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Laurel's Tale
by Laurel the Slave Girl

Sitting at the foot of my mistress' divan, I followed the direction of her view. Her gaze, intense and hungry, rested upon a manservant. From his dress and slave bonds, I knew he was chattel...just like me. I glanced backwards to Milonia Caesonia's face. She knew better than to display her lust openly in front of Gaius Caligula, her husband and her emperor.

Caligula's jealousies as well as fits of madness were common knowledge. He executed his lovers with a swiftness that was legendary. I looked quickly in his direction. Tonight he was honouring his stallion since he had named the horse Senator this week past. Caligula's face was contorted with a maniacal grin as the Senators were paying homage to his horse. I was just glad that his looks where not in my direction. My hands dropped to my hands and wrists; my wrists were also adorned with slave bracelets. The gold bracelets were adorned with flowers, but shackles of a slave nonetheless. I didn't have to touch my neck to feel the weight of a golden collar. I was marked.

I heard Milonia tapping her ring impatiently tapping against her wine chalice. I rose to my feet, quickly and silently, to refill her goblet. Though I dared not look at her face, I know she studied mine for some glimmer of emotion. My resemblance to Drucilla, the Emperor's favorite sister, was noticeable. I downplayed the speculation as I could; I bound my breasts; I washed my hair with roots and berries that darkened it's golden colour and I almost always kept my head bowed low.

Milonia knew of the similarity. She hissed under her breath, "Any slower bitch and I will have you bound and sent to the Emperor's bed."

I scurried back to my place, dropping my chin even lower. I dared not look up. I listened to the lyre and flute music coupled with the sounds of the crowd, the obsequious masses that curried Caligula's favour whilst behind his back laughing at his insanity and his cruelty. Those that survived laughed at those unlucky souls that attracted his wrath. They were tortured, abused in unspeakable ways, only to be killed. Never would it be said nor written that Caligula killed with kindness. A more debauched, sadistic, crueler man did not exist in the Roman Empire.

Tonight was no different. I heard the girl scream as she was dragged into the main hall. The Praetorian Guard had encircled Marcus Fineus as he rushed towards the center of the room. He looked at Caligula and stated in a trembling voice, "Why do you bring my daughter here?"

Caligula's sardonic smile was pure evil. "Now Marcus Fineus, you know that your daughter is the finest whore in all of Rome. I appreciate your generosity in offering her fees tonight as gifts for my horse's new stable."

I looked up to see a young woman, hair in disarray. She still had the look of a virgin.

That is when Caligula stood on his divan and yelled in his most commanding voice, "Marcus' daughter Olivia Fineus is available for taking. I will take the first 3 bids to possess such a lovely piece of womanflesh." The bids started coming in, and I watched the girl sold for three bids of 15 pieces of gold per man. Caligula clapped and another divan was brought into the middle of the room. Olivia was stripped and although she struggled against the 4 pairs of hands that held her, you could see her vulnerability, her curls so tender at the apex of her thighs.

I imagined her fear and then I allowed my mind to go blank and watched three men engulf her, eating and biting at her tender buds of breasts and nipping at her semi-developed hips. The first thrust from the Ethiopian prince caused her to bleed on him. He dipped his hands between her legs and held up his fingers, sticky and red with her blood. With all the couplings, they were brutal. The last man chose to take her as the Greeks coupled. He motioned for the guards to turn her over and he ravaged her ass, his thrusts deep and insistent. Her crying and wails ceased and she was so silent underneath him.

When he finished and wiped himself on her torn clothing, Caligula tossed two gold pieces back to him stating "Antonius, that wasn't much of a fuck was it?" Caligula then walked over and turned her face towards him. As he felt her neck, he motioned for the court physician to attend to her. When the medic proclaimed, "The girl, my liege, is dead." Caligula shrugged and motioned for her body to be taken away. Dropping the gold pieces one by one from one hand to the other, he looked at Marcus Finus and said, "Leave and attend to your household senator, your daughter was not meant to be a whore; but perhaps your wife was?"

I sat at Milonia's feet, to answer her every whim. In some ways it was a heinous joke. Yes, I was Caligula and Drucilla's half sister. They were the offspring of their father with his wife; myself, the offspring of a slave girl owned by the family. Drucilla and I were born in the same year and I was given to her as a body servant in her sixth year. I watched and tended her. In her maturation I was a silent witness to her relations with her brother.

In some ways I was nothing more than a pet to her; a trained animal relegated to serve her every need. As the night dragged on, my mind conjured pictures of bathing her bruised and battered body after her wildly intense couplings with Caligula. I stood as mute witness as he took her, over and over again. He fucked her, as a male dog would take a bitch in heat. My mind replayed her moans as his thrusting cock battered her pussy as he bent over her back to bite her on the neck as a stallion does when it mounts a mare, drawing blood. Vividly I remember that instead of crying out in pain, Drucilla screamed with pleasure.

