The Best Erotic Stories.

by Steve G.

"Is the latte good here?"

"Oh yes, that's what I'm having."

"Great, be right back."

It had been a quiet afternoon, reading in the back corner of my favorite café near campus. It was always nice to read there because, despite the din, it was comfortable and spacious as opposed to my sparse, cramped grad student office. Besides, I would occasionally run into a friend or an acquaintance. Today, a former student of mine, Lisa, had seen me and come up to talk. She was a pretty, tall, Chinese girl whom I had always tried desperately not to let know how beautiful I found her.

"I'm not bothering you, am I?" she asked when she sat back down.

"Oh no, not at all. Just reading."

When she was my student I would spend entire discussion sessions telling myself not to stare at her breasts, which was difficult because she usually wore very revealing or tight shirts. She also wore tight skirts or jeans which showed off one of the best asses I'd ever seen.

"Jane Eyre? I thought you were a hotshot grad student."

"It's for the class I'm teaching this term. I haven't read it since I was in high school."

The guys in my section also noticed her beauty but were free of any professional binds from flirting with her. One lucky bastard would sit in back of her and play with her long black hair which went half way down her back. However, although she seemed to enjoy the attention, it appeared that none of her would-be suitors ever had much success. I never saw her walking around campus with the same guy twice.

"Must be a drag, having to teach."

"No, actually it's really a lot of fun."

"Well, you're pretty good at it. Timothy?"

"Oh - well, thanks."

The glimpses of her chest and ass were the images that had stuck with me over the last year, but I had forgotten how truly beautiful her face was. It was this thought which distracted me from all others.

"So, Lisa, what are you majoring in?" I managed to stammer out without giving away my thoughts.

"Oh, I haven't decided yet. Maybe art, maybe humanities, I don't know."

"Oh, I see," I sipped at my latte. Lisa looked sort of nervous.

"Is anything wrong?" I asked.

"No, no. Um, see, hmm. I'm glad you're here because I was actually looking for you."

"Looking of me?"

"Well, sort of. I mean, I know you hang out here a lot. See, my nineteenth birthday was last Monday."

"Wow, happy birthday, um, a little late."

"Thanks, but it's not that. Umm." She was becoming noticeably more nervous by the moment.

"Go on, Lisa."

"Well, I've never, uh, been... with a guy. You know?"

"Yes. Um. OK."

There was silence for a minute. I was trying to digest what was going on. How could this beautiful and attractive girl never have gone to bed to with a guy? Was she coming on to me? She obviously was, but it hadn't clicked in my mind yet. As hard as I tried not to, I let myself glance down at her chest. Her breasts weren't unusually large, probably a B cup, but they were beautiful and round and stood out on her lithe frame. Despite the partially zipped jacket she wore, you could see she was wearing one of those shirts that was cut low and straight across her chest, it's red fabric barely holding her breasts in check. She was breathing hard and they were straining the shirt. Her eyes caught my glance, and as I snapped my eyes back to hers, she smiled.

"You find me attractive?"

"I ... yes, very much so."

"I don't want to be a nineteen year old virgin."

For the first time in my career as an English grad student I was without words. Perhaps she mistook my surprise for hesitation, because as I stared at her, she seemed to have made a decision, glanced quickly around the room, and slowly unzipped her jacket. I now saw why she had kept her jacket zipped. What had looked like a shirt was merely a red sash wrapped tightly around her breasts, just barely covering them. She was not wearing a bra, and her hard nipples clearly showed against the red fabric.

"Will you, Timothy. Please?"

I couldn't believe how long it took me to response. "Yes."

"Are you busy at 7?"


"Is that OK?"

"Sure, yeah, I'm free. I mean, yeah."

"Good. I'm making a nice dinner for you. Are you still a wine connoisseur?"

"Of course."

"Bring a nice bottle, will you."

I managed to nod. She looked around, zipped up her jacket, and left.


"Hi. I hope Merlot is OK, you didn't say what we were having."

"Sure, I don't know, that's fine. Dinner is almost ready."

I walked in and sat the bottle of wine down on the table. Lisa had walked back to the stove and was stirring some delightful smelling concoction. While she was checking if the sauce was done, I was admiring her body from behind. She was wearing a white blouse and a loose, very short, black pleated skirt. The skirt revealed most of her beautiful legs and hung gently off of her nice round ass.

"Here's the corkscrew, you can pour the wine."

Lisa seemed much more calm than she did that afternoon at the café. She would walk, somewhat teasingly from stove to table, smile at me, then return to the stove. I on the other hand was coming apart at the seems. After some effort I managed to open the bottle of wine, though not before destroying the cork and nearly breaking the cork screw.



