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Kitty Takes Him to Starship Lust
by ANiceGuy

It was a cool spring evening and I was ready for some hot fun. I just didn't know how hot it was going to be. But then I hadn't met Kitty. I had heard about a Strip club that pushed the envelope of what dancers would do so I decided to check it out. I had just broken up with a virgin queen girl friend so I really needed some hot sex! My play virgin almost girl friend had been divorced but seemed to enjoy talking about how she didn't fuck around more than anything else except getting high and sitting around spaced out. I found out she was giving blow jobs to guys from the night club she worked when she would meet them in parking lots late at night. She would get a hundred bucks a blow job and use that to buy her drugs.

Afterward she would come home and tell me she just went to a night club with them. I found out when I left a microphone pen in her purse and caught the racy conversation, smacking sounds and the moans. When she came home I played like I didn't know anything about what she had done but I broke up with her real quick.

So here I was feeling kinda down and hoping some cute gal would take pity on me and renew my faith in pretty girls. When I stepped in the door of the club a really pretty girl was collecting the entry fee of five dollars. Wow seeing her beauty I knew I was going to enjoy the eye candy for sure. I mean if they had a girl that cute just to collect my five bucks well it could only get better from there. She told me her name was Shellye and I decided I would shell out what ever bucks she wanted whenever she wanted them!!

As I walked into the club it looked pretty cozy with deep round high armed chairs meant for comfort. They had a main stage about twenty feet inside. The sexy red head girl dancing would definitely qualify as one of the prettiest girls I had ever seen. She even had nipple rings! I love nipple rings. I learned later she was Bridget. I went in and found a seat to watch her show and get used to the low light of the club. The waitress brought me a beer and I was hypnotized by Bridget's bouncing titty's with their extremely erect nipples. I got up and gave her a couple of dollars to get a close up of those nice nipples.

She asked my name and hugged me slightly letting her nipples "brush" against my hand momentarily. Then she licked and blew in my ear. She had my attention real quick. Teasing me she pulled her already skimpy t-back bikini down a couple of inches and kept dancing so her pussy was so close to my nose I could smell it's erotic aroma! Since I have a very long tongue I almost let it explore but I was afraid I'd surprise her and she would move away from me. Slowly she did back away.

I went to find a seat. God so far my internet friend was right these girls were not only some of the prettiest girls to ever grace the earth but they were FRIENDLY too. I felt some movement to the back of me and then the side and a cute (real cute, REALLY REALLY cute) girl sat down next to me. She had long curly blond hair and legs that went all the way up!! She was wearing cream colored boots that went to her knees. "Hi, my name is Kitty!" I wanted to play with this pussy cat for sure!

"Would you like some company?" she coo'ed. God she could have asked me any thing and I'd have agreed.

"Sure, can I buy you a drink?" I asked remembering my manners and wanting to be sure she stayed near me.

"Sure!" she replied. We chatted as best as we could with the loud music. She ran her hand up and down my back and licked my ear.

"Would you like a dance?" She asked me. Like I could really say no!! She leaned towards me again caressing my back and neck letting me know she could be real friendly.

"Sure!" I said reaching in for my wallet. I pulled out a hundred dollar bill and handed it to her. "Just dance for me until this is used up!"

"Baby you are going to have the time of your life." She told me. Since I am in my fifty's and have had a lot of fun times I wondered how true her statement was going to be. She had me get up and follow her to the back of the club to the "VIP" room. An area that was on a raised floor and had lots of two person couches in it. I love couches and I really loved these couches because of all the pretty girls on them!! Several girls and their customers were all around us. Some of the girls were doing hot dances for their guys and some were just sitting next to the guys chatting and letting every one enjoy the show of their pretty faces and sexy bodies. Kitty got between my legs and began dancing slowly to the music as she stripped to only her boots and skimpy t-back bottoms.

She kept brushing hr leg against my getting harder and harder cock. God did she have nice tits and her nipples were on HI beam alert! I know that's supposed to be spelled high for how erect they were but when a girls nipples are that aroused they are saying "Hi I wanna be sucked on!". And she let me suck on them too. Bracing her self on the couch with her hands just over my shoulders she leaned forward pressing her pussy right against my hard and getting still harder erection. I knew she could feel it pressing to get out of my pants. She rotated her hips to the beat of the music, massaging my shaft with her pussy. Her bare breasts were pressing against me so I could feel her nipples.

She was looking at me eye to eye with an expression that said "Do you like this?" My hard cock was giving her a better answer than any words. Pulling away from me slightly so her front was no longer in touch with me but the side of her leg was sliding against my shaft she reached down with her hand and pulled her bottoms out a little so I could look down and see her bare pussy. WoW she was shaved! I moved my hand between us and she let me slide my finger slightly into her to feel the button of her hard clit.

I slid one finger further and actually inserted it a little into her pussy. I wondered if any of the other couples and girls could see what she was doing . I'm a bit of a voyeur and enjoy being watched too. I slid my fingers back and forth hoping my finger was pleasuring her clit as much as her leg was pleasuring my cock! From the pressure she exerted back and the expression on her face it seemed to be having that effect.

She could tell I was getting close to cumming. We both seemed to be. She leaned forward again letting my hand stay trapped inside the vee of her womanhood. God she was almost squirting warm pussy juice down there. Speeding up her hip moment rapidly she quickly had me shooting a load of cum!

"OH FUCK your finger feels soooo good!" She moaned in my ear at the same time she felt my warm cum soak my pants. "Did you like that?" she whispered to me as she lay on top of me my cock still pulsing and spurting cum. "God did I!" I said thinking that was all I was going to get for my hundred dollars but of course hoping for more. I went soft for a second but was getting hard again from the pressure of her hot body.

"Your already getting hard again." I guess Kitty is going to have to take care of that" she whispered to me. "I have to got to the bathroom and take care of a couple of my regular customers and then I'll come back here and give you some more fun!" "Okay I'm not going anywhere. I'm easy in case you hadn't noticed!" I told her and she stood up and put her small dress back on.

"You don't know what easy is!" she told me before she left and disappeared in the bathroom for a moment and then came out. I was still trying to figure out her "easy" reply and wondering just what it meant as she came out of the restroom. Going over to a guy about my age she began to kiss his ear and rub her tits against him as she looked at me with a "Hope your enjoying the show." look in her eyes.

Even though there were two girls dancing almost naked on stages she was putting on a much better show. I could see how her hand was down between the guys legs going back and forth. I was sure she was sliding it back and forth on his shaft. Suddenly he jerked and I knew she had got him off. All the time she kept looking at me with eyes that said "Don't you wish I was playing with your cock like this?"

Next she did a tame lap dance in the corner with a guy. She looked at me as she wiggled her bottom on top of his lap. Towards the end of the dance she began moving back and forth real fast. Knowing what was cradled in the crack of her sexy rear end I knew he was about to get off.

Walking over to me she didn't bother to get dressed. She stayed in just her bikini bottoms and got on the couch astride me. Her pussy was at my head level. Pulling her bikini bottoms down she let me see her bare pussy real close up. So close when I moved close to her my nose went into her pussy a little bit. The aroma or her excited pussy was the best perfume I'd ever smelled. Part of me wanted to get her in a motel and spend the night with my nose buried there but I held my tongue.

She probably wouldn't do that and she might not even let me do everything I was doing now if I pushed for that. But I can dream of it!! She gave me another couple of dances causing another eruption and when I left she gave me a long passionate kiss with lots of tongue action. She had my attention!


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