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Movers & Shakers
by Clark Bryant

My wife and I were moving out of our tiny apartment in San Antonio into a home we had just purchased clear across town. It was closer to my new work place, and her commute would be easier, so we financed, banked and signed off on the dotted line < the new place was ours!

I called a moving company in the book, since we weren't all that familiar with any single place here in town, it being our first move since we'd arrived in a self-packed U-Haul two years earlier. On moving day, the MoversExpress truck showed up, and I began instructing them on what went first, second, etc.

After the first truck was loaded the three movers piled into their truck and followed us to the new place. It only took one hour to load, and the drive was a half-hour, so we figured we were way ahead of time. This would allow me to drive back to the house, get my computer/printer/fax and take it over to my new office while the movers unloaded.

My wife, Nadiya, was exhausted from the week of packing required to get ready. As soon as the movers unloaded the first chair, she plopped down in it, and directed the men around the new place. We had turned the AC on immediately, but it was still hot, as most July days are in San Antonio. The movers took off their shirts, and I couldn't blame them, as hot and sweaty as we were getting.

Nadiya went to the kitchen to begin unpacking some glasses as I declared I was heading back to the house for my electronics, and that I'd be back in an hour or two, in time for them to return with another load of furniture.

I left Nadiya and headed out in my Accord ... the rest is what she relayed to me several days later, all of which I had no idea of.

Just minutes after I left, the movers went on a 15-minute break, grabbing some quick bites to eat outside under a shade tree. Nadiya invited them into the house, since the AC was starting to cool off the downstairs. They sat in the dining room, adjacent to the kitchen, while Nadiya unpacked glasses and china.

Nadiya is 5'5", 130 pounds, 34C-24-32 with a great ass and beautiful ebony complexion (I am white, by the way). We've been married for 9 years, and our two kids were at their grandparents in Dallas for three weeks while we closed up one home and moved to another.

Nadiya is very attractive, and often admits to being a flaunter or teaser ... but only when she wants to. On moving day she wore an ordinary T-shirt (one of mine) and a pair of shorts, nothing too revealing or anything. After all, we were going to be working, packing, moving, etc.

Nadiya offers the three a cold Coke from the fridge, they say yes. When she retrieves them she bends over, only to feel a hand on her ass. She straightens up, quickly, only to find Jorge, the moving team leader, standing there, thanking her for the drinks. He walks away as if nothing happened.

Nadiya brushed it off ‹ maybe she stepped back into him when she got the drinks, she says she thought.

Later, as she's putting away bowls and plates, she reaches to the ver-r-r-r-r-r-ry top shelf when, all of a sudden, she feels someone behind her ... and I mean RIGHT behind her ... like, someone rubbing a crotch against her ass. She dropped the glasses, which broke, and tried to swing around. But two arms shot forward, raising hers in the air. It's Jorge again, leaning forward to whisper sexy things in her ear.

He tells her they've been watching as she eyed their muscular bodies, they've been seeing her start to joke around, and tease around, with them more, since her husband went away. He softly tells her that they want to show her the pleasure she was envisioning as she watched them strain, their muscles bulging, lifting the heavy furniture and placing it where she was telling them to.

Was I? she thought to herself ... had I been eyeing these men, was I giving off this sense of sexual passion to these guys, not knowing I was teasing them? Or, was I subconsciously teasing them? All these thoughts ran simultaneously through her mind as Jorge whispered more things in her ear, nibbled on her earlobe ...

"Ahhh, Nadiya, I can tell by the way you are moving you, too, are turned on," she heard him say. While she was lost deep in thought from the stunning developments, Jorge had begun to feel up Nadiya's breasts ... and she has some very very sensitive nipples, about eraser-sized. "You move back against me ... do you feel this cock, my hard cock, waiting for you?" Indeed, Nadiya had almost instinctively begun to move against his hardness, as she had done so often to me when I've snuck up behind her in a hornier-than-hell mood and done just about the same.

In fact, when Jorge lowered his arms, he made Nadiya keep hers up on the shelf door. She did as he asked, and he lowered his hands to firmly grasp her breasts, squeezing and mashing them, while she closed her eyes, in total disbelief as to what was happening.

"Yes .. yes, baby, mmmmmm, you like, you like," Jorge told her. "Tell me you like it, tell me you like it," he said, both hands grasping her full breasts, pulling her upright while grinding his cock, straining at his jeans, into her beautiful ass. She remained silent, I'm sure a flood of emotions overwhelming her. "Come on baby, admit you like it, you're a hot woman, we're here to cool you down," and with that he dropped an ice cube down her cleavage.

Nadiya let out a loud "cooo-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh...." when that happened, and Jorge reached down and WHISK! whipped the T-shirt over her breasts, up her arms and off her head in one swift motion. "Yeh, babe, yeh, yeh, we're here for you ... mmmm," he said, now caressing her orbs through the shiny gray seamless bra she was wearing. Suddenly, Nadiya felty a hand on her head ... while she had her eyes closed, Roberto, another mover, had jumped up on the counter, seated right before her where Jorge spun her around to, a stiff 6 or 7 inch cock staring right at her!