"I can't quite reach the big bowl on the top shelf, could you get it for me?"


As I walked over to help her, she made one more attempt to reach the high shelf. This act lifted both her blouse and her skirt just a few inches. I wasn't sure, but I thought I caught a glimpse of her bare ass.

"Here you are." I had to hand it off to her before I dropped it.

"Thanks Timothy, you're a sweetie."

"Tim - please just Tim."

"OK, Tim."

I stood beside her, looking her in the eye, realizing again just how beautiful she was. It was the eyes, really, that held me. I leaned over and kissed her, gently but deeply on the lips. She kissed me back, and as I wrapped my arms around her and brought her close to me, I detected a slight tremor in her body.

We sat down to dinner, made a toast to her birthday, and started eating. We chatted about campus events, and made fun of several of the professors in the English department. It seemed very surreal to me because we were eating a quiet dinner as if we were dating and yet I had been invited over with a somewhat different romantic intention. I finally managed to ask the question that had been burning in my mind.

"Lisa, why me?" She wiped her lips with her napkin, set it down, and lightly adjusted her blouse.

"Because, you're not like all the boys my age."

"I'm only like five years older than you."

"Yes, but, well, I was on this date with a guy from my class last year, and just as I said goodnight he sort of attacked me with this terrible kiss. Or it was something like a kiss, and since then I've been looking to date older guys."

"Good kissing is something of an art you know. Besides, a lot of younger guys don't have much experience at it."

"That's my point. You know, girls talk. And, well, a lot of the girls say how bad the boys they are with are. Except the ones dating older men. You are experienced at this, aren't you."

"Well - yeah."

"I could always tell from the way you read poetry. Whenever there was a sexual reference, you always brought it out in the discussion very well."

"Well, it's often an important part of literature..."

"Oh relax, I'm not being critical," she said smiling. "In fact, I loved it when you talked about sex, or not even sex, just touching. Do you remember the day you were talking about how erotic a simple caress could be," she reached across the small table and gently stroked my hand, "I, I wanted you to caress me, to show me how erotic it could be."

I took her hand in mine, and a shutter seemed to pass up her arm from her hand that rippled through her whole body. As she had also seemed to realize that she wasn't very hungry any more, she did not resist as I stood up and guided her to the bedroom. We almost made it too, but in the hallway my hand passed a little too close to her ass and I couldn't resist any longer. I pushed her up against the wall and gave her an impassioned kiss while I slowly ran my hands through her hair, then down her body all the way to her ass. She responded by running her hands through my hair and pulling my face closer to hers, deepening our kiss. I squeezed her ass through the skirt and she gave a soft moan. I opened my mouth, lightly licked her lips with the tip of my tongue. Our tongues met as her hands slipped out of my hair and began wandering down my body.

I brought my own hands around her slim waist to the front of her body and worked my way up, feeling her wonderful body through the thin blouse. When I reached her breasts, I caressed them with only my finger tips. She moaned again, and so did I. Once again she was wearing no bra and I rubbed around her nipples with my index fingers. This elicited quite a response. She broke our kiss and moaned out loud. I began kissing her ears and then kissed down her neck. I started unbuttoning her blouse, following my fingers with my kisses. I stooped, kissing her all the way down to her stomach when I finally got the last button. I opened her shirt all the way, and slid if off her arms, letting it fall to the floor. I stood up and looked at her breasts. They were even more gorgeous then I had imagined.

Just then Lisa laughed, sort of a giggling laugh.


"You seem impressed."

"I am. You're - just beautiful."

I pulled her to me and gave began kissing her, running my hands all over her breasts, then down to her ass. She was kissing me hard and her hands were all over me. I reached under her skirt and felt her bare ass in my hands. This was too much - the feel of that wonderful smooth ass in my hands pushed me over the limit. I pushed her back against the wall, forcing her legs apart and pushing my hard cock against her. There wasn't much forcing to be done though. She seemed equally excited and was grabbing my ass and grinding her pelvis into me. She began to moan more loudly.

"Timothy - Oh!"

I let her down and we went into the bedroom. Before I could do so, she had unfastened her skirt and sat down on the bed in her full naked beauty. She was smiling at me, seemingly enjoying the fact that I was staring at her body. She watched closely as I striped my clothing. When I was down to my boxers her eyes were wide open, watching very expectantly. My cock was fully erect and pushing out a little.

"Have you ever seen one before?" I asked her, teasingly.

"Well, um, no," she said, her voice shaking. "Well, not hard."

