The Best Erotic Stories.

Left Behind Ch. 1
by Stardog Champion

In a world where you grew up the only child to obscenely rich parents, avoiding the trap of becoming a pompous, bitchy, spoiled brat would be extremely difficult. When that child fully embraces the power of manipulation that comes with that upbringing, the opportunity to get any and everything one could want is basically there for the taking.

That was the charmed life that 18 year old high school senior Jessica Jennings had enjoyed ever since she could remember. Born to an upper class, old money family, Jessica had the daily double dreamed of by most girls in America. She had an unlimited access to money and on top of that, she was also extremely cute and curvaceous.

A sassy, innocent looking natural blonde with long straight hair and a trim athletic figure that was compacted snugly into a 5 foot 8 inch frame, Jessica's tanned skin and bright, albeit sometimes phony smile filled the dreams of the boys she attended private school with as well as most any man she encountered during her daily routine around the Cleveland suburbs.

Jessica's latest adventure in getting whatever she wanted from her Mom and Dad was breast enhancement surgery during the summer vacation between her junior and senior years of school. Although God had endowed Jessica with enough cleavage to make it through life without ever having to work a day, she had become a victim to the same pitfalls of peer pressure that all teenagers are subject to. Three of her fellow students at The Mercy Academy had gotten boob jobs the year before and now all three had easily passed Jessica in cup size. With money being no object, when Jessica started her senior year her B-cup and suddenly increased to a D-cup overnight.

* * * * *

Mercy Catholic Prep was one of the most affluent and academically respected high schools in all of the Midwest. Along with the educational laurels it had garnered, the financial pull of Mercy's alumni and its wealthy student pool enabled the school to afford the extravagant facilities and coaching needed to make the athletic department a juggernaut in the Eastern Ohio amateur sports scene. The football, lacrosse, golf and swimming teams all had won state titles in recent years.

Mercy Prep's cheerleading program was also nationally respected. Being a senior and in her fourth year of cheering for the squad, Jessica Jennings loved the attention she received on the sidelines in the Fall with the football team and during the spring semester with the boys basketball team.

* * * * *

There had long been dissention in the hierarchy of Mercy Prep's athletic department as to whether a quality prep school such as itself should play some of the top notch public high schools occasionally, especially in basketball.

Mercy's decision makers knew they could dominate the public schools in most sports but basketball was another story. No one batted an eye when Mercy would be highly ranked in the golf or lacrosse rankings but when the basketball polls came out every year, critics of Mercy Prep would always point to the fact that they never played any 'real' competition.

Tiring of the constant negative press and looking to silence their critics, Mercy finally agreed to play and home and home series against one of the top notch public high school teams. Mercy worked out an agreement with one of the inner city schools, Franklin High to play at Franklin in mid January and then at Mercy in February.

Franklin High was situated in one of Cleveland's poorest neighborhoods and there was much angst among the Mercy Prep parents and decision makers about whether it was a good idea to send a full compliment of cheerleaders and band members to the first game at Franklin.

Fearing it would appear that Mercy was 'scared', the public relations people in the school's hierarchy felt it necessary to send a full entourage to show a spirit of cooperation, thus the full cheerleading squad was allowed to accompany the team to the game.

* * * * *

The whole week leading up to the game, Jessica was brought to the verge of sickness having to listen to her Mother harp on the school's decision to force the cheerleaders to be exposed to the kind of atmosphere they would be see inside Franklin High. Jessica knew that under no circumstances could she expect her Mom to accompany her to the game downtown, even though her Mom had hardly ever missed an opportunity to show up when they were cheering at a game against another one of their prep school rivals. There would be no one in the Franklin High stands that Ms. Jennings could brag to about how successful Jessica was. That, as well as the fact that Jessica's parents were also racist as Hell.

* * * * *

Jessica had continuously brushed off her Mom and Dad's concerns about the trip but as the chartered bus carrying the Mercy Prep players, coaches, trainers and cheerleaders inched its way through the dilapidated Franklin school district and finally into the Franklin High lot, Jessica began feeling the not so subtle effects of her 18 years of being raised inside of a racist household. The butterflies fluttering in her belly felt as if they were bumper cars as she saw the assembled crowd flocking towards the Franklin gymnasium.

Being in that neighborhood for the first time in her life, Jessica nervously studied her watch, trying to determine just how long they would be trapped there.

