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Lisa's Adventure
Into the Unknown Pt. I

by MiamiCuban

The airplane carrying Lisa arrived at Miami International Airport on time. Nervous, trembling slightly with anticipation of the unknown, she moved through the crowds, carrying a small suitcase in her left hand. Her black, wavy hair was tied back in a ponytail and her makeup was carefully applied. Lisa was dressed in a mid-thigh denim skirt and white halter-top that showed off the roundness of her breasts. Underneath, the only undergarment was a dental-floss thong panty that barely covered the well-trimmed mound between her legs.

Lisa followed her instructions. She went to the area where a half-dozen television screens announced arrivals and departures. Standing in front of the screens, she waited to be contacted by the man she knew so well by e-mail and phone, but had never met in the flesh.

This is madness, she thought, traveling all these miles to see a man I have never met, a stranger really. Is he going to be as good as the stories he has published? Is he going to make me wet with desire as he controls me? I want to give myself like no one has ever had me even my husband.

I am here to be a toy for a man I've never met. I don't even know what he looks like...but it doesn't matter. His words are everything, like an erotic Cyrano de Bergerac; he has made me feel wanton. There's a word. Wanton. I am a shameless hussy, a wanton slut apprentice.

Yes, this is mad, but his stories make me feel an electric current is running through my cunt, overwhelming my senses. Other men have dominated my body in the past, acquiescing to my requests in acted out charades but this man by words alone, on e-mail or phone knows my soul, can see into my being and understands the fiber of my hunger. He will own me totally and I do not even know what he looks like...

"Lisa," his deep voice whispered behind her, "do not turn around just yet. Did you have a nice trip?"

"Yes." She answered, her voice surprisingly breaking with anticipation.

"Are you looking forward to your adventure?"

"Yes." She wanted to turn around but did not, knowing that anticipation made the moment more erotic, obeying his commands.

"Are you ready to be fucked and dominated?" His voice whispered in her ear, his breath caressing her neck.


"Turn around."

He looked like somewhat like Oliver Platt, only thinner, with a full beard and glasses, big in a bear sort of way, about six feet and a couple of hundred pounds. He looked straight into her eyes and Lisa gasped, feeling suddenly naked without being undressed, knowing that he could read into her being, know every hunger and desire she had ever experienced.

"Come with me," he said, without any further greeting.

Their conversation on the way to the hotel was amicable, but Lisa could only remember slices of it later, her mind anticipating the next hours as the man with her would control her totally, using her as a fuck toy for their mutual enjoyment.

"Is this your first time?" he asked as they walked side by side down the hotel corridor.

"Yes," she said, "I mean there was a man once, but that is was not a relationship like this..."

"No others like this?" he asked.

They were inside the hotel room and he lit a joint, smoking it, passing it to her, but not touching her yet, building anticipation.

"No. I mean...others went along with my fantasies, but they wasn't real."

"The desire wasn't real? The energy?"

"Exactly," she answered in between hits of the joint, wondering when he was going to make his move, reaching out, feeling her availability. She wanted him to touch her, fondle her, and use her like he had promised and she desired...

"It will be different today," he said, "this will be your best ever, the one you will remember forever."

She nodded. Her mouth was cotton-dry and she had a desire to kneel in front of the bearded man, to take him in her mouth, to feel the nakedness of his organ sliding on her tongue, filling her face.

"It won't be long now," he said reassuringly, reading her thoughts, "you could still change your mind."

"No," she answered quickly, "no, I really want this..."

"You will have it," he answered, "You will have me and I will have you and you will obey. Do you understand?"


"If you want to stop, just say Texas and I will stop. Otherwise, anything goes and I'll assume you are enjoying it unless you say the safe word. Do you understand?"


"Good. Let's begin with a blindfold. You will not see but it will heighten your other senses. Enjoy the anticipation."

He placed the blindfold carefully, barely touching her.

"Stand in the middle of the room," he said, "and don't move a muscle unless I tell you."

She was already wet between the legs, anxious to be used. She stood quietly, staring at the darkness while wondering what he would do. She felt him moving around, heard a zipper opening, knowing he was undressing, preparing himself to take her, fuck her, dominate her as she so hungrily desired.

He was behind her, moving closer. She felt his breath on the nape of her neck and she shivered slightly, wishing he would touch her and he did, one finger tracing the outline of her face, caressing her neck slowly, barely touching the flesh. Lisa moaned softly in acceptance and heard the man chuckle.

"You are ready, aren't you, my slave?" he asked as his fingers quickly, roughly pulled the halter-top off, her breasts now free, exposed to his eyes.

"Yes," she said, nervously, but without hesitation, "I am ready."

