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It was a Saturday night in late September. The Colorado night air was pleasantly cool. My husband and I had spoken with our friend Ray some time back about one of his fantasies. Well, we got together with his wife Sue and planned to make it happen.

We rented a super stretch limousine and were cruising downtown Denver. Sue and I had spent the day at the spa getting pampered and were ready to finish it off with a wild night on the town. We had gone shopping a few days before with our husbands and picked out some very sexy and revealing clothes. Tonight was the night to show them off!

As we cruised around, we started to look over the many amenities the limo had to offer. Long soft seats...easily room enough for 12, a fully stocked bar, mood lighting, Two huge sunroofs, a TV and VCR and the all important privacy window between the driver and us.

We did a celebratory round of shots and then Anthony and Ray made us some drinks. I had an amaretto sour and Sue had her favorite... a margarita. Then the guys cracked open a few beers. We talked about our recent investment that we had just cashed in on and laughed about how scared Ray was to tell his old boss he was leaving after more than 13 years in the business. We talked about what the future would hold and how much fun we would have celebrating over the next few months.

We decided to stop at a strip club where we had first met them. The night we had met them was actually the first time Anthony and I had been to a strip club together. It was a somewhat seedy joint, but one of the few places in town that you could let it all hang out. On Saturdays they had male and female strippers and a dance floor. On the edge of the dance floor there was a stage where Sue and I had danced together and bared it all on several occasions... getting the guys all excited...and our husbands too. We had both won the amateur topless contest there, making our husbands proud.

For old time's sake, we had a round of shots and hit the stage. Sue and I got pretty wild. We were instantly swarmed by men wielding fistfuls of dollar bills. Even though we had just become incredibly wealthy, we gladly accepted their tips with the snap of a G-string! We got especially wild that night. I have felt there has always been a little sexual tension between us, but being friends, we were always cautious not to jeopardize our friendship. We started rubbing up against each other...just for the sake of driving the guys wild...of course. But there was a moment that our lips almost met.

So, after getting and giving our fair share of thrills, it was back to the waiting limo. I have to say I had that uninhibited feeling brought on by a few too many drinks and a lot of sexual desire. The limo pulled out and we headed back into the area they call Lodo. By this time, the streets were full of partygoers. Mostly college aged. We had to do the typical stand up out of the sunroof thing. When we did, all of the guys were whistling and yelling. Anthony popped up in between us to see what was happening. Then I saw Ray pop up out of the other sunroof with his favorite toy in hand...the video camera. Sue and I both kissed Anthony on the cheek and then another group of partiers was yelling encouragement to the lucky guy in the middle of these half-naked girls.

Then we heard another person yell "show us your tits!" Sue and I looked at each other and then out came the boobs! Ray getting it all on tape of course. Then we popped back inside giggling. Ray and Sue started getting a little did Anthony and I. Then I dropped down on my knees, unzipped Anthony's pants and pulled out his already VERY Hard cock. I started sucking it. I looked to my side to see Sue was doing the same with Ray. Then Anthony laughed. I looked up again and saw Ray was filming us. I realized I had never been filmed by anyone else and found it so erotic. I was so wet.

Then, Ray started to undress Sue. Right down to her matching thong and bra. She is in incredible shape. About 5'5" with a slim but very muscular build, beautiful tan skin, blonde hair, and perfect set of firm round breasts. A body that any man, or woman, would love to take pleasure from. Then, they slid to the very back of the limo and Ray rolled down the tinted window.

There was a group of guys waiting to cross the street. Of course a few of them had to show off and yell when they saw the window open. Then when they saw Sue looking out, they started to give the typical "hey baby", followed by telling her how badly she needed a guy like one of them. There was one of them who gave an apologetic look and shrugged his shoulders and said "sorry, they are all trashed". Ray leaned toward the open window and motioned him over. The guy nervously walked toward the limo, apologizing some more and saying he did not want any trouble. Ray assured him it was ok. The others cheered him on and kept yelling about their large dicks etc. Their embarrassed friend turned around and flipped them off. As the guy approached the window, he was surprised to see what Sue was wearing, or should I say NOT WEARING. Ray opened the door and asked him to get in. He didn't budge. Ray said "Listen, there is a half naked beautiful woman right here who wants you to get know you will regret this tomorrow if you do not...not to mention what your friends over there are gonna say."