Outwardly, she tried her best to smile but Jessica couldn't help but feel like her and her group stuck out like sore white thumbs on a black hand. Piling one by one off the bus, the entourage from Mercy felt strangely like the brave black students of the 60's felt when integration was forced onto American school districts. Disappearing briskly inside the school, the Mercy Prep cheerleaders found the room that would serve as their dressing room and changed for the game.

Stripping out of their sweats and hurriedly slipping into their uniforms, Jessica and her cheering mates lined up in the room, checking each other over to make sure the uniforms were on straight and that their make up and hair looked good.

Before they knew it, the girls were filling one by one out of the room and slowly weaving through the dense crowd down the smelly, sweat soaked hallway that led to the gym. Surrounded by so many of what Jessica perceived to be foulmouthed and catcalling black kids, Jessica privately admitted to herself that her Mother's concerns were probably warranted.

Chewing the stale wad of gum in her mouth like a nervous piston, Jessica dutifully kept her face pointed forward towards the shining lights inside the rowdy and racous gym. It was then Jessica realized this was the first time in her life she had been in a place where there were more black faces than this case the discrepancy was about 50 to 1.

As she walked across the threshold separating the hallway to the gym and suddenly being inside the actual arena, Jessica did feel a definite jolt of excitement to her psyche when she felt the vibrations of sound and the bathing of light that the carnival like atmosphere provided. Slowly, the instinct that all athletes have when they approach game time hit. Surrounded by her teammates and coaches, Jessica watched as the Mercy Prep Basketball team finished their warm-ups. The butterflies she was feeling now were focused on the game itself. The best way to block out her discomfort with the location ,she reasoned, was to concentrate fully on the game itself.

Still, Jessica couldn't ignore how awkward she felt out there on the floor in her tight and revealing red and blue outfit. As her tanned legs carried her forward, dodging the various people milling around the court, she tried her best to block out the whistles and catcalls from the crowd, knowing full well they were aimed at her and her fellow cheerleaders. It was almost worse than being naked, Jessica imagined, because it seemed that the girls had especially dressed up in such revealing outfits, just for the approval of the leering young male audience.

* * * * *

After the introductions and the opening tip, once the game was underway, Jessica and her cohorts were able to settle into the familiar routine of watching the game, doing their cheers and watching the clock, anxiously counting down the seconds until the game was over and they could get out of there. More than anything else, Jessica longed to get home so she could take a long hot shower to wash the sweat as well as the feeling that all the leering male glares had seemed to leave embroidered on her flesh.

As the first half gave way to the second and the closeness of the game dictated that she pay more attention, Jessica almost was able to completely block out all the peripheral distractions. Even the heavy bouncing of her new, augmented breasts dancing inside her size too small sweater top mildly slipped her mind as the time wound down.

Looking up at the scoreboard to see that there was only 4 minutes left, Jessica could literally visualize the light at the end of the tunnel of her long stressful night. With Mercy holding a 63 - 60 lead with under 4 minutes to go, Jessica's insides started to fizz now believing her team actually had a chance to pull the upset.

With every basket or defensive stop Mercy would make, Jessica and her cohorts would jump high into the air and holler loudly for their team. On the flip side, each of the girls would cringe when a Franklin player would make a play to keep the game close.

With the game so tight, for the first time all evening Jessica could sense the crowd was not focusing directly on her. With that annoying weight lifted off her shoulders, Jessica and the other cheerleaders felt invigorated in their attempts to cheer Mercy Prep on to victory.

* * * * *

Leading by 1, 69-68, with less than 30 seconds left, all Mercy had to do was to hold the ball and wait for Franklin to come out and foul them so they could go to the line. The small group that had accompanied Mercy clenched their fingernails to their mouth as victory was within reach.

As the seconds melted away, Mercy patiently passed the ball around, trying to work off as much of the clock before a Franklin guy could foul them. Suddenly, the ball ended up in the hands of the only freshman on the team, Ryan Dumas.

When three Franklin players desperately rushed towards Dumas, the rookie panicked severely and had a brain lock. As he tossed the ball away, a loud roar went up from the crowd when they saw it land out of bounds and the referee point in Franklin's direction.

