The Best Erotic Stories.

by Alex Finch

I drove as fast as I could. I still had her call fresh in my mind.

My Thea, my darling Thea. We had so much fun in high school. Soft kisses in class, warm hugs at night. And sex. So much sex. Neither of us had gone a single day without being laid since we had begun going out. And now she was gone for four weeks already. I thought I would go crazy. I wanted to stay faithful to her, I really did. But I had grown to love sex so much that I couldn't stand going without. But then her call had arrived at four in the afternoon, after my classes:

"Baby, I'm so fucking horny. I've been masturbating every morning and every night for the last five days, but it doesn't help. I need you so fucking bad... I mean I love your calls and your e-mails every day and I always feel like you're here but... you're not. And I'm gonna starve without some physical care. So here's what you need to do. I know you're off work tonight from your e-mail this morning. Get in your car right now and drive here. It's not too far. I'll be waiting and I promise you we'll fuck like no one ever did before."

I hopped in my car right after that. And after five hours of non-stop driving, I was there, at the gates to the school. I ripped my car into a space (hope I don't get towed) and broke into a full run. I had never been so horny, and I had been masturbating even more than she had. I shot across the fields and by the buildings, until I reached the girls' dorm. And there she was, standing on the steps, looking out for anyone who might resemble me.

Oh my Thea. She looked even more tempting than she had when we saw each other every day. Her skin was always tan, a light olive tone. She had an incredible body, not really thin but far from fat. She was like a classical painting, all fleshy and sculpted and inviting. Her brown hair was totally down now, and it lay gently on her shoulders. She wore black wind-pants and the school sweatshirt. She wore her thick, black glasses on her flawless face; she was licking her full lips to keep them moist in the chilly air. And I knew she was serious because she wore her woolly green and red socks, with sandals. I loved those socks; they were so fucking cute, and on her they added a touch of innocence to such a scaldingly sexy girl.

I shouted her name (panting) and she looked over. Her whole face lit up and it looked like she might shriek in joy. And she did in fact.

"Yes! Holy shit yes! Baby, you're here! Oh my God... I missed you!"

And before I reached her to say that I missed her too, she turned around, looked at me, and said:

"Follow me... we're gonna fuck so much you'll be blind by tomorrow!"

And with that, she reached down and unbuckled her sandals, and kicked them into the field behind me.

"Kiss my feet if you want it..." she laughed. I ran up the steps and kissed her outstretched foot, still clad in woolly sock. She giggled wildly and kicked out the other foot, and I kissed it too. And then she ran away from me, up to the front door of the dorm. She smiled widely, and pulled the lace holding her windpants up out of the knot it was in. And right in the doorway, she let her pants drop down to her socks. She wore purple boxers. I gasped in disbelief. People were watching! But she only giggled harder and said, "C'mon in. I'm gonna give you a tour before I fuck you." A number of girls passing through the door giggled, and Thea marched inside, leaving her pants on the steps. I was stunned, but I followed.

She stood in the middle of the room and waited for me to get in. Then she winked at me, arched her back, and strutted slowly across the room to the couches by the TV. She hopped up onto a couch, stood on her toes, and flung the sweatshirt up over her head. It landed on the TV. Underneath, she wore a snug-looking flannel pajama shirt, red and blue plaid, which barely covered her upper body. I could see her pierced navel, as her tiny potbelly hung from under the shirt. "Now get your shirt off too!" she shouted. I hesitated, as there were at least five girls sitting by that TV, watching Thea in amazement.

"Get your shirt off or the tour's over!" she teased as she hopped in her socks up and down on the couch. I reluctantly pulled my shirt off and threw it aside. I was horny enough. And as I saw how surprised the girls sitting there were, I grew even hornier. I could already feel the pre-cum moistening my briefs. Thea squealed in delight and hopped over the couch, onto the floor. She scurried up to the stairwell, and I was close behind.

Reaching the bottom of the steps, I was suddenly pelted in the head by a sock. I looked up and saw Thea sitting on the banister, her bare, heavenly legs curled up tightly underneath her. She slowly pulled off the other sock and dangled it above me. Then, she slowly pulled open her shorts and slipped the sock inside and gasped in joy as she rubbed it all around. After a minute, she pulled it out and tossed it down to me. I caught it and took a deep whiff of her musky scent. I thought my dick would tear through my pants in desire! She called, "Sorry, no socks on the upper floor!"

She then darted through the doorway. I tossed off my shoes and socks and bolted up barefoot. I entered the hall and was amazed by all the girls there. Some sat in the hall, studying, and some just stood and chatted. And there was my Thea in the middle of the hall. "Suck my toes, now!!!" she demanded. So as before, I approached and she stuck her foot out. I popped her big toe into my mouth and sucked it. I rolled my tongue along each of the toes, and massaged her tiny, delicate foot as I pleased her. I did the same to her other foot. The girls were amazed, seeing this shirtless guy suck on this girl's toes in the hall. They would be even more amazed.

After I had finished, Thea skipped down to the very middle of the hall, blew me a kiss, and ripped her pajama shirt open, sending buttons everywhere. She wore a lacy white bra, her big, soft boobs almost tearing the fabric. And my jaw hit the floor as she began to shimmy and shake and almost slide out of her boxers, revealing the tiniest white thong panties I had ever seen. They were very moist, I saw.

Thea howled with mirth and dropped into a room. I whispered to myself, "Man, I wonder what all these people think...." One girl looked up and said, "Oh, she's like this all the time. She usually walks around the building in nothing but a thong. Her roommate says she has like fifty of them, and only two pairs of clothes." "Yeah," added another, "She wears those pajamas to class all the time, usually barefoot. She does wear socks occasionally. In every computer class she's always downloading porno..."

