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Loving Mother
by M527

A special thanks to Justin19m from IRC for your great details about your relationship.

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It all started very innocently. One morning, about a year ago, I had been taking a shower. I had thought that the house was empty. So I decided to walk from the bathroom to my room with nothing on except for a pair of boxer shorts. Little did I know that Mom had come home and was in the hall as I came outta the bathroom. At the time I already had a hard on and having Mom see me in my boxers was turning me on even more.

Let me tell you what Mom looks like before I continue. She's 5'08", slim because she works out all the time, shoulder length brunette hair, with blue eyes, 36c cup breasts, and the tightest ass I've ever seen on a 42 year old.

At first, I was too dumb founded to do anything. But when she didn't say anything, I started to notice that Mom was looking at my hard prick. I'm just like any other normal 19-year-old guy, I had fantasy about me and my Mom acting like lovers, but till now nothing had ever happened between us. Now, with her staring right at me, I flaunted it a little. She just smiled and apologized and walked to her room.

As much as I wanted to go after her, instead I went into my own room and jerked off. This was totally new to me and I had to think about how to proceed. I knew that since Mom & Dad had divorced, she hadn't really gone out much. I didn't have any siblings either to worry about. So it was just Mom and I.

I started flirting with Mom every chance I could. I would kiss her more as a lover than as a son. I would hug her tightly, with my hands gently rubbing against her ass. Soon, she was asking me to give her massages. Which was great, since it gave me a chance to rub up against her. I would rub her back, feet, legs, any part of her body that she wanted me to. After we both became comfortable with this, I got my first look at what my Mom had to offer.

One night, she wanted me to give her a foot massage. I did without complaint. Mom was wearing a button up blouse, and a short skirt that showed a lotta leg. I was hard immediately. When I started to rub her feet and I looked up, right up her skirt. Mom was giving me quiet the show. She had on lacy black panties, which showed off her pussy very nicely. I could see through them. I knew that Mom was wet, but I didn't know how I should proceed. I soon decided to work my way up her leg to see how far she would let me go. I rubbed her caves, then got to her thighs. I worked the outside of her thighs for a couple of minutes. Then I moved in between her legs.

This is when she finally stopped me. She thanked me for such a great massage and then went to take a shower. I thought about taking a shower right then too, but I didn't know how Mom would react. If she hadn't let me massage her inner thighs, I don't know if it would've been a good idea to join her in a shower.

It wasn't till the next morning that anything happened. I had been masturbating in my room while Mom was doing the laundry. She walked into my room and I had been just able to get the sheet over my hard prick. I was so close to cumming. I was nervous about her being there. She just smiled and told me it was ok and that it was normal for a guy my age to be doing that. She kissed me and her arm accidentally bushed up against my dick. That felt so damn good. Then without warning, she started stroking. I shot off in less than five seconds. After that we slowly got into mutual masturbating and oral sex.

Finally, just a couple of days ago, we had sex for the first time. I was massaging her back, and grinding into her pretty well. I was in boxers again, she was wearing panties. She told me she'd be right back. When she returned she had a condom and told me to put it on. I lay on my back while she mounted me for the first time. She rode me hard and fast till I jizzed.

The first time was the most erotic experience of my life. While both Mom and I are still lovers, we do it twice a week, and I've moved into her bed, I am still looking for a girl to settle down with. Hopefully, I'll find someone who is willing to let me spend some quality time with mom.


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