrank from the greatest danger.

Slowly Princess Kimmy realized she was being fucked by a bizarre fetishist. She relaxed until at least she could feel pleasure from the strange event. About that time, the knight raised her again into the air, pinched her horribly about the waist to keep her suspended in one of his hands, and slid the spear from her belly. She dared not twist or protest when he moved the pole's point under her anus and in a steady action lowered her while the pike entered her rectum.

Again the knight held her body in the air and cruelly raped her bottom on the lance. Again, each time he might have hurt or killed the princess with his flying fucking, the spear shrank. Princess Kimmy, naturally a woman of great sensuality who loved extreme sex, relaxed as she discovered her life was not in danger. She began to enjoy her rear reaming.

Soon the knight discovered his terror tactics were not working, too. He threw the slight woman onto the ground, the spear still buried in her bowels. The action caused the lance to shrink dramatically, until it was no more than a substantial dildo in her poop chute. Kimmy reached between her legs and with both hands gripping the magical probe began fucking herself on it. It felt so good.

Her strokes affected the shape of the shortened spear. As she pushed it up into herself, then pulled it back out again, it responded by slowly stretching and becoming longer or shorter, while also expanding steadily and stretching the princess' asshole. Kimmy let her body take command and released herself to the mixed sensations of pleasure, excitement, pain, and rising need.

Eventually she put one hand on her tingling mound, enjoying the response of her aroused clitoris. No sooner had she done so, however, than the knight was kneeling between her wide-stretched legs, forcing both her hands above her head. With one implacable set of fingers her kept her arms imprisoned, while the other passed in a quick movement across his mailed groin. Instantly the armor disappeared and a large erection sprang forth. It was the color of old bronze, dull gold underneath a green patina.

After extracting his magic lance from her ass, which sprang into it original shape when he tossed it aside on the grass, the knight instantly pointed himself at Princess Kimmy's joy hole and dropped his heavy body on her. She was trapped beneath hundreds of pounds of metal, with an ice cold metal joint inside her tender belly.

Oh, it was freezing cold! Kimmy had never known such a shocking penetration. The knight, making noises as the joints and plates of his armor clattered with the movement, began steadily pulsing his sculpted ram inside her. With each action, pulling out or driving back in, her cunt walls stuck to the cold, cold metal and pulled. Despite the pain and sensations of tearing, she grew ever more excited and eager for this cruel knight's fucking. She began bucking and writhing as much as she could under his terrible weight. Her sensitive nipples scraped against the points and ridges of his breastplate. Her thighs chafed against the links of chain that kept them spread apart.

When the knight released her hands to rise up on his knees, lifting her hips high on his unbending lever, Princess Kimmy sat up, too then wrapped her arms around the knight. She embraced her torturer and snuggled down so his icy pick chilled her deepest parts. The knight thrust once more, now far up into the girl hanging from his shoulder, her legs wrapped around his hips, and then stood. She was driven down hard onto the knight, his intrusion forcing her inner tissues to wrap searingly around the cold cock.

Again his armor clattered, again its ridges and joints pinched her flesh where it pressed against him, again she felt the uncaring brutality of his taking her scrape and chafe her tenderest areas. But Princess Kimmy was beyond noticing, now, for ever since her early morning encounter with a marble angel, she had been craving an intense balling. This statue cared nothing for her or her sensitivities, but despite that was curing Kimmy's bottomless desire to be filled.

The knight stood stiff-legged, the girl bouncing up and down against his clanking clothes, her legs alternately whipping out wide and wrapping back around him as he poked his eternally-icy ram into her body. She began to shake, perhaps to shiver from the cold, yet Princess Kimmy was also becoming unbearably hot, her tunnel a cavern of carnal demand. Suddenly her body convulsed, her mind lost all touch with sanity, and she began a shuddering sequence of orgasms. Each one compressed her cunt around the immovable cock, and rose in waves to the very crown of her head. Her cum steamed and fizzled and clotted into icy crystals as it ran out the edges of her passage onto the base of the shaft pushing Kimmy skyward.

Then the knight, too began his supernatural release, a stream of molten metal pouring into her gut. Each drop burned and stung. The sudden flush of fiery cum into her body from that frozen prick shocked Kimmy, made the princess roar and wrap herself down onto the plunger and climax yet again. His stream, too, congealed and clotted as it dribbled out her filled funnel.

Overcome by the strains of the day and this massive sexual encounter, Princess Kimmy slumped on her captor's shoulders, perched on his ever-stiff prick, and let exhaustion take her. In moments, she was asleep. Near sundown, the insistent cries of her bird friend stirring her to consciousness, Kimmy awoke. She lay, alone, on the grass. A monumental statue of a knight on horseback, jousting lance leveled at some unseen opponent, stood on a platform across the glade.

She rose, walked stiffly to the fountain pouring icy water, splashed her face and body. Princess Kimmy remembered her long, frustrating hike before finding this place. She thought she had dreamed about a frightening, fulfilling fuck - her pussy was puffy and her ass ached, so she might have fingered herself to satisfaction. She retrieved the flimsy gown from a branch, wrapped it over her against the gathering dusk, and found one place in the clearing where a bit of sun still shone. As she stood there, warming slightly, Princess Kimmy looked at the ground. Glittering on the grass, she saw drops of bright bronze, splattered and gleaming with newness, as if some sculptor had just been working here.

- END -

(c)Copyright, 2000 by Wil E. Harden, Bryn Mawr, CA 92318 • All Rights Reserved • Published by permission of the author on Literotica for non-commercial, individual private entertainment - not to be reproduced or copied in any fashion without written permission of the author


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