"Tell Roberto how much you like what you see!" Jorge said, reaching down to unsnap her jeans and start unzipping them. Nadiya was totally in shock and totally mesmerized, all at the same time. Jorge knew he no longer had to restrain her, that she knew what was coming next ... as Roberto, one hand in my wife's straightened-black hair and the other at the base of his cock, jammed my wife's mouth down over his rigid cock.

Nadiya enjoys oral sex, but mainly when I deliver. She seldom gives me head, but with Roberto hard in her mouth and Jorge easing her jeans to the floor and me 1 to 2 hours away, she leaned forward and took his cock in her hand.

"Ayyy!" Roberto shouted, bringing Leon, the third mover, sprinting into the kitchen. Unlike the Spanish Jorge and Roberto, Leon was black like Nadiya, but he towered over her, standing 6'3", about 225. "I want me some of this woman, guys, back up," he told Jorge, who lowered her jeans to find a pair of bright purple panties. "Oh man, will you look at this, she KNEW we were coming for her today!" Jorge said, caressing my wife's ass through the sexy material.

Nadiya moved her ass back and forth, under the swift hands of Jorge, while Leon unzipped and sprouted his large cock out. Jorge dipped down and began sucking my wife's ass and pussy region right through her panties, causing her to let out some low, guttural moans that I am very familiar with, the kind she lets go of when she's really, really enjoying the sex.

"Bring da bitch over here, I'm gonna fuck her right now!" Leon said, now sitting in a kitchen chair. Jorge led Nadiya over to him, making Roberto abandon his spot in her mouth. They lowered Nadiya back on Leon's big big dick, she said it was probably 8, 9 inches long and very very thick. It stuck in her, jabbing at first, a little painful ,she said, but he began to work it, his big powerful hands commandeering her hips to and fro upon his large member.

Jorge grabbed my wife's head and brought it down to his cock, now out and erect as hell, and started fucking her awaiting face. "Wait, I think I ‹" was all she got out before she had a mouth full of Jorge. Roberto focused on her breasts, using a pair of mover's scissors to quickly cut right through the bra and underwire, exposing her hanging breasts. He bent and sucked them, playing with the erect nipples, biting them as Jorge's cock muffled her screams of delight at that. She always loves it when I twist, nibble or gently bite her nipples, they're so big.

This scene went on for a long time, she said, the three changing places after Leon blew his load deep in her pussy. Roberto had Leon stick his cock in her mouth after they laid her on top of a table, Leon's cock and her mouth hanging over one side, she on her tummy on the table, and Roberto fucking her from behind.

Jorge later sat on the futon and they lowered Nadiya onto his pole, facing him, while Leon stood behind the futon and aimed his dick once again at her mouth. She obliged, leaning forward to begin sucking on it ‹ just as Roberto squatted down and began forcing his cock into my wife's ass.

This was a first for her, and she said it hurt like hell at first, but the fuckings she was getting in her pussy, with Jorge riding her up and down on his cock, and in her mouth, with both of Leon's hands locked on her head, rifling her mouth with his meat, the initial pain of the anal fucking subsided and was replaced by intense sexual waves of orgasm. She said she leaned back so hard in orgasm that she pulled right off Leon's cock, his hands slipping off her head, as she thrust her head up in the air as if to howl at the moon, while screaming, "Ohhhh yessss! Ohhhhh fuck, ohhhhhhh FUCK YESSSS!!! YESSS! YESSSSS!!"

"She's cumming, man, I never seen a bitch cum like that before!" Leon said. "Ride it, babe, ride me!" Jorge was saying, while Roberto was simply too busy fucking her ass to say anything.

Pretty soon, both the Hispanic men came in her ass and pussy, giving her another intense orgasm, just about the time her cellphone rang.

Leon answered it. "Yeh?" he said ... it was me. "How are things going? Where's Nadiya?" I asked, kind of inquisitively, wondering why he was answering her phone. "She's busy showing Jorge and Roberto where she wants it. She'll be coming down in a few minutes. You wanna hold, man?" "No," I said, "just tell her I'm running a little behind here."

"So are we, man, so are we," he said, laughing, as I could hear at least one more laugh in the background. I didn't understand what he meant then ... I found out later.

The three had her over and over and over for the next 90 minutes. She was fucked in the mouth and pussy while being titty-fucked, she took one in her mouth while one fucked her ass, she even tried two in her mouth at once, although she said it didn't work well.

I arrived on the scene at about 3;30, and they had all just left for the house to bring another load. Nadiya said they took her up to our bedroom there and fucked her full force again before returning to the house.

Nadiya didn't say anything until about a week later, waiting until I had paid them and everything, fearing I'd go ape-shit mad or something. At first I did, but when she told how much she actually enjoyed it, I had to confess how much it turned me on to hear it. We fucked ourselves silly the night she relayed the story to me.

And on Thursday, she's going to call the movers, tell them I'm at work late that day, and ask them if they'll come "move some heavy furniture around" for her. Of course, I'm going to be there, observing and taping it all, unbeknownst to them. I'll let you know how that goes...


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