I shook my head as if to scatter the thoughts from my conscience. Yet my mind drifted back to sweet Drucilla, dead these two years past. Drucilla was a vivid and beautifully capricious mistress. Although our mothers were different; our looks were amazingly similar. We both carried the fine Roman profile of our father, the Senator. Strong cheekbones and a full mouth gave our features a sensual beauty.

From our childhood we were both graced with golden hair, although my mother coloured mine to avoid speculation. As we matured our breasts became ample fruits and our hips broadened to easily accommodate the birth of children. Whereas Drucilla's figure grew plump with the wonderful delicacies that power and privilege yielded, my body remained lean. The only generosity being the depth of the valley between by breasts, bound to minimize attention. I loved her as much as an abused cur will follow the master that beats it. I sat in silence as Caligula and Drucilla became lovers; serving her, listening to her, and eventually loving her as the legendary Poetess Sappho of the island of Lesbos described.

It was in the binding of love that I knew that I was nothing more than a plaything to her. As Caligula became more depraved, Drucilla sought to keep him inextricably tied to her. One eve after I had dressed her hair, bathed and anointed her body with precious perfumes and dressed her in diaphanous silk that she took me into her arms. Instead of casting my eyes downward, I gazed into her beautiful blue eyes and offered my mouth to my mistress. Drucilla smiled, yet her smile wasn't loving; it was completely devious and totally wicked. She claimed my mouth beneath her own, biting my lips gently. As our kisses deepened, our tongues playing in the sanctity of our mouths, she caressed my breasts through the fabric.

She slid a hand under the binding and teased my nipples until they ached with pleasure, warming me. It filled me with the desire to please her because pleasing her would sate my very desire. I sank to my knees and slowly drew the silk upward. Drucilla clucked her tongue and pulled me up.

"I have other plans for you tonight, slave," she said.

She guided me to a pillar. "Embrace it as you would me," she ordered. I wrapped my arms around its coldness. The marble warmed to my skin. I felt her hand stroke down my back. "Sweet Laurel," I heard her murmur in my ear. "Please me.... do as I command and you will be given the honour of lying with me.... on those sweet smelling sheets of linen that you placed on my bed not an hour past."

I trembled beneath her touch. "As you command mistress," I answered.

"Excellent, slave, when he comes, do as I bid.... and you will be rewarded!" she said, her voice husky with excitement.

I felt her hands holding my arms to the column, and then I felt another pair of hands threading rope through the brass slave bracelets that I wore. My hands and arms were urged higher as I felt the ropes guide them upward. I whined as the bonds were tightened.

"My sweet plaything, save your tears to excite me later," she giggled. I sensed her moving away from my body and I turned my head to look at her. I could see her bending over her wooden chest bearing a length of azure silk. It was a royal colour, reserved for the royal house of Gaius Caesar. "It would never do for your lovely profile to be seen. My Lord may decide that you are worthy for his attention, and that will never, ever do" she stated, her voice cold.

She covered my face with the slippery sheer cloth. It masked my features, but allowed me to see everything within my range of motion. She tied it around my neck, the blue silk faintly resembling a face cloth that covers one of the dead prior to being wrapped in a shroud. I shifted my weight from foot to foot, my arms becoming tired from their awkward position. I could see Drucilla pacing the room, waiting.

Neither she nor I had long to wait. The Emperor of Rome entered the room. Drucilla stopped her pacing to gift him with a dazzling smile. Caligula stared at her beauty and smiled. He appraised her dress, assessing her features.... the sheer silk revealing her plump thighs, the gentle swell of her belly, and the ripeness of her breasts. Her nipples were as plump strawberries, pulling the fabric taunt. He took her into his arms and peeled the veil covering her body away. Laughing, he picked her up and dropped her in the middle of her bed.

"Oh Great Caligula, I present a gift to whet your tremendous appetite," she spoke. She lifted herself from the bed, and taking Caligula's dagger from its sheath, walked over to me. I felt the knife at my neck and I trembled, wondering if I was to be killed, just for his whim. Drucilla slit the fabric on the back of my short housedress, baring my body for his view. I heard his sharp intake of breath as I wriggled helplessly against the column, my nudity making me vulnerable.

"My Lord, it would please me to watch you punish my slave for," she paused, searching for a excuse to continue, "pulling my hair while she styled it this eve." Drucilla's voice was heavy with desire; the mere thought of pain being inflicted served as potent an aphrodisiac as the raw oysters she had ordered for their repast. Just the sound of her arousal affected me. In spite of my nudity, my body flushed with warmth.