"Excellent nipples," he said, "let's see how they like this."

Lisa felt something cold and wet touching the tips of her breasts. She realized the man was rubbing a sliver of ice against the aureoles of her breasts.

"Do you like it, my sweet whore?"

"Oh, yes," she heard herself say in a imploring voice that was almost a whimper, "I'm ready."

"You are ready when I say so," he said, moving around her, unfastening the skirt, "remove your shoes."

Lisa could not see him but felt her arousal increasing as she stood almost totally naked, blindfolded in front of him, smelling his scent, his cologne, the animal odor that signaled his own passion. Lisa wanted to be fucked in every hole by this man, without amenities, taken roughly and hard, a fuck toy for his pleasure.

The tips of his fingers touched her nakedness, starting by tracing the outline of her back, caressing the cheeks of her ass, turning around her hips and finding the slit between her legs after removing the thong.

"Open up," he said, "let me see how wet you are."

His fingers played with the folds of her flesh, twirling, teasing, drenched in her moistness. She moaned, gasped, but did not move. His tongue, wet and moist moved up the length of her neck to her left ear.

"If your friends could see you now," he said in a deep, teasing voice, "what would they think? All those good, nice guys who sent you flowers and candy and asked you for dates, hoping for a kiss...if they could see you now with your legs wide open, my fingers buried in your juicy cunt. What would your husband say?"

"I...leave my husband out of this."

"Of course I will. This is about you and me and my dick anywhere I want to put it, isn't it?"

Lisa swallowed hard but did not answer. She knew he was right. His fingers were caressing her clit, making her crazy with desire.

"Talk to me Lisa."

"I..." she said, "this is... so different... Please fuck me."

"Not yet. There's other things to be done first."

"Oh...please, do them. I... let... me suck you."

"In due time," he said, "because I am a nice master I will allow you to come at will today. From the wetness between your legs you are not far off."

His fingers withdrew from Lisa's mound. Suddenly he was not touching her once more, moving around her, the warmth of his breath on her neck, her shoulders and even her face. Lisa was rigid, her arms stiff, obeying the command not to move; yet trembling with sexual energy. A minute or two went by, seeming ten times longer as she waited but nothing happened.

"Oh, my God," she moaned, "I'm going insane. Please...please... do something."

"You are allowed to beg," he said, "but I will do as I please."

The game continued. The man caressed her ass cheeks, tweaked her nipples, introduced a finger, wet with her own juices, in Lisa's mouth and the dark hair girl sucked the finger clean, begging to be fucked.


Lisa went on her knees, naked in front of the man she could not see.

"You will stay in that position with your hands behind your back," he said, "and I will guide my cock into your mouth when I so desire."

Lisa was trembling. She had sucked cock before, but never like this. She felt like a total virgin about to be deflowered by a big bear of a man. As she kneeled on the bedroom carpet she wondered what his meat looked like. Was he circumcised? Was he big? Could she please him the way he required?

She felt something touch the side of her face and realized he was rubbing his cock on her, tracing the outline of her face with his meat. His cock curled around her ponytail like a snake and she moaned in desire, feeling wet between her legs.

"Talk to me," he said, "or I'll stop."

"No!" she begged, "Please don't stop. Let me suck your cock."

"Convince me."

"Oh, my God...please let me suck you...please fuck my face. Let me suck your dick, please. I need it. I will swallow but please, fuck my face."

"Not good enough," he said, moving back, out of range.

"Please, I will do anything...I will fuck anyone, anywhere, but please put your dick in my mouth. I want to suck your cock. Please, daddy, I want it, I do, please... I want your meat in my mouth. Please, daddy, fuck my face."

He took his time. The tip of his dick barely touched her lips and she opened her mouth, anticipating him, but he entered slowly, the thickness of his flesh sliding on her tongue. Lisa took him willingly; sucking him until his testicles slapped against her chin and her face was pressed against his naked belly.

"You give good head my whore," he said, pleased as his hips bucked in motion, the meat between his legs sliding back and forth in Lisa's mouth, "do you like my cock?"

She grunted an affirmation; her tongue licking the pulsating flesh, her teeth nibbling at the tip of the head as she delighted in her blindness, her submission and the sheer sexual energy of the man that was in her mouth. His cock was no bigger or smaller than others, yet it felt enormous inside her mouth, a living, throbbing thing that would eventually erupt, spilling his seed into her throat.

"I am face fucking Lisa," he said aloud, "my dick is about to explode in your mouth, Lisa. Drink it all when it comes. Swallow it like a good, cock sucking slut whore."

She did. His meat pumped the salty liquid in her mouth and she moaned and gasped in her own explosive orgasm, feeling unusually wicked at being used as a receptacle by her new master.