Franklin had 8 seconds to get the ball up court to try to win the game. The entire gymnasium buzzed with anticipation as Jessica and her fellow cheerleaders stood nervously courtside waiting for the final verdict.

With all 2000 sets of eyes inside the gym focused on Franklin point guard Alvis Haynes dribbling the ball up the court, there seemed to be a vapor lock inside the arena as the final seconds ticked down. As Haynes cut across the half-court strip and angled towards the top of the key, the wiry 6 foot 2 high school kid picked up his dribble and raised his right hand towards the hoop. With two Mercy players' hands in his face, Haynes fired an off-balance jumper up and it spun towards the basket as the clock hit zero.

Jessica closed her eyes instinctively as the ball neared the basket. In her self imposed darkness she waited for what seemed to be an eternity as her knees shook. The silence in the gym was almost deafening to Jessica's ears until finally, the verdict was in.

The loudest roar of "OHHHHH... NNNOOOOOOO," she had ever heard crashed through the silence. Opening her baby blue eyes, Jessica could see all the members of the Mercy Prep boys basketball team jumping around center court as if they had just won the NBA title. Without realizing it, Jessica had uncontrollably began jumping up and down also as the shrill yells of "There was a foul" or "That's bullshit" rained down from the crowd above.

As Jessica and her fellow cheerleaders strutted and skipped their way over to where the Mercy boys were celebrating at center court, she accidentally bumped and grazed several of the dejected and exhausted Franklin high players who stood stunned on the floor. The look of disgust on their sweaty faces wasn't helped any either with all the bouncing perkiness of the girls' enthusiasm as they rushed past them, hurrying to join in the celebration.

Jessica was screaming so loudly, she thought she heard one of the Franklin kids yell out, "Shut up Bitch!" at her as she rushed by, but in her haste she completely ignored the verbal assault coming from the sore losers.

* * * * *

Sensing the atmosphere was growing more volatile by the moment, the Mercy Cheerleading coach along with all the other adults present forced the group off the floor and hurried them to get changed and get on the bus to leave.

"We're leaving in five," Jessica could hear her coach yell out as she frantically tried pulling her sweats over her saturated uniform.

Pulling her sweatshirt over her large heaving bosom, Jessica smiled broadly realizing she was going to be first to be dressed and to get on the bus.

As the other girls finished up and hustled out of the make shift locker room, out into the cold night air where the chartered bus was waiting, suddenly Jessica remembered something very important. She had in her haste, forgot and left her backpack in the room they had changed in.

Hurriedly drifting away unnoticed from her group, too embarrassed to tell anyone she had made a brain fart, Jessica bravely fought through the crowd that was growing more restless with every white face they saw.

As she weaved through the maze of arms and legs, Jessica finally arrived back at the makeshift locker room, ducked in and sure enough, her backpack was where she had left it.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, back on the bus all the players, trainers and coaches had been accounted for and the bus's engine was running. As the cheerleading coach began her mandatory roll call, her voice was drowned out by the blaring whine of the police sirens that had been called to try and quell the potential disturbances following the game.

Sensing the situation was growing worse, the bus driver on his own took the moment of opportunity and closed the bus's doors, then hit the gas, in the process leaving Jessica Jennings behind, over 10 miles from home in the middle of several hundred emotionally charged and upset Franklin High school students and fans.

* * * * *

As Jessica fought her way back out to the parking lot where she thought the bus was still waiting, she stood there looking around, the reality of the situation still out of her grasp. There were two yellow Franklin district buses sitting off to the side but as she craned her head around, there wasn't any sight of the full sized charter that had brought the team to the game. It was then that the deep, awkward uneasiness began to chew at her mind.

"Uh...ohhh," Jessica sighed sheepishly as she paced along the graffiti covered sidewalk. Continuing to search around for the bus, all Jessica ended up seeing and feeling was the assembled crowd seeming to close in around her. Feeling the first inkling of tears welling up in her eyes, Jessica frantically searched for her lifeline to safety , the Mercy Prep charter bus, but it was no where in sight.

Even though she was surrounded by hundreds of people, Jessica felt strangely as if she was somehow trapped on a desert island without anyone there to help her.

Being the only white face in a sea of black, stranded in the chilly Cleveland night, the only option Jessica could think of to find her way to safety was to get back inside the school, find a payphone and call for help.

