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LeeAnn's Secret Lust
by Alex Vertigo

Her legs were long and slender and lightly muscled. LeeAnn kept sneaking glances at them, following them up to where they disappeared under her flimsy summer dress. LeeAnn loved Hannah's eighteen year old body, she wished hers was just like it. Mind you, she sometimes loved her body. She much fuller breasts than Hannah, especially since she'd just turned eighteen last week and although she was slightly bigger build, she still had a slim frame and she loved how her breasts looked when she was naked.

"Look at that guy," Hannah said. "The one with the dark hair."

LeeAnn took her eyes away from Hannah's bra, the dark fabric outlined through her dress.

"Yeah, he's nice," she said perfunctorily.

"Wow," Hannah said, "look at the girl's hair." There was a redhead skating fast across the court. She was wearing something tight and black and LeeAnn could see her curves outlined.

"Look at the rest of her," LeeAnn said, her heart beating fast.

"I wish I had a body like that," Hannah said with a small smile.

"Oh God, you do. I'm so jealous," LeeAnn shifted her body closer to Hannah's. "You know how much I wish I had your body."

"Yeah, well, I'm willing to do a swap," Hannah laughed.

"With me?" LeeAnn said.

"My tits are too small," Hannah said with a pout.

"They're perfect," LeeAnn said breathlessly, before she could stop herself.

Hannah twisted her head to look into LeeAnn's eyes. "What do you mean by perfect?" A teasing smile played across her lips.

"They just, um, look so good on you." LeeAnn was blushing. Hannah was shocked. She'd never known LeeAnn felt this way. Sure, they'd talked about their bodies and sex and stuff, but LeeAnn had never said anything about being attracted to women.

"Do you like women's bodies?" Hannah asked, suddenly shy.

LeeAnn nodded, burying her face in her arm.

"Me too," Hannah said before she could change her mind.

"You're kidding!"

"You know my cousin Jodi? The lesbian?"

"Yeah," LeeAnn said. She knew cousin Jodi alright. LeeAnn had fantasised about cousin Jodi before.

"I watched her one day. With a girl. When the family was on holiday. Ever since then, I've wanted to try it."

"Being with a woman?"

"Not just any woman," Hannah whispered. She moved so her bare shoulder brushed against LeeAnn's arm.

LeeAnn could barely control herself. "I never knew you felt this way," she said. "I never would have guessed it."

Hannah suddenly moved and kissed LeeAnn's lips, her mouth slightly open. The tip of her tongue flicked out over LeeAnn's lips, probing between them, sliding over her teeth. LeeAnn gasped, her own tongue playing lightly against Hannah's.

"Not here," Hannah said, breaking the kiss. "I want you. All of you."

"No one's home at my house," LeeAnn said, her whole body suffused with desire.

They practically ran to LeeAnn's house, Hannah watching LeeAnn's breasts bounce as she moved, imagining running her hands over those luscious curves.

As soon as they got inside, the two girls were kissing, their bodies pressed tightly against each other. They kissed passionately, sucking on each other's lips and tongue. LeeAnn nibbled on Hannah's bottom lip gently, as she felt Hannah's hard nipples pressing against the swell of her breasts. Then their hands were running all over each other, caressing hot skin. LeeAnn slid her hand under the fabric of Hannah's short dress, squeezing her firm thighs. Her fingertips brushed the front of Hannah's panties and Hannah moaned into her mouth. She pulled the dress up, over Hannah's head and took it off. Then she unhooked the bra and let Hannah's breasts fall free. Her nipples were standing out and she couldn't believe how long they were. She rubbed her thumb over one stiff nipple and Hannah squealed with delight. She grabbed LeeAnn's wrist and pushed her hand over her breast. LeeAnn squeezed hard, as Hannah pressed down and Hannah nodded.

"Yes, squeeze my tits, pinch my nipples."

LeeAnn went one better, ducking her head to suck on Hannah's incredibly long, sexy nipples. Swirling it with her tongue, sucking it right into her mouth and scraping her top teeth over it. Hannah responded with moans and with her fingers working their way up her thighs. LeeAnn spread her legs, giving Hannah access to her soft centre.

"No panties," Hannah murmured into her ear while LeeAnn busily sucked on her nipple. "You sexy bitch."

Hannah's finger brushed against LeeAnn's warm mound and found that she was already sopping. She pressed down on LeeAnn's hard little clit and then rammed two fingers deep into her wetness. LeeAnn gasped and bit down on Hannah's breast.

"Yes, yes, bite me," Hannah moaned, her fingers moving stickily in and out of LeeAnn's hot cunt. She rotated her thumb around LeeAnn's clit and kept her fingers sliding in and out fast.

"I'm going to come," LeeAnn said fiercely, grinding her warm wetness down onto Hannah's hand. Hannah grabbed LeeAnn's head with her free hand and pushed it down harder onto her breast, wanting to feel her mouth and tongue and teeth against her flesh. LeeAnn exploded, her cunt spasming around Hannah's hand. She went wild, sucking and biting at Hannah's firm titflesh.

"I'm coming too," Hannah's said, losing herself in the feeling of LeeAnn working over her breasts and her slippery warmth coating her fingers. The orgasm hit her slow, and she rode it as it peaked, grabbing LeeAnn's hair and pulling her head back so they could kiss.

Once Hannah had stopped shaking, she pushed LeeAnn back onto the couch and proceeded to remove her top. When she saw LeeAnn's breasts, she felt like she was going to come all over again. They were so big and sexy. She began to nuzzle them, squeezing them together and burying her face in them with soft licks and bites. She then moved up to straddle LeeAnn's body. She pinched one nipple hard and tugged it out so she could rub it over her clit. First she ran her finger along her slit, moistening it and then rubbed her juices over her clit. Then when LeeAnn's hard nipple was flicked against her clit she was in heaven. LeeAnn reached up and starting fingering her, pushing a finger in and out of her and she rubbed against the large nipple.

"Hannah," LeeAnn said, "I want your cunt on my face. Please?"

"You want me to ride your tongue, slut?" Hannah asked. "You want to taste my juices, feel my dripping cunt ooze all over your face?"

"Yessss," LeeAnn hissed. Hannah wriggled forward and let LeeAnn grip her thighs. Her tonguetip slowly slid around her clit, moving langourously down her slit and then gently probed at her wet hole. Hannah gasped, her hands moving to her breasts and caressing. LeeAnn began to lap greedily at Hannah's delicious little cunt, tasting as much of her juice as she could. Hannah could feel another orgasm coming on.

"Fuck me with your tongue," she shouted, "Shove your tongue in my slutty cunt."

"Yes, you want it, don't you bitch?" LeeAnn grinned up at her. Then she pushed her tongue in as far as she could, fucking Hannah with her long tongue, curling it and twisting it inside her.

Hannah came almost instantly, a gush of juice coating LeeAnn's gorgeous face. LeeAnn didn't let up though, she kept lapping and licking and sucking Hannah's pussy lips, making her cum again, three times, four. Hannah pinched her own nipples as hard as she could, feeling better than she'd ever felt before. Eventually, when the sensation faded, she moved down and curled up next to LeeAnn, caressing her delightful curves.

They kissed softly, Hannah tasting herself on LeeAnn's lips and tongue.

"Friends forever," she said, looking into her best friend's eyes.


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