The guy looked at Sue who nodded and grabbed her breasts and licked one of her nipples (her trademark move)...and then he looked at his friends who began cheering again. He then just hopped in. Ray took a seat by us, video camera by his side. He then asked the guy what he thought of Sue. The guy was still looking shocked to see all of us. Ray said it was ok, and then asked him again. The guy said, "she is totally hot, of course!". Ray asked him if he has ever had a woman like her. He hesitated and then said no. Then Ray asked him if he would like to. The guy said, "come on... pull over... you are just fucking with me." Then, Sue put her hand on his thigh and Ray asked him once again. The guy said "I would be nuts if I said no". Then Ray said, "well, go ahead."

The guy looked at Sue nervously. She slid her hand further up his thigh. He then reached a hand out towards her breast and lightly touched it. Then he looked back nervously at us. "Nice?" asked Ray. "Yes, very..." he said. "Well, there is more." Ray responded. "Go ahead". He then leaned over and cupped Sue's breast in his hand and pulled down her bra. She pulled his head towards her chest and he began to suck and lick her breast. She then reached back down and began to undo his belt and unzip his pants.

He sprung out of his pants fully erect. Sue then ripped them down around his ankles and jumped on to his lap straddling him. He was frozen. She then took off her bra and offered her breasts to him again. This time he grabbed them with both hands and started to suck and lick with a passion. Then he leaned forward and pushed her back on the seat across from him. He yanked her panties down and plunged his face between her legs. He began to lick her wet pussy and Sue moaned with pleasure. Anthony nudged me and I looked to see Ray smiling and he looked down on the seat.

I followed his gaze and saw the red light on the video camera was on. He was getting it all on tape! My attention was brought back to the action as I heard Sue squeal with pleasure. She orgasmed hard. Her face was flush and her body was already glistening with sweat. She was holding him by the hair, shoving his face deep into her. Then, when she finished, she threw him back on the seat behind him. His face was red and he was gasping for air. Ray then threw him a condom. He unwrapped it as fast as he could...fumbling and nervous. Not even noticing that Ray was now looking through the viewfinder of the camera catching it all.

He slid the condom on and Sue was all ready turned around and bent over, inviting him to take her from behind. He brought his hips up behind her and in a single motion thrust his cock deep into her. She leaned back into him and moaned again. He then began to pump fast and furiously. Sweat dripping off his brow. You could smell the sex in the limo. He did not last more than a minute or two and erupted into orgasm with a grunt. He shook with pleasure. Then he slowly leaned back on the seat. His head cleared a bit and then he started to realize what he just did... and that once again, he was not alone. He looked back at us nervously and said "Hi, I am Mark... um... thank you." "No, thank you" Sue said. The limo then came to a stop. We were back at the corner where we had picked him up. "Your welcome" Ray said. "I am sure you will be the envy of all your friends now."

He then opened the door and slid out. There was a bit more spring in his step as he walked off to find his friends. We shut the door and drove off.

Anthony poured us a round of shots (and a glass of water for Sue to wash it down) and we toasted to Ray's fantasy. We then drove around together for a while...laughing...drinking... and laughing some more. It did not feel real. It was something you read or fantasize about, but never experience. Well, we just did.

Anthony then said, "Wow, Ray's fantasy has been fulfilled. Now, what else is there? Time to think of a new fantasy to fulfill?" Then, I do not know where it came from, the alcohol, or the intense sexual desire I was feeling, but I heard myself say, "Its my turn!" Everyone looked at me and I felt a little embarrassed. I could not say anything else. Anthony said, "so, tell us what you want." Just as I was about to say it, I heard someone say, "Excuse me?"

We turned around. The limo was stopped at a red light and we had one of the windows down. Two couples were standing outside and one of the ladies asked again "Excuse me, but could you tell us how to find a place called Sing Sing?"

"Of course," Anthony said. "It happens to be one of our favorite places! How about we give you a ride there!" The couples looked at each other and the woman replied "Really? That would be great!" So, they crawled in and sat down. They looked surprisingly at Sue who had only had enough time to get back into her bra and panties. One of the ladies said, "hmmm, looks like you are having some fun tonight!" We all said at the same time, "Oh yeah!"