She thought momentarily of calling her parents but considering her present surroundings, Jessica decided against it. As she made her way down the hallway to where she had earlier saw a payphone, Jessica honestly didn't know who she was going to call

* * * * *

"Move Bitch", "Are you lost", "Cracker". Every imaginable wise crack and insult was spat at from the onlookers around her as Jessica's head swirled and pounded with anxiety. Jessica could never remember a time where she had felt so helpless, whenever she needed help there had seemingly always been someone there to save her. As she nervously looked around the hazy hallway, there was no one there this time to help.

When her eyes finally found the payphone, Jessica felt a momentary sense of relief and euphoria wash over her. Reaching into her pants to fish out the change to use to make the call, suddenly all of her hope faded. As she swirled her hands around her sweatsuit pockets, all she could come up with was her lip gloss, two pennies and 2 sticks of juicy fruit gum.

"Wrong side of the tracks Bitch", "Looking for one of these", "Bet she would look good on her knees!"

More insults and insinuations rained down on Jessica as she tried to keep herself from crying at the payphone. Only this time the words were not coming from the passerby's. Looking tentatively up with her reddened eyes, Jessica could see several tall and muscular black boys standing in front of an opened door down the hall near the entrance to the gymnasium. Through her tearsoaked eyes, Jessica recognized several of them as players from Franklin's team.

With her brain nearly on overload, Jessica stood at the payphone frozen as the group of black high school boys leered at her from outside their locker room. Embarrassed, Jessica returned her gaze to the floor. In all of her life, Jessica had craved and sought out the attention of men, for the first time in her life, she simply wanted to just disappear.

* * * * *

In a classic case of good cop/bad cop, one of the members of the Franklin High basketball team burst out from the assembled group of hecklers and weaved his way through the mingling crowd towards the only white face in sight.

"Something tells me you ain't having a good night young lady," the deep but velvety voice inquired.

Jessica turned instantly, blushing from fear, not knowing how to respond.

Watching as the 6 foot 4 inch teenager eased up to her, Jessica hesitantly made an internal pact to trust the only person that had shown enough kindness to come up to her and help.

Cautiously raising her blue eyed gaze up to meet his dark pupils, Jessica finally responded, "I'm trying to use the phone...I...I...I'm with...from Mercy Prep...I kinda sorta got left behind..."

"Shit," the tall black kid said incredulously, with a healthy dose of compassion.

"I don't seem to have any change on me," Jessica continued somberly.

"Wouldn't have mattered anyway..." the player started, stopping in attempt to fish out a name for the cowering young girl.

"...Jees...Jess...Jessica," The blonde debutante finally admitted after a long pause of trepidation.

"Hi Jessica...I'm Darrell...Darrell Sweeney...You'll played a great game tonight!" The towering black kid answered with a hint of sly shyness. "Don't worry about a phone ...that one gets busted up every now and then when kids try to rob hasn't worked all year...they even steal the out of order sign. Coach Evans has a phone though in his office...I'm sure he wouldn't hold a grudge against one of the Mercy cheerleaders...he'll let you use his," Darrell continued, smiling as he elicited Jessica's trust.

The helpless blonde teenager was so thankful that this smiling black guy had just offered her the biggest break of the night, Jessica instantly started walking towards him to follow him towards the coach's office. As she followed about 5 feet behind Darrell, it suddenly hit Jessica that he was leading her right into the boys locker room, literally into the teeth of every one of her insecure nightmares that she had developed due to her subtle racist upbringing.

Jessica felt her feet turn to stone underneath her as she neared the dressing room door. Internally, a voice was screaming not to go in, but the rational and desperate parts of her psyche told her not to be stupid, that's where the coach's office would be and really, what other choice did she have. If she didn't call anyone for help, the only other thing she could do was walk the 10 miles home through some of Cleveland's most interesting neighborhoods.

As if she was walking through some meaningful but invisible threshold, into uncharted waters, Jessica forcefully held her breath and her stomach knotted as she slipped inside.

The 10 or so young men that remained inside the locker room all turned instantly as the unreal sight of a pretty, preppy blonde girl walked into their den, each of them sensing her anxiety and discomfort when she jumped up on the toes of her designer tennis shoes when the locker room door closed shut behind her.

Jessica Jennings had always been raised to be proud of who she was and she wore that confidence like an annoying badge no matter what room she walked into. This however was a situation unlike anything else she had ever encountered.