"Why don't you take off my boxers?" I walked over to the bed and stood directly in front of her. She was breathing hard now, which made her breasts heave up and down. I wanted to just fuck her so hard, but I was trying to hold back again, to make this as special as possible for her.

She hesitated a little, then smiling reached her hands up either side of my waist, gripped the boxers and slid them down. My dick very suddenly popped out from under my shorts. Lisa gave a little yelp and let my boxers drop. It was my turn to laugh - the look of surprise on her face was priceless.

"Why are you laughing?"

"Are you impressed?"

Her eyes were bulging more than ever. "You can't possibly fit that thing inside of me." She looked a little scared.

"Yes I can," I said reassuringly as I gently pushed her back onto the bed. "Don't worry - I'll be gentle, at first anyway." She gasped at this, and fell back completely against the bed. I walked back over to my pants to retrieve one of the condom I had brought and quickly slid it on. Lisa watched this also, seeming very curious about the whole matter.

I got onto the bed and spread Lisa's legs apart. Her pussy was glistening. I climbed atop her and began kissing her neck, working my way down again. When I reached her breasts, I sucked on her left breast while massaging the other with my hand. At the same time I moved my dick up against her pussy lips.

"Oh, oh yes!"

I shifted position a little and rested my weight on my right elbow. I gave her a deep, hard kiss while moving my left hand down to my cock. Guiding it with my hand I rubbed the head of it around her pussy lips. Her moaning was growing higher in pitch, and louder. Her breath was coming in shorter and shorter gasps.

"Yes, please, please, yes! I want it!"

I decided to give in to her and slide into her, but only a little. I pierced her pussy lips with my head which brought a stifled a scream. She looked down at my dick and could still see it poised above her waiting pussy. She threw her head back and moaned out loud, her hips pushing upward trying to encompass me. Our eyes met and were fixed as I slowly lowered myself into her. Finally I gave her the last of my shaft, driving it all the way to the hilt. She threw her head back again and let out a beautifully erotic high pitched scream.

"Yes, oh yes, yes, Timothy, yes!"

Lisa, this beautiful girl for whom I had lusted in secret was now beneath me, writhing in pleasure from my cock. I started pumping her, slowly at first, pulling almost all the way out and sliding back as far as I could inside of her. She was tight, but so wet that I could slide in and out with ease.

"Oh, I can feel you so deep inside of me!"

"Do you like it?"

"Yes, oh yes! Why didn't we - oh yes! - why didn't we do this before?"

By now I was pumping her pretty hard and fast, but still trying to control myself. She was so sexy, all I wanted to do was fuck her brains out! Finally, her moaning and screaming were getting too much for me. I began pumping her as hard as I could, and we began rolling around on the bed, Lisa grabbing my ass and pulling it toward her as if trying to find any way to get me deeper inside of her. We were both on our sides as I pumped her when her moaning seemed to become uncontrollable. Her hips were bucking against mine and her body was thrashing uncontrollably.

"Oh, oh, oh yes!" she screamed as she came to her orgasm. Perhaps it was because it was her first orgasm, or perhaps because I was so turned on, but she seemed to come endlessly, moaning and screaming.

"Oh, oh wow," she managed to say as she caught her breath, the moaning subsiding. She pushed a lock of her beautiful hair back which had fallen across her face. "Did you, uh...?"

"No, you'll know when I do."

"Oh, yes! I want to feel it."

I didn't need much more of an invitation. I began pumping her pussy again, faster and harder with each thrust.

"Oh yes! I want to please you, Timothy! Give it to me!"

Her small body shook with each thrust of my cock, those wonderful breasts shaking up and down. She was moaning again, louder than before. I was in ecstasy, in that moment before orgasm, the height of lust, as every sense was filled with the sexuality of this beautiful girl.

At last I felt my own orgasm well up from with in me and, almost shouting, I plunged into her as I came. She shrieked in pleasure and I realized that she had built up to another orgasm. I pumped her again and again, deep and hard, and she gave out a cry each time. We finally collapsed in mutual exhaustion as I slowly pulled out of her. We laid there for several minutes, fondling one another, kissing one another.

"Oh, Timothy, that was - beautiful."

"It was wonderful."

"Could you tell that I wasn't experienced. I mean, did I, well, please you?"

"Yes, oh yes, it was great. And I could tell a little you weren't experienced, but that's OK. In fact, it really turned me on to know this was your first." She smiled that wonderful smile at me.

"It was a great first. Does it have to be our last?"

"Of course not, Lisa. There's many wonderful pleasures to explore." We kissed deeply.

"Good, Tim. That's good."


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