At that time I was noticing how attractive the four of them were. A leggy blonde in a short skirt, a brunette in some tight black pants and two dark haired guys who seemed to be in pretty good shape. Ray then said, "we have been celebrating tonight." One of the guys said, "Yeah, looks like it." Then one of the ladies laughed and said, "looks like you have been having lots of fun" as she held up the condom wrapper that she found on the seat. "Looks like we missed the fun. Too bad." She said with a grin. Ray replied, "we were just getting started. Want to join us?" She said, "hmmm, we like two have fun." Then I noticed she had her hands between her legs and she was lightly touching herself.

She leaned over and kissed the man she was with, then turned around and said, "yes, we like to have fun" as she kissed the other woman next to her. Wow, this is going to get wild, I thought. Then, she pulled off her tight little black top and hiked up her skirt. She was wearing a little silver thong that she quickly slipped off as she leaned back on the seat. Her girlfriend then knelt down and put her face in her pussy. She looked at Ray and said, "well, aren't you going to tape this?" Ray lifted the camera and started rolling. One of the other guys moved behind the kneeling woman and slipped down her tight stretchy pants. He rubbed her pussy, spreading the moisture around. He then undid his pants, pulled out his cock and began to rub the tip around her swollen lips.

The blonde was moaning with pleasure. I would guess this was not the first time she had been intimate with her friend. It made me think about what I was about to say before we were interrupted by these two couples. I wondered if I would ever get the courage again to say it. But then, my attention was drawn back to the couples. The other guy had his dick out and was stroking it. The blonde reached over to help. In her position it was a little difficult for her to reach him. She looked at Sue and said, "got a free hand?"

Sue smiled and slowly reached over and began to stroke his stiff rod. She then leaned forward and took it into her mouth. As she bent over and sucked his dick, I could not help but notice her ass as she bent over. I looked and realized Ray and Anthony were looking at the same thing. Ray handed Anthony the camera and leaned forward and started to rub her with his hand. Pulling her panties aside, exposing her wet pussy as he penetrated it with his fingers. She continued to suck the man's cock, stroking it with her hand simultaneously.

At that moment, the blonde began to climax. Her friend was licking her pussy and flicking her tongue while exposing her clit with her hand. The other man was still pounding her hard from behind. I began to touch myself through my clothes. I was so wet. This whole thing was so intoxicating. It was almost too much to take in. I saw the bulge in Anthony's pants. I knew he was feeling as horny as I was. The blonde continued to moan. She was convulsing and shaking with pleasure. She started moaning encouragement to her friend, "oh yeah, eat my pussy. Eat my pussy." The man doing her friend from behind began to tense up. He then grunted "oh fuck, I am gonna cum!"

I watched as he shot his load into the brunette. The blonde was breathing heavily and still twitching with pleasure from the after affects of her orgasm. Then, Sue leaned back on the seat and opened her legs, inviting the man to fuck her. I realized he did not have a condom, so I pulled one out and gave it to him. He slowly slipped it on... he liked me watching him do it. He then kept looking at me as he leaned forward and slid his shaft into Sue's pussy. He began to thrust it in and out. He was staring at me the whole time. Sue grabbed his ass and pulled him in hard. Then, the blonde leaned forward put her head in Sue's lap. She began to lick Sue's cunt as the stranger fucked her. He then began to pick up the pace....still looking at me. His expression began to change. His face tightened. He was getting close to orgasm. He then shut his eyes and arched back. He pulled out his cock and the blonde yanked off his condom and began licking his head. Sue grabbed his cock and jacked him off as he shot his load into the blonde's mouth. She tried to catch it all, but some dripped down her chin and started to run down his cock. She eagerly licked it all up as best she could.

Ray then leaned over and kissed Sue. She said "I am not done yet, and neither are you!" She pulled Ray up on the seat and he knelt over her. She slowly undid his belt and unzipped his pants. She pulled out his dick and delicately held his balls in her hand. She then flicked the end of her tongue lightly over his balls. His cock stiffened even more. Then she swallowed as much of his dick as she could. She began bobbing her head up and down on him. Just as he looked as if he was going to climax, she stopped. She then bent over. Kneeling down the length of the seat at the far end of the limo. Ray came up behind her and started to lick her up and down.