With her gaze locked on the cement floor below, Jessica focused on her new Nike tennis shoes as they grazed to solid floor, her whole body vibrating with uneasiness.

"...over here...the phone's over here," Darrell said sweetly.

Instinctively, Jessica looked up to see where Darrell was pointing and in doing so saw that about 10 of the players, now fully dressed, were still inside the locker room brooding over the loss.

With a great deal of difficulty, Jessica pressed forward, pitter-patting her feet anxiously towards the small cubicle where Franklin's coach did his paperwork.

Darrell had already disappeared into the darkened room but as Jessica got within a step of the door, the luminescent light suddenly flickered on.

"Come on in," Jessica could hear Darrell tell her invitingly.

Looking around pensively, trying not to lock her eyes with the 10 or so players left in the locker room, Jessica couldn't find any adult supervision anywhere in sight.

Disappearing inside the small cluttered office, the feeling of awkwardness only intensified as she found herself side by side in the same cramped room with a hulking black basketball player.

"There's the phone," Darrell pointed to the desk for the lovely but weak-kneed blonde debutante. "Just dial 9 to get an outside line."

What Jessica hadn't seen in her preoccupation of noticing the other young men in the room while Darrell was alone in the office briefly, was that he had skillfully reached around the coach's desk and pulled the adapter that connected the phone line to the jack out.

As Jessica hesitantly walked towards Coach Evans's paper strewn desk and reached out to pick up the receiver, Darrell turned towards the group of his friends looking on from the other side of the glass and cast them a wry, confident smile.

"There's no dial tone," Jessica said in a slightly breaking voice.

"What do ya mean, " Darrell sighed with surprise. "Let me check."

As Darrell sprang over to Coach Evans's desk to look behind it and see what was wrong, Jessica nervously rung her hands together as her gaze drifted back out to the main dressing area where the rest of the team waited on the other side of the glass.

To pass the dragging moments waiting for Darrell to fix the phone, Jessica let her eyes scan the locker room. The members of the Franklin team that remained mulled around talking, seemingly all dejected after such a tough loss. All the team members were dressed thankfully in their hip hop gear as they slowly packed their bags for their trips home. Jessica would have died if any of the guys were still half dressed.

"The plug's got pulled out gets a little animated sometimes...he must've kicked it out the other day after practice...looks like the adapter is bent a little...should only take a minute..." Darrell said confidently as she played with the plug behind the desk.

That 'minute" seemed to stretch into a lifetime as Jessica waited behind the glass. The irony and symbolism of being behind that glass was lost on Jessica until quite a few days after the events of that night passed. Being watched by the 10 or so Franklin players, it was almost as if she was on display for them behind the glass as they looked on, prevented from being able to touch her, much the same way she had created an invisible aura around her during her 18 years of life that prevented those she didn't want to get close to her from actually doing so.

Jessica could clearly sense they were all watching her with clear intent and curiosity but each time she locked eyes with one of them through the glass, she would instantly drop her gaze to the floor or dart it away to the side.

Looking down at Darrell at her feet once again, Jessica feeling of antsiness continued to grow. To make matters worse, as Jessica's eyes wandered back out into the murky expanse of Franklin's dressing room, suddenly the hulking frame of one of the rival teams players emerged from the shower stalls in the rear of the locker room.

The 6 foot 8 inch baldheaded center of the team, Malcolm, casually walked up the concrete hallway to the main dressing area covered in nothing but a loose fitting white towel wrapped around his waist.

Not having a clue that there were any strangers inside the locker room, much less a cheerleader from a rival school, Malcolm didn't understand what the joyous chattering laughter coming from his teammates was all about.

"What's up?" Malcolm asked gruffly, nearing his locker.

The other players just laughed without saying anything to him. All the players simply turned their heads towards Coach Evans's enclosed office and then back at Malcolm standing there in his towel. When Malcolm's eyes followed the direction that his friends were looking, instantly he saw why they were giggling at him.

Seeing Jessica standing there wide eyed, her cheeks reddened as if she was standing inside a sauna, Malcolm had to blink his own eyes a few times to make sure what he was seeing was real.

Muttering "God damn," over and over, Malcolm starred at Jessica as a tent pole slowly pushed up against the heavy wet fabric of his towel.