And yet another chimed in, "This morning she came to breakfast ass-naked. And after she ate, she lay down on the couch and started fucking masturbating in front of everyone! But I'm used to it. It looks really freeing... I wish I had the nerve to do that." I never knew Thea was so exhibitionistic! She was really uninhibited in high school, but never anything like this! "Well... does she bother anyone..."

I began to say, but I was quickly cut off by a girl. "I love Thea!" she shouted. She's so cool with herself... everyone here loves her too!" Another one spoke up, "Yeah, a whole bunch of us on this floor were talking... when we come home for Thanksgiving, we're leaving all our clothes at home, except for one pair for class, and bringing back a ton of underwear for hanging out in..."

Suddenly, loud music erupted from the room Thea was in. Loud, fast, dance music. Thea bounced out in her tiny undies, and began to do an amazing bump and grind routine for me. She smooshed her barely clothed boobs together and licked them, she bent over and wiggled her absolutely awesome ass in my face, she danced and shook and bounced and worked up a big sweat. And I noticed that all the other girls were dancing too.

"Get your clothes off! All of them!" she howled. I unbuttoned my pants and slipped them off. With all these women laughing and dancing and staring, I had never been so nervous and so horny at the same time! And as I stood in my briefs, Thea walked over, smooched my lips very softly, and tore those briefs right off. My cock felt so good in the cool air of the dorm; the girls stared disbelieving at my seven-and-a half inches.

"Rip my clothes off, too," whispered Thea. I easily tore away the gentle lace of the bra; her boobs burst out, her nipples dark and perky. Then I fell to my knees and ripped off her thong. Her pubes were trimmed nicely, almost in a crew cut. I grabbed the big, soft cheeks of her wonderful ass and began to lap at her pussy lips. She was so wet, she practically dripped into my mouth. I ate her out in long stokes, all around in a circle, just as she loved it. I'd tease her clit every few circles too, and I heard her moan above me. She tasted better than she ever had before.

And I ate her for ten minutes, in front of all of her friends, till her warm, slightly jiggly thighs were sticky with her own fluids. Then she pulled my head away and stood me up. "Let's go somewhere more... interesting," she murmured, kissing me softly. So we wandered to the elevator on the floor, past countless amazed girls. She hit the button, and as we waited she began to stroke my dick, very softly and slowly. My pre-cum had made it wet and hot, and it felt awesome being massaged. I gasped in joy and planted quick kisses on her cheek, until the elevator opened. The elevator was packed with girls, and we strolled in totally naked and completely aroused.

I felt the elevator was going up, not down. Thea bent over in the crowded car, and began to pleasure me, licking my cock and most of my stomach. Soon, she popped it into her mouth and gently sucked it, teasing out every ounce of pre-cum with her tongue. I was in total ecstasy, and was amazed by the girls. None seemed surprised. Some smiled affectionately at Thea, and patted her back. Some even giggled and tickled her ass cheeks, which only made Thea use her tongue more as she struggled to laugh with my dick in her mouth. We must have stopped to let girls on or off at every floor. Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime of glorious sucking (and at least five achingly good rim-jobs) we hit the top floor. Thank God, my dick was about to burst.

We strolled, arm in arm, into another hall. We passed through a door into a huge, empty room. There were five big, overstuffed couches in the center. We sat down on one and she murmured to me, "Honey I missed you so much... I cry all the time at night 'cause I'm not in your arms..."

"Aw, Thea," I said, "You're doing so great here. You have so many friends..." She chuckled and smooched my nose. "Yeah, I've got every girl's room on my floor going. Walls covered with pictures of naked men, gigs more on their computers, porno stuffed under their beds... I love it! But it's not perfect, because I'm missing you... gimmie a kiss sweetie."

Our tongues wrapped around each other and we tasted each our own sexual juices in the other's mouth. We sucked every ounce of flavor out of each other's tongues and teased each other even more. Then we'd stop. Smile at each other. Kiss again, like kids on prom night. And after twelve of the most amazing kisses I had ever received, Thea looked at me and whispered, "Fuck me right here." I sat her up on my lap, hugged her as tightly as I could, and thrust my dick deep into her.

It was so wet and soft and hot and wonderful, I was afraid I'd cum immediately. But I controlled myself and we fucked for a while in that sitting position. Then I flipped her over and we went doggy-style for a few minutes. The pressure in my dick grew more and more as I licked every inch of her back and squeezed her tits as hard as I could. She smelled so good, felt so soft, and tasted so scrumptious. And then I flipped her onto her back and fucked and pumped as hard as I could. I pushed her legs back till her feet were almost behind her head, and caressed her tits with my hands.

I kissed her over and over as we made love, and she would scream in pleasure when my tongue didn't fill her mouth. It was, without a doubt, the best sex I had ever had. And finally, at last, we came. My orgasm lasted for what seemed like an hour, and hers was still going on as I finished. I looked down and saw my huge load of cum dripping down her legs. Thank God for the pill. And I looked up and saw...

Every fucking girl in the dorm.

This was the dorm meeting room, I later found out, and a meeting was scheduled for right now. And I nearly passed out from fright, but the girls began to clap. And then cheer loudly. And I looked down at Thea and she said to me, "I love you so fucking much, honey." And we kissed again. And again. And again.

I got home at six in the morning. Just in time for class. Learned nothing. But I didn't mind, I could make up the work. Besides, I had better things to dwell on. The girls in that dorm had gotten used to Thea providing some excitement all the time, and they wanted to join in. At the meeting they had passed a new rule: beginning in the second semester, only bras, panties, and socks were allowed to be worn after six PM. And absolutely no clothes allowed on weekends or days off. And they made her promise to ask me something. And of course I complied with my Thea. I'd be back every week. Hell, twice a week if things got too boring. Oh who am I kidding?

I was back that very night.


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