He was surprisingly gentle after she had her orgasm, placing her face down on the bed, pillows raising her ass, placing her in a comfortable "doggie style" position. She heard him move around, use the washroom, but she remained immobile, face on the mattress, exposed ass and cunt waiting for his cock.

My God, she thought, this is incredible. He made me come with just his cock in my mouth and the way he took over, totally in control, making me beg. I love it so. I need to be fucked now, I want to feel his cock enter me, penetrate me, touch me inside, his thick meat jerking inside me like he has promised so many times. I want him to defile me, abuse me, fuck me in every hole and use me like a whore until I explode and pass out...

"Enjoy yourself, puta?" his voice cut through her thoughts, "your hips are moving like you want to be fucked."

"Yes," Lisa answered, opening her legs slightly, tempting him with the white moons of her ass, the rosebud opening and the wet slit next to it, both ready for penetration.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes...I... I want to be fucked."

"You will be," he said, "but first I must spank you. You know why I'll spank you?"

"No," she answered, "no I don't."

"I'll spank you because your ass is soft and white and I will turn it pink and hot with the spanking. I will stop spanking when you convince me it's time for me to fuck you. Do you understand?"

"Yes," she said and yelped when his bare hand landed on the globes of her ass, sending a stinging chill throughout her body.

"Convince me, whore."

"I...please..." she mumbled as a second slap made her ass jiggle, "I am ready. I...want your dick in my ass, in my cunt, in my mouth..." The third slap stung but Lisa continued talking, "Oh, please daddy, fuck me. Use me like a whore. Fuck me hard."

The fourth time the hand came down she twitched, fighting back tears.

"Please, please," she continued, "Please fuck me hard. Fuck me like a dog in heat."

Two more, fast, made her yelp in pain but she enjoyed it, her cunt soaked in anticipation. When the spanking stopped she felt something wet against her cheeks, thrilling her when she realized he was running his wet tongue or her pink ass cheeks.

His motion was interrupted by a knock on the door. Lisa gasped, wondering what he would do, then knowing, when he chuckled softly. He heard the door open and the sound of clothing being removed.

"My friend Tony and I will pleasure you."

Lisa felt movement at the head of the bed. A hand raised her head from the coolness of the mattress, jamming a cock into her mouth. Another man moved behind her, his cock tip teasing her wet slit. She tried to move back, to ram his hardness in, but her head was firmly grasped by the man fucking her mouth. Lisa was pinned down, held securely by rough hands.

The meat slid into her cunt inch by inch, filling her slowly as she licked and slurped on the throbbing member sliding on her tongue. She had a quick orgasm, deep and wicked, yet she continued to grind back and lick the cock, pleasing her lovers. The dick in her cunt slid out and she felt the head of it probing at her rear entrance. Her master knew her ass was virgin, an admission of her lack of experience in matters of domination. Was he probing her ass or was it Tony?

"Tell me what you want my whore," he said, "I know what you want. You want my cock in your cherry ass but I want you to be supplicant. Beg for a thick dick in your ass."

"Oh," she said removing the dick from her mouth but stroking it, pumping it steadily in her hand, "Oh, I want you to fuck my virgin ass."

"Even if it hurts?" he asked, his wet cock tip rubbing her entrance hole.

"Yes, daddy, even if it hurts, I want your cock in my ass...Fuck my ass hard."

"You are not convincing."

"Please, do it. Even my husband has never fucked me up the ass. You are the first...please fuck my ass, please."

He did, entering her after his hands, like claws, opened up the moon globes of her ass. He entered her slowly but hard, his meat lubricated in her own juices and she responded by clenching her ass cheeks, holding him tight inside her as Tony exploded in her mouth. The wet cock slipped out of her mouth and she concentrated on the anal ravaging, pushing back, accepting, clenching, feeling his breath, girth and muscles enveloping her in a cocoon of flesh as he used her and enjoyed her without guilt or shame. His thick hands gripped her hips from behind, guiding her roughly, pulling her back hard against him as he grunted the animal pleasure of the perpetrated sodomy.

"You..." he said grunting, "have a tight culo, my whore. Do you like this?"

"Yes..." she hissed, "I love it...It hurts but it feels so good..."

He rode her ass hard, pumping into her, grabbing her hips, guiding her, sticking his meat into her hole and she screamed in delight, pushing back, accepting the defilement, both coming together, his juices filling her insides with a searing warmth unlike any she had ever felt before. She screamed as she came, collapsing on the bed.

"Welcome to Miami," he said removing her blindfold, "I think you will enjoy your stay."

To Be Continued...


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