Darrell looked up from the floor and could see from Jessica's facial expression that she was looking at something she hadn't expected to see. Darrell knew that Malcolm was always the last player to get around to taking a shower, sometimes an hour after a game and Darrell guessed that was the reason for Jessica's reddened cheeks. Perhaps she had caught a glimpse of the wet, 6 foot 8 inch behemoth as he sauntered his way back to the dressing area. Darrell also noticed that Jessica hadn't pulled her eyes away either. Continuing to fumble with the phone cord, Darrell's eyes drifted lower until they reached Jessica's knees and he could clearly see the subtle way the young cheerleader's legs seemed to shake.

"CAN'T YOU FIX IT!?" Jessica screamed desperately at Darrell, her eyes still fixed forward.

"Yep, I think I just about got it right," Darrell replied, still stalling for time.

Just then, both Jessica and Darrell looked up with surprise when the office door burst open and in walked the gigantic frame of Franklin High's 6 foot 8 center, still dressed in nothing but the white towel around his waist, as he strutted into the office.

Acting as if he was full of feigned shock, Malcolm's eyes opened wide when he laid his sights on the frustrated and stranded white girl standing less than three feet in front of him. "Who are you?" he asked the girl who was easily a foot shorter and well over a hundred pounds lighter than him.

Jessica couldn't help but look up at the towering black god. It was as if he was a one man eclipse when he walked into the cramped office, blocking out the fluorescent lights above as he took a few small steps towards her.

Jessica raised her left hand instinctively to her brow in a weak attempt to cover her eyes as she nervously stepped backwards until her firm asscheeks bumped up against Coach Evans's desk.

Malcolm smiled broadly as he watched the embarrassed Jessica try to cover her face with one hand and her heaving, sweatshirt clad chest with the other.

Standing in place, as if ready to pounce, Malcolm looked down at Darrell behind the coach's desk then out to his fellow teammates, casting everyone a knowing glance. He then lowered his meaty fingers into the damp cloth wrapped around his waist and jiggled free the already loosened knot.

Taking a deep breath as his eyes burned a hole in the cowering young woman before him, without a word Malcolm let his drenched towel fall gently to the floor.

Darrell immediately looked up into Jessica's eyes when he saw Malcolm disrobe. Standing no more than 3 feet away from Malcolm, the stranded young blonde did her best to keep her eyes covered. Casting a quick glance over to Malcolm, Darrell could see his teammate's thick, jutting erection continue to expand as if it was reaching out to the white girl in front of it. Glancing back at Jessica, Darrell was pleased to see the young girl separate the third and fourth fingers on her left hand that was covering her eyes and started getting aroused himself when he saw the way the scared girl jumped when she saw Malcolm's erection clearly for the first time, it's glistening peehole seeming to stare directly at her.

* * * * *

An eerie sense of calm seemed to overtake Jessica, much the same way a person is able to stay composed when a gunman has a pistol pointed in their face. The 18 year old girl gazed up at Malcolm towering above her and noticed the beads of water left over from his shower still on his pecs, belly and also glistening like early morning dew in the dense curly patch of the stud's black pubic hair.

It wasn't as if Jessica Jennings hadn't ever contemplated being in that same position before in her late night times alone in bed. Like any child who naturally rebels against her parents, Jessica had always wondered what her racist and elitist parents were trying to keep her safe from. Not that she would have ever acted on these late night fantasies, but as she stood there helpless to do anything about what was really about to happen to her, Jessica felt a strange sense of being in those shoes before.

As the towering, teenage black hulk approached her, Jessica felt a definite twinge inside her sex, the same feeling she normally experienced when she had satisfied herself to sleep over the years conjuring up such images.

Calmly looking over her left shoulder, Jessica noticed that the half dozen or so still dressed boys still outside in the main area of the dressing room were watching what was going on through the glass as if it was some sort of tv screen that a very lurid movie was unfolding on. That sensation of 'performing' mixed with the fact that Jessica had fantasized about this many times made the her feel powerful in a way even though she was at the mercy of the young men around her.

Darting her eyes back to Malcolm, Jessica licked her lips subtly without even realizing it. That gesture was a clear signal to Malcolm and Darrell that perhaps the stranded blonde socialite was wanting this more than she was letting on. Darrell watched Jessica's eyes closely as Malcolm slowly eased up to her, the contrast of size and color between the two stoking his arousal potently.