Caligula's laugh was low and intense. "Ah, precocious beauty, your desires ignite mine!" He picked up her body and redeposited it on the divan. "I wish you to enjoy my love," he laughingly commented. From my hazy view, I could see the whip that Drucilla drew from beneath the pillows. I closed my eyes and felt the heat begin in my belly. I turned my head to look towards my mistress. I could see Drucilla had worked her way to the foot of the bed to lie on her stomach to watch the proceedings.

As the Emperor stood directly behind me, I could not see him, no matter which way I turned my head. I could only hear the whip as he tested it against his palm. I jumped as I felt his hand caress the length of my flank. His hand was cool and firm, reminding me of how he might stroke his stallion. "Drucilla, my sweetness, she has no marks showing that she has ever tasted the whip before," he commented.

I tasted fear, as I knew that I would be marked, both physically and emotionally by this this sweet torture. He grabbed my hair through the silk and pulled my head back. "Slave, do you deserve this punishment?" he asked. My thoughts ran through my mind, I knew my behavior did not merit a beating, but I knew that if I did not do this for my mistress, she would have me killed, or worse, send me away from her. All of my life I had been trained to serve her. My voice, low and distinct, replied "My Lord, I have displeased my mistress and I take the punishment, gladly, to bring myself back into her good graces."

I heard the whip slice the air before it hit. The blow landed low on my back and no matter how I had steadied myself for the taste of it, the pain that spread through the skin consumed my mind. Caligula did not hurry his way through the beating. He took his time, and after the fifth blow I started crying. The hot tears wet the silk and I started sobbing as the pain flooded my body. Yet, as each downward motion brought the pain to a new height, I also felt my body respond. My nipples tightened and my pussy started leaking.

Somewhere between the 8th and 10th lash mark, Caligula ran the whip between my legs, laughing, as the leather was wet when withdrawn. He commented over his shoulder, "I guess she is enjoying her punishment, sweet one." I felt the next lash mark draw blood, and as it dripped down my back, I felt my juices flow down my leg. Caligula pointed this out to Drucilla, and he paused long enough to run his hand up the inside of my thigh, pulling the moisture back to my love place. He stuck his hand between my legs and thrust his fingers into my aching pussy. At the same time, he ran his tongue along the open lash mark, the saltiness of his mouth causing the stoke to burn with the same intensity of his hand in my pussy.

I felt my body start to tremble and I knew that I would spend, no matter how much I tried to contain it. The Emperor laughed, a long cruel laugh, and removed his hand. I writhed and moved trying to find his body. He stepped back away and said, "Drucilla my sweet, I think that we had best leave her be. Her current state of torment will be torture enough for now." As I started to cry and rock my body against the pillar, I glanced to see that Caligula had dropped his toga and was now suckling Drucilla's tits.

In a combined state of pain and pleasure, I watched their lovemaking through the anonymity of my veil. As my pussy lips remained engorged and dripping, I watched Drucilla begin to eat at his cock. His prick was large, and thickly veined, an angry looking knob that would batter a woman. Licking from the tip she teased until his pearly white essence wet his penis. I could see her pussy splayed open, for me to see as he rose on his legs and began to thrust in and out of her mouth. His ass, taunt and firm with his youth flexed with each stroke. Drucilla's hands were playing at her pussy, working her fingers back and forth to her exposed clit; her hands were teasing me by teasing herself.

I shuttered, but from my position, I could not get any relief. Nothing to rub myself against, for the column was too broad. I whined and whimpered along with their sounds of lovemaking. When Caligula jettisoned his seed into Drucilla's mouth, I could only hear his groan of pleasure and the slurping sounds as Drucilla swallowed his jism. Shortly upon withdrawing, I watched the Emperor watch Drucilla reach her peak by touching herself whilst he kissed her mouth and her breasts.

For a long time they coupled, although the coupling was more loving that brutal this night. Mayhap the brutality was given to me that evening. After Caligula left Drucilla's suite, she clapped for servants who unbound me. She took me to her private baths where she watched as servants bathed me. Drucilla laid me face down on her bedding and tended the wounds on my back herself. It was then that the brass slave bracelets were removed only to be replaced with fine golden ones. When she finished, she joined me in bed, holding me, yet I never was allowed to orgasm. It was as if she wanted desire and pain to always be the same for me. And I never felt more close to her, yet more apart in our short lives.

And I remembered Drucilla's face as she died in my arms. The poison was quick, but painful. Caligula had Drucilla poisoned, because she belonged only to him and it was his whim for her to die. My punishment was living to serve his current wife, and to remember her sweet pussy; sinking my face into that place and loving her, completely and absolutely.

I stared blankly ahead, not looking at Caligula nor Milonia, trapped in this place at this time knowing the cruelty of the Roman Empire and the world there.


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