Anthony looked at me and grinned. I then saw his hand move for the door. He hit the switch for the window and the window that Sue was next to went down. She looked back at us like we did something naughty...and then smiled. As the limo came to a stop at the next light, we saw a huge crowd outside near a popular sports bar. People looked at the flashy super stretch limo and some of the people who were standing close by said "Hey, look! She is naked! And that guy is eating her pussy!" A few people came closer and a couple who was looking a little tipsy got pretty close and peeked in. Then, the woman said, "damn, that is hot! Thanks for the show. I guess I owe you one!" And she lifted up her top and fondled her breasts. The crowd cheered and the limo slowly started to take off. As it did, some people followed. A guy, who was walking near the window staring the whole time, seized his opportunity. He reached in as he was jogging next to the car and started to fondle Sue's breasts. She got a kick out of it, and Ray stopped momentarily to watch. Then the Limo rounded the corner and picked up speed and the man slipped away.

Ray knelt behind Sue and began to fuck her. He squeezed her ass as he pounded it. He fucked her harder and faster. He slapped her on the ass and followed it with another squeeze. She rocked back and forth. She then pulled away and turned around and threw him back into the seat. She mounted him and proceeded to grind her hips up and down and back and forth. Ray reached around and started to play with her ass. As he did, Sue began to grind harder. Then, Ray plunged his finger into her ass and Sue went wild. She came so hard. She grabbed Ray by the shirt and banged him hard. She cried out in ecstasy. Wow was it getting me hot. She leaned all the way back, holding herself up by the tight grip on Ray's shirt as she pressed her hips tight against him. When she did, her head ended up in my lap. She was looking right up at me as she came. My heart felt like it was going to pound right out of my chest. She just hung there, soaking in every last feeling of pleasure that she could.

Then out of no where, she sprung up and stood up out of the sunroof and bent over leaning on the roof of the limo with her breasts exposed. She looked down at Ray and said "fuck me in the ass!" Ray stood up and held is cock tightly in his hand. He rubbed it around on her pussy to get it nice and wet and then slowly guided it into her ass. He then began to pump it in and out while they were exposed from the waist up out of the roof of the limo. It did not take long until Ray was ready to cum. Then Sue came back down and took his cock in her hands and worked it with her hand as she stuck it in between her tits. Ray came with a groan. Sue kept stroking his shaft as she rubbed it all over her breasts. The cum hungry blonde leaned over once again and began to lick it from Sue's chest. Then Ray came back down from outer space and collapsed on the seat. He looked quite satisfied.

Then everyone sat back and sighed. We all looked at each other and began to giggle. We then realized that we were only a few blocks from Sing Sing when we picked the other couples up. Ray asked the limo driver on the intercom if he knew how to get there. He said "yes sir, but when I parked in front, no one got out. Folks outside were noticing that the limo was rocking, so I have been circling the place for the last 20 minutes. Would you like me to stop now?" "Yeah, sorry" Ray replied. We all laughed hysterically and heard the drivers reply over the intercom "hey, no problem. It's your buck."

We said goodbye to the couples. Told them about PT's and said that we hoped to run into them some Saturday in the future. Then watched them walk away. I felt like I was in a different world, yet when I looked out the window I saw all these familiar places.

We poured a few more drinks. It was silent. We all just looked around. It appeared I was not the only one who felt that way. It was quiet for a moment. I think we were all running everything back over in our minds. WOW, what a night. Then, I thought about my fantasy. I looked at Anthony and he grinned. He knew what I was thinking. I just could not muster up the courage... I looked at Ray & Sue. I thought back on all the conversations we'd had in the past. Sharing our experiences and fantasies. I remembered how excited I used to get talking about it with them.

Once late at night at their house, online typing at the computer, or one evening when we were all at a restaurant and forgot that there were other people who must have heard a little of our sexually explicit conversations. Of course, the night always ended with Anthony and I going home and having passionate sex. It was really a good spark for our sex lives. I thought how comfortable I was around them... taking the pictures of Sue and I nude and posting them on the net, or the infamous lap dance with Ray at the club, why was I so nervous? Its not like they were gonna laugh at me. I threw back the rest of my drink. I then looked at everyone, took a deep breath and....

Suddenly, Sue said, "You know what I want?"

"What?" we all asked.

She replied, "A nice long shower. Lets go back to the hotel so I can get myself together."

Ray spoke to the driver over the intercom, "Could you take us to the Adam's Mark?"

"On our way sir," the driver replied.

I thought to myself, "Maybe another time."

Well, I guess that is going to have to be another story.


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