Jessica was pressed up against the desk and was literally cornered as Malcolm closed in. She tried her best not to look at his erect and imposing black cock as it stared her down and Jessica fought the urge to open her mouth to breath until a heavy, clamping sensation grasped her crotch forced her to gasp. Jessica didn't need to look down to realize that Darrell had eased up beside her and dug his palm and fingers into the thick material of Jessica's sweatpants, exploring them until she felt her cheerleader skirt underneath start to ride up her waist.

The time it took Jessica to focus on Darrell's advances, the next thing she realized was that Malcolm's throbbing dickflesh was actually brushing hotly against her right arm covering her chest.

Firmly planted on his knees right beside the standing beauty, Darrell dug his fingers into the heavy cotton mesh of Jessica's dark green sweatpants. Through it, he could feel the outline of the sweaty cheerleading outfit underneath. Looking up at Jessica, Darrell could see her chest heave under her arm as her breath went from short quick shallow gasps to a raspy halt the moment she realized Malcolm's cock was brushing against her golden skin.

With her forearm still clamped tightly over top of her surgically enhanced bosom, Jessica could feel goosebumps raise on her smooth tanned flesh as the towering black basketball player rolled his hips gently, causing the head and shaft of his throbbing pride to massage the length of Jessica's quivering right arm.

The room was eerily silent with the exception of the unsteady breathing of the 3 participants. Jessica stood as if she was a statue, freely allowing Malcolm to brush his manhood against her arm until she felt the heated weight of his balls collide with her elbow.

Jessica could also feel Darrell's manipulations and she was having a very difficult time fighting the urge to rock her hips in a reaction to the pleasant groping advances. As Jessica fought the battle to contain her senses on two fronts, suddenly she felt Darrell grab a fistful of the front of her sweatpants and with one powerful tear, ripped Jessica's pants down a foot or so until the elastic band rested diagonally across her genitals. Half of her well manicured blonde fleece was uncovered as her cheerleading outfit and matching blue panties came down with Darrell's gesture as well.

In a visceral, instinctual reaction to feeling her pants and underwear get ripped down, Jessica pulled her arm down from her chest in a failed attempt to stop Darrell. As her right hand closed around Darrell's wrist, Malcolm's cock was then freely allowed to fall against the weight of Jessica's huge, perfectly round breasts through her sweatshirt.

Feeling Jessica's hand clamp around his wrist didn't stop Darrell from doing exactly what he wanted to her. Flexing his fingers, Darrell raised his hand up until his fingertips begin teasing the outer rim of Jessica's slightly exposed puckering pink vagina.

Jessica kept her hand tightly wrapped around Darrell's wrist as the kneeling black kid beside her started to manually manipulate her girlish pussy. As she looked down at the contrast of her white skin on his dark skin, a voice very deep inside Jessica's head screamed that this really couldn't be happening. But as the rapidly exploding balls of electricity danced in her brain, Jessica was hard pressed to deny what they were about to do to her.

Feeling the damp, humid air of the locker room swirl against her now exposed vagina, Jessica gyrated seductively between Malcolm and Darrell's touch.

"Don't..." she muttered weakly.

The two men gave each other a knowing glance as if to say, "Can you believe this little white bitch wants this as bad as she does?"

With his rock hard chest planted right in Jessica's face, Malcolm looked down and saw the pretty blonde beneath him stare openly at his throbbing veiny spear. "Don't stare at it just might hurt ya!" Malcolm hissed.

Malcolm could see Jessica's eyes water and her blushing intensify as his cold words hit home but she never took her eyes off his cock.

As Malcolm's tinged words resonated inside Jessica's head, Darrell's sank his fingers inside her tight virgin snatch. Being a good catholic girl, Jessica had completely put out even though she had learned to use the art of the tease for all it was worth. The only sexual gratification that she had discovered was from her late nights alone in bed with nothing but her own curious fingers and what Darrell was doing with his digits right now was too much like what Jessica had learned when it came to bringing herself off. It was as if the black kid knew what would make her 18 year old pink pussy feel good.

Watching the way Jessica's mouth gaped open to breath as Darrell fingered her, a fresh idea washed into Malcolm's head. Leaning forward slightly, Malcolm placed his heavy hand on the back of Jessica's soft blonde hair and pulled her head closer to him. With her mouth already puckered open, Jessica didn't have time to stop herself from allowing her hot mouth from closing around Malcolm's sensitive and erect left nipple. "Lick it," Malcolm ordered as goosbumps began raising on his own naked flesh from the pleasant sensations of the young white girl's mouth and tongue licking his pec.

As Jessica debased herself on Malcolm's nipple, Darrell's fingers were now buried to the knuckles. Grinding his digits in slow deep thrusts, Darrell could feel the pressure from Jessica's pubic bone seem to try and crush his fingers. Fucking her tight cunt, alternating between her clit and g-spot with his thumb, all the time trying to expand the sheath to accommodate what was forthcoming, Darrell smiled at his partner and said, "Looks like we got some fun in store for us Malc'," as he smeared his index and middle digits inside her bubbling quim.

With Malcolm's brutal power holding her face to his chest, Jessica's body swayed wildly as her lust began over taking her. Wrapping her arms around Malcolm's naked waist and Darrell's shaved head, Jessica felt a strange and intangible force cause her to completely submit to her two suitors.

"GGGODDDD...DDDAMMMNNNN," Malcolm groaned as his dick hardened against Jessica's body from the feeling of her soft mouth teasing him. He could tell by the way her breathing quickened and suddenly stopped on his chest, the 18 year old preppy cheerleader was on the verge of losing it under the hand job she was receiving. "Bitch is gettin' ready to blow," Malcolm giggled down to Darrell.

Darrell looked up at Jessica's face as he jabbed his fingers in and out of her tight pink sheath. His dick hardened in his pants watching the way Jessica's angelic blonde mane flailed through the air as he violated her even though her face was still harshly pressed against Malcolm's chest. Darrell could sense from the way Jessica's body was beginning to convulse and from the way his hand and wrist had become thoroughly drenched from the liquid her pussy was dispensing that she wasn't far from cumming in the coach's office.

Leaning his head in a little closer, Darrell's nostrils were filled with the ripe scent of Jessica's young sex as he extended his slithering tongue right for the exposed marble sized clit in front of him.

As his tongue smacked into Jessica's raised bud, she furiously shot her head backwards causing Malcolm's hand to fly back with it. Both men looked down and marveled as it appeared that the teenage white girl between them suddenly became a cast member from "The Exorcist".

Staring down at Jessica with wide eyed amazement, Malcolm watched as the girl's head rocked back and forth as if it was on a hinge. Even though she looked every bit of the 18 year old girl that she was with her flawless facial features, heavy breasts and neatly trimmed pussy, the sounds rippling out of her mouth as she came sounded just like a helplessly submissive and thoroughly fucked little girl.

The sounds of Jessica's fitful screams echoed relentlessly against the walls of the small and cramped offices. When Malcolm's uplifted twitching cock grazed the front of Jessica's throat, his knees shook wildly feeling the vibrations of her vocal cords resonate on his erect black flesh.

"DDDDDAAAAAMMMMNNNNN," Malcolm groaned as he desperately took his cock in his hand and pumped it furiously 4 or 5 times until he sent a stream of white jism against Jessica's cheek and ear until the kid's cum started to pool in the fringe of her soft blonde hairline.

Darrell continued his lip and finger lock inside Jessica's pussy until all he sapped all the energy inside Jessica's body as he lapped up the nectar he had squeezed out of her cunt. Exhausted, all Jessica could do was wedge herself between her two black lovers and the desk behind her, suspended between them as she tried to collect senses.

After a few moments of savoring her joy behind her clenched eyes, shielding herself from seeing what she had actually done, she finally opened them and the reality of the situation smacked her psyche cruelly.

The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was the still seething head of Malcolm's cum smeared penis staring straight at her, apparently ready for more. It was then Jessica understood clearly what the hot sticky feeling caking that side of her face was. Looking down, Jessica next saw Darrell continue to bit and lick at her now gaping pussy as the words "please fuck me" incoherently dribbled from her lips.

When she mustered the strength the raise her gaze forward and to the left to look out at the assembled group of boys on the other side of the glass, what she saw made her heart momentarily freeze. None of the guys were standing there watching anymore. A moment later when she heard the office door swing open, Jessica realized her night was long from over...

To Be Continued...


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